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Subtitles for Mangchi 2003.

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Mangchi 2003

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Yip-pee! I found tuna!
Grandpa... Grandpa...!
Ohh... there must be a big school of tuna.
There are tuna!
Hurry up! Come out quickly!
Hey...! Hello! A big school of tuna has come!
Ooo Ooo Ooo Ahhhhh...
That little devil!
Oh, that little villain!
What's the matter?
What? Tuna... tuna?!
Manghi finds tunas! Hurry up!
Mr. Winebottle! Come down to the pier!
Okay! Coming now!
Huhhh! My husband is a mad man!
Crazy Mangchi! Stop that!
Whoa! Oh no!
Oh... oh... ohhh. Ahhhh!
MY Tuna!
Bring back lots of fish!
Be careful!
Yo-ho! ...Oh... Why???
Thanks to Mangchi we get lots of fish.
That's right!
He is useful with fishing.
Huh! It's no big deal.
Angdu! Why are you acting so mean to your future husband?
Ha, ha, ha. Ho, ho, ho...
Oh! Grandpa!
Why, aren't you sleeping?
This time, when you go to sell the fish, can I come with you?
Grandfather, I'll be good.
No, you're still too young.
Grandpa- you saw me today I can do it! Grandpa! Really I can!
No! I believe I made it perfectly clear
You always that. No!
Just stop it. Here, take this.
What is it?
This is for me?
Oh my, are you really that pleased?
You know that's an important little hammer. Take good care of it.
Sure thing!
But, where's your crystal necklace, Grandpa?
It's late. What do you say we turn in for the night?
Who is that? Huh!?!
Hey you! You're in danger!
Get out!
Hey, get with it!
Hurry up! Grab hold of my hand. Take my hand!
Urrrr... rrr!
Great night for flying, don't you agree?
Hey you, Kid! What are you doing?
Just a bump here! And a little bump there!
Bump! Bump! Bump! Bump! Everywhere, Bump! Bump!
Just a bump here! And a little bump there!
Bump! Bump! Bump! Bump! Everywhere, Bump! Bump!
Hey! What do you think you're doing, Kid?
So, I'll show him
I think it needs a little hole here. Hey! It was nice playing with you.
It's okay with me if you wanna dogfight.
Now I'm in big trouble.
What's wrong!
Stop! That's enough!
Hey, Mangchi!
Watch out!
Drop dead, bug!
Sir, what are you doing?
Oh... my... friend!
Huuu aaaat
Grandpa, what happened...? You alright?
How are you feeling?
Where am I?
Where you are? This is our island. Do you remember that I rescued you?
Oh, you saved me right? Thank you. Thank you for saving my life.
Mangch, Oh! Shut your stupid trap.
There, now... Can you tell us the whole story of what happened to you?
I'm Poplar, Princess of The Jemius Empire.
She is a princess...!
It began happily. We were on our way to conclude a peace convention with the Akra Empire.
We had high hopes to finally bring the two nations together in a peaceful coexistence.
My father, King of the Jemius Empire,
and General Mooskan were travelling together. In mid-flight they raised a rebellion.
But Mooskan was not acting alone. Prime Minister Moonk, who opposes the peace convention,
had given General Mooskan the go-ahead to carry out the rebellion.
I tried to affect a rescue, but I came under attack.
It all came without warning and in a terribly brutal manner.
Moonk, You said Moonk?
Do you know Prime Minister Moonk?
Mr. Long, would you please take the Princess to the inland as soon as she recovers.
I have to go to The Akra Empire. I have to meet King of Akra and ask him for help. Please help me.
I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do.
I wish Grandpa would help her.
Yes, you're right. He's sure not acting like he usually does.
Did you say that Poplar's plane was shot down?
Yes, sir!
Are you sure she is dead?
I think she is. let me explain. We had two fighter planes out and they were both lost...
The communication with them has been broken... and it seems that...
Ahhhhhh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
I will not tolerate anymore failure... by you or anyone!
Please forgive me my lord, it's my fault.
The Princess is still alive.
Bring the Princess to me.
Yes, sir!
Come on-. I want to learn it. It's not even fair.
Don't you see, I'm all grown up now.
Hwhh. Inevitable. I can't hold him back from his emerging abilities.
Mangchi, come along with me.
