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Subtitles for Maljukgeori Janhoksa CD2.

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Maljukgeori Janhoksa CD2

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What's bothering you?
Problems with your girlfriend?
- No - Then what?
I've had a huge crush on this girl
But I'll have to let it go now
She doesn't even know that I like her
Why don't you tell her?
You sure you're a man?
One thing's for sure She's got bad taste in men
Drink and get over her
Drinking got me so hot
Let me go get more beer
You remind me of my old days
I had so many things that I wanted to do
Time sure does fly
Do what your heart says
Gosh, so tight
You're cuter up close
It's quite late I gotta go
Nobody will walk in on us
Touch me
Let me unzip you
It's okay Let me do it
What's wrong?
Run faster! The gates are closing!
Run! Run, bastards!
I couldn't get a hold of you What happened?
I was away for the weekend
Isn't that Hamburger?
Hey, Hamburger!
You're finally off suspension
Good to have you back, bitch
Cut it out, okay?
He makes me laugh
Cute, isn't he?
What's up with him?
He's joined the Wild Horse Gang Jong-hoon's gang
Make your bet
Two and one
You win if it's threefold
- I won! - Not so fast, wiseass
Dizzy, huh?
I'm now officially feeling sorry
We're not done yet
Let's call it a day
- Hell no - Your eyes are popping out
Stop gambling, losers
It's just for fun
- You got money? - I'm broke
Stakes are quite large And he cleaned out
Shut up, asshole
Stabber, this isn't a casino Wrap it up
Up your ass
Let's go
Wrap it up, dickhead
I hear a little bird chirping
Do you? Here we go
Fucking asshole!
Sung-choon, come on in
What if I say no?
Son of a bitch!
Hit me
Let me make big bucks Take your best shot
Hit me, and see what happens
Don't rough me up
Come on, hit me if you...
Get the fuck up, asshole
You don't mess with me
Tell me, shithead How much do you want?
That's it? One punch, and you're out?
Want me to get you up?
That's enough
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
Being a student patrol doesn't mean you can beat people up
What the...
Hey, get up
Your guts are gonna spill all over
Attention! Attention!
You can't boss me around
Stand straight
- That's enough, Jong-hoon - Stay out of this
Hey, motherfucker!
What the fuck are you doing?
Your class is fucked up
Who told you to come in here?
I need your permission?
Shut the fuck up
Keep it up, and you will get your ass kicked
What? Get my ass kicked?
Wanna have a go? See who gets his ass kicked?
Why the fuck not? But not now
Log AX becomes...
Log AX + Log AY, okay?
The third one is...
Where were you?
You messed up again? Go sit down
You'll be better off at a factory
It's 2 Log2, 4 + Log 2, 8
Then take this 2
And put it over 4 Why?
Cause this is a pattern
Math isn't about logic but what?
You fucking snitch!
Why don't you call your daddy? Here's your money
Call your fucking daddy
- You crazy bastard! - Did I steal your money?
What happened?
Who did this?
One of the kids stabbed him with a pen
- With a pen? - They were fooling around, and...
How do you teach your students?
You call this fooling around?
I'll hold you responsible for this
Let me carry him
Call General Park
And expel that bastard!
But you gave me your word
I told you everything, didn't I?
You expect me to buy that?
Stop lying to me
I know you went to a disco last night
God damn it!
Whatever I do it's none of your damn business
- What? - You're a senior, Aren't you?
Studying for college?
You're so mean, Woo-sik
Just figured that out? Fuck it!
You're such a pain We're through
You're still here
What's wrong?
Is it Woo-sik?
No, that's not it
I'm just tired
Tired of studying
Hang in there
The SAT isn't far away
I know
Maybe it'll rain tomorrow Not a single star out
I came up here to listen to the radio
Wanna join me?
Next week is 'Eviornment clean up week'
So each student should do his best to...
Look at this bastard
Miss the morning meeting and sleep here?
Who says you can miss the school meeting?
Stop hitting me, man I'm getting expelled soon
What'd you say, wiseass?
Better watch what you say
You unruly scumbag!
- How dare you... - Fucking asshole!
Let go!
You're a soldier, so what?
You like beating up people?
- I do, too! - Get this psycho off me!
