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Maria Full Of Grace (2004)

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See you later, honey.
we still need 40 dozens, standard.
No more uncuts. That's enough.
So, Blanca, did you see him?
I waited by the plaza but he never came.
-How long did you wait? -Don't laugh.
I'm not laughing.
Tell me how long you waited.
I didn't really like him anyway.
In any case...
check out that guy over there.
He looks at me and smiles like that all the time.
you want to go to your house?
No, Juan.
where do you want to go then?
I don't know. Somewhere else.
How about up there?
The roof? why there?
why not?
Come on.
It's not even that high.
what are you, crazy?
See how you treat me, Juan? You're a drag.
Let's not get started with this, okay?
If I go up, will you follow me?
Then what?
Are we gonna do it up there?
Come down and we'll go to your house.
Come down.
Come on. It's your turn.
No way.
Come up. I have to tell you something.
You know what, I'm gonna take off.
Then go. I'm not moving.
You can come down the way you went up. Alone. See ya.
I'm really worried. He's constipated.
what are you doing?
He hasn't shit in two days.
Diana, relax. He'll go when he goes.
Don't bother him.
Maria, don't comb your hair in the dining room.
Diana, he's cranky because you're kneading his stomach...
Iike a ball of dough.
Come here, Pachito.
You're scaring him, Maria.
Diana, pass him to me.
Come, sit down.
Mom, will you fix a tea for him?
You know those teas don't do anything.
Take him to the doctor.
No, Grandma, I don't trust that doctor.
You don't have to take him anywhere.
He's fine.
what are you looking for?
I'm not sure, Grandma. I don't feel like bread.
I said the white ones at 40. what happened?
what's wrong?
Can I go to the bathroom?
I don't feel well.
You're four bins under this hour, and three last hour.
How will you catch up if you're in the bathroom all the time?
Please, I'll be quick.
I have 84 workers in this section...
and everyone else puts their head down and does their job.
But with you, it's like a constant tug-of-war.
At this point I don't know what to--
what the hell? what's wrong with you?
Look at this mess. This is disgusting.
what are you going to do with these now?
Tell me. what are you going to do?
Pick them up.
Take them over there.
Hurry up.
Clean them.
Be careful of the buds.
But if they're already ruined.
I don't care. Clean them off.
I want all those roses clean.
And when you're done with that you can go back...
and make up what you owe me.
Is that clear?
Yes, sir.
Is everything okay?
It's 9,600.
Maria, give me the money.
-And why should I pay? -It's for Pacho. He started vomiting.
where's your money?
I give up all I make and Diana doesn't put in anything.
And I have to pay for the kid's medicine?
Don't start with me, Maria.
Just give me the money.
You can keep the money from your next check.
I don't know why everything is so difficult with you.
well, there won't be a next check.
Because I quit my job.
But why?
They wouldn't let me go to the bathroom.
Not once?
It's not just that. I don't like how they treat me.
So what are you going to do now?
You are so stupid, Maria.
why don't you shut up?
Don't tell me to shut up.
-They treated me like shit. -why can't you just deal?
-why should I put up with it? -why don't you think of the family?
Quiet! That's enough.
-You have to go and apologize to your boss. -I'm not going back.
-what are you going to do? -I'll find another job.
Another job? There's nothing but flowers here.
At least it's a decent job.
Please, what's decent about it?
Maria, go back and apologize.
Aren't you listening?
I am not going back.
I'm not going back, and that's it.
She quit and left him standing there.
well done. This deserves a toast.
Bottoms up.
Because she kicks ass.
Come on. Down the hatch.
Blanca, look. Isn't that your boyfriend?
Oh, my God.
Ask him to dance.
No way. You're crazy.
Come on, don't be stupid.
This is Blanca and I'm Maria.
I'm Felipe and this is my cousin Franklin.
what's up?
She wants to dance with you.
Go for it.
You want to dance?
Let's dance, then.
Juan, I want to dance.
Hold on.
Hold this for me.
All right, let's go.
Spin, spin, spin.
what's wrong with you?
Another drink.
You want to dance?
what do you say?
Let's go.
Hold on.
Maria, I'll see you later.
Bye, Blanca.
All right, then.
Juan, I have something to tell you.
what is it?
