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Subtitles for Making of alien vs predator.

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Making of alien vs predator

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{HEAD DISCID= DVDTITLE= CODEPAGE=1250 FORMAT=ASCII LANG= TITLE=1 ORIGINAL=ORIGINAL AUTHOR= WEB= INFO=Sottotitoli ottenuti con SubRip 1.17.1 LICENSE= } {T 00:00:11:36 (man) I've wanted to make an Alien movie since I saw the first one at schooI. } {T 00:00:15:52 I crept into it cos I wasn't oId enough to see it - and it scared the Iiving dayIights out of me. } {T 00:00:21:72 And I had a crush on Sigourney Weaver, who I thought was the sexiest woman aIive. } {T 00:00:27:00 So I've been into Aliens right from the start. } {T 00:00:30:44 And I had an idea for an ''AIien versus Predator'' movie } {T 00:00:34:64 pretty much as soon as I read the first AVP comic books, } {T 00:00:39:04 which was right after Predator 2 came out. } {T 00:00:48:48 Aliens Vs Predator has its origins in a meeting } {T 00:00:51:80 where we were trying to think of a team-up that we couId present to DC. } {T 00:00:55:52 We were starting to achieve some notoriety as a company, } {T 00:00:59:84 we'd had a great success with both the Aliens and the Predator books, } {T 00:01:04:72 and the reason we went after Predator is we saw the traiIer on teIevision for the movie, } {T 00:01:11:52 and Randy and I just drove to the theatre cos we wanted to dupIicate the success of Aliens. } {T 00:01:17:56 We Iiked the movie. } {T 00:01:19:24 We waIked out, I said to Randy, ''I know the sequeI. I know the comic book.'' } {T 00:01:24:80 ''We just saw predators in the jungIe, } {T 00:01:27:64 we'II put predators in the steeI jungIe on the hottest day of the year.'' } {T 00:01:31:48 We sat around and we fIeshed out a story and did the Predator book. } {T 00:01:36:40 So we were Iooking to do a team-up with DC, and Chris Warner, who's stiII here working, } {T 00:01:43:28 said, ''Why don't we just use our own characters?'' } {T 00:01:46:84 ''AIiens and Predator are both Fox characters. Let's put 'em together.'' } {T 00:01:51:28 King Kong Vs Godzilla - cooI. } {T 00:01:53:64 We did the Iicence and we were very excited. } {T 00:01:56:52 After Alien, when Predator was out and it was such a hit, } {T 00:01:59:72 we got a photo from the set of the Predator 2 movie. } {T 00:02:03:40 Someone on the set sent it to me, and it was a picture of an aIien head in the predator ship. } {T 00:02:09:88 It was a wink at the Alien Vs Predator comics someone there thought it wouId be fun to do. } {T 00:02:16:48 We knew the movie wouId come sooner or Iater } {T 00:02:18:96 because just the fan base behind the property was so strong. } {T 00:02:24:04 You are one ugly mother... } {T 00:02:28:16 (screeches) } {T 00:02:30:24 Motherfucker. } {T 00:02:32:36 It was very difficuIt to try to bring them together because between Predator and Alien } {T 00:02:37:40 there were six warring producers, and some of the most powerfuI producers in HoIIywood. } {T 00:02:43:68 Once I had secured those rights, itjust remained putting together a reaIIy great story. } {T 00:02:49:36 PauI Anderson waIked in my office one day } {T 00:02:52:24 and pitched me a story that he'd wanted to do for eight years. } {T 00:02:55:48 He was aIso a Predator Vs Alien fan, and he started to pitch me this story, } {T 00:03:01:12 and it was one of those stories, Iike Jaws, thatjust drew you in and drew you in. } {T 00:03:21:08 This is a key image for the AVP movie. } {T 00:03:24:28 Something that's aIways fascinated me is the work of Erich von Däniken, } {T 00:03:27:92 who wrote Chariots of the Gods? and other books, } {T 00:03:30:44 who taIks about the simiIarities between Egyptian, Cambodian and Aztec pyramids - } {T 00:03:38:04 three separate cuItures that reaIIy have nothing to do with one another, } {T 00:03:41:84 that shouId never have seen each other, } {T 00:03:44:56 but they ended up buiIding pyramids that Iook surprisingIy simiIar. } {T 00:03:49:16 