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ln his speech today...
...our Prime Minister has|assured the people that... citizen will have|to go to sleep without food...
...and everybody will have|a home to live.
That's the end of the|main news today.
And now...some spicy news.
Lover-boy Mr. Dev Karan Singh...
...who has been linked to|many famous beauties... Sushmita Rai, Madhuri|Tandon, Urmila Kapoor etc...
Mr. Dev Karan Singh has now|decided to tie the nuptial knot.
And the girl is the only daughter|of lndia's famous industrialist...
...Mr. Prataprai Singhania.
lt's a matter of pride that|Mr. Singhania is in the studio today.
ls it true that you are getting your|daughter married to Mr. Dev?
But you are familiar with|his activities, aren't you
All that is history.|Dev has changed now.
Because he is going to|become my son-in-law.
Even at this very moment, he is|finalising a big international deal.
- Where?|- ln Singapore.
At the conclusion of the Asian|Cultural Festival here in Singapore...
...l request Mr. Wong to announce|the name of the winner.
Alongwith this award, you are also|being given this free ticket...
...for a trip from|Singapore to Bombay...
...on the ship belonging|to Sun Cruise.
We hope that this journey will|be your most memorable one.
You are most welcome,|Ms Priya Verma.
'Nobody has ever pushed|me in my entire lifetime.'
'Meeting you, l felt as if l am|a short, and you a draw-string.'
What a shameless fellow you are!
lnstead of apologising,|you are reciting poetry!
lt's you who has just|recited a poetry.
Tell me...when would you|become my queen?
Come with me.
What happened, my dear son?
- Congratulations, mother!|- Why?
You've found your|daughter-in-law today...
...and l've found the|girl of my dreams.
l am very happy today.
Why're you preferring a|10-day trip on a ship...
...instead of a flight|which lasts only a few hours?
Because l want to.
Besides your mansion|and your car...
...even your clothes have|been mortgaged.
Your bank-balance is zero,|and you are heavily in debt.
Dev, You'd better mend your ways.
Get married to Singhania's|daughter and you will become rich!
Please stop your frivolity. Or else,|creditors will not spare us.
Cancel your trip on the ship.|Catch the flight to Bombay.
People are expecting you there.
l haven't said that l won't|marry Singhania's daughter.
But before marrying, l have|to seek grandma's blessings.
And no plane lands on the|island where grandma lives.
One can go there|only by ship.
l know.
But the father and daughter must be|waiting for you at the airport there.
There's a party tonight.|How will l face them?
Tell them that...
- You have forgotten me, Dev!|- How can l forget you?
My name is Deepa, not Meena.
Not a Sharma. l am Deepa Mehta.
Whether you are a|Sharma or a Mehta...
And l am in a mood|to get burnt now.
l've kept your luggage, madam.
This is hot!
l'll come for dinner.|l'll stay for breakfast.
And if you insist, l'll|have lunch with you.
How about tea with me?|That'd be fun!
Love on Dev. How about it?
l'm fooling today.|Sorry. Sister love Leena.
- Sister! How mean!|- How about tea?
- Your luggage, sir?|- Over there.
- What's your name?|- Rupesh Ghayal.
Well, here you are, Mr Ghayal.
The game must be|somewhere near!
l never knew that...
...the first class passenger is|accorded such hospitality!
You can call me Dev.
What the hell are you|doing in my cabin?!
Has anyone ever told you|you have such fascinating eyes?
Come over! Right away!|There's a thief in my soon!
What are you doing?!|No! Don't come near me!
Don't! Else l'll scream!
l'd rather you put this jacket on.
lf that towel slips, those|guys from the security....
...wouldn't know what to do.
And by God! l'd be|in raptures!
Where is the thief?!
l see! Under the covers!
He's the one! Throw him out!|This is my cabin!
- Excuse me. This cabin is mine.|- Mine!
One minute. l decide|whose cabin this is.
Which one of you in|Dev Karan Singh?
l am.
ln which case,|this cabin is yours.
Get out of the cover. Pack up|and move to your cabin.
Your cabin is on the|second floor. 21B.
You got the address wrong.|He's the one you apologise to.
Look mister...
- My mistake...|- You needn't apologise.
You can stay or|if you want to.
You can have the bed.|l'll make do with the sofa.
What do you mean?!|Sheep in my cabin?!
- We could share the sofa, you know.|- Don't touch me!
Darling, won't you|tell me your name?
Who the hell does he think he is?
So Dev has found a new girl!
And what a beauty!
My daughter-in-law!|Remember me?
l'm Popat's mother.|How about a drink?
l'm not your son's wife!|And l don't drink alcohol.
Why has the lift stopped?
Uncle Cupid.
Uncle Cupid?|ls he the lift operator?
And not just in this ship.
He's taking care of elevators|all over the world!
And Cupid is trying to|pair us off.
We should get to know each other.
And lose oneselves in the warmth|of embrace.
l know who you are!
You're a conman! And you go for|those rich ones like Amita Singhania!
You're the confidence trickster.
What you have in mind|isn't what you speak.
What do l see in your eyes?
An ecstasy!
And the ecstasy will go|to your head.
Then it travel through|your blood stream...
And it will seize your entire being.|... Your every pore.
Listen to your heart, my love!|And set yourself free.
l feel like killing you even if it|means that l hang for it?
What are you doing?!
''ln you the star will see|the sheen they seek.''
''And thirsty shall see the colour|of the clouds in your tresses.''
''Let not that veil slip from your|shoulders.''
''See the aged beseech the|youth that is past.''
l don't wish to talk to drunks.
Dawn the drunk and who prefers|the wine to you!
You moron! Look what you've done!|Get out of here!
Don't you touch me! You savage!|What do you think of yourself?
l had heard about you. But now l|know for myself!
You're a scoundrel|of the first order!
You have no self-respect! And you|don't know how to respect others.
'lt won't be repeated.'
'Forgive me. Please.'
Forgive me. Please?
l'm ashamed about what|happened last night.
Why are you telling me all this?|l don't want to talk to you.
The ambience you know.|l just got carried away.
And all that food... your dress|was ruined.
So l bought you this dress.
l don't want your dress.|Stop harassing me. Please!
Just take this dress.|l won't trouble you anymore.
Seven tonight, then.|Will it be your room, or mine?
Seven tonight.|Will it be your room, or mine?
Seven tonight.|My room.
l shall be there.
As pretty as the moon!|As vibrant as the flower in blossom?
As beautiful as a poem!
Like marble sculpted to|our exquisite splendour.
