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Subtitles for Man On Fire 2004 CD1.

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Man On Fire 2004 CD1

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[Bell Tolling]
[Bell Continues]
[Woman Screaming]
[Child Laughing]
[Phone Ringing]
- Sí. Bueno. - [Man On Phone] Family is everything.
Now, do you love your son?
- Sí. - [Men Shouting]
- [Man Shouting] - [Groaning]
Now... do you understand?
You have a $ 10 million insurance policy. l know that.
[Speaking Spanish]
- [Horns Honking] - [Man Shouting]
[Tires Screeching]
- [Woman Squealing] - [Chattering ln Spanish]
[Man Shouts ln Spanish]
[Angry Shouting]
[Woman Yelling ln Spanish]
[Chattering ln Spanish]
##[Mariachi Band]
Obey me, l will love you. Come on.
That's how it works, huh?
- Simple. - That's right.
She got a sister?
How's business?
TheJapanese are here in a big way.
Cheap labor, factory space.
But they feel a lot safer living over the border in El Paso.
l ferry them back and forth. They think l'm John Wayne.
- Ah. - Come on.
##[Men Singing ln Spanish]
- l live like a king down here. - Yes, you do.
- You been workin'? - Yeah. No.
Nah. Been movin' around, you know.
Colombia, couple of places l can't name. Nothing catches my fancy.
You think God will forgive us for what we've done?
- No. - You don't?
Me either.
- How long you staying? - l don't know. l just... you know.
l wanted to see you, Ray, see how you're doin'.
You know, l came by on impulse.
Well, l could do with some impulse.
What happened?
Family paid the ransom...
then they sent the kid home after a couple of days...
minus an ear, of course.
Now every mother in Mexico City with a little bit of money wants bigger and better bodyguards...
my own wife included.
l hate to break it to you, but she's right. She's right.
Look, Sammy, all my clients have, uh, kidnap and ransom insurance.
l have a policy. A.l.G. My dad gave it to me.
Yeah, l know. l got it for your dad.
But what are you gonna do in 60 days when you can't renew it?
- You can't because you don't have a bodyguard. - l had to let Emilio go.
You gotta please Lisa. l mean, hey, ass like that's hard to find.
Look, a bodyguard's like anything else.
You get what you pay for, okay?
You could do this. You get one that's got a decent résumé.
We're not looking for goddamn Superman here, right?
Get someone cheap till you renew the policy...
and then, uh... then fire the prick for whatever.
All kidding aside, the most important thing is that your daughter goes back to school...
and that your wife gets to save face.
This way, you won't be the only unprotected family in the neighborhood.
That's right. A bodyguard. Your Spanish is good enough.
- You're crazy. - You even look the part.
ln my state, l couldn't guard a corpse.
lt's rich guys flashing their cash. lt's all for show.
- Nothing's gonna happen. - Yeah? You think they'd hire a drunk, a has-been?
You have to keep it under control.
What if there was, you know, say, a kidnapping attempt? What do l do then?
You do your best. They're not gonna be paying you enough to perform miracles.
- l don't know. - lt's not exactly a scam, Crease.
- Even at half speed, you're pretty damn good. - Yeah.
Bodyguard's gotta be close to people though.
He gotta talk all the time, and l'm no good at that.
You'll be the silent type. People are gonna appreciate that.
Bodyguard. So who's the guy?
Samuel Ramos. He's a young guy.
He owns one of the plants in Juárez.
TheJap car industry is in the toilet.
He's trying to persuade Ford to partner with him.
l think he's in trouble. His family lives in Mexico City.
He asked me if l knew anybody he could trust.
- And you thought of me. - Yeah.
Take a job, Crease. Breathe some air.
Then decide if you want to stick around or not.
Besides, l'm glad to see you. l got nobody to talk to down here.
Listen, my wife wants someone presentable and polite.
You'll be the fifth candidate she sees this week.
Your résumé's quite impressive.
Sixteen years of military experience, extensive counterterrorism work.
l'm surprised anybody could afford you. What's the catch?
l drink.
How does that affect you?
coordination, reaction time.
lf top professionals try to kidnap your daughter, l'll do the best l can...
but the service will be on par with the pay.
What if amateurs tried?
l'd probably kill 'em. ls that likely?
