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Malcolm X CD2

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I want you to understand one thing, everything that I teach you...
...everything that I've said to you...
...has been taught to me by this dear man, this divine man.
Yes, sir!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
- Oh, yes! - Attallah's fine...
...and misses you as much as I do.
But the news that you've dedicated four new temples... almost as good as having you with us.
- And the white people... - Please take care of yourself.
...try to hide their guilt by accusing The Honourable Elijah Muhammad...
...of being a black supremacist...
...simply because he's trying to uplift the mentality...
...the social and economic condition of his people.
And the Jews...
...who have been guilty of exploiting black people forl don't know how long...
...try to hide their guilt by accusing The Honourable Elijah Muhammad...
...of being anti-Semitic...
...simply because he's trying to teach you and I...
Simply because he's trying to teach you and I to... be in charge of the businesses in our own community... own the businesses in our own community... have economic leadership in our own community!
- No! No, this isn't black supremacy!
- This is black intelligence! - That's right!
- That's right!
Come on!
I didn't do nothin'! I didn't do nothin'!

* We are not afraid... *
The black people in this country...
Keep those people back!
...have been the victims of violence at the hands of the American white man...
...for 400 years.
And we thought, by following those ignorant Negro preachers... was godlike to turn the other cheek to the brute that was brutalizing us!
A hundred years ago, they used to put on white sheets and sic bloodhounds on us.
Well, nowadays they've traded in the sheets...
Well, some of them have.

- They've traded in the sheets...
Please... please. They've traded in those white sheets for police uniforms.
They've traded in the bloodhounds for police dogs.
And just like that old Uncle Tom back during slavery time...
We must remain true to non-violence.
I'm asking everybody in the line...
...if you can't be non-violent, don't get in it.
...teaching us to love our enemy and pray for those who use us spitefully... got these chicken-peckin' Uncle Tom so-called Negro leaders today...
But isn't it a great day?
You've got these Uncle Tom Negro leaders today...
...that are telling us we oughta pray for our enemy...
...we oughta love our enemy...
...we oughta integrate with an enemy who bombs us, who kills and shoots us...
...who lynches us, who rapes our women and children. No!
- That's right! C'mon! - No!
No! That's not intelligent. That's not intelligent!
The Honourable Elijah Muhammad is trying to teach you and I...
...that just as the white man, and any other man, for that matter, on this earth...
...has the God-given right, the human right, the civil right...
...the natural right and any other kind of high rights you can think of... protect himself...
...just as this white man has the right to defend himself...
...we have the right to defend ourselves, too.
This is only natural.
This is what The Honourable Elijah Muhammad is trying to teach you and I.
He's not teaching us to hate the white man. He's teaching us to love ourselves.
MrX, before we begin our discussion tonight...
..."The Black Muslims: Hate Mongers"...
...would you mind explaining for us the meaning of your name...
...which is the letter... X?
Yes, uh, during slavery time...
...the slave master gave the Negro, so-called Negro...
...uh, named the so-called Negro after themselves.
The Honourable Elijah Muhammad teaches us...
...that once we come into the knowledge of Islam, the knowledge of ourselves...
...we replace our slave name with an X...
...X in mathematics representing the unknown.
Since we've been disconnected or cut off...
...from our own history, our own past, our own culture, our own land...
...we use the X, the unknown, until we get back to our country.
I see. Thank you. Er, Dr Payson?
Mr X is a... He's a demagogue.
He has no place to go, so he exaggerates.
He's a disservice to every good, law-abiding... going American Negro in the country.
- Mr Malcolm X...
...why do you teach black supremacy? Why... why do you teach hate?
Well, for the white man to ask the black man...
...why he hates him... like the wolf asking the sheep...
...or the rapist asking the raped: "Do you hate me?"
The white man is in no moral position to accuse the black man of anything.
This is a black man asking the question.
What would you call an educated Negro with a BA, or an MA, or a BS or a PhD?
I'll tell you. You call him a nigger. That's what the white man calls him, a nigger.
Now, you have to understand this type of thinking...
...and to understand this type of man, you must understand that historically...
...there were two types of slaves: the house Negro and the field Negro.
The house Negro lived in the house, next to his master... the big house, either in the basement or up in the attic.
He'd dress pretty good, he ate pretty good, what the master left him.
He loved his master.
I'd say he loved his master better than the master loved himself.
If the master said "We got a nice house here"...
...he'd say "Yeah, boss, we got a nice house here."
Master's house is on fire, the house Negro would be running to put the blaze out.
If the master got sick, he'd say "What's the matter, boss? We sick?"
"We sick." You see, this is the thinking of the house Negro.
Now, if another slave came up to him and said...
..."Let's run away, let's separate, let's get away from this cruel master,"...
...he said "Why? What's better than what we got here?"
"Run away? I'm not going anywhere!" This is the house Negro.
We called 'em the house nigger.
And that's what we call 'em today. We still got a lot of house niggers.
Dear Holy Apostle...
...the ministers think Malcolm is getting too much press.
They think he thinks he is the Nation of Islam.
That he has aspirations to lead the Nation.
You made Malcolm the man he is.
You lifted him out of the darkness.
You go and tell the brothers that what the Brother Minister is doing...
...has done...
...has been of great benefit to the Nation.
And you tell them that I say so.
The ministers think he is of great benefit to himself.

- Do you have any white friends? - One question at a time.
- Did you say white people are devils, sir? - Yes, I've said white people are devils.
- Should all blacks be armed, sir? - Well, one of your most famous men said:
..."Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition." That's the way you think.
Malcolm, do you think your cause will be successful?
I sincerely hope so.
- Do you advocate violence? - No, sir.
Has there been a white man who's helped your people in history?
Has there been a white man that's helped my people in history?
- That's correct, sir. - I don't understand the question.
You preach anti-white, anti-Christian science.
- Are you saying you're anti-white? - No, you're saying I'm anti-white.
Are all white people devils?
- Do you only educate young black men? - Well, we gotta move out.
- We've got a plane to catch.
Excuse me. Mr X? Um...
Hi, I... I've read some of your speeches...
...and I honestly believe that a lot of what you have to say is true...
...and, and I'm a good person in spite of what my ancestors did...
...and I just... I wanted to ask you...