The exquisite beauty|of the Taj Mahal?
- Nice poetry.|- Thank you.
You've practised it to|perfection on so many girls.
- With considerable success, l guess?|- That isn't generous.
l just coined it. One look at you,|and poetry flowed.
l swear!
You seem to be in a hurry.
The ship is travelling so fast,|And time flies faster!
We haven't a moment to lose!|Not a moment to lose!
Come, let us forget everything else.
Your brother?
- Uncle?|- Not at all.
My fiance.
Still alive?
Alive and kicking.
lf he were to see you in|this posture...
... it mightn't be too good for you.
l see!
Forgive me. Not a nice match.
That's a personal opinion.
You keep your opinions to yourself.
Everyone else says,|we are a fine pair.
- Get it?|- ln parts.
But tell me, have you ever cheated?
Or, shall l call them ''small mistakes''?
Spanning. Say three or four days?|Or say, three or four hours?
l have never made any mistakes.|And l intend not to.
What did you say?
l mean, it's a pleasure meeting|the ideal lndian Woman!
Good night, and long live the nation!
Leaving already? But we were|supposed to spend the night together!
l intended to. But l miss my Mummy!
l want to hold her photograph|and cry my heart out!
Or is it your Grannie?
What did you say?
- Come, let me see you off.|- Thank you. l'll manage.
Oh not at all. The host|always sees the guest off.
Come on.
Come on.
Walked into a ''no entry'' zone.|About turn.
The ice isn't breaking.
Hurt your little ego?
On the contrary, l'm enjoying this.
For the first time. l've found|someone who matches up to me.
May l say something?|We can be friends, can't we?
No, l mean no hanky, panky,|no messing around.
Just hundred percent.|Pure friendship.
- Just friends?|- l swear by my girlfriends!
l'm famished.|Will you buy one dinner?
Judging from the way you speak|about ladies...
l'm sure you don't|hold women in much esteem.
Wrong. Entirely.
Believe me. l have this great|respect for women.
l hold them in very high regard.|They're up there!
Up in the air?
No. Up there. On a throne.
But once l start getting to|know them more closely...
The esteem falls,|oh ever so slightly.
Oh yes. And then the wavering.|And then, the final crash.
Don't you think you might be|breaking a few hearts?
l'm left a few broken hearts|behind. But what to do?
You take me for a friend, don't you?|Can l tell you something as a friend?
You break the trust|people repose in you.
Winning a confidence is easy;|Carrier yet, breaking it.
But living up to it... That's tough.
And man he is, who won't break the|trust; One who will live up to it.
Don't you think?
You didn't answer my question.
Enough about me. Now tell me|something about yourself.
- We'll talk about me tomorrow.|- Why tomorrow?
We have the whole evening to|ourselves.
And we will have the tomorrow too.
- How was it last night?|- Fine.
Without you breathing down|my neck, it was peaceful.
- Yes?|- What?
- Did you say something?|- No. But you will about yourself.
My story is nowhere as interesting|as yours.
l was a two-year old when my|parents died in an accident.
l was brought up in|an orphanage in Poona.
When l grew up, l started teaching|music. To the orphans in the home.
He was a chief guest at one of these|charity shows.
- Who? That fellow in the photo?|- Yes.
After the show,|he made a proposition.
Love at first sight?!
He proposed setting up a music|academy in Bombay.
- l see.|- And l accepted.
After some time, he propositioned me.|l accepted.
- Well, that's all about my life.|-That's just a leaf out of your book.
That's all there is.
Dev! Stop him!
- Nice camera.|- lmported! Made in Singapore!
Worth 500 dollars.|Takes great pictures!
- Can l see it?|- Go on.
- How does it open up?|- Over there.
-The roll just springs out. lt's easy.|-Hey, there's nothing on this.
- You threw my roll away!|- l'll dump the camera too.
l know! l know why you|dumped my camera!
So people won't get to know what the|two of you are doing on the sly!
But l'm going to tell them!|all about your affair!
- l'll fix you!|- You dare!
- No. Don't you hit me!|- Get out.
l'll tell the whole world!
- Where are you off to?|- Now l know what it means...
- To be seen with you.|- But wise just friends.
Mr Dev, Your reputation precedes you.
l go my way.|You go yours.
My way?
l should be going my way.
Found my way!
You remind me of a poem!
As pretty as the moon!|As vibrant as the flower in blossom?
As beautiful as a poem!
Like marble sculpted to|our exquisite splendour.
The exquisite beauty|of the Taj Mahal?
By the way,|l am Dev Karan Singh.
- What are you doing this evening?|- Nothing.
Then l have something|interesting for you.
Kamini, you're the last of the|beauties God created.
So now you're appreciating him|from a good distance, right?
And where is he now?|Romancing his new find Kamini.
- And my son had such dreams for you!|- About her, and me...
and a few of ours dream|of a happy family!
- Look how she ditched me for him!|- And now he's flown too!
What nonsense! Nothing of the sort|ever happened between Dev and me.
That's what they all say|once they've been spurned!
You don't believe me, do you?|Wait, l'll prove it to you.
Sure. Go on.
Will you come down|for a moment, please?
Not now. l'm busy.
Listen to me! l must talk to you.|This is important!
l told you l'm busy!
Shall we go to the restaurant?
He isn't listening anymore.
Poor thing! All she can do now|is throw herself in the sea!
Not as long as l'm alive!|l'm still willing.
Right. Here take the bride price.|And say yes to Popat.
Don't you miss this one last chance?
Lunching it out|all alone! Poor thing!
Priya! Listen to me!
You're behaving as if|you've seen a ghost!
Worse! You're a catastrophe!|l just want to stay away from you!
l can't even walk out of my|cabin! All thanks to you?
You know the rumours|doing the sounds?
Forget all that. And listen to me.|Sit down.
Tomorrow, this ship is docking|at a beautiful island.
An island of flowing stream...|... fragrant forests...
And such wonderful scenarios!
And you want me to accompany you, right?
Who's talking about you?|l'm taking Kamini along.
Go on. Take her along.|Why have you come to me?
- You want my permission?|- Your help, darling.
Kamini's kid brother has|told his mother all about us.
Why does God have to make kids?|Why not sent them all grown up?
So now Kamini's mother isn't letting|her go unescorted.
What can l do to help?
Just talk her mother into letting her|come with you to the island.
You want me to do the|dirty work for you?
Priya! Don't refuse me!|Look, what are friends for?
Get lost, my friend!
What are you doing?! Leave me!
- l won't!|- Everybody is watching!