No one is to know about your drinking. That includes my wife.
- [Door Opens] - [Samuel] Lisa.!
[TV: People Chanting]
My wife, Lisa. And this is John Creasy.
- You're an American. - So are you.
lt's all in there.
Would you like a drink?
Yes, uh, Jack and water'd be good.
- Have you done much of this kind of work before? - No, ma'am.
But he has a lot of experience in related fields.
- You have a family, Mr. Creasy? - No.
- [Creasy] Thank you. - Yes, Mom?
Honey, this is, uh, Mr. Creasy.
[Speaking Spanish]
ln English, honey.
Um, do you wanna show Mr. Creasy to his room?
- This way, Mr. Creasy. - Okay.
Thank you.
Just like that?
l think it's nice...
that he's an American.
l think it's terrific. You sure?
Thank you.
Thank you.
l feel better now.
- ¡Hola, Bruno.! - ¡Buenas tardes.!
That's Bruno, the gardener.
And, um, that's Maria, the cook.
- ¡Hola, Maria.! - Hola, Pita.
We fixed the room up two weeks ago. lt's nicer than before.
You've got a TVand C.D. player. What kind of music do you like, Mr. Creasy?
l don't know.
- You don't know? - l don't know.
- [Parrot Squawks] - That's Bird.
Emilio forgot to take him when he left.
Emilio was my last bodyguard.
Have you protected a lot of children before, Mr. Creasy?
Creasy. You can call me Creasy. And no, you're the first.
Bye, Creasy.
So long.
Bye, Bird.
- [Squawks] - [Door Closes]
- School tomorrow, peeps. - Does that mean we can get a dog?
Dad promised me one when l went back to school.
Yeah, we'll see.
lf you get a dog, will you give up your bear?
You're getting too old for him.
- How'd you like Mr. Creasy? - Creasy.
He said to call him just Creasy.
- Uh-huh. - That isn't disrespectful, is it?
No, not if he asked you.
Here. There you go.
- He's like a bear too. - Yeah?
A big, sad bear.
- ls he sad? - l think. Or something.
- Good night, honey. - Night.
- Oh, can you get me some floss in the morning? - Floss?
- Yeah, the strawberry kind. - Oh, sure.
Good night, Bear.
Creasy Bear.
[Skipped item nr. 185]
What's that one for?
La Virgin de Guadalupe.
Business. For Toyota, for Ford.
lf one dies, maybe she can resurrect the other one.
l don't know.
- [Sighs] - She likes him.
- What are you talking about? - Creasy.
Pita likes him.
Pita loves school.
Pita would love Count Dracula ifhe took her back there, honey.
- Hey. Are you okay? - l don't know.
- Okay? - [Sighs]
l don't know, Lisa.
l'm trying.
[Bell Tolling]
[Squawking Continues]
Come on, Bird.
That's right. That's right. Come on.
All right. Home to Emilio.
You're home free, baby.
[Horns Honking]
- Where are you from, Creasy? - The U.S.
- l know, but which state? - No state in particular.
You can drive and talk at the same time.
No, l can't, Pita, so, please, let me just do my job.
Are you going to stay?
My last bodyguard left.
Somebody gave him more money than we could.
l guess that makes me a bargain then, huh?
Being black... is that a positive or negative for a bodyguard in Mexico?
Time will tell.
There were 24 kidnappings in Mexico City in the last six days.
- Four a day. - Yeah?
- Twenty-four? - Twenty-four. What do you think about that, Creasy?
- l think that you know entirely more than you should. - Well, thank you.
[Bell Tolling]
[Girl] Hola, Miguel.
- See you later. - You have to sign.
- What? - You have to sign in, show them your l.D.
Buenos días. Come on.
Right there.
- Hola, Manuel. - Hola, Pita.
- ¡Hola, Pita.! - ¡Hola.!
Pita! lt's so good to have you back.
Sister Anna, this is my new bodyguard, Creasy.
Sister Anna, the headmistress.
- Señor Creasy. - [Bell Rings]
Hurry. Class is about to begin.
- Go, go. - Bye, Creasy.
- Madre. - You must look after our Pita.
lt is not good that she's late today.
l'm very sorry. l, uh... l'll have to get used to the rules. lt won't happen again.
No offense, but l regret that your profession needs to exist.
