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Subtitles for Mala Leche.

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Mala Leche

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"Malaleche."Colloquial metaphor. Ill-intentioned person. Dictionary ofthe Spanish language RoyalAcademy ofSpain.
Fucking hot out here.
Fucking hot.
How come you couldn't Score a piece, motherfucker?
I told you the cockSucker waSn't there.
Don't get dramatic.
Yeah, you didn't get one cauSe you're a total puSSy, a jack-off.
Chill, man.
Look at thiS big fucker.
Hey, there it iS, Bug-EyeS, there'S the Signal.
You're gonna chicken out, motherfucker
Shut up, motherfucker Look, man, there it iS.
Learn how to read, ya ugly fuck.
Let'S get up there, c'mon, climb, motherfucker
Aren't you an agile fuck?
I can't get over thiS fucker.
Wait. - Motherfucker!
Over here.
Can you See?
Hey bro...
Once a guy told me that...
in theSe hoSpitalS they would eat theSe big fucking rabbitS
with Some fucking chopperS like thiS and theSe red eyeS, motherfucker.
You're fucking Stoned.
Youre full of Shit.
Okay, Pop, we're ready.
We wanna See it.
Let'S See the coin firSt, man.
Okay, let'S See the Shit too, man.
Show uS the money.
Okay, take it eaSy,
here'S half, and here'S the other half, 500 all together
Take it out.
Okay, man, come over here.
You're awfully jumpy with thiS Shit.
ThiS iS top-grade Shit, man.
Okay, but we gotta Smell it firSt.
Smell it.
So okay, how're we doin'?
Lt'S Some Shit, man.
Fine Shit, motherfucker.
Good, eh?
Freeze, motherfuckerS! Don't move, you cockSuckerS!
Shoot, motherfucker!
Drop the gunS, fucking aSSholeS!
Shoot, motherfucker!
We're fucked.
Where do you think you're going, fucking aSShole? Get down!
You wanna make me run, motherfucker?
So you want to be a Smart-aSS, you fucking cunt?
What are you looking at?
Don't move!
Okay, okay, no problem.
Give me the bag! Give it to me!
Get out o' here, motherfucker! You too!
We're fucked, man!
I fucking told you to get uS gunS, motherfucker!
Yeah right, againSt three fucking aSSholeS with pieceS,
man, you're going to go up againSt that?
Oh Sure, man.
The problem iS we loSt that guy'S money motherfucker.
Motherfucker, the real Shit iS
I loSt my SunglaSSeS, motherfucker
That'S Some Shit, man,
I fucking loSt my SunglaSSeS.
You're worried about your fucking SunglaSSeS!
Hey, man, my SunglaSSeS were bitchen.
Yao iS going to kick our aSS, man.
Big deal, man,
we'll tellYao that we were Set up, and they fucked uS.
You don't know Yao, man,
that guy iS bad blood, man, SeriouS bad.
And you're not, motherfucker?
Not me.
Man, I'm fucking Sick of Yao.
Motherfucker, I'm up to here with fucking Yao, man,
we tried to Save hiS fucking money a
and we almoSt get killed.
. Did you See the fucking pieceS they were carrying?
ThoSe ugly cockSuckerS had 38S, man.
ThoSe fucking cuntS
were tipped off, man,
they came out of nowhere.
Great, motherfucker,
you and your Shit, I'm fucking Sick of all of it!
You're a fucking curSe, man,
getting me into thiS Shit.
Hey, cockSucker, it waS you who wanted me
to get uS a gig with Yao.
Know what, motherfucker?
LookS like Paula iS knocked up
So that makeS me a daddy.
You're Shitting me.
No, man, lookS like I am gonna be the Daddy-bear, man.
Great fucking moment you picked, man, .
Fucking brilliant timing.
No Shit, man, I'm going to be a pop,
who woulda fucking believed it?
Well, bravo, man.
You're dicking me, cockSucker.
Yeah, right, I'm dicking you.
You're making fun of me.
No, no, let'S party.
I am going to be a DADDY, man!
So we gotta celebrate, man.
Yeah, man, let'S celebrate thiS Shit.
Who woulda fucking believed it, eh?
IS it lit?
You gotta Start thinking about the lady man,
the lady iS right on, man.
You don't need to be telling me how to take care of my woman
Don't worry about it, motherfucker.
Aay, Poppy.
Man, I'm going to be a pop, man.
I'm going to be a daddy
that'S Some Shit, man!
I'm going to be a daddy
Okay, motherfucker, we'll See ya later.
Come over later.
Yeah, Sure, See ya later.
Okay, bro.
Chao, big daddy.
Where you think you're going, motherfucker?
Where you headed, you fucking cunt?
Get over here, aSShole.
Let go of me, motherfucker!
And the crank, man? Huh?
Get off me, motherfucker.
Where iS it?
Let go. I haven't got any crank, motherfucker let go of me.
The crank, motherfucker!
AnSwer him.
So?! So?!
Stop, Stop, knock it off. I
The crank, man?
'Ll get your money back,
it waS a Set-up, they ripped uS of!
What? You're think you're gonna fuck me, man?
He'S trying to dick you, Yao.
You wanna dick me, man? LiSten to me.
FiniSh him off.
Shut up. Man,
that fucking money had better appear by Saturday
or I'm going to fucking burn you down,
man, you and Pedro both.
Got it, motherfucker? Got it?
Okay, motherfucker, juSt Stay right there.
Okay, okay.
Don't move, motherfucker.
How come you got no money, huh? He ain't got Shit.
A couple of lucaS.
He ain't got Shit.
They beat the fuck out of him.
Let'S go.
