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We should have talked to the boatyard.
You don't wanna talk here.
l'm not falling over|to talk about it much anywhere, Jack.
How much do you know?|- Not much.
The Birmingham one|was in the papers over a month ago,
and Atlanta was all over TV.
Did you think about giving me a call?|- No. - Why not?
l quit, remember?
You look alright now.
l am alright.
lf you can't look anymore,|l understand.
Don't play games with me!
lf l really didn't need you,|l wouldn't ask.
This guy's on a lunar cycle.|l have three weeks till full moon.
We have a better chance|if you help me.
l'll think about it.
Stay and eat.
Think it'll keep them out, Dad?|- Yep.
How many turtle's eggs are in here?|- ln this hatchery?
40 or 50 of 'em.
Crabs get most of them, huh?|- Yeah, but not now.
These are all gonna make it.
What about the dogs?
No. That's why|we buried the wire down in the sand.
l need more staples, pal.
You're supposed to be his friend.|Why didn't you leave him alone?
lf he decides to do it, Molly,
l'll keep him|as far away from it as l can.
We've got it pretty good.|- More than good.
All that happened before|lets you know that.
lf l went back,|l'd only look at the evidence.
l wouldn't get involved.
He'd never even see me.
lf they find him,|they'll have to take him down.
What do you think?
You've already decided|and you're not really asking.
lf l were asking?
Stay here with me.
Me and Kevin.
That's selfish and l know it.
l'll come inside with you|and show you around.
Mr. Crawford said maybe you want|to be alone. - That's right.
There's a VCR in your hotel room.
There's home movies|of both families on half inch VHS.
lntruder entered through kitchen door.|Used a glass cutter on a suction cup.
Entry was skilful.
All prints are smooth gloves.
Blond hair, strong.
Size 12 shoe imprint.
Blood AB positive, from saliva|on glass from the suction cup.
Why did he leave saliva on the glass?
lt was hot that night,
so it must have felt|cool in the house.
lntruder cut Charles Leeds's throat|then shot Mrs. Leeds.
Bullet lodged in her lumbar spine,|but she died of strangulation.
Moderate elevation of serotonin and|an increase in histamine indicate she
lived for 5 minutes after the shot.
All other injuries are post-mortem.|Direction of the
blood stains on the wall|indicate arterial spray.
Leeds tried to fight because intruder|moved towards the children's room.
Blood stains on west wall
in master bedroom and sliding marks|on hall carpet remain unexplained,
as does superficial ligature mark|around Mr. Leeds' chest.
Also believed post-mortem.
What did the killer|do with them after they were dead?
Hi. This is Valerie Leeds.
l can't speak right now,
but if you leave a message after the|beep, l'll get right back.
290th floor.
Going up.
When they were dead,
he smashed the mirrors and|selected pieces for use on Mrs. Leeds.
Killing Mr. Leeds and the children|would take less than a minute.
Mrs. Leeds' injuries were|post-mortem 4 or 5 minutes later.
What did he do in the interval?
He smeared blood stains on the wall.
Hello?|- Molly?
Will, is that you?|- Yeah, honey.
Look, l'll call you tomorrow.|Go back to sleep.
l love you.|- l love you too, baby.
What are you dreaming?
That's something you can't afford|for me to know about.
God, she's lovely, isn't she?
lr was maddening to touch her|with rubber gloves on, wasn't it?
They found talcum powder on her leg,|but there wasn't any in the bathroom.
lt came out of a rubber glove|as you pulled it off to touch her.
You took off your gloves|to touch her, didn't you?
You touched her with your bare hands
and then you put your gloves back on!
But while your gloves were off,
did you open all their eyes|so they could see you?
Hallo?|- Jack, this is Graham.
ls Price still in Latent Prints?|- Yeah, the Single Print lndex.
What have you got?|- Get him to Atlanta.
Atlanta P. D. dusted everything and|they're good. - Not as good as Price.
l'll send him tomorrow.|What do you want him to do?
Dust Mrs. Leeds' finger and toenails|and the corneas of all their eyes.
l think he took off his gloves.
The subject's teeth look like this.
These were reconstructed
from the bite mark impressions we took|from Mrs. Leeds and the Jacobi woman.
He has pegged lateral incisors,|that's these teeth here and here.
Vice and narcotics, you take the|K-Y cowboys and the leather bars.
Marcus, Whitman heads up at the|funeral. The rest, see the sheet.
