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Mala educacion La 2004 CD1

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Enrique Goded
"The current spell of icy weather has claimed its first victim.
A motorcyclist froze to death On Highway 4
and drove for a further 90 km after he was dead.
Two patrolmen flagged him down
and as he didn't react they pursued him.
They drove alongside
and rebuked him for his attitude.
As he didn't move They realized something was wrong."
It seems incredible.
It's a wonderful image.
A dead young man drives his motorcycle across the icy plain,
escorted by two patrolmen.
Where was he going in that icy dawn?
To see someone who couldn't wait until the morning.
There's a story here!
I'll cut it out and keep it, it might inspire me.
I'll get it.
- Hello. - What is it?
I'm an actor. I'm looking for Enrique Goded.
He isn't here.
But I can see him, man.
In any case, we don't have any projects so...
I'd like to speak to him. We were old pals at school.
I'm Ignacio Rodriguez.
- All right, come in. - Thank you.
- I don't think he'll see you. - That's all right.
Wait a minute.
He's an actor, a nuisance!
I told him we aren't preparing a film now.
- Tell him I'm not in. - I did, but he saw you.
And I can see him.
He said he was a friend of yours at school.
- Who can he be? - Ignacio Rodriguez.
- It can't be! - That's what he said.
Ignacio, is it really you?
Of course, Enrique.
- I'm delighted you remember me! - How could I forget you?
Well, it's been sixteen years.
- That long? - More or less.
I wouldn't recognize you with that beard.
You'd look better without it. Come into my office.
- You want a coffee? - No, thanks.
- I'm having one. - Then, yes.
- Martin, will you make some coffee? - Yes.
Sit down.
What brings you here?
I came to ask for work. I'm an actor.
I've brought my resume.
- Bumblebee Group. - An independent theater company.
"El Retablillo de San Christobal" By Garcia Lorca.
"The Diary of Adam and Eve", by Mark Twain
Mark Twain, Garcia Lorca...
Only the best for the Bumblebee.
Don't you write anymore?
No, I stopped ages ago.
But I've brought my last story.
"THE VISIT" by Ignacio Rodriguez
"The Visit"...
By the way, when are you starting your next film?
- Well... - I'll do anything.
We're eyeing tabloids to see if I can think of stories.
You've caught me in a creative crisis.
That's a bummer!
Read my story, it might give you some ideas.
What's it about?
Our school.
One part is based on our childhood,
and the other part isn't, when the characters grow up.
That's fiction.
I haven't introduced you. Ignacio, Martin...
Pleased to meet you.
- Sugar and milk? - Yes, please.
By the way, I don't call my self Ignacio now.
I'm Angel.
Why's that?
It's my stage name.
An actor can't be called Ignacio Rodriguez.
- He can't? - Of course not.
Angel Andrade.
Everyone calls me that, even my mother.
That's great.
Thank you.
- Ignacio was... - Angel!
- Ignacio... - Angel!
Well, Ignacio, before he became Angel,
was.. is an old school friend.
Martin is my production director.
And maid of all work.
- Well, Ignacio... - Angel!
I'm delighted to see you.
As soon as I've got anything...
Give me your number, I'll call you.
I don't have a phone.
But I'll call you.
Shold I leave you another photo? - No, don't worry.
Well, Angel, It was great seeing you.
- So should I go? - Yes I think so.
Can't I help you cut out...? - No, thanks a lot.
- So long. - My pleasure.
You look great!
So do you.
- Do read "The Visit". - Yes, I will.
- I'm dying of curiosity. - Great. See you.
I thought he'd never leave!
- Is he really a friend of yours? - Yes.
I haven't seen him since school.
We were reall close.
Well, he was my first love.
But he's changed a lot.
I didn't recognize him.
Will you see him again?
It seemed that you liked him.
No. there's nothing less erotic than an actor looking for work.
"The Visit".
Ever since we started touring with the show, "The Bomb"
I've been waiting for this moment.
