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Subtitles for Manhattan Midnight.

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Manhattan Midnight

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I'm a reporter from Hong Kong.
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you? Huh?
From which newspaper?
Take photo...
we only having a meal take photos for what?
God damn it, you idiots!
All you do is eat. you are of no help.
How dare you to let them sneak in,
In front of me is delicious food,
now I have no appetite at all.
Waste such delicious food.
You can't even handle this kind of trifle.
What are you yelling for?
God damn it!
Just eat you meal.
You're such a coward.
Even a woman like me isn't afraid.
Eat your food.
God damn it! Now I've to pee.
Hey, this is my toilet, you fucking asshole!
I wasn't expecting you.
There's pants and a jacket in the back for you.
How long have you been in town?
I just got in last night.
Thought you'd be here tonight.
How's the boy doing?
The boy? That's your son.
You seen him lately?
He likes to write stories. About you.
Wonders what you look like. You should go see him.
It's better for him not to see me than to find me dead someday.
You know, you can drop me off somewhere around here.
You know how to get a hold of me.
If there's a job to be done,
and you need it to be done right,
they'll tell you to call the man with no name.
In my business, I'm known as him.
And if you know my name, you've either hired me,
or about to breathe your last breath.
You know those stories where you read in the paper
that someone comes up missing?
That may be my doing.
Some save lives for a living. I make them disappear.
I try to keep the list of people I care about short.
Like my friend's kid, Danny.
Danny makes me laugh with his stories. He's a good kid.
His father and I trained in the SEALS together.
Learned how to kill, and more importantly,
how to swallow the burning inside your throat
right before you take a life.
Oh no, here we go again.
That's the second time this month.
Hey Mickey, the elevator is stuck again.
What's going on?
Are you okay?
I'm alright.
Are you sure you're alright?
- I'm not used to being stuck... - Here, here.
If you don't mind, I've already had a few sips.
That's okay. Thank you.
Mmm. This is good.
You had me a little frightened there.
Do you want me to get Mickey to call an ambulance?
No, no, I'm just...
I'm just a little under the weather, that's all.
I'm fine.
It's alright. Don't be afraid.
I'm just not used to being around people.
Not used to people holding your hand?
I used to wish I had a dad to hold my hand.
Where... where is your father?
I don't know.
I don't even know what he looks like.
He left my mom and I when I was two.
I think she didn't think it was real important to tell me about him.
She'd get real upset whenever I asked.
You're sweating.
No, no, you just bought that...
It's okay.
How'd you know I just bought this?
Well, it looks new. It looks new.
Why don't you tell me a little bit more about your... about your mom?
She's nice. My mom...
What are you reading?
Poetry. My boyfriend gave it to me.
Very romantic.
No, not really.
But there is a simple one I like:
"I would not fear the unknown if only you would come
and hold beside a maple a bouquet by my side
I would not be afraid with colors as my blanket
In time this all shall fade
A promise holds my peace."
Death is always very... very interesting.
I've never really thought about it.
I know one thing for sure.
I don't want to be buried in a cemetery.
I want to be buried in a big maple tree,
and when my kids come to visit,
they won't have to bring flowers or anything,
they can just pick them off the bushes nearby...
Funny. My boyfriend doesn't like me to read this poem.
He's into Asian Studies, and astrology.
He predicts I'll live until my eighties
and have two boys and one girl.
He told me that my son will be a Buddhist
and some day will go to Tibet.
I felt so sad...
I told my mom.
Well, I'm finally going to get my mom to move in with me.
She's all I've got.
I guess I'm all she's got too.
It's just, since my dad left,
I've always wanted to take care of her.
Do you have any kids?
Um, no... I'm... not married,
and I have no kids.
I guess it's good to be single too.
But I think I want to get married.
And I want to have kids.
I want to see my kids get married.
I just don't want to live alone and single all my life.
I told my boyfriend I don't have to live until my eighties.
Seventy is okay.
Here's your scarf.
Hey. Goodbye.
Hi. Are you lost?
Kidding, right?
"Target missed"
How did you know I was here?
Your secretary Jenna told me.
Look, I told you never to call my office.
You know I don't want people at the office talking.
Look, Jenna knows I'm just your broker.
Besides, I don't think anyone suspects anything, so...
