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Mando perdido

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All right.
A message from the Air Force, sir:
In ten minutes, they will be overhead to drop in reinforcements.
We haven't got enough firepower to cover them.
They'll be slaughtered before they hit the ground.
-Get back on the radio and warn them off. -All right, sir.
Merle! Check the radio.
The poor devils will be here in a few minutes.
So what the hell can I do?
Colonel! Over there, three o'clock. But just one plane.
Tell them to cover the drop as long as possible.
I'll be in the forward trench.
Hey, cover the drop!
-Cover the drop! -Cover them over there!
Cover the drop! Cover them!
Cover them, over there!
Plane coming in, cover the drop!
Cover me!
Get that case of medical supplies, Mahidi.
I'll help Major de Clairefons.
Stay still. I'm okay.
Esclavier! We're in a minefield.
Don't move!
All right, follow me!
I want to get his I.D. card and papers, sir.
Who's he?
General Melies' aide-de-camp.
Melies should have come here himself, or put a bullet through his head.
All right, follow my path.
I've checked these over, sir. There's nothing restricted among them.
"To the Countess de Clairefons:
"Personal papers of Major André de Clairefons."
You keep them, Captain.
Don't you think I know why Clairefons was here?
-What are you saying? -One stinking plane.
What the hell did you expect to accomplish?
Melies sent his fancy aide-de-camp to check up on me.
You're wrong.
Am I?
-What was your job at headquarters? -Division historian.
And for your information I'm also a paratrooper.
You know Melies couldn't have picked a worse place to fight!
Were you and Clairefons going to report that?
Like hell you were! You were going to make me the goat.
You were sent to get the general off the hook.
Then you're a damn fool! Sir.
None of us were sent, sir. We volunteered with Major de Clairefons.
I need fighters, not historians, boot-lickers from the general staff--
Shall we put him under arrest, Colonel?
Maybe he is a fighter.
Captain Boisfeuras.
I have got 30 porters with about 40 cases of ammo with me.
They are waiting outside in an old trench.
How did you get through?
I persuaded my porters to keep going.
I speak their language.
I was born here.
Shall I bring in the ammo now?
We'll try to fight our way out before it gets light.
Soldiers of France, you are going to die.
You will not be able to stop our overwhelming force.
Our soldiers are smaller and less strong than yours...
...but they fight with more spirit because we have the truth...
...the only truth, on our side.
You'll fight to keep humanity in the dark.
We serve a just cause.
Our only desire is peace.
-Take off your badges of rank. -To hell with them.
They'll stick the biggest pig first.
You are in war of imperialist conquest in a country which does not belong to you.
French soldiers, you are a few beaten men against a division.
Lay down your arms.
Here they come!
So you want to play?
Esclavier, get the men moving!
Move out, come on, hurry!
So you live a couple of days longer.
Eat a couple a more meals.
Sleep with a couple more women. What difference does it make?
What's he saying?
He told them their victory at Dien Bien Phu is a great turning point in history.
He's right.
History, my butt. It was a military foul-up.
No, it was the coolies that licked our white-man's army.
Men willing to march 300 miles from the Delta to deliver...
...ten pounds of rice to their army.
You think the coolies fight for freedom?
No. It was fear that kept them going.
It wasn't fear at all. They want a change.
Any kind of change. I don't blame them.
You are Algerian?
I am a French officer.
Dien Bien Phu is also a victory for Arabs under the heels of the French.
Come, ride with me in the jeep.
Come, you needn't feel any solidarity with the French.
They will never accept you.
I prefer to stay with my comrades.
Push the jeep.
You have ten seconds to obey my order.
Nine, eight..., six...
...five, four, three seconds--
Come on, boys, let's push the jeep.
Sorry. I slipped.
Come on, give a hand.
You boys push.
All right, one, two, three, push!
Halt. Line up as you were.
All right, boys, as you were.
Because of your attitude... and your comrades will now be punished.
So, you are the paratroopers.
The professional warmongers.
You will now go to prison camp where you will be taught...
-...the truth until the armistice. -Armistice?
Hey, armistice!
The armistice will be long in coming.
The imperialists do not want peace.
Remember this day well, Colonel Raspeguy.
May 8, the day of your defeat.
We shall see how tough you are. March.
What the hell is he saying?
He says he congratulates our government on finally recognizing the truth...
...and signing the armistice.
He hopes we have learned the errors of our ways, which he doubts.
In view of our repressions in Algeria.
Ask him how much farther to the French release camp.
Just down the road.
Look at him.
You'd think he just spent three months on the Riviera.
But for Raspeguy, none of us would be here.
-He kept us together, he kept us alive. -True.
Historian, I suppose you'll be sending in that report to the general staff.
I told you, that was never Major de Clairefons' mission.
Get that through your thick peasant skull.
Basque peasant. Use my correct title.
To hell with you.
There it is.
Orsini, let's get in shape.
Come on.
Let's get rid of this junk.
Now, we must be sure that everyone is properly processed...
...and that each man's documents are placed in separate folders.
Some welcoming committee.
Welcome back, Colonel Raspeguy.
What is the monkey cage for?
That's the decontamination centre.
Before you leave we have to run you through there.
Now see here, Colonel, orders are orders, my dear fellow.
All right, my dear fellow.
Boys! This way home.
Through this pigpen.
I'm sending in the report.
I surrender! I surrender!
Don't kill me!
When do we get to Algiers?
What have you all got?
Next stop, Marseilles.
-Cards? -Three.
Two for me.
Do we get 30 or 60 days leave?
Thirty. I'm not sure yet.
I'll take four.
-Four? -Yeah, four.
Do I have to go to France, one please, or can I start my leave in Algiers?
You can get off at Algiers.
I want you to come to my house and meet my family.
Then we go to a place in the casbah.
Colonel Raspeguy.
That way.
Halt, monsieur. There's a curfew tonight. All passes have been revoked.