Of course, Däniken's answer was that aIiens buiIt the pyramids. } {T 00:03:52:56 Or humans buiIt the pyramids with aIien heIp. And, of course, we agree with him. } {T 00:03:57:20 This shows exactIy how the Aztec pyramids were buiIt. } {T 00:04:00:32 You've got predator spaceships hovering above pyramids, } {T 00:04:04:04 you've got aII the Aztec priests Iining up to worship their gods. } {T 00:04:10:04 And in Aztec mythoIogy they beIieved that their gods came from the skies in giant ships. } {T 00:04:16:52 So those are the giant ships from the skies } {T 00:04:18:76 and these are their gods, which are, of course, predators. } {T 00:04:21:56 That's the backbone of our story. } {T 00:04:24:04 The movie starts 5,000 years ago in Cambodia 3,000 BC } {T 00:04:28:60 and you see aIiens and predators on the Earth. } {T 00:04:32:00 And the idea is that predators use the Earth for their manhood rituaIs. } {T 00:04:37:88 What happens is, every thousand years, because predators have a very Iong Iife cycIe, } {T 00:04:43:08 they drop five teenage predators at a pyramid and they have to fight aIiens for their survivaI. } {T 00:04:50:96 If they survive the battIe against aIiens, they become men. } {T 00:04:56:04 Here is what happens when things don't go quite so weII for the predators. } {T 00:05:00:20 So the idea is you'd start tight on three predators fighting } {T 00:05:03:60 and, as you puII back, you see that they're fighting aIiens. } {T 00:05:06:56 You think maybe there's six aIiens, a dozen aIiens, maybe 20 aIiens. } {T 00:05:12:56 But as the camera continues to puII back } {T 00:05:14:92 you see there are hundreds and hundreds, then thousands and thousands of aIiens } {T 00:05:19:80 swarming up this pyramid, trying to get to these three surviving predators. } {T 00:05:23:84 Come even wider and you just see so many of these things. } {T 00:05:28:00 They're Iike ants swarming over one another, trying to get to the fresh meat at the top. } {T 00:05:33:28 You puII back so far, you see the whoIe Aztec city is infested with aIiens. } {T 00:05:37:48 Then you go back to the predators - there's no hope for them. } {T 00:05:40:44 One of them gets impaIed with an aIien taiI, so they activate their seIf-destruct device. } {T 00:05:45:32 And here you have the atomic expIosion from the seIf-destruct device, } {T 00:05:50:52 and eventuaIIy this wiII sweep across the Aztec city. } {T 00:05:57:56 PauI pitched this story that was so scary and so suspensefuI and so unraveIIing } {T 00:06:05:36 that by the end of the pitch I said, ''I'm gonna taIk Fox into doing this, PauI.'' } {T 00:06:10:12 ''I've heard 45 pitches on this movie. I've heard 45 pitches from terrific writers.'' } {T 00:06:16:80 In fact, I even hired a writing team that had a good story, } {T 00:06:19:96 but wasn't abIe to execute it in a way that was good enough. } {T 00:06:23:84 And on the first draft PauI naiIed it. } {T 00:06:26:60 (snarling) } {T 00:06:35:36 We're not quite in Antarctica. It Iooks a IittIe Iike it. } {T 00:06:39:12 We're in Prague, but it's bIoody coId in Prague. } {T 00:06:50:68 Our approach to the sets in the movie was very much inspired by the originaI Alien. } {T 00:06:55:64 If you Iook at the originaI Alien, as weII as affecting the design of the aIien, } {T 00:07:00:04 HR Giger aIso reaIIy affected the Iook of the whoIe movie. } {T 00:07:04:84 And as a resuIt the Iook and design of the sets was reaIIy Iike a character in the fiIm. } {T 00:07:10:84 We wanted the environment of the movie in this fiIm to be as scary and as striking, } {T 00:07:16:20 but in a different way, as it was in Alien. } {T 00:07:19:52 That's why the movie's set in Antarctica - } {T 00:07:21:96 it's probabIy the most dangerous and hostiIe environment on Earth. } {T 00:07:26:12 It's certainIy the cIosest on Earth you can get to the surface of an aIien pIanet. } {T 00:07:30:44 It's notjust aIiens and predators trying to kiII humans in this fiIm. It's aIso the environment. } {T 00:07:47:92 (Anderson) The first time I actuaIIy saw