I think I'm pregnant.
Are you sure?
-You're not fucking with me, right? -No.
I've missed my last two periods.
what are you going to do?
I don't know.
who else knows?
Only you.
No one else?
You want everyone to know?
I bet Blanca already knows.
No, Blanca doesn't know.
Do you want to get married?
-Are you joking? -why?
-where would we live? -My house.
There're ten people in your house. You share a bedroom with your brother.
So where do you want to live?
My house would be better.
Right, a lot better.
A guy living in his girl's house. No way.
You're so fucking stupid.
Stupid? Your family hates me. why should I live there?
we're better off in my house. The more the merrier.
why don't you want to get married? I'm stepping up to this.
Juan, do you love me?
Oh, not that again.
Look me in the eye and tell me you really love me.
what kind of person are you?
You're gonna marry someone you don't even love?
Someone who doesn't love you?
How many months or days before you're sleeping with another woman?
That's not gonna happen.
I don't want to end up like my sister.
Sorry, but your sister was an idiot who screwed the first guy that walked by.
-Shut up. -It's true. And now she's stuck with a kid.
Don't talk about my sister like that.
Maria, I am not going anywhere and you know it.
That doesn't matter. I am not marrying you.
Sorry to break it to you, but you'll have to.
No, Juan.
I don't have to do anything.
That's the way you are, Maria.
You are so stubborn.
You're an idiot, and a loser.
Most guys would've left by now. I don't know why I stand you.
Then don't.
I'm not in love with you.
Me neither.
what's up?
How are you?
where are you going?
To Bogota.
Hop on. I'll give you a ride.
To Bogota?
Of course, I'll take you.
I like the way you dance.
You, too.
I didn't think people could dance around here. Thought they were all stiff.
where are you from?
I'm from a little town.
Santa Rosa de Cabal.
About ten minutes from Pereira.
You know it?
There are some great hot springs over there.
Someday I'll take you there.
what are you going to Bogota for?
I'm going because...
I have a friend who works there.
She works for a wealthy family, in their house. She's going to help me out.
-Don't laugh. -I'm sorry.
It's just that...
you're way too pretty to be working as a maid.
Too cute to get dressed up in that hat and apron.
Anyway, I was just going to check it out.
Nothing was certain.
If you're looking for work I might be able to hook you up.
Hook me up?
It involves traveling.
Tell me.
working as a mule.
It's a cool job.
You go, hand off the stuff, get your cash and that's it.
Everything's cool.
what about the people on the news?
The ones in prisons far away. what about them?
They're the ones who want to be famous.
They get caught, get on TV, everyone sees them, and they become famous.
I don't want to be famous.
I know a guy who can set it all up.
Takes care of the papers, makes the arrangements.
Know what? Forget it.
Let's go.
No, hold on.
How much would I get?
You want something to drink?
Give me a beer and a soda for her.
I'm going to talk to this guy. I'll be right back.
You're all right?
All set.
Let's go.
Come in. Sit down.
So you and Franklin are friends.
How do you two know each other?
She's a friend of the family. Through my cousin.
Your cousin.
You're looking for work?
Yes, sir.
where were you working?
In a flower plantation.
And what happened?
I didn't get along with my boss...
so I left.
Rebellious, then.
You don't have a problem taking directions?
No, sir.
Do you get scared easily?
How old are you?
Yes or no?
I don't have a boyfriend.
All right, then.
How's your system?
My system?
I mean, how's your stomach?
Do you have problems with diarrhea? Constipation?
Digestive problems?
None. No, sir.
Big eater?
Okay, then...
we are going to give you several rolls of film.
we'll send you to New York.
Actually, to New Jersey, a small town next to New York.
Once you go though customs...
you'll be met by our people.
They will take you to a safe place.
we'll develop the rolls.
And in five or ten days you'll be back here...
with all your money taking care of your problems.
How much do I get?
we'll give you $100 per roll.
Keep in mind...
we have to take care of your documents.
Meaning that after we deduct the expenses for the passport and visa...
and for your papers...
you'll have seven or eight million pesos.
what if I get caught?
And why would that happen?
Unless you step off the plane shaking like a leaf.
Then they'll catch you.
But no worries. Those gringos don't know a thing.
Don't worry.
once your decision is made...
there is no turning back.