That does not apply to us. We are back from Indochina.
It applies to everybody.
We wouldn't want to find you with your throat cut by the wogs.
Don't call them wogs.
This officer is an Arab, and that's the Croix de Guerre...
...he won in Indochina.
Apologies, Lieutenant.
May I see your papers?
These days we don't see many of your people in our uniform.
Let this one through.
And you there, escort him home.
Look. It's a bad situation for you here.
Why don't you come to Paris and spend your time with me?
Thank you my good friends, but I'm staying here.
This is my home.
There is an Arab saying:
"The courage of your friends gives you strength."
The Chinese say:
"The courage of your enemy does your honour."
Come in. Come in.
They've slapped a curfew on....
Read that on the table.
"Regiment disbanded."
I've lost my job.
What can I do to help? Anything.
Tell you what, you can get me another drink.
Maybe I should write that report after all, what you did out there...
...what they owe you, what we all owe you.
Hey, come on.
You should see the Countess de Clairefons in Paris.
And give her her husband's papers.
It will mean a lot to her. She can help you.
She comes from an important military family.
Since when do women run the army?
It's been going on for longer than peasants have been allowed... become officers.
To hell with it.
Lousy bastards.
Thank you.
My son.
My son.
Do I call you "doctor" yet?
-Welcome back. -Ben Saad. I knew you would be here.
We planned a party for you...
...but the curfew has stopped the guests from coming.
Ben Saad took a risk running over from next door.
Where is Chaib?
We hoped he was down at the dock to meet you.
I'm afraid your little fool of a brother is out breaking the curfew.
You're talking about a handful of fanatics. Always had them.
But there's been a revolution here since Dien Bien Phu.
A yellow-skinned army beat the French.
Many Moslems believe we could do the same.
I wish Chaib were here.
Mother, be careful.
Last week during a curfew a woman was shot putting out her cat.
You still teaching them how to pull teeth, Ben Saad?
No. I wasn't asked back to university this fall.
How's business, Father?
Fair. We need new buses but I can't get the permits for them.
And when do you become a doctor?
In another two years, if I don't quit first.
They shot him.
Chaib! My son!
Put him on the table. On his stomach.
What happened?
We were writing slogans on the wall. A patrol came around the corner.
Is he bad?
It's Pierre Raspeguy, it's the colonel from Indochina.
He has an American car.
A gift from the army.
-Hey, where is mother? -Home. She came to early Mass.
We are all proud of you.
What's there to be proud of, Fernand?
Your brother is a pirate and you're a smuggler.
And these border crossings must stop. Now, I'm warning you, Fernand.
Well, here you are, Pierre.
Of course, you managed to arrive late for Mass.
To miss the service but still be seen by everyone.
He hasn't changed.
Come on now, Pierre. Tell us. What was it like out there?
Well, it wasn't a holiday, I can tell you.
Here, I want you to have this.
-No. -Come on, take it.
It will remind you to come back to your homeland and settle down.
Thank you, Father.
When are you going to Algeria, Pierre?
We'll talk some other time.
My family have a big farm in Algeria. They have been there 100 years.
I have to see my mother.
I may be a colonel, but she'll hit me with this if I report late.
Pedro, I liked you better with your moustache.
Remember, Fernand, this smuggling must stop.
So, you're still smuggling tobacco?
I've added whiskey.
But the customs patrols are getting tougher.
I'll go with you next time. Show you a few tricks.
It was generous of the army to give you such a fine car.
It's rented. From Marseilles.
Four years and you still haven't fixed this bridge. Look.
So there you are, you big good-for-nothing.
All the health I have given you, and you're not even a general.
I should have stayed a shepherd.
They have taken away my command.
Cavalry Club in the Bois de Boulogne.
Unfortunately, these days...
...certain great traditions of the French army are being forgotten.
As a result, we have been wounded in our flesh, and now mourn gallant men.
Some officers have been away so long they forgot our customs:
The tip.
Major de Clairefons belonged to a great military race of Crusaders...
...Marshals of France, and Generals of the Republic...
...which he surely would have become.
In the words of his brave countess:
"Clairefons died in the tradition."
I was pleased to learn you're the division historian.
The man who writes the history of the division will write about my husband.
I'm sure you'll be satisfied with what I say.
-What I wanted to talk to you about-- -When may I see what you write?
-I'll work during my leave. -That's good of you, Captain.
The army needs men like you.
It needs men like Colonel Raspeguy far more.
I hope you'll use your influence to help him.
Raspeguy is a peasant.
The army must resume its traditions.
I'm sorry I can't help Raspeguy. He should resign.
You might as well tell him to shoot himself... the tradition.
Nice of you to come, Colonel.
How do you do?
I wanted to offer my condolences in person.
Thank you.
Your husband, he was...
...well, it wasn't his fault the way he died.
I thought you'd like to know.
My husband's place was on the general staff.
There are just two kinds of soldiers: those who fight, and the others.
The paratroopers fight.
He became one of us.
I brought you his paratrooper's badge.
Paratroopers are nothing but adventurers.
I refuse to believe he seriously became one of you.
I'm sorry. I thought it might comfort you.
It really wasn't his. It's an old one of mine.
My mistake.
Now there is a fighter's face.
You take him out of those fancy feathers, put him in battle fatigues...
...he could almost be a paratrooper.
He happens to have been one of Napoleon's generals.
I bet he sent home a lot of loot?
That chandelier, for one thing.
When they took Venice.
-Colonel. -Yeah?
-I didn't mean to be so rude. -That's all right.
-I'm still not myself. -Sure. I understand.
It was kind of you to tell me that lie.
I wish you luck in getting a new command, Colonel.
I'd rather rely on tactics, with strong reinforcements behind me.
Well, is there any way I can help you?
Now that you mention it, Countess...
...I could use some elite troops like you on my side.
I thought that maybe....
Colonel, Mr. DeGuyot will see you.
