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Masques (Masks)

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So Gustave, that went quite well!
I'm overwhelmed...
That song brings back so many memories... But you were wonderful!
And now, number "8"!
And isn't she pretty? Now, what's your name?
Show our friends how pretty you are!
She's so moved... Even a bit scared... But don't be,
our friends are so kind!
Now, what have you chosen?
"White Hands"...
A pretty song, a shame it's been forgotten!
Move up to the microphone. A wonderful choice!
I leave you now with Emilie and her "White Hands"...
I'm awful there, with that charming Emilie.
It's like I wanted to look down at my watch...
I don't think so, sir.
A very sweet and charming moment...
In fact, I think I did want to look at my watch!
That would surprise me. Mr. Wolf has arrived.
Mr. Wolf? Let him in then!
This way, please... Mr. Legagneur will see you now.
Colette, Mr. Wolf is doing me the honor of writing my biography...
On the contrary, sir, you're giving me the pleasure!
Call me Christian or we won't get anywhere!
He also writes detective novels!
Under what name, was it?
Well, Roland Wolf!
Of course! It all gets so confused in my poor head...
I guess you won't be back this week?
You bet! My head's about to explode!
- And Wednesday's show? - I'm sure you'll manage.
And if I need to contact you?
Call Colette at the number I gave you.
Well then, try to relax.
And you, try to work hard!
Tell me...
I was thinking...
I'm sure you were!
For your book, the sooner'd be the better.
How long do you need to operate on me?
20 hours, I'm afraid...
Here's what I propose:
Thanks to the soccer championship, I'm off this week.
I'll take you along to the country.
We'll be in paradise! No phone calls, no pests...
Do you kike the country?
I prefer traveling, but the country's okay.
You can bring along your girlfriend.
- I haven't one at the moment. - What more could the people want?
How about knocking one back?
I must say I hoped for something like this.
I thought so.
You could've put it in the trunk!
I thought it was full.
Is that true, Max?
By the way, Max is mute.
A serious illness...
A sort of tongue cancer, with metastases in the ear...
They brought it to a stop, right Max?
Here we are! And welcome!
Max, show Mr. Wolf to his room.
See you in a few minutes...
What is all this junk?
My dear Roland... Take a seat there, next to Patricia.
She's got a strong grip... She's a masseuse. And a good one!
An in-house masseuse, what a luxury!
- Good to have someone new beside me. - She reads cards as well.
- Only for those I'm fond of. - You've never read them for me!
Cut the nonsense and pour us some wine.
My husband, Manuel Marquet.
Yes, pour us some wine. He's an expert in red stuff!
I ordered Clos-Vougeot, Moulis... Do you also want some Savigny?
You know you have carte blanche here!
You're in charge?
Christian was kind enough...
I'm not kind, I just rely on experts!
Very good.
Full-bodied, rich color, lingering taste...
Keep it under control!
We must admit it's excellent.
It's quite good.
Pheasant terrine... I hope you like game?
- The season's open? - Those are Max's little secrets!
Better not dig any deeper.
How do you like his cap? Isn't he handsome?
He loves wearing many hats. Right, Max?
And Colette, the best secretary I've ever had,
serves at the tables with an apron on.
You seem surprised, my dear Wolf...
- It's quite unusual. - Indeed!
That's why they do it, for the fun of it!
- Right, Colette? - Absolutely, sir.
It's very amusing to live several lives at one time!
Here you are, darling!
I'm late.
Catherine, my godchild...
Let me introduce you to Roland Wolf...
He's the one writing the book I told you about.
Forgive me for being late, sir.
Never mind.
Help yourself.
You eat like a bird!
Be a good girl.
- I put in the tablets. - Very good.
Drink it while you eat.
Not too unpleasant?
It's all right.
No point restraining your curiosity...
My goddaughter's been ill for several months.
All this because of a blasted quack
who came to cure her of simple food poisoning
and gave her a prescription so bizarre
that she was left paralyzed for several days.
Not paralyzed!
You couldn't use your legs, pet!
But things are going better,
thanks to a light though effective treatment
that Patricia helped me with.
Using only plants!
Unfortunately, her eyes are still sore...
You know what?
I'll close the drapes.
I think I'm done for.
You're very good.
You too are good,
but it's true you're done for.
No one can beat you, you know that.
Don't smother me with compliments,
and put down that knitting.
Don't worry, I'm doing it mechanically.
You look tired, little girl...