The way of the Great Echo
is collecting all energy in your body and releasing it all at once, explosively.
Now, try it by yourself. The energy you need comes from deep down below.
Are you ready?
Ooop... Oooooop!
It's my powerful Great Echo... But, it has more power than I wanted it to.
I told you to concentrate from deep down below, but not that low!
Try again!
After you inhale, send the air below the navel.
O.K.! Now shout out there as loud as you can!
Huhhhh! Aaangduooo-!
What are you doing boy?! I didn't tell you to shout Angdu's name. Now try again.
Prepare yourself. Ready with a yell. Yeah! Let it all out!
Yaaaaa! Heh... heh... heh.
You can't master it from the very beginning. But, boy,
you could make seagulls drop from the sky someday.
Keep practicing.
Huuuhhh! YAAAAAAB!
Grandpa! Are you O. K?
Why is he shouting all day?
OH! Stop there!! If I catch you...
Oh, my throat hurts. I shouted all day long and now I can't talk. I'm a fool.
Quiet! I'm trying to get some sleep here.
Hey! That's my bike.
What is she doing on my bike?
Hey, hold it!
Hey! That's not the right way to handle it. Turn it! No, upwards!
Be careful!
Mangchieee! Mangchiee!
Where are you going?
Don't go!
Mangchi's gone! I don't believe it, Mangchi's been taken captive. Somebody HELP!
What are you doing now?
If you don't let me climb up to drive it,
we'll both fall. Do you hear me?
We got to go back!
I simply must go to Akra, please!
I can't. My Grandpa will be angry.
Grandpa would get angry...
I don't know how much more of this I can actually take. O.K.
I'll just take you there and come right back home. But, that's all I'll do.
Thank you! Mangchi!
Hek... Hek... Whoa! I can't breathe!
Oh... LAND! Hey,
we'll be on the ground in a minute. It's land!
What... where...?
We are on the land!
I see it!
- Whooaaa-! - Ahhhh-.
Hie-iee-. Yes. Yes. Yeahh-s!
You moron, you need to learn a lesson in economics.
You should've hit them with just one bullet!
Let's go, guys!
And who are you?
I? I am the... uh... Well,
if you ask me who I am.
Ahem...! Let me introduce him to you. A man from Jemius?? NO!
He is not! A man from Akra? I don't think so.
Between them, in this wide barren neutral zone,
the living legend! The sun that never sets! The oasis...
SHHHSHH. That is enough!
I'm Pultaco!
Pultaco...? The most ignorant thief of all?
Ha, ha, ha, ha... Ha, ha, ha...
I'm not ignorant... I just make money by any means possible.
Now, take her!
Yo Boss! Do we take the one that's laying down over there?
No, he may wanna look for something down here.
Hee Hee you're gonna bring money.
I better check it out right?
What did you find?
You little brat. Don't you have the good sense to be afraid? Do you think I'll spare your life just because you're a kid?
You were the boy lying in the ground before, right?
I suggest you get ready for my hammer.
That kid is really getting on my nerves.
You'll regret what you did soon enough.
Now! The next lot is today's highlight!
The most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world is here and is available to be your slave!
Poplar. That's the princess for sure.
Alright I'm going in for the capture.
Sh! Don't move. In this area, fighting is forbidden. They'll swarm all over you.
Now-. So, we begin at 3,000,000 Silver as a special bid.
Whoa! 3,000,000! It's too expensive.
That amount doesn't matter... 3,100,000!
Oh-, 5,000,000 Silver! His bid for the slave is 5,000,000 Silver.
Wait! Add ten thousand to the 10 million!
10 million Silver! Yes! You have good taste sir! Add ten thousand to the 10 million!
20 million!
And, ten thousand to that!
30 million!
And, ten thousand!
For... forty million!
And, ten thousand more to whatever!
Yeah-! Ten thousand to whatever is accepted! Congratulations! You've won the auction.
Now, shall we go, Miss?
Excuse me... Sir! Do you have my cash?
My money is...?
Then, see you later.
What... on credit!?!
Hey, catch that kid.
Don't let him get away.
Where do you think you're going?
Oh, no!
Poplar, Hurry up! this way! Go!
Hee, hee... Huh?
Catch them!
Great Echo worked... Then... Hee, heei.
Ready? Let's go...
Hey you! Be quiet.
