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Mannen Som Log

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{y:i}I was around 9 years old. It was|{y:i}when Matte Lindell moved away.
{y:i}I thought hard about a present,|{y:i}and decided on the tin soldiers.
{y:i}I knew he liked them. But by|{y:i}the time I'd gone over with them...
{y:i}...he'd already moved.
{y:i}I never got the chance to show him|{y:i}I wanted to be his friend.
{y:i}I'm always late...|{y:i}generally speaking.
{y:i}We never said that!|{y:i}No way.
{y:i}No, I didn't know.|{y:i}I want no more to do with it!
{y:i}I wouldn't bloody threaten me|{y:i}if I were you.
{y:i}Because I'm a lawyer!
-Dad, what's going on?|-She's gone too far this time.
-You must let me help.|-You stay out of this!
-But you must want to live with me.|-I do, I've already said so.
Three weeks ago|when you were drunk.
My train's leaving soon.|Let's talk about it when I get home.
-Anyway, good luck.|-It's just... We'll take it later.
My relationships never seem to work.|I'm just scared it'll happen again.
Don't get lost.|It's going to get foggy.
Hey! Help!
{y:i}Unfortunately,|{y:i}it's rarely like that.
Modern police work|is often very routine.
Gathering facts for the prosecutor|so he or she can do a good job.
What about car chases?
I admit that when I started this job-
-I dreamt of being Steve McQueen|in Bullitt, if anyone's seen it.
But I turned out more like Cannon...
Joking aside... Terrible things|happen to people all the time.
Very often as the result of a crime.|Believe you me - you're needed.
I'll have another.
{y:i}...sponsored by|{y:i}a sewing machine manufacturer.
{y:i}Elvis's manager wanted him|{y:i}to sing Christmas songs...
{y:i}...but luckily that didn't happen.|{y:i}Here's our closing number.
Could you turn it down?
-Sometimes the noise gets too much.|-Sometimes? Always, I say!
It's as if the world has ceased|to exist if it's not shown on telly.
Excuse me,|another glass of white wine perhaps?
This is vodka and lemonade.|Is that OK, or is it too expensive?
-No, it's still Happy Hour, isn't it?|-Guess so... I'm Annika.
Hi. Kurt.
A vodka and lemonade.
-You're not from Stockholm?|-I'm just here for the day. Or night.
-I'm off home tomorrow.|-Where's home?
-Ystad.|-Ystad? Do you like it there?
If I didn't,|I couldn't blame Ystad!
-What would you blame?|-Nothing. Myself, in that case.
So you've no boring job|or nagging wife to blame?
I'm afraid not.
I've a girlfriend,|but she's blameless.
-No one's blameless.|-What do you mean?
Nothing, I'm sure she's really sweet.
-We haven't moved in together yet.|-Why not?
-Inquisitive thing, aren't you?|-Well...
I guess|I'm not that easy to live with.
So, you're one of those self_pitiers.|You don't think you deserve her.
What you need is sex.
Come on... What are you like?
Would you like another?|- Can we have a refill?
What the hell am I doing?
-Was it that bad?|-No, no...
-It's just me being a total idiot.|-See, I was right. A self_pitier.
It's not you.|You're really nice. It's just...
It's OK.|Maybe I'll have time for one more.
-What do you mean?|-Can I use your shower?
-What do you mean, "one more"?|-Come on.
You wanted something|with no strings attached.
What are you talking about?
You seemed reliable. Otherwise|I'd have asked for the money first.
-You want paying?|-Do you work for free? SKr 4,000.
-How the hell was I supposed to...|-You can't be that stupid!
Bloody whore, I'm a cop. Yes, a cop!|I could arrest you at any time.
A clever way to get a free shag.|Play dumb and then produce that!
-Take your clothes and get out.|-My shoes!
They're Prada shoes!|They cost SKr 8,000. Fucking pig!
Here. Piss off.
{y:i} to Anita, and we'll see|{y:i}if we can book a suitable time.
You listening? It's the|Police Board's idea, not mine.
Take this computer course-
-and you'll be able to use|the same system as the rest of us.
-Wasn't I on a course last year?|-That was before we were updated.
This system is brand new.
Kurt, you've got a visitor.|Sten Torstensson.
-What does he want?|-Don't know.
His father's just died in a car|crash, maybe it's to do with that.
It's been ages. I just heard...
I'm sorry. Really sorry.
How are things?
-I need your help.|-Of course. Anything.
Dad and the crash.|Something's not right.
-What do you mean?|-It can't have been an accident.
-Why do you think that?|-Let me show you the crash site...
-I haven't really got time...|-I'm begging you.
If it was an animal, there should|be skid marks on the asphalt-
-or a carcass, blood...|But they found nothing.
The animal might've made it across.
Your dad swerved and didn't brake|in time. He could've nodded off...
-It could be anything.|-Why wasn't he wearing his seatbelt?
-I don't know.|-He always went on about seatbelts.
He was even|in a safety campaign.
There's no way|he would've driven without it.
Of course...
-Sten...|-I don't know, I don't know...
-You'll at least have a whisky?|-No, thanks.
We can go out one evening|if you need to talk.
We think we have command|of our lives. But we don't.
-Sten... Is something up?|-How do you mean?
Something you're not telling me.
I wish I could give you|that one secret, but I can't.
I've got to be getting back...
-Thanks for your time.|-Call me whenever you want.