a predator and an aIien in a room together } {T 00:07:52:76 in the ADI workshops was fantastic. } {T 00:07:56:12 It IiteraIIy sent chiIIs down my spine. } {T 00:07:59:68 That's what I've been so excited about for ten years - } {T 00:08:03:32 the idea of seeing those two creatures on the same piece of ceIIuIoid. } {T 00:08:09:00 One of the reasons why I decided to go mainIy with peopIe in suits } {T 00:08:13:64 is because I preferred that Iook to using a Iot of CG. } {T 00:08:17:44 For me, the strongest movies in the Alien franchise are Alien 1 and Aliens. } {T 00:08:22:64 The reason for that and why they stiII hoId up very weII now } {T 00:08:26:28 is that those creatures are reaIIy there - } {T 00:08:28:80 they're reaIIy in the frame with Sigourney and with the others. } {T 00:08:34:40 Bruce here is working on a scuIpture of the new predator mask based on this artwork. } {T 00:08:39:04 The idea is to come up with new predator characters different from the originaI. } {T 00:08:43:20 The way we did that was to keep the overaII shape of the predator heImet the same, } {T 00:08:47:84 but we've added a Iot of technicaI detaiIs, } {T 00:08:51:64 incIuding this pounded-metaI Iook which is reminiscent of the originaI. } {T 00:08:56:96 Bruce is working in cIay now. Once the scuIpture is done, it gets mouIded } {T 00:09:00:76 and then we make fibregIass copies that are finished with the right paint and weathering } {T 00:09:06:68 to give it the Iook of aged metaI, which is what the predator Iook is aII about. } {T 00:09:11:40 Andy is working on one of our predator eIders, which shows up at the end of the fiIm. } {T 00:09:18:08 These are to Iook Iike predators that have been around for centuries } {T 00:09:22:04 and gone through many fights. } {T 00:09:23:92 This is being done as a scuIpted appIiance over the top of our base predator character. } {T 00:09:29:28 So we're adding age wrinkIes in the forehead, piercings here, bigger tusks, } {T 00:09:34:52 and we'II end up putting decoration here and scars aII over the face. } {T 00:09:39:84 Nick is working on the prototype of the wrist computer from the first two Predator movies } {T 00:09:45:52 that the predator uses when he starts the countdown sequence } {T 00:09:49:60 that uItimateIy Ieads to this thing bIowing up and, in those cases, ending the movie. } {T 00:09:54:48 This is actuaIIy the first mock-up that Nick created. } {T 00:09:57:92 It's just made out of cardboard, some foam. } {T 00:10:01:84 This is aII a Xerox copy of the originaI artwork. } {T 00:10:06:16 We've aIso added the three eIements here } {T 00:10:08:96 that wiII project a hoIographic image of the map or Iayout of the environment. } {T 00:10:14:36 That's something new on this piece. } {T 00:10:19:76 This is the gauntIet and the duaI-bIaded weapon that the predator wears on his arm. } {T 00:10:26:00 This was aII basicaIIy started as a cIay scuIpture } {T 00:10:28:68 which was then mouIded and cast, in this case, in fibregIass, } {T 00:10:33:32 with the idea being that the Iook wiII be that of metaI once it's finished, painted and aged. } {T 00:10:38:84 AIso, for something different, PauI Anderson had us increase the Iength of those bIades, } {T 00:10:43:64 so now they shoot out four times as Iong as we've ever seen them before. } {T 00:10:51:76 So this is the Iaser cannon - the weapon that the predator uses, mounted on his backpack. } {T 00:10:59:24 What Eric is working on now is a bit of an improvement on that system, } {T 00:11:03:80 where we have a mechanicaI arm. } {T 00:11:06:12 We're aIso gonna have different caIibres of these Iaser cannons - } {T 00:11:10:04 a Iarger one and an even Iarger one that the main character uses. } {T 00:11:13:84 So it has to be beefy enough to take the weight of that gun } {T 00:11:16:76 and stiII give us performance capabiIities swinging around and targeting on its victims. } {T 00:11:22:24 (growling) } {T 00:11:25:84 This is the predator under-skuII. } {T 00:11:28:04 This is the mechanicaI skuII our actor, Ian White, wiII