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Marrying The Mafia CD1

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Marrying the Mafia
Executive Producer JUNG Tae-won
JUNG Joon-ho
KIM Jung-eun
YOO Dong-geun
SUNG Ji-roo
PARK Sang-wook
PARK Keun-young LEE Ki-young
LEE Seo-yeon RYU Hae-jung
Special Guest JIN Hee-kyung
Original Screenplay / Director JUNG Heung-soon
- Who are you? - Who are you?
Those are mine, you know.
- Who are you, and where am I? - This would be my house.
- What did you do to me? - What are you talking about?
What are you? Are you a kidnapper?
- What the... - Wait!
For crying out loud, will you let me speak?
Just be quiet. I don't need this now.
Oh my god... what do I do now?
My god... what am I gonna do now...
- My god... - I don't know.
Hey, miss...
I think you're seriously mistaken.
Please just calm down and let's think.
Take it easy now. I swear, I didn't do anything.
Hey, miss...
What's wrong?
Ummm... miss?
Dad, I think this is it!
Miss! Miss! Wait.
Get your hands off of me!
- What the hell are you doing? - Get your hands off of me!
- Please just let go. - Miss.
Take my name card here.
I don't need it.
And don't worry... I'm not gonna ask you to take responsibility for this.
No... I just need my clothes back.
I wouldn't take these even if you gave these to me for free.
Just in case, can I get yours?
Hey, Yoo-jin...
Here's my card.
Wait... I can explain this.
So that's why you left me so early last night.
Whatever. It doesn't really matter to me.
It's just that... I thought you could do better than that.
So you picked up a prostitute on your way home, huh?
See you later.
A prostitute?
How am I a prostitute?
Member database security, more so than ever
is increasingly becoming a major issue in maintaining
a company's market share.
Accordingly, Rio Web Solution Corp.
developed the best security system
Cyber Protector 7.7 with world renown
Webpia Corp. In a strategic partnership.
Hey, Mr. Park! Absolute home-run.
Thanks to you. Dinner's on me tonight.
Oh wait, I think someone's waiting for you at the rooftop.
- At the rooftop? - Yeah.
Did you gentlemen look for me?
- Piss ass. - What are you doing?
Take it easy guys.
Why are you hitting me?
Please let me go.
I'm sorry. Whatever I did to you, I won't ever do it again.
What are you sorry for?
I'm not exactly sure.
What? Say that again bitch.
Why don't I take care of him?
Look down bitch!
PARK Dae-suh.
- This is him alright. - Is that right?
Then let's get him.
Okay. Okay.
Can you at least tell me what you have against me?
Okay... if you must know...
Hey, Kyung-tae.
What are you a girl? Don't pee in your pants or anything.
Just listen.
Over here is our father, JANG Jung-jong.
And this over here, would be me.
Next to me would be JANG Seok-tae.
Followed by JANG Kyung-tae.
And this over here is our princess
you decided to get on with last night.
We'll get into that later.
So anyway, all of us put together
is what you would call a family.
I think I know what you're talking about, but...
Here, I got it.
Look at this kiss ass.
You're alright boy.
Get up for a sec.
Take a puff.
Alright that's enough.
So what are you gonna do about Jin-kyung?
A man's gotta take responsibility
for his actions, right?
What responsibility? I didn't do anything.
Hey, you slept with my sister
so you'll take responsibility.
We did sleep together, but never actually did it.
- Never actually did it. - Motherfucker!
I'm sorry. Please help me.
- Down more, down more. - Please help me.
- Down more boys. - Okay, I did it once.
Memorandum PARK Dae-suh
Who told you to use SAT words on a memorandum?
Here, give it to me.
Memorandum. It looks just fine. What's wrong with you boys?
Didn't you study at the pen?
What did you do in school?
Considering the circumstances involving the night of May 2nd.
the alleged attempt at having sexual intercourse
with Ms. JANG Jin-kyung seems rather probable.
However, valid evidence seems to be lacking...
This is the problem with
educated motherfuckers.
Hey, Mr. Law School.
We ain't no brain surgeons. So make it simple.
"I got jiggy with Jin-kyung late that night"
"so I will take full responsibility." Somewhere along those lines, okay?
Stupid. You ain't no Will Smith.
Just say you did boom boom.
Getting jiggy and boom boom... same shit.
What's so hard about writing a memorandum?
Make it simple.
Just say, on the night of May 2nd,
I did it with Jin-kyung three to five times.
You got that?
Do you want to go back up to the rooftop?
Isn't this one of those...
Oh my god! You did it.
No! I don't know...
You're such a girl. Why didn't you tell me?
So who's the lucky guy? Is he cute?
Come on, I'm serious.
