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Subtitles for Man Who Went to Mars A (2003) CD1.

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Man Who Went to Mars A (2003) CD1

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Blue Film
Film It Suda presents
in association with lvision Entertainment
Blue Film
a Ditto Entertainment production
Shin Ha-gyun Kim Hee-sun
Executive Producer PARK Kang-gyu
Screenplay JANG Jin Coproducer SEO Il-shik
Cinematography LEE Suk-hyun Lighting GOH Young-kwang
Production Design KIM Jung-tae Prop JEONG Min-young
Recording JEONG Goon (live) Editing GOH lm-pyo
Music LEE Jae-jin Sound Live Tone
Producer PARK Sang-gyu
Director KIM Jung-kwon
Daddy, are you ok?
Daddy, what's that?
- That's Mars - Is it friends with earth?
Not yet But soon they will be
How do you know that?
Because I'll soon go there to do that
You're gonna make them become friends?
Then how will I see you?
Do you remember that water globe I gave you?
Think of that as Mars, then I'll always be with you
- I won! - I did...
- Hey I... - Do again then...
- Again! - Okay, again
Now, one, two, three!
- I won - No I did
Then do it again...
- I'll go first - Ready?
Come play with us!
Seung-jae can probably open his eyes under water
No, he can't Why is he doing that?
Can't you just buy another one?
My daddy gave that to me before he went to Mars
Talking about Mars again
Only the president, an astronaut
and rich people can go to Mars, stupid Right, Kyung-soo?
Not rich people, you idiot
Mailmen! They can go 'cause they need to deliver mails
See! Your dad didn't go to Mars He's dead
We saw the whole funeral ceremony
- You made her leave! - Stop it
Stop kicking up the dust!
- Why d'you hit me for? - That sounded painful
His head always makes that sound
Whatever Stop hitting me so hard
I'm your brother
but you're only nice to So-hee
His head always makes that sound? It must be made of rocks
Shut up! Stop it!
Why are you so late? We were waiting for you
Were you cleaning after school?
No I sent a letter to daddy in Mars
- Dummy, it's not gonna get there - Yes, it will
Right, Seung-jae?
- Did you put a stamp on it? - Yes
- And the zip code? - Huh?
I don't know if it'll get there without the zip code
- Should I send it again? - Later If it doesn't get there
You guys go ahead
I left something at school
Let's go
What are you doing here?
Sir I'm sorry
- Let me see - Wait
- Stay still - Wait please
It hurts... lt hurts...
- Please... slowly - You... you...
What are you trying to steal?
Are you trying to get report card out?
If you got bad grades
then you should be grounded
- No, sir That's not it - Be quiet!
Go home and
ask your mom for some ointment
I don't ever want to catch you doing this again
What do you want?
Dear Daddy in Mars,
I'll be there next week
Wait for me
- You need help with anything? - Nope
- You want anything to eat? - No thank you
Don't study too hard
- Is this it? - Yes
So, you want me to personally deliver this?
- So-hee? - I don't like her
- Sorry Can't do it - Please!
Kid, you gotta put a stamp on!
- Hello - Oh you're So-hee
To my dearest So-hee
It's not as lonely
as you may think here
Your mommy is here and so is your grandpa
You can't see us here in Mars, but
we can always see you
I know you want to come here, but
not yet To come here, you need
legal documents and recommendation
letter from your teacher
Plus, you need to get permission from
the Mars' president only given to a married person
So, for now, forget about coming
here and just focus on your study
Lastly, Seung-jae cares about you
deeply and I believe you guys are
match made in heaven
Match made in heaven?
He's just telling us to keep our good friendship
I'm scared
Do you know the multiplication table?
Then repeat after me 2x2=4
- 2x2=4 - 2x2=4
- 2x3=6 - 2x3=6
- 2x4=8 - 2x4=8
Seung-jae! So-hee!
- 4x8=32 - 4x8=32
- 4x9=36 - 4x9=36
Seung-jae! So-hee!
- 2x2=4 - 2x2=4!