wear under the predator skin. } {T 00:11:32:92 It's responsibIe for aII the faciaI articuIation which is gonna bring that character to Iight. } {T 00:11:39:08 This is aII radio controI - it aII works with radio signaIs to operate everything. } {T 00:11:43:60 ReaIIy, the big difference we've got over Iast time is we have a wider range of movement. } {T 00:11:50:16 Servos have gotten smaIIer, more powerfuI, so we can have more throw in the mandibIes. } {T 00:11:55:48 We've aIso got articuIation in the brows and nose, hopefuIIy to give it more character. } {T 00:11:59:80 We don't wanna tamper with it too much - it's such a recognisabIe character to start with. } {T 00:12:04:80 So reaIIy what we're trying to do is give it a IittIe extra expression we haven't seen before. } {T 00:12:11:48 We've buiIt the hero aIien. It's a combination hydrauIic and animatronic puppet. } {T 00:12:16:52 When this thing is up and running it wiII take three puppeteers just to give it aII the moves. } {T 00:12:22:64 It wiII aIso take two more to be abIe to operate the arms } {T 00:12:26:92 and a sixth person operates the computer consoIe } {T 00:12:29:96 to make sure aII of the signaI information is being transmitted properIy to the puppet } {T 00:12:34:68 and getting a corresponding signaI back in return. } {T 00:12:37:52 It'II reaIIy give us a Iot more use. } {T 00:12:39:40 The movements are faster and more powerfuI than what I can do in the suit. } {T 00:12:43:20 We can have aII of these fast, powerfuI, broad moves, and do it aII day Iong if we need to } {T 00:12:49:12 without worrying about the exhaustion factor creeping in. } {T 00:12:52:32 PIus, it gives us the opportunity to come up with a body that's a bit more sIimmed down, } {T 00:12:57:32 a IittIe more skeIetaI in pIaces. } {T 00:12:59:48 The arms and Iegs are Ioose, they're fIoppy. They can be puppeteered to give it more Iife. } {T 00:13:06:44 (Anderson) We've been carefuI to make sure nothing in this fiIm contradicts what was said } {T 00:13:11:48 in RidIey's, Cameron's, Jean-Pierre Jeunet's or David Fincher's movies. } {T 00:13:16:12 The aIien is the aIien and obeys the ruIes set out in the Alien movies, as does the predator. } {T 00:13:21:84 That was one of the questions a Iot of peopIe asked: ''How can you make a movie set now } {T 00:13:26:28 when Sigourney Weaver onIy meets the aIien in 150 years' time?'' } {T 00:13:30:16 And ''How can you have Lance Henriksen in this movie now } {T 00:13:33:16 when he's in a movie in 150 years' time? How can you do that?'' } {T 00:13:37:40 I'm not back. I'm the beginning of the stories that wiII happen in the future. } {T 00:13:42:40 So it's a prequeI to things peopIe have aIready seen. } {T 00:13:50:44 (Anderson) The eviI corporation in the Alien movies is WeyIand Yutani, } {T 00:13:54:92 and Lance, present day, is the owner and the founder of the WeyIand Corporation. } {T 00:14:01:76 I am CharIes Bishop WeyIand and I have biIIions. Made aII my money in robotics. } {T 00:14:08:24 (Anderson) The idea is, he is the creator. He is Iike BiII Gates, his company is Iike Microsoft. } {T 00:14:14:16 It's aImost Iike Microsoft buiIding an android of BiII Gates 50, 60 years in the future. } {T 00:14:19:68 SeVen days ago one of my satellites oVer Antarctica discoVered this. } {T 00:14:25:80 The red lines indicate solid walls. } {T 00:14:29:24 My experts tell me it's a pyramid. } {T 00:14:33:12 So he puts this whoIe team together to go and expIore it, } {T 00:14:36:32 and he thinks he's found the Iost Iink in civiIisation. } {T 00:14:42:32 So they aII turn up there with driIIing equipment and aII this hi-tech gear } {T 00:14:47:96 to driII a hoIe 2,000 feet in the ice, onIy to find there's aIready a tunneI there. } {T 00:14:52:36 lt is my job to keep you aliVe on this expedition, and l need your help to do that. } {T 00:14:57:12 They go into this underground pyramid and they meet up with some pretty scary things. } {T 00:15:06:88 (Anderson) They discover the very heart of the pyramid, the sarcophagus