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Mango Yellow

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There are times when I just wonder about the way things happen.
First, comes the day. Then, everything happens on that day.
Then comes the night-the best part!
But then right after that, comes the day again!
And on and on and on... never-ending!
The only thing that hasn't changed lately is that Santa Cruz...
hasn't won a single game... not even a title of honour!
And I... haven't found anyone that deserves me...
Love always goes wrong...
I just wish the whole world would go and fuck itself!
Good morning Nita, up there on Paradise Hill.
Good morning Argemiro and Inácia.
Good morning to all the crowd up there on the Hill.
And Cannibal, how're doing? Ronrona, Peste, Marcelo,
Celo Brown, Dito de Oxossi, how's everything going overthere, brother?
Good morning too, to everywhere on Shooter's Hill.
A very good morning, and here's hoping that this 16th July
is filled with happiness. 'Stay full of cheer...
'cos tonight there'll be cheap beer.'
And now, let's turn to the morning news.
A very respectable housewife found her husband with his lover.
Things turned rough. She, an evangelical, pounced on...
Miss So-and-so, and all hell broke loose.
Result: The loverended up in hospital and no one's...
seen hair nor hide of the betrayed wife.
Well, that's it, the main news.
More news in a few minutes. This is yourCity Soup,
always keeping you informed, because after all,
life is not that hard in Recife.
To catch a minibus, forexample, is easy...
and for a minibus to catch you-is even easier.
'Stay full of cheer 'cos tonight there'll be cheap beer.'
That 's the way it goes. This is City Soup.
Always here with the latest news.
Now, let's go overto the day's news. More police news.
Another police case. Well, it would be if the police...
themselves weren't the main suspects of killing two
boys that were found in the bathroom of the Jean Paul Sartre School.
They were both 14 and were said to have been killed by...
2 policemen on routine patrol.
The motive: Cannabis!
The thing is that the witnesses don't want to talk, and those
who do talk only know from hearsay. That's the way it goes.
This is City Soup-the truth every day on your radio.
- Hallelujah, brothers! - Hallelujah!
We must fear the Devil and glorify the Lord!
We must never leave a space open in our minds for Satan...
to invade our hearts, amen?! make it his home! Hallelujah! - Hallelujah!
The weapon against suffering is the belief in Our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
- Praise be to God!!! - Praise the Lord!!!
If I am capable of killing a man?
Of all the species that walk this earth, man is the...
one creature that deserves to die.
In fact, I killed a man once.
That 's why they call me Cannibal... Wellington Cannibal!
Look, the only thing I could never do is kill Kika!
She's not most beautiful woman in the world, no, but she's the best
'cos she's evangelical! Yea... May God keep her that way...
And by God, I'll tell you something, pal,
I trust Kika more than myself...
she says the most beautiful things...
You took the piss, you're yellow, this will not go amiss...
You took the piss, you're yellow, this will not go amiss...
inside this box is an indigent body a body without voice,
a body without feelings...
inside this box is an indigent body, a body without voice...
Excuse me Aurora...
a body without feelings...
You took the piss, you're yellow, this will not go amiss,
and inside this box...
Bianor, Bianor!! What are you looking for?
The store key, Dunga...
Isn't it on the third hook?
Well, I'll be... there it is... I've been looking all over
for this darned key...
Mr. Bianor, Mr. Bianor! I'd say you're going half blind?
The key is in the same place as always and the man can't even find it.
Texas Hotel, at your service... hmhmm... I don't know... I'll see...
Dunga, is Isaac up yet?
That? Up before ten?
So go and call him. Tell him it 's urgent. It 's some... Rabecão.
All right, but you know how he gets.
Looks like a wild beast with those squashed up piggy eyes.
Mr. Isaac...
what the fuck d'you want?
- Mr. Isaac... - What the fuck is it?
There's a phone call for your excellency.
Rabecão would like to speak to his highness.
Get fucked! Is he still on the line?
Answer you miserable poofter... is he still on the line?!
