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Marius 1931 CD2

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I won't ask her name, because you wouldn't tell me.
It's not Madame Escartefigue, is it?
No, it isn't.
- You're sure? - I just told you.
Be careful.
Monsieur Escartefigue is a friend of mine, and a good customer.
I don't want you playing around with the customers' wives.
We won't say anything more about it.
But what shall we do about Fanny?
Leave it.
Give me the receipts.
- What if she accepts Panisse? - She won't accept.
But if she did.
If she accepts him, it's just too bad.
Stop that nonsense. That's no way to talk.
We'll go over it in the morning.
Tomorrow morning?
Yeah, I'm going to turn in.
It's going to prey on my mind all night.
I doubt it, the way you're yawning.
Good night.
I'm very fond of you, you know.
What's that?
I'm very fond of you.
I'm fond of you too. What made you say that?
I don't know.
You've been thinking and worrying about me.
It reminds me that I love you.
Of course.
Good night.
Good night...
Sometimes I say you'll be the death of me.
It isn't true.
Has the Corsican come?
The big ship isn't in the harbor yet,
but she's coming.
Go quickly. I'll close up.
When you come back, knock on the shutter.
Good night, Monsieur Panisse.
See you tomorrow. And don't worry about me.
- Who's there? - It's me.
Is something wrong?
It's nothing.
I forgot the key to my stall,
so I couldn't lock up till I'd gotten it.
Then I saw a light through the crack, so I knocked.
I'm glad you did.
Besides, I wanted to tell you
- I followed your advice. - What advice?
I turned down Panisse.
Perhaps that was a mistake.
You advised me to do it.
Maybe you were a bit hasty.
Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut
and not taken the responsibility.
Listen, Fanny...
my father hasn't gone to bed yet.
See you tomorrow.
All right.
Since you're turning me away.
I'm not turning you away. Fanny, don't be angry.
Come in for a moment.
Have a seat.
Let's talk about this marriage.
I want to speak to you like a brother.
But you're not.
- You're like my sister. - No, I'm not.
What is it, Fanny?
It's you I love and you I want.
Do me a favor and don't look at me.
You shouldn't have told me.
Don't you love me too?
Yes, you love me. I know it. Tell me you do.
I can't marry.
Why? Because you have a mistress?
Come out with it.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
- I asked Anna if it was her. - What?
- What will she think? - I couldn't care less.
I won't rest till I've found out who it is.
- It's no one! - Some girl has sunk her claws into you.
How would she do that?
Maybe she's had a child by you.
You've got a child? Is that it?
I can't say I have when I haven't.
Then it's just that you don't want me.
Why? Are you ashamed of my Aunt Zoé?
If I were going to get married, I'd marry you.
Now don't ask any more questions.
Who's with you?
No one. I'm tidying up.
Listen to that.
Can't you sleep?
Go to bed, you idiot.
Check the third beer keg and make sure the tap is turned off.
I'll take a look.
We'll talk again tomorrow.
Tell me your secret.
You might not understand. You might betray me.
Me? Betray you?
All right. I'll tell you.
- I'm leaving. - Leaving?
For where?
Anywhere. Far away.
Is it your father?
What is driving you away?
Nothing... it's just a longing.
Take me with you.
No, I can't.
It's the sea!
Is this Piquoiseau's idea?
No. I've wanted to go for a long time.
One night, a sailing ship berthed right here.
Her cargo was wood from the West Indies.
Black wood, all golden inside,
smelling of camphor and pepper.
The ship came from the Leeward Islands.
The crew came in here and told me about their country.
I drank the rum they'd brought. It was very sweet and spicy.
Then, one night, they left,
and I went out on the pier.
I looked at that fine three-master
sailing into the sun
towards the Leeward Islands.
Since then, I've been under a spell.
Was there a woman on the boat?
I knew you wouldn't understand.
Is it the islands, then?
I'd prefer never to go there,
but to keep them as I imagined them.
I long for distant places.
It may seem silly. It's something I can't explain,
but that's how it is.
I long for distant places.
And that's why you want to leave me?
Now that you know, you'd better go.
If I go now, I feel I may never see you again.
