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Subtitles for Makai Tensho 2003.

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Makai Tensho 2003

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MAKAI TENSHOU|Reincarnation From Hell
All things on earth originate from the same roots.|All human beings without regard to rank.
1638 (Year Kan-ei 15)|Shimabara
It was a brutal war|lasting over 3 months.
The peasants, many of them Christians,|long suffering from continuing famine,|cruel tax collection, severe religious oppression,|were finally pushed beyond the limits of their|tolerance. They rose up against this tyranny
They fought in the abandoned Hara castle about 100 days.
Tokugawa Bakufu dispatched 120,000|soldiers to quash the uprising.
I am serving Hosokawa Etsuchu-No-Kami.
My name is Jinno Sukezaemon.
You are Amakusa Shiro Tokisada,|the rebel leader, I presume.
At last the end has come.
Kill me.
Before that,
Show me your God's Miracle.
I heard you walk on the water surface.
You summon magical clouds and|travel on them in the sky.
Show us your God's Miracle.
What's the matter?
All lies?
I don't...
seek God.
Stop it!
The castle was taken by storm.
Ki-Ri-Shi-Tan They are indigenous|Japanese Christians.
In a fear of Ki-Ri-Shi-Tan,|Ba-Te-Ren's magic,
Tokugawa Bakufu slaughtered 37,000|rebellions including women and children.
Reincarnation From Hell
Rojyu(administrator)|Matsudaira Izuno-Kami Nobutsuna
Shogun Swordsmanship Instructor|Yagyu Tajimano-Kami Munenori
This war was a difficult one.
But we wiped out all|rebels against Tokugawa.
Finally we could see peaceful life.
No longer the large scale|battles in "Feudal Age."
It is the strict social order|to all over the country
that can lay the foundations for the|stable reign of Tokugawa Bakufu.
Oometsuke the Chief|Inspector of the domain Bakufu
You shall have a heavy|burden, as Oometsuke.
Speaking of which,
I heard about Musashi in Shimabara.
You mean Miyamoto Musashi?
That infamous deadly|techniques of Nitou Ryu...
He must have helped quell|the Shimabara Rebellion.
Who is the real swordsman,|Musashi or Tajima?
That was a long time ago.
Now one is a starving Ronin,
And the other is a sword|master to Shogun.
What a big difference now...
Budo is just an accessory.
In my opinion,|it is strategy and politics
that can move people more effectively.
As you have been a|swordsman all your life,
Your ear might become sore.
No. I understand you very well.
It's no longer the time to master|skillful swordsmanship.
About 10 years later...
Kishu Dainagon|Tokugawa Yorinobu
Kishu Dainagon, Tokugawa Yorinobu,|also known as the Dragon of the South Sea
He is the 8th son of|the late Tokugawa Ieyasu.
He is an uncle of Tokugawa Iemitsu,|the 3rd Tokugawa shogun.
He enjoys a powerful position in Bakufu.
Is that Sagi bird?|Snow Heron
No, it is Kiji bird.|Green Pheasant
White Kiji?
Very rare, indeed.
It's a good omen, My Lord.
My Lord, Stop!
My Lord!!
It's dangerous over there!!
Nicely done.
If you don't capture it,|someone else will do.
If someone else already captured it,|you can not even touch it.
The same goes for your wish,|Dai Nagon-sama.
My wish?
What do you think I wish for?
Your wish to rule the country!
Who are you?
I am Amakusa Shiro Tokisada.
I was a leader of Shimabara Uprising,|fought against Tokugawa Bakufu.
It's a lie!
I know that man was|killed in Shimabara.
but here I am standing in front of you.
From here, Dainagon-sama,|you must go alone.
All Residing In The Deepest Darkness...
Come Out Of The Ashes.
Abandon Your Current Form.
Appear Before Me With New Bodies.
Show Yourself And Fulfil My Wish.
All Residing In Deepest Darkness...
Come Out Of The Ashes.
Abandon Your Current Form.
Appear Before Me With New Bodies.
Show Yourself And Fulfil My Wish.
You... tricked me!
I can not see anything.
I can not move.
I sold my soul to you.
And yet this is what I got?
Look closely within yourself.
You haven't forgotten|your wish to be reborn.
You've already received|eternal life within yourself.
Whether you take a sword|or not is all up to you.
Give me a sword!
I will kill him!
In Adauchi (vengeance/retaliation)|of Kagiya-No-Tsuji,
He killed 36 of his foes.