Well, I just don't like it.
What's wrong with you today? You sound odd.
Nothing's wrong, I'm just not feeling well.
You're home early.
Yeah. I wasn't feeling well either. I took a sick day.
Coming over tonight?
No. Not tonight.
Alright. What gives?
Nothing's wrong. I just got out of a heavy meeting, alright?
Listen, I've got to go.
I've got another meeting to get to? Alright?
I've stated in my will
that if either one of you should ever initiate divorce proceedings,
anything of value that's been given to John will revert back to Emily...
If Emily passes away in ten years, you won't get a dime.
But you will be the guardian of the O'Bannon family trust.
If she passes on in fifteen years,
you will acquire ten percent of the estate.
In twenty years, fifteen percent.
Thirty years, thirty percent.
And so forth.
By the time you're in your eighties,
it really won't matter who dies first.
You'll be rich enough by then...
I love my wife, I love my wife...
I love my wife. I love her. I love my wife. I love my wife.
Mr Lucci, he missed the target.
I was talking to Lucci.
He said you missed the target.
You better be careful, man.
I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel yesterday.
It was about a hitman being hired to murder a housewife in Texas.
They try their best to kill bad people,
but that isn't always the case.
There's one assassin
who's very good at pretending to be other things
like a dog, a gorilla,
a wolf, and even a fox.
And then one day,
he's pretending to be a very old fox,
so he can hunt down a young female fox.
So he followed her into the elevator and the elevator got stuck.
She was very kind and very nice to him.
What happened next?
I don't know yet.
But when I find out you'll be the first one to know.
The girl we hired is named Hope.
She's a real sweetheart.
We dated a little bit, even talked about having kids.
Do you still see her?
No, not for a while.
The last time was when we went to visit her mother upstate.
I'm trying to avoid her,
since my girlfriend got back from the Caribbean
Does she know about this?
I don't think so.
I've been pretty busy with my schoolwork.
Listen, Professor, I don't know your daughter.
I hope you don't think
I had anything to do with her disappearance...
No, no, not at all.
I just want to know if you've seen her.
I'm finally going to get my mom to move in with me.
She's all I've got.
I think I'm all she's got too.
Since my dad left I've always wanted to take care of her.
We weren't married when I got pregnant.
I used to hope he'd come back some day.
Never did.
I thought about an abortion, but then I found out I was having twins.
I couldn't face the pressure of raising even one child,
much less two.
I finally gave one of them away.
How is Hope's sister?
I don't know, I'm sorry, I can't really release that information.
I'm sorry.
That's alright.
Hope has lived a better life. It's my fault.
I sealed Susan's fate when I gave her up for adoption.
If she was still with me, maybe she wouldn't need you as her therapist.
But Hope, she's been adorable all her life.
I remember her missing school for three days
just to treat a wounded puppy.
Next thing you know all the neighbours
were bringing over their sick pets.
You should have seen our house. It was practically a zoo.
It's been a pleasure.
Professor. Are you in love with my daughter?
Oh, no. I'm much too old.
Hi honey, how are you?
I've got two tickets to the theatre tonight.
Shouldn't you be out of town?
I think we need to have some fun for a change.
Meet me at the parking garage on 44th Street?
You know, between Broadway and Seventh?
Um, excuse me. I'm your new neighbour.
Are you?
I just got out of rehearsal. Sorry about that.
There we go.
- Oh, here... - Sorry.
Shhh. We've got to go back to your place, right? Okay?
The place is no longer safe. Come on.
What the hell are you doing? Shouldn't we get to a hospital?
There's no need to see a doctor.
Let me help.
It's okay. I've done this before. It's pure physics.
I need to make a phone call.
Don't call your boyfriend.
Pretty boy has a contract out on you. He's not in New York.
Look. I don't know what the fuck is going on,
but I'm supposed to meet him tonight.
The only date you had tonight was a date with death.
You're fucking lying.
He's not in New York.
It can't be.
Sorry, this is Susan with MNB Securities.
I need to speak with John. It's urgent.
No, John is in Hong Kong. I'm his wife.
Is there anything I can help you with?
He can't do this. He loves me. I love him.
He owes me money. A lot of money.
Is that why he wants you dead?
