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Subtitles for Maljukgeori Janhoksa CD1.

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Maljukgeori Janhoksa CD1

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Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do
wasn't given much credit in the past
Martial Arts'masters believed
it was created only to win fights
Back then kids worshiped Bruce Lee
He was my hero
My friends and I became close easily
because we all had the common bond of liking Bruce Lee
To me, he was the coolest strongest guy on Earth
And I dreamt about becoming like Bruce Lee
Jeet Kune Do doesn't teach you to look back
but to go forward once the path is set From Bruce Lee's <'Way of Jeet Kune Do'>
Everybody has unforgettable moments of their lives
For me, it was the year 1978
In the spring, we moved to the Gangnam area of Seoul
My mom foresaw real estate prices
skyrocketing in this area
Sang-woo Kwon
Jung-jin Lee
Rat alert!
Ga-in Han
Squeeze in!
Stop pushing, boys I might get a hard-on
Slow down!
I transferred
to Jungmoon High on Maljuk Street
I'd heard things about it
And I hoped they weren't true
Eunmyung Girls' High!
- Is that a hicky? - Piss off!
Let me suck on that hicky later!!
Damn student patrols!
Hey, junior
- Give me your collar - What?
Your collar, dumb ass
Loyalty, Loyalty!
Loyalty to the nation creates a new history
Screenplay/Director- Yoo Ha
You! Come here
No collar?
You need to learn a lesson Get over there
Stay still, punks!
Spirits of Jeet Kune Do Once Upon a Time in High School
- One! Two! - Bad! Uniform!
He's going in for a kill! Down!
- Attention! - Sit your ass down
Life is such a pleasure for you, isn't it?
You stupid bastards
I got yelled at for your pathetic grades
This is Hyun-soo Kim Be nice to him
- Take care of him - Yes, sir
- Say hi - Yes, sir
Jaebok Ham, happy?
You won the damn booby prize!
Go sit down
He's got shit for brains Listen up!
Bring in your recyclables from home by tomorrow
Transferred from where?
- Bosung High - No shit
You must know Choon-bum He's the leader of TNT Gang
Never heard of him
He was my stooge in junior high If anyone bothers you...
- What are you doing? - Let me have a piece
No way in hell!
Don't be such a cheapskate over some sausage
Fine Knock yourself out
You're so disgusting What are you, a beggar?
Don't hit me when I eat
- Did you bring it? - Sure
Don't pass it around
Don't you worry
You can trade that in later for girls with animals
- Horses - Okay!
Don't sell out later
You have my word
You think you can go to college with this grade?
You single-celled amoebas! Can't even solve that?
Stupid! No copying! What are you, meditating?
You punks are pathetic!
Words can't help losers like you
Get behind me!
Except the first five, run!
Hey, transferee
Quite tall
Give me a buck so I can buy hot patches
I don't have any
- Hamburger! - What?
Come here
You haven't told him about me?
I was going to, after you left
Make sure you do
We'll settle this tomorrow Get the money ready
Fucking asshole!
Give him money if he asks for it
Who's he?
He failed a grade He's like a dog with rabies
When upset he stabs you with a pen
You get prettier by the day
How about a movie with me tomorrow?
Hell no
There's a great movie playing
Check them out What a bunch of dogs!
So fucking homely
What a fox!
I bet she goes to a night school
I'd be in heaven with my dick in hers
Hurry on
All right!
Kick it harder!
You call yourself a man?
Hold it for me
Don't take your eyes off it Focus!
Get up
'Nothing is impossible for a determined mind'
There is nothing you can't do if you focus
Martial arts and studying are no different
Make sure you get
within the top five of your class
My father ran a Taekwondo gym
He was a gentle martial artist to neighbors
But he was a violent father
With me, he preferred using his fists to words
- I won again! - Won!
Stabber, come with me to the student patrols' office
What for?
- You went to the cafeteria - So?
Asshole, you washed your hair in the water tank
Says who?
Don't play dumb, shithead There's a witness
Jong-hoon Cha
Pipe down This isn't your classroom
Shut up and eat
Get out before I make you
Practiced hoops lately?
Don't you wanna win for a change?
Go fuck yourself! Get the hell out
Stabber, come to the office by lunch break
I smell fucking dandruff
Dickhead, don't tell me
you showered in it, too
Shove it up your ass
Let's call it a day
I never knew...
How painful love can be
This fucker is never here when I collect taxes
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
None of your damn business
That's not your bag
What the fuck do you care?
You're fucking dead
Knock it off, asshole
- Act your fucking age - What?
Failing a grade isn't a prize
Up your ass
What the...
What'd you just say?
Say it again
Say it again, asshole
Fuck with me again and I'll bury you
An infinitive can be used as three things
Nouns, adjectives, or adverbs
You have no idea, do you?
