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This afternoon at 5 o碿lock, il Duce will speak to the nation!
You are ordered to turn your radios on!
CASTELCUTO Sicily, 1 940
Mussolini will speak to all ltalians!
You are authorized by order of The Fascist Government
to interrupt your work.
This afternoon, Our Great Leader
will make an important announcement!
I was twelve and a half when I saw her for the first time.
Even though I磎 older now,
and my mind plays tricks on me, I remember it well.
That day Mussolini declared war on France and Great Britain,
and I got my first bicycle.
The frame is African.
The gears are German.
And the brakes are from... I forget.
But the chain is Sicilian... always keep it greasy.
-Are you sure it磗 safe? -I have new bikes too.
Mimi, we磖e at war. Who can afford a new bicycle?
Fighting men
on land, on sea and in the air
Blackshirts of the revolution
men and women ofltaly,
and the Kingdom ofAlbania,
hear this..
Except for my father who wasn磘 very fond of 创Our Great Leader 创
everyone in town was happy that Italy was going to war
How could they know that our customs, our lives would change forever?
The hour
ofdecisions from which there is no return.
Pino, think this ant knows he磗 dead meat?
Who knows?
If he磗 like you, he doesn磘 know shit.
The declaration of war
has already been delivered to the ambassadors...
l磎 free from blame, Mary磗 son is my name.
Hey guys!
Lucky bastard, he磗 got a new bicycle!
Man, she磗 beautiful!
lt磗 almost brand new.
Custom-made, just like the racers.
-Now you磖e a man, like us. -So I can join the gang?
-Agostino? -Okay by me.
-Nicola? -l磀 let him in.
-Tonino? -Sure.
And you, Sasa?
We don磘 want to be seen with some kid in short pants.
-Why, what are you doing? -Can you keep your mouth shut?
She磗 coming!
What磗 going on?
If you wanna be one of us, just shut up and watch.
Who is she?
The deaf guy磗 daughter, our new Latin teacher.
-What磗 her name? -What a wonderful ass!
What I wouldn磘 give for an hour with her!
-Too bad she磗 married. -If she weren磘...
What磗 her name?
Malena, the most beautiful ass in Sicily.
The sun is bigger than the moon.
Sol maior est quam lunam.
Or sol maior est luna.
Can I screw your daughter, you deaf old fart?
Yes, but hurry.
I love honesty more than wealth.
-Seven-and-a-haIf thumbs! -Mine磗 a bazooka!
-I got eight! -Eight is nothing!
That磗 just tickling a woman!
One, two, three and two is five, two is seven and two is nine.
My submarine will rip Malena in half!
Once I skipped school and went by Malena磗 house.
She was at the window and she called out to me.
I thought she wanted me to get her some cigarettes.
I went up for the money and her robe fell open.
And there she was,
naked as the day she was born.
Holy shit!
Shit! She did it on purpose!
I was an idiot, I should have jumped at the chance.
l磍l bang her brains out the next time it happens.
What 创next time创? Now, she knows you磖e a fag.
You little runt you磛e been here for two hours
and you stilI haven磘 measured yourself.
Measure it!
One, two,
three, four,
Only six!
You know what they say about a kid in short pants?
Short pants: short dick!
Fuck off, my thumbs are twice as big as yours!
Who磗 got the biggest dick now, runt?
You do!
Hey, let磗 keep the dicks straight... Mine is the biggest!
-Ooh... Renato磗 skipping school... -Shh!
You, come here! I need some cigarettes.
What cigarettes do you want?
Macedonia Extra.
I remember this suit very well. lt磗 your father磗.
I sewed it twenty years ago and it still looks brand new.
He only wore it to his wedding. He wants to keep it for his funeral.
If he磗 buried in this suit, he磍l go straight to heaven!
-My father磗 still young. -And you磖e too young for long pants.
I didn磘 ask for your opinion, sir.
-Does he know about this? -Of course, he does!
You little scoundrel, what the hell is this?
Come here mister.
You think I don磘 know that you skip school?
Fine, who didn磘 at your age?
Leave him alone!
I know what l磎 doing.
And you let your friends beat you up.
Fair enough.
Even though when I was your age, l磀 beat my friends up!
But stealing trousers from your father
and getting them altered for yourself,
is just plain wrong!
But, Papa, you don磘 understand.
Understand? Who said you could speak?
l磎 ashamed to wear short pants!