Fuck... shit.
Yes? Of course it 's me, Rabecão... yeah!
The voice of someone who just got up, you bastard!
What is it? No... no...
And I'm gonna get upset because of that?
Hang on... Fuck! Hey! Bianor.
Put the fucking extension back on the hook!
Look, I'll meet you at the usual place in 4O minutes!
Of course I'll take the stash, for fuck's sake.
No, it 's all planned, arranged and decided...
I'm telling you... I've hit it right on the head, OK!
Wow, Rabecão: Great!
Fucking hell, fucking hell, fucking hell!
- 'Morning, Bianor! - Morning!
Hey, Dunga was getting worked up.
Go straight through to the kitchen, Wellington.
He's expecting you.
God save Wellington... What?
What are you looking at me like that for?
Hang the meat on that hook. Go on...
Put your meat really near me, go on.
I know... You've started?
You're getting your fangs ready to pounce, eh?
Yes... but don't get scared. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
Clean all that skin off and leave it really smooth and clean.
For fuck's sake Dunga!
Why don't you go and throw this Shit over the bitch that...
the bad luck of having you, eh?!
Fuck and bollocks!
Every day this fucking queer throws this fucking stuff over me!
You're a fucking pain Dunga. I'll fuck you good and proper.
Mmm... sure...
You're a fucking pain. A fucking pain.
And... Kika? How's she?
Thank God, she's on the right track. An evangelical.
One of these days I'll be going down the same road.
I should give up smoking.
She's a lucky woman... she likes her meat then, does she?
No... she's not that good in bed... but she's a good woman.
A believer...
Modesty is the most intelligent form of perversion.
Which one, Lígia?
Hang on! I'm thinking.
Last night I dreamt about today.
You know something? I've seen all this before.
It 's all already happened.
Isn't today the 16th of June?
Sure... today I'm another year older.
Ha! You're getting old?
Not old! Experienced...
All right then... I'll play today's date in the first to the fifth
in both games. And do another too, with the numbers reversed.
6, 16... a good game, huh?
- What was yesterday's result? - The dog.
Fuck! And I put my money on the cow.
Let 's make amends for our guilt here...
I'm not a rich man, but I still feel guilty.
To have any sense at all in Brazil is motive enough to feel guilt!
Oh no! The show's about to start... I saw this in my dream too.
God! What a miserable life...
Hey, beautiful! Aren't you going to bring us our breakfast?
- See you, Lígia. - Bring us a beer!
See you around, Mr. Bianor.
Today is confused, but happiness reigns.
Long live Denmark!
Heh! Isaac!
What else can we expect of life?
Fucking hell!
Dunga! Dunga! Little Dunga!
Oh! For God's sake! What? Where's the fire?
The priest is going to eat with us today, you hear?
What 's the matter? Are you crying?
Of course I'm not, it 's the fucking onions!
Onions... there's always something.
It 's all I need.
May the light of God shine upon us.
Illuminating our souls...
with love...
Nobody is innocent.
Man's hope lost a long time ago.
Pain appears and screams from every corner.
The humanists pity themselves from the rail of the pulpit!
But, may they pity themselves of their own souls, because it is exactly
the pride of goodness that resides in almost every sin.
Man dies, the world burns out and the flames are consumed...
but excess accompanies the vacuum.
Kika Cannibal!
Kika Cannibal!
Lígia, my little mango, give me my medicine...
and some gizzards to pick at.
There's no gizzards... but there's a little liver, will that do?
And why not, flower of my life?
Well, I'm gonna grab that pretty arse!
Another beer! And so I heard this story about the Argentinians.
Load of wankers! One of them said, 'first we stop being Argentinians
and become Spanish! '
Show me, show me a Brazilian who can tell someone who's Spanish
from someone who's not?
Well, after a load of bollocks, they spoke the hallowed phrase,
the real treasure of Brazilian thought!
The phrase that humiliates anthropologists.