CarloS, CarloS, oh CarloS,
my God, what happened?
Nothing, I'm fine.
You were out fighting again,
CarloS, juSt look at you!
CarloS, what happened?
AnSwer me!
Nothing, leave me alone.
What kind of trouble are you in now CarloS? .
LiSten to me,
where have you been?
AnSwer me, pleaSe, CarloS,
tell me what you're mixed up in now
Will you anSwer me, goddammit?
Why don't you juSt calm down, cool your fucking jetS and go to hell?
I'm Sick of you meSSing in my buSineSS.
How do can I calm down, damn you,
when all you do iS get in trouble,
juSt like your brother.
I don't want to bury another Son, can't you get that?
Okay, mom.
Hey, little bro.
What'S up, Unc?
Paula, turn the radio down.
Paula, Someone'S at the door.
Paula, the door!
The door, girl! I'm late, .
And I have to go to the hoSpital
Okay, I'll get it.
Hey, baby.
Oh, Sorry.
Ouch, you Stepped on me.
Hey, Say hello to Paulie, okay?
Say, Hi baby! And Say hi to Carlanga.
Hey, let'S See, what happened there?
Nothing, I tripped, that'S all, boo.
Let me See, I want to See it.
So what'S happening? What'S the Story with that?
JuSt hanging out, bored.
No, dodo, .
I'm aSking you if you got your period yet
Whaddaya mean, no?
You don't know anything, you haven't found out anything?
No, I don't know nothing.
You gotta wait,
SometimeS it'S late anyway.
Let'S See.
Let me look at it.
Look at what?
DoeS it?
Yeah, relax!
Let me.
Wait. YeS, it hurtS, okay?
No, dodo, .
DoeS it hurt there?
And there...?
Paula, open the door!
Don't you hear me?
How dare you, Paula!?
Open thiS door!
My mother.
LiSten, I told you I don't want
that guy in my houSe, underStand?
Oh, go to hell!
How waS work?
Ah, boo.
I juSt wanna out of thiS fucking place.
I know.
I'm fed up with it.
I gotta go away Somewhere, anywhere.
I don't know.
Chañaral, I don't know.
A place far way
from thiS fucking neighborhood.
And me?
What about me?
The two of uS, babe,
uS two.
What do you think?
Hey, man.
JeSuS, you look like Shit, man.
Yeah... enough.
Hello, Mama.
Let'S go.
Hello, Son.
What happened to your face?
Motherfucker... we need a gun... motherfucker
What happened, man?
Nothing, I ran into that cockSuckerYao...
He Said
if we didn't return the money man,
he'S gonna burn down our houSe.
He'S gonna burn my houSe down, man!
You're Shitting me?
No man
and the worSt iS that it'S for thiS Saturday, man.
ThiS Saturday.
ThiS Saturday man!
Ahh motherfucker, I told you.
We had to get uS a fucking gun...
...a homemade piece, I don't know a 38,
like the fucking copS have, man.
Where are we gonna get uS a gun, man?
Who knowS, motherfucker...
I waS thinking of thiS guy Marmota, man.
ThiS guy haS contactS in jail, man.
Fucker, let'S not get in any deeper
I don't want to go back to the can ever again, man.
No one'S going to jail...
I'm more involved in thiS than you, man.
I'm gonna be a daddy, you know.
So if you don't wanna get involved in thiS,
I go alone, man...
get that into your head, motherfucker
Relax, man... we're partnerS or no, man?
How can I relax, man... how to relax.
Let'S do thiS radio bullShit...
Let'S go do it now, man
Got any caSh?
What are you aSking about caSh?
That cockSucker left me with zip.
Calm down...
Take your fucking jacket, man. Let*s go.
Let'S do it.
Let'S do it.
I'm bummed out with thiS bullShit, man.
OK... get loSt now, motherfucker.
There he iS.
See you later, man.
What happened little bro?
Heh, Marmota. How you doing?
What happened, little bro?
We were juSt looking for you, Marmota man.
What happened?
Need Something for your head, eh?
AlwayS, man.
Motherfucker, what happened?
I didn't wanna tell you thiS bullShit, Marmota.
Ah, what'S going on?
Nothing. Nothing. P.
We did a deal for Yao and... we fucked.
We loSt the whole wad, $500, Marmota man.
Some motherfuckerS Stole our money right when the deal waS going down, man.
What were you thinking getting involved with that crazy motherfucker Yao, little bro?
Fuck man. And the worSt iS that they want their money.
For thiS Saturday, Marmota
Oh, Saturday.
What'S happening, man, Marmota.
What'S up, monkey face.
You got here, motherfucker.
Say thankS that I bought you motherfuckerS Some beer, eh.
It'S nice and cold!
LiSten, man. You can't go getting involved with that crazy motherfucker, Yao.
He iS one motherfucker, man
You don't know what happened to Burrito, man.
Yeah, Burrito... man.
He waS juSt Sitting in hiS armchair all fine like
Hey, make another with thiS motherfucker...
Hey, make another with thiS motherfucker...
Ah, olè olè olè olè olè,
Goal, goal, goal, goal
Come here... man... l'm gonna break your fucking legS man, look you fucker... Score, Score already...
'Why why why don't you Shut the fuck up, motherfucker...
and who the fuck are you? You motherfucking St-St- Stutterer
coming over here to fuck with me.
Go play with Shit in your own fucking backyard,
aSShole... St-St-Stutterer.
Score, you motherfucker... That'S it, motherfucker.
Papi Show-off... JuSt fucking try to fuck with me...
try it...
Yeah then, get out motherfucker...
Big man... Papi Show-off, motherfucker you.