Look. I'm sorry you're caught up in this business because of me.
But I can handle my own problems. I have to go.
Listen. He paid a lot of money to have you killed.
The moment you step out this door you're going to be dead.
Is that what you want?
Why do you give a shit what happens to me?
Maybe I do want to get shot at.
Here. I've been contracted by another source to protect you.
What source?
Your sister.
I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have a sister.
Go to the table and look at the picture.
This is a trick. You did this on a computer.
If what you say is true, where is she?
I don't know. She didn't tell me anything else.
So this is what you do?
You can be paid to kill too?
Yeah. It depends on the price.
I have to go back to my apartment.
I need my I D and a change of clothes.
I'll go with you. I have to make a call first.
Jake's Escorts?
Send one of your ladies over.
What do you like?
Slender body, brunette, shoulder length hair, scarf.
Key's under the carpet.
No problem. What's the address?
Well then, freaky shit here, okay.
Under the doormat. Let's see...
Go get your things.
I can't believe he did this to me.
How much longer do we have to wait here?
We'll wait till John gets back.
Act normal, like nothing happened.
I need to speak with John Seamus.
Who's calling, please?
Yeah, has Mr. Levin come in?
Hold on a second.
He's in.
I have to go. I need to be by myself a while.
Listen, you're putting yourself in great danger.
I know what I'm doing.
Just promise me you won't go back to your home, okay?
I promise. I won't.
Hello? Hello?
Do you really want me dead?
Susan, is that you?
You called me last night,
and you asked me to meet you in the parking garage,
and someone was waiting there to kill me!
Look, I didn't call you! I was out of the country.
It was you! It was your fucking voice!
It can't be...
oh my god, it can't be her. Not her.
My wife!
She knows about us?
Alright, listen. Where are you now?
Why should I trust you?
Come on, you don't trust me?
I don't trust anyone anymore.
Okay, just let me see you, okay?
And I'll talk to Emily. I'm going to ask her for a divorce.
Come on. You know I love you.
Be at the corner of 29th and Sixth.
When are you going to talk to her?
I'll speak to her right after I see you, okay?
Just stay there. Don't go anywhere.
Follow me, I want to go to a coffee shop.
Wait a minute, you don't trust me?
I don't trust anyone. Let's go.
Susan, I love you.
I love you too, but...
She admitted to it.
Really? It was her?
Yeah. She hired a private investigator.
Somehow she also found someone to kill you.
Some professional.
Isn't she afraid of getting caught?
She has cancer.
I feel really bad about all this.
Look, maybe I should leave.
I just don't want her taking care of my debts.
I still feel something for her.
What am I supposed to tell someone who is about to die?
I used to love her a long time ago, but not anymore.
Excuse me.
Call an ambulance. Susan!
Call an ambulance, damn it!
She called me earlier and wanted me to loan her some money.
Said she couldn't make it through the day without it.
I just got back in the country,
and I want to get one thing clear
our companies have a joint venture,
and I didn't want to do anything to damage that.
You only knew her from that setting?
Just from work, officer.
That's all I know.
You paid a lot of money to see her dead, didn't you?
Kind of defeats the purpose if you kill her yourself, doesn't it.
Here's the keys to the van, alright?
Get inside. I've forgotten something.
Where are we going?
We're going to your sister's place.
I used to wish I had a dad to hold my hand.
I don't even know what he looks like.
He left my mom and I when I was two.
She'd get real upset whenever I asked.
That's your sister.
How can this be?
She's my sister?
This is your home now.
When is she coming back?
Not for a long time.
What took you so long?
Susan? Is that you?
Do I look like her?
Is this what you want?
I'd never have been convinced an older man
could have such smooth hands.
Are you real?
As real as you want me to be.
Did it hurt?
No. And I don't want you to blame yourself.
Why are you here?
Because both of you want me here?
I'm sorry
Don't be. It's meant to happen.
This way my sister has finally found us.
Promise me you'll take care of her.
I have to go now.
Please don't.
You have to take care of mom now, Sis.
What do I owe her? She gave me up.
She did what she had to do.
Remember this, Susan.
You were loved every day we were apart.
And I'll always be in your heart.
What do we do now?
That depends.
What does that mean?
Your fate is in the hands of someone that John hired.