One more thing.
l've heard officers call|this killer the 'Tooth Fairy'.
Well, l don't wanna hear that|in public or see it in memoranda!
That's it.
l know a burglar's gonna fence|what he stole for cash money.
l know his motive,|so l go to work on fences.
This guy, we don't have a motive.
None of us have shit and we know it.
lt's in his dreams.
His motive?|- Yeah.
His act fuels his fantasy.
Which is?|- l don't know.
Commissioner says you're the one|who got Garrett Jacob Hobbes
and then Dr. Lecktor 3 years ago?|- Lecktor killed 90 people, didn't he?
Nine that we know of.|Two didn't die.
l heard he cut you pretty good.
What about the dog?
lt's at the vet's.|lt has puncture wound.
The Jacobis had a cat.
That's right.
We found the litter box,|but not the cat.
Give Birmingham P. D. a methane probe|out of Washington.
Have them cover the backyard.|Maybe the cat's buried there.
Yeah?|- This is Jimmie Price, FBl.
Let me put you on the speaker.|- Who am l talking to?
Jack Crawford|and Will Graham.
l got a partial print,|probably a thumb.
And a fragment of a palm off the|nail of Mrs. Leeds' left big toe.
Thumb print came off|the oldest kid's left eye.
Can we make an identification off it?|- Maybe if he's in my index.
Wanna work on these in the dark room.
l'll fax the prints this afternoon.|- Thanks.
lf we get lucky with that print ...
lf Jimmie can find him in the index.|- Hey, Graham!
Whatta you say?|lt's me, Lounds, from the "Tattler".
l did the Lecktor paperback.|When did they call you in?
l'm buying lunch, alright?|- Give it a rest!
l'm doing my job.
How does he compare to Lecktor?|What does he do to them?
How does he do 'em, Will?
Keep the fuck away from me!|- Will, Will!
Son-of-a-bitch snuck into the hospital|while l was sedated and took pictures.
l know.|- Don't expect too much from me.
We only got three weeks left.|- You think l'm just gonna see him?
That's Houdini!
The Tooth Fairy's gonna go on till|we get smart or lucky. He won't stop.
He's got a taste for it.|- You do know something about him.
Not enough.
l'll go see Lecktor tomorrow.
Recover the mind set.
That's the same atrocious aftershave|you wore in court 3 years ago.
l keep getting it for Christmas.
Did you get my card?|- l got it, thank you.
How is Officer Stuart?
Fine.|- Emotional problems, l hear.
Do you have any problems, Will?|- No.
No, of course you don't.
l'm glad you came.
My callers are usually psychologists|from cornfield universities.
Second-raters, the lot.
Dr. Bloom showed me your article|on surgical addiction. - And?
Very interesting, even to a layman.
l want you to help me, Dr. Lecktor.|- l thought so.
lt's about Atlanta and Birmingham.|- Yes? - You read about it?
ln the papers.|l don't tear out the articles.
l wouldn't want them to think|l was dwelling on anything morbid.
You want to know|how he's choosing them.
Any ideas?|- Why should l tell you?
You get to see the file.|There's another reason. - Pray tell.
You might be curious to see|if you're smarter.
Smarter than you,|since you caught me?
l know l'm not smart.|- Then how did you catch me?
Your disadvantages.|- What disadvantages?
You're insane.
You're very tanned, Will.
Your hands are rough.
Not cop's hands any more.|And that shaving lotion
is from a child?|With a ship on the bottle?
Don't think appeals to my|intellectual vanity will work.
l don't think that.
You'll do it or you won't.
Dr. Bloom's working on it.|He's the best.
Have you got the file?|- Yes. - Pictures? - Yes.
Let me have them and l'll consider it.|- No.
Dream much, Will?
Goodbye, Dr. Lecktor.
You haven't threatened|to take away my books yet.
Let me have the file|and l'll tell you what l think.
This is a very shy boy.
What were the yards like?|- Big, fences, hedges. Why?
if he imagines he has a relationship|with the moon, he'll go look outside.
Ever seen blood in the moonlight?|lt appears quite black.
lf one were nude,|it would be better to have privacy.
No. You thought of it before.|- l considered it.
You wanted to look at me.
To get the scent back.|- l want your opinion.
l don't have one now.|- When you do, l want to hear it.
Can l keep this?|- Haven't decided.- l'll study them.
Also any other files.|You can call me.