Take this...|I've got a new mobile number.
Thanks. I'll show you out.
-We should go sailing some time.|-That'd be nice.
Christ, I thought someone|was there.
Dad's treasure chamber.
Dad travelled a lot|in the 70s and 80s. The world over.
He found these items in South America|and started a collection.
There was another figurine|in that stand.
-They were a pair - a man and wife.|-Maybe he sold it.
No, he'd never do that.|It was invaluable.
That's just what my dad|said of his coin collection.
Then one day he sold it.
One can never be sure|what one's parents are up to... Sten.
You need to grieve.|Then you must move on.
-Shall we tell her?|-Tell her what?
-We're talking of living together.|-Great!
Why haven't you|said anything to me?
I'm the one doing the talking.|I want to get him used to the idea.
Do you think a normal person|can live with your dad?
Get out while you can.
I know.
{y:i}-Get your hand off me!|{y:i}-Relax!
I feel it in my bones too, but|what the hell. You only live once!
I've got to go to the loo.
{y:i}Hell, it's as if|{y:i}I don't want to be happy.
{y:i}"My only succor is my sorrow."|{y:i}Who said that?
{y:i}Some poem somewhere...
{y:i}The only things I care about|{y:i}are worthless things.
Don't lose her, Dad.
-What?|-Don't lose her.
How could you grow up so quickly?
It happened while you were at work.
I know. I'm sorry. You're right.
-I need your help with something.|-What is it?
-Maja mustn't come back with us.|-Why not?
So that we can... Can't you say|to her that we want to be alone?
-Did you muck Mum about like this?|-No. At least not like this.
I need time to think.
-Answer it. It might be important.|-They can leave a message.
Look, can't you say that to her?
Sorry - what a queue!
-Hasn't a taxi come by yet?|-No...
Maja, don't take this personally...
...but me and Dad|don't get to talk that much... I thought we could|be on our own tonight. - Eh, Dad?
It was some time ago.
{y:i}If you'd like me to call back,|{y:i}leave a message after the tone.
Hi, Kurt, it's Sten. I guess|I need to talk to you after all.
I'm in a spot of trouble.
{y:i}Dear Dad|{y:i}Thanks for last night. It was nice.
-Hi. What's up?|-Why don't you answer your phone?
-Have you called?|-Several times.
I had a few whiskies.
How much did you drink?|This was a new bottle.
Linda was here, wasn't she.
Sten Torstensson|was murdered last night.
What the hell...?
-Hi. Who found him?|-His secretary, Berta Dunér.
Would you like a drink?
-Is it in there?|-Don't go in if you're hung over...
I know it's hard, but I have to ask|some questions. Mrs Dunér...
Check with the neighbours.|They might have heard something.
It seems to be some sort of vendetta.
A bullet in each eye means|he saw too much. What do you say?
We'll do the rounds first.|- How are you, Kurt?
I met him yesterday. His dad died|in a car crash the other day.
-Really?|-That car accident outside Ĺsarp.
Sten didn't think|it was an accident.
-No?|-He didn't want to say more...
I need some air...
{y:i}3 new messages.
{y:i}Linda and me are here in|{y:i}the restaurant waiting for you.
{y:i}Hi, Kurt, it's Sten.
{y:i}I guess I need to talk to you|{y:i}after all.
{y:i}I'm in a spot of trouble.
{y:i}Message received yesterday...
The murderer hung up himself.
-What kind of person does this?|-Eastern practice, I'd say.
-He spoke English.|-Maybe his Russian was rusty.
Why do you always think|it's the Russian mafia?
I just talked|to a colleague in Malmö-
-and he told me Torstensson|was on their records.
-I said you'd call by.|-Malmö?
You coming?|I'll just call the morgue first.
-The autopsy won't be ready yet.|-I want them to check his father.
Sten could've been right.|Maybe it was no accident. See you.
Sorry we're late.
Lisa wanted some info on Sten|Torstensson. He was a busy man.
Here's a list of dodgy companies for|which he was a director or advisor.
-What?|-Read it.
We've been watching him for 4 years.
Are you sure? Maybe he didn't know|about their illegal activities.
In which case|he was completely stupid.
It's all there. Of course he knew.
He pocketed a nice million,|every year.
"Fuck the Government|- and the whole system!"
A little bonus.
These two Lithuanians figure|in a dozen of the companies. And...
...they're the prime suspects in the|murder of a Norwegian businessman.
Here he is. A bullet in each eye.
Are we good or are we good?
Bloody fools. How old were they? 25?
Acted as if they owned the world.
-Hey, I'm talking to you!|-How could Sten have got involved?
You go around|thinking you know someone...
What the hell...
They're prohibiting us? We're|the police! We do the prohibiting!
They're barristers. We can't look|at his files until they're done.
-Get anything from the ClD?|-Heard of Radov and Johari?
-Backs in the Soviet hockey squad?|-Maybe. Until they took up execution!
Kurt, please...
The client has rights,|even if his lawyer has died.
-All information is confidential.|-But we're dealing with murder here.
-It might be crucial to the case.|-Then apply for a warrant.
-But even then you won't get past us.|-Thanks for your help.
What did I tell you?
Why must they be so damn small...|-Wallander.
Rasmusson here.
I've checked out that car crash|again. I don't know, it's just...
{y:i}-...something's not right.|-What do you mean?
He went through the windscreen|forehead first.