I'm sleepy as well.
We're all sleepy.
One thing: There're no hangers in my room.
Max will straighten that out.
Oh, that idiot has gone to bed!
You look after it. You know where the hangers are.
I'll bring the hangers to your room, sir.
Are these enough?
Oh yes! I'm very neat, but I don't have many clothes.
Well then, good night.
Why did you do that?
Because I love you!
I love your eyes.
Kiss me...
and look right at me!
Don't say anything to my godfather.
He trusts me so!
He's so afraid for me...
He's so kind...
My friend!
You slept well?
- Quite well. - Sit down.
You're an early riser, I like that.
It depends on the day.
Are you tea or coffee person?
I'll take tea, like you.
Would you like eggs?
- I'll take some toast. - Help yourself.
What would you say to a half-hour of jogging?
Frankly, it's not my cup of tea.
We'll get along just fine, but you're wrong. It feels great.
You get rid of all this filth inside...
It's almost a metaphysical exercise.
I must say I find it quite boring. I'm more of a tennis person.
You're a snob! But I'll put you up to it.
This is what I propose:
Can I speak informally to you? I can't work any other way.
We'll work for 2 short hours.
Then, Max'll take me to Paris for a business lunch...
I'll look after some things for next week's program...
When I'm back, we'll play a set or two.
- 2 hours isn't very long! - We'll work more tomorrow.
Come on, let's get a move on!
From the start:
My father was a druggist. He died when I was 12.
My mother was unable to work.
She never even thought of it! She looked after the estate
as best as she could, that is, not very well.
It was depleted very quickly.
How unpleasant it is to slowly grow poor,
to sink into discomfort...
But in the end, I found that people were generally quite kind...
Normally, people say the opposite.
We can only help those who have the strength to fight.
Very enlightening!
I'm not an intellectual, you know.
With me, everything's from the heart.
I chose this career, or it chose me, I don't know...
because I like people, no matter who they are.
When they come on stage
with their timid looks, their little bouquets, their thin voices...
it's so emotional...
It brings tears to my eyes...
Sounds silly, right?
But you'll write it as the duty of the powerful towards the weak.
I think I can manage that.
What's wrong, François?
The poor old girl!
She was wearing a sort of violet perfume... Horrible! It reeked!
You're quite the actor, aren't you?
Why? She was charming.
The fact is, I have allergies.
Not only to violets, but to dust, mosquitos,
feathers... They're the worst!
Aren't allergies rather psychosomatic?
That's what they say. But also the contrary.
Be careful about the mosquitos here.
Did you get bitten last night?
Last night? No.
Because mosquitos are dreadful!
The mosquitos come from the age of diplodocus...
The diplodocus disappeared,
but the mosquito survived!
- A beautiful metaphor. - I love metaphors...
It's the most subtle and powerful way of expressing complex ideas.
If you can decipher them... If they are decipherable.
That's the problem!
Otherwise, there're just images, which is already not half bad.
You're here, darling! We didn't hear you...
You crept in like a little mouse!
- A little mosquito! - I didn't mean to intrude.
Did you sleep well?
I've been up for a while.
What's this?
I made it.
It's baked clay.
Baked? Where?
In the kitchen.
In the oven.
You could've burnt yourself!
You need a special oven that has safety devices!
It's absurd! So much effort!
So what? You weren't happy.
Why, yes I was, Catherine!
The poor child...
I do everything I can to help her recover.
She starts getting better, and then has a relapse...
Wasn't it just her nerves?
She has no reason to be nervous!
I consider her as my daughter.
Her parents died when she was 5
in a tragic car accident...
We can't even glue it back together!
They were my best friends. They were killed instantly.
Since she had no one and I was her godfather,
I took her in,
and grew fond of her.
The love for children, you know,
it's crazy...
it eats you alive!
They're the real ogres!
Can you ring Colette? Near the chimney...
She's like a daughter to me... And she worries me.
I don't really know what to do.
- Why don't you call a doctor? - No.
They're the ones that made her like this!
Colette, can you take this away?
Catherine made it, then broke it.
The poor girl! I saw her run crying to her room.
Look after her. Try to console her.
I must go now. Where's Max?
I'll be back soon. Don't get too bored without me!
- I'll be transcribing. - And as soon as I return...
Rummaging, are we?
Mr. Legagneur has challenged me to a match.
If you accepted, you're crazy. He'll beat you.
I play well, you know.