For calls to my lawyer l get a phone.|Will you leave me your home number?
Do you know how you caught me?
There's a number on the file.|- Do you know how you caught me?
You caught me, Will,
because we're just alike.|You want the scent,
smell yourself!
Get up and face the wall.
Don't turn around,|or l'll mace you in the face.
Thank you so much.|l'll call when l'm finished.
You ready for your call?|- Yes, thank you.
Paltrow, Christiansen and Golub,|Law Offices.
l'm sorry, l misdialed.
Thank you for using AT&T.|This is Operator 24.
Operator,|l don't have the use of my arms.
Would you dial a number for me?|- Certainly. What's the number?
Area code 3-0-1.
University of Chicago, Department of|Psychiatry.- Dr. Bloom, please.
l'll connect you with his office.
What's his secretary's name?|- Martha King. Just a moment.
Martha King's desk.|- Hi, Martha.
Martha doesn't come in nights.
Maybe you can help me.|This is Bob Greer.
Dr. Bloom asked me to send|a paper to someone,
but l never got the address or number.|- She'll be in in the morning.
l've got to catch the Federal express.|Could you pull it out of her Rolodex?
l don't see a Rolodex.|- l bet she has a call caddy.
Yeah.|- Well point right on down to G.
Alright.|- The last name is Graham.
The man the book is for.|Mr. Will Graham.
Federal Bureau of lnvestigation,|10th and Pennsylvania, Washington D. C.
l bet his home address is there too.
3680 DeSoto Highway, Captiva, Florida.
Thank you very much.
Mommy!|- Oh my gosh! Lt's OK. Stewardess?
There's a couple down from Duluth,|we were talking about mortgages.
And ...
l figure,|you're gonna unload this turkey.
then the squad car rolls up,
they start asking questions,
the whole Grand Tour:|Who was lying where and what.
So they get in their sedan|and get the hell out of here.
Any single men ask to see the house?
No-one asked me.
You cut the branch so you could see.
Then you passed the time whittling
and dreaming.
When night came,
you saw them behind bright windows.
You watched the shades go down,
saw the lights go out one by one.
Then you went in to 'em,
Didn't you, son-of-a-bitch?|You watched them all day long!
That's why houses with big yards.
l need the Firearms and Toolmarks|Section on the severed branch.
l need Bowman to fall on this carving.|- ls it weird?
The mark? Yeah.
lf Documents can't do it, Langley can.|- Did Price get an identification?
No, not yet.|lt's a hand search.
Have you seen the "Tattler"?
lt's not on my reading list.|- Yeah, well,
you're all over the front page.
Who the hell was it, Lounds?|- Who else?
Goddammit, Jack!|l promised Molly.
Come in!|- Dr. Chilton? - Yes?
On cleaning out Dr. Lecktor's cell,|he hid something in a book.
We dug around.|- ls that it? Put it down.
Has anyone seen this except you?|- No.
Crawford's office.|- This is Chilton. Mr. Graham please!
He's not here. Mr. Crawford|is on the line with him now.
Will you tell him this is very, very|urgent. L'll hold on.
Dr. Chilton, it's Crawford.|Graham is on the line, too.
l have two pieces of a note
that appears to be from|the murderer in Atlanta.
Where did you get it?|- Hidden in a book in Lecktor's cell.
Don't touch the note. Read it to us!|- lt's on toilet tissue.
"Dear Dr. Lecktor,
l am delighted that|you've taken an interest in me.
You alone can understand|what l am becoming.
You know the people l used to help me
are only elements undergoing change|to fuel the radiance
of what l am becoming. Just|as the source of light is burning.
My collection of your press clippings|is as absurd as are mine.
The "Tooth Fairy".|What could be more inappropriate?
lnvestigator Graham interests me.
Very purposeful-looking.|l hope we can correspond."
There's a piece missing.|l'll read the bottom part.
"After l hear from you,|l might send you something wet."
Signed: "Avid fan."|There are teeth marks at the bottom.
Order a chopper. Don't care whose.
2. Call Alabama Air National Guard,|get Graham back here right now.
Call Documents and scramble a team.|l want everybody movin'.
The Documents team is underway|to pick up the note.
Listen, l wanna replace the note.|l don't want Lecktor to know.
He might try to warn the killer.|Where's Lecktor? - Holding cell.
How long can you keep him in there?|- Three, four hours.
We have a note coming in,|possibly from the Tooth Fairy.