You punks are unteachable
Nouns, adjectives, or adverbs Repeat!
- Nouns, adjectives, or adverbs - Nouns, adjectives, or adverbs
What's this?
Keep it Stabber would have taken it anyway
I don't want it
It's free, Take it
Let me know if you need anything I'll give you a good deal
- Sorry to bother you, Mr. Kim - No problem
It won't take long
- Let me check your belongings - We're fucked
Put all your belongings on your desks
That's yours Okay?
Come on, shake a leg
What are you doing?
You smoked, didn't you?
Give it here
Give it here, bastard
How's General Park?
Did he get the promotion?
Yeah, he's a three star general now
That's great Give him my regards
Yes Sir
Look at this punk
You carry billiard balls? Put your head down
Get out there
Hey, get up
This can get you in trouble A big one
Do you ever change your underwear?
Bring those magazines again
and I'll have you expelled
Whose underwear are these?
Intercept! Intercept!
Stop me if you can, asshole
I'm open!
Woo-sik, over here!
- Shit, he's bleeding - Take him to the nurse
Play fucking fair! Who's subbing for him?
Who's winning?
- You! Hurry over - Me?
Come on, we can do this
And you! Play right, okay?
- Okay - We can't lose again
You take that tall one
- Shadow him - Okay
Way to go, Hyun-soo!
Hey, Again, Again!
Shoot! Great!
Stop him!
What the fuck are you doing?
Way to go! Way to go!
We can win this!
Seasoned rice cake, please
- Feels good to win, doesn't it? - You bet!
- Wow... yummy! - It's spicier than usual
Enjoy it
Who's this?
- He's just transferred - Hi
You're a cutie, Come by often
Let me know if you want more Okay?
What a great pair ofjugs!
I'd be damned if I don't get to fuck her
Shut up and eat
Keep it in your pants, boys Let's go to a disco tonight
All right!
How's it going, girls? Dance with us
She's hot, isn't she?
Go ahead
- What do you have for eyes? - She's hot, man
Don't tell me you don't smoke
Of course I do What do you take me for?
- There you go - You gotta inhale it
Here they come
Sit down
Sit here
- Hi - Sit
- Hey there - Hi
I'm Ham a cutie from Maljuk Street
I'm Sung-choon Guys call me Night Mist
- I'm Cheetah - Hi
You sure you go to college?
We're ROTC
- Wanna dance? - No thanks
Stay with me tonight
You're awfully shy
- What do you study? - Physical Education
We participated
in a Taekwondo competition today
Don't be so difficult, bitch
What'd you call me, pig?
Fucking bitch!
- You're dead! - You think you're pretty?
Are you fucking nuts?
Take a walk, bitch
Come here!
- What's this? - You fucking homely bitch!
What's going on here?
Fuck! Run!
Get him!
Stop right there!
They would've killed us
What about the others?
Who cares?
Should we go back?
Hell no
Hamburger, that asshole...
You're a good basketball player
Nah, you're better
Why do you let Stabber fuck you around?
I don't wanna fight
Never been in a fight
Throw the first punch
Know what I'm saying? Hit first
Take the initiative That's what wins the fight
I should go to a military academy
Good to be an army general
He calls, they let us walk
You passed out when she kicked you
What? Who says I passed out?
I came right to
Knocked out by a chick?
I'd choke over that rice if I were you
So I mixed it with water
You need to train harder 'The Game of Death'!
Damn, he's at it again
- I'll take you all on! - OK!
That's not it
What are you, an over-weight version of Bruce Lee?
It hurts!
Hyun-soo, you're on
- She's Bruce's squeeze - No, Tin Fei is
- Kum-Yong Girls' high school - Who's that?
She was in 'Girls'
Oh, that one
- Let's go to a disco tonight - You're unbelievable
You have a black eye, man
Chicks there are great
That has nothing to do with you does it?
- You're going, right? - Sure
- Go for it - Hey
Let me take your bag
- No thanks - Let me
- It's okay - I insist!
Go easy on her, man
- That's the chick I told you about? - Who?
Let's see what's in here
- What are you doing? - What?
- Pass it to me - Here, Here!
- Hey! - Give it to me
She's got a temper, guys
What a cute lunch box!
- Give it here! - No!
Hands off, bitch!
- Wow, she's feisty - Give it back!
No tampons?
Excuse me
Please, give it back to her
It's her bag
Who the fuck are you? Beat it
You had your fun, didn't you?
Hell no
Give it back, and we'll talk Stay back
I can't believe this
Have you lost your mind?
I'm your senior, and...
Son of a bitch!
Stop the bus!
Get off! All of you!
Wait for me!
Stop right there, fuckers!
Keep running!
- Stop right there! - Stop!
Let's split
You come with me Meet us at the bus stop
Which way did they go?