...what can a white person like myself who isn't prejudiced...
...what can I do to help you and further your cause?
My high school was a black ghetto in Roxbury, right here in Boston.
I got my college education on the streets of Harlem, in New York City.
I took my Master's degree in prison, over the course of six and a half years.
In fact, my old burglary hang-out was just outside this campus.
I lived like an animal.
I stole. I used drugs.
I smoked reefers. Cocaine.
I committed adultery. Had it not been for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad...
...I'd have surely been in an insane asylum, or dead.
Or possibly even the murderer of one of you.
So what is Mr Muhammad trying to do? He's trying to get us on God's side... that God will be on our side and help us fight our battles.
When the Negro, the so-called Negro in America gets on God's side...
...and listens to the teachings of The Honourable Elijah Muhammad...
...he'll want to get off of drugs. He'll want to get away from a life of crime.
He'll want to get away from committing adultery and fornication.
Then he would want to get off the welfare. He would want to get a job...
...earn a living and take care of his family, and they would respect him.
His son will say "I'm proud that that's my father."
His wife will say "I'm proud that that's my husband."
"Father" only means that you're taking care of your children.
That's what it is to be a father.
"Father" doesn't mean that you're having some babies. Anybody can have a baby.
Anybody can go out and get a woman, but not anybody can take care of that woman.
There's another word for it. It's called responsibility.
If the so-called Negro in America was truly an American citizen...
...we wouldn't have a racial problem.
If the Emancipation Proclamation was true, we wouldn't have a race problem.
If the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution were authentic...
...we wouldn't have a race problem.
If the Supreme Court desegregation decision were authentic...
...we would not have a race problem!
But you have to see that all of this is hypocrisy!
These Negro leaders are running around telling the white man...
...that everything is all right, that we got everything under control...
...that everything The Honourable Elijah Muhammad teaches is wrong.
But I'm telling you, Mr Muhammad said these things were gonna come to pass...
...and now these things are starting to come to pass.
(loud cheering)
Now, these same Negro leaders...
...who are running around talking about there's about to be a racial explosion...
(chuckles) Yes, there's gonna be a racial explosion.
And a racial explosion is more dangerous than an atomic explosion!
(shouting and applause)
There's going to be an explosion because black people are dissatisfied.
They're dissatisfied not only with the white man...
...but with these Uncle Tom Negro leaders...
...that are trying to pose as spokesmen for you and I!
(wild cheering)
Just like you have a powder keg...
...when you have a powder keg and there's too many sparks around it...
...the thing's going to explode.
And if the thing that's going to explode is sitting inside the house...
...and if it explodes, then the house is going to be destroyed.
I said, the house is going to be destroyed!
So The Honourable Elijah Muhammad is teaching you and I...
...and trying to tell the white man to get this powder keg out of his house!
Let the black man separate from his house!
Let the black man have his own house!
Let the black man have his own land, and his own property!
(wild cheering)
The Honourable Elijah Muhammad is trying to tell the white man...
...that this thing, this explosion, is gonna bring down his house.
This is what he's trying to tell him, and more importantly...
...he's trying to tell 'em that if he doesn't do something about it...
- Uh-huh! ...if he doesn't do something about it...'s gonna explode any day now.
Oh, yes, it is.
I'm just here to tell you and I'm gonna make it very short.
Preach, Brother! Preach on!
I'm here to tell you about the Honourable Elijah Muhammad's greatest greatness.
His greatest greatness is that he has the only solution for peace in this country.
The Honourable Elijah Muhammad's solution... the only solution for you and I.
It's the only solution for the white man.
Complete separation...
...between the black race and the white race.
It's the only solution!
(crowd chants) All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for the Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
All praise is due to Allah for The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
Brother Malcolm!
Yes. Yes. Hold on.
Yes, sir. It's all right. My brother, how you doin'?
- Can I ask you something? - Yes, anything.
Are you Elijah's... pimp?
- (woman) He should be killed... - Wait, hold it. Hold on. Hold on.
- What are you saying, brother? - (whispers) "His greatest greatness."
Just say what you're saying.
If you don't know, man, I feel the sorriest for you.
(chuckling) Oh, come on, brother. Wait. Look, let me tell you something...
- No, let me tell you... - Haul him out! Get him out of here!
Stop! You gotta get out!
Get out before it's too late!
- Don't, Malcolm! Get out! - Disrespectin' the black man! Get him out!
- It's all right. It's all right! - Get out, Malcolm!
- Sir? - You all right, Brother Malcolm?
He's just hungry for knowledge, that's all. Yeah, that brother's starving.
- Yes, sir. - So am I. Let's get something to eat.
- All right. We'll talk about it tomorrow. - OK. Night-night, Daddy.
(groans) Oh...
Long night. (sighs)
(chuckles) Oh, yeah.
What you lookin' at?
- You. - Why are you lookin' at me like that?
Because you're in trouble.
How do you know that?
Oh, dear heart.
Because I know you.
Well, if you know me... know that I don't like to bring my troubles into my house.
Mm? Mm. You know that also.
- Yes, I do. - OK.
But I'm not made of glass, and I won't break.
Look, Betty, I just want peace.
I want to sit here with you, I want to... be still.
I want peace in my house.
- Have we ever had a fight? - Never.
- Argument? - Never had one, no.
We're gonna have one...
...right now, if you don't talk about it.
- Talk about what, Betty? - The talk's everywhere.
There's always talk and there's always gonna be talk.
Aren't they talkin' now about me trying to take over the Nation?
Aren't they talkin' about how we're... gettin' rich off the Nation of Islam(?)
We can talk about that, too.
- Well, let's talk about it. - It's not just talk any more.
"UPl: Elijah Muhammad...
...67-year-old leader of the black Muslim movement... faced paternity suits from two former secretaries...
- These are slanders, lies. ...he fathered their four children."
Don't you realise this is the devil's newspaper?
He's trying to divide us.
Don't you see that? Divide and conquer. He's trying to bring down our leader.
"Both women... their twenties, charged that...
...they had intimacies with... - Intimacies with Mr Muhammad.
You think I'm not aware of these accusations, Betty?
Huh? You think I'm not aware of these vicious lies?
Brother Baines and I were talking about this very thing today.
Baines? Is he your friend?