But I've found a strange contusion|on the back of his head.
It's as if it was inflicted|at a different time.
-But I can't be sure.|{y:i}-OK, thanks.
There's food in the freezer. OK? Bye.
-Where's Maja?|-She's interviewing Dunér.
We're taking it in turns|as she's so distraught.
I asked Telia for a list of all calls|made by the lawers' office recently.
-Did it give anything?|-Maybe.
Father and son|had different interests.
The father only rang his 4 clients.|Sten on the other hand...
...he wasn't as lonely|as you might think.
I got hold of some of his "partners".|They'll be questioned here tomorrow.
Who are they?
"Independent entrepreneurs". So get|your tie on, it might be something.
Let's try to sum up. I promised Lisa|something before we go home.
-The Lithuanians are a good lead.|-I know, but it's too simple.
Too neat.
We've a murdered lawyer. Two days|earlier, his father dies in a crash.
Also a lawyer.|Possibly murdered too.
Only you think that.|The medical examiner wasn't certain.
A car crash. An execution.|Isn't this exactly what you'd do-
-to make two murders|seem unrelated?
In that case|all murders are related!
Me and Sten were talking.|He didn't think it was an accident.
It was like he was holding back.
-I didn't realise you were so close.|-We weren't.
We spent a lot of time together|when he helped me with my divorce.
I liked him.
-Maja here.|-Hi, it's me.
-What are you up to?|-Eating. Alone. You?
I'm on my way home.
{y:i}We had a good talk with the CID.|{y:i}They gave us the Lithuanians.
So I heard.
How did it go|with that Dunér woman?
She's got nothing much to say.|We can talk about it tomorrow.
It'd be nice to discuss|other things than work some time.
{y:i}-Or maybe you don't want to.|{y:i}-Of course.
But not right now.
Or tomorrow, or next week,|but later. Right?
Maja, I...
Come over if you want,|there's food. Where are you?
I'm almost home...
{y:i}Can we take it tomorrow? I'm tired.
Sure, sure...
-Sleep well.|{y:i}-Sleep well.
Is it that you want to finish|with me, but don't dare say so?
Definitely not.
It would've felt better|if you'd said something more there.
Topsy? Topsy?
Here, pussy... Dinner time!
Thanks for coming...
Angela...Jackie...and Annika.
We'd like to know a little about|your relations with Sten Torstensson.
We can start with Angela,|you two can wait in the canteen.
It's in there.|- You can come with me.
-What is it?|-Martinsson is beside himself.
He's interviewing three|high_class tarts from Stockholm.
He even blushed, the swine!
-Is it them?|-Yes.
Sten had sex|twice a week with one of them.
Hence all that extra money.|Anyway, they're worth checking out.
If you have no family or friends|you have to confide in someone.
-How's it going?|-We've three big_city tarts visiting!
-Come, I'll tell you what we've got.|-You coming?
I'll check out Gustav Torstensson|and his client.
-Still on that lead?|-Yup.
Maja, fancy coming along?
Sure. I'll come as soon as I'm done.
{y:i}Maja, I told you|{y:i}I destroy everything I touch.
{y:i}I don't let anything living|{y:i}into my life-
{y:i}-only those|{y:i}that demand nothing of me.
{y:i}Dead, murdered, hunted...whoever.
{y:i}Just as long as|{y:i}I don't need to feel anything.
What's up with you?
-What do you mean?|-You seem so hyper.
Do I?
Yes, you do.
I need to talk.
-What is it?|-Open the glove compartment.
They're to my flat -|if you still want them.
You're impossible.
Just when I think I know the score,|you throw a bridge over to me.
-Do you do this deliberately?|-No...
-Sorry...|-Stop apologising.
Love me instead.
I do.
For God's sake, I|{y:i}do.
The others say|you were Sten's favourite.
I'm everyone's favourite.
-Did he ever say he felt threatened?|-I'll say it again...
Sten confided in me. I don't intend|to betray him just because he's dead.
Want to see what he looks like?
-Cool it.|-Why?
I think that Little Miss Important|knows something that can help us.
Then you'll have to ask more politely|than that. - Can I go? Thanks.
Thanks for your help.
-Can't we walk down instead?|-Maybe it's there. What do you think?
-Hi, Alfred Harderberg.|-Kurt Wallander, Ystad Police.
-My colleague, Maja Thysell.|-Good of you to see us.
I heard about Gustav's son. Terrible.|Do you have any leads?
-No.|-It's too early to say anything.
-Did you know Sten?|-Not really. We met a few years back.
I was surprised to hear that|Gustav Torstensson was your lawyer.
-Why's that?|-A huge business must be able to...
...get top international briefs?|Sure. But they're so dull to talk to.
I'm going your way,|let's talk as we go.
-When did you last talk to Gustav?|-A few months ago I guess.
We didn't have much joint business|so we lost contact.
Which of your businesses|did he take care of?
Most of my Swedish projects|and some of my smaller foreign ones.
-Do you...have time?|-For what?
Come with me.
First, there's my apple schnapps.|A Swedish Calvados.
You're two of the first people|to sample it. Here...
Kurt's the one driving, so...
Let me see...
-No, thanks.|-You're the law. Who's to stop you?
-Thanks, I'm fine.|-We haven't even started yet.
There's my apple cider,|my apple wine... apple cidre délicate,|made from my very best apples.
And my favourite, which I'm trying|to sell to Absolut: Absolut Apple.