'Let 's buy a car. In Brazil a car is worth more than character! '
I hate the Argentinians, but I have to give credit to his phrases...
And the conclusion was brilliant!
'Brazilians foster...
a certain admiration for wheedling.
The average Brazilian loves being cheated. '
Go and slap your mother's arse, you fucking prat!
What the fuck?
Go shove it up your arse! You reckon my arse is your mother's cunt?
Fuck off, you hear, go fuck yourself!
And you get your fucking hands off me!
Fuck off to work you load of bastards!
Dunga my boy, bring me a glass of water.
And the vegetable list. I'm off to the market.
Right away. Ah, Bianor, bring me a box of bobbins.
Where the fuck have you been!
Calm down, calm down.
- So? Where is it? - Inside.
What state is it in? Is it very damaged?
Well, the body is a little perforated, but it 'll do fine.
- Is it cold? - Cold? Like an iced lolly.
Fucking hell!
Take good care of that. It doesn't have an owner, but... I said... I'm just warning you. - Fine. Now, get going.
And, Isaac, don't forget. I'm waiting for you at the Avenida Bar.
Hang on, Wellington, you fucking stink!
Look here Well, I'm up to here with all this!
What 's this, my love?
Huh! What 's this? You're going to have to choose.
I won't go on being known as the slag around here.
That I'm no good, I'm bad, a tart...
Yesterday, dad, who can't even walk straight, looked at me
and in one mouthful just called me 'a slut '!
- Kika, Kika... - Fuck Kika!
- Daisy my love... listen... - Stuff your 'my love'!
You're fucking difficult?
What the fuck are you on about now, Wellington?
Wellington, my father called me a slut. And do you know why?
You bloody don't, do you? Because of you!
- You went and told him. - Of course I told him, you soft idiot!
But he's beginning to work out that I am with a married man.
A "ghost-boyfriend" is always married. I just hope to God he never
realises it 's you... especially with the way he feels about Kika.
That soft bitch.
Not a soft bitch! Kika is an evangelical! She's the type that...
Christians are the biggest sluts of all.
Say that again! Say it again if you dare!
Christians are the biggest sluts of all!
Go on, hit me Wellington! Hit me!
you're man enough, aren't you? So go on -hit me, Cannibal!
Look here Daisy, don't tempt me. Otherwise you'll regret it.
You'll come out the worse! If your father, who knows you well,
calls you a slut, then it 's because you deserve it! Get it?
And don't think I'm going to beat your face to shit, because I'm not!
But you fucking deserve it! I'm just warning you that
it 's the one thing I'd really enjoy doing.
Now look here, never open your mouth about Kika again, never!
Show some respect for her! If not I'll do you up!
D'you get it? Never speak like that about Kika again, do you hear!
I'm off.
Today I'm going over to the Santería House... oh yes!
You'll see what I can do. I'll get you all right Cannibal.
I've already started a spell and it 'll only be over when I've got you
in the palm of my hand, here! Right here!
Go to your precious little Kika. That slimy Daisy! Go!
This is for you! Rice! Rice!
I'll finish with the two of them! Fucking women!
Huh! Nothing matches the fury of a determined queen, dear!
I'll only rest when I'm 6 feet under!
I may not be a woman - but I'll get what I want. I will!
God forgive me, but I'll do anything, I'm not playing around here!
And as for that one - 'Jesus is love', 'salvation' -for fuck's sake!!
Daisy... Daisy is just a shit-bag, a slag.
Addicted to married men!
God forgive me, but they say she's even had dykes...
licking those tits, dear! Slag! Slag!
And being the slag she is, it must be true.
Now Daisy...
I would never swap a man like Wellington for some old dyke, dear!
Lesbian... I'll get it all sorted out all right! When she goes to the Santero...
I'll get her sorted. Plant today and harvest tomorrow.
Be fucked if I'm playing around! I'll do it!
Dunga my boy, is there ever going to be any lunch today?
It 's coming, it 's coming Aurora.