- What's the matter with you. - Nothing. What's the matter with you?
Wake up! Are you so committed that you've blinded yourself?
You so dedicated you can't face the truth?
Baines? He's the editor of the newspaper that you established.
Ask him why your name hasn't appeared in Muhammad Speaks in over a year!
I am not interested in personal publicity.
- Not one single sentence in your own! - Our people know what I'm doing.
But do you know what Baines is doing?
What is this "Baines, Baines, Baines"?
Everyone can see this but you! Oh...
Baines is the one who saved my life...
...when I was crawling around like an animal.
He brought me to The Honourable Elijah Muhammad!
- Yes! A long time ago! - And The Honourable Elijah Muhammad...
- A long time ago! ...brought me back from the dead!
- You've repaid them over and over! - Don't you raise your voice in my house!
Ask them. Ask them why they have new cars and houses full of furniture. Hm?
Is this what it's about, Betty? Do you want some new furniture? Do you want cars?
What do we have? What do we have, Malcolm?
Broken-down jalopy...
...the clothes on our backs. Hm?
- So I'll get you some new clothes. - We don't even own our own home.
What about our children? What about me? You don't even own life insurance.
Look, Betty, the Nation of Islam will provide if anything happens to me.
Will they?
Are you sure?
Are you sure?
Are you sure?
Or are you blind?
All right.
(drawer slams shut)
...I've got work to do, so...
There's always work to do.
- Sweetheart, you got to help me. - I'm trying.
I'm raisin' our children almost by myself. You're runnin' all over the country...
Do you want me to stay home?
You don't know how many times they ask me "Where's my daddy?"
Do you want me to cook the food? Make the beds and do everything?
- These people need me. - We need you. We need you!
Well, I need you, too! But what do you want me to do?
- Tell me! What do you want me to do? - Open your eyes.
You can face death 24 hours a day...
...but the possibility of betrayal never enters your head.
Open your eyes.
- As salaam alaikum, Brother Minister. - Wa-alaikum salaam, sister.
Her name's Eva Marie.
And she's two years old.
Brother Minister, I didn't do anything wrong.
I didn't do anything to be put in isolation.
I believed in him.
I believed in The Honourable Elijah Muhammad.
Believe in Allah.
This is Saudi, she's two. You have Lisha. She's three.
From their mouths, I heard their stories of who had fathered their children...
The Honourable Elijah Muhammad is the father of my children.
...and that The Honourable Elijah Muhammad had told them I was his best...
He often spoke of you. He loves you, like you were his own son.
...the greatest minister that he ever had, but that someday I would leave him...
...and turn against him, and so I was dangerous.
While praising me to my face...
And he said that about me?
...he was tearing me apart behind my back.
- You're absolutely sure about all this? - Yes, I am, Brother Minister.
All I want is support for my three children...
...that The Honourable Elijah Muhammad provide for them. That's all I want.
Allah will provide.
For all of us.
What are you talkin' about, "blackout"?
Perhaps some of the brothers are a little jealous.
Maybe they think you've been gettin' too much press. It's nothing. Forget it.
Now, about our coming up in the world a little.
The Nation's grown, we've grown with it.
You know our people.
They want their leaders to be prosperous.
One hand washes the other.
"I'm telling you God's words, not no hustle."
Remember, Brother Baines? That's what you told me in prison.
"I'm telling you God's words, not no hustle."
Brother Malcolm...
...what do you want? A new car?
A new house?
It's the money, isn't it?
How do we tell the whole world that we're moral leaders...
...because we follow the personal example of The Honourable Elijah Muhammad?
Elijah Muhammad is a human being. And so are you.
- Do you know your Bible? - Do you know yours?
David slept with Bathsheba, but he is remembered for slaying Goliath.
Noah was accused of drunkenness, but God gave him the ark.
Solomon had 700 wives, but he was the greatest, wisest king in history.
Brother Baines is a two-bit hustler, but one hand washes the other.
The deeds of a great man far outweigh his weaknesses.
Who needs the nutmeg now, brother?
- Baines, I'm not gonna lie... - Be careful, Malcolm.
I warn you.
You be careful.
(door opens)
(door closes)
I'm not surprised.
You have a very good understanding of prophecy, of spiritual matters.
I'm not surprised.
I have built this Nation...
...under the divine guidance of Allah.
He has brought me back from the dead to lead my people.
After me, there will be no more.
No more.
(clock ticks)
I must...
...plant my seed in fertile soil.
It is only the fulfillment of prophecy.
My faith had been shattered in a way I can never fully describe.
Every second of my 12 years with MrMuhammad...
...I had been ready to lay down my life for him.
The thing to me that is worse than death itself is betrayal.
You see, I could conceive death, but I couldnít 't conceive betrayal.
Not of the loyalty which I had given to the Nation of Islam and MrMuhammad.
During the previous 12 years, had he committed a crime punishable by death...
...I would have said and tried to prove that I did it, to save him...
...and gladly gone to the electric chair in MrMuhammad's place.
* Ray Charles: Up in the mornin '
* Out on the job
- * (gospel choir) Oh... - * I work like the devil for my pay...
What did he say?
* I know that the lucky old sun...
- I'm so sorry. - No, there's nothing to be sorry about.
I just got a lot of work to do, that's all.
- How can you work? - Well, because we have to teach.
We got to teach the people, we got to teach on Solomon and Moses, David...
Solomon had 700 wives.
A man's good deeds, they far outweigh any of his...
(chuckles) My father used to say that, uh... can't make a rooster stop crowing once the sun has come up.
Well, the sun is up.
* I know that lucky old sun
* Has nothin' to do
* But roll around heaven all day
- * Oh... - * DearLord... *
So what do I say about this national day of mourning... national day of mourning?
I say the white man's acts of violence should be condemned...
...not only by our beliefs, but by his own.
The holy Koran teaches us that those who work evil...
...will be condemned, or punished, or judged, according to their works.
The holy Bible teaches us that you reap what you sow. This is divine justice.
In the soil of the Americas, the white man has planted the seeds of hatred.
He's planted the seeds of violence.
He's allowed those weeds to grow up...
...and choke the lives out of millions of black men and women for 400 years.
In fact, the lives of Indians in these Americas for the last 500 years.