Today we're playing in the town where I went to school.
I won't mention its name so as not to promote it.
I owe my best memories to the Olympo Cinema
which is now in ruins.
- I'm fucking sick of losing! - Then clear off.
Take a break.
Thank you.
She defines herself as
a mix of desert, hazard,
and cafeteria.
She's a great artiste
and a great friend of mine.
With all of you,
our next act,
the mystery
and the fascination
of the one and only,
the inimitable,
A bit of applause, For Crissake!
- So... - What?
- Listen... - I'll see you at the hostel.
- Yeah, but... - Paquito, you heard me.
You've got time for everything, fag.
Wait for me, love!
- What's wrong? - I can't find my keys.
May I help you?
No, they're not here.
Let's see.
Not here either.
Here they are!
My lips are wearing out!
I drank too much.
You're telling me.
Hey! I'm sucking your dick!
He's out cold!
A kid.
Not a cent.
A lottery ticket. I'll keep that.
Don't start the engine right outside.
But he passed out! Well hung, isn't he?
He's not bad.
And look, he's still hard!
- Let me suck him off a bit. - No, you've got things to do.
You've been at him for hours. Look at your lip!
Come on the bike won't run away.
Shut up! Now, go hide the bike.
Hurry back, I'll see you in your room before 7:00.
Sure, I get all the dirty work and you have all the fun.
Now you got a hard-on, asshole!
It's not fair!
Enrique Serrano.
Come up here!
What about the bike?
Leave it there. Come up.
There's nothing like loading up on drugs
and on hormones
to end up as crazy as you, bitch.
The keys! We're not stealing the bike!
Why not? We've got a buyer.
I'll explain later. I'll meet you to go to mass.
- So we're going to the school? - Yes now more than ever.
I'm flipped out, bitch! - I bet.
Dear Enrique. It's me, Ignacio.
I've dreamed so much of this moment!
Years have gone by, but I've never forgotten you.
We have to meet again, but when you're not plastered.
I want to tell you about my life and hear about yours
While we eat cream cake in the Mallol Patisserie,
like when we got out of school on weekends.
I'm not going to complicate your life.
I know you're married and have a child.
I know that you live in the next town,
that you're broke and that I'd like to help you.
Right now I'm working on something,
But I'll explain it all in the patisserie.
I'll wait for you from 6:00 to 7:00.
Do come!
I adore you.
Yes? - I miss you.
Have you unpacked all the boxes?
Not even half of them.
Do you need a hand? I don't mind, really.
It's best if you don't. Martin. Thanks.
Can I call you later?
I'm reading. - Oh, do forgive me.
Don't be so fucking touchy!
I'll call you in a while. - Do that, even if it's late.
We saw Sara's first films here.
And "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Enrique and I groped each other for the first time here.
My knees are trembling just thinking about it.
I'm meeting him at 6:00 in the patisserie.
Don't get your hopes up. Remember he's married.
If Fr. Manolo hadn't separated us...
What's he got to do with it?
A lot, everything!
That priest owes me a lot and it's time for him to pay.
I hate seeing you like this.
You got anyhing left?
C'mon, let's have some!
- Here? - Of course.
They haven't rolled out the streets yet.
Oh, fag !
Come on.
A nailful for my gal Paca.
One more I believe in couples.
Two fucks, two bumps, two "amigas".
"Two rode together", "Two For The Road".
You're such a pig!
Right, let's go to school!
*Gee up, girl!
Come on, best foot forward.
This was my school.
I'm worn out. Have you anything left?
Be quiet.
It's started.
The God of hope who, by the grace of the Holy Spirit,
fills us with His joy and peace...
That's Fr. Manolo.
- He looks so old! - Well, he's no chicken.
I guess.
Zahara, this is crazy!
Are you backing out, bitch?
But the chapel is tiny, there's nowhere to hide.
When he sees us appear,
he'll do what Christ did to the buyers in the temple.