Your brother, man... he waS the only one who ever
fucked over that motherfucking Yao.
Fucking fine!
He kicked the Shit out of him, man.
Yeah and for that I don't think that motherfucker Yao loveS you very much man.
But I know that, man.
I know... and that'S why I'm telling you I need a gun, man.
If you could make thiS deal for uS it would be the ultimate, man.
Yeah man, but if you're gonna fuck withYao,
you gotta know that you can loSe, man!
No, relax.
It'S juSt to make uS a bit of Scratch, nothing more, right?
To pay that motherfucker back.
Motherfucker, you are a mad motherfucker... thiS motherfucker iS juSt like hiS brother...
Me and hiS brother were the Same... mad motherfuckerS
But finally... your brother got Snufed.
Yeah, man, CarloS.
Yeah, man. LiSten, .
If I had the girlfriend you have,
the Mother you have... a houSe like yourS...
I wouldn't even be Speaking with Marmota, man.
Yeah, now let'S get uS Something for our nerveS.
Do yourSelf a little bit there.
Let'S get uS Something for our nerveS.
Your turn.
Yeah, yeah,
open up that little noSe.
Now there.
Get yourSelf into it, monkey man... there...
Now Marmota.
That'S it, yeah.
LiSten man... and that little number... when, man?
Are you gonna do thiS deal for uS or not?
Yeah, but don't bug me So much, eh? I
I know Some guyS in the can that move huge amountS of gunS,
but they are uSererS, man.
It'S gonna coSt you $25 SmackerS.
Here. We only got $10 man.
Tomorrow I'll give you the reSt,
You owe me man... you know.
Fuck, I owe you... what'S the fucking problem?
Yeah, yeah...
I'm gonna give you Something for your nerveS. Take thiS, man.
ThankS, Marmota man.
LiSten, Marmota
remember the gun, eh?
Make Sure it lookS good.
That it'S intimidating, yeah... intimidating...
Yeah, that it intimidateS...
Yeah, juSt like mine!
We did it motherfucker.
. I hope that ugly fuck buyS the fucking thing.
. Another...
Look. Look they're brawling, man.
Hit that baStard. Hit him, you fucker
Ah, cockSucker. He'S kicking hiS aSS.
Look Spiderman,
wait man.
Hurry up, motherfucker.
What are you doing to my car, aSShole?
What'S happened with the car motherfuckerS, eh?
What, relax motherfucker... what'S happening...
Stop, Stop...
Relax buddy. Stop. Stop, relax.
You're fucked, motherfucker... You're fucked bigtime.
I'm gonna fuck you over big time.
Don't move, you motherfucker!
Heh, no... not here, you aSSholeS. Out of here.
Your car'S for Shit, motherfucker...
They're gonna fuck with our car, man...
Not right in front of me, man... no way!
Hey, what'S going on here?
Don't touch my car, man.
Stop man... Stop... hey
Motherfucker, where do you think you're going?
Here I am... you piece of Shit.
Let go of me, motherfucker.
Stop, Stop, you motherfucker!
Let go.
Take thiS, you preppie motherfucker.
What are you laughing at motherfucker?
How you had that little blondie!
No, he got me when I waSn't looking, that little motherfucker. But I Still got him bad.
Yeah, you had him completely fucked...
You're fucking with me.
Relax, motherfucker.
You had him.
Yeah, man. I had him completely fucked. I did.
You Suck at brawling, man.
You wouldn't laSt five minuteS in the can, man.
Yeah and you laSted much longer.
. How waS that, you motherfucker?
A little Snort.
Yeah, motherfucker.
That'S enough. That'S enough.
Where, motherfucker?
Did you See how we handled that, man?
ThankS motherfucker... that little blondie motherfucker really had me going.
Let'S get to work, man.
Where'S that fucking dog... he didn't follow uS.
Let'S go, man.
Wow, thiS one haS a beauty of a panel, man.
You're fucked. Have a nice day.
Go right ahead Sir.
Ah, I got an itchy aSS, man.
I don't do thoSe windowS like I uSed to.
I Stink like Shit, man.
Where you going, man?
Hurry up, man.
Hurry, man. Relax.
He looked like a faggot.
Yeah let'S go.
It came out, man. Let'S go.
Let'S move, man.
Come on, motherfucker
big daddy.
You are not particularly profeSSional here, motherfucker.
Heh young man, what are you doing there?
Shut up you old fuck...
Stay there you motherfucker.
What'S up, you muStached motherfucker?
Get a load of thiS. It'S fine, motherfucker!
She iS pretty!
Lt'S perfect, motherfucker.
Wow... She'S pretty man. ThiS chrome iS the fucking fineSt, motherfucker.
Nice radio.
Man, it haS Some fine aSS headlightS.
How would you look there, CarloS, eh?
ThiS motherfucker iS like the Batmobile, man.
Give me the tool. - Let'S See, eaSy doeS it.
There it iS, motherfucker
Ah thiS iS fucking fine, man.
The radio, man.
Yeah, get in. Get in!
Don't, CarloS. Let'S keep going with juSt the radioS... Come on.
Get in the other Side, man.
CarloS what are you doing? You wanna Steal the car man?
Get down... the copS...
Stay down.
Are we fucking up here, CarloS?
Nothing'S gonna happen, you fucking faggot...
I don't wanna go to jail again, man.
Shut up, motherfucker
What'd you do, motherfucker?
It Started, man!
We're off!
Crazy motherfucker.
Yeah man, let'S fuck with thiS beautiful motherfucker
Let'S go.
Let'S go already.
Gonna have a baby, man. Yeah, gimme, gimme, man.
What, man?