And now those same weeds...
...have choked one of his own gardeners, in fact, his chief gardener...
...and you ask me what I say. I only say what the Bible says.
I say what the Koran says.
I say it's justice.
- (cheering and applause) - As salaam alaikum.
(crowd shouts)
Minister X, don't you even feel a little bit of remorse...
...saddened by President Kennedy's assassination?
Sir, I don't think anybody here would deny...
...that when you send your chickens out in the morning from your barnyard...
...the chickens will return that evening to your barnyard, not your neighbour's.
This is a prime example of the devil's chickens coming back home to roost.
That the chickens that he's sent out...
...the violence he's perpetrated here and abroad... it four children in Birmingham...
...or Medgar Evers, or Lumumba overin Africa.
I think this same violence has come back to claim one of their own.
Now, being an old farm boy myself...
...chickens coming home to roost never made me sad.
- In fact, it's only made me glad. - (reporters shout)
(sniffs and gasps)
Did you... the paper today?
Yes, sir, I did.
...was a bad statement you made.
You knew from my instructions... Minister was to make any statements against this man.
The country loved this man.
You have made it...
...hard for Muslims...
...(coughs) in general.
Yes, sir.
We must dissociate ourselves from your terrible blunder.
I must silence you.
For 90 days... must not make any statements to the press...
...nor are you to speak at any temples.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. I submit 1 00 per cent.

(coughs painfully)
(coughing continues)

(telephone rings)
(child babbles happily)
You leave us alone.
- Betty? - Leave us alone. Stop calling here.
Who's putting you up to this? We have children here!
Stop it! Stop...
- (whispers) It's all right. It's OK. - They keep calling.
- They keep calling... - Shhhh.
(whispers) Shh. Now, just, uh...
We'll take the babies, put them into bed.
C'mon, babies, let's go to bed now.
- C'mon. Come on. - Bedtime.
Let's go.
- Good night, Mommy, good night, Daddy. - There you go. Night-night.
- Good night, Sidney. - Night-night!
- Come on. - Good night.
Brother Minister, I have to level with you.
They gave me a mission. But I couldn't do it.
- I love y'all. - What kind of mission?
To wire your car... it would explode when you turned the ignition.
The ministers say you're spreading untruths about Mr Muhammad.
The ministers say that you are the greatest hypocrite, a... a Judas.
A Benedict Arnold.
The ministers say that your tongue should be cut out...
...and delivered to Mr Muhammad's doorstep.
- And what do you say? - I'm with you, Brother Minister.
- You'll be marked for death. - Yes, sir.
Let me die, then.
Brother, I can't come between you and your father.
- You're my father. - Brother, go on home.
Don't come back. That's an order.
Yes, sir.
Because 1964 threatens to be an explosive year on the racial front...
...I have called this press conference this morning... order to clarify my position in that struggle.
Internal differences within the Nation of Islam have forced me out of it.
In the past, I thought the thoughts...
...and I spoke the words of The Honourable Elijah Muhammad.
If you recall, everything I said...
...I started off with "The Honourable Elijah Muhammad teaches us thus, and so."
That's over. From now on, I speak my own words and think my own thoughts.
Now that I have more, uh, independence of action...
...I intend to use a more flexible approach toward working with others... get a solution to this problem.
I'm not out to fight other Negro leaders.
I have now forgotten every bad thing that other leaders have said about me...
...and I pray that they also forget the many bad things that I have said about them.
We must work together. We must find a common solution to a common problem.
I'm going to organize and lead a new mosque in New York City...
...known as Muslim Mosque Incorporated.
This gives us the religious base...
...and the spiritual, uh, force necessary to rid our people of the vices...
...that destroy the moral fibre of our community.
Our political philosophy will be black nationalism...
...which means we want to control the politics of our community.
The Muslim Mosque Incorporated will remain wide open for ideas...
...and financial aid from all quarters.
Whites can help us, but they can't join us.
There can be no black-white unity until there is first some black unity.
We cannot think of uniting with others...
...until we have first learned to unite amongst ourselves.
We cannot think of being acceptable to others...
...until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.
In my desire to fully understand the religion of Islam... practiced by 750 million Muslims around the world...
...I intend to make a pilgrimage, or holy, uh, journey to Mecca.
This pilgrimage is a religious requirement or duty of every Muslim that is able...
...uh, to make the pilgrimage at least once in his lifetime.
(men shout)
- I'm Egyptian. What are you? - American.
- American. What's your name? - Malcolm. Malcolm.
(all shout in Arabic)
Yes, I want to get...
How much...?
- How much? - 20 Egyptian pound.
- For one? - Yes.
- Special price for you. - Special price for me(!)
OK, thank you. Where can I get a better price?
(shouting in Arabic)
- What's your name? - Ah. Muhammad.
- Muhammad. I'm Malcolm. - Malcolm? You Malcolm?
- Malcolm X. You? - Gamaal.
Gamaal. All right, Gamaal. I'm from uh, Harlem, from the United States.
- Harem? - Harlem.
- Hareem? - No, not "hareem". Har-lem.
- Can you take me to show me around... - Hashish, hashish?
- Not hashish. Uh... - Hashish?
- Uh, the Pyramids? - Yeah! * Pyramid! *
- No. Pyramid. Pyramid. - Pyramid, pyramid, pirimidimid!
- No, no, no. - One pyramid, ezay ya welad?
- Pyramids? - Pyramids!
- Pyramids! - You gonna take me?
Yes! Yes!
- Yes! - Sphinx? Sphinx?
- Sphinx! Yeah. Right. - Ah!
* Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar
* Allahu akbar
* Allahu akbar
(camel grunts)
- * Ash-hadu an la ilaaha illa-Ilah - Hey! Malcolm! Pyramids! Pyramids!
* Ash-hadu an la...
*... ilaaha illa-Ilah
* Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan...
*... Rasulu-Ilah
* Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan...
*... Rasulu-Ilah
* Hayyia 'alal salah
* Ash-hadu an la ilaaha illa-Ilah
* Ash-hadu alla...
...ilaaha illa-Ilah... *
My darling Betty...
...everywhere I go, I am welcomed as a representative of our people.
Our struggle is known and respected worldwide.
Coincidentally, there are two white men who follow me around wherever I go.