I've got to bring him down.
What about John?
That's already been taken care of.
What? When?
When I went back into the cafe.
I can't believe he's dead.
If John's dead then why are they still coming after me?
Look, their only concern is to finish the job. That's it.
Hit men kill for a lot of reasons.
Some just kill for reputation.
Did my sister pay you to kill John?
That's icing. I'm throwing it in for free.
Am I supposed to thank you?
You should thank your sister.
Is she dead?
Were you her lover?
Were you in love with her?
If my sister paid you to kill me, would you?
If I paid you to kill your own sister, would you?
It depends on the price.
So you just fucking kill for a living. That's it.
There's nothing that means anything to you?
Nothing. I've got to make a call.
I'll be back by seven. Don't leave home.
So what do you need done?
I need to see Lucci.
Is that it?
And I want him dead.
You need a hand?
Absolutely, old friend.
Just like old times.
I hope this will be the last time.
You still got that old dollar bill?
Give it to me.
This thing's been following us around since the SEAL days.
I thought you weren't coming back.
You knew I would.
You didn't have to.
I've already been paid.
We run surveillance on random internet postings
looking for possible leads to various crimes.
Our job is to monitor any crimes that have been
or will be committed using the internet.
We've come across an internet posting
that was written by someone using a terminal at this address.
Well, the only person that uses a computer in the house
is my nephew Danny.
He uses it for his homework.
He's not really in any trouble, is he?
No, but his story did sound very similar to a case
we're currently investigating.
He really is a good boy.
He's never been in any trouble at all.
His dad left him when he was a baby and his mom's in a rehab.
About the only person who comes by at all is his uncle.
His uncle?
Why don't you tell us a little bit about him?
Are you going after them?
Will you be in danger?
I don't want you to go.
It's what I've been paid to do.
I'll pay you more.
If I don't go we both die.
Do you know what my day job is?
I'm a risk analyst.
There's always a motive behind every action.
Yeah. So it seems.
You see, this is what I've figured out.
You are actually a hired gun working for that organization.
You were hired to do a job, and that was me.
You killed my sister.
So why are you trying to save me? It doesn't make sense.
Do you know what this is?
It's a plume grenade.
You put it in someone's mouth,
it doesn't make a sound.
But it makes sure his guts are blown from here to Mexico.
You see, dead men don't usually talk.
Look at me. You love her, don't you.
Say it. Tell me you love her.
No? You bring me here to her apartment.
You make me dress like her, you make me act like her.
Why do you want me to be here so badly?
Because you killed her, and now she's dead?
That's why you're so desperate to keep me alive.
You want me to be her. You need me to be her.
Well I've got news for you, buddy. I'm not her.
I don't talk like her, I don't act like her,
I don't fuck like her. I'm not her. Got it?
Just tell me where she is.
I have no idea.
I found my sister's poem.
I would not be afraid if only you would come
Don't leave me in the darkness alone and in the cold
"I would not fear the unknown if only you would come
and hold beside a maple a bouquet by my side
I would not be afraid with colors as my blanket
In time this all shall fade
A promise holds my peace.
What if you're killed?
You'll be safe.
Why can't we find a way for both of us to be safe?
There's no other way.
If I don't kill him, we'll never be safe.
You're on time today.
Well, I wanted to see you.
Here, this is for your writing.
You've been doing some cleaning.
No, Aunt Pauline's friends came by to help her.
Besides, I'm a writer. I have to concentrate on my work.
Where's your cat?
I don't know. I haven't seen him all day.
This is for you.
Oh, thank you.
So you can protect yourself.
Kind of like the story of the two-headed woman.
Where the hands kill the heads,
and then find out they can't survive without each other.
Something like that.
Was it too late?
Was her sister exactly like her?
In many ways, yes.
She even tried on her dead sister's clothes.
The assassin thought he could bring her back to life,
but he was wrong.
Can't the assassin just be with the sister who's alive?
No, because there's still people out there to get her,
and he has to stop them.
With help from his buddy.
The one who went to war with him?
And after they kill all the bad guys,
the assassin brings the sister home to her mother.
Now there's another thing I didn't tell you about the assassin, right?
The assassin also likes to fart,
and he also likes to wet the bed, right?
Oink, oink!
Arf! Meow!