Might come in handy at some point...
-Is he trying to get you drunk?|-It would seem so.
My pride and joy:|my daughter, Kristina.
She'll inherit my businesses one day.
Though you could say she already has.|She decides everything!
I just lighten your workload.|- Hello, Kristina Harderberg.
-Kurt Wallander, Ystad Police.|-Maja Thysell.
-Has something happened?|-Torstensson's son has been murdered.
We just have some routine questions|for his and his son's clients.
I see. - But Dad, we have to go to|that meeting. They're waiting for us.
-Meetings. Nothing but meetings.|-We should also...
If you have any other questions,|Kristina knows most of the details.
A list of all the companies|Gustav ran would be good.
Of course. I'll prepare a list|and fax it over tomorrow.
-What's up?|-Eh?
It's these laces.|I'm always treading on them.
It's like they're making them longer.
-Do a double bow.|-I know.
They're hard to undo.|I've no nails...
You should use Velcro,|like on kids' shoes.
I've checked,|but they didn't have my size.
Have you noticed?|We're not talking shop!
Shoelaces aren't exactly interesting,|but it's a start.
We can move on to socks and pants -|then maybe we can discuss feelings.
-How'd it go?|-It didn't.
-I think one of them knows something.|-And if you'd gone softer on her...
Come on, Martinsson wants|to go for lunch by the harbour.
It got two stars in "Ystad Tonight",|that free magazine.
-And they know their stuff.|-Two stars just means it's OK.
The pizzeria and the Chinese place|don't have any! lt'll make a change.
{y:i}Their pizza salad is so foul...
-Come on, Kurt, can't we try it?|-Sure.
Am I to pay the trip myself? Here's|my taxi receipt and airplane ticket.
-Well, hello.|-Hi.
Weren't you going to arrest me?
-Sorry, I don't think we've ever met.|-No? Last week.
You waved your badge about|and refused to pay.
Can't you think up anything better?
The Hilton. In the bar.|You'd been to some lecture.
I'd like to report this man|for procuring sexual services.
-Sorry, I'll have to ask you to go.|-Are you refusing to take my report?
-I can take your report.|-Thanks.
Well, we're off. We'll call|when we've got the papers in order.
-Wallander.|{y:i}-About time too. Where are you?
{y:i}At Sten Torstensson's.
What do you want?
If you say you didn't know|she was on the game, we believe you.
{y:i}You've got a job to do.
-Has Maja said anything else?|-Isn't what she said enough for you? it true|that you all believe me?
Kurt, I believe you,|Martinsson believes you, all...
{y:i}-...your male colleagues do.|-But...
But you know,|{y:i}girls...
They want to get their own back for|centuries of oppression. Forget them!
A mine. In the middle of Ystad!|What the hell's going on?'s true! She reported him.|He apparently refused to pay...
-Would you like a lift home?|-No.
-Why did you ask that?|-I thought you might need a friend.
Thanks, but I'll walk.
I'm getting tired of this. You were|Sten Torstensson's secretary.
We know Gustav and Sten|were involved in something.
I think you can tell us what.|That mine was meant to kill you!
OK, we'll let you go home.|Let's just hope they don't try again.
I promised Gustav|not to say anything.
Gustav is dead,|and his son's been murdered.
Let me know if you change your mind.
Send Dunér home, but make sure|someone accompanies her.
-Did you hear me?|-Yes, sure.
-You're always making the headlines.|-How in hell did they get that?
You bloody idiot!
We're pursuing a murder inquiry|involving mines! And what do you do?
Screw prostitutes|while visiting the police academy.
Is this true?
It's true we had sex. But I didn't|realise she was a prostitute.
-Am I supposed to believe that?|-We sat in the bar and chatted.
-And when it closed she suggested...|-You can spare me the details thanks!
-Did you discuss payment before...|-I said I didn't know!
We must launch a preliminary inquiry.|It could go to court.
Do what you like, I'm innocent.
Do you think Maja would agree?
Kurt? Kurt... - Excuse me, chief.
-Kurt, fancy coming to Ĺsarp?|-Why?
A farmer's found something|in a field. Sounds strange.
First, I thought it was from a UFO,|but then I thought it was a body.
But now I see it's something|from those Tintin books...
...about Inca gold,|idols and Indians...
It was stolen from Gustav's|office just before he died.
-Why didn't you say?|-I didn't believe Sten.
How'd you steal something like that?|I haven't thought about it since.
And we find it 400m from where he|died. Something indeed isn't right.
-We're done. Nyberg's on his way.|-Lisa sent me.
Given that Kurt|might not be able to continue.
Some people think it inappropriate|for a cop to procure sex-
-while leading|a criminal investigation.
-Maja, let me explain...|-I'll let you sort this out alone.
-I didn't know she was a prostitute.|-Really? In that case, I forgive you.
So it was just a normal fuck, then?
-Svedberg!|-I'm not going to cry.
If there ever was anything between us|- believe me, it's over.
You were right: you destroyed it!
-What?|-Can you give me a lift?
Read it. Make yourself useful.
Maja, we have to sort this out first.
Do you think the father knew what|the son did? Or was he in on it too?
-Maja...|-Talk about the job or shut up!
Didn't Harderberg say he hadn't|spoken to Gustav for months?
Yes. Why?
The last call Gustav makes|is to Harderberg.
They talk for more than 90 minutes.
What are you doing?