He is Araki Mataemon.
Black magic?...
Makai Tenshou,|Reincarnation From Hell
I, this Amakusa Shirou,|can only perform this magic.
He was a skilled|Yagyu-Ryu Sword Master,
but yet he died before|he has reached his prime.
Munen... Munen(Regrets)...|that is the base of this reincarnation.
He appears exactly|the same as before.
But his soul is nothing but|Mamono (demon, evil spirit).
Anyone who rebels Dainagon-sama,
100 or 1000, regardless number of opponents,
He shall kill them all at your command.
Didn't you reincarnate to|restore essence of Christianity?
I've already given it up.
I won't ask for God's mercy any more.
This world doesn't belong|to God nor the Shogunate.
The world must be ruled|by the strongest.
If we still live in the war age,|yes is the answer.
But we are no longer|in the battle field.
That isn't so.
To rule the country, you must have a|qualification validated by all people.
Dainagon-sama, you are well qualified.
You are more qualified|than the current Shogun.
Originally, Dainagon-sama, you're|supposed to receive Tsuruga
1,000,000-Goku, by the order of|your father, Ieyasu-sama's will.
But it was changed to|Kishu 550,000-Goku.
Don't you know why?
The Shogunate is afraid of Dainagon-sama.
Can I rule the country?
But how?
Yagyu-No-Sato|The Ancestral Home Of The Yagyufamily
I have a stiff neck.
Because you sleep too much.
How about this?
If you are rotting like that...
Your famous sword skill shall be null.
It's been a long time, Jii.
Even without coming to Dojyo,|what are you doing?
Ohiro Ohina
You must realize that you are
the elder son of Yagyu|Tajimano-Kami-sama.
Because of your attitude,
You'd been kicked out|of the Edo Mansion.
You are right.
Don't say so when you know|you don't really think so.
Jii, a part from that,...
What has brought you here?
I came here to take back|Ohiro and Ohina.
Makino Hyogo-dono summoned me.
They must meet|Kishu Dainagon Yorinobu-sama.
Why, Ohino-dono and|Ohina-dono must meet him?
Possibly he makes them|concubines, I guess.
I haven't the foggiest idea, either.
Ensho-ji Temple|Kishu-Han
I'll take a good care of these two.
1-RI is about 3.9 Km.
Only 1-Ri to Yagyu-No-Sato. Go!
Never mind me. Just Go.
Kimura Sukekuro of|Kishu-Han will fight you.
You should tell me your name|as a manner of fighting.
In the name of|Yagyu Sekishusai, my master...
I won't allow even one step forward.
Get a hold of yourself!
Get a hold of yourself!
She came all the way from Kishu?
Who are you?
You know we are the Yagyus.
You are dead, aren't you?
I am not a living soul.
So to speak...
I live in Makai.
You fight against us?
You are one of Yagyus.
You should feel obligation,|not bear a grudge.
Obligation? Grudge?
What do I care?
I got reincarnated just to kill you.
Hiding in the name of Yagyu,
You've been rotting every day.
With a real sword,|how much can you fight?
The power of Makai...
I was not expecting this much.
Wherever I want to move,|this body moves.
Next time, I challenge you|in a fair fight man-to-man.
What happened in Wakayama?|Kishu-Han is in Wakayama Province.
Not only me and elder sister,
but also several women were|gathered at Makino-sama.
And that matter was concealed very tightly...
Grandfather felt it strange...
I hope it is just my imagination...
There might be a plot against something.
The man from Makai is|reincarnating dead people.
Women will be used for|sacrifices sooner or later.
And they can never come back alive.
What is a man from Makai?
I am not sure about it.
Grandfather told me
There were more than one reincarnated.
How is Ohiro-dono?
How are other women?
I lost my elder sister...
I don't know what happened to her.
I should check it out.
Where to?
To Wakayama
I will inquire this to|Dainagon-sama in person.
How dare you show yourself like this?
I don't think it an embarrassment at all.
If you claim that I could get eternal life,
Then, one more time,
Give me an arm.
I have no ear for your mumblings.
Either you follow my order...
Or you kill yourself and go back dead...
I won't die for you.
Yagyu Jubei...
Is he that strong?
Your face with no fear...
You suit to an endurance body|for reincarnation.
What do you do with me?
Into your body,
We'll insert dead people's bones.
Those bones will eat your guts,
and grow inside of you.
Soon those bones will eat you up...
And come out by breaking your stomach.
On the verge of Ecstasy that|you can not even describe...