-Colonel Raspeguy, sir. -Sir.
When my niece asked me to see you, your name was already known to me.
Thank you. Lovely lady, the countess.
In this ministry, the issue is whether you should be given...
...another command or asked to resign.
-I will never resign, sir. -That's up to you.
I have some questions to ask, unofficially, of course. Please sit down.
Thank you, I prefer standing.
It's a habit I developed as a shepherd boy.
General Melies complains that you disobeyed his orders at Dien Bien Phu.
Several times, sir. The first time in order to recapture a hill.
-Second time-- -Never mind.
General Melies seems to have a point.
Yes, sir, and they got the hill.
Next, there is a story you had some trouble at the release camp in Indochina.
I acted in order to protect the pride of my men.
They wanted to disinfect us like animals in sheep dip.
I see.
Here is a complaint from the Customs Department.
Did you really help to smuggle contraband over the border?
Yes. It's a tradition of my village and my family.
During World War II, we smuggled French soldiers.
-Then the criticism of you is valid. -Yes, sir.
The only thing in your favour is a report from Captain Esclavier...
...the division historian.
In it he speaks highly both of you and my niece's late husband.
Esclavier is a fine scholar, sir.
And a shrewd one.
We can't accept his estimate of Major de Clairefons...
...without accepting as equally true his estimate of Raspeguy.
-Please, sit down. -No, thank you.
He says, among other things, that your junior officers and men...
...respect you in the field.
It's your superior officers with whom you can't seem to get along.
-No, sir. -And that is to stop.
Yes, sir.
If I'm going to help you.
Help me how, sir?
The command of the 10th Parachute Regiment in Algeria may be open.
I'll take it, sir.
Failure in this command is the end of your career.
The only reason you are being considered at all... because the situation in Algeria... growing worse.
-Can I take my former officers with me, sir? -lf they are fools enough to volunteer.
No one is assigned to the 10th.
It will be composed mostly of rejects from other units.
Could you be ready in ten days to report to the 12th Military District in Algeria?
Yes, sir.
-Good luck, Raspeguy. -Thank you, sir.
I'd rather rely on tactics.
By the way, sir, who'll be my commander in chief in Algeria?
General Melies.
Thank you, sir.
-Why did you want to come here anyway? -I don't know.
I guess I'm just testing myself.
Your uncle said I might be leaving for Algeria soon.
Will you be taking your band of pirates with you?
The 10th is on a volunteer basis, except for the rejects.
But with a little arm-twisting, I'll get my men back, all except one.
Well, questionable. But a good officer.
He's an Arab.
-Arab? -Named Mahidi.
That may create an impossible situation for you.
I cabled him anyway.
Of course, he refused.
The cable....
It's been a couple of days and I still haven't heard from him.
It's a waste for you to be a widow.
My mother was one at 22.
Well... we pass the test?
-Good morning. -Good morning, Countess.
What on earth are you doing?
Breathing exercises.
This develops your wind.
You know, that's all warfare is, a question of wind.
-Is it a beautiful morning? -Beautiful. Clean, cool country air.
Two days in any town and I start to choke.
Why don't you live out here?
The place needs a new roof, plumbing, and it would cost a fortune.
The last one to live here was my grandfather, a hero at Verdun.
Verdun. That was senseless butchery.
They should have attacked in small groups...
...well dispersed, 30 yards between each man.
To hell with Verdun.
Come on. Let's dance.
Natalie, if I come back from Algeria a general...
...will you marry me?
You'll never be a general, Pierre.
You're a beautiful animal of war--
Look, never call me an animal.
A beast then, a beautiful beast of war.
But generals are a different breed.
Why? Because they've been to schools I haven't? And read a few books?
Let me tell you something: I've been learning on the sly.
This time I come back a general.
Victorious, all covered with new scars and new medals...
...which no woman could resist.
We'll put a new roof on this pile of stones... married in a village church.
We'll have a great ball for all the top brass, the bastards.
You're talking like a peasant boy.
I'll bet you the next one is 32 and blonde. Right?
Here she comes.
Next one, 22 and pretty, right?
A guy.
-Have another with me, Sergeant. -Sure.
-Hey, Colonel. -Merle.
You're getting soft.
Hey, you look fit.
-I work out with the rugby team. -I've been running around myself.
Hello, Colonel.
Hey, Boisfeuras. You look like an executive.
I am. I have an arrangement with an Italian sports car company.
I have a penthouse, and an office with beautiful Italian secretaries.
Let's sit down.
Hey, where's Esclavier?
I sent him a telegram, care of headquarters.
-Where does he live? -I couldn't find out.
We are not in his social circle.
-What's the big news? -I wanted see the gang before I took off.
-Where are you going? -Algeria.
You're looking at the commander of the new 10th Parachute Regiment.
Gentlemen, a toast.
-You're not going without me? -You've got a wife.
That's why I want to leave for Algeria.
-You didn't put in a request for me, sir? -It's on a volunteer basis.
-So, I'm a volunteer. -Good.
The outfit won't be the same without the old sergeant, Colonel.
-You'd leave all these bottles? -I never touch it anymore, sir.
Just an occasional glass with dinner.
Here he is.
Hey, Esclavier. Come on, sit down.
Just got the wire when I stopped by for the mail.
I also heard about your command.
-Congratulations. -Thanks to your report. Sit.
What are you doing nowadays?
-I might work at a newspaper in Lyons. -Good.
You're going to fight for our way of life behind a desk?
No. I'm going to fight for bigger and better refrigerators and washing machines.
-Those girls at the office are exhausting. -So.
Yes. I'd like to take a little vacation with you in Algeria.
-You're on. -Thank you.
All the boys have joined up.
Would you like to make it unanimous?
The way I see it, professional soldiers, stay in the army for personal reasons.
Well, you got that off your chest. So?
I'd like to know what I'm fighting for.
Not just fighting for the sake of fighting.