At least, not bad.
He beats everybody. At every game. He's a monster.
He didn't beat Madeleine, did he?
You know Madeleine?
Not at all, he spoke of her to me.
She was a true champion, but he must've beat her
a couple of times.
And what happened to little Madeleine?
She left one day, like that, without any fanfare.
She went to the Seychelles.
She left a note for Christian. I think he was quite hurt.
But he's so kind, he made excuses for her.
When'll you do my cards?
Whenever you want.
But I'd rather do other things...
Come on, Patricia...
What do you expect? I'm a masseuse, first of all!
I bet you can't guess the origin of this wine...
I wouldn't even dare.
A salad comes after... Will that be enough?
Light lunches are healthier.
That's debatable!
Look at you! As fat as a monk!
Shall I serve you?
With pleasure!
And the wine, Mr. Wolf?
Excellent! But I couldn't tell you where it's from.
Of course, it's from Australia!
Catherine isn't eating?
No, she's in her room.
Her godfather wants her to rest.
I'll bring her something later.
Mr. Wolf
found Madeleine's racquet...
Little Madeleine...
You know Madeleine?
Not at all. Who's she?
A young girl... A friend of Catherine.
Mr. Legagneur invited her here for his godchild.
She wanted to be an actress...
She left one night without a word.
Se was a bit flighty...
She doesn't have a family?
I don't know. You should ask Mr. Legagneur.
Some salad?
May I take over Mr. Legagneur's office, this afternoon?
Or course, that was planned.
A little silly, right?
But you'll write it as the duty of the powerful towards the weak...
I think I can manage that.
You like to play the cynic... Young people like to be cynical.
But be careful:
In the end, I can learn as much about you, as you about mel
Maybe. But I've nothing to hide.
Me neither. And that's what makes my strength...
my sentiments, my emotions, my naivety, even...
I accept all that.
I'm not flattering myself, I'm just happy to be that way.
You're a happy man?
I feel good.
I feel well-balanced...
I'd like everyone around me to feel the same.
You should jog, Roland.
You'd breathe deeply, rid yourself of the filth inside...
Know St. Paul's epistles to Timothy?
Actually, I'm not the church-going type.
Catechism was a nightmare for mel
Even as kids, we thought it was a bore...
But St. Paul, that's something else!
It's completely modernl
What he says about understanding truth, for instance,
is extraordinary! What I want you to understand,
because it's the key to everything,
is that I love my work passionately.
Don't worry, I'm not saying it's a religion to me
but frankly, it's almost that!
I feel so strong...
St. Paul to Timothy...
"Let the woman be in silence with all subjection..."
and they seem so weak to me...
All my shows are taped. I'll play one for you, so you'll understand.
- So, did you work well? - Not bad.
I worked in your office.
Good move! It's a comfortable room, I like it very much.
Are things starting to take shape?
Yes, things are taking shape.
Excuse me,
but may I have a word with you?
Go ahead, my dear friend!
It's confidential.
Well then, let's speak in confidence!
You did well.
Let her sleep, I'll take care of it tonight.
And our match? No backing out, now!
- Dammit! - 30/40.
I'm going to lose,
but the match isn't even. I was a regular pig at lunch!
I think you're letting me win!
You guessed right.
You owe me another set.
I owe you nothing, but I accept.
I'm worn out!
You must be ranked, you cagey devil!
You're not so bad yourself!
Oh come on, I was heavy!
I was using Madeleine's racquet...
Yes, it's Madeleine's racquet.
I thought she took it with her.
- Who told you about her? - Patricia.
We came here before lunch.
You're fooling around with her? Be careful,
- she's a man-eater! - So it appears...
And just who is this Madeleine?
One of those girls who want into showbiz.
She followed me around for a month...
Like a regular groupie!
I thought she'd make a good friend for Catherine.
She was quite charming... Even quite pretty.
I invited her here for Easter, but she stayed 3 months.
Shall we go in?
- No relatives? - How should I know?
She never mentioned any.
And I never asked.
Why did she leave?
She left an odd note saying she was going on a trip.
Patricia said, to the Seychelles.
My old-timers win trips there, she must've dreamt about it, too.
- And Catherine? - She said nothing.
But why are you so interested?
I'm just intrigued by young people's behavior.
- May I ask you how old you are? - 27.
I'm also intrigued by young people's behavior.
Did you beat him?
I can't stay long.
What did you do all day?
I slept.