Your life shall be terminated.
Do you wish to die now?
Or you surrender your body to us.
I'll go back to Yagyu alive.
I like your Stubbornness.
Edo Yagyu Mansion
Jubei is not here.
Hozoin Inshun won't move here
until I can meet Jubei-dono.
It's useless.
I sent Jubei to Yagyu-No-Sato.
...but for what reason?
He had done some mischiefs.
When he was practicing Iemitsu-sama,
He hit him so hard|to lose his conscience.
He hit the Shogunate...
Kenpo Practice should be that way.
Yagyu Jubei, he is a great match.
I wish to fight him more.
In place of my son,
I, Tajima will fight you
Tajima-dono, who is in a position to prohibit|matches with other Sword Style...
You are sick, aren't you?
No need to show Hotoke-Gokoro.|the Buddha heart / mind
A sword is for fighting for death.
Why must you show|Nasake (sympathy) to your foe?
Sympathy... no way...
My son's sword is for killing.
If you lose, it means death.
Who are you?
Hear me out.
If you break Buddhist Precepts,
And if you can master the|ultimate form of Spear Fighting,
What if the more people you kill,
The sharper the spear becomes?
You came to trick me?
For spear, I'll do anything.
I won't be afraid of going to hell.
But your story does not seem
to make much sense.
Which do you prefer,|Spear or Buddhist Precepts?
Or Buddhist Precepts?
Challenge me.
Skew my body by|breaking Buddhist Precepts!
Your spear can not kill people.
You still have a faith in Buddha.
You can't kill anyone.|Kill your faith.
That's it!
Kill your faith!
Kill your faith!
That was nothing...
Nothing at all!
Now you do understand...
To serve Buddha...
To color your spear with blood,
Which is really Inshun's wish?
We came here to welcome|your soul suited to Makai.
That Hozoin Inshun?
In return to master spear technique,
He took his own life.
To guard Dainagon-sama,
I have prepared all well known|master swordsmen.
Even if, this was known|to the Shogunate,
There is nothing you worry about.
If you found yourself in a tight spot,
Dainagon-sama himself|should reincarnate to Makai.
I reincarnate to Makai...
What a wild and bold tactics...
No one else can do this.
Only possible for a man|who has Complaints and|Grievances in this world,
And who has enormous will...
If in trouble, use my body|to reincarnate to Makai.
What is it that you want?
Stop right there!
Let me report to you.
Yagyu Jubei has come to see you.
I had a pleasure to meet you in Edo Castle.
Do you remember me?
I am the son of Yagyu Tajima.
My name is Jubei Mitsuyoshi.
I know you.
So what has brought you here,|Yagyu Jubei?
Some urgent matters came up...
Go ahead.
What is it?
The Man from Makai possessed a big han.
And he plots intrigue of some kind.
From whom did you hear about it?
Someone called Kimura might ring a bell?
So you are in charge of arresting|the man from Makai?
I was kicked out from Edo.
There is no way that I can|get such a big task.
That Mamono and our Kishu-Han,
What's the relationship?
Elder sister!
In this Kishu,
Even there is a movement,
I wish Dainagon-sama won't be involved in it.
Dainagon-sama should not be sucked into such plot.
I came here to tell this to Dainagon-sama.
Stop monkeying around.
We shouldn't hide|anything from each other.
I spot a Suspicious Fellow!
What's the matter?
Wait! Hold right there!
It seems you are tied up with something.
I shall be leaving now.
Who are you?
I am Amakusa Shiro Tokisada.
Shimabara's Ghost appear in Wakayama?
Why are you possessed with Kishu-Han?
Revenge for rebellions, perhaps?
Have you ever seen the Jigoku-hell?
Just to show examples of death...
Look at the people who tried
to cut ties with Tokugawa Bakufu...
It's hell, indeed.
People were not born|to be servants under tyranny.
Soon the judgement day will come.
The reign of Tokugawa|will be burned down.
Release Christian farmers from tyranny.
There will be another war time.
Are you Shini-Gami?|Gate Keeper of death
The man who gives eternal|life to Tajima-dono.
You want me to live more?
You have regrets.
If I die, I have no more regrets?
I won't come here for small regrets
When is the last time you could
use your sword like it used to be?
Bugeisha=martial artist
After throwing away|your Bugeisha's pride,
While you've been working as|an administrator at Bakufu,
Have you met anyone worthy of you?
I could not meet Musashi.
There is one more...