[Chuckles] So do l, Madre. So do l.
Do you ever see the hand of God in what you do?
No, not for a long time.
The Bible says, "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome..."
"Overcome evil with good."
[Speaking Spanish]
l'm the sheep that got lost, Madre.
##[Speakers: Woman Singing]
[Bell Ringing]
When you were a kid, Creasy, did you like school?
- l don't remember. - You don't remember?
No, l don't remember. lt, uh... Nah, l didn't like it.
Why not?
Because it wasn't a school like yours.
There was no, uh... no Sister Anna.
Were you unhappy?
Being unhappy, Pita, that's a state of mind. l really don't remember.
What happened to your hand?
- lt's a birth defect. - No, it's not.
- Look, no more questions, okay? - [Horn Honking]
- lt really wasn't a question. - lt sounded like a question.
Look, l got a job to do. Hey.!
No. Gracias. Gracias. No. No.
Listen to me. l'm being paid to protect you, okay?
No, no, no. l'm being paid to be your bodyguard.
Look at me. l'm not being paid to be your friend.
l'm being paid to protect you, so no more questions. That's it. Period.
[Horn Honks]
- You hear me? - Yes.
- And no crying. - l'm not crying.
- [Horns Honking] - Well, don't start.
You gotta understand, this is a job.
- ln order for me to do... - [Tires Screeching]
ln order for... Wait a minute.
- [Horns Honking] - [Whistle Blowing]
Yeah, come in.
Mr. Creasy.
l just wanted to make sure you have everything you need.
l'm fine, thanks.
ls the food all right? 'Cause, uh, Maria told me you didn't eat.
Uh... yeah, the food is great.
l just wasn't that hungry tonight.
So you, uh, read the Bible?
Yeah, sometimes.
- Does it help? - Yeah, sometimes.
- Can l talk to you for a minute? - Sure.
How are you doing with Pita?
Fine. Fine.
Soon as she figures out that l'm not her new toy, we'll be fine.
- Yeah, she told me about that. - Okay.
- You don't have children, do you? - l told you l didn't.
Well, they can be tenacious when they want something.
- And Pita just wants to be friends. - Okay.
But you're paying me to protect her, right? Not to be her friend.
So, uh...
look, maybe this isn't gonna work out.
Maybe your husband should find somebody who's a little more sociable.
No, you're right.
You're being paid to protect her...
and l'm confident that you'll do that.
l'll be coming with you tomorrow. l hope that's all right.
## [Bass]
##[Woman Singing]
[Creasy's Voice] You think God will forgive us for what we've done?
[Heart Beating]
[Creasy's Voice Echoing] l'm tired ofkillin', Ray.
You think God will forgive us for what we've done?
ln my state, l couldn't... l couldn't guard a corpse.
Talk all the time.
[Echoing] You know, l'm no good at that.
You know, l'm no good at that.
You know how they say...
a bullet always tells the truth?
## [Musical Ringing]
## [Continues]
- Hey. - Crease.
What's wrong?
Hey, listen, you-you ever have a...
a nine-millimeter round that didn't go off?
Well, yeah. Failure to fire.
l know. Failure to fire and-and-and, uh...
You know, l pulled the trigger and... and... and...
click, nothing.
You're talking about a bad primer.
Yeah, l... Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
But l... You know, right, dimple. Dimple on the primer.
That may be.
Well, like we used to say...
a bullet always tells the truth.
- You all right? - Yeah.
What were you shooting at?
Yeah, l'm sorry, Ray. l'm sorry l woke you.
No, i-it's okay. Nothin'. l was watchin' TV.
[Snorts] Okay.
All right.
[Thunder Rumbling]
Pita, you have a pencil?
Thank you.
- [Horn Honks] - [Tires Screeching]
[Horn Honking]
lt's hard to get used to the traffic down here.
Yeah. l'm very sorry.
- See you, baby. - All right. See you later.
- Hey. Don't forget your towel. - Oh, thank you.
Bye. Buenas días.
[Whistle Blows]
[Whistle Blows]
- You're a strong swimmer. - l never win.
[Grunts] Thanks.
- So what do l do? - What do you think you should do?
You're the fastest one in the water, the slowest one off the blocks.
- What do you think that means? What do you gotta do? - Get faster off the blocks.