He drovee them out with a whip, and he was Christ!
So this man who, according to you, is so imperfect...
I confess to god, the Father Almighty,
and to you, my brethren,
that I have sinned through thought, word,
deed and omission.
Through my fault.
- Through my fault.
Through your fault.
Through my most grievious fault.
So I beseech the Blessed Mary, ever virgin,
the angels, the saints,
and you, my brethren,
to intercede for me before Our Lord God.
Almighty God, have mercy on us,
forgive us our sins and lead us to eternal life.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.
We'll see.
The Lord be with you.
I could use Him.
May the blessing of almighty God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
descend upon you.
You may go in peace.
I hope so!
Go back to the dormitory and sleep a bit more.
Thank you, Father.
If I'm in the sacristy for too long, don't wait.
We'll meet at the hostel for lunch,
Good morning, Fr. Manolo.
What do you want? You can't come in here!
I'm the sister of an ex-pupil, Ignacio Rodriguez.
You still can't come in here
Don't you remember him?
We've had a lot of pupils.
But no one like Ignacio, I'm sure.
I've brought an important message from him.
He can give it to me himself.
He can't.
He died in an accident.
I'm sorry.
Now, please go.
Go away!
- Hide! - I've got it all!
Hide, he's coming!
I told you to leave! What are you doing here?
The same as you, remembering Ignacio.
Get out!
We have to talk, Father.
It'll only take a minute.
Say what you have to say and go!
Are we going to talk in the dark?
I don't mind.
I'm used to working in the dark.
What do you want?
A better life
and a better body.
What do I have to do with those improvements?
You could help me finance them.
I don't believe Ignacio is dead
or that you're his sister.
I don't even believe you're a woman.
Are you locking me in?
I don't want anyone coming in by mistake.
And now, tell me why you're here!
OK. I'll get to the point.
It's a story by Ignacio.
Yes, he took your advice and kept on writing.
I've got a friend, a pig,
who works at "Diario 16".
He is very interested in publishing this story.
But first I'd like our opinion.
Apart from being Ignacio's literature teacher
you're one of the main characters in this story.
Read this.
Each month the boys who got on the honors board,
that is, the ones who got the best grades,
were rewarded with a day in the country.
We were always accompanied by our literature teacher,
Fr. Manolo.
Moon River,
always on my mind.
I won't be swept away
by the water,
the muddy water
of that Moon River
as it flows along.
River and moon,
tell me where to find
my God, and good and ill.
Tell me.
I'm longing to know
what is hidden
in the dark
and you'll find it...
A trickle of blood divided my forehead in two.
I had a feeling the same thing would happen with my life.
It would always be divided and I couldn't help it.
Open the door, Father. It is I.
What is it? - There's been a robbery.
- Where? - In the chapel.
I think it was after our mass.
Were you missing anything?
The chalice, the paten, the jug, the cruets...
They must be found!
- The boys mustn't hear about it. - Very well.
And no one is to bother me, except you.
Was that Fr. Jos,?
Ignacio hated him.
- Does he still hit the pupils? - He never laid a hand on Ignacio.
That was the principal's privilege.
To sum up, I want a million in cash.
Or else "Diario 16" will publish the whole story.
I don't have a million pesetas, much less in cash.
But you can get it.
Now, if you don't mind, I'm leaving.
I've said all I had to say.
But keep reading, it gets better.
- The key. - Wait.
Wait until after break time.
It'll just be a minute.
So you came to blackmail me.
Tell Ignacio he's overrating these pages. They're garbage!
Garbage is hot!
You and I make a best-selling couple.
And the editor of "Diario 16" knows that.
You're in no position to threaten anyone.
People will believe me, not you.
No, people have changed. This is 1977.
The society puts my freedom above your hypocrisy.
If we treated Ignacio so badly, why did he come back?
Why didn't he report us or change schools?
He came back 'cause he'd fallen in love,
with a classmate.