We'll go there.
Did you see that?|He turned around too.
Can you make out|the registration number?
He's turned off.
Can you make a copy of that...?
Here's the woman who'll|do anything to make our job easier.
Let me do my job. Anyway, if the|newspapers are anything to go by...
We've got a lot|of interesting stuff here. Look.
What's that?
A two year old threat note from one|Lars Borman to Gustav Torstensson.
Borman was not a client, so he's not|covered by client confidentiality.
Can I help you?
Police.|We're looking for Alfred Harderberg.
-Have you an appointment?|-No. It's important.
Hello, Wallander.
Kurt Ström?
-I was once a cop in Malmö.|-Oh, yes. I recognise you now. Hi.
Then I became head of security here.
-Is it a good job?|-Very. I'll see if you can meet him.
Hi! Come for more apple vodka?
Why didn't you say you'd spoken|to Gustav just before he died?
-You heard.|-I hadn't spoken to him for months.
We know he spoke to someone here-
-between 19.02 and 20.41 on the 21st.
It was me he spoke to.
We weren't happy with how he|was handling TLL's sales. Were we?
-I thought you'd sorted it.|-There were some details left.
-Why didn't you say anything?|-It didn't cross my mind.
I get lots of business calls.|Anything else?
So he was on his way here...|That evening, I mean.
I've just checked his client list.|All the others live nearer Ystad.
The only reason to pass Brösarp|at night was to come here.
Did anything happen during the call?|Did he get upset?
No, he didn't. Excuse us,|but we have a teleconference.
Next time,|you must make an appointment.
Did you know he was voted Skĺne's|most popular person two years ago?
-Why's that?|-He donates a lot to charity...
...sponsors hospitals, exhibitions...
Maja, can't you pull over|so that we can talk about this?
Answer it.
Hi, Svedberg, what's up?
A threat note?
Who from?
OK. Wait, there's a garage.|I'll see if they've got a fax.
I'll ring you with a number. Bye.|- Drive in here.
"Malmö, 21 May 2000.|To Gustav Torstensson."
"I'm writing to tell you that|you've hurt me and must be punished."
"I'll avenge those who can no longer|be heard, whose lives you betrayed."
"From now on, you live in the valley|of the shadow of death. Lars Borman."
Lars Borman?
It doesn't seem too clever to sign|a note threatening to murder someone.
What the fuck...?
It's them!
RMT 844. - Maja!
Jump in!
RMT 844!
There must be|one damn helicopter nearby?
Were on the road to Lövesta.|- 20 minutes.
{y:i}Have we got any cars out?
It's a silver_grey Audi. RMT 844.|Thanks, bye.
Fuck! I filled up|before I set off this morning.
-Stop the car. Stop the car now!|-Why?
Just do as I say.|Don't turn off the engine.
Get out, nice and calm.|Do as I say. Get out!
-Nyberg can check it over.|-So typical that I end up with you!
In a field with a man|who just ruins everything for me!
-It's a bloody joke!|-Maja, Maja...
When I finally get to love someone|he can't keep his cock under control!
I know I've been stupid.
But I didn't want all that to happen!|Can't you try to forgive...
{y:i}I don't know|{y:i}why I had to destroy it.
{y:i}I just know one thing.
{y:i}I love you, Maja.
{y:i}I love you.
{y:i}-Where am I?|-In Heaven.
Just joking. You're not in heaven,|but in Ystad hospital.
How are you feeling?
-Where's Maja?|-She's fine.
The shock wave missed her,|but got you all right.
You've been here 14 hours.
Apparently, you've broken a rib.
10 metres closer to the car,|and you wouldn't be here...
Svedberg, hello?
Can I ring you back?|- Shall I help you?
I'm thirsty.
Murder, mines, car bombs... Any idea|why they wanted you and Maja?
Got anything more|on those threat notes?
Lars Borman and Gustav Torstensson|were at school together.
-Why threaten an old friend?|-We don't know. He died last year.
-A car crash.|-Him too?
Cars are more dangerous|than you think!
Ow, it hurts...
Wait up...
-Hi. I forgot this.|-You're getting old.
At least I'll live longer than you|if you go on like this! See you!
-You? Weren't you angry with him?|-You can still care about someone.
What the hell...
What in hell...?
-Are you hit?|-No.
Police! Hit the floor!
On the floor!
I don't need to tell you that|from now on you're to be fully armed.
I've told the National Police Board|that we may need anti_terrorist help.
This is crazy.|What the hell is going on?
At least 3 metres away, Svedberg.|At least 3 metres.
It's police academy basics.
-Where are you both off to?|-We're interviewing Borman's widow.
Kurt, I want to talk to you.
-How are you?|-Fine.
It can't go on, Kurt.|Things'll only get worse.
Tomorrow's headlines will read:|"Sex Cop in Hospital Shootout".
They phoned 100 times about the|bomb. Imagine what it'll be like now!
-I want to protect you.|-You want to impress the bosses.
You're wrong.
The papers can create hell|-for both of us.
-What am I to do, then?|-Go home. Rest. Take sick leave.
If you want me out of here,|you'll have to suspend me.
Otherwise I stay.
-But look at you...|-It's OK. It's only when I get up.
The project's called|"Network for Life".
My husband and Gustav Torstensson|worked on it in the 80s.
-Pioneers, you could call them.|-What did it involve?
A network of clinics in countries|that lacked organised healthcare.