After death of Musashi-dono,
There is one more person|worthy of you, Tajima-dono.
I don't need to mention his name.
You said you would give me eternal life.
Do you allow me to act as I wish?
That's what we want, too.
For nobody else,
it is a true life to seek for|what you want to be.
I don't care if you are|God or Evil Snake.
Give me power.
I promise a perfect life.
On that day, Yorinobu received|a letter from Edo
that Iemitsu, the Shogunate|was in critical condition.
Ietsuna, a heir, was only 6 years old,|just after his Genpuku Ceremony.
The 3rd Shogunate|Tokugawa Iemitsu
If something happens to Iemitsu,|it shall be a chaos.
Wakayama Jyo Castle|Kishu
When is Iemitsu-dono going to die?
10 days or so.
Do you remember Osaka Fuyu|No Jin (Osaka Winter Battle)?
Before Yorinobu joins the battle,
Toyotomi's castle was stormed.
Yorinobu has seen the war.
But I have not experienced the war yet.
I'll go to Edo.
There are 1300 Samurais.
There will be more than|3000 men including servants.
With that much troops,
There is no way to call it a|courtesy visit to a sick person?
With this pace,|it'll be 7 or 8 days to Edo.
We must start|extermination of Mamono.
I missed your name.
When I was alive,|I could not fight you.
Thus, it mounted my|desire to fight you.
To master spear,|you must go through death.
You are from Makai!
I am not the only one from Makai.
That woman, too.
She bit her tongue off|and she was reincarnated.
I was waiting for her|to cut Jubei's throat.
Grudge, Regrets, thirst for blood...
I could not feel any of these.
What was your purpose|of your reincarnation?
Look at me.
I'm not tied with anything.
I have a clear vision,|as if the fog cleared.
I can see very well|where your life force is.
I wish one-to-one combat.
So do I.
What a light weight!
Is this the weight of your life?
I put everything into|my spear technique.
When you broke my spear,
Hozouin Inshun must vanish.
Come to Makai, Jubei.
It doesn't feel bad at all.
How did you hear|Inshun's last words?
The soul of being a Bugeisha|can not be suppressed.
Will you lend me your hands?
Your reward is...
Eternal Life.
It'll be troublesome even|if I got one.
Who do you guard?
or Kishu?
I won't side anyone.
I'll kill every single one of Makai.
You don't back down?
There are more than two|who got reincarnated.
There is even one from Yagyu.
Soon you will see who it is.
When you die,|I will come to pick you up.
Let me die, please.
Don't believe whatever|the man from Makai said.
It's true I bit my tongue off.
When I woke up,|there were no wounds.
It's strange, isn't it?
Have you tried to kill Sensei?
Have you tried to help Makai people?
Nothing has changed.
Ohiro is always Ohiro.
I have a favor to ask.
When I start to have evil thoughts|like Mataemon or Inshun,
Please kill me instantly.
Yes, provided that|you'd become one.
Kishu-Han Honjin|Kakegawa Jyuku|(The Principal Inn)
Are you still having|problems with Jyubei?
That Shiro...
He talks a lot,|but he is useless.
I can't just play with|Kenpo any longer.
There are about 500,000 Ronins.
All of them are coming to Kishu.
They are waiting for our|overthrow of the Shogunate.
So everything is in order, then.
Without our help,
You think you can rule the country?
You just wait and see.
If we take the advantage|of the Shogunate's death,
It'll be an easy task|to burn down Edo.
Dainagon-sama, himself, should|terminate Iemitsu-sama's life.
What are you saying?
Why should our lord...
If you don't agree,|that's fine, too.
We won't ask anything.
What a shameful fool...
He thinks he had already|overthrown the Shogunate.
Admirable wise ruler|means nothing.
His greed grows larger.
It is the ritual that|Tokugawas kill each other.
That's the opening of|the brutal battle ages.
Then, who else is|going to kill Iemitsu?
Yorinobu is not|the only Tokugawa left.
Toushougu, build by Iemitu,|is a very old edifice.|There is a Tokugawa Ieyasu’s grave.
Kishu-sama's troops were|ordered to stay at Sunpu.
Ordered to stay?
Does it mean that the Shogunate|had taken some measures?
Sunpu Jyo Castle
I won't take orders from you.
Buke Shohatto Law
Excuse my saying but
Ieyasu-sama's Buke shohatto law|must be followed without exception.
Without the approval by the Shogunate
You can not advance even one step.
The Shogunate's crisis...