Stay talking to Bianor and when it 's ready I'll give you a call. Right?
You look as if you're up to no good, Little Dunga.
I've seen this face before...
oh god! Aurora, I'm not in the mood for jokes today. Stay with Bianor.
If not the food'll never be ready today. Go on!
You liked the material then? As yellow as a mango!
Fuck me, but that 's one hell of a woman! Who's she?
The she-wolf of the Avenida Bar. She's a crazy bitch.
Looks like a whore but nobody here has ever had her.
You're joking?
I don't joke, Isaac? And the 'ham'? Was it too far gone?
What ham? Ah... it 's there. I don't think it 's any worse
...than it was before.
- And the weed? - In the car, 5OO grams.
So let 's get going. I'm all out.
Just a minute Rabecão. I'll tell you what.
You get the weed out of the car, from under the passenger seat.
I'll stay around here for a while. All right?
I get you. You want to have it with blondie there.
Well, if you manage to bang that one...
I'll give you back the dosh...
and you can even fuck me up the arse.
Fucking poofter... keep your arse to yourself.
But, I'll take you up on the dosh.
No deal. You'll have to take my arse! No arse, no deal.
Get out of here, you fucking poof!
And Rabecão, if another jewel like that one turns up...
Get the bill, ok?
Heh, young lady! I need one here.
Kika Cannibal!
For God's sake, Wellington, what 's this all about?
I do everything I can to stay out of trouble.
I do no harm to any one, I give no trouble to anyone.
And what do I get in return? Kika Cannibal...
oh Kika, it 's all just kid's talk.
You know how they love getting decent people all wound up?
Look at what happened to Suian.
- The manicurist? - That 's the one.
The kids went and told the whole villa not to get...
their nails done with her because she's got AIDS?
Kid's pranks, Kika... little bastards.
Wellington! I've asked you once, twice, a million times!
If you want to swear, do it with your friends in the bar. But not here.
Under this roof, I demand respect. In the name of Jesus.
Sorry Kika, sorry.
She deserved it though, she betrayed him...
What was that?
Suian! She had what was coming to her.
She betrayed her husband. Everyone knew. It was too little for her.
One thing, Wellington...
one thing I really cannot forgive... betrayal.
I really can't.
Murder, violence, robbing, all this I can tolerate...
but not betrayal.
I find adultery repugnant!
The adulterer too.
Whoever strikes the first blow, always gets the blow returned.
I can't even think about it.
- And the capital of Korea? - Seoul.
- And the capital of Chile? - Santiago.
- And the capital of Afghanistan? - Kabul.
- And the capital of Venezuela? - Caracas.
- And Egypt? - Egypt is Cairo.
- And... of... of Peru? - Lima.
Bless you, Aurora.
Bless you? You only say bless you when people sneeze, she's coughing?
Oh my God, lift your arms, Aurora. Lift your arms!
Water, water, drink some water. Here, here, swallow it.
Drink. Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink. Drink,
dri-dri-dri-drink. Swallow it, swallow. That 's it.
Breathe slowly. That 's it, breathe. There you are.
My God, every day... how I choke.
Must be for the sins of another time.
What probation, my God. It 's always the same.
Seems as though there's something else!
Leave out the drama, Aurora!
You're putting up the circus tent! It 's all passed, dear. Go on!
Swallow the chicken slowly, take water with it.
- It 's the rice. - What? The rice? Why the rice?
Bianor thinks that the rice has got to be like porridge so that
she doesn't choke. I don't know how to make rice like porridge.
My breathing isn't very good at the best of times...
and then choking like this...
Aurora, you always say that you are paying for something.
That it 's this, or it 's that. But, just think for a moment with me.
Forgiveness. Forgiveness is granted because of what we are,
and punishment is never the equivalent of what we have done.
And one more thing to think about-choking. Isn't that an excellent
form of punishment. Think about your past. Look at your present.
Take the true measure of what you consider to be punishment.
- And the capital of Syria? - Damascus.