You can't tell anyone. Understand?
Yes, sir.
Now, I know you have a lot of problems weighing on you...
and you're in a difficult situation...
and I don't want you making this decision...
under that kind of pressure.
So I'm going to give you this...
so you can take care of some things.
Actually, it's really not necessary. Thank you.
No, no, no. Take it. No obligations.
Don't worry about it.
You were in the bar, right?
My name is Maria.
I'm Lucy.
Do you work for Javier?
Is it hard?
It's not easy, but it's not too difficult either.
How old are you?
But I said I was eighteen.
You just have to be prepared and know how to do it right.
where have you been?
I went to the city...
to ask Jessica for help finding a job.
what did she say?
It's none of your business.
Don't tell me it's not my business.
It's not.
You didn't find anything. Or you would've said so.
You have to go back to the plantation and get your job back.
It's not fair to Mom. You know how hard it is for her.
Now you're making things harder?
Get off my back.
Don't even.... Pacho had a 108 fever this morning.
He's your son.
-I know he's my son. So? -He's your responsibility.
who do you think you are? You have to find a job.
well, I got one.
Yeah, like what? Cut the shit.
At least I put in my share.
Take this.
Hold it in your mouth.
Let it slide to the back.
All the way.
Open your throat.
Now swallow.
Practice with these.
Can you swallow these?
You can't eat anything for 24 hours before the flight.
Your stomach has to be totally empty.
They may lie about how many you have to swallow.
How many will it be?
For your size, maybe 60 or 70 pellets.
Be glad you're small.
Big guys have to swallow...
Iike a hundred.
Make sure they're well wrapped.
If just one opens up you'll die.
wear nice clothes.
Nothing flashy. You don't want to look like a peasant showing off.
How many times have you done this?
How'd it go?
Still here.
The first time I did it I was gonna go see my older sister.
She lives in New York and I haven't seen her in four years.
But when I got there I realized...
I didn't know what to tell her.
How was I going to explain why I was there?
And how?
I love her.
But we're really different.
She'd kill me if she found out I was mixed up in this.
The second time around...
I made it to her house.
But I couldn't knock on her door.
what is America like?
Over there...
it's, like, too perfect.
Everything's straight.
how's that thing going?
what thing?
Your job. Tell me what you have to do.
I told you not to talk about it.
I talked to Franklin.
I'm going to be a mule, too.
You did what?
You heard me. why not?
Because you can't.
Yes, I can.
what are you thinking?
It's $5,000.
You know how much that is in pesos?
I figured it out.
It's like 10 million pesos. I can buy my family a house with that.
No, Blanca, you're not going.
You know what? I can do what I want. I don't need your permission.
Do you know what you're saying?
You have to tell them you're not doing it.
Anyway, I can't now.
I already said yes.
All the way to Chiquinquira?
But you don't know anything about working in an office.
You don't think I'm smart enough?
That's not what I said.
I don't understand why you have to go so far away.
what's up?
what's up?
-How are you? -All good.
And Blanca?
She's in another place.
Don't worry, baby.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Give her a hand.
These will slow your digestion.
Take them.
Open your mouth. Open.
Don't stick your fingers so far inside.
If you can't do this, we'll stop right now.
I know I can do it.
Let's see.
Let it slide down.
Very good.
-How many is it so far? -Twenty-three.
Come. Lay down.
what are you doing?
Setting them in place.
You want more anesthetic?
Let's see.
This is...
You saved for the trip.
The ticket.
Round trip, one week.
To New York.
Your passport. with a visa.
You've got the name and address of the hotel...
where you say you're staying...
while you're there.
One more thing.
If any of what you're carrying...
gets lost along the way or doesn't show up...
we'll go and have a little conversation...
with your grandmother, your mother...
your sister...
and little Pachito.
we know exactly...
how much each one of those 62 pellets weighs.
I didn't know you were coming again.
Me neither. It just happened.
You know we're not the only ones?
That's how it works.
They send a bunch.
If one gets stopped, it's easier for the rest to get through.
what are you doing?
I saw you talking to that woman. who is she?
you know.
See that woman with the curly hair over there?
She is, too.
I met her with Franklin.
I feel like I'm having my period.
I feel like I have to go to the bathroom.