What about knickers? They磖e almost long pants!
Enough! He磗 still a child!
l磍l tell our party secretary you won磘 let me go to the Fascist exercises.
Let磗 make a deal:
the day someone cracks the skull of 创Our Great Leader,创
then you磍l get long pants.
Swear it!
A beautiful young woman all alone here. lt磗 a crime.
-Who磗 he talking about? -Malena Scordia, Nino磗 sexy new wife.
She must have somebody on the side... it磗 inevitable!
-Number fifteen! -Me.
Nino brings her from her village with her ailing father...
And then a month later... boom! Nino磗 called to the war.
Who here wants to bet she磗 sleeping all alone?
Not me!
Why don磘 you let me sit with the others?
No short pants in the adult chair.
-Good night. -Good night, Roberto.
Good night, comrade.
Hey, who磗 out after curfew?
Oh, it磗 you great leader.
And on the home front..
reports offuel and food shortages are beginning to mount.
In the islands and outlying areas,
rationing offlour and sugar will continue...
No, my love
My love will never disappear into the wind
Like the petals ofa rose
My love will never fade
It will never wilt
No, my love
I will always
keep our love alive
I will cherish it, defend it,
And grow it in my heart
But son, if you don磘 know the title, how can I help you?
lt磗 that pretty romantic one...
Ma L碅more No. Why didn磘 you say so?
I know that one... Alida Valli sang it.
Ten lire, pay at the cashier磗.
-Don磘 you test it? -What for?
-lt might be defective. -lt磗 brand new!
Miss Malena, this heart ofmine, on fire
has written so many letters
and ifI didn磘 have the courage to send them to you
it was only because I didn磘 want to do you harm.
So forgive me ifl dare to send you this one.
I want you to know that this town has many gossips
who say bad things about you... that you have a secret lover
I know it磗 not true.
You don磘 have anyone.
Afteryour husband, the only man in your life is me.
I have to go, l磍I see you at school tomorrow.
So long!
Don磘 get lost!
Malena磗 up in the employment office.
-Looking for a job again? -But who will ever hire her?
No one in this town.
l磛e got a job for her...
Little boy, let me get by.
Hey baby, give a soldier a break!
Mr. Lawyer! Your newspaper磗 upside down!
Mind your own fucking business!
How is your father? May I?
Come back in, 创little boy创! The parade is over!
I forgot the key!
So it磗 true what people say!
What磗 the matter with you? You look so strange.
You磛e poisoned me with your lies.
What lies? I磛e never spoken to you.
I knew it from the start, you磖e a loose woman.
But I磛e never done anything wrong.
Liar! I磛e been following you on my bicycle!
I磛e seen you with them in the square!
The lawyer the dentist!
No, Renato, I love only you!
-Amoroso. -Here!
-Cali. -Here!
-Costanzo. -Here!
Professor, can I go put my dick between Malena磗 legs?
Can I go put mine in her mouth?
And can I go put mine up her ass?
Sure, but not all at once!
You磖e all sons of bitches!
Why didn磘 she marry someone from her own village?
l磎 sure no man wanted her!
-They say she磗 a seamstress. -But she磗 so vulgar.
My son says she looks fake.
My husband says he wouldn磘 touch her with a ten-foot pole.
The Baron Bonta磗 mistress is much nicer.
At least Gina does everything in the open!
The Baron screws her once a week and then goes back to Palermo.
Malena acts so superior. Like we don磘 know what she磗 up to.
Wait and see, she磍l get hers.
The headquarters of the armed forces communicates..
Our brave and invincible fighting men have delivered a powerful blow
to the faceless war machine unleashed by the Allies.
In order to ensure the continued strength and vitality
ofour forces at the front,
all payment ofcivic pensions
will again be postponed...
lt磗 ready.
Thank you.
lt磗 not much but it磗 all we can afford.
Me Tarzan, you Malena.
Renato, you磛e got the biggest gun in the West!
You磖e going to go blind!
Right rank!
Eyes front! Arms out, arms high, in quick succession!
Have you heard? Malena磗 husband was killed.
My father told me, he read the telegram.
Malena is available!
Comrades of Castelcuto,
we are gathered here today
to share in the tragic but honorable mourning
which has struck our town.
To express our deepest condolences
for the loss of Lt. Nino Scordia,
heroically killed in action
in Northern Africa,
and to his bride Maddalena,
who, stricken with grief, unfortunately isn磘 here with us.
