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Man On Fire 2004 CD2

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And when do l find out which of the 10 it is?
- Eventually. - Well, where do l reach you?
- l'll call you. - [Phone Beeps Off]
Jordan, Angola, Lebanon. Yes, l know all of that.
He's an assassin. And you want to help him identify the owner of a car for him?
[Mariana ln Spanish]
- Mariana. - Sí.
Now, Jorge Gonzales.
Okay. [Spanish]
[Lisa's Voice] What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?
[Creasy] What l do best.
Anyone who was involved. Anybody who profited from it.
Anybody who opens their eyes at me, l'm gonna kill 'em.
Oh, God!
- [Announcer ln Spanish] - [Exhales]
- [Announcer] "Oye Como Va." - ##[Latin]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Okay? Ahora.
Huh? You know who l am?
Hey, hey, hey.
[Breathing Heavily]
[Panting] No sé nada.
¡No sé.! ¡No sé.! [Spanish Continues]
La Voice.
[Horn Honks]
- Okay. - [Shaky Breath]
- Okay. - [Panting]
[Announcer Continues]
##[Woman: Spanish]
[Shouting ln Spanish]
Okay. Well.
Wait, wait, wait.
Give me one cigarette, please.
- Sí. - Okay.
Okay, my friend. lt's off to the next life for you.
l guarantee you, you won't be lonely.
Revenge is a meal best served cold.
- La niña. - No.
¿No? Vamos.
l heard you speaking Spanish. You're American, right?
- And so are you. - Yeah.
- Get out of here. Where are you from? - l'm from New Jersey.
- You from New Jersey? - Yeah.
l'm from New Jersey. All right, listen to me.
All right. Everything is done up by cell phone.
You just wait around for calls, and we don't even have a fucking number.
Who pays you?
We got an A.T.M. card. We take out 200 fucking measly dollars every two weeks.
- Two hundred dollars? - Yeah.
- What's the Pl N number? - The what?
The Pl N number. Code number.
- Yeah. - Good. You wouldn't lie to me, right?
- l'm not lying, man. - Did you kill her? You didn't kill her, did you?
- No. - [Gunshot]
Don't lie to me. Don't lie to me! Did you kill her?
Oh, man, you're making me fucking nervous.
- Did you kill her? - No way. The fucking boss did, or his brother.
- We never see his face. - You're not lying to me, are you?
- No. Goddamn it! l'm telling you the truth! - [Gunshot]
Tell me, who? You never see whose face?
Well, we were in the other room...
and he was yellin'at the girl 'cause his nephew got killed...
and the money got stolen.
Wait, wait. Wh-What? Somebody stole what money?
- The ransom money at the drop. - Who? Who stole it?
- He said some fuckin' crooked cop took it. - Who?
- Fuentes. - Fuentes?
Yeah, that's right. [Yells]
All right? Huh? Jersey boy?
- [Grunts] - Yeah. Now.
- This Fuentes guy? - Yeah.
He's a lieutenant for the Anti-Kidnapping Division.
Fuentes is. What'd you do?
- Oh, man. - Tell me about the girl. What'd you do?
- Huh? What'd you do? - l just do what they told me.
- You do what they tell you to do? - Yeah.
Did you say good-bye to her? Answer my question.
- Did you say good-bye to her? - No!
- You didn't? Here's your chance. Say good-bye. - Oh, shit!
Say good-bye to her. Say good-bye to her.
Fucking let me go!
[Uneven Breathing]
Okay. Okay.
- No? - No.
[No Audible Dialogue]
- [Gunshot] - [Cheering]
- [Gunshot] - [Cheering]
- [Gunshot] - [Cheering]
[Phone Ringing]
- Sí, Guerrero. - Listen, it's me.
Yeah, it's me. You know anything about a young girl being kidnapped recently?
- She's about 12 years old? - Yes, that's last night.
- Do you know something? - What's her name?
Uh, Camilla. Camilla Valencias.
¿Camilla? ¿Se llama Camilla?
- Sí. - Okay. l got her.
Where are you?
[Sirens Wailing]
[Police Radio Chatter]
- Creasy, what happened? - lt's okay.
- Sit down. Relax. - [Spanish]
She's okay. She's okay. You got banking connections?
Yes, l have connections.
Okay. The Pl N number's 4747.
Okay. The Pl N number's 4747.
l wanna find out who's putting money in that account.