- 2x3=6 - 2x3=6
2x4 Dad! Here!
We're here! Dad!!
Seung-jae! So-hee!
Dad! Dad!
You bastard!
- Cool down - Hey, come on
Hey, let me go
- Cool down - You bastard...
From tomorrow on, pay more attention to So-hee's Grandma
- So-hee's leaving tomorrow? - Yes
- Where is she going? - To her aunt's place in Seoul
For how long?
Well, she's transferring school So I guess it'll be for
Lucky! Heard there're 1000 students 100 teachers in one school
We should move there, too
- Hi - Hi
A magazine and let's see
Sun-mi, it's end of a month and you also got some tax forms
Here, drink this It's warm Instead of soda
you should drink this with this medicine
That's ok I'm pretty strong
I watched you ride up the hill and you didn't do so good
I didn't?
Please drink it
- You're very kind. Thank you - I'll take that
- Why don't you get a bell? - A bell?
Oh, I don't really need it
No, you should get one
Then you can ring it and we would
know you're in the neighborhood
- Anyway. Be careful - Thank you
That feels good
Mr Kim Try to take it slowly
Just resting only makes me unhealthier
Human bodies are like bicycles If you don't work them, they are
gonna rust I bet I'm still in better condition than you are
Anyway I don't know why, but since the dam construction
announcement, the mail delivery amount has doubled
Is there anything good news at the village will be under water sooner
Have you started packing?
No. The decision is not even finalized, yet
How's your father?
Why are you smiling like that?
He's good still stubborn as always And the same of temper
Well, that's what keeps him going
- I'll stop by sometime, Go home - Yes, sir
Grandma, it's cold out Why didn't you stay in the house?
It's cold inside, too
Grandma, come here
You got a letter from So-hee
- I'll read it to you - Yeah
To my dearest grandma
How was your week?
Mine was good
Seoul doesn't seem to get too cold even in the winter
Recently, l joined a
prestigious company here in Seoul
I'm so happy
I'm pretty swamped with work but
as soon as I get some time off I'll come visit you
Meanwhile please don't do any hard work
If you need help with anything please ask Seung-jae
If Seung-jae doesn't listen to you...
Hit him hard
I'll keep studying and working here
You don't need to worry
about me dating a boy
I trust you to pick a nice boyfriend for me
Anyway, I'll write again next week, Take care and be well
Love you very much, So-hee
- Wow! She's really great - That's my girl
What's this? Is it good?
She's the main character and that's her sister
But, later she finds out she's actually her mother
It's always the same storyline
But, I still get a kick out of watching it
You always drool
like a cracked teapot
Maybe you need a bib
I'm just kidding
- Mr... Kim... - What, dad?
Mr... Kim... stop... by...
He's asking why Mr Kim never comes by
Amazing! How do you understand him?
- How do you do? - What's going on?
Shut up, will you?
- Hello? - If he's not home, just hang up
Is this LEE Ho-gul's residence?
I'm very sorry about this
- Take care - Yes
Hey, Ho-gul, I don't want to see you here again. Understood?
It's cold out Please go inside
Thank you, again
Be careful when you wash yourface
Blot this on with a cotton ball
You're a pro at this
Years of experience, you know
Thank, you How much do I owe you?
That's alright
No Really
Don't worry about it I got enough medicine to last me a lifetime
Just take it whenever you need it
Well, then. Thank you
Well if you want, you can buy me a dinner
Right, I'll buy you something delicious
You got lucked out because of me
Ouch! Stop hitting my head!
I'm not a kid!
Mom's not gonna like her
She's too old
Shut up
Anyway, what are you gonna do?
Don't worry. I'll take care of it
I got about 3 millions won saved up
We can use that to settle this
I'm really sorry. I...
- Actually... - If you're really sorry
Then behave stop acting like a fool
It's not that. How should I put it
I kinda spent your money
I said I'm sorry. I really am
I said I'm sorry then...
Come here!
Do you know what I went
through to save that money?
One ticket to Jeonju, please
12,900 won, please
Less than a year left till
the dam construction
No point in fighting anymore
I've already
sold most of my tools
And you are with me...