No. 1 Priority.|Has to go to Hair and Fiber.
One hair.|Maybe half an inch.
Couple of blue grains.|- Work the hair.
What do you have as a negative|comparison? - Lecktor's comb.
Whiskers from a razor,|hair from the Security Guard.
How many handled this without gloves?
Guard, cleanup man, Lecktor.|- The cleanup man scrubbing sinks
probably had the oil|washed off his fingers.
But the others smudge.
No ridges,|it's just the texture of the paper.
l can fume it but l can't say the|iodine stains will fade.- Ninhydrin?
Boosted with heat?|- No. You couldn't wash it out.
l can't get a print in the time.
How long?|- 20 minutes max.
Main thing is,|how was Lecktor supposed to reply?
lt's probably in the missing section.|'l hope we can correspond'.
Then comes the gap.
This note was written in ballpoint.
But it looks like Lecktor went over|this area with a felt-tip pen
and tore it away.
You're so sly,
but so am l.
The aniline dyes in the felt-tip pens,
like Lecktor used,|are transparent to infrared.
The Tooth Fairy's ballpoint isn't.
This looks like the tip of a T.
This one could be
the top of an R.|- Three T's and an R in "Tattler".
The article about me and Lecktor.
No-one else carried that.
Personal ads.
The Tooth Fairy told Lecktor|to reply through the Personal ads
in the "Tattler". Chicago is running|through them right now.
Here is a line of communication|between the Tooth Fairy and Lecktor.
lf we find Lecktor's answer,|we'll replace it with our own.
This is what he'll read:
"Dear Avid Fan: lnherit my mantle|and surpass my achievements.
Mementos for you at Baltimore Central.|Left luggage.
Ticket 7-2-6-8-3."
lt's a letter drop.|We stake it out and grab him.
Anything from Chicago? - Not yet.|- When do they go to press?
ln 35 minutes. - Christ!|- Let's get to the physical.
There was no print.|- The core size of the hair
matches the blond hair found in the|Jacobi's. Your man wrote the note.
Three blue grains|went to Brians's end.
Commercial granulated cleanser|from the cleaning man.
Particles of dried blood,|but not enough to type.
This is Chester, who's there?|- Will Graham, Jack Crawford.
Got a personal ad with "Avid Fan"|in it. - Read it!
"Dear Avid Fan,|you honor me. You're very beautiful.
One hundred prayers for your safety.
Find help in Galatians 6, 11 and 15,2.
Acts 3,3; Revelations 18,7.
Jonah 6,8; John 6,22; Luke 1,7.
Get anywhere with the Leeds print?|- Not yet.
Cryptography at Langley?|- They're working on the telex now.
Our ad has to go out|in the same book code, or he'll know.
Book code?
"100 prayers" could be a page number|and the paired numbers lines.
Galatians only has six chapters.|Same with Jonah, it only has four.
Lecktor was not using the Bible.
The Tooth Fairy probably named|the book in the part torn out.
What about sweatin' Lecktor?
We tried sodium amytal 3 years ago,
and he gave 'em a recipe for|a chip dip. - Wonderful.
The Tooth Fairy knows which book.|He'd know from articles about Lecktor.
Willingham took Polaroids|of Lecktor's cell.
Have him meet me.|- Where? - Library of Congress.
25 minutes. He won't make it.
Lecktor's ad runs as is,|or we pull it
and run our own ad next week.|- We got 17 days left till full moon!
l don't like Lecktor's ad running|without knowing what it says.
lt's your call, Will.
Run it.
And what if it encourages the|Tooth Fairy to do something else?
Then we'll all feel sick.
And if Bowman can't figure it out?
Then we'll bait him with something|else in the "Tattler". - What?
That's not a very good idea.
Why not? Won't it provoke him?|- Maybe.
l was thinking about you.
You're getting in deeper and deeper.
The last time
you pushed yourself all outta shape.|Try it on again,
or if you go through some trauma,|you could relapse.
Sidney, don't worry about me.
l'm workin' the evidence,|makin' moves, that's all.
l'm fine.
Bowman says|it is not books in Lecktor's cell.
Price?|- lt's a bust out.
The Leeds' print will|get us a conviction.
He must never have been printed,
because he is not in our index.
We are not gonna|identify him off the print.
l'll use Lounds.
What for?
Our boy doesn't read the Times.|He reads Lounds in the "Tattler".