You'll see me here in the morning.
You're leaving tonight.
If they call me.
Marius, please, don't go.
Go on some other boat, some other day.
You don't love me.
I don't love you?
If I didn't, I'd have left long ago.
- But now I've made up my mind. - But why?
Can't you understand why?
When I'm on the pier, looking at the sky,
I'm already away.
Every ship on the sea tugs at me. I forget where I am, what I'm doing.
It's as if I were mad.
Remember when we went on the transporter bridge?
You were dizzy, afraid you'd fall. That's how I feel.
When I see a ship leaving,
I'm drawn towards her.
I can't control myself.
I wouldn't make you happy.
You've only got one life.
I'd ruin it.
If you leave, my life is finished.
You're young. You'll forget.
Forget you?
That's impossible, Marius.
I've always loved you, even when I still had pigtails.
When you were in the army,
I learned to sew, so I could wear a new dress when you came on leave.
Every time you spoke to a girl, I wished she'd drop dead.
You were always in my dreams of the future.
I longed to grow up to become your wife.
Every morning I thought, "He'll say something today."
I've tried everything to make you talk.
And now that you've said you love me, you're leaving.
Someone knocked!
I'll love you always, Marius.
It's no use crying. It won't change my mind.
Let me go. Forget me.
Never, Marius. I'll wait for you.
Don't. I'll leave again.
Don't answer!
I'll drown myself.
The Corsican is back.
He's back?
You're not leaving, Marius.
You're not leaving.
Don't be sad - please.
I'll love you so much you'll be cured.
It's over now, Marius. I'm keeping you.
Give us a bottle of rum.
You're still up. We can see your light.
What's all that noise about?
We want some rum.
There's no rum. We're closed.
Are you in bed?
Dad's coming down.
What can he be doing?
You in bed?
He's asleep.
It's your turn to play.
I know, but I can't decide.
Make up your mind.
We're all waiting, Captain.
It's a serious moment. They're ahead.
This hand settles the game.
Is Panisse trumping hearts?
If you'd been concentrating, you'd know.
Why don't you just show him your cards?
I never said a thing.
You're not allowed to speak.
In a competition, you'd be disqualified.
I've played in lots of competitions,
but I never saw you at any of them.
I still don't know if Panisse is trumping hearts.
When you're playing, you mustn't say anything.
I'm only thinking aloud.
Well, don't.
He's right. There's no need to talk.
I must ask you not to make signs.
Keep your eyes on your cards.
You too!
If you go on making faces, I'm going home.
They've lost anyway.
I wouldn't hesitate a second
if I knew Panisse was trumping hearts.
There they go, making faces.
You watch him, and I'll watch César.
You'd treat an old school buddy like a cheat? Thanks a lot.
Have I upset you?
Not at all. Treat me like a gangster. Go ahead.
You break my heart.
You break my heart.
You break my heart.
You break my heart!
Aren't we playing any longer? He broke my heart. What about you?
I see. Good. Hearts.
Do you take me for a fool?
You gave him to understand I was trumping hearts.
There, take your cards!
I don't play with cheats!
Nobody takes Panisse for a ride.
Breaking your heart indeed!
He's not pleased.
He's really cross.
You really shouldn't have cheated.
If you can't cheat among friends, why bother to play?
And it was a clever ruse.
He has such a temper. He's impossible.
Let's play one last hand. Loser pays for the drinks.
Good night, Monsieur César.
Off to bed already?
No, I'm taking Mother to the station.
That's a very nice thing to do.
See she catches her train.
Good night, gentlemen.
It's a good thing Fanny doesn't know where he's going.
- He's off to see his old mistress. - That rascal!
- He'll spend the night there. - Tell us more.
In a minute he'll come out and say, "Good night, Dad."
I'll say, "Going out?" And he'll say, "Yes, to the movies."
He goes out, climbs back through the window,
and locks his door on the inside.
What for?
I wake him in the morning.
If the door is locked, I think he's sleeping.
He's not stupid, my son, but then, neither am I.
I've never told him that I've looked in through his window.
It's all good fun.
Going out?
Just to the movies.
Need any money?
I have enough.