Sorry. Go on...
Gustav was a lawyer who negotiated|everything, my husband did the rest.
-Who put up the money?|-Alfred Harderberg.
The guy who lives up in Brösarp.|I've been there a few times.
UNESCO helped to organise the work,|but it was Alfred's idea...and money.
-How well do you know him?|-Not as well as I'd like!
But I guess all women|would say the same!
Look at this letter.|Have you seen it before?
Could that be your|husband's handwriting?
-Yes...|-Why would he want Gustav dead?
Two days after Gustav received|that letter your husband died... a car crash, wasn't it?|-Yes...
-He was in Brazil. She told me.|-She?
Kristina, Alfred's daughter,|she was with him then.
You again, Kurt!|Are you looking for a job?
-What happened to you?|-Nothing.
-Are they in?|-They're out presenting a project.
Really? Where?
You know, with the guys with all|the money who decide on our futures.
Or do you think|the politicians still do it?
What do you know about his business?|Haven't you any information for us?
I'm loyal to my employer,|just like when I was in the force.
But there are those who aren't.|Say Hi to that shit Lisa Holgersson.
You're a real charmer, aren't you.
Come on, Kurt.
Didn't you hear?|The little lady's calling!
They call the shots now!
Though I read that|you still know how to treat 'em!
Take care of your masculinity -|or else we'll be doing the knitting.
The clinics he built up in the 80s|are now under another company: TLL.
Their business is now completely|different to the original concept:
Poor people from the 3rd world|should be able to sell their organs.
To needy Westerners.
"In 10 years' time, you'll be able|to get a kidney within 24 hours."
"There'll be a database|giving access to millions of donors."
-Is this legal?|-No idea.
If poor people voluntarily sell|their organs...that's good, isn't it?
-"Voluntarily"? How voluntary is...|-Buy their shares then, Svedberg!
Both these murders|are connected with this.
Torstensson and Borman both|worked on the project. Both are dead.
-Was Sten also involved?|-His dad could've told him about it.
Kristina Harderberg leads the project|and I'd like to check...
OK, I'll do it.
-Excuse me...|-Kurt, don't!
Why not?
An internal inquiry is in progress.|You mustn't talk to her!
Sorry.|That was really insensitive. Maja...
Please excuse us...
-I can't talk to you.|-I know, I know...
I'd just like to apologise.|I simply can't be suspended.
What, you'll only get|70% of your salary?
I knew Sten. I'd be gutted if|I didn't get the ones who did this.
Annika Lidner? - I'll record|that you're talking to the witness.
You're digging your grave|even deeper, Wallander.
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.
Jesus Christ, our saviour,|shall raise you up on Judgement Day.
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.
Jesus Christ|is the Resurrection and the Life.
You gave them life.|Grant them everlasting peace.
Give them a joyful resurrection for|the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lord God, our Father in Heaven...
I'm sorry to disturb you|on such a day-
-but I've some questions about|Lars Borman and his death in Brazil.
-You were with him, weren't you?|-You should respect our grief.
My father has just buried a friend.
I've also just buried a friend.
I know you'd like|to talk to Inspector Wallander.
But we're investigating a murder|and several attempted murders.
-As for Sten Torstensson's death...|-Excuse me...
Sorry to interrupt your doubtless|witty report on my private life-
-but I'd like to explain|what happened in Stockholm.
I've done many stupid things.
Neglected my daughter,|failed my friends...
But what happened in Stockholm...
I realise I have betrayed and hurt|someone incredibly important to me.
I have no excuse.
As for what I stand accused of-
-I didn't know that the woman|I met in the bar was a prostitute.
My mistake was that I let myself|be charmed by someone-
-who I thought liked me for who I am.|If that's a crime, then so be it.
That was all.
-That was very brave of you.|-I just told the truth.
-Isn't that what you want?|-No, just good sales.
I'd like a proper interview.|Can I offer you dinner?
No thanks. I've said my piece.
If you've read my articles, you'll|know I'm trying to do a good job.
-How are things?|-Fine.
I thought if you had time|we could do something together.
-Flowers?|-They didn't cost that much.
I don't need to know that.
I'd invite you in, but my son|is here, and we'd like to be alone.
I see. Linda's told you...
I felt so bad about what I did,|I couldn't look you in the eyes.
I asked her to lie and say|we wanted to be alone that evening... the restaurant.|And afterwards, when we phoned...
-She hasn't told you.|-No. But you just have.
So now I know.
It's Wallander.|Where's my minder?
A domestic fight?|Have we any cars out?
If I'm to have protection,|shouldn't I get it?
Then they should get over here. Bye.
Turn around. Turn around.
Turn around!
-What the hell are you doing here?|-I've dropped the charges.
But now I'm not so sure.
Sorry... I'm sorry.
What he really needed|was a wife and family...
...but he got me instead.
Maybe that's what he wanted.
One of the last times we met|he said he hated his dad.
-I thought Sten worshipped him.|-He did, too much.
But his father|turned out to be much worse.
He was involved|in a girl's murder in Brazil.
-Did Sten ever mention TLL?|-Sure.
Sten was there|to make them leave his father alone.
-Do you know who he talked to?|-The daughter of that rich guy...
-Harderberg?|-That's him.
Sten said he was|the Devil incarnate.
Here she is. August 4, 1980.|The first time she shows up. Aged 3.
What's interesting is that before|then, he's alone in every picture.