Excuse me.
I don't feel well.
what are you going to do?
Stay calm.
As soon as we land, we'll get a doctor.
I know.
I know.
I lost the hotel address.
Do you know it?
No, I always give them my sister's address.
Do you have a pen?
It's my sister's address in New York.
Excuse me.
May I see your passport, declaration card, and ticket, please?
Passport, declaration card, and ticket.
where are you arriving from?
Your destination?
New York.
Are these all your bags?
Come with me, please.
Put your hands against the wall please.
Not so close to the wall.
Spread your legs, please.
Maria Alvarez.
-ls that your name? -Yes.
Is this your first time in this country?
where are you staying?
with my sister.
If we called her, would she confirm you're coming?
I haven't seen her in four years.
I was planning to surprise her.
And you're going to show up just like that?
what if she's not there?
And if you get there and she's not home?
where will you go?
I don't know.
In a hotel.
Did you buy this ticket?
How much did it cost?
Like $500.
what do you do in Colombia?
I work with flowers.
what do you do exactly?
I de-thorn them.
How did you get the money for the ticket...
and the $800 that you have on you?
I saved up.
You know what?
I don't believe you're here on vacation.
why are you really here?
You want to know what I think?
I think you're bringing drugs...
into the United States.
we've known people who swallow drugs...
and bring them in like that.
Do you have drugs in your stomach?
I want you to prove it.
we would like to submit you to an X-ray.
sign this document authorizing us to do the X-ray.
you know you're pregnant?
will the X-rays hurt my baby?
we don't X-ray pregnant women.
But we can detain them.
we know you didn't buy this ticket.
we know you couldn't have saved that much money.
Tell us the truth.
who paid for this ticket?
A friend bought it for me.
what's his name?
He's my boyfriend.
He's the baby's father.
Does he know you swallowed drugs?
I didn't swallow drugs.
I'm not carrying anything.
I just want to visit my sister. That's it.
I swear.
-And the other one? -They caught her.
Make yourself comfortable. we'll be here until you shit everything out.
She needs a doctor.
Like I care?
She needs medicine.
Shut up!
Take those.
-what are they? -Laxatives. They'll make you shit faster.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Hold on.
Don't use the toilet. I don't want stuff down the drain.
And don't forget the toothpaste. I don't want to be smelling your shit.
How are you?
And you?
-what are you doing? -Blanca, we can't stay here.
what do you mean?
Don't you get it, Blanca?
They did something to Lucy. Everything's totally fucked up.
we have to go before they come back.
-Maria! -Hurry up, Blanca!
what are we going to do?
I don't know. Let me think for a minute.
Excuse me.
Do you know how I can make a call?
I need to call this number.
Me no speak Spanish.
No espanol.
Get it?
Queens, New York.
You gotta go into New York.
You gotta take a bus.
A bus. You know?
You trying to get to New York?
To Queens?
Queens, yes.
I take you.
Thank you, but I just want to call.
It's okay, no problem.
I'll take you. Flat rate. Off the meter.
Can you wait for a minute?
One moment.
There's no answer.
we have to go back.
No, Blanca.
Lucy's sister doesn't even know you. And you don't really know Lucy.
what are you going to say?
I don't know, I'll figure it out.
All we have to do is return the pellets and get our money.
Don't you get it? we can't go back there.
They're gonna be furious when they find out we're gone.
we have to go back.
Did you see what they did to Lucy?
Blanca, come on.
I'm not going in.
Come on!
I don't want to go in there.
Come on already!
who is it?
I'm looking for Mrs. Carla Aristizabal.
who's looking for her?
Maria Alvarez.
I'm a friend of her sister's.
Of her sister's?
She says she's a friend of your sister's.
I don't know. Come.
Are you Carla Aristizabal?
How can I help you?
I'm a friend of Lucy's.
I just arrived from Colombia...
and she asked me to stop by and say hello for her.
You're a friend of hers?
Please, come inside.
Take a seat.
Sorry, what was your name?
Maria Alvarez.
And how do you know Lucy?
we live in the same town.
we're neighbors.
So tell me, how is she doing? It's been months since we last spoke.
She's doing well.
Is she working?
In an office in Bogota.
She's a secretary.
Lucy? A secretary?