I wonder who they're working for. lf I was a betting man, I'd say the CIA.
What's your guess?
Today I arrived in Arabia.
"I have never witnessed such sincere hospitality...
...and true brotherhood...
(Betty)... as practiced here... the ancient home of Abraham, Muhammad...
...and the great prophets of the Scriptures."
"Today, with thousands of others...
(Malcolm) I proclaimed God's greatness in the sacred city of Mecca.
Wearing the ihram garb, I made my seven circuits around the Kaaba.
I drank from the well of Zem.
I prayed to Allah from Mount Arafat.
It was the only time in my life that I stood before the Creator of AII...
...and felt like a complete human being.
As salaam alaikum, wa rahmat llah wa barakatoh.
As salaam alaikum, wa rahmat llah.
(pilgrims) Salaam alaikum, wa rahmat llah.
Now, you may be shocked by these words...
...but I have eaten from the same plate, drunk from the same glass...
...and prayed to the same God with fellow Muslims whose eyes were blue...
...whose hair was blond...
...and whose skin was the whitest of white.
And we were all brothers, truly...
...people of all colours and races believing in one God, in one humanity.
- Wa elnamata! - Wa elnamata!
- Laka wal mulk! - Laka wal mulk!
- La sharik leka! - La sharik leka!
- Lebeyk llah uma lebeyk! - Lebeyk llah uma lebeyk!
Each hour here in this sacred land...
...enables me to have a greater spiritual insight into what is happening in America.
The American Negro can never be blamed for his racial animosities...
...he is only reacting to 400 years of oppression and discrimination.
But as racism leads America up the suicidal path...
...I do believe that the younger generation will see the handwriting on the wall...
...and many of them will want to turn to the spiritual path of the truth...
...the only way left in this world... ward off the disaster that racism must surely lead to.
Once before in prison, the truth came and blinded me.
Well, it has happened again.
In the past, I have made sweeping indictments of all white people.
These generalizations caused injuries to some white folks who did not deserve it.
"Because of the spiritual rebirth which I was blessed to undergo... a result of my pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca...
...I no longer subscribe to sweeping indictments of one race.
I intend to be very careful...
...not to sentence anyone...
(Malcolm) ...who has not been proven guilty.
I am not a racist...
...and I do not subscribe to any of the tenets of racism.
In all honesty and sincerity, it can be stated that I wish...
...nothing but freedom, justice and equality..., liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people.
Now, my first concern, of course, is with the group to which I belong...
...for we, more than any others, are deprived of our inalienable rights.
But I believe the true practice of Islam can remove the cancer of racism...
...from the hearts and the souls of all Americans.
And if I can die having brought any light...
...having exposed any meaningful truth that will help destroy this disease...
...then all the credit is due to Allah, the Lord of all the Worlds.
And only the mistakes have been mine.
Please give all my love to the children.
I love you dearly.
Sincerely, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz...
...Malcolm X.
* Bismillah e errahman e erraheen
* Alhamdu lil-lahi rab-bil al ala-meen
* Arrahman el erraheem
* Maliki yaum el eddeen
* lyyaka nabudu wa iyyaka nasta een
* lhdinas sirata almustaqeem
* Siratal el latheena anamta alaihim...
*... ghairil maghdubi alaihim, wa la adhdhaal leen
* Aameen
Let's begin.
Malcolm, you said on your trip abroad you sensed a feeling of great brotherhood.
Uh, yes. When I was in Mecca, making the pilgrimage...
...the brotherhood that existed there...
...among all people, all races, all levels of people...
...who had accepted the religion of Islam...
...what it had done, Islam, for those people, despite their, uh...
...complexion differences...
...perhaps if people here in America would try and...
...practise and study the religion of Islam... might help to erase the plague of racism here.
I think Muslims over there look at themselves as human beings... part of the same human family.
Today, my friends are black..., yellow, brown and white.
Malcolm, are you prepared to ask the United Nations...
to bring charges against the United States for its treatment of the American Negro?
- Oh, yes. Oh, yes. - (applause)
The audience will have to be quiet.
Please. Please.
Yes, as I stated earlier, that, um...
...those nations, African nations, Latin nations, Asian nations...
...are... are very hypocritical when they stand up in the UN...
...and denounce the racism practiced in South Africa, and at the same time...
...say absolutely nothing about the practice of racism in America.
Now, I wouldn't be a man if I didn't do so.
- I would not be a man. - Are you prepared now... work with some of the leaders of other civil rights organisations?
Yes, we're prepared to work with any groups, leaders, organisations... long as they're genuinely interested in, uh, results. Positive results.
Does your new beard have any religious significance?
- (laughter) - Uh, no. Not particularly.
But I think that, uh, as black people in America...
...strive to throw off the shackles of... of mental colonialism...
...they will also reflect their desire... throw off the shackles of, uh, cultural colonialism.
I believe that a mental and cultural migration back to Africa...
...not necessarily a physical migration...
...not at this point, but a mental and cultural migration back to Africa...
...which only means that we reaffirm our bond with our brothers over there...
...would help to strengthen us here in America, black people in America...
...not only spiritually, but as well as giving us the incentive... solve some of our problems here at, uh, at home.
One of your more controversial remarks
was a call for black people to get rifles and form rifle clubs.
Do you still favour that for self-defense?
Well, I don't see why that's controversial.
I think that if white people find themselves the victims of the same kind of violence...
...that black people found themselves victims of here in America...
...and if the government was unable or unwilling to do anything about it...
...I think that it would be intelligence on their part to defend themselves.
- What about the guns, Malcolm? - (flashbulb pops)
When you tell your people to stop being violent against my people...
...I'll tell my people to put away their guns.
- So then you are still an extremist... - Get your hand outta my pocket!
Next question.
(telephone rings)
(telephone rings)
Malcolm, you one dead red nigger.
Your days on this earth are numbered... brother.
Come to bed.
Get some rest.
- Mm... - I'm sorry, Betty.
Sorry for what?
- Well, I haven't been the best husband... - Shh.
Or the best father. A family shouldn't be separated like ours has been.
And I promise you I'll never make another long trip without you and the children.
I miss you and the girls.
We'll all be together, I promise you that.
Dear heart.
I love you.
Thank you.