Hey, did your dog have babies?
Yes, she did
Stop distracting me, So anyway
I need your help
You know... The Green whatever They're getting in our way
If we get our hands on this matter
before others get involved
How many?
2 female and 1 male Ok?
So anyway, Seung-jae
It's not only for me
If we get the compensation money,
then it'll be good for your family too
For real
Who's the father?
I'm worried
about your dog
She was always pretty weak and
you know how dogs get even weaker after giving birth
I'm worried
Grandma, you scared me!
Not married yet?
You never left this place?
I lived in Seoul for a bit
I was working at my uncle's restaurant, but,
it wasn't for me
- No?
About that time, my father got sick. So I came home
Here... Everything's the same
Nothing ever changes here
Don't you feel suffocated?
Hey, uncle Deuk-sam is getting married later
Remember him?
Craterface from the melon farm?
Remember he used to give us
free melons?
I remember I used to cry 'cause
I was scared of his face
He's getting married now?
You should come with your grandma
Everyone's gonna be there
I will
- Seung-jae! - Yeah
Seung-jae! Hold it with your left hand Like this
Like this
Hold this for a sec
Groom bow to the bride
Bride bow to the groom, again
Ouch! What?
So why did So-hee come back?
Probably to spend time with her grandma before she passes away
Hasn't she done something?
Maybe she got pregnant
Shut up
Why? Eun-ja came back pregnant
Eun-ja barely went to school,
but So-hee is a college graduate
What does that got to do with getting pregnant?
The village got smaller
Roads look narrower
What do you do?
You work at the post office?
Where is the bank?
Around the corner, there's an agricultural cooperative
There, you'll find the Livestocks Cooperatives
National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives
Do you have KB Bank?
Is there a bathhouse?
Out in the town
Does it have a sauna?
I'm assuming there's no library How about an internet cafe?
A pharmacy?
Do you have Tylenol?
Let's go to a bigger pharmacy
Thank you
I'll just take 2 bottles of health drink
600 won!
It'll be here soon
Who are they?
Green' something
A dam will be built up there And
all this will be under water
Under water?
It's not definite yet. Just plans
Since there's a strong opposition,
it might not happen
Breakdown of ecosystem!
Must be stopped!
Must be stopped!
It's not easy to come out here
How often do you make this trip?
Me? Everyday
For work
There was a post office overthere
That's the main post office and I work at a branch office
I think I was in 8th grade
when I last received your letter
Was it?
It wasn't your letter. It was
daddy's letter from Mars
How can you send a fake letter to a middle schooler?
Well. I...
Writing a fake letter must be your hobby
Even till now
Look. It's our village Look,
From Sijung Ri to Sammal...
Our river and Songmun bridge
But, what is this about anyway?
It's about the areas that will disappear due to the dam
That dam is making us
pretty famous, huh?
You're happy about that?
Don't you watch the news?
Our village's gonna be sunk under
water because of that dam
Where are they gonna get all that water?
They're trying to scare us
Oh... my
Trying to scare us? For what?
Mr Park
what do girls like?
Who's the girl?
The girl at the pharmacy?
I'm just curious
What do women like?
Definitely this... This...
You bastard...
What are you looking at!
From my experience,
women like
You just need to be good at this
Stop it, "I don't want to"
that's what they all say
But don't pay too much attention to what they say
Just be manly
and she'll fall for you
If you wait, then she's gone
Love is all about winning
Good for you
It's wisdom gained from a painful experience
Not that kind of stuff
You mean 'dating'?
Something like that
Women like
sexy men!
Are you sure?
Turn to next page
That's what it says
So-hee, do you
So-hee, why don't we
So-hee! So-hee!
So-hee! So-hee!
My shoe!
You need some medicine
That's ok. lt'll heal
No. It's badly cut
I'm not gonna die
But, anyway,
what will you do about your bike?
That's ok I was gonna replace it anyway
That's good
You should go
Just go!
What are you looking at?
You want to know why I ran away?
Your foot hurts
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