My little mango. Another one.
And another one over here!
Is all your hair this colour...
or can you only afford to dye the hair on your head?
Hi, Mr. Sá. Do me a favour, will you? Keep an eye on the stall
...while I make a quick call over there?
All right, but be quick, I can't stay looking after it very long?
You're just great, aren't you, Mr. Sá?
You're the expert in asking for things, but to help out others.
What a useless tyke you are. I'm only popping over there to the...
video shop. I'll be back quickly.
Hello? Just a minute. Cannibal back from lunch yet?
Cannibal, the phone!
For me? I'm on my way...
Daisy, Uh? Look Daisy, you're out of order? It 's not right!
You're a fucking cow! Fuck off Daisy... no, no, no, no!
And don't talk to me like that! Look! No... no.
You wouldn't dare... I'll beat the shit out of you!
I'll beat the shit out of you, do you hear Daisy!
Calm down, calm down!
Today! It 's got to be today?
I don't believe this... you never give up do you, Daisy? Eh? Eh?
Ah, you're in a hurry?
Today, in Campinho. In Campinho I just want to tell you one thing, Daisy.
Don't set me up, ok, because... Hello?
Hello? Hello! Fucking bitch!
Hey! You row with your tarts and then take it out on my fucking phone!
Sorry... This woman drives me mad!
I am not entirely unhappy with the situation at my church.
One thing I can't complain about is my flock.
In fact, they don't bother me at all.
The church is closed.
There are no images any more. They were stolen. No masses. And so?
It makes no difference to me. The most important thing is God!
The rest is the rest. Don't you think I'm right?
Hmm. Who am I to contradict you? You must be right.
Bianor, these people have plenty of places to practice their beliefs!
The protestant temples, the Santería Temples!
The psychiatric clinics!
Why don't they leave my church in peace?
I can't help thinking that if things go on this way.
One day it 'll just come to an end by itself.
You're right! People like ostentation!
If there's no ostentation then there's no church.
I am relaxed about it.
I'll tell Dunga to prepare the soup for dinner.
Texas Hotel at your service.
Just a moment.
Dunga! Dunga my boy! Telephone.
- Dunga? - Daisy?
What a surprise. Your ears must have been burning.
Iwanted to ask you a favour. I'll be quick, because I can't talk long.
I can't go to the Santería Temple today. Tell Father Adão that...
I have to go somewhere else today.
The queen will be stamping her foot, dear.
Tell him it's urgent.
Going down on rough trade, dear?
That 's low Dunga. It 's nothing like that.
I'm finishing everything tonight. I can't go on. I'm tired of it.
This married man business is a fucking pain.
And where is the capoeira session going to be?
Should be a hot fight, shouldn't it?
Over in Campinho de Euclides.
- Now? - No, no, no.
Early evening. I'm going to tell him a few home truths tonight!
I'm going to tell him everything. I'm finishing because...
I'm fed up with it. I can't take any more!
You've decided then?
Sure. So you'll do this favour for me? Talk to Father Adão?
Girl, you're a real friend... thanks! May the gods send you...
a real hunk of a man!
I just hope they're listening!
- See you! - See you.
Dunga my boy, make use of the leftover beans for tonight 's soup.
There's no good delivering the goods after I've got the whole thing ready!
The soup is nearly ready...
Bianor... I've got to pop out later...
but I'll be quick, all right?
I'm pulling out of this bar. I can't stand any more of this shit.
Nor any of these shitty little customers. Look at that one.
The things we have to put up with...
It 's incredible. Its like we have to pay to watch this.
Júlia pour me a fire-water.
Your hair brings ideas! Millions of ideas!
Shut your mouth! Who do you think I am? Fucking queer! Fuck off!
Ideas! Trinkets! Millions of ideas!
Turn him out.
Ideas! Trinkets! Millions of ideas!
Throw him into the street. Into the street! Get out of here! Get out!
You're going to have pay for what you had!
Get it! For fuck's sake!