Stay put here
We've gotta go
- I can't - Come on!
Where the fuck did these...
They must've gone the other way Let's go
Get out of there, fuckers
- Come out of there - Fuck!
What were you doing there?
Making out? Where's the other two?
Where are they?
He's a Kingpin of our class
You know what I mean? He's a real fighter
Once he took on 8 alone and kicked their asses
I see
Sorry if I got you in trouble
It's okay
A true victory is winning without using force
Hi, boys and girls
I'm Jin-woo Jun Mr Cool on the block
Ma'am, noodles for table number 3, please
Boys are not so cute
But she's such a hottie
Mr. Cool my fucking ass!
Watch your mouth, man
What's your name?
Name's Eun-ju Kang I'm a senior
Going to college next year? What do you wanna study?
Show me some respect I know you're a junior
We're the same age I failed a grade
His mom is a famous actress
Shut the fuck up
And his father is a pillar of the community
You didn't fail a grade, did you? Thanks for earlier
I didn't do anything
I've seen you before on the bus
You had the earphones on
You must like music
Yeah, I like American pop songs
American songs? That's something
Who do you like?
Elton John and Celsia Chan
And one of the ABBA members She's blonde
- Oh, that blonde chick... - Agnetha?
That's right, I like her
Oh, Agne...
What are you doing tonight?
Let's go to a disco
- Thanks - Thank you
You should've let us pay
No, I wanted to
I've gotta go now
- Bye - Bye
Thank you so much for today
She's leaving like that?
I've gotta go See you
That asshole got us in a big fucking trouble
He can't control himself before cute chicks
I bet he's all over her by now What do you think?
That bitch is so uptight
'Show me some respect I know you're a junior'
- This bag... - Your bag, Hyun-soo
What's gotten into you?
Stop bullshitting me, man
I'm not!
Doesn't she look like Olivia Hussey?
It's all your fault she left us like that
By the way, I'm so nervous
If they come, they come
Damn, I should've been there
How'd it go with her?
- Did you fuck her? - What?
Who is it?
Those two
that fucking pig!
Get in! Against the wall
Against the wall!
Better bite your teeth hard
- Put them down, man - Fuckface!
- You can do better than that - Hit harder!
That's it!
You're famous on Maljuk, huh?
You're such a big shot? Hit me again
Hit me again, fucker
Hit me if you can Come on
Come on, motherfuckers!
You should've kept your cool
Once I let them fuck with me I'm through, man
Let me apologize again
He's just hot-blooded Don't worry
- Take good care of my son - Sure
- Thanks, Goodbye - Bye
Thanks to his mom Woo-sik didn't get suspended
She starred in TV dramas
Mostly as a kitchen maid
- That's Maid Bong! - Yes, Maid Bong
After that incident Woo-sik became famous
And seniors left him alone
You fight again and I'm telling your dad
- Hamburger - Yeah?
Delivery to the stationery shop
- I'll be right back - Thanks
I can't believe that idiot
She's not gonna give it to him
Leave him alone
How are things going with her?
You know... Eun-ju
That bitch turns me off
Let me tell you She's one hard nut to crack
I thought she liked you
I went after her that day
but she just blew me off She's just too uptight
Why do you ask?
I was just curious
You like her?
Then, go for it
- No way - Sorry to keep you waiting
I haven't seen you for ages
I think you get prettier by the day
You look skinnier, Hyun-soo
- I do? - Yes
Because I haven't eaten your seasoned rice cakeslately?
I'm not kidding I think you've lost weight
Drop by anytime you want
I'll make it special for you
For free?
Of course! Your money isn't good here
Wait, Let me get you boys some fritters
On the house
I can't let this chance go by
Be a man, Hyun-soo
Here's your chance
Muster up the courage
Call her Now!
- Go with me - Hurry up!
I knew it was you Hi, Hyun-soo
How did you...
I thought I saw you so I came running
- to make sure - I see
It's been a while How have you been?
Fine, How about you?
What number do you take home?
Bus 78
I take that one, too
We can go together then
That's great
How'd you recognize me?
Are you kidding? We ran together Remember?
You go to this institute?
Never seen you here before
Me neither
Did you have dinner?
Not yet
You can use this
No, it's okay
Go ahead You might catch a cold
I'm okay
It's Chelsia Chan
Wasn't it hard to run with me?
Not at all, It was fun
Not for me I was so scared of that rat
So was I
Shame on your seniors
Didn't they retaliate against you and Woo-sik?
Woo-sik is cool, isn't he? Such a tough guy
But he's got no manners
You're different
Am I?
Your mouth...
You like music, right?
What's your favorite radio program?
'Love Songs of Eve'
That's my favorite, too!
I even sent a postcard, too
But, they never aired my request
You only wrote down your request?