Doesn't he look smart?
Smarter than both of you.
I didn't really mean it.
A bow tie, even.
- Don't be late. - Midnight or 1:00.
No later. And be good.
Be good!
He'll be off round the back now.
Tell me, César...
who is Marius's mistress?
I've never tried to find out.
It's a delicate issue. The boy is an adult now.
But I suspect it's a sailor's wife.
If he spends the whole night with her,
her husband must be away.
- Thirty-five. - Thirty-six.
Besides, everyone knows the navy is full of cuckolds.
The navy is full of cuckolds. I called 40!
Feeling cold? You need your jacket on?
What did you do?
Was it what I said about the navy? Forgive me, old chap.
Are you speaking to the sailor or the cuckold?
It's no laughing matter.
There's no need to be so angry.
It's not your fault you're a cuckold.
After all, everyone knows.
Monsieur Brun didn't.
He's the one who told me!
Besides, it's common knowledge.
It's none of your business,
and I forbid you to insult the French navy.
After what you said, I can play no longer.
That's the end of it.
I'll expect your apology in the morning.
If it's an apology you want, I'll say I'm sorry right now.
No, I demand an apology
that reflects the gravity of your remarks.
Come on, Felix, don't be stupid.
I had no intention of insulting the navy.
I admire the French navy.
Maybe you do admire the French navy,
but the French navy says go to hell!
What on earth did he mean?
It's not nice what they've done to you.
- Me? - Yes, you.
They've left you to pay for the drinks.
You mean they left us to pay?
What do you mean, us?
Yes, we were partners.
- We'll play for it. - It's rather late.
We've never played écarté together, have we?
And you wanted to leave for the land of the monkeys!
Wasn't that silly?
It was totally inexplicable.
You won't think about it anymore, will you?
Not as I did before.
The spell is broken forever.
- So when do we marry? - Whenever you like.
I'll talk to Dad in the morning and your mother tomorrow evening.
Shall I tell you my idea for where we'll live?
- You've got a plan? - I've already imagined everything.
Go on then. Tell me.
We'll take over your father's room.
That's a bad start. Father will never give it up.
Think about it. That's where Mother died.
Since she died, nothing has been moved.
All right, then, we'll use yours. I'll fix it up real nice.
I'll have it papered in blue - it goes well with my hair.
Then there's the furniture.
Between the windows
I'll put Aunt Zoé's chest of drawers.
It's very old and worth a lot of money.
On the other side...
What is it?
It's a ship sounding its horn so it doesn't have a collision.
It must be a big ship.
What are we going to put across from the chest of drawers?
Our bed.
Monsieur Brun...
I'm putting down a king.
- I do it all the time. - That could seem odd.
Not odd, but difficult.
You admit you're cheating?
Yes. But since you can't detect it, it's all right.
Then I may as well pay at once.
As you like. What does it come to?
That will be 24 francs.
That hat suits you.
And here's two francs for the waiter.
I'll give it to him later.
Well, good-bye, Monsieur Brun.
See you tomorrow.
Don't tell anyone Escartefigue is a cuckold!
He's not here.
Where there's Fanny, there's Marius. Sorry to disturb you.
Marius, I must talk to you.
Go on. Marius has no secrets from me.
Listen, Marius, I wanted to say...
Say it in front of me, or go.
All right. I'm sorry, I'm sure.
I'll wait for you in front of your bar.
Good night, lovebirds.
That's a nuisance. He'll know I haven't gone home to sleep.
You can say he missed you.
He's bound to tell everyone.
I'd better get rid of him at once.
- You'll tell me everything? - Of course.
Hurry up. I'll wait.
Hurry up! The mate of the Malaisie wants to see you.
Come on.
All the time I've been here, you've said you wanted to go.
I've had to send an injured man to the hospital.
I gave the captain your papers,
and now you want to back out.
You should have said so sooner.
I can't go.
I'll never trust a Marseillais again.
I need more courage to stay than go.
I'll say- shifting bottles!
- I bet it's on account of a girl. - It's Fanny.
That cockle girl?
She's nice enough, but there are girls the world over.
Are you that badly smitten?