-She磗 already out looking! -She磍I need a warm bed now!
But she is with us in spirit,
because Sicilian women,
with their hardships, with their sacrifices,
march shoulder to shoulder with fighting men.
The martyrdom of our fellow citizen in defense of his country
was not a useless sacrifice.
-Lt. Cadei is so handsome. -A lucky girl will catch him!
...that will carry us to the final victory of the Fascist Empire!
Long live il Duce!
From now on l磍l be at your side.
Forever. I promise.
Just give me time to grow up.
Now she磍l take a lover for sure!
创Once in the sack There磗 no looking back!创
She knows that! She磗 twenty-seven years old!
She knows her way around the block!
Cusimano, the dentist, has gone crazy for her.
One day he was distracted as she walked by
and pulled a healthy tooth instead of the rotten one!
But why haven磘 we seen her lately?
I guess the dentist has been filling her cavity.
They say she磗 fooling around with a shopkeeper in Catania,
with subversive tendencies.
Some say Cusimano, the dentist.
-A family man, it磗 disgraceful! -When you磖e a born whore...
I hear the priest has received anonymous letters...
saying her lover is this man, that man...
The voice of the people is the voice of God!
I can磘 talk to anyone about my personal problems.
They磖e too intimate.
But you seem nice, l磀 like to confide in you.
Everyday, l磍l light a candle for you.
l磍l even come to mass on Sunday.
But you must protect Malena Scordia from the town.
Yes, the widow... at least for a few years. Then l磍l take over.
I am always at your service.
Renewed condolences, Malena.
What a piece of ass!
Son of a bitch!
You little runt! Come back here!
-Can磘 you sing in ltalian? -Can磘 you speak German?
Renato, get up, it磗 late.
You磖e a fetishist!
A sadomasochist, or even worse a pervert!
-What is that? -lt磗 just a French hat, Ma!
Shame on you!
-How pretty. Can I keep them? -You shameless girl!
What are you looking at? Get out of here!
Come here, you little pig!
-Goddamn pervert! -What did I do?
You磖e not permitted to sit at the table with us, understand?
-Answer me! -Okay!
You no longer have the right to speak to your sisters, understand?
Lock me up! l磍l show you!
You磖e not to leave this room until further notice!
Son, at least have some soup, it will do you good.
Pietro, he hasn磘 eaten for three days.
In the Soviet Union they never eat, still...
What is this shit?
I don磘 know... At least it looks like coffee.
Sure, and I look like Vittorio De Sica.
Everything they give us is terrible!
Look at these pockets. They磖e always ripping open!
This cheap thread doesn磘 hold the stitches!
The thread isn磘 the problem!
While our son recites poetry, his hands go to work in his pockets!
What does that mean?
Do you get it now?
Just as well! Don磘 fix them, sew the pockets closed!
But he磍I have no pockets?
He磍l work it out. lt will be good for his health!
Lights out!
创...that the weary spirit may ne磖e repose in more restful harbor...创
-Has he gone crazy? -I think he磗 gone blind.
创While upon women磗 work you sat intent,
content with the vague future you held in mind.
lt was the scented May and thus you used to spend your days.创
Good morning, professor.
This letter is for you.
lt says 创urgent.创
Siqua recordenti benefacto priora voluptas
est nomini cum se cogitat esse pium...
创You磖e dishonored. Your daughter Malena is sleeping with the whole town. A friend.创
lt was an anonymous letter, but I read it!
lt says Malena is a whore with everyone in town!
So there磗 hope for us too!
Take it back!
l磍l bust your ass, Mr. Short Pants!
Hail, Renato!
Hail, Renato!
Tonight was wonderful.
For me too.
I know it磗 been only ten months since your husband...
But maybe I can see you again.
All right, you win --tomorrow!
Okay, as long as l磎 not on duty.
-Thanks for the flowers. -You磖e welcome.
Take care of yourself.
So see you tomorrow?
-Until then. -Good night, Leone.
What time?
-Good evening, sir. -Good evening my ass!
How dare you pester my fianc閑!
There must be a misunderstanding.
I was invited.
You磖e a liar and a bastard!
Because l磎 in uniform I cannot retaliate, sir.
-But you will answer to me... -Anytime. Anywhere.
Coward, scoundrel!