Enrique Serrano.
Remember him?
Do you mind if I keep reading?
There were lots of celebrations at school.
The most important one was Principal's Day.
That day, there were sports competitions
and religious acts, and we had a special meal.
Come with me, Ignacio.
Come along!
- I haven't finished. - You'll sing better that way.
Do you know the new words?
Yes, I've got the crib Fr. Manolo gave me.
Call him Reverend Principal.
He's the school principal from today.
- I know. - Don't answer back.
When you're singing, keep looking at him,
as if there were no one else in the dining room.
- You understand? - Yes.
- Yes.
Fr. Jos placed me In the center of the dining room.
I felt odd in front of all those priests drinking and eating,
and I was a bit scared,
but they all looked at me kindly, except Fr. Manolo
who looked ready to cry.
And now,
Fr. Jos, Manuel,
as a birthday gift,
Ignacio is going to sing
one of your favorite songs.
"Torna A Sorrento".
The new words, "Gardener",
were written by Fr. Manolo,
helped by my humble self.
When you're ready, Ignacio.
Gardener, gardener,
night and day among our flowers,
setting fire to their colors
with the flame of our love.
And you place in every calyx
the smile of your yearning,
with your eyes turned up to heaven
where all your hopes reside.
And your flowers, gardener,
with their corollas burning brightly
join together in gratitude
and embalm you with their scent.
Continue with your labor,
cultivating all the flowers
entrusted to your love
by the Lord.
- I thought you didn't like me. - No, just the opposite!
But every time I looked at you, you looked away.
Because you made me nervous.
- And now I don't? - No.
Come in.
May I help you?
Don't you recognize me, Mother?
Has the world changed me so much?
Mother Soledad!
What are you doing here?
- I've come to stay. - To stay?
Sara is so beautiful!
In this house?
It's been a long time.
who can remember if I did something I shouldn't have?
It's impossible.
It is not God who rejects you.
It is I,
in the name of my Order.
What's wrong? - I can't sleep.
Neither can I.
What we did in the cinema wasn't right.
- I liked it. - So did I.
But I think it was a sin, and God's going to punish us.
I don't believe in God.
- What do you believe in? - I'm a hedonist.
- What's that? - People who like having fun.
I read it in an encyclopedia.
What's the matter?
You hear that?
Fr. Manolo!
Open the door! Or must I break it down
and let the whole school know what you're doing?
I know you're in there!
I've seen your feet.
I can hear you breathing.
We're not doing anything!
Get out!
I'll deal with you later!
I'm not leaving Ignacio alone with you.
How dare you!
Get out of here immediately!
Enrique, please.
Do as he says.
Come here.
What were you doing in there?
I swear, Father.
Then why was the door locked?
Come along.
Come with me to the chapel.
The bell!
What are you thinking of?
I think I've just lost my faith at this moment,
so I no longer believe in God or hell.
As I don't believe in hell I'm not afraid,
and without fear I'm capable of anything.
We'll forget this, Ignacio.
Even if I wanted to, I can't stay angry with you.
But I promise what happened tonight won't happen again.
And Enrique?
What about him?
Will he be punished?
I should expel him!
I'm sure he was responsible for it all.
No, I was.
Don't cry.
He's a very bad influence on you.
I want what's best for you.
If you don't expel him I'll do what you want.
I sold myself for the first time in that sacristy
to avoid Enrique being expelled.
But Fr. Manolo tricked me.
I swore that one day I'd make him pay for that.
On your feet!
Hands behind our head!
And, one!
Hurry up, Enrique! We'll miss the bus!
I'm happy you came!
- You're better withoutthe beard. - Thank you.
What are you doing?
I'm re-reading your story.
- Didn't you like it the first time? - Of course!
Just look at it.
I couldn't help making notes. Force of habit.
That's OK- It's your copy.
Right, well... How can I put this?
I think there's a good film in this story
and I'd like to direct it.