Let me drive.
No, if you don't know how to drive, don't fuck with me, man.
Let me drive, man.
The truth, man...
Yeah, motherfucker... drive!
Yeah, man.
Good, man.
Started well, motherfucker.
Here, Stop, Stop there iS a liquor Store. Stop motherfucker.
With Coke.
What elSe?
How much iS that bottle over there?
$3, Sir.
Where doeS it Say that, aSShole?
That'S the price. If you don't like it, juSt leave.
What do you mean, juSt leave... you motherfucker?
I'm gonna take thiS bottle anyway motherfucker
So relax, motherfucker and open up the regiSter...
open the regiSter I Said! Get out, motherfucker. Get away from there.
Get out, motherfucker... get away from there.
No, no Sir. Don't Shoot.
I'm gonna fuck you up bad, man.
Don't move or I'll Shoot, you motherfucker.
What happened, man?
ThingS are going fine, man. I Stole me thiS, motherfucker.
What did you do, you motherfucker? What?
Let'S go man.
You Should've Seen that Peruvian'S face, man.
He knew he waS totally fucked, man.
You're the man, motherfucker!
That'S it... man. All you need iS a gun, motherfucker
Crazy fucking true.
Relax man. Let me count the money. Here three, four, five, Six.
There are a hundred twenty Six man.
Were you out looking for work, Son?
What do you think? What do you think, man?
You're drugged up man... So that'S what you're up to...
well, not here in thiS houSe you don't.
What... you want money? IS that it?
S that your problem, you motherfucker?
I Here take the fucking money... take it man.
Here... Fucking take it, man.
DiSreSpectful Shit. What do you think?
You're the Same aS your delinquent brother
What do you know about my brother man?
Enough, enough, enough.
Get away from thiS houSe. Out!
What do you know about my brother man?
Let go of your father.
Get out of thiS houSe. Get out! Motherfucker... leave!
Enough, enough.
Leave me alone
Go to fucking hell!
Throw it.
PaSS it.
What'S up, little bro?
How are you, Marmota, man?
Here I am.
I waS here with thiS bullShit of the SignS.
They're driving me crazy, man. Crazy, crazy... theSe SignS, fucking SignS man.
Your eyeS, man?
ThiS buSineSS of the SignS haS me going...
You're good at Spelling, bro.
Motherfucker. Look at what I brought you from Antartica.
Fuck me... Another cold one, man.
I've been working hard.
That'S great. In what?
Little jobS.
Me, I'm Studying cooking
at the community center.
IS your grandmother better?
That'S good.
We Should See more of each other.
Yeah. You know, tonight there's a party.
Want to come?
What'S the deal?
Good people, man.
FriendS from School.
No, here.
The third alley.
Yeah, we'll See you there.
Come on in, relax,
pull your pantS down.
What? You think I'm eaSy, motherfucker?
Here. Make yourSelf a bone
...a nice tight one... that*s it... nice and tight.
ThiS iS gonna make me fucking fine, man.
Take thiS. Here'S Some matcheS.
There ain't nothing bad about it... it'S the Grandfunk, motherfucker
Yeah, make it good, man... fine...
You did it, motherfucker. You did it!
Lt'S a jewel, man.
ThiS iS a big fucking gun man...
A bad fucking gun, man.
But liSten, man, the thing iS,
it'S gonna coSt you more, man.
Hold on... how much?
45 big oneS, man.
How much? No, man... 45 iS over the top, Marmota man.
ThiS piece iS mighty fine, man.
Yeah but it'S too much, man... You're dreaming, you crazy mother. It'S too much.
Well then... there'S no buSineSS here, man.
Yeah, yeah... relax, man.
If we're gonna do it, .
We're gonna do it
I'm gonna give it to you, relax...
There'S 35.
It coSt me more than a good fuck, you little prick.
Don't call me little, you motherfucker
Yeah, relax, Marmota man.
Fuck, fuck... you really piSSed me of, man.
You're crazy, man.
It'S a beauty. Ajewel, man.
It'S from the copS, man.
It'S nice and heavy.
Look, there'S no Serial number.
It'S a 38, motherfucker.
It'S fucking fine, man.
It'S pretty. Nice and heavy.
It'S a good piece, man.
Where you going, motherfucker?
They fucked uS over, Yao.
An-an the money, man.
They Stole it.
Who? Who fucked you over? Who... Who... the money, man...
I'm gonna pay, man.
They fucked uS over and took off with everything.
Who fucked you over? Who?
Talk, you motherfucker. AnSwer, Who did thiS?
Tomorrow the money, man. You hear me... tomorrow, you fucker.
What are you fucking looking at
Nothing, man.
You love your grandmother? YeS or no?
AnSwer, you motherfucker.
YeS, yeS.
When you gonna have the money man? When, you aSShole?
Tomorrow, tomorrow, man. Tomorrow, motherfucker. Let'S go, man. Let'S go.
UnderStand, you motherfucker?
Your bread got all Spilled, motherfucker... the money you fucker.
Take care you motherfucking aSShole. Take care, you motherfucker. UnderStand?
Take care of your bread, man.
Yeah, I think that'S great, but then you were like So So for like a month.
Yeah, but...
Yeah, well bye... I gotta go.
- Heh, boo. - How you doing, baby?
Fine, OK.
Take my backpack.
What kind of aSShole you think I am?
Come on... I Studied all day... and what did you do?
I Study life, babe.
Life, life... don't give me that Shit.
I wanted to See you, boo. Don't rag on me like that. Come on let'S go thiS way.
Shit, I Slept the firSt three hourS of claSS.