Get up.
Come here! l磍l tear you apart, you coward!
And then l磍l bite your balls off!
Here磗 the adulterer!
My wife!
Officer, look! He磗 cheating on me!
With a man?
With a traitor!
You said you wouldn磘 touch her with a 1 0-foot pole!
lt磗 the dentist!
l磛e been spying on you a long time, you bastard!
And as for you...
Go steal husbands from your own village, you whore!
We knew she had one lover, but two...?
But where does the dentist fit in?
He fits in between her legs!
Her father was forced to quit the school in disgrace,
he never wants to see his daughter Malena again.
And the dentist磗 wife kicked him out of his house.
That dragon of a wife will drag him into court!
What磗 the dentist got to do with it, poor guy?
Malena磗 the whore! She should be taken to court!
That Lieutenant Cadei seemed like such a gentleman...
How could he get mixed up in this?
Everyone knows she磗 a home wrecker,
the lieutenant was asking for it!
She磗 already in trouble with the taxes on her house.
-Will they seize it? -That磗 just the haIf of it!
She could go to jail for seeing a married man!
The dentist needed three stitches in his head...
But the dentist swore at the soldier first...
that磗 insulting an officer.
They磍l all end up in court!
The dentist was really pissed off...
it turns out that the lieutenant was doing all the drilling!
She磗 either going to the lawyer磗 or the notary磗.
Sure, but what will she do with two old men like them?
Excuse me.
Come in.
Can I help you?
May I speak to the Lawyer Centorbi?
Please have a seat.
Sir, it磗 the widow Scordia!
Oh shit! I knew I should have bathed today!
Have her come in.
Please sit down.
We now continue with the testimony of Maddalena Bonsignore,
the widow Scordia,
called Malena.
She could get two years in prison.
Everything will be fine, trust me.
You磖e accused of involving Dr. Gaspare Cusimano
in a secret and amorous relationship,
aimed at the breaking up of his family.
Do you know Dr. Cusimano?
Are you or have you ever been his fianc閑?
Absolutely not.
How could I be engaged to a married man?
Why was Cusimano, at that unusual hour,
on his way to your house?
I don磘 know.
Had he been in your company on previous evenings?
Yes, once.
At my house.
Jumped right in, the dentist did. He looks stupid, but...
How long did he stay?
Not long.
What did you do?
He brought me some medicine for my father.
If it was for your father, why did he bring it to you?
I don磘 know.
What did you do after he gave you the medicine?
He said goodbye and left.
Then why
has Cusimano, a reputable professional,
who, five years ago,
had the honor of extracting one of il Duce磗 teeth,
publicly declared that he is your fianc閑?
He made that up.
I had nothing to do with it.
Your husband磗 crazy.
What kind of relationship did you have with Lt. Cadei?
l磎 a widow,
my business and that of Lt. Cadei
are no concern of the law.
Did you know, that as a result of these affairs,
Lt. Cadei was transferred to Albania?
One down.
And before his departure he was questioned in judicial inquiry.
He declared to have encountered the widow Scordia only twice,
in her home,
and to have had no amorous relationship,
considering their relationship 创just a casual friendship.创
Son of a bitch.
Lt. Cadei was received by my client
and she makes no secret about having had for him
certain feelings.
But unlike the married Cusimano,
who was, let磗 face it, guilty
of a pre-senile dimming of the senses,
of an intoxicating kaleidoscope of desires...
What磗 he saying?
Unlike the family man Cusimano,
Cadei is...
and was...
...a bachelor!
Clever that lawyer,
he磗 a bachelor himself...
Careful investigation of the facts tells us therefore
that the Scordia woman committed no other crime
than that of being ill-fated, alone
and beautiful!
Here is her crime:
her beauty!
And from here the envy,
the lies,
the disgrace,
that have deprived her even of a father磗 trust!
And yet, she herself is still in silent agony
mourning over that unmarked war grave,
in far away East Africa.
In the beating heart of our argument
is an audacious, but nonetheless valid, thesis
which asks just one question:
Can a young woman,
after the odyssey of a widowhood endured for the love of country,
hope for protection in the shelter of a new life?
Does she have the right to yearn for, and to write,
a new ending to her own love story?
Your Honor,
the citizens of Castelcuto reply:
Will Cusimano leave me alone now?
Of course,
he磗 been put into a psychiatric clinic,
he wants to volunteer for the Forces in East Africa.