I can't take this shit any longer! I can't take any more of this shit!
The human being is just stomach and sex.
And inside there is condemnation...
to be obligatorily free.
But he kills and he kills himself from the fearof living.
And so because of this, my eyes are blinded...
so that I cannot see even the spit of these sinners.
My ears hear a voice that is saying:
There is no pain in dying. Father, dying doesn't hurt.'
And we are all condemned.
Eternally condemned. Condemned to be free.
We're going to have lunch now, all right?
We're going to have lunch, all right.
Because you're the only faithful ones...
you are faithful, you...
Branquinha, come here, let 's have lunch.
Look, look here, take it...
Pitomba, Faisquinha...
You are the only faithful ones, only you are faith.
Come here, here...
Look-the German is drunk!
Get fucked!
- Well, did you deliver it? - Yes!
- What 's the number of the house? - 13, Rua da Bola.
Fucking hell! Well done boy!
Look, have this. Later I'll give you something else.
You're almost at the right age to get your cheese.
Fuck off, you stupid queer!
My dear friend, I don't desire to cause any trouble for any body.
But when a man is unfaithful, he needs to be unmasked.
Tonight no...
early evening... early...
early tonight go to Campo do Euclides.
That's all lwant to say. Open youreyes.
An unfaithful husband has to be unmasked.
Early tonight. That's all. An acquaintance.
No, a friend...
A friend.
I'm at the door and I nock, and if someone listens to my voice...
and opens the door of his heart...
I will enter his house, and I will leave with him and he with me.
And this afternoon, Jesus Christ wants to change your life!
Mr. Bianor, Mr. Bianor...
Mr. Bianor... Mr. Bianor...
Bianor! Bianor! Mr. Bianor!
Someone! Someone! Someone!
Mr. Bianor is dead! Someone answer me!
Someone help! Help!
- Help! - Hail Mary, what 's that noise?
My God! My God! What now?!
Calm down Dunga... drink this sugar water.
I never know what to do at times like these, I never know...
Mr. Bianor, what a time to go and die...
Dunga, this is a complicated situation.
There's got to be a death certificate...
a doctor, a coffin, and then after... the cemetery.
Don't get me more upset than I already am!
Oh God! Bianor!
Even when you die you give me work.
Out... Aurora, you don't know what happened...
Speak Dunga! What is it?
Mr. Bianor... is dead...
Eh? But he was alive a while ago?
Of course he was! But he wasn't dead. The dead don't die do they?
Well, that 's all we needed. Poor old Bianor...
But I cant ' help in anything my flower...
And the funeral? Everything is so confused.
I just don't know what to do.
My head... Please, give me some light.
The priest, have you told the priest, Dunga?
And what good can he do? The man is crazy.
He doesn't even know how to pray! Oh my God! Oh my God!
I'm no good with dead bodies!
The coffin. Before anything else, the body needs a coffin.
And with what money am I going to buy a coffin? Huh? Huh?
Bianor had some money, but God only knows where he keep it hidden.
Dunga, Little Dunga, you'd better talk to one of the other guests.
I don't know what to do... Once a cousin of mine died.
I had to sort out a million things.
I had to get the death certificate. And the woman who was typing...
it kept saying all the time... I'm scared to death of making a mistake...
I'm scared to death of making a mistake.
I'm scared to death, Dunga...
Mr. Isaac! Mr. Isaac!
What the fuck is it, Dunga?
- It 's Mr. Bianor... he's dead. - What 's that got to do with me?
We don't know what to do about the coffin.
Mr. Bianor had some money but no one knows where he put it.
- I don't know what to do. - How am I supposed to know?
See if the old man didn't wrap it round his dick.
Take advantage and wrap your hand round the old boy's cock and...
see if you can't get some rabbits out of the woods.
Or find a local councilor.
Isn't there one that gives coffins out to the poor?
You're a real fucking pain in the arse. Not even the dead do you help!
Fucking bastard!
My wallet... fucking hell!
But I'll go there...