Colette told me he wanted me to sleep.
Were you tired?
I don't know... My eyes and legs were sore.
I like you.
I wanted to see you, but I was afraid I'd hurt him.
Fear the image of God...
It's a very common and dangerous image...
I don't understand.
Did you like Madeleine?
How do you know her?
I don't. I'm just asking.
I hated her. She was mean and deceitful.
- She returned evil for good. - What do you mean?
I don't want to talk about her. I was glad she left.
I must go.
Another time.
May I?
Show me your knees.
Do you have problems walking, these days?
It depends. In the evening, sometimes.
Don't be so upset, my pet!
Colette'll bring you your medicine.
Don't send me to the hospital!
Have I ever sent you there?
I know you like that young man very much. Don't say a word!
I was young once, myself.
I know that the feeling of love
is like a wave that's hard to stop...
But the problem is that Wolf is just having fun.
For him, women are only toys.
He takes one,
then another...
Toys are broken easily.
Especially by careless people.
Remember Madeleine...
You're not a toy.
I don't want you to be broken.
Everything's all right?
Quite fine!
There now...
Sleep tight.
We'll look after you.
They mustn't see each other!
We can stop them during the day, but at night?
Double her dose!
Why were those tires in my trunk?
It's scrap. Max'II go to Aida in 2 days.
Really bright!
Put your hands down, for the energy.
Put your hands down, for the energy.
So, you've taken over my territory?
Are you going to be long? I'd like for
Mr. Wolf and I to work a bit, if you don't mind.
Not at all! We'll continue later.
No problem.
Calling him by his first name?
Mr. Wolf asked me to.
He knows how to talk to women, that one!
Roland, be kind and pass me a cigar.
There's none left.
Manu's work again, right Patricia?
There must be some in my drawer.
You know now why I have them locked up.
Will you give me a little massage? I'm sore.
With pleasure.
No, the small gold one.
- Take one, if you want. - Never in the morning.
I'll go get my recorder.
That feels good!
That's wonderful...
Thank you, dear.
That reminds me of my youth, when I sang...
We had sessions with an old Chinese masseur.
He had extraordinary hands...
You sang?
Years ago!
I don't have good memories of it. But we must be honest, right?
Did you sleep well, last night?
Not bad. A few mosquitos... And you?
I cut myself off: Eyes covered, ears plugged...
Takes a lot to wake me up.
Why did you stop singing?
Allergies... They're awful!
They destroy the voice in 2 weeks! Horrible!
Just the thought of it and I'm in a cold sweat. After 25 years!
It's hard to sneeze for your supper!
- What a cruel way to put it! - Sorry.
- I'd kill my sister for a good pun. - How awful!
Be kind enough to leave us to our work.
Your charm can only distract us!
Isn't she amusing?
Stop that for a couple of minutes, would you?
You didn't ask about Catherine...
How is she today?
Still tired. Colette's looking after her.
Without meaning to, you've upset her a bit.
Me, upset her?
She's very fragile. And she's lonely.
I know she went to your room last night.
- It was all quite innocent! - What did she want?
To see someone, I think. To stretch out her legs...
She only stayed two minutes.
I must ask you to not see her today.
I'm not trying to.
And keep the balcony door shut. For the mosquitos!
No problem.
- Shall we begin? - Of course.
By the way...
Yesterday, Catherine spoke to me about Madeleine...
What did she say?
She was very odd... really violent...
She told me she hated her.
That may be it.
They were inseparable for 3 months...
What're you doing here?
They sent me out. It seems they're working!
Sure thing! I'm the one who's working here!
You're not complaining, are you?
I'm not. I'm not ungrateful.
But I'd like that journalist to go!
Yes... Something doesn't feel right.
He seems to be looking for something...
Something specific...
Like what?
I don't know.
It's too precise.
"Miss Catherine Lecoeur..."
"Miss Catherine Lecoeur
"and Mr. Christian Legagneur..."
"Legagneur and Lecoeur. Joint Account..."
"Deposit, Legagneur...
"Withdrawal: 75,000 Francs...
"Withdrawal, Legagneur: 90,000 Francs...
"Inheritance from Mr. And Mrs. Lecoeur to Catherine, minor..."
She's a minor!
"Mr. Christian Legagneur, one oil painting, by Claude Monet...
"One oil painting, by Monet...
"One charcoal sketching, by Claude Monet...
"Sale of "The Blue Mimosas"
"an old age home...