Yorinobu must advance to Edo.
izu, even as Rojyu,|you can not argue about it.
Taboo is still taboo.
I won't back down.
Recently in the name|of Dainagon-sama,
There were many samurais|recruiting Ronins.
They must be crazy.
Dainagon-sama should|close your eyes, too.
What did you do with those men?
We captured and kill them all.
Under these situations,
If you must insist,
I'd recommend you take an|anonymous trip to Edo.
All troops must stay at Sunpu,|however.
At Sunpu, we shall keep your|swords, spears, muskets and soldiers.
This izu will accompany you to Edo.
You are an admirable wise ruler,|Dainagon-sama.
I gather that you accept|these conditions.
I am Sakushu Ronin,|Miyamoto Musashi.
Back down.
To live through one's life|in a flash of sword-battle is
a real legacy as being a Bugeisha.
As long as I have swords in my hands,
Musashi's soul is immortal.
Here I come.
Elder Sister...
The life of Makai-No-Mono...
by the blood of Makai-No-Mono,
must be terminated!
Elder sister...
My elder sister just...
wanted to see you, sensei.
Don't say a word.
I'll go up to Edo.
There is someone I must see.
Your life...
I'll hold within me.
Where is Shiro?
Summon him here.
Give me powers!
Without our help,
You said you are more than powerful.
Stop fooling around!
If I held back because of|the Shogunate's order,
I shall be a laughing stock.
What's more embarrassment than this?
In that case,
Kill yourself.
Do you think we have done|all those things for you?
We had done what we want.
You cast a spell on yourself?
Within me, the dead|resides already.
You should die, too.
So should Iemitsu!
All Tokugawas should die,|by killing each other,|sheding their own flesh and blood.
I'll chop off Iemitsu's head.
I'll burn down this world afterwards.
To kill the Shogunate,
There is nothing better than this.
Toshou Shinkun, Ieyasu...
You are going to kill Iemitsu-dono?
If you are my real father,
God won't allow it.
No regrets.
In an exchange of eternal life,
I sold my soul.
Eternal life?
Then, you kill this Yorinobu, too?
No Need Of You.
The battle age is...
...calling me...
I'll go to Edo.
Nomaku samanda bodanan San Saku sowaka!|Nomaku samanda bodanan Ban Baku sowaka!|On Amirita Teisei Kara Un!
Nomaku samanda bodanan San Saku sowaka!|Nomaku samanda bodanan Ban Baku sowaka!|On Koro Koro Sentari Matoki Sowaka!
Nomaku samanda bodanan San Saku sowaka!|Nomaku samanda bodanan Ban Baku sowaka!|On Araha Shanau!
Amakusa Shiro Tokisada...
I appear before you.
I've been waiting for you, Jubei.
You finally came here.|I applaud you for that.
You are worthy of being my son.
It was you, my father...
I wanted to have a battle with you.
At one time, I disliked you|for being a free spirit.
Now I feel I love you.
My father's wish is|the same as Jubei's.
Whether it is God or Evil Snake,
I give my thanks for|giving me this opportunity.
You'd feel satisfied|being killed by your own father.
Who do you think is|left for your foe?
No matter who it may be,|I'll kill him.
What do I care?
I am what I am.
Once again, I could see|my grandfather...
Am I still alive?
Or am I already dead?
Tonight is the decisive night.
This entire Tokugawa reign...
I will terminate it with your blood.
Your last breath...
I will make sure to hear it.
Where there is a light,
There is a darkness.
That is what the...
life is all about.
CAST & Credit
KUBOZUKA Yousuke as|Amakusa Shiro Tokisada
ASO Kumiko as|Clara Oshina
SUGIMOTO Tetta as|Tokugawa Yorinobu
KUROTANI Tomoka as|Ohiro
FUKIISHI Kazue as|Ohina
TAKAHASHI Kazuya as|Date Kosaburo
KATO Masaya as|Araki Mataemon
NAGATSUKA Kyozo as|Miyamoto Musashi
SATO Koichi as|Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi
FURUTA Arata as|Hozoin Inshun
NAKAMURA Katsuo as|Yagyu Tajimano-Kami Munenori
Directed by HIRAYAMA Hideyuki
Produced by AMANO Kazuto
Written by YAMADA Futaro
Script Adaptation by|OKUDERA Satoko
MAKAI TENSHOU|Reincarnation From Hell
The End
Prepared for friends at a.b.m.j.
MAKAI TENSHOU|Production Committee
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