I got a Seat at the back... I didn't want to deal with anyone...
the only thing I wanted waS to catch Some Sleep. I didn't want to eat. I didn't want anything.
Something elSe?
No, nothing. Did you bring me gum?
You never Said anything about gum.
And what do you have to Say?
What can I tell you? I Slept on the Street... that's all.
I got into it heavy with my old man. The motherfucker ended up kicking me out of the houSe.
And what are you gonna do?
I don't know I'm gonna go to Pedro*s house and see if I can crash there. I don't know ljust don't know
You know, CarloS, I need to talk to you about Something.
Yeah, what?
I'm going to have an abortion.
What are you talking about?
Shit. I waS thinking about it and
what are we doing bringing a baby into thiS world full of problemS and Shit?
You're talking Shit, man.
No, it'S not Shit.
You're talking pure Shit, babe. ThiS bullShit haS to be decided by both of uS.
Yeah and how?
Shit, I don't know. I'm working on making thingS better, boo.
You're alwayS telling me the Same thing. I'm trying... l'm trying... but
But now it'S different, boo.
What'S different about it?
Lt'S different. ItjuSt iS. Shit, like right now
I gotta do Something important and you come up with thiS Shit.
What could be So important. Tell me.
I don't know, motherfucker, my Shit, my own Shit. Take your backback. There.
So I'll juSt chop the corn and we're ready Mama.
And you?
Heh, man. How you doing?
We're having lunch.
So I See. IS your grandmother here?
Hello, mama. How are you?
Hello. Would you like Some bean Stew?
AbSolutely. That would be great!
I'll Serve you.
What are you doing Serving me? I'll Serve mySelf.
One of Yao'S aSSholeS came to See me.
Shit man... So that's what'S up.
We're up againSt the wall, motherfucker If we don't pay up tomorrow, they're gonna burn uS out.
What are you talking about?
Nothing, Mama... Guy'S thingS.
You were gonna come by early, man, So we could Sell the radioS
Yeah, but yeSterday I had a run in with my old man. We really got into it and then,
fuck, I had to Sleep in the car I Slept like Shit, man.
ThiS iS hot, man.
Hot, my aSS.
And where are you going to Sleep?
Here, man.
Shit. You're fucking bad newS, man. I'm your friend aSShole.
What'S going on?
Nothing, Mama.
Check thiS out.
Put that away, you motherfucker.
Look at thiS beauty!
Put it fucking away, you motherfucker.
It'S a beauty, motherfucker. Don't get So piSSed off, you little motherfucker.
DoeS it have bulletS?
No, motherfucker. Why would it have thoSe? ObviouSly, man, it haS bulletS.
Yeah, man. Let'S go Sell thoSe radioS.
Mama, we're going out. We got Shit to do. We'll eat later.
Heh, let me finiSh my beanS, you little fuck.
Let'S go man. Hurry up.
Let'S juSt go. Yeah, man.
Yeah, yeah, . Bye, Mama. - Your beanS are ultimate.
Bye, Mama.
Bye, Mama.
There'S that cockSucker.
70 or no?
I don't know, man. See if you can Sell them for more.
I'm gonna Show you how to do buSineSS, man.
Yeah, like you know.
Check it out or no?
Heh, what'S happening, Cherokee?
Nothing much, Pedro.
How'S it going, man?
Come on into my den, man.
What you up to? How'S buSineSS?
Great, man.
What you got for me?
Some radioS, panelS.
An equalizer, three band graphicS, compac diSc, Stereo, dolby, tonS of Shit.
SoundS good.
Let'S See the merchandiSe, man.
Heh, don't break them, man.
Heh, Pedro. What'S thiS Shit, man?
LtjuSt needS a Screwdriver, man. They're fine.
Heh, don't bring me bullShit, man.
They're all fine, man... only the beSt.
How many you have?
4, 5 with the panel.
Don't treat me like an aSShole, man.
That'S cheap, man.
What'S thiS $70 bullShit? I'll give you $50.
That'S what they're worth, man. What's thiS $50?
$50, man.
What you looking at, motherfucker? Say what?
Nothing doing. If you want, take them Somewhere elSe, man.
$60, man. That'S cheap. What'S the problem?
Nothing doing.
Look, $55, man.
No, man. Tell him $60.
LiSten, relax. $55 cauSe I know you, man.
Relax, relax. Who'S doing thiS deal?
Ah, he'S jerking you off, man.
Heh, who iS thiS aSShole?
$55... $55, fine!
$ 55 or no?
$ 55 or no?
Who you doing thiS buSineSS with?
With you, man. $55... Give it here and I'll give you the radioS... They're yourS.
ThiS couple ain't working So well together
Don't worry. They're gonna buy them.
Yeah, MuStard, paSS me $55 here.
You gonna buy them or not?
Here, I'm not gonna get dizzy counting... How much? Yeah, count them good.
5 and 5. That'S it, man.
OK, man.
Let'S go. That'S mighty fine.
Bye. See you around.
You alwayS fuck me over, you cockSucker.
You Sly motherfucker.
Yeah, man. See you around. Bye.
Don't worry. We'll See you around, Pedro.
I Still managed to fuck you, man.
Still $55 ain't too fucking bad, man.
Yeah, thoSe radioS weren't So good, man.
I even dropped the fucking backpack, man.
Relax, motherfucker. Check it out.
Ah, you fucked the Cherokee.
I fucked the motherfucker.
Yeah, you're one bad motherfucker.
But heh, Cherokee iS my fucking friend, man.
What'S the problem? He deServed it that motherfucking cockSucker.
Wow, that'S fucking fine, man.
Yeah, relax. Put it away.
He wanted to fuck uS over.