Get faster off the blocks.
- Our big swim meet is in three weeks. - Yeah?
- l was gonna enter the 150 freestyle. - Yeah, you'll be fine.
You'll be okay.
- l'll still be slow. - You're not slow.
l never finish better than third.
All right. Maybe you are slow then.
[TV: Woman Speaking Spanish]
[Pita] Go.! ¡Vamos!
- ¡Vamos, Bird.! - [Bird Squawking]
[Pita] How do you think he got out?
- l let him go. - lt's better to be free, right?
lt's better for him.
Actually, he was driving me crazy.
Good night.
Good night.
##[Woman Singing]
- See you in a couple of days. l love you. - All right. Love you.
Be good. Come on, Lise.
- All right, sweetheart. We'll call you from Detroit. - Okay.
- l love you. - Love you.
- Okay. Bye, honey. - Señora.
- Bye. - Oh. Gracias.
- Okay. Bye, honey! - Bye.
- l love you. - Love you.
[Engine Starts]
[Sighs] l hate leaving her.
Eyes are closed?
- [Gasps] - What happened?
- l flinched. - You flinched? The gunshot holds no fear.
- Say it. - The gunshot holds no fear.
The gunshot holds no fear! Say it.
- The gunshot holds no fear. - Louder!
- The gunshot holds no fear! - Louder!
- The gunshot holds no fear! - That's good.
- The gunshot holds no fear! - That's good.
You welcome the sound.
ln fact, it's the sound that sets you free.
You are a prisoner on this block until that sound sets you free.
- Are you ready? Are you ready? - Yes. Yes.
- Are you set? - Uh-huh.
- Creasy? - Hmm?
- What's a concubine? - Why do you ask?
lt's in my history book.
- Oh. - lt's like a wife, right?
Yeah. Yes, uh... Can l see that?
- Kind of a wife. - Right there.
But the emperor of China had 1,000 of them.
Okay, like nowadays in-in the West, they have one husband for one wife.
But in the olden time cultures, they had, uh...
you know, different... uh, different rules.
- Why, you feel sorry for the husband? - Yeah.
Can you imagine my mom multiplied by a thousand?
Creasy. You're smiling.
- What? - You were smiling.
- No, l'm not. No, l was not. - You were.
- You're not now, but you were. - You were smiling. l wasn't.
- You were. - When?
- Like five seconds ago. - l'm not smiling.
- A second ago you were. - You said five seconds ago. Now that's six.
- Six seconds ago l wasn't smiling. - Ten seconds ago.
Ten seconds ago l was smiling. Okay, in the next 10 seconds, let's see who smiles first.
- You smiled already. See? You did. - Mmm!
- No, that wasn't a... That was a smirk. - Yeah, you...
That's not a smile. A smirk is different.
They both start with "S," but they're not the same... Do your homework.
You were.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Come back, come back.
- Bang! - [lnhales]
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Come here.
Hurry up, hurry up. Set.
You don't flinch when you hear the gunshot, understand?
You listen for the sound. You don't anticipate.
- Concentrate on the sound. You understand me? - [lnhales]
They're gaining on you! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Stop! Stop!
Come on, get out. Let's go again. Let's go again.
[Both Speaking Spanish]
- Gracias. Come here, girl! - Daddy!
- [Squeals] - Oh, l missed you so much.
- l missed you too. - How are you doing? l got a surprise for you.
- You do? - Ready?
- Huh? - You got me a dog! You finally got me a dog!
- What do you think? - Oh, my gosh.
- Just what l wanted. What's his name? - Sam, like Dad.
Great! Come on, Sam! Come on, Sam!
- State. - Mm-hmm.
Bhutan. lt's a Himalayan kingdom.
They were having some problems with their royal family not that long ago.
- Mm-hmm. - Okay.
Any more questions?
- Do you have a girlfriend? - What?
- Do you have a girlfriend? - No.
What kind of question is that? You're supposed to be studying history.
- That is history. Creasy history. - No, that's ancient history.
- No more questions. - Who was your very first girlfriend?
Nonya. Nonya business. That's who.
- Okay? - [Lisa Clears Throat] Hi.
Tomorrow after you drop off Pita, could you take me to get my hair done?
- Yes, ma'am. - All right.
Well, um, l'll leave you two to your history.