How dare you not pay and run away from me... Uh...?
It's pure gold!?!
Give it back! That's a present to me from Angdu!
Oh, really? and where did she get it?
Angdu found it in the water. It's mine.
Which water?
The water in my town in... Oops!
And you should talk to ME!
So, in return for gold, You want me to help you
with your trip to The Akra Empire. Right?
Well, that isn't a good deal for me.
So, now deal!
O... O.K. O.K., don't act so quickly.
So... shall we draw a map of the location?
This is my town...
From here, go straight forward, curving slightly to the left.
Then go to the right.
Oh, is that it?
Here are many, many sharks.
And up the hill from here is the really...
This is really dangerous place.
Here are many reefs. You should be careful if you are driving your boat here.
Pass by here then go down.
Keep going down... It's right here.
Here? At last...!
Yes. My Grandpa fishes here. It's his favorite spot.
Ask my Grandpa about the gold!
What! You're kidding me!
Anyway, you're absolutely sure the gold is there, right?
I'd like you to stay but I know you are anxious to go on your way so I'll walk you down the stairs.
Yes. Using that plane, we could arrive in The Akra Empire by tomorrow morning.
Wait! Ah, just a minute!
That is the private plane of PULTACO!
A much better plane will arrive for you soon.
Oh, really?
I know that plane!
Been a long time, Princess Poplar.
Mooskan! Why are you here?
Pultaco! You traitor!
My gold wasn't enough so you sold me out too.
You low down betrayer.
Hee, heee, hee. The business world is all about money.
Don't take it so personally. That's life.
MEN! You will escort the Princess to the ship.
- No. Let me go! - Don't move!
Right, don't let him get away. Stop him!
What a sorry sight.
Take that boy, too.
You won't get away with this, let me go!
Take care of yourself.
Lord, thank you very much. Ooh.
I got the gold. I'm absolutely brilliant.
I really know you, Boss.
And now... With this, I get the rest of the gold.
That'll be the second bird we killed with the same stone.
That magnificent bird has laid two eggs.
Ha, ha, ha, ha... He, he, he
Mooskan, tell me why are Soldiers here?
The elders of the community have started a war.
What? A war...!
Throw that boy into prison.
Let me go! Poplar!
Shut up!
Now, come thbis way.
Let Mangchi go!
I welcome you, Princess.
Don't give me that welcome business, you pompous, stupid creep. And,
where is my father?
Right now, the Jemius Empire faces a serious crisis. In nature sometimes,
to make a tree bloom another branch has to be sacrificed.
The sacrifice of King Waldo for the sake of
The Jemius Empire will be remembered forever. For you see it is his destiny.
What is that? What have you done with my father?
Don't worry too much, Princess. The King is alive and he is well.
If you hand over the throne to me, no harm will come to him, you have my word.
Do you really think I am that stupid? I'll never fall for that.
If you want to save your father, you would have to change your mind.
Mooskan! Escort the Princess carefully.
You'll never get away with this!
Settle down, won't you?
It is thought by everyone that King and the Princess are already dead.
What does that mean? Are you going to kill me?
If you want to live, you will cooperate with us.
We will give you until tomorrow night to make your decision.
Good night.
Papa... What should I do...?
I assure you, it would not take long.
Oh, really? When it comes to her father, the Princess will do anything to save him...
So, I insist you keep a close watch on her!
And, I have good news.
It has been reported to me that someone has actually witnessed Great Echo.
The old man is not dead yet.
This is going to be much easier than I expected.
I trust this is a map of where we can find him.
Mangchi-. Why doesn't he come to me?!?
Mheh mheh mheh
Go way! Don't bother me!
Angdu, what did you do, huh?
I don't know! That cunning fox, Poplar, causes all of these troubles.
Mheh mheh mhe
O.K. O.K. I'll bring Mangchi to you. So, please... Whoa!
What's that? Huh?
Ahem. Ah-, Good morning. Good morning to you all.
Tell me, who is the grandfather of Mangchi?
A little boy named Mangchi sent me here to find his grandfather.
Did you say Mangchi? Tell me where is he? Tell me NOW!
Now kid, do you think you happen to know where I can find Mangchi's grandfather right now?
How do you know Mangchi?
Oh, are you Mangchi's grandfather? Nice to meet you!
Yes, and who are you?