Let them watch!
Let me go! You're already given me|a bad name!
l won't! Not unless you say|you'll do it for me.
All right! l will! Now leave me!
- You swear it by your fiance?|- l swear!
So tomorrow. At the Oriental Bazaar.
And don't be late.
Kamini! l thought we'd|never see each other again!
l couldn't sleep all last night!|l kept up thinking about you!
We have to be back aboard by six.
Sure. Let's meet here|at a quarter to six.
Come on. Kamini.
- Will you leave me all alone?!|- Will, what else...?
Excuse me.
- Now don't be a spoilsport!|- What will l do here all day?
Look...there's a shrine over there.
You'll find a library in there.|lt's full of books about religion.
Catch up with some reading.|Nice way to spend your time.
Did you say something?
- No.|- But l have something to tell you.
See you in the evening.
Are you out of your mind?|That fall could kill you!
What were you doing here?
- l was following you!|- Why?
l don't know!
Please! Please take me|back to the ship.
Are you out of your mind?|That fall could kill you!
What were you doing here?
- l was following you!|- Why?
l don't know!
Please! Please take me|back to the ship.
Dev! Love on! Mummy and my brother|have gone to the movie theatre.
We have three hours to ourselves.|Your room or mine?
- Kamini, we must talk.|- This is no time to talk. Come on!
Look. What we're doing is wrong.
Why wrong? Once we reach Bombay,|we're getting married.
Besides Dev, both of us|are in love with each other.
No, Kamini. l don't love you.
ln the last three days, you|said it a hundred times over!
That you love me!
l lied.
Because l wanted to|have fun with you.
- And afterwards just dump me?|- Yes.
Nice to see a man|change for the better.
And you see what l get out of it?
That was my first time.|And l don't know why l did it.
l think you're|having an effect on me.
So you go your way.|And l better go mine.
Thank you for saving my life.
- You set the party on fire.|- You were explosive too.
- What did you say?|- l was saying that...
...we're touching|another island tomorrow.
- Have you taken your pick?|- No. At tomorrow's stop...
- Someone will be expecting me.|- A woman at every port!
Nothing of the sort.|l'm seeing my grandmother.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Mr Dev Karan Singh here is going to|meet his grandmother tomorrow!
On the island!
Stop joking. l'm really going|to see my grandmother.
Well all right,|l'm coming along too.
To see your sweet-sixteen.|Something grandma!
Okay with you, Grandpa!
Just sign the photograph|and make my day.
Our photograph?|This is preposterous!
You've been taking|pictures on the sly!
That was just one|of the many on sale!
They're selling three photos at a|hundred Singapore dollars each!
- What?|- That's true.
Wait here.
Here's the love story! Dev and Priya!
One photo free for every two you buy!
Let go of my collar!
- lt was his idea! Not mine.|- His idea!
- Liar!|- His lying!
Shut up!
You better get hold of|every copy you've sold.
Else, l'm going to fix you for good!
And you get this clear.
l don't care for my reputation.|But Priya is a good girl.
And l respect her.
Give Priya a bad name,|and you'll see more of me.
Leave the rest of the copies here.|And get lost.
Did anyone ever tell you that|you look handsome when you get angry?
Well, l guess you're|good-looking anyway.
Nice photograph, isn't it?|May l keep it?
You're strange!|Till yesterday... wouldn't care to be|seen around with me.
l get a bad name if|l go around with you.
And when l'm not going around|with you, it's worse.
So, better l stick|around with you, right?
Now how about that rendezvous with|your darling grannie, eh Grandpa?
Won't you trust me, even for once?
To tell you the truth,|l'm beginning to. ln parts.
Shall we?
Come on.
Come Priya.
She's in her temple.
Such a beautiful place!
So serene.|Just like a dream.
lt's the place of their dreams.|Grandpa's and Grandma's dreams.
They came here|for their honeymoon.
That's when they decided they'll|build a small house here.
Here they would live the last|years of their lives. Together.
Two years ago. Grandpa died.
And ever since, Grandma has been|waiting. For her call.
My child! My darling!
l'm seeing you after so long!
l'm so happy to see you!
ls she your fiancee?
No. She isn't the one.|She's a friend.
Come. Let me introduce you.
Grandma, this is Priya.|Priya, this is my grandmother.
God bless you my child.
Grandma thought you're my...
You're a beauty!
A beauty is what l'd call this|place of yours.
l feel like living here all my life!
You mustn't say that.
This is a place one comes to when|memories are all that's left.
But you have still to live your|memorable years.
Your temple must be beautiful too.|Can l go in and take a look?
Why not? Go on.
And you, Dev?
How many years has it been since you|walked into a temple?
- Grandma! l...|- Go in.
God isn't about to chew you up.|Go on.
Such innocence... She's so simple.|Just like an angel. From the Heavens.
Did you say something?
Pray in silence.
- Coconuts from the farm.|- Forget it!
- Do you know who's here?|- Who?
lt's Dev! Look...over there.
- Hello, Dev!|- Hi Ajino Moto!
- How are you?|- Fine, thank you.
- And the family planning front?|- Still planning.
- Still planning?|- l'll tell you.
Same problem as in lndia.
The girl child is treasured.|But the male is preferred.
His attempts to give the male heir|have gotten him eleven girls!
- This time too?|- Twins.
Grandma, l'm going|over to his place.
ln the meantime,|keep yourselves company.
Come on, Ajino Moto.
- You mean Dev painted that?|- Yes.
l still remember the spiel he|told me about the painting.
As if he was my grandfather!
- Let me do it.|- Oh no. Not at all.
Come on. This once only.|Give it to me.
Well all right.
Go on. Pamper me.
l'm really surprised to know...
...that Dev knows so much about the|religion and the holy scriptures.
And you'll be surprised to know that|Dev writes lovely poetry too.
He always used to|top his form at school.
He has penchant for languages.|And he loves travelling and meeting people.
When he was a child,|he made us so proud.
The problem is he's so fickle-minded.
He just can't stick around...
...with any one thing.|So anyone for that matter.
lt's as if he's forever|in search of something.
And the kind of life he lives...
Oh, l'm so afraid for him.
Come the day when he faces himself.|He won't have any answers.
But there is one thing l know|deep down in my heart.
lf he finds true love...
...if he finds a girl who|can show him what is right...
Dev will change. For the better.
That's true, isn't it?
- These anklets are so pretty.|- You like them?
- l'll have them sent to you.|- No, thank you.
Why not? Won't you give me a chance|to show my appreciation?
Sorry. My mistake.