- How does it feel? - Get him off!
It was decided this morning at a teachers' meeting
As of today all the juniors and seniors
will change classrooms after the fourth class
You'll be in either a Superior or Inferior class
Our principal made it
Nobody outside the school should know about this
Let me tell you again This is for your own good
So don't be upset
if you fall into an Inferior class
Your grades have gotten way worse
What's gotten into you?
I thought you were better than this
Bring your mom to school
The new class system begins now
Go to your designated classrooms
You boys know what Nouns are?
If you don't go kick the bucket
As you can see here
There are 5 types of nouns in English
Collective, Material, Proper Abstract, and Common nouns
By initials, CMPAC
When 'C'ock 'M'eets 'P'ussy 'A'n orgasm is 'C'reated
You get the idea?
Funny, huh?
Are you getting horny?
Even those with IQs of 30 should remember this
If you don't think you can then drop out of school
Repeat after me
C, M, P, A, C
C, M, P, A, C
How are you?
Good, It's been a while
You sure can drink
Were you surprised that I took you here?
Have you been here before?
A few times with Woo-sik
Sometimes I don't understand how you guys are friends
Neither do I
I like you a lot
I feel more comfortable with you than with my female friends
You do?
I don't
When I'm with you...
I feel uneasy
Let me tell you a story
A crazy artist loved this girl so much
But her parents hated him So he said to them
Let me be with her...
for as long as I can endure my hand...
in a candle's flame
How romantic
No more
You're drunk
Do me a favor
Woo-sik gave me that pen
Return it to him for me
I'm sorry
- Hyun-soo - Huh?
It'd be nice if time froze now
You mean that?
Sure, Why not?
Thanks for the ride
- Good night - Bye
Next is a postcard from Hyun-soo Kim
One night, a girl came running under my umbrella
My heart still lingers on that nightstreet
Then I believed we shared the same soul
But she loves someone else
A man who makes her shed tears
Sadly, there isn't a thing I can do for her
She often makes me feel that the world has ended
I wish I could get over her like
the umbrella I left on the bus
Looking at his drawing
I can tell he has a pure soul
Hyun-soo, don't give up
I hope things work out with her
- One Summer Night- by Chelsia Chan and ABBA
What do you have to tell me?
What is it?
Eun-ju asked me to return this to you
I got it a few days ago
- But I didn't know whether... - I don't need it
You can have it
But it's yours
Are you seeing her?
No need to be surprised You can have her
Let me tell you She's a great shag
Do you think it's cool to talk like that?
You fucked her, didn't you? Yummy, huh?
That's right, asshole I fucked her
You fucking hit me?
Try to put me down, asshole!
Knock it off! Friends don't fight!
That dickhead isn't thankful I've hung out with him
Yeah, thank you so much!
Let go of me
Okay, Let go
You can fight, huh?
Puppet Solider is up!
- Get off of me! - What the hell is that?
What's going on here?
What are you, mobsters?
Pigs are better than you
You're really something aren't you?
I warned you before, didn't I?
What does your father do?
What does he do?
He runs a Taekwondo gym
A Taekwondo gym?
So he raised you to be a punk
Tell me
Did your old man teach you to fight at school?
Did he? Did he, asshole?
What's this?
Let go of my arm
Let go, asshole!
You fucking bastard!
Get over here!
Teachers should be treated with utmost respect!
You know how many Viet Cong I killed in Vietnam?
Do you remember the story from Hyun-soo Kim?
I introduced it to you a few days ago
The girl who ran into his umbrella
wrote to me in reply
Hyun-soo, are you listening?
I listened to it on the bus
And I decided to write back
I had no idea
what I'd put him through
If I'd known, I wouldn't have returned the umbrella like that
He feels the world has ended...
It breaks my heart
It's two A.M. Now
I often think of that night on the bus
I hope he doesn't feel that it's over
- Feelings - by Morris Albert
You're late
What are you doing here?
I was waiting for you
What happened to your face?
I didn't expect a reply
You go to the library to listen to the radio?
I didn't think she'd read it
I didn't draw or paste a flower
Eun-ju, let's take a train trip
A train trip?
To get some fresh air
And I'd like to keep my promise
What promise?
You said you'd like to hear me play the guitar
Right... I did
Will you, on this trip?