Oh, you mean me. My name is Pultaco. I'm taking care of Mangchi.
He gave me this letter for you to read.
Please give all the gold to Pultaco, the savage looking,
ignorant and greedy leader of the bandits...
Excuse me, are you claiming that Mangchi wrote this?
Yes, of course! His signature should be right there.
I don't believe it! How is Mangchi? Is he well?
Fabulous, of course.
So, where is Mangchi? Why didn't he come with you?
Come with me? Let me see now...
Mangchi is very busy dating a beautiful princess by the name of Poplar.
Mangchi with... Poplar...
Yes, you understand me perfectly. That boy is head over heels for the Princess.
He only has eyes for her now and has forgotten the rest of the world.
If I were you, I'd forget all about him.
Uh... uhh... Uaaaaaahhhhh! Mommy!
Well, I hope you can plainly see, it's not my fault.
Hm-, All right, I'll give it to you.
However, you should never tell anyone about our gold. Got it?
Oh, don't worry. My lips are sealed.
Ah, Nanajule.
Hey, what was that sound?
Oops! What's the big idea of kicking me?
You gotta problem, maybe you want a piece of me?
Hey! Be quiet!
Look in every nook and cranny!
If there is anything suspicious, report it to me immediately!
Mheh Mheh Mheh
Baby! Stay still. Uh?! BABY! Where are you going?!?
Hey, little girl! Stop now! Stop! Or I'll shoot!
Mheh Mheh Mheh
Bring my little Baby back! Bring my Baby back!
Huhh... Huhh... Huhh... Baby, my poor Baby, Mom, Baby is dead. Baby...
Come back here, now, little girl!
Bring my little Baby back! Bring my Baby back!
Look out!
Lie on the ground!
Sir, are you okay?!
Step back!
Great... Echo? Perhaps now Moonk has returned.
How long would you say it has been old man?
Oh, lord, it's Moonk... I can't believe it, but it is you.
HAHAHA, You have hidden yourself well. But now, it is time to hand over The Crystal to me.
Neither you, nor I, have the right to take The Crystal. It is not ours to take.
HAHA... Everything belongs to whomever possesses it,
and now, The Crystal will belong to me.
You know that the Mysterious Crystal can easily cause disasters if not handled properly?
I also know that when I hold the Mysterious Crystal it will increase the power of
my Great Echo by a thousand times.
Now, give it to me!
I can't, too late. You see it's gone.
What? Gone? Don't lie!
It is not too late. Give me The Crystal. And, I will let you live...
Them you leave me no choice.
I Know where it is!
Mangchi has The Crystal now!
What did you say about Mangchi, little girl?
Mangchi? Who is Mangchi?
Ah, I see. The clever old man gave it away so that I could not have it
Then, the old man is simply useless to me. YYAAAAT!
Grandpa! Are you alright?
Hey, get off!
Yes, sir!
Find the boy named Mangchi!
Yes Sir!
Once I have found him, then, the world is mine.
HUHUHU, Mha, ha, ha, ha, ha... Ha, ha, ha, ha...
Phew! Oops!
Ouch! Phew-!
You're still alive. You're obviously harder to kill than I thought.
Moonk... We have to stop that monster.
Old man, that's not my problem! The gold is my problem.
I'd say there's a bigger thief on this planet than me, but how could that be?
Now, Princess, why are you suddenly handing over the throne? What's going on?
You are the only righteous heir to the throne.
I'm appalled. How can you people be so insensitive?
The Princess told you that she is simply too shocked to function normally.
But why are you going to hand over the throne to Prime Minister Moonk?
I concur. Princess, take some time to think it over again.
I'm sure the late King, your father, would agree with us as well.
Yes, he is right, Your Highness.
Enough of your whining. Your audience here is over. Guards, escort the Princess out!
The Princess must be kept stress free, even when you are speaking to her.
The coronation ceremony will be held fifteen days from today,
on the day of the full moon.
We insist that all Seniors cooperate with her Majesty's plan.
Here it is, sir... I mean your Majesty. Congratulations.
Your congratulations are premature.
It's too early to feel completely safe. Understand?
No failures. How's the search for that boy... Manchi... going?
We're looking for him, Majesty.
But, there's been no trace of him since the time he first landed.
We'll get him. Mangchi only uses a Hammer as weapon.
By any means necessary you must find him before the coronation ceremony.