(Betty chuckles)
Get some sleep.
We had the best organization a black man will ever see.
Niggers ruined it.
(baby coos)
(barrel clicks)
- (whispers) Betty. - Mm?
Betty. Wake up.
- My babies! - Let's go! Let's get out! Girls, come on!
- Out, out, out! Outside! Out, out, out! Go! - (children shriek)
Go! Go! Run! Run, run, run, run!
Come on! Run!
- Somebody call the fire department! - (shrieks) Help! Help!
Come on!
Call the fire department, please! Somebody call the fire department!
I'm a man!
Evidently, the, uh...
...some type of bomb, Molotov cocktail bomb...
...was thrown against the back of the house.
One was thrown on the side of the house, from what I could tell.
It bounced up against the window. That's what woke my daughter up.
Had it gone in... two-year-old, my four-year-old and my six-year-old daughter would've been...
I'm just telling you, had that happened...
...I'd've taken my rifle, I'd've gone after anyone in sight.
Do you think this was a warning, or an attempt on your life?
What does it look like? Does it look like a warning to you?
This is a definite attempt by the Nation of Islam...
...upon the strict orders of Mr Elijah Muhammad.
D'you know what they're saying at the Muslim headquarters?
It doesn't matter to me. I can tell what they're doing.
Minister Baines, can you please tell us, who bombed the house?
Uh, we feel it's a publicity stunt on the part of Malcolm X...
...but we hope it isn't a case of... if he can't keep the house, we won't get it, either.
That's enough. 'Scuse me.
(tyres screech)
- Malcolm! - I'm all right. I'm all right.
- Betty and the kids? - They're fine. They're across the street.
Let's get two men on post, two in front of the house.
- Brother Minister, did you see anybody? - No, I didn't see anyone.
But I know who it is. You know I know who did it.
- Give us the command, Malcolm. - Don't worry about the command.
- Two men here on post, two in front. - We got an informer.
Spark it.
As salaam alaikum, my brothers.
Here's your key...
...and enjoy your stay. - Thank you.
(telephone rings)
Brother Earl, it's Malcolm.
- Earl? - Malcolm? Where are you?
- We've been calling all over the city. - Wait a minute. Hold the phone.
I'm downtown. I'm, uh, I'm in a hotel.
I'm trying to get some work done for tomorrow.
- Let me and the brothers come down. - It's all right. I'm OK.
I wish you would listen to us. Now, about this meeting up at the Audubon Ballroom.
- We have to start friskin' people. - No, no. No. No, I don't want, uh...
I don't want anybody frisked.
We have to change our way of thinking, brother.
We have to make people feel comfortable.
lf I can't be safe around my own kind, who can I be safe around?
I trust that AIlah will protect me.
Well, believin' in Allah's one thing, but I also believe in bein' armed.
Brother, we don't want black people killing each other. All right?
All right?
We'll protect you, Malcolm. As salaam alaikum.
No. Peace be unto you, Earl. Peace be unto you.
(shotgun blast)
* Junior Walker & The All Stars: "Shotgun"
* I said, Shotgun!
* Shoot 'em 'fore they run, now
* Do the jerk, baby
* Do the dirty now
Good evening. Do you have a Malcolm X registered?
- * And then you go downtown now - (coughs)
* I said "Buy yourself a shotgun now"
- (telephone rings) - * We're gonna break it down, baby, now
* We're gonna load it up, baby, now
(telephone rings)
* Oh, can you shoot 'em 'fore they run, now
* I said, Shotgun!
* Shoot 'em 'fore they run, now
(telephone rings)
- * Do the jerk, baby - (telephone rings)
* Do the dirty now
* Hey!
(telephone rings)
(baby grizzles)
(telephone rings)
That red nigger of yours is dead! So are your bastard children!
* Shotgun!
* Shoot 'em 'fore they run, now
(telephone rings)
* Do the jerk, baby
* Do the dirty now
* Hey!
* Put on your high-heel shoes
* I said, we're goin' down here, listen to 'em play the blues
- Hello? - Wake up, brother.
- Wa-salaam alaikum. - (sighs)
* We're gonna pick tomatoes
- (telephone rings) - (babies cry)
You hear me, and you hear me well. You come anywhere near my family...
...and I will kill you. Do you hear? - Betty. Betty. Betty.
It's Malcolm.
(baby continues crying)
...they keep calling. They keep threatening. I'm going crazy every time a phone rings.
I know. Just don't answer the phone any more. Everything's gonna be all right.
- When's it going to stop? - Don't answer the phone any more.
- Are the brothers there? They on post? - Yes. They're outside.
All right, well, you let them answer the phone. You don't touch the phone.
- Beloved, where are you? - I'm in a hotel.
A hotel.
Girls asleep?
Yes. I just...
...put them down to bed.
Can we come to the meeting tomorrow?
No, I don't think so.
The girls and I want to see you. We miss you.
Betty, it's too dangerous.
It's been dangerous.
Listen, I haven't told this to anybody...
...but I've been thinkin' about what's been happening to me lately, to us lately, and...
...Iím gonna stop saying that it's the Nation of Islam that's behind this.
I know what they can do and I know what they can't do. I trained them.
Some of the things that have been happening lately, I just...
...Iím gonna stop saying it's just the Nation of Islam.
They're not working alone. They're getting a lot of help.
No! Are you sure?
I miss you, Betty.
You're with us even when you're away.
Now, listen, you come on down to the Audubon tomorrow.
We'll be all right. We're not gonna let this get us down. We're gonna be fine.
- You come on down. Bring the girls, too. - The girls and I miss you so much.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Compared to King, this guy's a monk. - Good night, dear heart.
- Sleep well. I love you. - Good night.
* Sam Cooke: "A Change Is Gonna Come"
- Attallah, sit back. Sit up straight. - * I was born by the river
* In a little tent
* Oh, and just like the river I've been runnin '
* Ever since
* It's been a long
* A long time comin ', but I know
* A change gonna come
- * Oh, yes, it will - (children bicker)
* It's been too hard livin '
* But I'm afraid to die
* Cos I don't know what's up there
* Beyond the sky
* It's been a long
* A long time comin '
* But I know
* A change gonna come
* Lord, yes, it will
We're gonna see Daddy.