chamber, } {T 00:15:11:96 and in there they discover a sarcophagus, } {T 00:15:14:20 but instead of containing a body, it contains three futuristic weapons, } {T 00:15:19:48 and these are predator weapons, predator guns. } {T 00:15:22:88 Our humans don't reaIise that by taking these guns } {T 00:15:25:52 they've put themseIves directIy in the battIe between the aIiens and the predators. } {T 00:15:30:08 The predators are chasing them and the aIiens are chasing them, so it's pretty hairy. } {T 00:15:41:48 (man) Come on! } {T 00:15:50:24 (Anderson) The thing that reaIIy I Ioved about Alien } {T 00:15:53:76 was that movie doesn't have a singIe weak cast member in it. } {T 00:15:57:72 Sigourney, Harry Dean Stanton, Ian HoIm, John Hurt, Tom Skerritt. } {T 00:16:02:12 What a fantastic cast. And the same with Aliens. } {T 00:16:05:60 When I first taIked to Fox about this picture, one of the things I made cIear was } {T 00:16:10:60 that's what impressed me about RidIey's and Cameron's movies, } {T 00:16:13:96 and that's what I wanted to do with this fiIm - ensure there wasn't a singIe weak actor in it. } {T 00:16:19:12 The person I'm most excited about, as a huge Alien fan, } {T 00:16:22:32 is, of course, working with Lance Henriksen. } {T 00:16:24:72 I'm Iike the oId geezer on the set and it's Iike, ''Here he is, CharIes Bishop WeyIand.'' } {T 00:16:32:60 But they associate me with Bishop, so I don't have to do much. They kinda Iike me. } {T 00:16:39:40 (Anderson) It's obviousIy very intimidating to try and find a foIIow-up to Sigourney Weaver. } {T 00:16:44:76 One of the things we tried to do was not to find someone to compete with Sigourney, } {T 00:16:50:08 but someone who'd be different to Sigourney, who brought a different set of quaIities, } {T 00:16:55:44 cos we're making a different kind of picture. } {T 00:16:57:96 We're not trying to make Alien or Aliens again, because I'd be a fooI to try and do that, } {T 00:17:03:24 cos those movies are cIassics, masterpieces. } {T 00:17:06:52 And I wanted a new actress for a new kind of fiIm, } {T 00:17:10:76 and I think that's exactIy what we found in Sanaa Lathan. } {T 00:17:13:76 This is a woman who I wanted to pIay. She's awesome. } {T 00:17:19:04 I feeI Iike I'm Iearning a Iot from her. } {T 00:17:21:88 She's smart, she's a Ieader, } {T 00:17:28:04 she is quick, has quick instincts, and she has Iots of integrity. } {T 00:17:37:04 She's awesome. } {T 00:17:39:28 So, you wanna hear about Bishop? } {T 00:17:42:64 - RaouI. - Ra-ooI. } {T 00:17:44:72 Ra-ooI. } {T 00:17:46:32 (Anderson) RaouI's onIy acted in one big American movie: Under the Tuscan Sun. } {T 00:17:50:44 Of course he's a huge movie star in ItaIy, } {T 00:17:53:60 so it's impossibIe to go into an ItaIian restaurant anywhere } {T 00:17:56:80 and not have everything grind to a haIt for an hour whiIe everyone is introduced to RaouI. } {T 00:18:02:32 (Raoul) Each character is something very speciaI, he has his own story, } {T 00:18:07:76 and I think you Iove the characters. } {T 00:18:09:92 That's something very exciting about this script. } {T 00:18:13:88 He's a reaIIy charismatic actor. I think he's potentiaIIy a massive movie star. } {T 00:18:19:24 The guy just exudes sex appeaI and he's aIso got a rugged-Iike abiIity. } {T 00:18:23:80 He's one of those actors - it's great for him - } {T 00:18:27:04 he's Iike a guy's guy, but aIso he's a Iadies' man as weII. } {T 00:18:42:16 (Anderson) We've buiIt big sets and huge miniatures. } {T 00:18:45:76 The miniatures and sets in this movie are enormous } {T 00:18:48:44 because I Iike the feeIing of reaIity in a picture. } {T 00:18:53:88 I think that's what was reaIIy strong about the finaI battIe in Aliens } {T 00:18:58:24 between Sigourney in the power Ioader and the aIien queen, } {T 00:19:02:08 and the reason for that is Cameron used miniatures. } {T 00:19:07:20 John Bruno, who's our visuaI-effects supervisor, is just a genius. } {T 00:19:11:88 He's Cameron's guy who worked on The Abyss, T2, True Lies, Titanic. } {T 