Majesty! What would you have me do with King Waldo and the Princess?
As soon as the ceremony is over... I want you to get rid of them,
and all the others we captured!
Wh... Who are y... AHHA!
Snrrr-, snorr-.
Mangchi, Mangchi!
Ouch! Who are you?
Who are you?
Here, Mangchi, take this
Wow! It's my Hammer! Oop!
Be quiet!
Poplar, I don't understand, how did you get here?
We don't have much time. Come on! We gotta get out of here!
Oop! Uh... - .
Moonk is going to be King and start a war again.
Please go to The Akra Empire and ask for help. Do you understand what I'm saying?
You mean you're not coming with me?
No, cause if we go together, we could be captured together.
But... Is it safe for you to be alone?
Moonk can't do any harm to me until he receives his crown.
There! Catch them!
Hey! It's Mangchi! Hey everybody it's Mangchi, Mangchi!
Where? Where?
Where are you going Mangchi?
Oh, hi Angdu. Hey, what are you doing in there?
Sir! What happened? How did you all end up in there?
Mangchi, hurry up!
Wait! My neighbors are all imprisoned in there! I can't just leave them here.
That sly girl caused all of this!
Hurry, hurry up!
Mangchi, don't worry about us. You have to escape from here.
Mangchi! Don't get together with her!
If we can't get help from The Akra Empire before the coronation ceremony,
your neighbors will be in danger, too. No one is safe right now.
What's that, my neighbors, too?
I'm O.K. I'm alright. Here.
Show this ring to the king of The Akra Empire and ask him for help.
The coronation ceremony will be held a week from today, on the day there will be a full moon.
There they are!
They're coming. Go! Hurry up! You shouldn't be captured. Go on, get out of here.
Poplar, I promise to come back. Please be safe!
Halt! It's the Princess!?!
Stop right there, all of you.
We respect your position, your highness, but we have orders. Step aside.
And what if I refuse your request?
What do you think you're doing?
These men are under strict orders from the high command. Now! Escort the princess.
Yes, sir!
Mangchi, good luck...
Uh! Which way?
Ahhhh! There he is!
My Hammer?!
Where is he?
So, is Mangchi comfortable?
What? Get your hand off me, I can't breathe, you betrayer!
Oh, before we go any further look down.
Because you see if you continue like this we'll both fall and die!
What did you say?
Pultaco, who are you going to sell me out to now?
Yeah, cut the chatter and follow me.
Do you think that you can trick me again? I'm not stupid.
Oh God, what a hot temper.
Hold on! That was a close call.
You have far too much energy for such a small kid, did you know that?
What happened?
It seems the Princess helped the prisoner escape.
What do you mean? Who did she help?
It's just a kid, named Mangchi...
Mangchi... What! Mangchi? Tha... That's the one we're looking for!
So, somehow, the name seemed familiar...
Idiot! Somehow you managed to lose a rat caught in a trap. Fool!
You have to capture him using any means. If you can't, you're dead!
Listen to me now kid, we've got no choice. Jump!
What's that sound?! There, look there!
Huhh, Huhh... Huhh
Pultaco, is this the way to the Akra Empire?
Before you go there, there's someone you ought to see.
Grandpa-. Grandpa-.
Oh! Mangchi!
You pompous idiot! What do you mean? How could you lose that child like that?
Fo... Forgive me, sir.
We're checking all shorelines and island interiors.
I will have a report for you soon.
So you see Grandfather, that's why I have to go to The Akra Empire and ask for help.
There is something you must do here.
But if I don't go and get help, all our neighbors will be in danger.
Give me the ring Mangchi. Here.
No, no... no...
Listen, do you understand that the Jemius Empire will reward your help?
AAII. I can't help loving money. O.K. I'll do it
That guy sold me out for money once before. We can't trust Pultaco.
Just put away your worries, my boy. You must prepare yourself for training!
Strong body and mind... That's the basis of Great Echo.
Right now, you can't become a powerful enemy to Moonk.
But... You will have a chance even if you are weaker than Moonk.
You have to attack faster and stronger than you can now.
Yi-pee! It worked!
Grandpa, What does Moonk want?
Moonk has wanted The Crystal for a long time. However, you must never allow him to have it.
The consequences of him possessing The Crystal would be no less than catastrophic.