And you're always talking bad about her.
She's always talking about the two of you.
She wants to come and visit.
And she didn't send anything with you? A letter, a photo or something?
the truth is...
Lucy gave me your name and address...
and she said that you're really nice, and that...
if I had any trouble I could come...
and talk to you.
I don't have a place to stay.
How long have you been here?
Two days.
where were you staying these two days?
well.... I was staying with a friend...
but we got into a fight and...
she kicked me out.
And you don't have anyone else here?
Family, friends? Nobody?
No, ma'am.
Do you have a job yet?
No, not yet.
And how did you say you knew Lucy?
It's not like I'm gonna throw her out on the street.
It's just that this apartment is very small.
we sleep in the bedroom, and Pablo's cousin here in the living room.
I don't need a lot of space.
Yes, but for how long?
Only for a few days.
And then what?
I'll find something. Don't worry.
My cousin works in a bakery.
He gets home in the middle of the night, so don't get scared.
For Colombia?
Lucy's not there.
I want to call my mom. Can you help me?
Dial the number.
Hi Grandma. It's Maria.
Fine, and you?
Yes, I'm fine.
I'm still in Chiquinquira...
but I'll see you in a few days.
How's everyone else doing?
No, Grandma, I was just calling to say hi.
I promised Mom I would call.
Oh, the car.
I'm a driver for a car service.
Get in.
what happened? where did you go?
I met a woman who gave me a place....
You know each other?
Is that Lucy's sister?
You know Lucy?
what do you mean?
You said you didn't know anyone else here.
The thing is.... I told her about Lucy on the way here.
you're not really a friend of hers.
It's just that Maria said that she was going to stay with you and...
I don't have a place to stay.
You, too?
I don't understand.
Everyone knows someone here.
Yes, yes. I'll get the receipt.
I'll come up with something. Don't worry.
Tell them to fix this, and not to charge you...
since they did it wrong the first time.
-How are you? -Fine.
How's the little one?
Fine, thank you, Don Fernando.
It seems my sister in Colombia sent me a little surprise.
Maria and Blanca.
when did they arrive?
They just got here, but they don't know anyone.
Maybe you know of an apartment...
a job or something.
Don't you worry. I'll make a couple calls and we'll--
Yes, sure...
He'll help you. I've got to go to work.
You know how to get back.
Three blocks down and around the corner.
I'll be back tonight to let you in.
I'm leaving them here. Bye.
There's a place that usually needs women to sew.
They don't check papers...
and they pay minimum wage.
Thanks for your help, but we don't need work.
what are you doing? we can't go back there.
I don't care what you do. I'm sick of following you around.
Like I asked you to? I told you not to come.
You're the one that wanted to take off before we got paid.
Those guys are dangerous.
what's that you've got there?
I recognize what those are.
I've seen that before.
Tell me.
Does Carla know about this?
Are you all right, physically?
Our friend who was with us got sick.
I think one of the pellets broke inside her.
I don't know if they killed her or if she died.
I don't know what to do.
where was this?
Don Fernando, please help us find our friend.
I'll make some calls to the police in New Jersey.
They might know something.
You can't call the police.
Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.
You have to return those drugs.
Before they hurt your families in Colombia.
Do you understand?
I lost the emergency number. Do you have it?
I can't believe what you told him about Lucy.
He's calling the cops now.
Don't fucking start with me.
You were the one pulling out the pellets and running your mouth.
You want to sew shirts?
-I'm handling this. -Stupidly.
Then why are you following me around? Every time I turn around, there you are.
I thought you knew what you were doing, but obviously not.
I'm not responsible for you. I'm not your fucking mother.
I wouldn't want you anyway. I feel sorry for your baby having such a stupid mother.
How fucking stupid...
swallowing drugs when you're pregnant.
Fuck you.
-Do you have an appointment? -No.
I can give you one for next week.
No, it has to be today.
If you don't mind waiting, I might get you in...
but I can't promise.
Fill this out.
You have to be very careful while you're pregnant.
You can't smoke.
You can't drink alcohol.
No beer, no wine.
Especially not drugs.
Everything you put in your body goes straight to the baby.
If you smoke, it's like giving a cigarette to your baby.
Let's see.
At this stage of the pregnancy we can see the entire fetus.