Your silence
And my dried lips
Deep in my cold eyes
Your footsteps... frozen like rocks
Sing along!
Words heard from behind
I'm so glad we came
Drink this
Your silence and my dried lips
Deep in my cold eyes Your footsteps frozen like rocks
Words heard from behind Not 'I love you'
But 'Goodbye' Words carrying tears...
Is your mom okay with this?
I'm at the library now Remember?
I'll be bored
Once you go to college you won't see me
Don't worry I'll study for one more year
I remember the time I first saw you on the bus
What about it?
I was so glad I transferred
When I first saw you on the bus...
I liked you
Do I look cool?
I've always wanted to learn
The second string
How much?
Five bucks for all
Hey, fuckers What's going on?
- Hey, a wild horse! - Give it back
Jong-hoon's chick?
Go ask him yourself
What the...
Give them back
You sell these to buy glue for Jong-hoon to sniff?
Sell them somewhere else Fucking parasite!
What are you looking at?
What a pathetic loser
You went to the cafeteria again?
You poured acid on me?
Woo-sik Kim!
Come up to the roof Let's end it once and for all
Get your ass up!
Go lick Puppet Solder's boots unless you wanna die
Hey, kitchen maid's son
What'd you just call me?
Kitchen maid's son
You got it, asshole Let's go!
Hit his face!
One more!
Out of the way
Get the fuck out of the way
Students, go back to your classrooms
A school inspector is on his way to our school
Go back to your classrooms
A school inspector is on his way
Hurry back to your classrooms
I couldn't call out to him any more
Someone had sent an anonymous letter
to the school inspector
on the new class system
It must be one of the kids in the Inferior classes
They're fucked
The school inspector was hiding in the outhouse
No more Inferior classes?
You fools do nothing but talk
I sent the letter, man
- Bullshit - Go clean the bathroom
Be thankful to me
We study with smart ones and what?
We became smart, too? Hell no!
Have you heard about Woo-sik?
He took off
With a girl from Eunmyung
Says who?
His mom was here earlier
I bet it's Eun-ju
Model student my ass!
I knew she was a horny bitch
What makes you so sure? You didn't see them
What are you getting upset at me for?
You really don't know?
No I haven't seen him since that day
Where the hell is he then?
If you hear from him let me know
I heard...
He ran away with a girl
Is that true?
You know her?
You bastard! You call yourself human?
Look at this
You call these grades?
You think you can go to college?
Do yourself a big favor
Drop out of school
and start temping for peanuts!
I'm not going to college
I'll drop out!
You bastard!
You know what you become without a degree?
'A surplus man'!
You know what that means?
You're nothing but waste!
You think you're a smart ass? Then get out of my house!
What the...
Yeah, I was a surplus man
I had no dreams left in me
Not a thing that I was to do or that I wanted to do
Then I had an urge to jump
Like those raindrops falling...
I felt like falling, too
How are you doing, Bruce?
Welcome, Brother Jong-hoon
You've got tits, man
Up your ass
Fuck you Your fly is open
I prefer the Inferior class
Those in the Superior class do nothing but study
I should hang out here from now on
Hamburger, go ahead Show me some moves
If you wish, Bro
I'm fine, It's nothing
It gave me a hard-on
He thinks his Bruce Lee
We need to talk
You wanna quit school?
Why don't you rat on me, too?
You're not smart, so what?
Morality is all that counts
You go to a good college
but you're immoral Then what's the point?
Many people make it big in life without a degree
This new class system is for your own good
Why can't you see that?
We're not playing favoritism
And someone had to send an anonymous letter
How would that make us feel?
Being a righteous person is far more important
than getting into a good college
Where are you going?
Hey, Woo-sik's sidekick!
Did you just glare at me?
Don't make faces at me
Keep your eyes down
Keep them down
Fucking asshole!
- Leave him alone - Let go
- Think of your rep, man - Let go!
Hyun-soo, you wanna get your ass kicked too?
I'll poke your eyes out
Keep them down!
Let's go, man
Watch it, okay?
Let's go
I'll poke your eyes out
Keep them down!
Wanna get your ass kicked?
I finally found something to do
My path was set
Stand closer
How much?
All these?