- I have to stay. - Why?
I owe it to her.
Plenty of men wouldn't give a damn.
It's up to you, but you'll live to regret it.
Never more than now.
He's desperate to go.
I'd do anything to go.
I'm desperate to go, but we can't always do what we want.
It's no use insisting.
Then I'll offer the job to Chevalier.
I'll come to the bar tomorrow at 11:00 to say good-bye.
That lad is going to cry every night.
Where's Chevalier?
Wait. Don't look for him.
You said he'd cry every night.
Do you really think he will?
Listen, young lady,
it's obvious the lad won't always be happy.
You saw how he cried. You're destroying his life.
Be quiet!
Could you wait till tomorrow morning to replace him?
He might go.
Whatever you do, he'll refuse to go now.
Come to the bar tomorrow at 10:00.
But don't tell him you saw me.
Go, hurry!
Where were you?
What did Piquoiseau want?
He just wanted some money. I gave him some.
Promise you'll never love another woman.
You know I won't.
I'll never love another woman.
You say you pity her.
Since last night, you've had plenty of time for that.
It's 9:00. Time you had pity on your father.
What is this?
I can't believe it.
Oh, good God!
Here... look at that.
You recognize that belt?
Did Marius have an accident?
He deserves to, the bastard.
Though anyone else would have been worse.
They must get married at once.
Sit down. What's wrong?
I went to Aix as I do every Wednesday.
- You go to Aix every Wednesday? - To see my sister.
I didn't take the train back
because Monsieur Amourdedieu gave me a lift.
When I arrived home,
what did I find?
A bottle, two glasses... and that belt on a chair.
Who'd have thought it? Though a belt means nothing.
It made my blood run cold.
I ran to Fanny's room and opened the door.
Holy Virgin, what have I done?
My goodness.
What did they say?
I was so ashamed.
I left without a sound.
Marius, that's going a bit far.
What have you done, my son?
He's a real rascal.
She's only 18. She'll end up like her Aunt Zoé.
How can you say that about Fanny?
It doesn't encourage me to give my consent.
Don't cry, Honorine.
We'll think of something.
Come on, stop crying.
It'd be worse if she'd broken a leg.
Who'd ever have thought it?
She seemed so innocent - such a child.
Let's hope there's none on the way.
How can you laugh about it?
Don't you see what it's doing to me?
I'm in such a state.
- What will you have? - Just a mandarin and lemon.
It's a nuisance, but life isn't all laughs.
Things will turn out all right.
Don't cry into the croissants. That won't help matters.
I mean, really.
Let's have a drink and examine the situation.
It's quite simple. I'm going to tear Fanny apart.
You wouldn't do that.
Wouldn't I? Just you watch.
Let me go, César. I'll kill her.
Come, Honorine. Have a seat and calm down.
Do you want the whole town to know?
- Think about yourself. - There's no time for that.
What if your mother had killed you
when you were Curly's fiancée?
That was different.
He lived just across the hall.
And it was I who went across to him. Your Marius...
I never told Fanny about that.
Don't cry. It's bad for your health.
Damn your Marius!
How dare he come to my own house?
He raped my daughter.
She can't have screamed very loud.
We'll marry them and say no more about it.
Children are something.
They're so nice when they're tiny.
But what can you expect? Youth doesn't last long.
I know, but all the same...
My poor Norine.
Youth passes all too quickly and never comes back.
That will be Marius climbing back in.
I don't want to see him. I'd strangle him.
No, not that way.
Go into the kitchen. And stop crying.
Stop crying. You trust me, don't you?
I promise you they'll be married in two weeks.
You can dry your eyes on the dishcloth. It's clean.
He'll have to stop showing pity now.
I'll give him time to rehearse his little charade.
Just getting here?
I did the housework before coming.
You must have done a very thorough job of it.
Meanwhile, your stall isn't open.
I've got a good mind to give you a thrashing!
You should cry after what you've done.
I was home at 7:00. Do you follow me?
Forgive me.
No, I can't. It's unpardonable.
You, my own daughter!
Couldn't you have gotten married first? None of us was against it.
You behaved like Zoé.
You might have waited till it was legal.