Come on, Danny!
Use me. Use me as a hostage.
Hold your fire!
Come on, let's go!
- Man! - You guys alright?
Who are you?
I'm a friend of your father's.
Really? Is my dad as cool as you?
I think he's cooler than both of us.
Listen, can you get home?
I'll just call the cops. They'll come and get me.
I might not be able to see you for a while.
But what about the story? It isn't finished yet.
I don't even know what the end is.
Take care of yourself.
You came just in time.
I just wanted to see my son, man.
Did you trace the prints on that toy gun?
No. We couldn't trace them.
They got the kid.
- Is he okay? - Yes.
Bring him in. Let's see what he can tell us about the killer.
Get these posted to every law enforcement agency in the state.
And make sure that all relatives of each victim get a good look at it.
What's wrong?
I think the Feds are after me.
Why don't we just leave?
I have family in Asia, in Hong Kong. It'll be better there.
You've done nothing wrong, alright?
You don't have to leave.
Don't they want me dead too?
No one's going to hurt you.
Let's just pack some things
and we'll find a safer place to stay, okay?
Please don't leave me alone out there.
I'm not my sister. She's dead. Don't deny it.
I'm not. I know. I've known it from the start.
Please hold me.
Sir, this woman had a very close working relationship
with one of the victims.
Where are we going?
Your mother's house.
Hope's mother?
She's your mother too. You'll be safe there.
So who am I then?
No matches.
Send it down to DC.
Have them check for Covert Operations.
I'll bet he's classified.
See if they can come up with something.
Sir, we've come across a possible lead
from a business card found on the victim.
We've also got confirmation from two tourists
who saw Seamus with a young woman.
We should be receiving background check on the man.
- Sir, we've got a lead. - Excellent.
Susan Alexander. 24 years of age.
New York. A financial analyst.
Found out she'd worked with John Seamus.
She was raised in Jersey by her adoptive parents.
Helen Chen, her maternal mother, lives here in upstate New York.
Oddly enough she's got a twin sister.
A college student at Columbia University.
We haven't been able to get into contact with her.
Let's go to her mother's house. Let's go.
Hello professor.
Hello. I'd like you to meet someone.
Hi, honey.
Why didn't you call first to let me know you were coming?
This is not Hope. This is Susan, your other daughter.
- She... - She really is. That's her.
Hope wanted me to bring her by when she felt that the time was right.
Did Hope say when she was coming back from the Far East?
She didn't, but she told me that she would call every now and again.
So, she finally knows the truth.
Yes, She does.
She wants Susan to take care of you
and while she's gone, until she comes back.
Maybe if you'd had a father, if only he'd stayed.
I could have kept you too.
My parents... my foster parents... they were really good to me.
Sometimes I wish I could see the both of you together.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to tuck you in bed at night,
to hold you and kiss you.
Whenever Hope was naughty and I reprimanded her,
I sometimes thought you might feel it.
When she cried for no reason,
I thought perhaps someone was being cruel to you.
When Hope would call out for me in the middle of the night,
sometimes I thought it was you crying.
Thank you very much, Professor.
You should thank fate.
Susan has had many unhappy experiences
and I think you should me spending a little more time with her,
that's all.
I don't think I can ever sooth the pain I've caused her.
There's... there's another thing I must tell you.
There'll be people looking for Susan. It's the FBI.
Please, don't worry. She's not in any trouble,
and she's done everything she can to protect the family
that she's never had.
But she's going to need all your help
and all your support to get through this.
She's not in any danger, is she?
No, no, no danger.
But she'll have to hide her identity
and take Hope's identity for a while just till things blow over.
And Susan will explain all that to you.
I'll do anything I can to keep her safe.
No one is going to hurt my baby. Not while I'm alive.
There's another thing I just let you know.
You won't be able to see them together for a while.
I just thought I should tell you that also.
Don't worry. I won't be foolish.
As long as I've them both, I'm happy.
It's such a blessing for me to be able to see my other daughter again.
I really ought to thank you for all you've done.
Well, look, I've stayed long enough.
Aren't you going to stay for at least one more day?
Well, I have some things I have to attend to, but thank you very much.
It's very kind. Thank you.
- Mom? - Yeah?
Can I speak to the Professor for a minute?