What do you know about a cop named Fuentes?
He's with the Anti-Kidnapping Division.
He's the one who drove Samuel Ramos to the drop.
- Fuentes? - Sí.
- Who is she? - You can ask her later. She'll tell you anything.
- What do you know about him? About Fuentes? - [Exhales]
Three years ago they caught him with $50,000 and a dead body in the trunk of his car.
- Huh. - Never charged.
Arresting officer couldn't testify 'cause he was dead.
- ls he La Hermandad? - Mm-hmm.
- You know where he lives? - He lives in a judicial compound.
He travels by motorcade.
Creasy, he's better protected than the president of Mexico.
He's gonna need it. You gonna take care of her?
- Yes. Well, how can l find you? - l'll find you.
[Phone Ringing]
This is my jurisdiction.
l want this man as much as Creasy does.
He'll deliver more justice in a weekend than 10 years of your courts and tribunals.
- Just stay out of his way. - l plan to. [Sniffs]
l will even help him, if l can.
But, uh, l would like to understand him.
Give me that.
Pita Ramos...
that's a number to you.
You know, one more dead, but a number.
What was she to Creasy then?
She showed him it was all right to live again.
And the kidnappers took that away, huh?
And they're gonna wish they never touched a hair on her head.
A man can be an artist...
in anything... food, whatever.
lt depends on how good he is at it.
Creasy's art is death.
He's about to paint his masterpiece.
l don't have anything else to say.
[TVReporter: Spanish]
Shh. Shh. [Spanish]
- [Siren Chirps] - [Engines Starting]
Forgiveness is between them and God.
lt's my job to arrange the meeting.
[Fuentes Shouting ln Spanish]
Don't move. Put your hands down. Put 'em down.
[Tires Screeching]
- [Beep] - [Man] SeñorJohn W. Creasy...
is under arrest for the murder of two officers of theJudicial Police.
[Distorted Scream]
He's suspected of possible involvement...
of possible involvement in the kidnapping of Lupita Ramos.
- [Helicopter Blades Whirring] - [Man On Radio, lndistinct]
[Car Horn Honking]
[Man On Radio, lndistinct]
Can you hear me? Huh?
Know where we are?
We're under the bridge where the deal went bad.
The ransom got stolen. You wanna tell me what happened?
- Have you heard of La Hermandad? - Yes, l have.
- Do you know what it is? - Yes.
l'm the president of La Hermandad.
- You're the president? - Yes.
The president? Wow.
Look at me.
Oh, you can't. [Chuckles] l'm sorry.
- How's that? - [Grunts]
Let me show you what l got here.
See this? This is a charger. lt's used by convicts to hide money and drugs.
They stick it in their body. They tuck it up their rectum.
You familiar with that? This... Look at me.
Pencil detonator.
Timer, used as a receiver-transmitter.
C-4. Highly explosive.
You put 'em all together, you got a bomb.
Not very sophisticated, but very powerful.
- That's what you have in your ass right now. - [Gasps]
Don't move. Don't move. Don't move.
Cheap watch. Pager watch.
Used to send a page to the receiver that's up your behind right now.
So, l'm gonna send you a page...
which you will receive...
in five minutes.
- [Tape Rewinding] - [Button Clicks]
You got less than five minutes to tell me what went down...
between your men and the kidnapper.
l have nothing to do with the kidnapper.
- Four minutes and 30 seconds. - Nothing. l don't know him.
You don't know? Four minutes and 25 seconds.
Four minutes and 20 seconds. Are you sure?
l got all the time in the world. You don't, but l do.
- Hey, relax, relax, buddy. - l'm relaxed.
You got three minutes, 59 seconds.
l saw the opportunity, and l got lucky.
And l had my men ready as we got instructions where to go.
You had your men ready to steal the drop.
You had your men ready to kill one of the kidnappers, yeah?
You've done this many times.
- One of the nephews of the head kidnapper... - Bingo. Bingo. Bingo.
- Bingo, yeah. You've done this many times, huh? - Many times, yeah.
- Yeah. Killed many victims too, haven't you? - Come on, sir.
- We just make out as best we can. - "As best we could"?
Two minutes, 47 seconds.
Wait-Wait a minute. Come on.
- l have a little gift for you. - For me?
- Yeah. Come on. Come on. - What do you got?
There was no $ 10 million. There was one half in the bags.
The ransom was $10 million? They put it in two bags.