By the way, Dia is joining us in Algiers.
I sent Mahidi a wire. He didn't answer.
As soon as Esclavier leaves, I'll tell you the way I see the new outfit.
I hate to say it, but I need you.
You get no special treatment.
I'm asking you to come along as a fighter, not a historian.
Don't worry.
I'll take my notes in my own time.
Come on.
You have 20 seconds to run from one end of the course to the other.
Now, wait a minute. I did it in 18.
The machine gun will spray the course every ten seconds.
-Live ammo, sir? -That's right. Live ammo.
Now you can take cover behind those sandbags in the middle.
Now watch your timing coming out.
All right, let's get rid of these chamber pots.
That's a relief.
From now on, you wear these.
Something funny, soldier?
You look like a lizard.
Every one will laugh at us.
Maybe you'd better stick together, and learn to defend your sensitive natures.
Esclavier... go first.
Geoffrin, get ready to fire, every ten seconds.
All right, you're next.
I don't feel well.
-You don't? How about you? -No, sir. I have a bad knee.
Well, you men have been underrated.
You're not just rejects. You're cowards.
I'll go.
There you are.
I'll go.
Come on.
You're next.
Geoffrin! Get ready.
Sapinsky has been hit!
-Are you hurt bad? -No, just a scratch.
Tin soldier.
-You never thought of shooting back? -We didn't know it was the rules.
There's only one rule: Don't die.
All right...
...go to the infirmary, for a shave from a pretty nurse.
You have cut me, Captain.
I've taught you all morning how to come at a man with a knife.
If you get nicked it's your own fault. Let's try it again. Come on.
Sergeant Verte.
What have you got in that canteen?
-Water, sir. -Pour some out.
-What, sir? -I said, "Pour some out."
Sergeant, you're through with the paratroopers.
I promise I will stop drinking, sir.
Okay. But from now on nothing but water in that canteen.
-Yes, sir. -Get back in line.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir.
You've got a bad record. Stealing.
You're out.
Sapinsky! Mugnier! Neuve. Fall out.
So you went into town and got into a brawl?
-Yes, sir. -It's because of these caps, sir.
And you got beaten up by gunners?
Yes, sir.
I'm throwing the four of you out of the regiment. Get out!
Geoffrin, run her up.
This is the new banner of the regiment. It is your banner.
Present arms.
-Well, I gave it to them? -Yes, sir.
Rest arms.
Company dismissed.
You may have turned your men into street brawlers...
...but I doubt if they're soldiers yet.
Depends upon what you'd call soldiers, sir.
I admit they wouldn't make for fancy guards around headquarters.
Look, Raspeguy, if I had anything to do with it... wouldn't be in my command. -Yes, sir.
-So don't give me any trouble. -No, sir.
I'm ordering you to Gafez immediately.
A strong band of terrorists is operating in the Gafez sector.
The local mayor wants a military unit for protection.
Do you have any intelligence on the band, sir?
How big it is? What their equipment is?
Do they have any automatic weapons?
No. The mayor says they're nothing but thugs and murderers.
-Your job is to find them and destroy them. -We'll need helicopters.
They're in short supply.
The mayor has one. He'll let you use it.
-What's my relation to the mayor, sir? -You'll report to him in Gafez.
He's a politician, isn't he?
Yes, an important one. That's all, Raspeguy.
Yes, sir.
We're moving out immediately.
-Gafez. Kind of soon, isn't it? -Very.
Sir, we found out where Mahidi lives. You still want to go there?
-Is it far? -No.
Practically on the way back to camp.
-Let's go. -All right.
What happened here?
Anybody home?
Hey, Colonel!
May I help you, gentlemen?
Who are you?
Dr. Ali Ben Saad. I'm a dentist.
I live next door at No. 6. This is No. 4, Belcourt Place.
Then you knew Mahidi.
We were great friends.
-Where is he? -After this he went away.
No one has seen him since.
-What happened here? -Nothing so unusual these days.
The Mahidis had a transport business.
But a close friend of the administrator owned the local taxi service.
Mahidi was given a hard time.
Fines, heavy taxes.
Then he got an offer to sell out, at a low price.
-He refused and this happened. -Exactly.
-Where is this crook? -Not here.
He left with the civil administrator, who's been promoted.
He's now head of the entire district of Nedromah.
If you see Mahidi, tell him some friends from Indochina were looking for him.
Thank you, Doctor.
Halt all transport.
-Tell Esclavier to bring the spaghetti. -Captain, get the spaghetti.
-What's happening? -I saw a land mine. Here, light it.
Get out of the trucks.
Everybody out of the trucks.
Everybody out of the trucks.
Everybody out!
-Get out from under those trucks! -Take cover behind the ditch!
Get out from under there. Take down the tailgate.
Move! Pass out the ammunition.
Come on, move!
Get down the ammunition!
-What do you see? -Nice job of concealment.
Can't tell how many there are.
They have automatic weapons.
I want that gun captured. I want to know where it comes from.
-I'll take a platoon in on it. -No! You take a jeep.
They'll think you're going for help. Double back.
Right. But keep them busy.
I'll try. Verte! Get Boisfeuras.
-Boisfeuras. See that machine gun? -Yeah.
Attack it, but don't come to grips.
Nail it down. I don't want it disappearing on us. Understand?
Affirmative. Will do.
Orsini, get that?
Company, advance!
And take cover across the road.
Get ready. Advance 20 yards.
All units.
Advance to the base of the hill and give it hell.
Yeah, all right.
To the base of the hill. And good luck.
Get the machine gun.
Thanks a lot.
-Get back! -All right.
-It's one of ours. -They're using weapons captured from us.
-Makes them tougher than we thought. -What's the count?
-Eight dead, 22 wounded. -Take them to Algiers. Join us in Gafez.
Bring back Sapinsky and his group as replacements.
These men died like donkeys, cringing under trucks.
That's the worst place to be.