What else should we cover? - He put|the shorts on Leeds after he was dead,
so we wouldn't think he was gay.
He molested all his male victims
and may be impotent with women.|Our forensic psychologists
have projected
that he may have had|sexual relations with his mother.
How long will you stay in Washington?|- Till we've got the Tooth Fairy.
Will the "Tattler" get the stuff?|How's your sex life been affected?
Mine? Lt doesn't.|lt affects yours! Fuck yourself!
Look, pal, you're news!|- You shot the pictures.
Alright. L'm in the shots with Graham.|- What? - Yeah. Come on!
You want this to look real?
Make sure the theater sign|is just out of focus.
We want him to read it.|- And make sure l look excellent!
Shoot it!
One more.
One more.|- That's enough.
OK, Graham. Always nice, huh?
Let's have lunch, call my service.|Crawford, always a thrill.
Dr. Bloom. L need them|on my desk in 2 hours. - OK.
Did Bowman break the code yet?|- No.
They say the cutting tool|was a common bolt cutter.
l got a call|from Asian Studies in Langley.
The mark on the tree is a Chinese|lucky sign in gambling.
The same character appears in|Mah-jongg. Lt means Red Dragon.
Mean anything to you?
lf he shows and he's smart,|he'll approach from the front,
pass, turn and try and take you from|behind. How's your hearing? - Good.
You'll wear a wire, one way.|We'll hear you, but you won't hear us.
Checked out a 44 Special Bulldog?|Load these in it.
You ever fire 'em?|- Glaser safety slugs?
Opens up on impact.|Guaranteed one shot stop.
You got body armor?|- Kevlar Second Chance.
Hope you get one.|- 'Cause he goes for the head shot?
Let's walk the route.
United Flight 8490 to Newark|now boarding at gate 7.
United Flight 8490 to Newark|now boarding at gate 7.
Can you get to a phone?
So where are things?
Got nine days left.
We're working on it.
You don't wanna talk|about what you're doing, do you?
Hotel rooms ...
An illicit romance ...
We have to stop meeting like this.
Remember the first time we met?
We were alone together in that room.
Though l'd never seen you before,|we were sitting there,
speaking. A shadow flickered across|your face. L said, "What's that?"
Remember what you said?
l said:|"This is too good to believe."
Time is luck, Will.
You know the value of every day.
Someone's coming.
Don't move!
Take the money!
Don't shoot!
Quicker, man!|l'm being mugged!
Do you know who l am?|- l don't wanna know who you are.
You said l'm a sexual pervert.
'An animal' you said.
Do you know who l am now?
Do you feel privileged?
l'm very scared.
Open your eyes!
Mr. Lounds, you're a reporter.
That's why you're here.
Open your eyes or l'll staple|your eyelids to your forehead.
Well, here l ...
Look at the screen.
William Blake's
'The Great Red Dragon' and 'The|Woman Clothed in the Rays of the Sun'.
Do you see?|- Yes.
Mrs. Leeds. Do you see?|- Yes.
Mrs. Jacobi. Do you see?|- Yes.
The next family as they will look.|Do you see? - Yes.
Mrs. Leeds, later.|Her husband beside her.
Mrs. Jacobi after her changing.
The Dragon rampant.
Freddie Lounds. Your photograph.
No! - No what?|- Not me, please!
Please!|- Are you a man? - Yes.
Do you imply that l'm queer?|- God, no!
Before me you are a slug in the sun.
You are privy to a great becoming|and you recognise nothing!
You are an ant in the afterbirth!
lt is your nature|to do one thing correctly... tremble.
But fear is not what you owe me.|No, Lounds, you and the others
owe me awe!
One more piece of work to do.
lf he takes off the mask,|l'm dead now!
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes!
Read this into the tape recorder.
"l have seen with wonder and awe|the strength of the Red Dragon.
All l wrote about him were lies.
Will Graham made me write them|to pull him into a trap.
Will Graham, you will learn how much|you have to dread, because l lied.
He will be more merciful to me.
You will lie awake in fear of what|the Red Dragon will do.
l will testify to the truth of this."
You did very well.
Will you let me go now? Please?
You will tell the truth?|- l promise.
We'll seal your promise with ...
We'll seal your promise
with a kiss.
Only five answers are possible.
Any member of a team|may buzz in and answer.
skip the cryptography|and tell me what it says!
Did he try to say anything at all?|- No.