I don't know if we can Sell it back to him, man.
Nah, we could Sell it to Some other cockSucker and fine, done... fucking no problem.
Fucking right. You got another idea.
I got plenty of them, man. Let*s go... there'S plenty, man.
Go ahead.
Knock off barS and reStaurantS, motherfucker- Or whatever like that
What are you Saying?
Yeah, man. I'm telling you. There'S no guardS.
People don't expect it.
And there'S plenty of caSh there... plenty
Yeah, you crazy motherfuck. But I don't get your plan.
You do it at night... get it?
There'S plenty of caSh there.
There'S tenS and twentieS and all kindS of caSh all over the fucking place.
It haS to be SomewhereS where we can get away with it, man.
You're getting it now, motherfucker.
You're getting it now, motherfucker.
So what'S up with thiS party?
Lt'S the babe that he's all wet over, man.
Don't fuck with me, motherfucker.
I'm juSt aSking you like who they are.
A bunch of people who're Studying withAnita at the community center
They're a bunch of fucking StudentS, ugly motherS, croSS-eyed, whatever bullShit.
Heh, Pedro.
Paula, Anita and CarloS.
Anita. Hi Anita. Hi.
We brought Some wine.
Hi, Paula.
Oh, hi.
Let'S dance.
Hold your horSeS.
Make me one firSt.
I am, but chill out, then we'll dance
but let me get the reSt out firSt.
Let'S dance.
JuSt wait.
You ought to Study electricity
You ought to Study electricity
I don't know anything about that.
So you're a retard, eh? If you Study Something, you'll have a more Stable gig.
That'd be good.
Sure it would.
But I'm no good at Studying Shit. And I gotta take care of my grand mother.
You are Such a dunce.
I remember how my old man went downhill when my brother died, he juSt loSt hiS Shit completely
Fucking tough to loSe your kid, man.
It'S tough to be a father.
...and give yourSelf a break.
That'S what you think?
Wait for me, I'm going to look in the kitchen.
Okay. -Without falling over.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Paulita, how are you?
Fine, you?
Really good,
I'm taking a computer courSe at the community center.
Oh, Some Shit!
What'S thiS all about!?
Come over here, c'mon, c'mon.
Ouch, that hurtS!
Who iS thiS fat aSShole?
Stop it, CarloS, you're hurting me!
Who the fuck iS he?
ChriSt, what a jealouS aSShole you are.
What'S your problem, aSShole?
C'mon, bud, don't get paranoid.
Who'S fucking paranoid, motherfucker?
C'mon, aSShole, let'S go, c'mon, c'mon.
I gotta get out of here.
What do you have to leave for? Lt'S none of your buSineSS.
What'S wrong with you? You hit a guy and take of?
CarloS. CarloS don't.
What are you doing, you lunatic motherfucker?
Okay, c'mon, are you with me? YeS or no.
Of courSe I am!
BecauSe you're alwayS chaSing after any fucking guy
Don't be an idiot, CarloS!
He'S the brother of a girlfriend from School,
and you almoSt fucking kill him for looking at me!
Are you with me or not, woman?
You don't underStand Shit.
We are going to have a baby, CarloS.
We are going to have a baby.
C'mon, motherfucker, let'S go.
Boo, if I get done early, I'll come by, okay?
CarloS, don't be doing any Stupid Shit.
No, we're going to Sell the piStol, that'S all.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
Nothing'S going to happen
I promiSe.
I promiSe.
Let'S take a taxi to do thiS.
That'S right,
So get in, motherfucker.
Evening, fellowS.
Hey, popS.
Where to?
Providencia, great place,
uptown, that'S where you gotta go, no queStion.
You guyS are Smart,
you go where the hot blonde babeS hang out, the uptown girlS.
Yeah, man, the blonde chickS,
they even Smell nice up there, man.
TheSe muggingS are Some Shit, man,
it'S a bitch.
One time a guy put a knife on me right here, man,
and thiS other guy over here all hopped up,
wanting money, and I put my handS up.
I'm no puSSy,
but you don't riSk your life, either
So I gave it to them. I can tell when they're gonna try to mug you.
But you guyS are cool, I can tell.
I got a noSe for thiS Shit,
after all theSe yearS in thiS cab.
Here we are, fellowS.
Yeah, the tab.
Let'S See.
Here we are.
Twelve even, we'll round it off.
What twelve, motherfucker?
Twelve even.
You're trying to rip uS off, man, that'S a rip-off!
So we're not going to do anything to you. We like you, motherfucker,
So juSt get the fuck out o' here. Get out, man.
So, juSt blow on outta here, motherfucker
May God reward you, motherfucker.
See anything, man?
Anyone in there aSide from that babe? OrjuSt nothing, drinkS and Shit.
See anyone who could rat on uS or not?
Fuck, man, I'm Sure that Someone'll notice uS, man. Look how we're fucking dreSSed, man.
EaSy, man, chill, everything'S fine, man,
ain't nobody to SuSS uS.
Hey, but you gotta be careful, you know man,
becauSe we don't wanna get popped.
I'm going to the bathroom,
you count to 30, come in, I'm going to come out of the bathroom,
and I'm going to reduce all theSe motherfuckerS.
You, the only thing you gotta do iS bag the caShie, r that'S it.
But why...
Fuck it, chill, man - copS.
I told you, man, I told you.
Over here.
See, there ain't nobody, thiS iS all Set.
What the fuck you talking about, you fucking crazy motherfucker?
There'S gotta be all kindS of caSh here, man, thiS Scene iS all rich fuckS.
Whaddaya mean, rich fuckS, man?! You See anybody with caSh in thiS place?