As of August 4,|she's with him everywhere.
-No wife?|-Not that I've found.
Not even any gossip about|him being with anyone.
-Where the hell does she come from?|-Don't know. She's not registered.
The only address|is for Torstensson's lawyers' firm.
-Hi. All quiet?|-Yeah.
-Has she gone out?|-No, she's in.
-When did you last see her?|-This morning. She waved to us...
I'm at Bertil Dunér's. She's gone.|They last saw her three hours ago.
How would I know? At least|there's no signs of foul play.
I'll call back.
Can you put me through|to the airport police?
-Nice work.|-Thanks.
-I'm thinking of moving.|-Really?
I'm tired of my flat.
-I've had 15 unhappy years there.|-Are you sure the flat's to blame?
If you can't change yourself,|you have to do something.
-You coming in?|-You'd best take it.
-I thought you were professionals.|-We are. We'll get him next time.
She's from Odessa.
She was 3 when Harderberg|took her in, with Torstensson's help.
-Was she adopted?|-No. No authorities were involved.
-The BMW?|-It suits you.
-Thanks.|-I'll call.
He'd been trying to adopt a daughter|for ages, but hadn't found one.
He was offered loads of kids|but he always refused them.
What was so special about this girl,|I wonder...
She's got an IQ of over 160.|She's fluent in five languages.
She studied at MIT|and has an MBA from Harvard.
She's the Swedish|military pentathlon champion...
The woman's a machine.
Whether it's apples or biotechnology|or his own daughter...
...everything must be perfect.
Dunér gave me this. Torstensson|had asked her to look after it.
-It's a list of their transplants.|-What?
TLL started doing kidney transplants|last year to test the system.
Does it name|the donors and patients?
Let's check them out.
-It'll be one hell of a job.|-Not if we cooperate.
Are they dead?
-I asked, Are they dead?|-Yes.
-And Wallander?|-Let him be.
-But he's more dangerous than ever.|-Let him be, I said!
This recent...carelessness.
You were much better|when you were a child.
Never mind. This is what|being a parent's all about.
Fredrich Heinemann, 15, from Hamburg.|New kidney, June 6, 2002.
The donor was Claudio Ramirez, 17,|from Sao Paolo.
Found murdered in a skip. June 3.|Three days before the operation.
-Was there a post mortem?|-No. She was poor and homeless.
-Anything else?|-Another one.
The one Annika Lidner mentioned.|Loisa Jorgez from Rio de Janeiro.
Registered as dead,|five days after the operation.
-The others?|-Alive and well.
-Why are some alive and not others?|-The donor is first offered money.
If he refuses,|they take what they want anyway.
Let's gather up all our leads.|The Torstenssons, Borman, Dunér...
-I'll call Lidner in as a witness.|-What's your plan?
We'll search Harderberg's place.|Come on!
I want Lisa to have the papers|on her desk by the morning!
This is Skĺne's most popular man...
And I'm its most unpopular,|so it's quits. Well?
It's complicated. TLL's owners are in|Holland, it has offices everywhere...
It's registered in Brösarp.|It's the Harderbergs' home. Come on!
I'll talk to Ramberg.
Give me a few hours.
What's happened to you?|Have you won the pools?
What the...?
-Can't a man try to change...?|-It's a total renovation!
-New flat, new clothes...|-But the same old bastard inside, eh?
-Let's get ready.|-For what?
-A search of TLL.|-Ramberg will never consent to that.
-He will. We've got so much on them.|-Hi there, handsome!
-Here you are. Go!|-Ten minutes...
This'll be fun.
It's like going for Microsoft.
You know you're taking a risk,|but you go for it anyway!
-What are you saying?|-Turn around. Don't go in!
You can't be serious! We're there!
Turn back now!
What did she say?
-What's up?|-They're aborting.
They've aborted?
Told you so...
Back already? How'd it go?
-This had better be good.|-Ramberg aborted.
-Why?|-We had too little.
-He approved it!|-The Prosecutor General called him.
-What, is he a friend of Harderberg?|-Calm down.
-Shall we just give up?|-We need concrete proof.
How can we get proof|without a search?
I can't answer that, Kurt.
Harderberg|gets healthy
Here's 500 kronor. Wait here.
Are they in? They can't sit here|in their nice little world-
-thinking they're above everything.|'Cos they're not. Despite the money.
Please leave.
What's it like working|for child murderers?
I know you weren't a totally|honourable policeman, but...
-They'll get you fired!|-Then I can work here. Where is he?
Look, look... Here he comes...
Standing there like a fucking Caesar.|- It's cool, it's cool...
It's nice and cool in here, eh?
You don't get to see|the shit you're wading in.
All empires fall.|It's a scientific fact.
Wipe that fucking|smirk off your face.
-I'll drive you in.|-Thanks...but I've a taxi waiting.
What the fuck?
-Let me drive you in.|-I'll walk.
Why are you protecting them?
Surely you can still tell|right from wrong?
Either you fight against the world|or you exploit it.
You're a good cop, Kurt.|Let me drive you.
-Thanks, I'll walk.|-To Ystad? It's over 30 km.
So what?|At least I have a clean conscience.
Hi, it's me.
Did I wake you?
-Good morning.|-Good morning.
Don't think that just because|we've had sex, I've forgiven you.
I don't.
Have you got an iron?
Why the hell did you go out there?