-They died for France, sir. -Captain, I know.
All right, load up.
Everybody, out of the trucks.
Now perhaps you'll realize my voice is heard in the right places.
-I'll send them out to your farms at once. -Before our crops get burned!
-lf any more are destroyed-- -You'll be thrown out of office.
You're late.
-Where's the mayor? -We expected you this morning.
Were you having a picnic with the taxpayers' money?
Welcome to Gafez, Colonel.
-I think it's best for you to-- -We were ambushed on our way here.
It's best for you to break up your regiment into guard units...
...and station them on the farms.
-Like hell I will. -What?
We're going into the mountains after that band.
-I want your helicopter. -Certainly not.
Colonel, you were sent to Gafez at my request.
We were caught because you reported they had no automatic weapons.
Don't talk to me like that.
Colonel suspects that gun was stolen from your police arsenal in town.
Keep out.
-And you hushed it up to save face? -You can't prove that!
Take the serial number. We'll check it with Quartermasters in Algiers.
-Wait. You have no right-- -We were attacked by trained soldiers.
They're more dangerous than thugs and murderers.
What's their strength? Who's their leader?
-We don't know. -What do you know?
If any more farms are destroyed in the area, you'll be out of a job.
The settlers demand guards on their property.
-We aren't here to be night watchmen. -The band won't be able to come down.
We'll have ambushes on every trail, block every pass.
Not even a rabbit could slip through.
You made up a deal for yourself, trading this gun for a helicopter.
Colonel, there.
Black Flag 3, this is Black Flag 1.
Put a lookout on hill...
-409. -...hill, 409... work with the patrol on, on the southern slope.
Got that, Boisfeuras?
Head north.
My compliments, lbrahim. Because of you they know where to look.
-Who ordered you to ambush that convoy? -I thought you'd be pleased.
I wanted to show that you taught us well.
You lost a machine gun, disclosed the direction of withdrawal...
...and brought back no information.
They wore funny caps and boots, like yours.
Paratroopers, but which outfit?
My good friend the mayor in Gafez...
...he told me they were expecting the 10th regiment.
The 10th, I never heard of that one.
Let me make a raid into town tonight and throw a few grenades... give them a welcome.
Stop it!
My plan is that we hide out.
We must keep the French busy hunting us down.
Do we stop fighting?
No. But you will avoid all contact on your own.
Only sorties under my direct command will be made.
In five weeks time help is coming and this will turn the tide.
Our people will rise up from one end of the country... the other and push the French back into the sea.
Then, we'll give ourselves a treat with all their wives and daughters.
Do you want to win your independence?
Do you want to feel the equal of any Frenchman?
Then you will have to become soldiers...
...real soldiers with discipline as good as theirs, better.
The trouble with you, Mahidi... you still think you are in the French army.
Ahmed, I'm ordering you back into Gafez. You leave now.
My time is running out in Gafez.
-I want to stay here. -You do your job.
You find out everything you can about those paratroopers. Now leave!
All right.
-But promise me it is for the last time. -I don't give promises. I give orders.
Sapinsky, if you see any rebels you'd better hide.
They're tougher than those gunners.
Yes, sir.
Get me Orsini.
Black Flag 4, this is Black Flag 1.
Orsini, sir.
Orsini, have you checked the village on hill 507?
Yes, sir. All secure.
We're patrolling along the ridge now.
-Not a sign of life. -Okay.
This is Black Flag 3.
There is a fire on the plain about five kilometres from here.
Merle. Give me the grid reference.
It is a 30 Echo, 51.
Farm district.
Look, leave Geoffrin in charge. Take a few men and check the fire.
I'll meet you there.
Affirmative. Will do.
Here. Stand by the radio. Come on.
Not even a rabbit could slip through?
This farm was owned by the biggest landholder in the district.
There he is, his wife, daughter and son-in-law and three grandchildren...
...their throats slit.
I'm ordering you to post guards on every farm in the area immediately.
After this, these land owners will take nothing less.
He's right. This is our fault.
How the hell did they get through?
I'd stake my life that it wasn't the rebels.
This job was done by the Arab farm workers themselves.
They probably ran off to join the band.
-You're crazy. -Then where are they?
-Mayor. -Yes.
-Where are the workers from this farm? -I don't know.
My interpreter thinks they were frightened off.
-Are you from this area? -Yes.
-Do the workers have relatives in Gafez? -I'm sure they do.
Merle, round them up. I want them questioned.
-Take this man to help you. -Yes, sir.
-Colonel! -Come on.
I want my helicopter back.
We're back again.
-Are you walking us in circles? -All this time, for nothing.
Whose side are you on?
I'm on your side.
But the trouble is they see me with you.
Maybe I should go to the next place alone.
All right. I'll give you five minutes.
Wait here.
No, inside. It's safer.
-Come in. -I haven't much time.
-Are the workers from the farm at Rahlem? -Yes.
Go to Rahlem, I'm bringing four paratroopers.
I'll take the long way and be there in two hours.
-Does Mahidi know about this? -Just do what I say. It is my last job here.
-But Mahidi was given-- -Don't worry. I'll explain to Mahidi myself.
He's coming in now.
Well, anything, anybody?
Not yet, but maybe something better.
They say there's a dissension in the band.
The leader wants to defect.
Who is he?
A former French paratrooper.
This is not a good place to talk. Let's go outside.
No. Right here. Where is he?
They said he's hiding out in Rahlem.
Rahlem. Is it far?
No, I could take you there.
We'd be there and back with him by morning.
You should have seen Mahidi tell that Viet officer.
"I prefer to stay with my comrades."
Then Esclavier refused to push the jeep...
...and Raspeguy stole the keys.
We had some time together.
Lieutenant Merle wants you to follow him in a truck to Rahlem.
-What for? We just came in from patrol. -Please.
The interpreter says that Mahidi is head of the terrorists but--
Impossible! Where's the interpreter? I want to talk to him.