- Good night. - Good night, honey.
- Okay, now ask me. - Ask you what?
- [Shouts] - [Water Splashing]
[Bruno Shouting Encouragement ln Spanish]
Go, Pita, go. Go! Go, go, go, go!
[Shouting ln Spanish]
Go, go, go, go, go.
- [Beeps] - [Bruno] ¡Bravo! ¡Muy bien!
- 10.99. - Yes!
Whoo.! [Spits Water]
- l'm tough, Creasy. - No such thing as tough.
There's trained, then there's untrained.
- Now, which are you? - Trained.
Trained. Okay. Let's go again.
[Horn Sounding]
- Here. - Stand here near the finish line.
Okay. Hey.
l'm a prisoner in the block until the gunshot sets me free.
- Don't smile, don't fool around if you want to win. - Okay.
- You want to win? Trained or untrained? - Trained.
- Señor Creasy, nice to see you. - Oh, good to see you, Madre.
Pita's parents are away on business in Juárez. l was...
Today you are her father.
[lnhales, Exhales]
[Crowd Cheering, Screaming]
[Announcer Speaking Spanish] Pita Ramos.!
l won! Creasy! l won!
- Okay. - l won!
[All Laughing]
- Once upon a time, when we were young... - When l was young.
Well, when we were young and he was younger...
all heads turned our way.
We made a deal to take the world together.
Yeah, then one day l got a call, and he said...
- [Wailing] - "l'm in love! l'm in love!
And l'm moving to Mexico. "
And... [Laughing] l said...
- "What happened to the plan? What happened to it?" - [Wails]
l said, "The plan's right here."
Yeah. Yeah. And what'd l do?
l hung up, then l met Alicia...
and then l went, "Oh, now l got you! l got you."
l got it. Can l kiss her? ls that...
Absolutely! Hey, what are you doing?
- You got me. - Okay, l think now is a good a time as any.
l bought it with my own money.
Open it.
lt's St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes.
Well deserved.
Thank you, Pita. lt's beautiful.
You're welcome.
- Dad. - Yes, sweetie?
Can l talk to you?
l don't want to play piano. l want to swim.
lt's not open for discussion, honey, okay?
Mr. Lozzi's a very, very famous teacher, and if he accepts you as his student...
you're gonna play the piano.
[Whispers] Whatever.
- l love you. - l love you.
- l just want what's best for you, you know that? - Okay.
Okay, honey.
lf you broke all my fingers, then taped them back together...
l wouldn't be able to play piano, but l could still swim.
- Sam, get back. - [Whimpers]
Don't be a crybaby. You're tougher than that.
Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.
- Remember the day you wanted the pencil? - Yeah.
l know why.
- Yeah? - You wanted the license number off of that car.
l wrote it down in my notebook.
l got it all but the last number.
l'll get it from you lat... Can you belch?
Burp. Can you burp?
- [lnhales, Belches] - [Laughing]
That's good. That's very good.
- l just had a Coke. - All right. Listen.
Now, this teacher, this famous teacher...
He teaches a lot of rich kids and plays for the symphonies, right?
- Right. - You belch every few minutes while you're practicing.
- Okay. - You apologize to him, but you keep belching.
- You'll offend every sensibility he has. - Okay.
Very good. You'll be back in the pool in 24 hours, l guarantee you.
- Right, Sam? - [Panting]
- [Man] Hola. - Lupita Ramos?
For you, Creasy.
Thank you. [Sniffs]
- How does this look? - Good.
- Good. - Hmm?
- Hola, Pita. - Hola.
- Bye. - Bye. [Speaking Spanish]
- [Loud Belch] - [Lozzi] Pita.
- [Pita Belches] - [Lozzi] Pita.!
[Lozzi Speaking Spanish]
[Growling, Barking]
- [Barking] - [Shouting ln Spanish]
[Growling, Barking Continue]
[Woman Speaking Spanish]
[Bell Tolls]
[Police Radio: Woman Speaking Spanish]
[Horn Honks]
[Man Speaking Spanish]
- [Shouting ln Spanish] - [No Audible Dialogue]
- Run! - [Woman Screams]
[Man Shouting ln Spanish]
[Grunts, Panting]
[Man Shouts]
Creasy. Creasy.
[No Audible Dialogue]
l can't...