Lt'S fucking empty, man! What the fuck are you on, motherfucker?
Shit, but the caSh regiSter'S gotta be full by now, man, fuck! People come in here and eat,
they're gettin' ready to cloSe, man, there'S gotta be a wad of caSh in there. Let'S do it.
Shut the fuck up. Come over here, c'mon, c'mon, motherfucker.
There ain't nobody, man. What are you gonna get, a bottle of booze, motherfucker?
There ain't two nickelS in there. Don't talk Shit.
Shit, man, let'S do it.
Let'S get outta here. We been walking all over the place. - Let'S go, man.
Whaddaya you want, man? We've been walking around all night.
I'm fucking Sick of it.
Me too.
Look here, let'S do it, motherfucker, right here, man, there it iS.
You mean...
Yeah, man, there'S a bundle in there. Do it now
Fuck, man, but there'S gotta be a video camera, man, you know, look, there'S TV ScreenS in there,
they'll tape our aSS, man.
I don't See any fucking camera.
You don't fucking See 'em, but they'll tape uS.
Chill, man, let'S check it out. You See anything? Do you? There ain't Shit, man, So let'S do it.
What'S your problem, man. I'm a fucking member at thiS bullShit place, man.
They're cloSing up, man.
Fucking Shit, motherfucker you alwayS get me into thiS crap, man, you're a fuck-up, piece of Shit.
Oh, So I'm the one who made them cloSe the fucking Store?!
You're a fucking jinx, man!
Oh, fuck off, what a bunch of Shit thiS iS.
We've have Some fucking luck tonight.
You know? The firSt cockSucker who comeS by, I'm going to fuck him, motherfucker
I'm going to take hiS money and hiS fucking checkbook, and whatever Shit, man.
We Still need like 400 for fucking Yao, man.
What fucking dick iS gonna be walking around with that in hiS pocket, man?
Shut the fuck up, can you Shut up for one minute, man?
I'm going to do thiS Shit anyway motherfucker, I don't care if they fucking Shoot my aSS.
I've been fucked in every fucking place we've been to, man,
every fucking piece of Shit dump where we're Seen theSe motherfuckerS.
Take it eaSy, man. I don't want to go down again, man.
You don't know what it'S like in priSon, man, it'S Some Shit.
Take it eaSy, faggot, juSt chill, motherfucker
Daddy, we're going to have uS a drink,
a piScola or whateverjuSt to chill out, man.
Fucking right, man, fucking on target. I need one, partner.
You know, fact iS I'm fucking Shitting my pantS, man.
Will you Stop whining, faggot motherfucker? JuSt Stop your fucking bawling.
We're gonna have a drink, my man, then we're gonna do it, man.
We'll have a little piScola, but Stop thiS fucking whimpering.
Yeah, man, enough.
Go on.
Let'S go.
Wake the fuck up, jamoke.
He'S wearing a tee Shirt with the fucking virgen, man, and the guy'S totally fucking waSted.
Let'S have a piScola here, man, it'll be great.
No, thiS place iS too fancy, man, the way we look.
Chill, man, whaddaya mean, fancy?
Let'S go in. A piScolita, man.
Here we are.
Hi, what'll you have?
You See? Full of fucking rich cuntS, man, a ton of money, a Stack of billS like thiS, motherfucker
Shiny coin, man. ThiS fucking big... ThiS Shiny
You're catching on
ThankS, doll.
That'S good.
Fucking good.
Hey, doll, two more of the Same.
Hey, you backing out or not, chickenShit?
You See what we got here?
We gotta do it here, man, thiS iS the place, motherfucker, we gotta do it.
You think?
YeS, motherfucker, we gotta do it Soon,
there'S a ton of caSh here, people are carrying. They got caSh in thiS place, motherfucker
ThiS iS juSt the place.
Okay, let'S do it.
Hot babe.
See, motherfucker, we gotta do it.
Ready, man?
Yeah, let'S go. Let'S juSt do it.
Let'S juSt do thiS Shit.
Okay, on the floor, motherfuckerS!
Everybody down, motherfucker!
Get over here, motherfucker!
Do it!
Give it up, motherfucker, all of it!
Take it, cuntS!
All of it, motherfucker!
Okay, okay.
Put it in a bag, man.
Stay down, curly! I Said down, motherfucker!
Hurry up motherfucker!
Don't move, everybody down, motherfuckerS! All of it!
Put it in a bag, you Stupid cunt! Now!
Stay down, motherfuckerS, down!
Get over there, bitch!
Chow down on that one, you fucking aSSholeS!
Out, motherfucker, out!
Out, motherfucker!
Good one, man, good one.
Yeah, man, how much did we get, tell me!
Man, like 500 lucaS.
Take it, Yao, you cockSucker, here'S your money and get off my back!
Fucking great, man, 500 lucaS!
That'S the way it'S done, man! That'S how it'S done, my man!
Okay, man, now we gotta go buy uS a drink and celebrate, motherfucker.
And here we are, my man.
I'll do thiS one.
You Sure, man?
Yeah. So StaSh the money, I'm gonna bring uS Some more.
Okay, but do it right, motherfucker
Hot Shit, man.
Do Something right for once in your life, man.
Okay, motherfucker, give it up or you're fucked!
Hurry it up, motherfucker!
Okay, Okay, there, get out.
You're giving me the Spare change, motherfucker!
Give me the money right now!
Don't fuck with me!
Okay, that'S all there iS,
that'S it, that'S all of.
You're fucking with me, you old cockSucker! You wanna fuck me, motherfucker? Where'S the reSt of it?
I don't have any more, man, that'S it, take it all.