"to Mr. Christian Legagneur..."
An old age home... The bastard!
"Christian Legagneur, Capellaci Max...
"and Chapiteau Colette...
"Company name:
"AIDAAuto Demolition"
Okay, I get it now.
You scared me!
Sorry. I wanted some aspirin, I've got a splitting headache.
Come along, I'll get you some.
It's Bluebeard's den here!
His repertory costumes...
Mr. Legagneur collects them. How many?
A sleeping pill?
No thanks, I don't take them.
You're welcome.
Don't make a sound. I'm returning your visit.
- Go away, I'm tired. - Don't you love me?
Go away!
I've things to tell you.
I don't want to hear them. Let me sleep.
In fact, I'm going to wake you up!
You didn't tell me you were rich.
I said, you were, because you no longer are!
Your dear godfather robbed you blind.
Sometimes the truth can make you dizzy.
He took you under his wing for your money.
He diverted your funds, bought companies
from a scrap yard to an old folk's home.
A little soft shoe, then he robs them!
I don't believe you.
Your eyes look like a liar's. Let me sleep.
All this before you reach your majority... Of course!
He's been good and generous all his life.
- You must stop taking that medicine. - Shut up!
What are you doing here?
She fainted. Call a doctor!
Go and get Mr. Legagneur. No, I'll go. You stay here.
- What's happening? - We heard a scream...
It's nothing. Go back to bed.
Did she scream?
Can we help?
- Call a doctor. - I'll do it.
There'll be no doctor in this house!
Sorry, but they're the ones who put her in this state.
She's much better now, thanks to Patricia and myself.
- I was trying to help. - I know,
but things are more complicated than you think.
It'll pass. This isn't the first time, unfortunately.
- She should sniff vinegar. - It's no use...
She's burning hot...
You can all go back to bed.
I'll stay with Wolf. You don't mind, do you?
Not at all.
Call if you need anything.
Thank you, my friends.
Catherine, wake up, my child...
My little pet...
How did you get in?
She let out a terrible scream... She fainted in my arms.
She must've had a nightmare.
There she is...
Go to sleep now.
You can go now. Thank you for your help.
Please... It was only natural.
Will you sleep now?
And now, my dear friends...
we'll find out which of the charming finalists
have won the wonderful voyage to Polynesia...
15 days in heavenly locations... 1st class all the way!
An unforgettable vacation
that I'm so happy to present!
Attention! The score for each couple
will now appear on the board!
Control room,
let's have it!
Couple number 1...
56 points...
Couple number 2: 54...
Couple number 3: 51...
Couple number 4: 62...
Couple number 5: 55...
And, here we go... couple number 6...
Here we go!
59 points!
So, it's
couple number 4 who wins the trip to Polynesia!
So I'll ask Rosette and Maurice
to come and join me.
This envelope holds your happiness...
Who'll take it?
They're so cute!
- She holds the purse strings... - With my best wishes, Rosette!
Thank you Christianl Let me give you a kiss.
He shows such kindness!
You like him very much.
I'd be ungracious not to! He's so good to us.
I'm sure.
What a night! So, shall we play the game?
Christian'll interrupt us once again
No, he's with Catherine.
He's so worried about her.
You look much better. You're less pale.
- Right, Colette? - Without a doubt.
You faint too often, my dear.
You're much too emotional.
- I wasn't like this before. - You must've had a nightmare.
Tell me about it.
I don't remember.
I hope the journalist hasn't planted ideas in your head?
Don't cry.
Come on now, don't cry, my child.
Men have lots of imagination, you know.
Especially when it comes to seducing girls.
I'd like to go out.
I must get up, wake myself up.
Of course! You're not a prisoner.
I'll prepare your clothes. You can take a walk.
You'll succeed in your undertakings, but they won't earn money.
What a waste of time!
However, I see money...
You've reassured me.
There will be problems...
You go from hot to cold, don't you?
That's strange... Your cards are good,
but they fall in an odd pattern...
I'll have to make the best of it.
But, if you want, you could have an interesting affair...
It's not so bad, after all!
But you'll have to make the first move!
Am I intruding?
We've just finished.
Did she promise you good things?
- Not bad. - I'd say, so-so.
I've got some news that'll make you happy...
Catherine's much better this morning.
- You must be very glad! - I must say I'm relieved.
Take a look out the window...
I suppose you want to work?
A resurrection, isn't it?
You see, no need for a doctor.
You're right.