- Five million in each bag, right? - Two bags, true.
But one has half paper...
the other only paper. [Chuckles]
Maybe your men stole it.
Whoever did it took it before the exchange.
Okay. At the Ramos house...
before the exchange, who put the bags in the car?
- Guess what. - What?
Ramos lawyer, Jordan Kalfus.
- Jordan Kalfus? - Yeah.
Sir? Please.
l-l'm sorry. l'm really sorry for the girl.
lt was just business. You know, l'm a professional.
That's what everybody keeps saying. "l'm just a professional."
Everybody keeps saying that to me. "l'm just a professional. l'm just a professional."
l'm getting sick and tired of hearing that. You understand me?
What are you going to do now?
What am l gonna do? l'm gonna leave. l gotta go.
- Yeah. l got... - Come on. Come on. What about me, huh?
- What about you? You got 40 seconds. - Come on.
- Thirty-five. - A last wish, please. Please.
Last wish? l wish you had more time.
- [Beeping] - Hey! Hey, hey!
- [Beeping lncreases] - [Muttering]
##[Woman Singing lndistinctly]
[Woman Speaking Spanish]
[Machine Whirring]
[Woman Continues]
- [Phone Ringing] - Hola.
- Mariana, it's me. - Creasy, where are you?
Listen, l got something that looks like banking codes...
from BankCoast in the Cayman lslands.
- l need it translated as fast as you can. - Whose account is it?
Jordan Kalfus, and it looks like U.S. deposits and withdrawals.
Give me the same thing on Samuel Ramos.
Samuel Ramos. That's it?
- That's it. - Okay.
[Doorbell Buzzes]
[Door Closes]
- Creasy. - Samuel.
[Lisa] Honey?
What's going on?
That's what l wanna know. What is going on?
Huh, Sam?
l'm gonna ask your wife a couple of questions, okay?
You move...
you make one sound...
l'll snatch the life right outta you, you understand?
What happened, Lisa, hmm?
Were you in on this?
- Or was it just your husband, huh? - Am l in on what?
You know what l'm talking about... Pita's kidnapping, her death. Were you a part of it?
- Pita got killed because the ransom got stolen. - Shut up!
Yeah, the money was stolen. You're right. He's right.
The money was stolen by Victor Fuentes. How much was stolen though, huh?
- $2.5 million, right? - What are you talking about?
He knows what l'm talking about. $2.5 million. That's what Victor got, isn't it?
- What are you talking about? - 2.5 million.
2.5 million to your lawyer Jordan Kalfus...
that he put in an account in the Cayman lslands, but he won't get a chance to spend it.
What happened to the other five, Sam?
Huh? That's 2.5, 2.5. What is five from 10?
That's five. What happened to the other five, Sam? Tell your wife.
- lt's your chance to talk. What happened to the other five?
- You got a wife, Creasy? - No, l don't have a wife.
Then you'll never know how hard it could be to tell your wife the truth.
No, you have a wife! You tell me what happened!
lt was in this room that my father prayed.
- l don't give a fuck about your fucking father! - My father prayed.
He prayed that his gambling debts and his infidelities would be forgiven right in this room.
- Samuel! l love you! - What, Lisa?
- Tell me the truth. - l didn't inherit a kingdom! That's the truth!
You wanna know the truth? l inherited his debt and his mess.
- l inherited his lawyerJordan... - You tell me what happened to my baby!
Say it! Say it! Say it!
Say it! Say it! Be a fucking man!
Jordan told me she'd sit in a room...
and watch cartoons all day...
and she'd eat ice cream and we'd have her back in two days.
He lied to me!
That's why he's fucking dead! l did it!
l did it, Lisa!
l agreed to the kidnapping.
l did it for us... for the three of us.
l'm so sorry, Lisa.
[Lisa Shuddering]
You kill him.
You kill him or l will.
Huh. You know, they say a, um...
a bullet always tells the truth.
lt never lies.
- lt didn't work for me, Samuel, but maybe... - [Shudders]
maybe it'll work for you.
l'll pray for you.
[Man Speaking Spanish]
[Manzano Continues]
- Gracias. - [Gunshot]
[Exhales, Panting]
[Phone Ringing]
- [Mariana] ¿Hola? - [Creasy] Hola.
- Mr. Creasy? - Yeah, it's me.
- l traced the PlN for you and l have an address. - Yeah?