* I go to the movies
- Uh-huh. - * And I go downtown
* Somebody keep tellin'me
- * "Don't hang around" - Little sister!
- What do you say to the nice man? - Thank you.
You're very welcome, my beautiful little sister.
* But I know a change gonna come
* Oh, yes, it will
* Then I go to my brother
The Minister hasn't arrived yet.
Don't worry. He'll be here like clockwork.
* Help me, please
* But he winds up
* Knockin'me
* Back down on my knees
* Lord
* There've been times that I thought
* I couldnít 't last for long
- * But now I think I'm able - Son?
- * To carry on... * - Son, are you all right?
Are you OK?
Good. I recognise you.
Don't you pay them folks no never mind.
You just keep right on doin' what you doin'.
- Yes, ma'am. - (chuckles) I'll pray for you, son.
- Well, thank you. - Jesus will protect you.
- As salaam alaikum. - Wa-alaikum salaam.
Is the charter ready?
- Uh, no, Brother Minister. - No?
No? Why not?
You had enough time, didn't you, you and the sister?
I apologize, Brother Minister, we'll have it next week.
Next week? I don't... we don't have next week. We need it today.
The people are waiting to hear the charter today, not next week.
Next week, Minister.
Is the Reverend here?
The Reverend called, said he wouldn't be able to attend!
So we don't have our opening speaker, we don't have a charter, I mean...
...why didn't you inform me about this last night? I talked to you.
- I called Sister Betty... - You didn't have to call Sister Betty!
I talked to you. You should've told me! What are you telling Sister Betty for?
- Well, I assumed... - Don't assume anything!
Go on down.
- Sister, you go on with the brother. - Yes, sir.
What's wrong? 972 01:255:50,640 --> 01:255:53,108 It's a time for martyrs now. 973 01:255:56,520 --> 01:255:58,556 The way I feel, I... 974 01:255:59,680 --> 01:00:02,240 ...I shouldn't go out there today.
Fine. Let's cancel it.
My wife out there? And the children?
They're out front as always.
All right, you go out to the payphone outside.
Call up the Reverend and see if he can make it down here.
I gotta be on post, Malcolm. I'm supposed to be out there guardin' you.
That's a duty for secretarial staff.
- I'll ask Sister Robin if she... - Go outside to the payphone.
Call up the Reverend. See if he can make it down here.
All right.
(walkie-talkie crackles)
- Responding. - All right.
Please, let's settle down.
Let's get the programme started. The Minister will be out...
Thank you.
I apologize for raising my voice earlier. Very disrespectful.
Brother Minister, I understand.
Lifestyles are changing, minds are changing...
...why, everything is changing!
So you and I must consider that we're living in very, very changing times.
And what might be true today may not be true tomorrow.
And without any further ado...
...I present to you Brother Minister Malcolm.
And I pray that you and I will listen.
...hear, and understand. Thank you.
- As salaam alaikum. - Wa-alaikum salaam.
Get your hand outta my pocket!
- Get your hands outta my pocket! - Brother...
Brother, please, hold it!
- (screaming) - Calm down!
- Please, brothers! - Oh, my God!
- (screams) - Malcolm!
- (screams) - Malcolm!
- (screaming) - Get down!
Come on!
- Shoot him! - I got him...
- (shrieks) - C'mon! C'mon!
- Get an ambulance! Get an ambulance! - Somebody get an ambulance!
They killed him!
(sobs) They killed him!
- (gunshot) - (cries out)
Ah, fuck!
- Kill him! - Get him, he shot Brother Malcolm!
- I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna kill him! - No!
I didn't do it! I didn't...
- Get him! - (shouting)
He killed Malcolm!
(policeman shouts)
- Kill him! - Back off!
I seen him!
- He did it! - No!
(Betty keens)
(Betty wails)
- Get out of the way! C'mon, folks! - (siren wails)
Get out of the way, please!
- Move it! Get out of the way! Get back! - Move! Move! Move, move!
- Please! Get out of the way! - Move! Move!
- Everybody! Stand back! - C'mon, move!
Move him across! Stand back! Get out of the way! Get back!
- (shouting) - Please! One statement! Please!
The person you know as Malcolm X is no more.
The assassination of Malcolm X...
...was an unfortunate tragedy.
It reveals that there are still, er, numerous people in our nation...
...who have degenerated to the point of expressing dissent through murder...
...and we haven't learned to disagree without being violently disagreeable.
Here... this final hour... this quiet place...
...Harlem has come to bid farewell to one of it's brightest hopes...
...extinguished now...
...and gone from us forever.
It is not in the memory of man...
- (gunshot) ...that this beleaguered, unfortunate...
...but nonetheless proud community...
...has found a braver, more gallant young champion...
...than this Afro-American...
...who lies before us...
...unconquered still.
I say the word again as he would want me to...
Afro-American Malcolm.
Malcolm had stopped being Negro years ago.
It had become too small, too puny...
...too weak a word for him.
Malcolm was bigger than that.
Malcolm had become an Afro-American.
And he wanted so desperately...
...that we, that all his people...
...would become Afro-Americans, too.
There are those who still consider it their duty... "friends of the Negro people" to tell us to revile him... flee even from the presence of his memory... save ourselves by writing him out of the history of our turbulent times.
And we will smile.
They will say that he is of hate, a fanatic...
...a racist who can only bring evil to the cause for which you struggle.
And we will answer and say unto them...
"Did you ever talk to Brother Malcolm?"
Did you ever touch him, or have him smile at you?
Did you ever really listen to him?
You haven't done the right thing!
Was he ever himself associated with violence, or any public disturbance?
For if you did, you would know him.
And if you did, you would know why we must honour him.
Malcolm was our manhood, our living, black manhood.
This was his meaning to his people.
And in honouring him, we honour the best in ourselves.
However much we may have differed with him...
...or with each other about him and his value as a man...
...let his going from us...
...serve only to bring us together now.
Consigning these mortal remains to earth, the common mother of all... in the knowledge that what we place in the ground... no more now a man...
...but a seed...
...which, after the winter of our discontent...
...will come forth again to meet us. - (crowd chants) Malcolm X!
And we shall know him then for what he was and is:
...a prince.
Our own black shining prince...
...who didnít 't hesitate to die...
...because he loved us so.