Listen, I'm hungry...
I'm going to brunch, as the Anglo-Saxons say...
So, why don't you join her?
I'm sure she'll thank you for last night.
I'll call you when I'm finished.
And don't whisper sweet nothings in her ear!
Thank you for last night.
Good! You've learnt your lesson by heart.
Your godfather sent me to you.
We're his puppets... Like his old folks.
If you've come to torture me, go away.
No, to open your eyes and make you see the danger!
He's so sure of himself,
he thinks anything I say will turn you more against me.
I'm just asking you to listen.
Don't be so familiar with me!
You approached me first!
Why'd you start hating Madeleine Chevalier?
You loved her, and suddenly you hated her!
She said the same things as me?
She realized your godfather had a scheme...
After your fortunes, he'll take your life!
You didn't believe her, did you?
And you started hating her!
You told Legagneur. He laughed his hearty laugh
and said Madeleine was crazy, bitter...
And unbalanced!
The proof: One day, she left without even a goodbye.
She didn't leave!
He made away with her, one way or another.
Like he might make away with you.
He thought she had no family to worry about her.
Roland Wolf isn't my name, it's a pseudonym.
And the book on Legagneur is a pretext. I came for Madeleine.
I'm in your hands. Do what you want.
Come on, old fellow, let's get to work.
There's not much time left.
Are you all right, Catherine?
I'm all right.
I'm stealing Wolf from you.
- You're looking great! - You, too!
I came to get a piece of bread.
Hungry, huh? Do you want some jam?
No, I don't like jam.
I saw you left the garden...
You're throwing him out? Don't you like him anymore?
I was afraid it'd scare him.
Are you crazy?
Please understand, I can't stand feathers!
I was allergic to them.
I almost lost my voice... I almost died!
Look at me...
Allergies are very dangerous.
It was the bird, or me.
Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
I heard you come in. I was waiting.
What's the matter?
- You woke me up. - Really?
I'm sorry.
I was asleep for too long.
But your eyes entered mine, I see clearly now.
He killed a injured bird,
just like its life meant nothing...
No more than any other life!
Do you believe me now? Do you trust me?
Yes. Take me with you. Let's go.
He's got every power to bring you back, and he'd use them!
He'd call the police.
Just tell him what you told me!
There's no "just" here!
His notoriety protects him.
Publicly, he's the best of men, oozing goodness, charity...
I have no proof.
He'd laugh with a twinge of sadness in front of so much meanness.
I'll find some other way.
It's you that doesn't trust me!
Don't say that!
I know it's true!
It's because I didn't believe Madeleine.
You couldn't believe her.
You were blinded.
I feel guilty.
She was my friend... So kind to me...
Suddenly, I started hating her. I didn't want to believe her.
She might've had many faults, but she never lied.
When I told godfather, my anguish nearly choked me.
It's all my fault.
No, you were in darkness, you couldn't see the light.
Think of yourself now. Forget the past, live in the present.
Tell me I'm not ugly...
He put that idea in your head, as well?
In his own way.
He'd say I was pretty,
but I shouldn't believe those who'd say I wasn't.
He's really the most incredible son-of-a-bitch!
It'll be a tight game. Think there's a chance?
Ask me.
Can you do it?
I want to be all yours.
You won't be mine, nor his... You're your own person.
But I'm giving myself to you...
Are you awake?
Did you sleep well?
Yes, thanks. I feel great this morning.
Mr. Legagneur will be glad.
Drink while it's hot.
I'm hungry...
Will you get me some toast?
I thought maybe you'd like a little jam...
I don't like sugary things.
Some more tea?
You're so kind to look after me...
- Happiness is a good appetite! - Quite true!
I'll miss your breakfasts.
The weather's so fine I went around the park.
- Jogging? - No, I took a stroll.
Tell me, old fellow...
Time's passed quickly, but tomorrow, it's back to the rat race!
I'm taping "Happiness for Everyone".
You're cordially invited, if you want.
I'd like to.
I'm very glad.
Usually, intellectuals despise
- these shows. - Not in my case!
Anyway, you've made me understand their interest.
Your book'II be good... You have everything you need for it.
I think I've got all I need.
And there's still today.
Look who's coming...
My dear, be careful of your eyes, it's very bright.
I've decided to get used to it.
I've decided to shake myself up.
You're very pretty...
May I ask you something?
Anything you want!
I'd like my checkbook.
I want to go shopping in Paris.