He doesn磘 realize we lost Africa ages ago!
But let磗 forget Cusimano
and the fickle Lieutenant Cadei,
let磗 get to us!
I know it磗 not much....
But it磗 all I have. They磛e cut my pension.
Don磘 you understand?
That磗 peanuts!
My fee is much more than that.
You磍l never have enough money!
But how will I ever repay you?
lt磗 very easy, my sweet.
-What are you saying? -Be with me, my love!
l磎 in love with you!
You shouldn磘 be alone during these hard times.
l磍l take care of you and your father, you磍l keep the house.
Don磘 you want to be respectable again?
I forgive her, she did it to pay her lawyer磗 fee,
only once and never again.
But you didn磘 keep our agreement.
Now, we磖e even. the South, the Allied bombings have forced thousands to flee.
Refugees are pouring into the countryside and the port towns.
Citizens of these regions have been alerted
to possible severe food shortages and outbreaks ofdisease...
创Signora Malena, a more capable person than me
wrote that the only true love is unrequited love.
Now I understand why.
It磗 been so long since you last came out ofyour house,
but the longer we are apart, the stronger my love becomes.
They say you磖e about to marry Centorbi, the lawyer
I know how badly they treat you here,
how the women in the market won磘 sell you any good food,
and no man would hire you for fear ofhis wife.
But how will you manage to live with a fat, old man,
so ugly that no girl ever wanted him?
They say he never washes and stinks like a goat.
How will your smooth, white skin
bear rubbing against the sweat ofan old man
who never does anything without his mother磗 consent?创
Signora, how can you marry that smelly old goat?
What did you say?
What are you writing... give me that!
Get out, you little degenerate!
Get out, worm!
Screw you, 创Great Leader创!
Stand up straight, Sir.
A little longer, Don Placido.
More room in the waist... for when he gets bigger.
Will they be ready tomorrow?
The war has ruined my business, but it still takes time. Allied bombings continue...
Wait for me.
Lord, help me with my Mother. I beg you.
You can磘 treat me like a child, l磎 a grown man!
Get this straight! Your father磗 good name
will never belong to that disgusting whore!
Never! Never! !
The lawyer was left high and dry!
His mother still bathes him every Saturday!
Malena always has someone throwing a wrench in the works!
lt won磘 be hard finding someone to replace the lawyer!
Come on, sit down.
The next in line already has a plan.
Yeah, his plan is in his pants.
-A cut and shave. -Right away, sir.
Good morning, Antonio.
I brought some sugar and flour.
-What about the bread? -The best.
-I can磘 pay right now. -That磗 no problem.
l磎 sure we can find a way to make you some money.
Hurry, there磗 someone else over here!
Stand back!
lt磗 Professor Bonsignore.
Malena磗 father.
l磎 here for you.
Condolences, Signora Scordia.
Step aside, kid.
Signora, what can we do? We磖e in the Lord磗 hands.
You don磘 have to go hungry.
lt磗 time to decide.
It is the order ofour Great Leader
that all properties with delinquent tax payments shall be seized immediately
to provide shelter for refugees displaced by the Allied aggression.
Remember citizens, you are not alone!
We must continue to stand together neighbor with neighbor
comrade with comrade...
Can you believe it...
Just a few years ago, il Duce promised
that the Allies would never threaten Sicily.
Now we磛e become a barracks for our German friends.
Everyday there are more of them!
-Look who磗 here. -She磗 a redhead now.
Look how she磗 put together.
l磀 like to cut off that hair.
l磀 skin her alive!
How disgusting!
-Who is it? -Salvatore.
-What do you want? -Antonio said you might be interested...
I brought you some food.
Come in.
-Your hair looks terrific. -Do you like it?
Yes, it makes you look younger.
Thank you.
-I can come every Tuesday! -As long as you bring the food.
Now she磗 even screwing the Germans!
-Who磗 that? -Malena Scordia, the slut.
She磗 teamed up with that other whore, Gina.
What磗 she supposed to do? No one here will help her.
Seems there are gymnastics at the Moderno Hotel.
The two whores run from room to room
servicing a dozen officers at a time.
Holy shit!
My good woman, this child is possessed by the devil!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
That磗 enough!
lt looks like you磖e posing for Michelangelo磗 Pieta of the poor!
Come out, Lucifer!
Release, release, release! Leave this boy in peace!