Now don't you forget that.
- Here's Dev. Come in.|- Come right in.
Grandma was just telling me stories|about your childhood.
And what did she tell you?
Grandma was saying that you'd|scream and kick and thrash about...
...if you weren't given|what you wanted.
And what did you have to say?
You don't do that anymore, do you?
When you don't get what you want...
...your ego is bruised, right?
Bruised ego? What's that?
Nothing, Grandma. She always talks|in riddles. Forget her.
Now, here's a small gift for you.
l'm not the age when|one accepts gifts.
Take it, and watch the years|roll back!
Then l must!
Let's take a look.
This is his grandfather!
He looks so elegant.
How did you paint this portrait?
l remember him. All l had to do was|put him down on the canvas.
l told you! My Dev is a man of parts!
Tell me, Grandma. Do you like it?
lf pictures could speak,|this would sing to me!
Let's leave her alone for a while.
Was it necessary to pull my leg|infront of Grandma?
l wasn't pulling your leg.|l was just pulling your ears.
lf l hurt you. Please forgive me.
To tell you the truth, when l first|saw you l thought you're a scoundrel.
l thought you're heartless.|A bad character, l thought.
But after l came here...|After l know more about you...
l see something nice in you.|Like a ray of light. Bright.
The lamp burns not by itself.|lt needs someone to light it.
lt's time for you|to leave, son.
Don't be sad, Grandma.|l'll be back very soon.
l'd love it if you could|come to my wedding.
You know l won't.|Here l am. Holding one last fort.
My blessings are always with you.
May God give you all the happiness.
May you find the girl|you've looked for.
May God protect you. Always.
This vermilion is|meant for your wife.
Grandma!|l hate to leave this place!
Do you know why this|place is so beautiful?
Because we put our hearts into it.
We had dreamt of a|little world of ours.
lt was an impossible dream.
But in our hearts, we knew|the dream would come true.
And it happened.
Let me tell you something.
Whatever the quandary,|Whatever the question...
Your heart will never fail you.|Listen to your heart.
And you will always find happiness.
Here you are. And l've been searching|the whole ship for you.
You're in tears!|What's the matter, Priya?
Nothing. l'll never forget this day.|l've never felt so happy.
There was so much love. lt was|so beautiful, l felt like crying.
Thank you very much for|introducing me to Grandma.
l must thank you for the love and|respect you showed to my grandmother.
So, will going to be|back in Bombay tomorrow.
Then l go my way, and you go yours.
Will you invite me to your wedding?
Let me know the date.
lf we get married on the same day,|we won't be able to...
- attend each other's weddings.|- Attend each other's, we surely will.
Where are you going|for the honeymoon?
Wherever you're going.
Don't you do that. Else, your wife|will suspect you're after me.
You were after me. The other|day on the island. l mean.
Why did you do it?
Answer my question, Priya.
Tell me.
Don't you imagine that...
...l'm going to write this|off as passing interlude.
l want to make this the most|precious moment in my life.
l want you for myself, Priya.
Right now. Right here.
Here in the middle of the sea.
The moon and the stars|shall been witness.
And the waves will applaud us.
And far and wide,|there will be no one else.
No one else, but You|and l. And our love.
Boundless love.
Listen to me, Priya!|l have something to tell you.
l have nothing to|talk to you about!
Two minutes, Priya. Just two minutes.
Two minutes. That's all you have.|Say what you have to.
l love you.
And l know that you love me.
Who are you to make|decisions for me?!
This is the man l'm going to marry.|He's the man l have to love.
You got your answer?
l know l'm not worthy of you.
l have nothing to give|you except my love.
But give me one chance.
l'll give it all up. l'll|give up being a bohemian!
6 months! Just give me that much.
l'll become independent.|l'll prove l'm worthy of you.
And l'll build a small house.|And l'll give you all my love.
l'll give you all the happiness in|life! Just give me six months!
Six months? l'm getting married|next month!
Now look...
You've had your two minutes.|Now please go away!
l'll go away. Out of this room,|and out of your life.
Just tell me once you don't love me.|Swear it by me!
Swear it! Tell me it was my mistake!
Try to understand!|This isn't possible!
l am indebted to him. l can't cheat|him. l can't leave him all alone.
Please! Don't make my life miserable!|Go away! Go away from here!
And take this with you.
l don't want to keep anything.|That reminds me of you.
l'll wait for you tomorrow.|On the deck.
lf you wear that dress. l'll know|you mean yes.
lf you don't,|l won't close your path.
No need to wait till tomorrow.|You have my reply!
Think it over. This doesn't|concern just the two of us.
l will be expecting you.
You needn't, Dev!|lt's a no!
What's life without you? l can't|even imagine living without you.
lf l stopped breathing, l'd still|live for a few moments at least.
But without you...? None.
You! Yes it's you. The first woman|l've loved more than l love my life.
This present. My future.| every moment...
is pinned to the hope. Of you.
ln my prayers, in my silence,|in all l think is of you.
Come time the stars have died out,|when the moon shines no more...
When time stands stilled;|and hope lives no more.
But will that last say of hope,|till the last breath l breathe...
l shall wait for you.
Yes Priya. l shall await you.
Are you happy now?|You've had your wish.
l sat up thinking all night,|what l'd tell you.
The logical conclusion was|not to tell you anything.
But then l remembered|Grandma's words.
To do what my heart tells me.
And my heart tells me.
...that l love you.
You told me once that it's|easy to break a trust.
But it's difficult to keep the trust.
l swear this of your love for me.
Come what may, l'll never break|the trust you have reposed in me.
Whatever be the lost.
All right.
Today is August 14. Let's meets six|months from now. On February 14.
You mean Valentine's Day?
The day for lovers.
Very well. But where?
Over there. At the Gateway of lndia.|Five in the evening.
l'll be there. For you.
But in these six months. We won't|meet each other.
And another thing.
lf one of us misses the appointment.|For whatever reason...
The other won't ask why.
Don't say that Priya!|We'll make it.
Sure. We'll make it.
Take care.
You take care of yourself too.
- Did you say something?|- No...
Do you like kids?
Yes! l love kids.
Dev should be here any moment.
What have you done to yourself?
What's wrong with you?|You look like a jilted lover.
Now don't you worry.|l'll always be with you from now on.
Listen to me. l'm talking to you.|From now, we'll always stay together.
What's over there?
Well l never...
And who's that dress meant to impress?|l'm already impressed with you.
l'm Anita Singhania.|Let me speak to Dev.
- This is Nattu here.|- Where's Dev?