He never regained consciousness.|Did you hear the tape? - Yes. Listen,
Bowman just broke Lecktor's code|in the personal ad.
lt's the State of Maryland Statutes.|You need to know, now. - What?
Listen to me.|l've taken care of it.
What is it, Jack?
The bastard gave him your address.
lt said: "Graham home, 3860 DeSoto|Highway, Captiva, Florida."
Save yourself. Kill them all.
Get me a plane!|- Will! Will!
Huh? What?
Someone's outside.
l hear noises.|- Where? - Outside.
Go back to your room|and close the door.
Mom?|- Do it, now!
Mom, are you alright?|- What? What is it?
What is it? What's going on?
Come back inside!
What's going on? - Come inside!|- So what ...? - Come back inside!
l'm sorry, Molly.
l'm sorry about all of this.
This place is fine.|We'll be fine.
He's after you now, isn't he?|- lt's just a precaution.
Kevin? Run down to the water|and check the out dock.
l wanna hang around here.|l'm in the kitchen, mom.
What's that about? He's afraid|to leave you alone with me now?
He saw the article in the "Tattler".
l wanted to talk to him, but he said|he'd bring it up with you.
Good for him.
Kevin, help me unpack|and then we'll get some groceries.
You and mom are well protected.|No one's gonna find you.
ls there anything l need to know,|to see about mom?
This guy's planning to kill us?|- We don't know that.
When you gonna kill him?
l'm not.
lt's only my job to find him.
ln the newspaper it said|you were in a special hospital.
Well, it was a regular hospital,
then l was transferred|to the psychiatric wing.
That bothers you, doesn't it?
l don't know.
Was it because of this man Lecktor?
What happened?
Lecktor attacked|college girls and he killed them.
ln bad ways.
He was a psychiatrist.
One of the girls was his patient|and l went to talk to him about her.
l tried to build up feelings|like the killer had,
so l would know why he did it 'cause|that would help me find him.
l was sitting in Lecktor's office
and saw a book on a shelf|with pictures of war wounds.
And l knew it was him.
So l went to a pay phone|to call the police.
That's when he attacked me.
You and mom ...
came to see me in hospital|and that helped a lot.
But after my body got OK,
l still had his thoughts in my head.
l stopped talking to people.
A doctor friend, Dr. Bloom|asked me to get help,
and l did.
And after a while l felt better|and l was OK again.
And the way you thought ...|felt that bad?
the ugliest thoughts in the world.
What kind of coffee you like?
You like that Folger's stuff, right?|- Yeah.
Mom too.
When can we go home, Dad?|- l don't know, Kevin.
So where are things?
Everything we've tried|is a dead end or has backfired.
Crawford is planning|the next crime scene.
Six days till full moon.|- Can you quit?
What's next?
l go to Atlanta.|- Crawford?
l have to be alone.
You're talking about doing exactly|what ...- This killing ...
... it's gotta stop!
William, you're going to make|yourself sick, or get killed.
You and Kevin should go to Montana,
see your dad.|He hasn't seen Kevin for a long time.
l'll come and get you afterwards.
Hi, this is Valerie Leeds.|l'm sorry l can't come to the phone.
l'm sorry too.|- Excuse me? - Coffee.
Just you and me now, sport.
l'm gonna find you, Goddammit!
Mr. Dollarhyde? - Oh, Eileen.|- Bill says there's a variation
in the gamma number 3,
but he caught it in time.
Who's there?|- Mr. Dollarhyde.
l came about the infrared emulsion.|- Come in. Lt's safe.
Put your back against the door.|Stool to the right.
You're the production controller?
What are the conditions?|- Shooting from 8 feet.
l can't use any lights.|- What's being photographed?
Nocturnal animals.|- When do you need it?
ln four days.|- OK. l'll stick this in a black bag.
1000 C infrared-sensitive|has to be handled in total darkness.
Remember to be careful.|lt's easier than the 1200 series.
Fine. - ln case you're wondering,|l keep the samples by touch.
l was wondering ...
l gotta fly. Perhaps|Mr. Dollarhyde can drive you home.
No, that's OK.|No thanks. Go on.
l'll take you. - No thanks.|l'll order 1200ft of 1000 C tomorrow.
Ride with me!|- No thanks! L'll take the bus.
Ride with me!|l would like you to.
OK, sure. L'll just get my stuff on.
How did you come to Gateway?
They had to hire the handicapped
to get this Defense contract.|- You worked out well.