Be gone, Foul Demon!
Release your grip on this innocent soul!
This is ridiculous!
lt磗 a disgrace!
They cured my uncle this way
and he had cholera!
Your son磗 not sick! He磗 becoming a man!
With a dick this big, he needs to fuck!
Renato, wait here for me.
Come here, come on.
Close the door.
-My father? -He磗 coming.
Choose the one you like.
What do we have here?
Fresh young meat.
Lupetta, up to the room.
Treat him right!
The young ones always choose Lupetta.
-What磗 your name? -Amoroso Renato.
What a romantic name!
Tonight we either die in a bombing or end up in jail!
Go ahead, it磗 okay.
-ls it your first time? -No.
l磛e imagined it many times.
July, 1 943
Let磗 go give that shameless whore what she deserves.
She must be punished according to our custom!
Stay back, this is between the women.
Now you磍I see what happens when you steal our men...
and sleep with the filthy Germans.
Renato, keep back. You can磘 help.
lt磗 the end of spreading your legs, whore!
Now let磗 see what men make of you!
This will teach you some respect!
The wicked come to a wicked end.
The madame is served.
Get lost!
I know that face.
Who is it?
Nino Scordia, Malena磗 husband.
Malena, the one who did it with the Germans.
Poor guy, he was better off dead.
lsn磘 that Malena磗 husband?
Hey, Giovanni, there磗 a strange guy.
Do you know Malena Scordia?
Who磗 she?
Who are you! This is my family磗 house!
We don磘 know anything.
When we came no one was living here.
No one?
Poor guy, no one will tell him the truth.
What would you say - 创l hear your wife is a prostitute创?
I hear she磗 still a great piece of ass.
I lost an arm, I wasn磘 dead!
Then I was taken prisoner in lndia and I contracted malaria.
Tell him.
Me 创boy-bar创.
I have to get the coffee cups.
My family has lived in this town for generations.
Now, no one will talk to me.
My house is a refugee camp and my wife has disappeared,
no one in town knows where she is.
Help me find her. I want to bring her home.
Excuse me, don磘 you remember me? l磎 Nino Scordia.
You mistake me for someone else.
Could I have a light?
You were the Fascist Secretary and you were his deputy.
You can help me. Do you know what happened to my wife?
Didn磘 she join the Communist Party?
She was photographed
with her arms around the Commie leader.
You磖e right,
those who fought the war for you bastards aren磘 heroes...
Go take a walk through the brothels of Sicily,
you may find your wife there!
Wait a minute, come back!
创Dear Signor Scordia,
forgive me ifl don磘 have the courage to speak man to man.
These last months have taught me much about courage,
even ifI have found little myself
I磎 the only one who knows the truth about your wife.
Around here, they only say bad things about her
But believe me,
your wife Malena was faithful to you.
You are the only man she loved, this is the honest truth.
It is true, a lot of things happened,
but back then, you had been dead a long time.
The last time I saw her she was on a train for Messina.
Best ofluck.
I should sign 碼 fri. d, like all anonymous letters,
but my name is Renato. 创
Good morning, Judge.
All is well, thank God.
Eat up, my sweet pea.
Sons of bitches!
Look who磗 here!
Giorgio, look who磗 here!
Why are you all looking at that woman?
lt磗 nothing.
But why would Malena come back?
You know the old saying...
You can only find your dignity in the place you lost it.
Quiet, there she is.
She磗 got a lot of courage to face us again.
Look who磗 back!
I wonder what she磍l do to us...
What are they looking at? They should leave her in peace.
She磗 got some wrinkles around her eyes.
She磗 put on weight, too.
Someone should say something.
Good morning, Mrs. Scordia.
Good morning.
Want some nice tomatoes?
They cost less over there...
Thank you.
Nice things here!
Like it, Signora Malena?
-Try it on. -No, that磗 okay.
-lt磗 no problem. -Another time...
Give me your bag. We磍l discuss it later....
Good morning, Signora Malena.
lt磗 okay, l磍l get it.
Thank you.
Thank you for your help.
Good luck, Signora Malena.
I pedalled as fast as I could,
as ifl were escaping
from longing, from innocence, from her
Time has passed and I have loved many women.
And as they磛e held me close...
and asked ifl will remember them,
I believed in my heart that I would.
But the only one I磛e never forgotten,
is the one who never asked,
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