He's here.
Take the phone, Dev!
He's in the bathroom.
What? He's in the bathroom|since two hours!
He has been shuffling between|the toilet and the bathroom!
Why don't you accept|Anita's call?
And how many cigarettes|will you smoke?
Seeing so much smoke, it seems|like the place is on fire.
l met a girl on the ship. And...
And you fell in love with her.|And you cannot live without her.
And that's the end of it. Right?
No, it's not so this time.
lnstead of the girl, you should be|thinking about our financial status.
l'm not joking.|Look at this!
Creditors have sent legal|notices to us.
lf we don't repay all the debts|within 10 days...
...everything that we have|will be auctioned.
What is it?
Mr. Hirachand is here to meet you.
To hell with him!
Make him sit. The devil is here!
Which God should l pray to now?|Who will save my neck now?
Why did you have to come here?|l was on my way to meet you.
Why did you take the|trouble of coming here?
Trouble? lt's we who have|troubled Mr. Dev.
Yes. How could we dare to|send a notice to...
...the future son-in-law of|billionaire Mr. Singhania?
Scoundrels! How could you|dare to set foot here?
Now that you are here, l will|repay you your dues rightaway!
Listen, Mr. Nattu.|We are mistaken.
You are mistaken, is it?
- Say that you are a donkey!|- l am a donkey!
- Say that you are a fool!|- l am a fool!
That's right!
Why did she have to come here?
- Hello!|- Where's Dev?
He's not at home. No, he's in the|toilet. No, he's in the bathroom.
lt doesn't matter. She slapped|you out of affection!
How does it concern you?|All of you had better get out!
l've been telephoning you|since the past two hours.
But you aren't answering|my phone calls!
l want to tell you something.
Later! First, accompany me.
- But listen to what l've to say.|- No ifs and buts.
We are going. That's it.
Yes. We are going.|Or else we would've had it!
Let's go.
- Where have you brought me?|- Come along.
- Tell me. What's all this?|- Come along. You will know soon.
What's all this?
l will tell you. What do|you think of this house?
Like a palace!
This house is yours now!|A small gift from me!
A small gift?
The owner was refusing|to sell this house.
But my daughter said that|she liked only this house.
So l paid triple the price|and bought it over.
You are absolutely right.
The camera is ready!
- Let's go, darling.|- Where?
We will announce our wedding|together on television.
- What?|- Yes.
l want to show the whole world|that everybody's darling Dev...
...the most handsome Dev,|now only belongs to me.
- You are not a human being, sir.|- What do you mean?
You are a great human being, sir.
Please be seated here.
What a pair!
Friends! You are welcome to this|programme on Moon TV.
Our guests today are...
...Prataprai Singhania's future|son-in-law Dev Karan Singh...
...and his fiancee|Anita Singhania.
Look who's there on television!
- Who is it?|- lt's Dev Karan Singh!
So you have finally|decided to get married!
But your image is that|of a lover-boy!
Then how come|all of a sudden?
Suddenly l found a beautiful|flower which filled my life...
...with the fragrance of love.
And you've also become|richer by millions!
- No!|- No?
But Mr. Singhania just said that|he has gifted you this palace.
He has. But l haven't accepted it.
l will keep my wife in a house|bought with my own earnings.
Oh! So you intend to do some work!
Will you tell the public|what work you will be doing?
Not painting, Mr. Dev.|You should say...printing!
You will have to earn|loads of money.
Because Mr. Singhania's pet dogs|too drink mineral water.
l can see that!
What a good joke!
Why bother about earning?|Daddy's there!
No! Till now, l depended|on others for my existence.
But she taught me to live|for others.
l want to keep her|in a loving home...
...which is decorated with peace...
...where the place lights up|when kids laugh...
...where happiness enters|without knocking.
Her? Aren't you referring to her?
Do you mean to say that|your future wife...
...isn't Ms Anita Singhania,|but somebody else?
ls Ms Anita Singhania your|future wife, or isn't she?
No. lt's somebody else.
He did a nice thing by not|agreeing to marry this witch!
This is amazing!
Today's meeting has|taken a surprising turn.
Mr. Dev Karan Singh has|just said that...
...he is rejecting Mr. Singhania's|wealth, his palace and his daughter.
What nonsense!
- Maintain silence, please!|- Switch it off!
Get out of here!
What's this? Have you gone mad?|What nonsense is this?
- Are you sozzled or what?|- No! l'm in my senses!
l cannot marry you, Anita!
l've even got my bridal dress,|my sandals, and my honeymoon gown...
...and he says that|he won't marry me.
You see, daughter...
He will marry her.|He's only joking.
No, l am not joking.
Anita, You will find a better boy.
You don't have to advice.|Get out of here.
Let's go, Nattu.
Trust me. l will speak to him.|Please don't lose your cool.
- Please turn.|- All right.
- Please bend down.|- All right.
Let's go.
Why are you all screaming?
- Let me speak to Raj, please.|- He's not in the office.
lf he returns, tell him|that l had telephoned.
- Ms Priya?|- Yes.
Ask him to telephone immediately.|l am at home.
All right, madam!
Here l am!
Where were you? l wanted to|speak to you urgently.
l too want to speak|to you urgently.
What a fool l have been!
l have been promising to marry|you since the past two years.
But today, l happened to|meet a lover boy.
What was his name?|Yes! Dev Karan Singh!
What a lover he is!
He has opened my eyes, Priya.
l've decided that l will|marry you next week itself.
Raj, it's something else.
What can be more special than this?
Please be seated, Raj.
l was travelling in the ship, and...
And what?
Congratulations, dear nephew!
- Greetings, Uncle.|- Bless you!
Congratulations, Priya. This fool|told us over the telephone.
l was overjoyed to hear|the news of marriage.
And we wasted no time,|and came rushing here.
Come on!
Here's the jewellery and this|dress for our daughter-in-law!
And the bridegroom's brother-in-law|comes for free!
You've been amazing, Priya!|You got him to agree to marriage!
Before brother changes his mind,|the marriage should take place soon.
With a lot of fanfare!
What say, Uncle? How about|starting from tomorrow itself?
Why tomorrow? Let's start|from now itself.
My obeisances, Uncle.
May you drink|all the time, my dear!
Thank you for rescuing me|from that mental hospital.
lf l had stayed there|any longer...
...those mad people would|have raped me mentally.
You find it amusing?
Do you know...there was|a wild madman among them.
All night long, l was|explaining to him...
...that it's my stomach,|not a drum.