Are you sure you feel strong enough?
What do you think, Roland?
I don't want to interfere.
- Does that annoy you? - Of course not!
I'm happy to see you're feeling better.
I'm just afraid you'll tire yourself.
Well, all right. I'll ask Max
to get the car ready, and drive you there.
Don't get carried away! Enjoy yourself.
Watch your coat...
What's going on?
The battery?
The ignition?
Go check!
It's ridiculous, Max...
I'm not at all happy!
Sorry, Catherine...
- You must be disappointed... - It doesn't matter.
I'll go next time.
Get it fixed! And quickly!
This isn't good!
Catherine, put on your glasses, my girl...
The sun's so strong!
"The sun enlightens the sky", like the song says.
- You changed your mind? - The car's broken down.
That great car? What bad luck!
You said it.
"Tomorrow, the motor will hum...
"The lights will brighten up the dark hillsides"...
My dear Roland, your culture dazzles me!
Now, to work!
You're all right?
There's one thing you must emphasize:
The difficulty to stir up the public.
That's important.
Catherine's transformed!
She's sunbathing.
She's not thinking!
She's mad! What's gotten over her?
Excuse me for a moment...
Don't lie under the sun like that.
It's not good, it's even dangerous, I told you so.
- But it feels healthy! - Listen, my little girl,
I'm not used to giving ultimatums...
Either go into the shade, or go to your room!
It bothers you that I'm better.
Don't be silly, but don't lie out like that.
That's right, go inside.
For God's sake!
Mr. Legagneur isn't here?
He'll be back right away.
Wonderful, isn't it?
Mr. Legagneur loves beautiful books.
He loves all beautiful things.
Here he is!
Be kind and accompagny Catherine to her room.
I can go alone.
The studio called. You're needed there at 11 tomorrow.
As if I didn't know! They're extraordinary!
So, it's the final push?
In a sense.
My keys, then.
Don't take a sip, it's corked!
Bring another bottle, then.
The first time this's happened!
You should've tried it!
He tries them enough as it is!
The vacation's over. Tomorrow, it's the rat race.
But you love it!
That's true, but these 3 days have been very pleasant.
- This one's good. - I'll get some other glasses.
The roast looks overcooked, Max.
Look at that... lt's like leather. Unedible!
It's not your day, Maxime.
We should make shepherd's pie.
That's an idea.
That'll take 3 hours.
We can't wait 3 hours!
Make it tonight, and let's have sandwiches.
Will that be all right with you?
Good idea... That's just fine.
Colette, go get Maxime.
- He's making the fruit salad. - That can wait,
I want him now.
So Wolfie,
feeling downhearted?
Thanks to everyone, it hasn't felt like work.
Your work has only just begun!
Mr. Max, it's my great pleasure to raise a glass in your honor!
With this admirable shepherd's pie from a frightful roast,
you've given us a lesson in turning defeat into victory!
Long live Maxime!
You're a brave little soldier, I'm proud of you.
You've decided to battle your illness.
The best way to recover!
- Will you help me? - Of course!
I'm going to bed, I'm tired.
I must get up early for Mr. Wolf's departure.
Say goodbye now, in case he leaves earlier.
Right, that'd be wise.
There're taxis at the station.
Well, in that case...
Glad to have met you...
Me, too. I hope you get well soon.
I'm on the way, now.
If your godfather permits me, I'll give you a kiss.
Go right ahead, my old fellow!
A little formal, aren't we?
I'II leave you with Manu and Patricia for a moment,
in Patricia's experienced hands!
I've something to look after with Colette.
I'll join you in a minute in the library.
Be kind enough to wait, I've something to ask you.
Turn on the TV, the soccer final's on tonight, alas!
I say "alas", but actually I'm happy I'm going back.
Come on Colette, to my room! All my papers are there.
Manu, have one of my cigars!
It's getting tense.
That lousy bastard!
We looked after him, right?
I don't know.
Better to make certain.
We only have to do the same thing as before.
I don't see why.
Tell him! He gets on my nerves.
Christian means that this guy has ties.
It's different than a runaway with no one.
His disappearance would create a fuss.
Let's "suicide" him.
Too risky!
Catherine's just as dangerous.
- I can't control her. - Me neither.
She's playing around with me.
It's hard to admit it, but it's true.
Anyway, it had to happen.
She's the one we'll take care of.
You scared me!
Did I?
What's going on?
You're packing?