Is it no period? When did you do it?
And you're doing this today? Relax... you're not a rabbit.
Hey, are all your brothers gangsters?
- I'm sorry. - Sorry's all you got?
Who the hell do they think they are?
With this kind of beating, we're talking at least a four week diagnosis.
That's strange... guess they were tired.
Usually, it's an easy eight to twelve weeks.
That's real funny.
So you're telling me that boy and Jin-kyung
spent a night together?
Yes, father. Forgive me for saying this...
but they sort of got it on all night. You know...
They what?
Who is this boy?
He went to Seoul National University's Law School.
He must be smart as hell.
That's right.
For real? Seoul National?
Isn't that like the best school in the nation?
Now we can finally have
an elite family member after all.
We could definitely use some brain in our family.
But isn't that like
nearly impossible to get into?
Yeah, pop.
That school's got all the smart people in this country.
Then go get him
for our family honor.
Don't worry about it father.
I'll make sure he gets married to Jin-kyung.
Even if that means breaking his legs.
That's nonsense.
Marriage? ...all because of a one night stand?
What are you talking about? I didn't sleep with her.
You just said you did.
We did sleep together, but we never did it.
Don't you believe me?
I believe you.
And even if you did it,
I can let it go for once.
I really didn't.
Well... I'm not sure
but I just don't think we did...
Forget about it.
You can go now.
- Hey, brother! - What?
Forgot my voice already?
It's me, JANG In-tae. Jin-kyung's brother.
My father wants to see you.
So if you'll come down to Yeo-soo...
Guess got disconnected.
Anyway, I said some nice things about you.
So my father is eager to meet you.
So why don't you come down to Yeo-soo?
It should be fun.
I'll talk to you later.
And if you hung up on purpose before, don't do it again.
We're like brothers now. You're the man, Later.
So you're here.
You have something to say to me?
Why don't we go outside?
I can't. I'm working. Need to get back in soon.
Okay, we'll talk here then.
Have a seat.
I really gave this some thought.
Perhaps we can...
go to the hospital and take a test... know, since
we don't remember much.
Are you...?
What is that you want to test?
Uhhh... you know, your hymen.
What are you doing?
Is that so important to you?
Of course it is. Isn't it important to you?
You were going to kill yourself.
It wasn't about keeping my virginity.
I just felt terrible that I had done this
with someone I didn't even know.
Did what? Christ.
Your brothers are telling me
to take responsibility for sleeping with you.
I'll talk to my father about that and see what I can do.
Talking to your father won't solve anything.
You think I'm taking all this shit because I don't know how to fight?
Your nose is bleeding.
Have a good day.
Hey, Jin-kyung! Jin-kyung!
What brings you here?
Your clothes...
I had them dry cleaned.
- Thanks. - Wait...
Can I speak to you for a minute?
- Have a seat. - Okay.
Are you scorpio?
Know anything about stars?
Well... we have stars at home.
You're missing a star.
My girlfriend took that.
About what you asked last time...
I thought about it for a while...
...and decided to do it.
Really? That's great.
Thank you so much.
I'll never forget this.
I'm gonna go now.
Why already? Have some juice at least.
One, two, three, four.
One, two... three, four.
So everything's okay?
Play soccer from now on.
- Master Albong's secret text... - Albongrok.
This is the Albongrok.
- So did you look him up? - Yes, father.
First and foremost
his private life seems real clean.
And he's got good connections from his SNU Law School alumni.
His father was a colonel for the army
and is now some executive.
Most importantly, the kid stood on
his own through hard work.
Is that right? That's great.
So what's that web thing he's doing?
It's called web solution.
So I think he brings solutions
for problems on the internet.
So he's a problem solver.
Sure, father.
I'm counting on you to get the kid
for our family honor.
I'll die happy
if Jin-kyung can find a decent man to marry.
Okay father.
I'll get started on it right away.
- Right on. - Yeah.
- Wait! - Yes.
But aren't you going to play this with me?
Alright then. Hundred bucks minimum.
You got it.
I shouldn't be doing this.
I got things to take care of.
Your turn.
- Wow. - What the hell...
- Give me a beer. - Yes.
- Here you go. - Thanks.
Guess you really like eggs...
It's just that...
you can't go without boiled eggs on a train.
- You want some? - No, I don't eat boiled eggs.
It's good. You should try.
Do you know how many you've had?
Are you sure you went to Seoul National?
What does boiled eggs have to do with SNU Law School?
They taste good and that's all that matters.
Good to see you again.
This ride costs about a hundred grand, you know.
We should take this to Seoul
and drive around Apku-jong.
For what?
You know, we can pickup some nice broads there.
And rip 'em naked.
Hey, hey.