(woman) And so, today...
...May 1 9th, we celebrate Malcolm X's birthday...
...because he was a great, great Afro-American.
Malcolm X is you. All of you. And you are Malcolm X.
I'm Malcolm X!
I'm Malcolm X!
I'm Malcolm X!
I'm Malcolm X!
I am Malcolm X!
I am Malcolm X!
I am Malcolm X!
I am Malcolm X!
I am Malcolm X!
As Brother Malcolm said...
..."We declare...
...our right...
...on this earth... be a man... be a human being... be given the rights...
...of a human being... be respected... a human being... this society...
...on this earth... this day...
...which we intend to bring into existence... any means necessary! - (cheering and applause)
* (Chorus) Some long day
* (Aretha Franklin) Someday
* Someday we'll all
* We'll all be free
* (chorus) Someday
* Yeah
* Someday, someday we'll all
* We're sure gonna be free
* (chorus) Freedom
* Oh, yeah
* Free
* Hang
* Onto the world
* As it spins around
* Just
* Don't let the spin get you down
* Things are movin '
* Fast
* Hold on tight
* And you will last
* Keep yourself-respect
* And your woman and manly pride
* Get yourself in gear
* Keep your stride
* Nevermind your fears
* Never mind 'em, never mind
* Brighter days
* Will soon be here
* Take it from me
* Someday
* We'll all be free
* (chorus) Free, ooh-ooh
* Oh, yeah
* Take it from me
* Someday
* We'll all be free
* (chorus) Free
* (chorus) Ooh
* Hold on to the world
* You got to be free within yourself
* Keep on walkin' tall
* Hold your head up high
* Lay your dreams
* Right up to the sky
* And sing, sing your greatest song
* (chorus) Sing
* Sing it, sing it, sing it, sing it, sing it, sing
* And you keep right on
* Take it from me
* Someday
* We'll all be free
- * (chorus) Free, ooh-ooh - * Freedom, whoa-oh, oh-oh, yeah
* Take it from me
* Someday
* We'll all be free
* (chorus) Free Every time I thank my Lord
* Free
* Someday
* We'll all be free
* (chorus) Oh, oh, oh
* Ooh, yeah, we'll all be free
* Free Every time I thank my Lord
* Time for a change, movin'real fast
* Take it from me, we'll all be free, yeah
* Oh, mighty brothers
* (chorus) Oh, oh, oh
- * Freedom, freedom, you'll be free - * Oh... oh
* Free Now it's time to make a choice
* Women, they say
* Oh, yeah
* We're gonna be free
* (chorus) Come, brothers
- * Oh, go on, my brothers - * (chorus) Ooh, ooh, ooh
- * So praise to the Lord... - * Yes! (fades out) *
* Arrested Development: "Revolution"
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Brothers and sisters
* Let me share with you some news
* As I sit on my plush couch watchin' the news
* There has been a rude awakening
'* That I have marched until my feet have bled
* And I have rioted until they called the Feds
* "What's left?" my conscience said
- * "What's left?" my conscience said - * Revolution!
* As I look about, where do I see the little ones
* Playin' amongst each other with their water guns
* In pure poverty
* Generations of good people in cycles of poverty
* It bothers me so I ask myself, I say
* Are you doin' as much as you can for the struggle?
* No!
* Am I doin' as much as I can for the struggle?
* No!
* Then why do I cry when my people are in trouble?
* My ancestors slapped me in the face and said
* Go!
* Harriet Tubman told me to get on up
* Marcus Garvey said to me "Brother, ya get on up"
* My Brother Malcolm X, need I name more?
* It ain't like we never seen blood before
* Come on, let's talk revolution now
* Revolution!
* All my people say
* Revolution!
* All my brothers say
* Revolution!
* All my sisters say
* Revolution!
* All my people say
* Revolution!
* Hey!
* Revolution!
* All my people say
* Revolution!
* All my people say
* Revolution!
* I see blood, I want Malcolm as one channel
* I see tears, cos now it seems that we forgot him
* I see the years of people searchin' for solutions
* Restitutions, excuses Don't want no more confusion
* Come on, come on, Let's talk right, let's talk right
* Talk up, talk up But don't talk up all night
* There's gotta be action if you want satisfaction
- * If not for yourself, for the young ones - * The children
* The UN, the US, we can't all ow ya
* To tell us again that the ghetto is not as important as gettin'in Bosnia
* I ain't with it, just forget it
* We can't even debate if you don't understand our situation
Come on!
* You don't want us to go get a gun now, do you?
* You don't like to see people runnin' around now
* Yet still ya wanna live like 90210 while we scream out
- * Yo! - * Freedom!
* My grandmother's a-goin ' "We are wasted"
* "You must acquire a taste for something we've never tasted"
* So, people, let us wet our palates
* It's either the bullet or the ballot Go now
* Revolution now
* All my people say
* Revolution!
* All my brothers say
* Revolution!
* All my sisters say
* Revolution!
* Hey!
* Revolution!
* All my people say
- * Revolution! - * Let's talk about a revolution
- * Revolution! - * All my people say
- * Let's talk about a revolution - * Hey!
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Revolu...
* Revolu...
* Revolution!
* Now I see I understand what my people have said
* They tell me to fight!
* Fight for the ancestors who are dead!
* For Harriet Tubman, MOVE Organization, David Watts...
*... the Black Panthers...
*... Kwame Nkumah, Marcus Garvey...
...Jane Pittman.
- * Revolution! - * Mm-hm, mm
- * Revolution! - * Mm-mm-mm, hm-mm-mm, mm
- * Revolution! - * Mm-hm, mm
- * Revolution! - * Mm-mm-mm, hm-mm-mm, mm
- Revolution! - Mm-hm, mm
- * Revolution! - * Mm-mm-mm hm-mm-mm, mm
- * Mm-hm, mm - * Revolution!
- * Mm-mm-mm, hm-mm-mm, mm - Revolution!
- * Mm-hm, mm - * Revolution!
- * Mm-mm-mm, hm-mm-mm, mm - Revolution!
- * Mm-hm, mm - * Revolution!
- * Mm-mm-mm, hm-mm-mm, mm - * Revolution! (fades out) *
Subtitles by Lena Erakovich Intelfax Media Access
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