-He went with them. -Idiots!
No. Mahidi is quitting the terrorists, sir.
Raspeguy is still out on patrol.
First Company, First Platoon, ready to move off.
Here it is. Stop.
I'm worried about Lieutenant Merle, sir.
Pass that wine around.
The night is on our side, don't you think, sir?
My God.
First Squad deploy.
Everybody out of the trucks.
Were they dead first?
Collect their dog tags.
They took them.
-Kill them! Do what they did to Merle! -Make them pay for this!
The ones who did this have cleared out by now.
How do you know?
There'll be only women and children in the village.
Don't touch the women and children.
Only the men and only with knives.
Are you crazy?
Remember, only the men.
Those with guns can at least defend themselves.
No one goes into the village!
I'm in command here and that's an order.
If that was you, sir, all chopped up, we'd do the same for you.
We must avenge the mutilation of our three comrades. Go!
This isn't vengeance.
It's pointless slaughter.
You turn warfare into murder.
You stink!
Load up.
-I'll see that the bodies are buried. -No! Leave them.
-Maybe they'll be of some use. -Use?
This is the result of an act of treachery against the lizards!
Tell the people at every village...
...and every farm what happened here at Rahlem!
Now they'll know who we are.
Murderers, we're worse than animals.
Don't call me an animal.
Next time I'll hit you, that's a promise. You were in charge of this mission.
Colonel, I'm through.
No. You're not. You have no place to go.
You signed up for keeps here in Rahlem.
Colonel! Colonel!
-This woman knows where Mahidi is. -Where?
Mahidi! Next village!
The lizards are coming! The lizards are coming!
We have information Mahidi is here.
Everybody outside!
Mahidi is not here. I swear it.
-Why is everybody hiding? -They are afraid.
They have heard what happened at Rahlem.
Everybody out! Come on, move!
It's Mahidi!
It isn't Mahidi.
Up there!
Come on!
-Why the water in the wine barrels? -Storage.
You store water in cisterns.
Where are you sending it?
Where's Mahidi?
Where is his hideout?
When the Viets used that on my father, he lasted 20 minutes.
Colonel, I have something, sir.
He says Mahidi is in Djebal Mab.
On the map here. Hill 409.
Load up and get going. Full strength.
I'll go ahead in the copter.
If I ever catch you using that filthy thing again....
-Untie him and get out of here. -He was acting under my orders.
We came out here to win.
I should have killed you at Rahlem.
-Pilot, we're taking off. -We're low on fuel.
Come on.
By tomorrow every village in the district will know what happened at Rahlem.
Leave now, Mahidi, before someone gives you away.
Five more days, then we disperse to the Aures Mountains.
We will never make it. Disperse while we can.
Every hour here counts. Others are on their way there.
Enough for an army.
I did not expect to see you again, Ahmed.
-I would never abandon you, Mahidi. -You disobeyed my orders.
I had to protect myself. They found me out.
And if my plan is ruined by your stupidity?
I'll make it up to you.
Let me be one of your officers.
I see you already have a pistol.
It is for you.
From Merle.
Mahidi! Hey, Captain!
It's coming this way, it's not even searching.
-Someone talked. -Keep four men here with us.
Tell the others to disperse and meet at the Aures Mountains at Jhaba Fergien.
-Move! -Yes, Mahidi.
Jhaba Fergien.
-Congratulations, Raspeguy. -Thank you, sir.
And you too, Captain.
Mahidi's band has ceased to exit.
Of course, he's still at large, but I'm putting in your promotion... full colonel anyway. -Well, thank you, sir.
Sit down, Raspeguy. And you too, Captain.
This is just an informal chat.
I have to admit your method at Rahlem worked remarkably well.
We're not too proud about Rahlem, sir.
No, thank you.
It's an unpleasant side, but not from a military point of view.
The Gafez area is pacified.
-Whiskey? -No, thank you.
Colonel, how would you like to bring your regiment into Algiers?
-We're fighting men, sir. -Exactly.
We have intelligence that a shipment of arms was sent yesterday...
...across the border from Tunis to Algeria.
We estimate it will take about ten days for the arms to be distributed...
...and then there will be 500 bands.
That's an army, sir.
And probably under Mahidi.
But those arms are the important thing now.
We don't know where they will be hidden...
...but the terrorist high command here in town does.
You'll have the right to enter any house, day or night, without a search warrant...
...hold suspects without trial.
If I may be permitted, sir...
...isn't that in violation of their constitutional rights?
Yes. The same laws apply here as in France.
You'll be hamstrung by the courts and you'll have no help from the police.
Look at your mission in Algiers as a battle you've got to win--
Damn it, sir, that's a job for the police, not for us. We're--
You should be grateful for any job.
I've hushed up the incident at Rahlem as best I can.
That's why I'm promoting you.
But if Paris hears what happened, you're finished.
-I was in charge of that-- -Stay out of this.
I think we understand each other, sir.
When the population wakes up in the morning, they will find...
...the 10th Parachute Regiment has invaded their city.
Attention. Attention.
Cards of identity will have to be presented before leaving the city.
The 10th Parachute Regiment... now taking command of the city.
Those without papers must stay inside their houses until cleared.
No vehicle may be driven from the area without permit.
Your identity card? Go!
Cards of identity. Identity cards.
Cards of identity.
How about him? Him?
How about him?
How about him?
The Battle of Algiers.
-We are making history, Professor. -Introduce me to your colleagues.
No faces, no names.
Otherwise they end up dead in an alley.
I'm serious. Introduce me.
Come on, Esclavier, sit down.
No. I want to see their stinking faces.
You stupid idiot!
They're exposed now.
What a shame.
Hey, little brothers!
What do you want?
You Moorish whore, get back to the casbah.
Didn't you hear him, Captain?
Don't pay any attention to that idiot.
Here, come and sit with me.
You're asking a little Moorish whore to sit at your table?