Of course, honey.
Excuse me.
Don't need to run.
When things die down you can go back out as Susan again.
Just remember to call your mom once in a while, pretend you're Hope.
Once or twice every couple of years.
So your mother doesn't get suspicious.
Will you ever come back?
- Mrs. Chen? - Hmmm?
FBI. Can we ask you a few questions?
What can I help you with?
Did you give birth to a pair of twins at Matilda Hospital in 1975?
Yes. But I gave one up for adoption.
Do you know where your daughter,
the one you gave up for adoption, is right now?
Ahhh... no. I don't.
How about your other daughter?
She's inside, discussing her thesis with her professor.
Would you mind if we came inside and asked them a few questions?
Not at all.
Hi. Looking for me?
Indeed they are. Too many speeding tickets, darling?
I believe this is your sister?
If that's not Hope, that must be my other daughter.
Is she in trouble?
No. She hasn't broken any laws. We'd like to talk to her.
And your name, Professor?
Ah, yes, my name is Dr Nathan Jakobs,
Doctor of Psychiatry at Colombia University.
Do you mind if I see your I D?
Is that really necessary?
Unfortunately yes.
We're trying to track down an armed and dangerous criminal,
so we need to verify everyone's identification.
Here you go.
Are you in a rush?
Well, I do have a class in the morning to attend to.
I have to teach tomorrow, so...
Hello? Yes. The sister's here with her mother.
The professor's visiting.
I just ran a background check. Looks clean.
You can leave, but my boss would really like you to wait for him.
Well, I'll call the school and make different arrangements, that's all.
Can we take a look in your room?
Hope. Is that alright?
Oh my god!
Professor, are you alright?
Does your chest hurt? Call the paramedics!
What do you mean? Can I help?
What can I do?
Listen, I promise. You can't help me, okay?
Alright, just keep your distance.
You're Hope now, right.
You don't know anything about your sister.
I'll manage at the Hospital.
Okay, but I don't know your daughter.
Get out of here!
...four litres oxygen.
Start a fourteen-gauge peripheral IV with normal saline.
Hey doctor, you got some blood on your shoulder.
Yeah, I know. I had to go to the ER.
Ready when you are.
Let's do it.
Want some pasta?
Want some pasta, some Chinese food in the best sauce in town?
No thanks.
Have a seat, please.
Sorry to keep you from eating.
It's just that every time I start eating I get this urge,
fucking urge just to use chopsticks.
You know? I feel like the UN.
I didn't finish the job. I can't take the down payment.
Nah, you deserve it. Keep it. Keep it.
I can't.
You must take it. We've already received the balance.
The target's still alive.
So? We have to complete the task.
The buyer's dead.
I don't fucking care.
I just want to make sure when I meet him in hell,
I can look him right in the eye and tell him I don't owe him shit.
You get my drift?
He's already paid off my debt.
You're damn right he did.
Let's strike another deal.
You name the terms.
I bring you the body of the girl.
And then what?
And then I shoot myself in front of you.
I didn't know you did fucking stand-up in your free time.
I think for that kind of deal, I should be paid double.
Yeah, you really should be paid double.
Sure. Where should I send the money?
To my bank account.
Okay. Here.
This is for you, for a job well done.
And if you shoot yourself now, I'll pay you triple.
Don't look at me, buddy. Sounds like a good offer to me.
Search them.
Okay, Mr Lucci.
You don't trust me?
Why should I?
You've complicated a simple matter.
But I plan to clear it up right now.
You brought me a gift?
Do you think I'd come to this apartment unarmed?
Is that sound what I think it is?
Watch it
Hit me, and you claim two lives instead of one.
Sorry, but I can't let you do that.
Not when there's a kid in the room.
I always knew you were soft.
Not soft enough.
Hey, kid. Get out of here.
I see you haven't lost your touch.
All debts are paid.
For now.
I don't want to be buried in a cemetery.
I want to be buried in a big maple tree,
and when my kids come to visit,
they won't have to bring flowers or anything,
they can just pick them off the bushes nearby...
"I would not fear the unknown if only you would come
and hold beside a maple a bouquet by my side
I would not be afraid with colors as my blanket
In time this all shall fade
A promise holds my peace.
Death's always very... very interesting.
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