Next time, draw something cute
Or paste a flower on it
That always works
Really? Have you done it?
I will, when I have a girlfriend
Oh, that's so sweet
It's been a year since we broke up
When it rains, I keep thinking...
Did you listen to it last night?
No, I didn't
'Runway' was on the air singing live
I'm sorry I missed it
- Feelings - by Morris Albert'
The guitar is great in this song
Yeah, It sounds even better on a rainy day
Do you play the guitar?
A little bit
That's cool
Good enough to be in a competition?
No, not that good
I'd like to hear you play some day
You mean it?
I'm getting off here
It was so nice seeing you
It really was
- You can take this - No, I'm okay
Take it, I can run home
- No, I'm okay - Please
How am I gonna live with you gone...
What's up with you?
Got laid or something?
I might get into a competition
I'd be damned if you did
I can't live without you Please, don't go...
Stop selling these, man
You'll pay my tuition then?
Did you bring it?
'Horse Penis' and 'Honey Jar'
Stop jacking off into the book
Fuck you
Getting a hard-on?
Shake it hard, baby
You guys are pathetic What are you, his bank?
Eat it
This is awesome!
If you keep reading those I bet you'll never get laid
You'll jack off to death
I don'tjack off any more
He's pouting again
Want some?
Why'd you miss school yesterday?
I was sick
What happened to your hand?
Got into a fight again?
No way
Our politics had been abusing
Western democracy
Revitalizing Reform was put to an end to this...
Not now, asshole
Put it away!
Its meaning can be boiled down to 5 things
Give it here
What's going on back there?
Bring it up here
What's this?
'Horse Penis and Wet Pussy'?
You ducked? A huge mistake, punk
- I'm just... - Bite your teeth hard
Bite them hard!
You useless bastard
What the...
Staring at me?
Son of a bitch!
Stand straight Is that your book?
No, sir
Then whose?
Say it!
You're really gonna get it
It's Hamburger's
Jaebok Ham
Who's Jaebok Ham?
Get your ass up here!
God damn it!
Is this yours?
Open your mouth
Do you ever study?
Sons of bitches like you do democracy no good
You stinking dog!
Because I don't have a general for a father?
How could he rat on me?
I've been carrying his bag for over 3 years
What's gonna happen to you?
Beats me I hope they don't expel me
I'm not going to let him get away with this
Hey, bitch!
Go say sorry
It was his, wasn't it?
Oh, I almost forgot
Your umbrella
You go to the same institute with her?
She asked me to thank you for her
You met her?
You know I never give up
You know what happened?
I put on a show the other night She was so difficult
I followed her for a few days
When it rained the other night
I staked out her place
About 1 in the morning she comes out of the house
And she feels sorry for me soaked to the bones
Then I see the chance
I punch the wall real hard
Blood all over my hand...
You should've seen the look on her face
She brings out a bandage and wraps up my hand
Didn't that feel great!
So I say to her...
'I could die for you'
Next minute, she's all mine
Woo-sik got so easily what I'd desired so badly
All I could do for Eun-ju was...
share an umbrella
Hey, wake up
Still sleeping?
- Did you run into Eun-ju on your way in? /- No
Don't tell her I slept
Why not?
I promised to give her a buck each time I sleep here
I think she's good for you
Why's that?
Look at you You're at the library
So tiring to date a model student
She gets upset if I go to a disco
My mom likes her, though
Damn, I miss dating sluts
Woo-sik, put that out
Hey there
Hey, When'd you get here?
Just now
He slept again, didn't he?
I didn't
I don't believe you
Open your hand
Go ahead
Happy birthday
You didn't have to do this What is it?
A cassette tape, I had songs recorded at the record shop
Dance music?
Is that all you think about?
It's your birthday?
Why didn't you tell me?
It's not important
Happy birthday
I'll leave you guys alone
Where are you going? Come with us
No, I'm okay
What's wrong with Hyun-soo?
He doesn't like dancing
I'll bring him out
Why aren't you dancing?
Come on, dance with us
I'm not a good dancer
Neither am I
Have you been here before?
Once with Woo-sik
- He's a regular here, isn't he? - No
- You don't think I'm bad, do you? - Why?
Cause I'm at a disco when I should be studying
Don't you wanna dance?
Sit next to him
- Let's dance - No
Let's go
You like this song?
I hardly listen to Korean songs but this one's great
She's cute Hook her up with Hyun-soo
Wanna dance?
Who is it?
Oh, Hyun-soo
- Hi - What are you doing here?
- Can I have some rice cake? - Sure, Sit down
Wanna drink?
Huh? No thanks
Go ahead
You're old enough to drink
Studying is stressful, isn't it?
That's what I do, though
You sure can drink
What's bothering you?
Problems with your girlfriend?
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