Please. What will you have?
Whiskey, double, straight.
A light whiskey and soda.
My name is Philippe Esclavier.
I'm Aicha.
No last name?
Arabs don't have last names, do they?
-Girl, do this. Boy, bring my drink. -Coming, young lady, coming.
She didn't mean you. We were talking.
I hear you lizards have been killing peasants up in the mountains.
It's a bitter war.
The Algerians want independence.
The heroes of the French revolution wouldn't be very proud of you.
You haven't touched your whiskey.
I don't drink whiskey. I only ordered it to be fresh.
I'm very fresh.
I'm going to ask you to see me home in your jeep.
I'm a foot soldier taking a tour of Algiers on foot.
I'll tell you what. I'll show you the city, but then you must drop me off in a taxi.
Okay. You drive a hard bargain.
Let me carry that.
In our country, Arab women carry for the men.
And walk behind them. Shall I go first?
No. That would mean I'm your woman.
-I take it the young lady is with you, sir. -That's right, Geoffrin.
I'm sorry, sir, you can't go into the casbah.
You're not armed.
If you can wait a moment, I will call a patrol to escort you.
Please don't bother. I'll be fine.
...l'd like to see you again.
Okay. Day after tomorrow.
Same time, same place, Captain Esclavier, and thank you.
I'll take her.
She is busy.
There'll be more in two days, Bakhti.
Did you have any trouble getting past the guards?
No. I had a military escort. The paratroop captain.
I think I'll be able to use him whenever I like.
Good. It's best from now on that I stay at Belcourt.
You'll be able to go between Bakhti and me.
Have you heard from my brother?
No. In three days, they'll receive the arms shipment from Tunis.
Then we'll have two fronts, the military with the guns...
-...the civilians with the bombs. -Guns are better.
Indiscriminate bombings kill the wrong people.
That's too bad, but we must keep the paratroops busy...
...until the arms are distributed.
There are enough detonators here to blow up half of Algiers.
These are the delayed-action ones.
One minute, three minutes, five minutes.
Eight bombings yesterday.
The day before, six, including a hospital.
It's a diversion to keep us off the arms shipment.
Where is Esclavier?
He's been going around with a casbah girl.
Haven't you got one lead from those hooded monkeys?
No. But it would be a different story...
...if I could look in a certain card file held by the police.
Police Headquarters, 3rd floor, Room 447.
-But they won't give it to us. -Then seize it.
There'll be an awful stink. You could get into trouble.
With luck we have about two days left.
Get the cards.
Come on, come on. Stay there.
Get over there.
What's this, Captain?
We've come to request your confidential card index system.
Impossible! Hold on there!
We still want it.
And if I refuse?
Stop those men! They have no right to--
We'd assume you were covering up for the terrorists.
-We'd consider you traitors. -And wipe you out.
The confidential files are in the first cabinet, there.
Okay, Verte, that's the one.
Come on.
I want it to be known I give way in the face of force.
Be careful. Much obliged.
We'll have Colonel Raspeguy send a letter thanking you...
...for your fine spirit of cooperation.
Some swim.
I must get back.
It's been a perfect day.
The water was lovely and warm.
We must go.
-Why the sudden rush? -I have an evening class.
-You didn't mention it before. -Didn't I?
Where were you in Indochina?
Saigon, Dien Bien Phu. The last stop, the prison camp.
-I know Arabs who were in Indochina. -There were quite a few.
-Aicha. -No, Philippe.
I'm not going to see you anymore. It's no good.
-No. -Then why did you come today?
For a swim, but I'm way out over my head.
-Your pass. -It's all right, Sergeant.
The young lady is with me. Let her through.
-Yes, sir. -Aicha...
...I must see you again.
All right, tomorrow, right here.
These days sometimes it's hard to get away.
Where can I reach you?
No last name, no address.
All right, tomorrow.
-But don't wait more than an hour. -Half an hour.
Mohammed Yasem.
Belonged to the U.M.D.A...
...then became affiliated with various liberation organizations.
Seeking self-autonomy, and has been under surveillance...
...and suspected for some time in collaboration.
-Are Arab women better lovers? -That's my business.
It's also mine when you go messing around with casbah girls.
They're all dangerous.
-Don't see her again. That's an order. -Shove it.
Look! Confine yourself to quarters.
I'll talk to you later.
Hey, listen to this one!
Has always been active in the nationalist movement.
Five years imprisonment at Lambese during World War II.
Twice arrested since then, but released for insufficient evidence.
-Who's that? -Recognize him?
Ali Ben Saad, 6 Belcourt Place.
Known to frequent 22 Rue de la Bombe.
I didn't know you handcuffed prisoners of war, Colonel.
Yes, when they're not prisoners of war.
-Then turn me over to the police. -We are the police.
You've forced this sort of thing on us.
Now talk. Where is Mahidi?
I refuse to answer any questions.
We're gong to find everyone in these files, just as we found you.
Now, someone is going to talk, sooner or later.
-It might as well be you. -Send for my lawyer.
I stand on my legal rights.
Have you seen this, Colonel?
-That's a radio. -Yes. Look.
And that's nothing, sir. It can be made ten times as strong.
Are you going to use that thing on me?
I'm going to get that information from you...
...or the rest of these, one way or another.
Take him in the back room. And keep him quiet.
Come in.
We picked them up at 22 Rue de la Bombe.
Some house. A pimp, this old hag, and these two tarts.
She is my fiancée. I demand a lawyer.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Keep the rest in the hall, except this one.
Colonel, this man molested me in the courtyard, 20 francs worth.
She planted her claws in my cheek.
Come here.
Sit down.
That's a fine watch.
I'll make you a present of it.
Since when do little tarts from the casbah have Cartier watches?
I found it.
-And the Paris dress, did you find that, too? -Get your dirty hands off me.
How do you think they plant their bombs, sir?
With their prettiest girls all dressed up to look like Europeans.