Everybody they hired did.
You speak very well, although you|avoid fricatives and sibilants.
l trained in therapy for speech|and hearing-impaired children.
l'll probably go back to it someday.
lf you don't wanna talk, that's OK.|You're very direct, l like that.
l like what you have to say.
May l touch your face?
Are you smiling or frowning?
l guess l wanna know|whether l should be quiet or not.
Take my word for it,
l'm smiling.|- l didn't mean to offend you.
Can l take you somewhere?|- Where?
lt will be my surprise.
OK. Sure.
Are you apprehensive?|- No.
The protective Mr. Dollarhyde is|watching us. - l want to!
ln about two hours|we're going to cap his tooth.
lt's warm.
There ...
Hear it?
You ...
rearrange the dead families|into an audience.
You think what you do makes|you into something different.
You're becoming ...
What is it you're becoming?
The answer is in the way|you use the mirrors.
What do the mirrors make you dream?
A little to your left.
Francis, that was a great dinner.
There's a gin and tonic,|right in front of you.
What are you watching?
A little homework.
You're a sweet, thoughtful man, D.
Your heart's loud
if you love me.
ls that you, D.?|- Are you OK? - Yeah, l'm fine.
Morning.|- Morning.
lf you show me,|l'll make us some coffee - No!
Don't go back inside the house.|- l left my purse inside.
l'll get it, it's OK.
l mean, you should stay outside.
You look so good in the sun.
When ...
Reba, when can l see you again?
We could meet at my house.
You got the message Lecktor called?
Yeah. L'll call him in a few minutes.
We identified the tire tracks when|Lounds was delivered to the "Tattler".
G-7816, Goodyear truck tires.|Our boy drives a van.
l'm setting up our base in Chicago.|When are you back?
When l'm done, Jack.
Will Graham of the FBl.|l'd like to talk to Dr. Lecktor.
Hello, Will.
Congratulations on the job|you did on Mr. Lounds.
l admired it.|What a cunning boy you are.
l'm sick of you, Lecktor.|You've got something to say, say it!
l want to help you.
Relax with yourself!|We don't invent our natures,
they're issued to us with our lungs|and pancreas and everything else.
Why fight it?
Fight what?
Did you really feel depressed|after you shot Hobbes to death?
l think you probably did.
But it wasn't the act that got to you.
Didn't you feel so bad,|because killing him felt so good.
lt must feel good to God.|He does it all the time.
God's terrific.
He dropped a church roof|on 34 worshippers last Wednesday,
while groveling through a hymn.
Don't you think that felt good?
Why does it feel good, Dr. Lecktor?
lt feels good, because God has power.
lf one does|what God does, enough times,
one will become as God is.
God's a champ.|He always stays ahead.
He got 140 Phillipinos|in one plane crash last year.
Remember that earthquake|in ltaly last spring?
l enter.
The glass cutter.
The piece of glass is mine.
The house is mine.
l walk up these stairs,
l pass the children's toys.
The children mean nothing to me.|They were put here to help me.
l move to the door.
l step into the room.
l see you there.
l see me desired by you.
and loved.
ln the silver mirrors
of your eyes.
l'll talk to you tomorrow.
Wait a minute.
What was it?|- Pollen.
Oh.|- See you tomorrow.
Mr. Dollarhyde.
What are you doing here?
Who is it?|- lt's me.
Hallo? Who is it?|- lt's me.
Francis?|- No.
Not Francis.
Francis is gone.
Francis is gone, forever.
So what do we do?
The dream.
He dreams about being desired.
So he changes people into beings|who want and desire him.
Changes?|- lt's a word.
Killing and arranging the people|to imitate it.
Lecktor told me something.
lf one does what God does enough|times, one will become as God is.
You put it together,
our boy imitates being wanted and|desired enough times,
he believes he'll become|one who is wanted and desired.
lt'll all come true.
What about the mirrors?
He uses the mirrors to see it happen.
But he doesn't take anything.
He needs souvenirs from the houses,|so he can relive the event.
Maybe he records it somehow.
So he can see himself accepted|over and over and over again.
VTR's, Polaroids, stills, what?|- How do l know?
How does he find them?
lf we find out how he found them,|we'll find him.
There is no connection|between the two families.
All the women have a bloom on them.|He picked these women!
There's selection and design here.|- Look,
admit we struck out this month. The|Lear Jet is standing by with the lab.