He wanted to see you asleep?
He has to marry you. I want a proposal by midday.
Tell your Marius to hurry up or else!
I've never touched a gun in my life, but I swear I'll learn real quick!
I'll talk to him myself.
No, Mother!
You don't understand.
If he refuses, don't bother coming home. You'll no longer be my daughter.
I'll lock myself in my room and drown in my own tears.
Mother, please don't cry.
Look at that thief.
What are you after?
The fishmonger.
What do you want?
The Hotel Universal placed an order.
That's right. The fish are still in the tank.
I'll be right over.
I won't kiss you until you're engaged.
No, Fanny, don't.
Let me go.
Nice day, eh?
Just getting up?
What's the time?
Just past 9:00.
Just past 9:00?
Gosh! I stayed up reading in bed last night.
It was dawn before I fell asleep.
You shouldn't stay up reading so late.
It's bad for your health.
You don't look too good.
I don't?
Those books you read must be very tiring.
If I didn't know better, I'd wonder where you'd been.
Did you call me around 7:00?
Just before 7:00.
I called you, but you went on sleeping.
We heard your snores in here.
That's impossible.
I never snore.
You even made the customers laugh.
Your door was locked, so that was that.
Yes, I must have locked it without thinking.
Without thinking, eh?
Pour your coffee. Breakfast is ready.
Your trousers are sliding down.
- Really? - Looks that way.
Maybe I've lost weight.
You read too much.
At this rate, you'll end up thin as a rake.
Why don't you wear a belt?
You're right. I have to get one.
That's easily done.
What a boy.
You've got a good appetite.
Not bad.
Reading makes you hungry.
What a boy.
Tell me.
That old mistress of yours.
You know, the woman you pitied so much.
The one who might kill herself.
Are you still seeing her?
Of course.
- You're still seeing her? - What if I am?
You're truly amazing.
What a boy!
Tell me...
did you tell her you're getting married?
Not yet, but all the same...
I gave her to understand that someday...
You don't explain too well, but I get the picture.
You may be being kind to that girl,
but it's hardly fair on Fanny.
Because you're keeping her dangling.
- Have you decided to marry her? - Yes.
Then why don't you talk to us parents?
- She keeps postponing the date. - Why?
Whenever I ask her, she says, "We've got plenty of time."
- That's odd. - Yes, it is.
Sometimes I wonder if she prefers Panisse.
She couldn't care less about that old man.
- Then why keep putting it off? - That's your fault.
Yes, it's your fault!
You don't understand women yet.
Let me explain.
Women are proud and easily hurt.
And it's no use trying to hide things from them.
They've got a sixth sense.
Fanny sees you're in no hurry,
so she says, "We've got plenty of time."
But if you said, "Meet me at the church tomorrow,"
she'd be there like a shot.
- Maybe you're right. - I know I'm right.
I'm right, I tell you.
When you see Fanny, have a serious talk with her.
You should bear in mind what happened to Zoé.
Such a nice girl.
I don't see what she has to do with me.
You don't know the story?
It's not very pretty.
Zoé was good-looking, a bit of a flirt,
but she meant no harm.
She worked at the match factory.
I can still see her passing by the bar.
So cute under her big straw hat.
She had a way about her.
All the men watched her.
She'd smile at them, but it never went further than that.
Then she fell for a Spanish sailor.
He promised to marry her, and said he'd stay.
So they rushed things a bit.
And then one day he left.
He deserted her?
He deserted her.
Then Zoé...
It was terrible.
The poor kid.
Poor girl.
When a man deceives a woman,
she feels a great revulsion.
She can never love again, and she takes to the streets.
And, once she gets started there, she has nothing to lose.
Honor is like a match. It can only be used once.
Why tell me all this?
So you don't just use Fanny for a good time.
Yes, I understand.
I'm sure she's a virgin, and I've seen and know nothing.
But if you've been exchanging glances
and caresses,
you must get married as soon as possible.
I'll talk to her.
Talk to her.
Be very insistent.
Because, if you want my opinion,
that sailor of Zoé's was no man.
Are you coming?
I told you last night.
Did you get a replacement?