Still, that scoundrel kept on|pounding on my stomach all night.
You find it amusing?|You may laugh!
But you will weep when you get over|your fascination towards love.
You know what? Let's surrender to|Singhania. Or else we will starve!
Let's go. Our problem|has been solved.
- What is it?|- Perhaps you need a painter.
l am a painter.|What do you want to paint?
- A speed-breaker!|- What? A speed-breaker?
A black strip, and a white strip!|Understand?
Shall l give you a slap?
You are asking a great painter|like Dev Karan Singh... paint a speed-breaker?
You old man, l can blow you|away to your grave!
You had better not comment|about my health!
l am very touchy|about health matters!
Touchy, did you say?
Please don't mind what he says.|l'm prepared to paint.
Then pick up the paint,|and get going.
Thank you.
Let's go.
l should hit you once!
Why're you painting|a speed-breaker?
- What do you mean by that?|- Are you in love or what?
All lovers are painting|speed-breakers these days.
This is the source|of my livelihood.
- Give me a bidi.|- Here you are!
Should l go searching|for a match-stick?
- Go on.|- All right, then.
Here's 350 rupees.|Your day's earnings.
Look, Nattu. My life's|first earning.
- l will buy canvas with it.|- And l will buy some bread.
l am starving, friend!
Come on.
The food is ready.|Come on.
Eating food after a gap of two|days has its own charm.
Why don't you eat too?
You eat. l will eat later.
Shall l say something?
That girl must be truly amazing|to have transformed a demon like you.
Tell me, friend. How does|your Priya look?
How does she speak, and laugh?
My Priya is very beautiful.|Like these colours.
Pink eyes. Golden voice.
A smile like the|colours of a rainbow.
- What have you done, Dev?|- Why? Aren't the paintings nice?
They are very good!
You have created magic, my friend!
What wonderful paintings!|They will fetch fancy prices!
And this one...
lt's not completed yet.
Then complete it quickly. There|will be many takers for this one!
- No. l will never sell this one.|- Why?
lt's meant for Priya.
Only Priya will be able to understand|that this is not merely a painting...
...but a feeling, a moment...
lt's a portrait of my love.
Priya, why did you walk out?
Raj, l want to tell you something.
l know what you want to tell me.
You know it?!
Yes. And l'm amazed it took you|so long to speak your mind.
The wedding celebration have begun.|Now, are you out of your mind?
Don't you understand that all l want|is to make you happy?
Well, l didn't tell you this.|But l decided to invite them.
Look... over there.
- Greetings.|- Congratulations!
This is very selfish of you, Priya.|Ever since you found Raj...
- You've all but forgotten us.|- Right!
And Raj came over personally to|the orphanage to invite us.
Raj has treated us with great respect.|That l shall never forget.
They never invite orphans to a wedding.|l'm grateful.
To Priya, you are family.|That makes you my in-laws.
l can't wed my bride unless|the brides' people are present.
And the bridesmaids mustn't|let slip this chance...
...of making the bridegroom|dance to your tune.
To the centrestage, ladies!|Drag him along.
l'm so happy today! He gives you|such respect. He loves you very much!
You're lucky. You're very lucky.
What's it, my child?|Why are you weeping?
l don't want to marry him.
What are you saying?!
Tell me, what am l going to do?!|What do l do?!
Before you take any decisions.|You should talk to Madhu.
She's been your friend ever since|you were a child.
But she's in Bangalore.|With her husband.
No. She's back in the|orphanage. For good.
l'm Priya!
Yes! l'm Priya.
What happened to her?
Someone found her wandering in the|railway station in Bangalore.
He sent us news.|We brought her back.
What about her husband?|Her in-laws?
The husband deserted her|for another woman.
The doctors say that she has|lost her mind completely.
She even tried to kill|herself several times.
She gives up everything|for the sake of a person...
...and out of the blue, he says|that he's leaving her forever.
lt could drive anyone mad.
Even you. Even Raj.
Take her away.
You want to wriggle out|of the marriage.
But have you considered|the consequences?
Do you think Raj will be able to|overcome the shock?
Do you want Raj to end up like Madhu?
Do you want to leave him|masticating on your memories...
...with every passing moment|more dead than alive?
l agree that it'd make you happy|to marry the man you love.
But don't you think it's your duty to|sacrifice your love for Raj's sake?
But the decision, you'll have to|take. Will it be love? Or your duty?
But remember this much.|lf you send Raj away... gentleman will ever|dare to marry an orphan.
Dear Dev, Please forgive me.|l won't be able to...
keep the appointment|on 14th February.
Don't think that l don't|love you anymore.
But l can never repay my debt to Raj.|To a woman a husband is like a God.
l'm going to marry a man who|has been like a God to me.
Forgive me.
What is it?
l've sold your ''Woman.''|For 50,000!
Good! What about the other one?
l'll sell her too. For what she is,|the wench will fetch 100,000!
You shameless lout! You pimp!
Why did you slap me?
A man like you should be|shot in the head!
Sell a woman again, and|l'll break all your teeth.
What are you laughing at?
l'm going home.
All right. Go on.
Stop staring like that.|lt was a portrait.
Portrait? That means|you're an artiste.
- Yes.|- What are you doing here?
Making a living. Hoardings by day.|Portraits by night.
You don't sleep?
l slept so long.|l just woke up.
Either you're mad.|Or you're in love.
Both. Mad. And in love.
That makes sense.
You? Here so early?
Not early. l'm right on time.|Come. Sit here.
Two days from now.|We'll be man and wife.
For our sake, l don't want|any secrets between us.
Should something come|out in the open tomorrow... might not be too comfortable.
Now listen carefully|to what l have to say.
While you were away in Singapore.|l met one Maya in London.
We hit it out as friends.
We didn't even realise|we were falling in love.
When l came to my senses.|l thought about you.
Here l was to marry you, and...!
l told her straight away|to forget me.
lt broke her heart.
Priya, l did the|right thing, didn't l?
No Raj. What you did was wrong.
lf you love her,|you should go to her.
You should own up. For there's|nothing more important than love!
Then why are you ditching Dev?|Why are you marrying me?
Thank God Dev doesn't live at|this address anymore.
That's how l got this|letter you wrote to him.
Are you out of your mind, Priya?
This man sacrificed everything|for your sake.
And you tell him to forget you!
What for, Priya?
ls it because you think|you're in my debt?
You raised me to the status of a God.
But in reality, you don't even|consider me your friend.
- No, Raj!|- What do you mean?
Between friends there are no debts.
You've created this academy|all by diat of your enterprise.