The cardholder is Reina Rosas Sanchez, the wife of"The Voice."
She lives in Los Arcos, apartment 26D, Via Appia.
- Good. - And another thing.
Pick up today's paper and you'll have a picture of"The Voice."
Good. Thank you.
[Church Bell Ringing]
[Boy Shouting ln Spanish]
[Creasy] Shh, shh, shh.
[Woman Speaking Spanish Over Radio]
[Baby Crying]
José? ¿Qué te pasa?
[Creasy Speaking Spanish]
[Woman Shouting]
[Tires Screeching]
[Crowd Shouting]
- [Baby Crying] - [Door Closes]
[Creasy Continues Speaking Spanish]
- [Shouts] - [Spanish]
[Man Coughing]
[Creasy, Spanish]
- [Grunting] - [Spanish]
Okay. Uh...
- ¿Sí? - Sí.
Aurelio Rosas Sanchez. Okay.
[Aurelio Panting]
[Woman Speaking Spanish Over Radio]
[Cell Phone Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
Hola, Daniel.
Señor Creasy.
Yeah. Yeah, l got your family here.
Your brother doesn't look too good.
Yeah, Reina, she's what, about eight months?
Huh? You wanna negotiate?
The most important thing in life is family.
Do you agree?
l agree.
And there you are. You have my family.
Well, most of my family.
My wife and l are separated. You know how that is.
Now, tell me seriously, h-how much do you want?
Your brother wants to speak to you. Yeah, hold on.
[Creasy Speaking Spanish]
l'm gonna take your family apart piece by piece. You understand me?
- [Reina Shouting] - Piece by piece. Shut up!
l don't want your money.!
Do you understand me? You understand me? l want you.
[Aurelio Groaning]
[Phone Beeps Off]
[Aurelio Continues Groaning Over Radio]
- [Cell Phone Ringing] - l'm listening.
l'm listening, Daniel. l'm listening.
[Daniel] All right, l will give you a life for a life.
Whose life? What are you talking about?
Whose life, Daniel? l want you.
l will give you her life for your life.
And in exchange, l will get my life back.
- What life? Whose life? - The girl's. Pita's.
- Pita's dead. - [Pita Screaming, Distorted] Creasy!
[Daniel] l'm a businessman. A girl dead is worth nothing. She's alive.
All right.
l want proof of life. You hear me?
l want proof of life. l want... l want...
l want the name of her bear. What does she call her bear?
You tell her to tell you...
to tell me what she calls her bear.
[Cell Phone Ringing]
- Yeah? - Creasy.
She calls the bear Creasy Bear.
l give you your brother, you give me the girl.
- All right. - Where?
[Man Speaking Spanish]
[Man Over Radio]
[Line Ringing]
Lisa, listen to me. Don't hang up.
l think Pita's alive.
l can't take this anymore.
Take the road to Puebla.
Get off junction 34, south side.
l'll meet you there in two hours.
So where is she?
She's right over there. You see those two cars out there?
Pita's kidnapper, Daniel...
- this is his brother. - [Moans]
l'm goin' up on the bridge to get Pita.
lf anything goes wrong, you put it to his head.
You pull the trigger, all right?
You understand?
- You don't... - [Moaning]
let him loose until she's with you.
You got it?
And you don't wait for me, okay?
- You'll be all right. You okay? - Yeah.
[Mouthing Word]
[Distorted Scream] Creasy!
- You all right? - Yeah.
They didn't hurt you?
[Both Chuckle]
Your mother's waitin' for you. She's right down there at the end of the bridge.
- Okay? You go home. - Okay.
- All right. - Where are you goin'?
l'm goin' home too.
l'm goin' to Blue Bayou.
- [Sniffles] - [Chuckles]
Oh, Hey.
l got something for you.
l got the last number too.
[Sniffles] l love you, Creasy.
And you love me, don't you?
Yes, l do.
- With all my heart. Pita, go. - [Pats Back]
- Go. Run. - Bye.
[Lisa] ¡Vamos.!
- Pita! Baby, come here. lt's okay. - Mom!
- Mom.! - Come on! Okay, l'll let you go now.
[No Audible Dialogue]
##[Woman Singing lndistinctly]
##[Man Singing ln Spanish]
##[Woman Singing ln Spanish]
##[Man Singing ln Spanish]
[Singing Stops]
##[Women Humming]
##[Man Singing ln Spanish]
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