00:19:16:92 He reaIIy is the best visuaI-effects supervisor in the worId, I think. } {T 00:19:21:04 As compared to the other movies, this is quite visuaI-effects heavy. } {T 00:19:26:32 Even with the direction we've taken - } {T 00:19:30:84 PauI has asked that we try to do as much in camera as possibIe - } {T 00:19:35:96 stiII at this point I think we're approaching 400 effect shots. } {T 00:19:40:88 That's more shots on a fiIm than I've ever done. } {T 00:19:46:48 (Anderson) The whaIing station is fuII-scaIe, but aIso we buiIt third-scaIe miniatures. } {T 00:19:51:52 PeopIe taIk about miniatures and usuaIIy think they're Iike miniatures. } {T 00:19:55:68 A third-scaIe miniature means the buiIdings are this high. It's enormous. } {T 00:19:59:96 (Bridgland) One thing that worried me about doing this fiIm } {T 00:20:03:52 is I've hardIy ever seen snow or ice that Iooks reaIIy reaI in a movie. } {T 00:20:09:48 It's probabIy one of the hardest things to try and recreate. } {T 00:20:14:96 We came up with a soIution that, according to the snow peopIe we were working with, } {T 00:20:19:72 has never been used before, } {T 00:20:21:80 so we were reaIIy pIeased about where we pushed that. } {T 00:20:27:12 For aII the sets, we've had, in totaI, about three artic-Ioads of snow deIivered, } {T 00:20:34:92 so there's probabIy just short of 600, 700 bags of snow that have been used. } {T 00:20:42:36 We're probabIy taIking about anything between 15 and 20 tons of snow. } {T 00:20:46:96 (Anderson) I'm the biggest Alien and Predator fan, I'm the most criticaI of our work. } {T 00:20:51:32 Without doubt we've made these creatures Iook better than ever before } {T 00:20:56:04 and you see a Iot more high-impact action. } {T 00:21:01:32 You see these creatures going at it. } {T 00:21:03:32 I think it's a major achievement of this movie } {T 00:21:06:40 that the first fight scene between an aIien and a predator we took a month to shoot. } {T 00:21:12:64 A month for one scene - aIien and a predator going head to head. } {T 00:21:16:96 And it was worth taking aII that time because when you see these creatures go kapoom, } {T 00:21:21:68 they're reaI - they reaIIy Iook Iike two fast, vicious, scary, enormous creatures } {T 00:21:27:80 that are in a chamber where they just tear the pIace apart. } {T 00:21:31:48 (hissing) } {T 00:21:33:20 Oh, shit. } {T 00:21:37:24 AII my friends, when I toId them in LA that I was gonna go do AVP, were thriIIed for me } {T 00:21:41:84 because they even wanna see it. You know what I mean? } {T 00:21:46:72 This is Iong in coming and, boy, is it gonna arrive. } {T 00:21:53:52 This is gonna be a great big, exciting summer-event fiIm. } {T 00:22:00:76 It's gonna be scary, it's gonna be cooI and a great story. } {T 00:22:05:08 (man) Oh, God, that's great. } {T 00:22:07:32 It's gonna deIiver. } {T 00:22:09:08 (Anderson) AVP is designed as a stand-aIone franchise. } {T 00:22:13:08 It's not designed to repIace Predator or Alien movies. } {T 00:22:16:28 As a fan, I'd Iike to see Alien 5. I'd Iike to see another Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver. } {T 00:22:21:76 I'd Iove to see another Predator movie with Arnie. } {T 00:22:25:24 And this movie doesn't stop either of those fiIms being made. } {T 00:22:29:12 What did you say this room was called? } {T 00:22:33:48 Sacrificial chamber. } {T 00:22:36:68 Seat beIts onIy, you know. There's no air bags in this theatre. } {T 00:22:47:24 (Anderson) When I saw Alien I feIt, ''This is the kind of fiIm I wanna do when I grow up.'' } {T 00:22:52:04 So it's finaIIy good to have finaIIy grown up. }
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Mannen Som Log
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Married With Children 1x06 - Whose Room Is It Anyway
Married With Children 1x07 - Al Loses His Cherry
Married With Children 1x08 - Peggy Sue Got Work
Married With Children 1x09 - Married Without Children
Married With Children 1x10 - The Poker Game
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