- [Screams] - [Grunts]
- [Screams] - Come on!
[Man]John W. Creasy is under arrest for the murder of two police officers...
of theJudicial Police.
[Pita Screaming, Distorted] Creasy!
Also involved in the kidnapping of...
[Men Chattering ln Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
[Man Speaking Spanish]
[All Shouting]
[Laughing, Applauding]
[Reporters Clamoring]
[Police Radio Chatter]
- [Camera Shutters Clicking] - [Chattering]
Excuse me.
Everybody relax, okay? Relax, Sammy.
l know she's your little girl.
When l tell you everything's gonna be all right, everything's gonna be all right.
Señor Ramos.
l'm sorry. l'm really sorry.
Victor Fuentes, Anti-Kidnapping Division, Policia Judicial.
Excuse me. l'm Jordan Kalfus. l'm the family attorney.
Speak slower, please. My Russian is better than my English.
Well, l'm conducting the negotiations, and we neither need nor want police assistance.
We're gonna... We're gonna handle this thing ourselves.
Señor Ramos, two police officers were killed...
during your daughter's abduction.
l have a written order from Ministerio Publico...
authorizing our participation ex-officio.
lf you want to speak to Attorney General Diaz, it's on me.
No. Okay.
The kidnapper will tell you to deliver the money alone.
Por favor, don't do that...
or you will find yourself in a real Mexican hell.
No mariachi. No tequila... and no Pita.
[Monitor Beeping]
[Loud Sigh] When l heard it was this hospital, l was so pleased.
There is a pastry shop nearby.
Delgado's. They have the best pastries in Mexico.
[Sniffs] Oh, Miguel Manzano...
director of the A.F. l...
and a former director of lnterpol...
in Rome.
- And you are? - Friend of his. Rayburn.
- Rayburn? - [Phone Ringing]
- Rayburn? - [Phone Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
Do you love your daughter, Señor Ramos?
Yes. Yes.
- Do you want to see her again? - Yes, l do.
Señor, if your daughter's life...
is as important to you as it is to me...
you will do as l say.
- Yes? - Okay. Yes.
- Crease. Can you hear me? - Hmm.
You got four of them. All dead.
- Pita. - lt's, uh...
lt's been two days. They're negotiating a ransom.
These things take time, Mr. Creasy.
Don't fuck with me, all right?
- [Phone Ringing] - [Chattering]
[Man] Do you have the 10 million? Do you have the money?
- Yes, we have the money. - Now if you do as l say...
the girl will be returned exactly as she was taken.
But if you deviate from the process in any way...
l swear, you will never see her again.
l understand. Listen, l-l too worship la Virgin de Guadalupe.
l ask you if you understand.
Hello, sir. This is, uh, Mr. Ramos's attorney.
He's going through a very difficult time here, but he understands.
[Man] Do you understand? Repeat the drop instructions.
Okay, the money, 10 million, U.S., will be divided into...
two 15-gallon black canvas bags, each containing five million...
which will be checked at the bank by the K.R. agent...
then driven to the house in an armored car where it will be transferred to the delivery car.
You got a flat tire here.
This is for you.
Hello. Yeah.
Listen, l need a driver to drive Samuel.
No. Why?
He's got a bad ticker. He's got a heart condition.
Look, he's a nervous kid who doesn't respond well to stress.
All right. But the car will not be powerful.
Remove the trunk lid. Use the maid's Valiant Acapulco.
You will arrive at La Diana Fountain at 1:00 a.m.
You will drive around the circle two times.
Samuel will remove his shirt and hold it out the window...
to l.D. the car.
There is a pay phone on the southeast corner.
The phone will ring. He will answer and wait for instructions.
There is a map on the top of the phone. Follow it.
- What are you doing? He said no phones! - Relax. Relax.
- l'm just trying to protect your daughter. - Just get me there, please.
- What's going on? - Hospitals can be very dangerous places.
Especially when you have killed two corrupt cops.
[Man] Leave the money in the trunk of the white car.
Then return to your car.
Do not look back.
Remember, l'm a professional.
lf you keep your word, l will keep mine.
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello. - Mr. Ramos.
You betrayed me. You killed my nephew.
You took my money.
Señor Ramos... [Continues ln Spanish]
All right. Get out of here, all of you. Get the fuck out of my house!