Do you have to use
that Kind of language right now?
What would our to-be brother in law think of our family?
Be Quiet.
Why do you always pick on me?
Ain't there no love
for us anymore?
I mean... I wanted to go to Seoul National too.
But you know, I ain't that smart and figured it was too far from home.
So I gave up the dream.
We're not getting no love
no more.
Dae-suh is four years older than you,
so just shut the fuck up.
I'm sorry. Please be understanding.
PARK Dae-suh here. Very nice meeting you, sir.
Is this what I think it is?
Yes, father.
It's a proof that says my body is all well.
Then, let's set a date now.
What date, father?
Date for the wedding, of course.
Sir, I think you're going over the line.
What did you say?
You have here a proof that says she's a virgin,
and you're not satisfied with that?
That's not what I mean, sir.
I just don't think that marriage is
something you can take that lightly.
It has to be based on a profound foundation of love.
What did you say?
I beg to differ. Marriage is about destiny.
And for you, sleeping with
my daughter was destiny.
Do you hear what I'm saying?
But, sir... just like you don't marry
women you randomly meet at bars,
- What? - What are you doing?
You think my daughter's just some random girl?
That's not what I said.
If you have eyes, look at my daughter here.
She's beautiful
and smart.
And she's a hospital approved virgin.
You spend a night with my virgin daughter
and this is what I get?
How do you call yourself a man?
- How irresponsible... - Father.
- Father, please. - Off of me.
You don't know
how hard it was to raise my princess on my own.
You would never know.
Raising her without her mother...
my dear... I feel so lonely.
please have some food.
How is this possible?
Well... if we don't give into the situation, we're both dead.
Just relax and enjoy the food.
How can I relax?
Looking good you two. Beautiful!
Take it slow for now though.
Hey Dae-suh, that's my wife.
She's from Wanwol village.
I don't know if you've been there.
Nice meeting you. I'm PARK Dae-suh.
I didn't expect you
to be so naughty miss.
I mean... I never imagined you would spend a night with a total stranger.
Was it good?
They just literally slept together.
Just stay out of it.
You actually want me to believe that
nothing happened between two
naked people of opposing sex in their twenties?
What would you have done?
I would've just done it, of course.
You see?
What about you?
What do you think I'm crazy?
How do you not do it?
Plus, I wouldn't even have made it to bed.
What about you?
A man's gotta do what's necessary.
You see...
you're lying...
Lying to me.
I'm thinking they did it.
Honestly, we didn't.
I even brought you the doctor's note.
Oh yeah, forgot about that.
How do you know if that's real?
Anyway, did you use protection?
What the hell is wrong with you today Mi-soon?
You stay out.
Jin-kyung can be very naive sometimes, you know.
Okay, let's just go have
some drinks... just us men.
Sounds good.
Why don't you just stay...
home for a change?
Our future brother in law is here. It would be rude not to treat him.
You're gonna go to that bar with whore hostesses again, aren't you?
Relax. I won't go to the one in Wanwol.
Stupid bitch.
So I'm from Wanwol, what are you gonna do?
Hope you die!
What did you say to your husband?
Here, take one.
And just make yourself
at home, ok?
You better fuck the shit
out of your partner tonight.
Our baby here looks so innocent.
Of course, he went to Seoul National.
I love intelligent men.
I always hated nerds back in school.
I think pretty much every one in the top 10%% % got their asses beat by me.
Just because they were smart.
For our future brother in law! You too, Kyung-tae.
Let's drink.
Hey, fuckface!
Idiot, wake up!
What a piece of scum.
- For Dae-suh! - Cheers!
Dae-suh! Are you awake?
Yes, I'm awake.
I brought you some honey tea. I'll put in by the door.
- Jin-kyung, I want to talk to you. - I know what it is.
We'll talk on our way back.
Tea's always good for hangovers.
Have some.
It's not much...
but take this.
It should be enough to take Jin-kyung out on dates.
I couldn't possibly.
It's unnecessary, sir.
It's not a big deal.
Just take it. It's his order.
It's really okay. Take it.
Make sure to set a date
for a formal bow
before the wedding.
I'm thrilled about Jin-kyung
getting married. Finally...
That thrilled, huh?
"Attorney at Law KIM Do-hyung."
Wait here for a minute.
I just want to say hi to a brother from my fraternity.
Okay, just don't take too long.
We don't want to miss the train.
It'll be quick.
You came to the right place.
I specialize in threat counseling.
So who is it that's threatening you?
Do you know who JANG Jung-jong is?
JANG Jung-jong?
What are you kidding? Everyone knows Triple J.
Triple J?
Triple J is a legend.
Supposedly, he once took on more than ten members of the...
Dolsan family all by himself. Some say it was more than that.