I want my I.D. Card...
I want that woman...
that fucking fag Dunga ruined my dream...
This is what it's like to live sorting rubbish...
when there's no education, brother.
What about creating some shame.
Whoever heard of being a transporterof diseases?
This is what it's like to live sorting rubbish...
when there's no education, brother, brother...
what about creating some shame...
whoever heard of being a transporterof diseases?
Transporterof diseases!
That 's it, really great! Great, it was really great!
Well, I've got to catch that train.
It 's all OK for Monday? All right! Hey!
Guys, only good kids here! Get out of here!
Who's there?
There's no comfort here.
These people should look for comfort where there is comfort.
Who's there? What do you want?
I know that life is hard, but we cannot bow our heads before evil...
my guardian, I have only come to tell you that death
has taken Bianor, and that even there they need your favours.
Tell me where and I'll go. Bianor... alive just a short time ago...
I go cold when I think about death.
Play this card, you idiot! Now you've fucked yourself!
What a mess all this is.
For fuck's sake! You always turn up at the wrong time! And...
- What? - Sort out the problem?
I found the money. It was round the old man's balls... dirty devil.
Didn't I tell you... it never fails. When it 's no good for anything else
it turns into a safe.
Oh! Everybody, it 's all sorted out. The coffin is arriving soon, all right?
Daisy? Feeling calmer now?
It 's not a question of feeling calmer. Get it Wellington?
I can see you're still out of control.
- Out of control? - It looks that way.
Me? Ha! Not at all my dear. Just think about a controlled woman.
Thought about one? Well, it 's me. Wellington, I want a future.
It 's finished, all right?
You're telling me it 's over between us?
- Over, Wellington. - Everything?
Everything, Wellington. It can't go on. I can't take any more.
I can't go on with being 'the other woman'.
It 's a pity, because... you're one fucking hell of a man...
- Please Wellington! - Don't say that...
Wait, take your hands off me? Take them off...
This is not the end. It 's not the last time.
- Just look out, Wellington. - Go on, let 's have one for the road.
- Traitor, traitor, traitor! - My love... What the fuck is this?
Cheap imitation - you bitch!
This time it was old Bianor...
sometimes it seems like everyone is dying except me...
Don't they say that it 's always the rotten that go last?
But I am so afraid of being alone.
My house always used to be a party. So many people.
Now it 's only this lack of air that 's left.
And there's no way I am going down there. No way!
Not even the ghosts are left any more.
This is good...
it dilates the thoughts...
Yellow is the colourof the tables, the benches, the stools,
the fish knife handles, the hoe and the sickle
the bull cart, of the yokes, of the old hats.
Of the dried meat!
Yellow of the diseases, of the children's runny eyes,
the purulent wounds, of spit,
of the worms, of hepatitis,
of diarrhoea of the rotten teeth...
Interior time yellow.
Old, washed out, sick.
And that is Renato Carneiro Campos, my boy.
And so Isaac? You liked the home?
- What 's up, Rabecão? - Look, who's turned up again?
Now you're going to see the man who fell in love.
There are many facets to the human creature...
beating, loving, beating, loving.
I want my I. D...
This is all I needed. Nobody's got your I.D., all right?
Now just get going, I'm fed up with bloody wankers like you.
Hang on! My friend here is not a wanker.
Oh! He's your friend is he? The body snatcher.
Well, this son of a bitch turned up here provoking me.
And he got the worst of it, 'cos I'm a woman!
But even big butch buggers like him are afraid of me.
Well, I want my identity and you. All of you.
And all your ideas.
Look here, wanker! You've caused enough trouble here today!
You want more? You want some more shit beaten out of you, is that it?
I want my fucking I.D.! And now!
Because my patience is all fucked out. So, let 's get going.
My friend, let 's solve this problem, with a little intelligence, all right?
Intelligence, huh? When a man has run out of words,
he always turns to diplomacy.
In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, amen.
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum:
Benedicta tu in mulieribus et
benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesu.