Call it a debt, and you insult|your own capabilities.
And you denigrate our friendship!
Even if everyone says that|you're in my debt...
it's Dev whom you owe.|For there's nothing greater than love.
You're going to see Dev|on 14th February. You will...
and you'll marry him.
l'm indebted to you!
Your house! The home you bought|with your hard-earned money!
Now l know the power of love!
That's why we call him|''The Greatest Lover in the world!''
Remember me? No?
Moon TV...N.D. Srivastav...?|The interview...?
That boxing match with Singhania?|Remember?
Just one interview.
- No. l wouldn't like to.|- Please! Don't say no.
For every Romeo,|you're the ideal Romeo!
And tomorrow is 14th February.|Valentine's Day!
- What's Valentine's Day?|- Christmas for lovers.
A message from you would make|so many souls happy!
- Tell him, won't you?|- Take your fingers off me.
Go on. Give it to him.|Otherwise he'll go on and on.
Okay. Make it quick.
Red light means camera is on.
The red light is on.
Friends, on the eve of Valentine's Day|we present...
famous casanova-turned-sincere-lover|Mr Dev Karan Singh.
ln six months you've made your|dreams come true.
What else do you want out of life?
Come tomorrow, and we will meet|never to part.
All l want, in that she brings|boundless joy into my life.
May shadow of sorrow never touch us.|May we be happy. Always.
Now Mr Dev, won't you tell us|the name of the girl...
...who is bringing the|joy into your life?
Her name is Priya.
She said ''l love you''!
So what? My Daddy|says that every day.
- To your Mummy?|- No. To the neighbour.
What's this love?
When a sixteen year old girl|sees a seventeen year old boy...
...and something happens to them,|that's called love.
Please make me a seventeen year old.|l want to do love.
To whom?
Madhuri Dixit!
Because she dances|to those great beats!
Shut up. lt's the teacher's|heart that's beating.
Tomorrow is a wonderful day for her!|Right, Teacher?
Yes, children. Tomorrow is going|to be the loveliest day of my life.
Tomorrow, l am going to meet Dev.
- What happened?|- Let me see.
- What happened?|- A flat. Two minutes. l'll replace it.
- Never mind. l'll walk it.|- lt'll take me only two minutes.
- lt's nearby. l'll walk.|- All right, madam.
Get ready to operate.
- A major operation is needed to save her.|- Money is no criterion.
- lt isn't a question of money.|- We need your authorisation.
Dev! l'm coming!|Wait for me, Dev!
The ship...take me back to the ship!
My wedding!
l'm coming Dev! l'm coming.|Wait for me.
Dev, you been so long.|Where's Priya?
l'm asking you. Where's Priya?
She didn't come.
Didn't come...?
- Priya, you should rest.|- No. Dev is waiting. l must go.
- Lie down. Please.|- No! Dev is waiting for me.
- Let me go. l must!|- You can't go anywhere.
Why can't l? l'm fine! Let me go.
- Dev is waiting for me!|- Priya, listen to me.
Why don't you understand?|Let me go!
- Does Dev know about this?|- No.
He must never know!|Under no circumstance!
Then he won't.
And Dev's dream! All his hopes!|lt's all over!
Your grandmother.
Forgive me. l couldn't wait for you.
lt takes four or five days to reach here.
l understand.
Your grandmother wanted|Ms Priya to have these anklets.
That was her last wish.
See Priya? See how happy the|children are to see you?
Sunny got his opening line wrong.
''lt starts with ''Mann.''
- What's ''Mann''?|- ''Mann'' is conscience.
And conscience is inside your heart.|Where you keep all your love.
- For Mummy. For Daddy.|- You don't have a Mummy or a Daddy.
So is your heart all empty?
No. There's someone else.|ln my heart, l hold my love for him.
Who is it?
A prince. A lovely prince.
A prince? Cinderella's prince?
Just like him.
So you're Cinderella?
Then in the end, you'll live|happily ever after!
God willing.
No. But you can't|live happily ever after.
Because the prince is going to come|with the missing shoe.
But how is he going to recognise you?|You don't have your feet anymore.
Stupid boy! You made the teacher cry!
l'm sorry teacher,|for making you cry.
No. You said the right thing.|l'll never find my prince.
- No. You'll find him.|- Of course you'll find your prince!
We'll pray for you.
Hello, Mr. Dev. Jaspal speaking.
No. Not the Bhatti. Jaspal Sandhu.|Your agent.
Yes. Jaspal?
A lady wants to buy the painting|you've titled ''Mann.''
lt's not for sale.|And you know that.
l've been reasoning and reasoning.|But she won't listen.
She just sat there waxing|eloquent about your painting.
lt isn't a painting. it's a moment,|she was saying.
lt's a relationship, she said.|And what else was she saying?
Oh yes. She said it's a portrait|of someone's love.
Who is this lady?
l don't know her.
She's an invalid.
And my guess is she isn't rich.
l know what l'll do. l peg it high.|That'll make her run away.
No.|Let her have it.
For how much?
For nothing.|Just give it to her.
Yes. And tell her that the painter|thanks her for the appreciation.
At least there's someone who|appreciates the underlying emotion.
Well, as you please.
Dev! Look what l got for us!|Two tickets to the super hit play!
Come on. This is really going to|help you unwind.
- Now get dressed. Hurry.|- l'm not going.
Then go on tear up the tickets.
Oh trash it! Who am l?|Why should you come with me?
Am l a friend or something?|No! l'm just your secretary.
l'm your servant. Your personal|psychophant!
How can l even expect you|to see a play for my sake?
Trash your friends.|Trash the tickets.
- Will it make you happy if l come?|- l'll be overjoyed!
- Let's go.|- That's like you! Get dressed.
Sooraj, l know|what l say might hurt you.
But maybe, this is what fate desires.|That we separate. Once and for all.
Kiran, you must never leave me.|Else, pray that l die.
Because l can't stay away from you.|Not even for a moment.
- l can't live without you.|- Why don't you understand, Sooraj?
- We can't marry. lt's impossible.|- But why? What's so compelling?
- Have l not given you all my love?|- No.
Then why do you want to leave me?
Don't ask me questions l can't answer.
Forget that you ever loved anyone.|Forget that you have truly loved.
Forget me, Sooraj. Forget me!
What's the matter Priya?
Want me to get you a glass of water?
l'm going to tell Dev everything.
You'll do nothing like that!
l won't keep shut anymore.|l'll tell him what the truth is.
No, Raj!
Please! Stop! For God's sake!|Don't do this!