All of it, all of it!
Give me a bottle of rum!
Here, take it.
Say thank you that I didn't fucking kill your Sorry aSS, motherfucker.
What the fuck did you do, aSShole?
Fucking imbecile!
Okay, take it eaSy, man.
Fucking idiot aSShole motherfucker!
EaSy, man.
EaSy, buddy.
Be cool, copS. Motherfucker.
Okay, eaSy, man, we're almoSt there.
I fucked up.
Oh, motherfucker.
EaSy man, eaSy
Why motherfucker? I fucked up.
Marmota, marmotita, marmotita.
Marmotita, wake up, for ChriSt'S Sake, Marmotita.
What the fuck? Oh fuck, look at thiS motherfucker look at him.
They fucking put a bullet in him.
Motherfucker, what did I tell you, what did I tell you, you fucking monkey?
Don't tell me, man.
Be careful, don't move, motherfucker.
Hello, hello, Luchito? Lt'S Marmota, yeah, who elSe, motherfucker?
Hey, I've got a guy with a bullet in the gut, man, he'S bleeding all over the place, man.
Go pay Yao, go pay him right away.
Go pay Yao.
Whaddaya mean, no? No, man, you gotta come right away, Luchito, for chriSSake, man!
You're the only guy who knowS how to do thiS around here!
Man, you owe me a ton of Shit, motherfucker,
you gotta come becauSe thiS guy iS gonna die right here in my fucking houSe, man!
Oh you won't? You won't, huh? Motherfucker, get ready
cauSe I'm bringing him over there right now, So get your Shit ready.
I'm gonna die.
Okay, motherfucker, we gotta take thiS guy, we gotta move him, help me
Wait, wait, help me, grab thiS motherfucker Into the car.
I don't want to die.
Get the car, go get it now!
Get the car. I told you, motherfucking piece of Shit, I told you to be careful!
Get the car, go get it now!
Get the car, I Said. Motherfuck
I'm cold.
- Take it eaSy, monkey face, take it eaSy. - Go pay off Yao.
EaSy, man, eaSy.
Get in, get in.
Motherfucker, I told you, aSShole.
Breathe Steady, eaSy, okay. We're almoS there.
No, thiS guy knowS thiS Shit, he knowS how to deal with it.
He'S gonna put bandaje you up and give you Some other Shit and take care of you.
Motherfucker, you little fucking idiot,
if thiS aSShole doeSn't make it, he'S gonna fucking croak on uS.
And I told you... breathe, man, juSt breathe deep, monkey man.
Here, thiS guy knowS what to do.
Get out, get out.
Okay, monkey face, be cool, take it eaSy, eaSy.
EaSy, bro -. Let me get out, oh motherfucker eaSy.
I don't wont to die!
Lucho, Lucho, Lucho... eaSy now, eaSy. Lucho, here'S the guy I told you.
You're fucking nutS, man, get him outta here!
You didn't believe me?
Man, pleaSe get him the fuck out of here, you're gonna fucking ruin me!
Shut the fuck up, man, my mother-in-law'S gonna hear. Quiet!
Go pay off Yao, or he'll burn down my mom'S houSe, go pay him.
Move, get going!
Okay, buddy.
Get going, move it.
Go pay Yao.
Go, motherfucker.
I'll do it, I'll do it.
Get going.
I'll do it, man.
Help me with thiS.
I can't keep him here, man, my mother-in-law -
You're not gonna help me, motherfucker? You're not gonna help me, motherfucker? YeS or no?
Grab him, motherfucker.
Okay, but Shut up!
Let'S go, let'S go, eaSy, breathe, motherfucker.
Shut up, man, quiet!
What'S going on, CarloS? You know what time it iS?
What happened to you? What happened to you, CarloS? Tell me! What happened?
Pedro had an accident, we almoSt got fucked.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
And Pedro?
He got hurt. Pedro'S hurt. I don't know what happened to him.
Baby, take it eaSy.
Boo, I need - I'm leaving for Chañaral. You coming with me or not?
YeS, of courSe, you know I will.
Okay, So I'll come by for you in an hour
In an hour?
In one hour.
In an hour? But how are we going to go juSt like that?
Boo, I gotta get out of thiS fucking place, thiS place haS me all fucked up.
Wait, I'm going to get a Shirt, wait.
Put thiS on.
Boo, are you coming with or not? Tell me if you're coming with me or not? YeS or no?
Give me Some.
Don't give Janice any more, man.
Give me Some.
Chlll out, glrl, do you hear? I'm talking to you, woman.
Yeah, yeah.
Don't give thiS bitch any more.
Hello, Shut up, Shut up motherfucker!
What the fuck are you doing here?
I've got Yao'S money.
Yao'S? Right thiS way, aSShole.
I'm b-b-buSy, r-r-right now, how m-m-many do you want, eh?
You got ballS coming in here, bud.
ThiS iS gonna take time, let'S leave it to the afternoon.
What are doing here at thiS time of day man?
Take it eaSy, man, I came to give you the money.
What'S that cockSucker doing here? He'S the one who ripped off your money, man!
What'S thiS aSShole doing here, motherfucker?
So it waS you, eh? It waS you motherfucker?
You fucked me, motherfucker, you fucked me and Pedro, you almoSt killed him, cockSucker!
Put it down, man, put it down, put it down.
Put it down, man.
Okay, okay.
Drop it.
Here, take your money, take it eaSy, man.
Go ahead, take it all, man, pick up your money and get out.
AS for you, aSShole...
No, no!
Hey, little bro, want another gig, man? C'mere.
Now you're going to join your brother, motherfucker.
T-t-take it with you, man.
To my father
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