I'm going to report you to Captain--
-Captain who? -Maybe he was a colonel.
Take off your clothes.
Orsini! Call Esclavier.
And send in her fiancé.
-What is your name? -Marie Antoinette.
Take your fiancée in your arms.
Kiss her.
Come now. I heard you Arabs were passionate.
You show him how, here!
-Is she the girl you've been going with? -That's right.
She probably works for Ben Saad.
Here, take a look at this.
She was picked up at 22 Rue de la Bombe.
Aicha, come upstairs to my office.
Now he's in it up to his neck with the rest of us.
She's trying to pass herself off as a prostitute.
Let's talk to the rest of them.
You! Stand up!
He tried to get away.
Question the others.
-You. -Yusseff.
-What happened, sir? -Anybody killed, Colonel?
-What was it? -The files are gone.
What is your connection with Ben Saad?
You get the information.
I'll give you five minutes...
...then I'm handing her over to Boisfeuras.
...let's get this over with.
-That Captain Boisfeuras stole my watch. -Be sensible.
Tell me your real name and address. Then I'll take you home.
Look, Professor, swallow your pride and admit what I am.
I sell myself. What's more, I like it.
Just because I wouldn't sleep with you, you have to think I'm a lady.
Now, I know you're lying.
Yusseff spilled his guts.
He's spouting names faster than we can take them down.
He says your girlfriend is very important in the network.
Ask her what she was carrying in her beach bag.
A false beard.
-What were you carrying in that bag? -Detonators.
And she used you to get them in and out of the casbah.
Who are the others?
Stand up.
Stand up.
Answer my questions.
Hands up!
Hands up.
-Who's he? -Brother Bakhti.
He ran the bomb factory.
Take him over there with the group leaders.
-That makes it a clean sweep. -All 16 of them.
We've disposed of the last bomb. The city is clean.
Where are the arms hidden?
Under the most intensive questioning not one of these people knew.
I'm convinced that only Ben Saad could have told us.
Well, then we're finished.
There is a chance, maybe the girl.
Colonel Raspeguy, sir.
As Provost Marshal of the 12th District, I'm serving you with this subpoena.
What for?
Legal proceedings are being instituted against you.
You will leave by military aircraft for Paris at 7:00.
Like hell I will.
They're investigating the incident at Rahlem.
-My compliments, Colonel. -The general sends his regrets.
She is Mahidi's sister.
Hey, that's a break.
-Does she know where the arms are? -Yes.
-Where? -She told me.
-On one condition, we don't kill Mahidi. -Where are the arms?
I promised her we wouldn't kill Mahidi. Is it a deal?
I've been subpoenaed to return to Paris. The politicians are after me.
But they can't fight success. I'll either be a winner or I'll be dead.
-I could have you shot. -You won't know afterwards.
It won't take me ten minutes to get what I want out of her.
Get him out of here.
-With your permission, Colonel. -Get out!
Get out.
-Where's Mahidi? -Only if you take him alive.
It's a deal.
He's somewhere here, in the Aures Mountains...
...with all they've got.
He's moving out tomorrow with a well-equipped army.
And what about her?
I'll send her to Paris.
They can deal with her. Come on.
Go to hell, without me.
Come on. We have work to do.
Mahidi! Mahidi!
It's a French column.
Take your positions. Take your positions.
Take cover. Take cover.
Mortars, wait for my signal.
Raspeguy's men.
-Now? -No. Let's see if they stop.
Now! Open fire!
Get out! No, disperse!
Open mortar fire when ready.
Get Boisfeuras.
Boisfeuras listening.
Boisfeuras. Do you see that temple up there?
You come in from the right.
With caution. I want Mahidi taken alive.
-All right. -Orsini, did you hear that?
Send a platoon in from the left.
First platoon. Moving on the left of the temple.
You know where that base is?
A damn tough place to take.
I can see the crates of arms.
Hey, look... the right of the tree.
It's like shooting game.
Verte. Over here with the radio.
-Verte has been hit, sir. -What?
-Do you see Boisfeuras? -No.
-Colonel! -What?
Boisfeuras has gone crazy.
His men will be cut to pieces.
Boisfeuras! Come in, Boisfeuras!
Boisfeuras, come in, Boisfeuras.
Meet me at the first-aid station, with a squad.
Esclavier, come on.
Come with me.
Climb aboard.
Come on, hurry.
All right, boys.
Come on, move.
All right, take it up. My pipe!
We've been wiped out, sir. We should withdraw.
We're going up this mountain until every man falls.
And then I'll go get Mahidi myself.
Look, sir.
No, stop it, stop firing! It's carrying their wounded.
-Remember your promise. -Relax.
Get back there!
Stand and fight.
-Esclavier, here. -Mahidi! Surrender.
Mahidi, here!
Boisfeuras, no!
You didn't have to kill him.
You didn't have to kill him.
-You dirty-- -Esclavier. Boisfeuras was right.
He's a good soldier.
We won, didn't we?
-I pity you and your victory. -Esclavier, shut up!
You may get a general's star and a countess out of--
I said, shut up.
But you've turned into an animal.
You just broke my chains.
Recipients, flag, forward.
Officers, non-commissioned officers...
...and soldiers of the 10th Parachute Regiment, a unit citation.
During a course of vital action in the Aures Mountains...
...this regiment displayed remarkable ingenuity.
Previously, in the area of Gafez...
...they had become well-known for their unusual tactics.
And before that, while still in training at Camp Foch...
...they bought themselves a reputation...
...for enthusiastic spirit, and rigorous discipline.
I present the 10th Parachute Regiment... a unit, the Military Cross of Valour, with pride.
General Raspeguy...
...I present you with the Military Cross of Valour with pride.
Captain Boisfeuras...
...I present you with the Military Cross of Valor with Golden Star.
For luck.
Lieutenant Orsini...
...I present you with the Military Cross of Valour with Silver Star.
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