May the light of God shine upon us,
illuminating our souls
with love, the love of Jesus.
The love, the love of Jesus.
We will be your grateful servants.
The supreme peace of the redeemer,
fill the non-believers,
that go against the Lord with faith.
Our faith is in thee, O Virgin,
and we will be blessed.
We ask forGod, our King.
We ask forGod, our Father.
We ask forGod, our King.
We ask forGod, our Father.
Well, Bianor is gone. Poor thing.
What a good thing he didn't suffer.
Mr. Bianor died as he was born.
Totally anonymous.
Yes. I just think about one thing, Father.
What on earth is going to happen to this dump?
Who's going to look after it? You? Where are you going to eat?
And me? Where am I going to work?
That is not a problem, my son, because everything in life...
has it 's own time. Look, God made life with all its mysteries
for us to decipher.
If you look carefully, Bianor's death is a sign.
A sign of the changes that we all need.
If not, it means nothing at all, which is more probable.
Oh for God's sake! You're going mad.
I don't understand a word you're talking about.
Dunga, where does your family live?
Why are you so curious?
No, it 's just that the family is the greatest mystery my son.
And yours? Where is yours?
I lost all contact with them. I became a priest, didn't I?
- I took the vows... - Don't come on with this 'mass'.
I know very well the church where you pray!
I'm fed up with all these crazy people. It seems like I'm
...the only sane one around here! - And you are! Yes, you are!
Father, do you think we're capable of doing everything for love?
Yes. Nothing can go wrong when we love. Love is above everything.
Even killing?
I avoid thinking about killing... but, it 's not all together a bad idea.
You just don't exist, father.
My goodness, what a comic priest you are!
What is it?
Get in...
this stain on your clothes? Is it blood?
I ripped off the ear of my husband's lover.
I was a dead woman inside.
I'm sorry Bianor, but I just can't go downstairs.
There are times when I think that I'm the only one in the world,
and that I shall never die.
But I'm not going to sit looking at a dead body.
Even if it 's Bianor.
But Bianor was good, and I'm not.
These days I'm a little better.
But I used to be bad.
But, I'm not that good...
I'm not.
Sometimes I think...
that this world is full of living ghosts.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Wellington? My God! What the fuck has happened to you?
It 's Kika, Dunga... Kika caught me with Daisy.
She made a right scene, Dunga.
Come in, come here. Sit down, sit down here.
Come on, tell me about it.
Kika ate Daisy's ear, Dunga.
She used me to get me away from her.
And... and it was Daisy's ear. Where is Daisy?
I left her at the hospital. Fucking cow!
Kika, Dunga... Kika disappeared.
I'm fucked off with Daisy.
Really fucked off, Dunga. She made me leave the little thing.
And Kika, she's not home.
Oh... oh... no, no, no,
I want Kika.
No, don't cry.
Don't cry.
Come on, come to my room, come.
I'll get you some sugared water, to relax. Come on.
Wellington, come on!
Oh no! My God...
no, look. It 's there.
What 's this Dunga?
Bianor. He went and died on us. But don't worry about that.
Come on, the bedroom is over here.
Get fucked! I am not sleeping with a fucking dead body!
The dead don't bite or kill! Come on, man!
- For fuck's sake, Dunga! - Come with me!
Just be fucking careful, all right?
For fuck's sake! Don't be so fucking soft? You silly shit!
You see, Bianor? You see?
What a day to go and die on? Shit!
Inside, I used to be a dead woman...
There are times when lwonder about the way things happen.
First, comes the day.
Then, everything happens on that day.
Then comes the night-the best part!
But then right after that, comes the day again!
And on and on and on... never-ending!
Hello, love. What 're we going to do with your hair?
Cut it and then dye it.
- Like this, just taking off the tips... - No! Pull it all out and dye it.
And what colour are we going to dye it?
Something yellowish.
- Something rusty, like clay. Is that it? - No! No! Something like mango.
A mango yellow.
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