Listen to me, Raj!
For God's sake! Don't!
Raj! Come back!
Priya! Are you all right, Priya?
You must never tell him! For my sake!|For the sake of our friendship!
Are you cross with me?
As a friend,|l have to do your bidding.
lt's over. And l'm not getting|into an argument about this.
Can l ask you something, Raj?
God forbid, if this happened to you,|what would you have done?
Tell me Raj.|What would you have done?
Would you have become|a burden for someone?
l know you're feeling|very sorry for me.
lf not in this lifetime...
...Dev and l are going to|make it up in the next one.
Hope is what makes the|world go around. Right?
Where are you going?
- To Grandma's house.|- For how long?
For good.
Have you gone mad? You have|a whole new life ahead of you!
You've become a renowned painter! The|critics never tire of praising you!
Success lies at your feet!|And you want to give it up?
Don't do this, my friend. Don't.
Not even a thousand lamps|can light up...
...the eyes of one|who has lost his sight.
This fame and thin acclaim,|were means to an end.
The purpose is lost.|What use the means?
Take care of yourself.
l'm sure we'll win the first prize|at the All-lndia Musical Competition.
But you aren't going to be there with|us to take the prize.
Come on. We're going only|as far as Poona.
l wished l could. But the doctors've|advised me against long journeys.
- l'll take care of you, Teacher.|- You can't take care of yourself.
- You still pee your pants.|- l pee my pants. Not yours.
Mind your own business.
Children, do you want your|teacher to be more sick?
Then go and get us the first prize.
- Can l get you anything?|- No thank you.
Can l tell you something?
lt's Diwali today. l hate to see you|sitting all alone.
- Why don't you come home with me?|- No, thank you. l'm fine.
l am leaving.
Please ring the calling bell|if you want anything.
ls Priya Verma in?
May l come in?
Oh yes. Please do.
- How are you?|- Fine.
- May l sit down?|- Yes. Come. Sit down.
- How have you been?|- You've already asked me once.
- Well, how have you been?|- l'm all right. Fine.
You don't look it.
Well not exactly fit and fine.|Maybe it's the weather.
Just a bit feverish.
Not to worry. l won't take|too much of your time.
l won't mind it.
You must be wondering why l'm here.
Well, l just wondered...
To apologise.
Apologise? For what?
For not keeping my promise.|l didn't keep the appointment.
You didn't?
No. So l thought l'd apologise.|Better late than never.
What l did was wrong. l made|a promise. And l didn't keep it.
You must've felt very bad.
Yes. l did feel bad about it.
l thought, what's wrong?|To keep someone waiting like that...
Keeping someone waiting|till late at night.
How long id you wait?|l mean you must've waited for hours?
Yes. l waited for quite sometime.|Till midnight, or was it one am?
Upto 5 in the morning?
5 in the morning...
And what did you do afterwards?
At first l was very angry.|To wait over there till 5 a.m...
And your car must've been|decked with flowers?
And all arrangements for the|marriage done?
One keeps searching. Like mad!|ls she there? Or waiting there?
And one keeps muttering to himself.|She will come. She has to come.
That was a mean thing to do.|lt should never have been done.
One should've at least sent in|a letter of apology? Or no?
One might not have known|where to mail the letter.
Finding an address isn't tough, is it?|l found your address, didn't l?
Search hard enough,|and you'll even find God!
You can find everything.|All except one.
True love.
True love you will find.
So yours was false?
Why didn't you come, Priya? Why|didn't you?! You promised you would!
We also promised we'd never|question if one of us...
- Was to miss the appointment.|- l know why you didn't come!
- Because you didn't love me truly!|- lf you know the answer...
Why ask the question?
lt's easy to win someone's trust.|lt's easier to break a trust.
But keeping a trust|...that's tough.
Your words, right?
l can't believe this! The girl who|tells me to keep a trust...
...goes and breaks it!
Oh forget love. You didn't even pay|lip service to our friendship.
You didn't even invite me|to your wedding.
l'll invite you. As and when.
Meaning... you aren't yet...
Forget it. Tell me about yourself.|What's happening in your life?
l hear you've become|a famous painter?
Yes. But sometimes that makes things|difficult for me.
- What difficulties?|- People point fingers at me.
'There goes the mad painter. He'll|tell every girl that he loves her!'
'And where do we meet in six months?'
So do they keep their appointments?
Of course they do.
At places like the Taj Mahal,|the Charminar, the Red Fort.
Madcap that l am, l always|my girls waiting.
And what do you do?
l just keep waiting. For someone.
Why do you want to ruin your life?|You'll find a good girl.
Not to worry, Priya.|l've decided who it's going to be.
And with these fine memories, l'm|leaving this city. For good.
Oh l forgot. l have a|Diwali present for you.
No. You mustn't.
lt isn't from me. lt's from Grandma.
She wanted me to deliver her anklets|to you. lt was her last wish.
So that's why she didn't|answer my letters.
No! l'll put them on myself!
Don't be alarmed Priya.|l won't exceed the limits of decency.
You know. Priya, l did a portrait.|You and Grandma together.
You remember when Grandma|was telling you that...
... she'd send you|the anklets someday?
That is the moment|l chose for the painting.
Nattu used to tell me|that it was my best.
l had decided l'd|never sell the painting.
But last week, my agent calls me up,|and tells me that...
a lady happened to like the painting.
Her observation was so minute. The|kind of scrutiny l'd expect from you.
l told my agent to give|the painting away.
She didn't seem to have the money.|And she was an invalid.
'No! l'll put it on myself!'
Do you know what she had to say|when she saw the painting?
This isn't merely|a painting, she said.
This is a moment, an experience.|A portrait of someone's love.
Don't stare at me like that, Dev!
Don't look at me like that!
Why did you keep it a secret?|Why didn't you tell me?
lf it had to happen, why|didn't it happen to me?!
lt was all my fault.
l was possessed! l was running.|To meet you!
When l came to my senses, l found|the ground was gone under my feet!
l just had no legs.
l'm not like you anymore!|Not like you!
Yes. You've become very selfish.
You wanted to keep all|the trouble to yourself?
All l wanted from you|is a little bit of joy.
Will you even refuse to share|with me your sorrows?
Don't you ever leave me again!
We'll face it together.|lt'll be like a song, l tell you.
You know Dev, whatever happens,|happens for the better.
After the marriage, if you're|ever late getting home...
You won't have me|beating you up with a shoe!
Bride and bridegroom|now stand up...
For the ritual circumnavigation|of the holy fire.
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