Okay, this is Lisa.
l'm Pita's mother. [Sniffs]
And l'm very sorry for whatever happened to your nephew, but l beg you...
[Continues ln Spanish]
This conversation is not being recorded.
[Continues ln Spanish]
l'm sorry. l'm really sorry. l wish we had talked sooner, senora.
l'm really sorry.
Now it is too late.
Fuck off! Get the fuck out of my fucking house now!
Get out! Get out!
Hey, Ray.
- Where am l? - Well, it looks like a dog hospital.
Manzano was afraid the cops were gonna kill you.
How ya doin', Doc?
What's the matter?
She's de... dead, Crease.
lt's a mess.
Somebody hijacked the drop, and, uh...
the kidnapper's nephew was killed...
so he k... he killed Pita.
[Bell Tolling]
Did you recognize any of these men?
No. Does that make me a suspect?
lt would be convenient, but no.
Um, maybe you should show me some pictures of some Mexican cops.
- Maybe we'll get somewhere then. - Those were all policemen.
- Maybe we'll get somewhere then. - Those were all policemen.
Bad judicial cops.
Protected by a brotherhood.
A brotherhood called La Hermandad.
- [Exhales] - You all set?
- Hmm? - Right arm. Here.
- Okay? - Yeah. l'm all right.
Let's go.
- Somebody's on us. - Yeah. Lois Lane.
- Who? - Mariana something, works for Reforma.
Maybe she thinks you're a scoop.
l'll get you up to the border.
A friend of mine will take you to San Diego, drop you right at the naval hospital.
- l'm not going, Ray. - What are you gonna do?
Let's take a ride by the crime scene. She can follow us.
[Footsteps Approaching]
Buenos días.
Mr. Creasy?
A lot of people are looking for you.
l'm Mariana Garcia Guerrero.
Reporter for Reforma.
[Soft Grunt]
- Nice to meet you. - l found this across the street.
- [Exhales Loudly] - Open it.
lt's Santa Muerte. Death worship.
- They've put a curse on you. - Ha. They're a little late.
- What are you going to do? - l'm gonna get in my truck and leave.
l can help you.
There's a brotherhood called La Hermandad.
lt protects high-ranking government officials, corrupt police...
and organized crime at a level that is too difficult for me to reach.
And l think that you and Lupita Ramos are victims of this organization.
l want to expose them. Talk to me, give me your story, then l can help you.
- Please. - [Laughs Quietly]
Help me do what?
You're gonna help me do what?
You're a stranger here, no?
That's right.
You're going to need friends that know their way around.
Okay, friend that's gonna help me.
A pleasure to meet you. Tell your driver to keep his distance next time.
All right, friend?
You'll be stateside by supper time.
l'm gonna need some help first though, Ray.
lf you don't stop bleeding, you won't last a day the shape you're in.
- ls that a yes or is that a no? - Yeah.
But l'm done killing. l told you that.
- Okay. - Anything else is yours.
- You're talking about war. - Exactly what l'm talking about.
Can you help me?
- [Sighs] Yeah. - Good.
- [Exhales] - [Pita's Voice] Creasy.
- What are you doing here? - Oh.
Came to get my stuff.
Couldn't find my Bible. l thought it might be in here.
- l borrowed it. - Okay.
lt's crazy, huh?
One week we're figuring out which nightclub to go to...
and the next thing l'm reading the Bible.
lt's a good thing. You hold on to it.
l keep thinking, if only we hadn't...
lt's like, um...
[Exhales] my whole life, all l've ever thought about...
was what l could get for myself.
Even with my own baby.
She needed me so much, and sometimes...
l felt like l had nothing to give her.
Just, um, l don't know what to do.
- What are you gonna do? - What l do best.
l'm gonna kill 'em.
Anyone who was involved. Anybody who profited from it.
Anybody who opens their eyes at me.
[Whispering] You kill 'em all.
Yla Browning.
- [Phone Ringing] - [Woman On P. A: Spanish]
[Spanish] Hola.
Yeah, it's me.
- Mr. Creasy. - Okay. l need the license...
Well, no, excuse me.
l need the name and address of someone whose license number is...
That's C-5-T-K-8.
l got everything but the last digit, so l need 10 possible matches.
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