But You don't have to allow that he have it. It'll bring a calamity.
But, what is special about this Crystal? Where is it?
Ummm... That's enough for tonight. Go to sleep.
Tomorrow, you will start the toughest part of your training.
Huh? You want me to jump down from here? How can I do that?
And then, climb up the waterfalls right back to where I'm standing.
No, I can't!
Well, then, it's pointless to continue, we'll stop.
I want you to make a complete search of the area. Don't overlook a thing!
Yes, sir!
Hey, old man!
Ma... Mangchi...
I'm here, Grandpa. Mangchi is here.
What Moonk can never overcome is The Crystal...
Grandpa-. Don't leave me!
Huhuhuhu, tomorrow is THE DAY.
In accordance with the law of the Jemius Empire
and the decision of the senate house, I, the lineal successor to the throne,
hereby pronounce Prime Minister Moonk,
to be the new King of the Jemius Empire.
Quick! Protect King with your lives!
And who the hell is that?
Sir, it's a border bandit named Pultaco.
A bandit?
Mha, ha, ha, ha. From now on, call me Pultaco, the Righter of Wrongs!
Have a look out the window.
What, what is it? What's that noise?
It's the enemy!
These troops are from The Akra Empire.
Oh, you did it, Mangchi!
The enemy troops are trying to invade us. But don't be frightened!
Today, I, King Moonk, will punish our enemy,
The Akra Empire, that killed our former ruler, King Waldo.
You actually sound as if you believe what you are saying, Moonk.
People of The Jemius Empire!
The forces of the Akra Empire have arrived here to help us.
The real traitors over there.
- Your Majesty...! - Your Majesty!
Soldiers of The Jemius Empire, arrest Moonk, the traitor!
Hmmh! So, you wish to fight me.
Oh! Princess...!
Mooskan, kill each and every one of them.
Mha, ha, ha... Those who fight me will surely die! King Waldo,
you will be my first victim! Yaaabbbb!
Mangchi? Huhuhuh... You have found your way. Your are fearless, but you are no match.
What are you doing now?! Attack! Attack them!
Little boy, I'll show you the real power of Great Echo!
I found them! Here, come here!
Hurry out!
Huh...?! It is... Mangchi...
We meet face to face, Mangchi.
Moonk, YOU were my Grandfather's enemy!
You are too young to experience the faith of your Grandfather.
You shut your big mouth!
Is that all you've got? This will be too easy for me.
Whoooaa! He's too powerful.
Oh, have you used up all your energy already?
Give me The Mysterious Crystal and I will let you live.
Oh no, pal, we're not finished yet! YYYAAAAT!
If you don't hand the Crystal over to me I promise you will be sorry.
It's useless to ask him about it.
I lied to you before, but only because I wanted to save Grandfather!
Hmmmh. I see that reasoning with him is not the way. YYAAAATT!
Now. Do you still want more?
You can't have the Crystal!
So, you want more punishment I see. YYAAAATT!
The strong dominate the weak; that is the law in this world.
Don't you understand that yet?
The ones that are truly strong must protect the weak.
I'll get you! YYAAAATT!
Whoaa. O.K. Now is the time!
That was great, Mangchi. Having thrown yourself out and attacked my weakness...
that's great for a kid.
You know I can't let you live because you would cause me great trouble in the future.
Now, prepare yourself!
No-! I can't move. I can't... Grandpa...
Urrr! YAAA!
Moonk can never overcome... The Crustal...
It... It is... The Crystal!
The Crystal
The Crystal?
I found it at last! Ohh!!
Hey wait a minute! That's Grandfather's necklace.
What is this power?
Oh... No! The Crystal...
it's rejecting me!
Oh... no... no...!
I'll Kill all of you!
This is it, Moonk! I will never forgive you.
It's the power of the Crystal!
For rescuing the Jemius Empire, and for bravery beyond the call,
I hereby proclaim that Mangchi, Pultaco and his men, are truly our heroes.
You've earned a place of honor among us, and so we welcome you.
The Jemius Empire will remember your heroic acts for all time.
Heh... uh- uh...
Oh, you're cute!
Who does she think she is?
Princess Poplar flirting with Mangchi. Hey girl! You!
Mangchi is MY boyfriend!
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MASH 1970 CD2
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M - The Murderers Are Among Us (1931)
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