Stop it You are such an idiot!
Fuck, Woo-Kyung and Sung-Kuk are Dumb and Dumber
What'd you just say?
Say it again
Wanna get it on?
Wanna get it on?
Come up to the roof now
I'll crash your fucking head in!
- Button up - Loyalty!
Stand over there
- Loyalty! - Loyalty!
It was such a close game
Evade one, two, three... shoot!
It's way off
One day I'll kill him
- Who? - That asshole
- Let go! - Jong-hoon?
Yeah, that fucker
Should I throw this at him?
Go ahead
- Idiot! - I know you've got no balls
- I do - Prove it then
- What if I do? - I'll give you a buck
No way, he's...
Are you out of your fucking mind?!
Who threw this at me?
Who threw it?
Did you?
- I didn't - Whoever did it, come clean
Close the door
Who threw it?!
Get your ass up!
Did you?
Cut it out, man It's not from our classroom
Get out
Get your hands off me!
Who did it?
I've got my rep to save here
Get the fuck away!
Damn, this is embarrassing
Come on, let's go
Close the back door
You stinking pig!
Close the fucking door!
Who do you think you are? You useless mouth!
Forgive me!
I'm sorry
Forgive me!
You fucking son of a bitch! Let's take it outside
You think you're such a fighter?
Come up to the roof
Have you lost your mind?
What are you on, fuckface?
You stooges stay out of this!
- You fucking... - Leave him be
Follow me, motherfucker
I'll make it quick for you
Get out of the way!
Come on, motherfuckers!
Come on, fucker
What the hell's going on?
That fucking bastard!
What are you doing? Get him!
Call the cops!
Fuck all the schools in Korea!
I can't believe he beat up my precious son
Mom, that's enough
I know how you must feel I'm really sorry
Your son should rot in jail!
Look what he did to him He's a monster!
I'm sorry
As his father, I can't tell you how sorry I am
Please, forgive him
We've got nothing more to say Please leave
It's my fault I didn't teach him right
Please, forgive him
I'm begging you
I'm sorry
It's, okay You can take the GED
Did Bruce Lee go to college?
He didn't hit me that day
We kept walking in silence
The road that I walked to and from school...
It felt so much shorter
Square it and multiply it
Right? Therefore...
When X is 2 the minimal number is 5
So X equals...
Y's the minimal number
- 8 squared + B squared...
The notice for the GED is on the bulletin board
Please, make sure you check it
- How about two bucks? - OK!
No Japanese porn?
You can trade that in for Japanese porn later
for only two bucks
Don't pass them around
- Are you sure? - Hamburger!
You can count on me
- I can't believe it - What?
You got kicked out right before graduation?
I told you I quit, man
My elementary knowledge is poor
I'll study my ass out here and go to college
How are Sung-choon and Cheetah?
They're fine
I miss them
Any word from Woo-sik?
He wouldn't call me, would he?
By the way, I saw Eun-ju
She's restudying for college at this institute
Taking off with Woo-sik and all that...
I knew she wouldn't make it
That song was introduced in 1974... '
- Bye, Eun-ju - Bye
'The fun thing is that one of the ABBA members... '
- All right! - 'Was preparing to give birth... '
When the song festival was planned
But, ABBA still preformed that day... '
And the year after that they introduced... '
It's been a while
Going home?
How have you been?
Your hair grew a lot
I dropped out
So nice seeing you It's been what, a year?
What are you up to?
I go to an institute for the GED
So I can go to college
- You? - Me?
I'm restudying for college
It's quite cold, isn't it?
It wasn't this cold this time last year
Hanam District!
- I'm getting off here - Okay
- Hyun-soo - Huh?
All right!
I can't believe you haven't seen 'Drunken Master'!
- It doesn't look good - Trust me on this
But you've seen it Let's watch something else
It's better the second time
- My treat - No way
Better than Bruce Lee's movies?
Way better!
You'll find out soon Jackie Chan is awesome
Bullshit Bruce Lee rules
He's history, man
Bruce Lee rocks!
Not before Jackie Chan!
Chi-Pa-Sa, Chong-Yi-Chen!
What are you, drunk?
Wanna fight, Bruce Lee?
Why not? You got it
Come up to the roof, asshole
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