If Harderberg files a report,|you're out!
I couldn't just sit there pretending,|when I know what they're up to.
You've never used a safety net,|have you? You just jump.
Sod the consequences!
You think its heroic or noble,|but it's just foolish.
-What do you think I should do, then?|-Hope that you can keep your job.
Can you run that last bit|by me again?
-Good morning.|-As if I didn't have enough problems.
I can explain...
Calling Ramberg at 9.00 p.m.|and threatening to beat him up...
Come again?
-Are you denying it?|-No...
He said you sounded drunk. Were you?
I was in the bath.|It was probably the echo...
I don't need this. It's a miracle|you've got away with it for so long.
-I know.|-Exactly. You know but do nothing!
Get back to work.
-I thought we were off at 1.00.|-I'll just have a shower first.
-Nervous?|-A bit.
I understand.
None of us live for ever.
I can't just let you die and then...|There's no one who can take over.
-I have to secure the regrowth.|-I know, Dad.
It's not like we need to have sex.|My sperm will be inseminated in you.
I know.|It's just...the feeling of it.
-You're not going to let me down?|-No.
-You asked if I was nervous.|-You could lie next time.
Therese Wallin, 7. Vanished from|her home at 4.00 p.m. yesterday.
Her parents|are involved in a custody battle.
Her mum thinks she's been kidnapped|by the father, who's from Lebanon.
Hi. Anything new?
Yes. I've put Svedberg,|Martinsson and Maja on other cases.
There's more to our work|than just Harderberg.
Seen the papers?
Harderberg|leaves Skĺne
-He's relocating to Sao Paolo.|-Because we're not leaving him be.
It's now|we have to use all our resources!
-The Harderberg lead is over.|-So we're closing the book?
Concentrate on the Lithuanians.|They might've already fled.
You know, the ones who tried|to kill you. That's if you care...
Oh, Christ...
-Wallander?|-You must get over here!
-Who is this?|-Kurt Ström.
You were right!|They're fucking crazy.
-Where are you?|-In the guesthouse. By the gate.
My family's here. And I don't|want anything to happen to them.
Doing a little detective work?
Maybe you only work part time here?
I came over with a farewell present|to Najli and Willy...
...but now, after this slander|I think I've changed my mind.
They say that|when you get really scared... piss yourself.
Has that ever happened to you, Kurt?
Come in, Wallander!|No need to creep about.
No weapons, Kurt.|There are children here.
Come and sit down instead.
I've set a place for you too.
-Kurt, you all right?|-Kurt's fine.
He's got a new job.|Head of security in Sao Paolo.
We're celebrating.|We've a lot to celebrate about.
I've heard you're chickening out.|Sneaking away like the shit you are.
I'm not talking about that.|- Kristina, can't you tell him?
I'm pregnant.
So the world will get to see another|Harderberg. There's hope for mankind!
How can you stand yourselves?
-You murder children for money.|-We murder no children.
We were testing the system.|Some suppliers got a bit too eager.
-Tests are done to identify problems.|-Call it what you will.
But innocent children have|been killed. That's enough for me.
In 10 years, TLL will be saving lives|round the clock. No one will care.
Sten Torstensson. What had he done?
He was like you. A blind moralist.
He tried to make Gustav report me.|He even threatened to contact you.
-So we thought you knew something.|-I could be recording all this.
Everything you have said is on tape.
You're the best, Kurt! You're like|an open book. A children's book.
Takes a second to read.
People see moral principles|as something good.
And they are, if you're arresting|a thief or a wife beater. my case,|this more noble cause...
...such attributes are restrictive.
This is why, Inspector Wallander,|you'll never touch me.
There are other ways...
That's what I mean. You won't shoot|me, because you respect the law.
That's your restriction.
Sit. The meatloaf's getting cold!
Kurt, your family|is worth more than this.
Sit down, now.
Enjoy the meal. Then you can go home|and everything will be normal again.
-What are you doing?|-This is Sten Torstensson's boat.
He'd often invite me to go sailing.
-What was it like?|-It never happened.
There was always something in the|way that I thought more important.
Sooner or later,|people like Haderberg fall.
-It's hard to believe, but they do...|-I love you.
You might not have noticed,|but I'm trying to change.
You've bought new clothes...
But it's just... make you see that I'm trying... make myself worthy of you.
What makes me me|will always be there.
The question is whether you can... me for who I am.
I love you for who you are, Kurt.
But it's not enough. I'm 41.
I know what I need|and what I deserve.
I don't want to be one of those girls|who'll accept anything to be loved.
So it's over?
There's a first kiss...|and there's a last.
Kurt, press conference in 10 minutes.
The girl hadn't been kidnapped.
-Can you and Martinsson take it?|-Can't he do it himself?
Can't you let it go?|We lost this time. It happens.
I'm sorry if I've been difficult.
It's OK. Sometimes you have to be.
-That's my place.|-We don't have reserved seats.
{y:i}-And Sweden then?|{y:i}-Many of my companies will stay.
Shut up!
{y:i}It'll expand,|{y:i}but by how much I don't know.
{y:i}-Will that mean more jobs?|{y:i}-Yes, there'll be job opportunities.
{y:i}That was Alfred Harderberg who...
So it all ended happily.|Any more questions?
OK? Thank you.
Hi. Any new scandals on the go?
No, you've been keeping quiet.
-Have you thought more about dinner?|-Not just now...
That's not mine.
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