Just him and them.
JANG Jung-jong.
J, J, J Triple J...
People once compared him to Robin Hood.
He was poor fishermen's hero.
The Dolsan family's boss left Yeo-soo ever since.
And the two families became enemies.
Let's assume that Triple J has a daughter.
And some guy spent a night with her by accident.
And Triple J wants the two of them to get married.
But the guy refuses.
What do you think will happen to the guy?
That guy will disappear,
and nobody will ever find out.
because, he was buried in the ground.
Holy god.
Then what do you think
the guy should do?
There's only one answer.
He should get married, or commit suicide.
What? Suicide?
Think you can do it, kid?
Yes, sir.
She's pretty hot too.
It's not gonna be easy though.
Considering she's a designer and all.
If you take care of this,
I'll see about that commercial you wanted.
I'm not kidding you. You know my connections...
Let's just leave it at that.
Thank you, sir.
I would've done it myself, if it weren't for a family matter.
But need to stay out this time.
I'm counting on you, okay?
I'll keep that in mind, sir.
- Did you have lunch? - Mi-soon.
What brings you here?
Just stopping by. Who is he?
He'll be working with us.
Really? Nice meeting you.
I'm Mi-soon.
She's Mr. Jang's wife.
YEO Min-seok here. Pleasure meeting you.
My pleasure.
So you're the rookie model, YEO Min-seok, right?
What an honor... so what brings you here?
Stop embarrassing me, and just sit.
Do you always have to do that in front of other people?
We're gonna go now.
He had a really...
cute butt.
Why don't you go date him then.
Dirty whore.
You have a husband
to serve.
You're one to speak.
You're the one that sleeps around
with hostess sluts all the time.
What the...
Are you starting with me?
I didn't come here to see you.
I came to talk about our son. Like father like son.
I'm ashamed to visit his teacher.
Can I help you?
Are you... Ms. WON Hae-sook?
I'm Young-min's father.
Oh yeah, please come in.
Thought you were going to marry Yoo-jin.
What happened?
It's a long story.
Just go along with me.
A mob family? This is just so preposterous.
Please just bear with me today.
Or else, we're all dead.
What are you so scared of?
I maybe a retired colonel,
but I can take 'em.
Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it.
Dad, I don't think it'll be that easy.
You don't think I can take them?
Oh lord.
Dad, there they are.
Good to see you, sir.
It's a pleasure meeting the in-laws.
- Please have a seat. - Okay.
Cheers again!
To our family honor,
What is this a beauty pageant?
I know that you're all a little surprised by the whole thing...
But please be understanding
as I always like things done fast.
Why don't we set a date for the wedding while we're at it?
Sir, marriage I think should be
thought over more carefully.
Listen to him.
We were informed of this matter just recently...
so if you'll just let us think over this with some time...
Do you not like my daughter?
No, sir. That's not what we meant.
What's with the knife?
You got anything better?
What are you a sissy? Carry a bigger knife.
You see... this works.
This is a good knife.
You are right on, father.
Are you okay there?
Would you like to try this?
Her family was a little rough,
but she seemed very nice, right?
That's right, Dae-suh.
I think you should give this some thought.
I'm not getting married to no mafia.
We could all get hurt though.
I was so scared,
I couldn't tell where the food was going.
What's wrong with you?
I'm not marrying her regardless.
Hey, Dae-suh. Please think again.
I think it could really be something.
On the bright side, it could bring us wealth.
Dad, what happened to your
"I'll take care of everything" speech?
Why are you making a big fuss over a one night stand?
Excuse me?
I understand that your family's a bunch of thugs.
No wonder.
But don't you think that this is too much?
I think you're crossing the line.
Why is your family going all out to get your married to Dae-suh?
I've been going out with him for six years. Six god damn years.
Do you know what we went through during all that time?
How long did you know him?
About two weeks.
And of course, you probably slept with him way more times.
If you measure love by the number you've had sex with the person,
Why would there ever be divorced couples?
That's enough.
That's right, my family members are all thugs
you got a problem with that? Just shut the fuck up
before I rip your mouth.
You know Dae-suh would never
just randomly sleep around.
Who do you think you are?
You wanna die, bitch?
Need to calm down now.
You see...
I never gave two shits
about your boyfriend to tell you the truth.
But just because you're a little slut,
I just might as well take him from you.
So I don't ever want to see you again.
You don't think this is too much?
I mean... couldn't you find a man on your own?
Stop pretending like you're a goodie goodie.
Here in democracy,
I mean... what's up with all the violence?
If not smart, you should at least be nice.
If they use violence again,
I'm telling the police...
What was that for?
That's right,
my family's a bunch of low-life gangsters.
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Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1982
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