No, I thought you might change your mind.
You shouldn't have come.
Especially to tell me that.
I'm not going.
I can't.
You're staying here?
All right.
But if you change your mind, we're across the quay.
I won't change my mind.
You're making a mistake.
A big mistake.
Why did you tell me he'd go?
Now I'm short a man.
He'll be coming.
Yes, it certainly looks like it!
Go get your mother. We must speak to her at once!
Why the hurry?
If you love me, don't lose a moment. Call your mother.
Do you really want to marry me so much?
Marriage is a serious business.
It ties you down for life.
Call your mother, I tell you.
Are you sure you love me enough?
You saw that ship out there?
- The Malaisie. - I know.
I've got a place on the crew.
Theyjust told me.
My bag is packed.
I've only got to cross the quay.
But, as you see, I'm staying.
Here, with you.
For how long?
Forever, if you help me.
Maybe, Marius.
But you'll never be happy if you marry me.
You want to marry me because you feel responsible.
But there's no need. You're not responsible.
You asked for nothing.
It was I who came to you.
The fault is entirely mine.
Go, Marius. Follow your desires.
They don't include me.
Fanny, don't tempt me.
Just cross the quay.
If you love me, take me in your arms, cover my eyes.
Hold me as tight as you can.
You don't have to suffer. You've still got time.
What would become of you if I left?
Don't worry. I've thought of that.
You've thought of that?
What do you mean?
You'll marry Panisse?
Or someone else. What does it matter?
You've spoken to him?
Have you?
Several times.
So you were lying when you said you'd turned him down?
I'm not doing it for myself.
I have to think of my mother. She's not as young as she was.
Love isn't the only thing in life.
There are other things stronger than love.
So, while I've been struggling with my conscience
and suffering in silence,
this was all being arranged.
- Where are you going? - Let me go!
You see?
Go ahead and marry Panisse's money. I'm marrying the sea.
You're staying after all?
I can't get by. My father's standing out there.
climb out the window
as if you were going to meet your love.
In the meantime, I'll keep your father here.
No, don't say anything! Just go!
If he'd loved me as I love him, he'd have understood.
Marius is over there. He wants to see you.
No, he's at the station, getting my baskets.
- He won't be long. - What's wrong with you?
I don't like what I see going on. You should open your eyes.
You idiot, I saw it all a long time ago.
How flushed you are.
Have you been crying? Is that it?
You've been crying? Then Marius must have talked to you.
So it's settled?
I'm glad to hear that.
Do you know how long I've been thinking about this wedding?
For the last 11 - no, more like 14 years.
Since before you left for Algeria,
when you were knee-high to a grasshopper.
One night, in this very bar, Marius's mother
lifted you up and asked,
"Fanny, are you really going to marry Marius?"
Everyone laughed - except you.
With wide eyes, you said, "Yes."
And now it's happening. I'm so glad.
Let's take a stroll on the quay.
- But the customers... - Let them wait.
I'd prefer to stay here.
We've got things to talk about.
Like what?
Where we'll live.
We'll need a room.
You'll live here with me.
You don't think I want to live alone, do you?
You know, I bully Marius from time to time,
but he's my son, after all.
I love him.
I'd die if I didn't see him for six months.
I've an idea for your lodgings. Have you seen my room?
Then I'll show it to you.
Here's what I'm thinking.
It's nice here.
You can't imagine how nice it is in the morning
to be woken up by the sun.
In summer it reaches the bed.
And in winter it climbs up to the clock.
Well, what do you think of this room?
It's larger than Marius's.
Much larger. So this is what I thought.
I'm old now. I don't need so much space.
I'll take Marius's room,
and this one will be yours.
Yes, there's certainly more space.
There's only one thing I'd ask of you.
Leave the bed where it is.
Yes... that's where he was born.
And it's also where she died.
The ship's leaving.
That's the Malaisie leaving.
God protect all who sail on her.
You see that door?
It leads to a small little room.
Well, if you'd like - and I'd like it very much -
we'll find a tiny bed.
We'll put a tiny bed in there, won't we?
Marius, bring some rum! Fanny has fainted!
Marius, where have you gone?
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