That's the head.
That's my baby?
The arms.
These are the legs.
The blood is flowing well.
I'll take some measurements.
But everything's okay, right?
Yes, everything is okay.
Do you want to listen...
to the heart?
Friday, the eleventh of next month.
That's fine.
They found the body of a woman yesterday.
The stomach had been cut open...
and they think it was a mule.
They sent this information...
with a picture of her face.
I'm sorry.
I need to know your friend's name.
And an address in Colombia.
what's her name?
Lucy Diaz.
Carla's sister?
Yes. But Carla doesn't know.
She was coming to visit.
She has to know.
It's her sister.
I'm sure the baby will sleep with us in the beginning but...
the crib was on sale.
what did Don Fernando tell you?
He told me that...
I don't really need a job.
I'm going back to Colombia.
Darling, you're not going back.
I know how you feel.
I felt the same way when I came here.
I remember on my grandma's birthday, I called home...
and I could hear my whole family...
Iaughing and screaming.
My little sister asking, "How is it over there? Is it wonderful?
"How's your job?"
Telling me how much she wanted to come and stay with me.
I just wanted to tell them how much I missed them.
But it gets better, trust me.
I remember when I got my first paycheck.
I'll never forget going to that office to send money home for the first time.
You can't imagine how it feels.
Your heart feels so big...
Iike it won't fit in your chest.
The real reason I stay here is for my baby.
He'll have so many more opportunities.
I can't imagine bringing up my child in Colombia.
Not with the situation being what it is.
It pains me to say it, but it's true.
-I'll get it. -That must be your friend.
They found Lucy's body.
I saw it in a picture.
It'll cost $2,500 to send her body back home.
Are you done?
Yes, love.
It's for you, Carla.
How are you, Don Fernando?
I'm fine, thank you. why do you ask?
Arrangements for what?
She didn't say anything.
what do you mean?
Are you sure?
Found here?
I don't understand. what do you mean?
-They came as what? -Carla, please, let me explain.
I tried to tell you, but I couldn't get the words out.
what are you saying?
Lucy got sick.
I tried to help her. I swear.
But I didn't know what--
when were you going to tell me?
I talked to Don Fernando.
I arranged everything to send Lucy back to Colombia.
Carla, please.
Arranged what? You're not arranging anything.
-You keep your hands off my sister. -what's going on?
You've done enough!
No, you don't understand.
what have you done?
Fucking little bitches.
Carla, listen to me. Please.
You were never her friend. Never!
-Don't say that. I tried to help her. -Get out now!
I tried to help her. I swear.
Get out!
-Maria, let's go. -Just go, please.
-Get them out already! -Forgive me.
Get out!
Please leave.
Get out! Get out!
what do you want to do?
It's ringing.
This is Maria Alvarez.
Yes, she's with me.
where the fuck did you think you were going with the stash?
-Bitches! -But, we--
But nothing! where are the fucking pellets?
Come on!
Let her go.
-what about yours? -ln my purse.
She should have 50 and the other one 62.
They're all here.
All right, it's all good.
what about our money?
You think we owe you? After you went running from the hotel?
But we called you.
You got lucky.
I was about to tell Javier that you ran off with the goods.
But you have all the pellets.
That's right. we have them. we couldn't give a fuck about you.
we still need that money.
I see. You need the money?
You really need the money?
Know what?
Give it to them.
Take it.
Come on.
Make sure it's all there.
when you get back to Colombia, be sure to tell Javier how nice I was.
You better not fuck around on your next trip.
Got it?
You've been trained now.
what about Lucy's money?
what about it?
-I want to give it to her family. -You've got nothing to do with that.
You have her pellets.
That's none of your business.
She died doing this.
They found her body.
I just want to give her sister the money.
No fucking way.
She deserves a proper burial.
After what you did to her...
it's your responsibility.
Fuck that. She knew what she was doing.
It's not on us.
-Of course-- -Shut the fuck up, bitch! Get out. Now!
And this is so Carla can send Lucy back to Colombia.
If that's what she wants.
One minute, please.
I'll be back in a minute. Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
I'm going back to Colombia.
I just wanted to say goodbye to Lucy.
She looks pretty.
I don't understand why she never said anything.
we grew so far apart.
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