You, Zeller,|Jimmie Price, the photographer.
We can be anywhere in 75 minutes!|We get the call, we roll!
This thing'll be fresh!|- lt's not over yet.
lt's a foregone conclusion.
lt's 11.30pm.|The full moon is tonight. Give it up!
lt's too damn late!|- l gave it up.
Till you showed up|with pictures of two dead families!
Fuckin' right!
l'd do it again! - Great,|but don't talk to me about late, pal!
l'll tell you when it's too late.
A padlock.
That's why the bolt cutter.
What's that?
Why didn't he use|the bolt cutter on the garage door?
Because a deadbolt|was there when they were killed.
Donald Jacobis birthday party|was April 14th.
Sometime between April and August|they changed the lock,
but he thought there was a padlock.
From the street you can't see|the glass on the Leeds' kitchen door.
There's a big, high fence there, but|he was ready with his glass cutter.
Either he was casing far ahead,
and we didn't check back far enough,
or ...
We checked.
Metcalf, it's Graham. Ls the Leeds and|Jacobi stuff still there?
Have the guard down there|call me. Do it!
You know that's the Jacobi's cat.
He brought a bolt cutter, because|he thought there was a padlock.
Leeds' dog doesn't have a collar,|but you know it's their dog.
You see the woman?
The bloom on the woman?
You can see her again and again,|anytime you want.
Doggie doesn't have a collar,|but you know it's the Leeds' dog ...
and the Jacobi cat ...
and the padlock on the door.
You know you need a bolt cutter.
Because everything with you is seeing.
Your primary sensory intake,|making your dream live is seeing.
The reflections...
mirrors ...
images ...
You've seen these films!
Haven't you, my man?
The guard in the storeroom.
The cans! - What cans?|- The tapes were transferred.
Where's the packaging of the films.|- There are films in storage.
You got 'em?
Are there any labels?
Leeds,|Gateway Lab, St. Louis, Missouri.
The Jacobi label says the same thing:|Gateway Lab, St. Louis.
Who processed the Jacobi film?
Bob's Photo Store, Birmingham.
Stores send 'em out.|Have him peel the top label back.
ls there a label underneath?
lt does, doesn't it?
l want a chopper|in three minutes to Meigs Field.
At Meigs Field l want|the Lear Jet prepped for St. Louis.
Where are you? Are you here?
You're scaring me!|Stop it!
why are you doing this to me?
lt's ugly.
Are you in this room? Where?
You answer me!
We're looking for a man.|We know he works at Gateway.
We don't have his name,|but we know he drives a van.
l got special stickers for vans.
l got 28 van permits here.|- Start feeding me names.
ls this Lieutenant Fisk?|Will Graham.
l need you to get the driver's|licenses of these names.
The man we're looking for is blond,|Caucasian, 20-40 years old,
over six feet tall,|180-225 pounds.
First name?|A-L-V-A-R-O. First name Joseph.
A-L-V-A-R-O, first name Joseph.
No. Black hair.
No.|- Next.
Dillon, D-l-L-L-O-N.
First name Lincoln. - Dillon.|D-l-L-L-O-N, first name Lincoln.
No. Next.
Male, Caucasian,|6ft 7 inches, 217 pounds,
eyes brown, hair blond.
34 years old.|- Put it through the data fax. Fast!
Buckle up. We're landing
in Lambert Field.
Fogel has four more names.|Two have dark hair.
Third's a woman.|Fourth is a handicapped permit.
This is our man.
Rural Route 3, Chester, Missouri.|Where is that?
We're 10.25 at the Hock Road offramp,|Highway 904.
Let's go!
Meeting point's up ahead.|- Go on to the house.
Lieutenant Fisk said ...|- Go on to the house!
Will, you won't need that.
The Swat Team|will take him down, not us.
This ought to be it.|- Kill your lights!
Alright? - l'm OK. Griffin's hurt bad.|l'll wait for the back-up.
Set up a road block on Route 3!|We're in the trees west of the house.
How far away's the back-up?|l'm goin' around the back, stay here.
He's in there, Jack.
Someone is with him.
Will, what did you say?
Wait for the back-up!
He's got someone with him, Jack.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Who are you?
l'm Will Graham.
Looks worse, than it is.|See the turtles?
lt was on the news.
l thought l'd work things out ...
and call you after.
l thought l wouldn't wait.
How many of them made it?
Most of 'em.
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