You're not kidding me?
I never joke about work.
But firs, tell me how much you want for the rights.
What rights?
The story is yours!
Do what you fucking want with it!
So you really liked it?
I admit that when you said it was based on our childhood
I felt...
a bit apprehensive.
But I was very touched.
I'm so happy, man.
Remember I'm an actor and I want out of Bumblebee
Yes, I know that.
You'd be perfect as Enrique Serrano.
Naked on the bed,
with Zahara's letter on the pillow.
Enrique Serrano?
I think I'd rather play Zahara.
Zahara, you?
You're crazy!
- Why? - Well...
You're too well-built. You're not right.
Martin, we've got our story!
I can slim down! I can get into the part!
I'm used to that in the theater. Like De Niro...
Make a photocopy.
"The Visit"?
Ignacio and I are starting on the script.
If you're going to direct it, it's best if you write it yourself.
All right, Ignacio.
Angel! Start calling me Angel,
or you'll never get used to it.
Do you mind driving?
I'm a bit shaky.
I'm surprised you can even walk, with all you've taken.
- We had to celebrate, right?
I thought we'd be talking about the project.
We'll talk later.
We've got time.
Remember what?
You're really high.
What should I remember?
Turn off here.
Is all this ours?
No, no way. I've just rented it.
Don't be too impressed, it's a mess inside.
How about a swim?
It would do you good.
How's the water?
It's waiting for you.
Will you pass me a cigarette?
You weren't serious about playing Zahara, were you?
I don't joke about work either.
Then let's not talk about work.
What are you doing?
Sleeping here or going back to Madrid?
If you want, I'll stay.
But, talking about bodies,
if I look too manly I can slim down.
I'm very flexible, I can do anything.
You disconcert me, Angel.
You told me that already.
And you told me about slimming down.
Why don't we just talk clearly?
I can't say it any more clearly!
I'm an actor.
I spent three fucking years doing shit with Bumblebee.
This is my first chance to get a terrific part
and I won't let it slip away.
You can't do Zahara.
Not at first sight, but give me time!
You're a good director,
and I'll do anything!
You just have to trust both of us.
I've tried.
But I can't trust you.
I just can't recognize the Ignacio I knew at school.
The one who loved "Cuore Matto", and so many other things.
My tastes have changed.
Is that what bothers you?
People change with time.
Not you.
Simply, you're not Ignacio.
Who the fuck are you to decide who I am or who I'm not?
How dare you?
Why am I not Ignacio?
Because I don't remember a song from years ago?
- Apart from that. - Because I'm not sucking our dick?
If I'd stayed the kid you knew, I'd be dead now.
I already am.
Dead tired.
I'm going to bed.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
You tell me.
Tell you what?
If I'm going to play Zahara.
Does your staying depend on that?
But if I don't play Zahara there's no film.
Then I don't know why you're here, cockteaser.
Get out!
Why the hell did I decide to see you again, fucking faggot!
"A woman threw herself into a pool of hungry crocodiles
in a zoo that was crowded with visitors at the time.
When the first crocodile attacked, the woman hugged it,
according to witnesses.
The crocodiles devoured the body of the woman,
who never complained,
in a few minutes."
What a horrible death!
She didn't even open her mouth.
What's on your mind?
Hungry crocodiles.
Hello, come in.
It's the journalist.
Why are you here?
To interview me?
No. Well, yes.
Which is it, cutie?
I'm not a journalist, I'm an actor.
And I'd like you to help me prepare a character.
What character?
A tranny who imitates Sara Montiel, among others.
That's me! Why don't they give me the part?
Well, you're not an actor, you're just a faggot.
What you have to learn is how to be polite,
because that's no way to treat a lady!
I'm sorry.
So will you teach me?
And how will you pay me, honey?
That's what I'm looking for!
Two minutes!
We'll talk later.
I'm on now.
Everything you do is great for me.
I'm delighted.
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