You want to leave me?
I suppose you want to leave with Wolf?
You're in love with him?
Look at that...
her little chin is trembling...
You think I'm going to scold you...
You think I won't understand?
You love Wolf? All right!
Okay! It's the best I can say.
Do you want some money?
To buy a few dresses...
This bag's in a state! Colette'll help you with it.
Never mind.
You must go to the station... Colette'll help...
And Max, too.
You already know the way!
You can't do that to me!
I'm not doing anything, you're the one that's going.
Take the back staircase.
Too bad you can't come with us. We'll visit wine caves...
They uncork such extraordinary wines...
It'll last 15 days, 15 great days!
Leave him alone.
No, it's very interesting.
Was I too long?
You didn't exactly take the smallest one!
You're not watching the match?
Patricia didn't want to.
When the French don't play, it doesn't interest me.
I'd rather watch your show.
I never could stand watching myself.
Are you all right?
She's as light as a feather.
Excuse me, but I've to go early tomorrow.
I'll go, too. You always wake me in the morning.
Are you coming?
Stay, Roland... I've something to ask you.
In case I don't see you tomorrow, here's a kiss.
Thanks for telling my fortune.
If you change your mind, I leave at 8.
It's silly, I wanted to play chess!
For the pleasure of beating me.
I accept.
- But under one condition. - Go ahead.
Tell me why you change the way you address me.
Good question! It's simple:
Friendship is of the heart, reasoning demands distance.
It's either sentimental, or social...
- Is that good enough? - Interesting...
- Right, or left? - Right.
You lose.
One can win with the black.
Help me.
Are you coming?
Shut up and drive.
I must confess something, Christian...
May I?
It won't disturb you?
"Wolf" is a pseudonym.
My real name is Roland Chevalier.
Madeleine was my little sister.
Well, what do you know!
Don't you believe me?
She always hated traveling.
She only wanted to be an actress.
She wouldn't waste her time in the Seychelles.
Hollywood, perhaps.
She didn't mention Hollywood in her note.
All I know is that she disappeared.
What do you want me to say?
Tell me: "how much".
I don't get it.
Tell me "how much".
You want me to say "how much"?
How much?
But Catherine's yours, my old fellow.
Didn't you notice?
and the money.
Grooms are demanding these days!
I'd sell my soul for the Impressionists.
Who's there?
It's me, forget it.
- Want a beer? - No time!
Ask Totor to look after the Cadillac in the morning.
The pink Cadillac? Okay.
I thought I was on the right track...
Where did I make my mistake?
You didn't make any specific mistake.
You were just a little too optimistic...
and you lost.
Good night, old fellow. Sleep tight.
My God!
Totor'll crush it at dawn.
- Wake up, for God's Sake! - Are you nuts, or what?
You must help me, Catherine's going to be killed!
- How come? - She's been kidnapped!
Do you know the scrap yard's address?
Manu, wake up!
Give him the scrap yard's address!
Aida's scrap yard?
I had some bottles delivered there...
- I'll come along. - I can't wait!
You're both angels. Not a word to anyone.
There's taxis at the station.
I know.
Max came by last night... The pink Cadillac goes first.
Sure, buddy...
I'm with Max... Was he here?
Yeah, for the Cadillac... Totor's on it with the crane.
Change of plans! Forget the Cadillac.
So, I let it go?
put it down!
Can't you make up your mind?
What the hell are you doing?
- Are you off your rocker? - Help me open the trunk.
There's someone in there! Help me!
The crowbar...
Call an ambulance.
Is she alive?
Who's this chick?
My wife, I think.
Mrs. Lemonnier and Mr. Loury...
who will perhaps soon be Mr. And Mrs. Loury...
Where are you from?
I was a grocer in Pontoise for 40 years.
Now, I'm retired, and I feel wonderful.
I can understand!
And you, Simone? Simone, isn't it?
I'm a grandmother, and even a great-grandmother!
Before, I was a laundress.
A great-grandmother and a laundress, do you believe that?
How's it feel to be an engaged great-grandmother?
Her little chin is trembling...
But she told her many children
that she met a fiancé thanks to this show.
I certainly did, and they're very happy.
And I'm happy they're happy!
But I can tell you, they'll be jealous
when they know what you've won.
A trip...
My God, it can't be!
And not just any trip... A trip around the world!
That's what you've won, a trip around the world!
And now, a young couple'll present you with the tickets...
And don't lose them!
A young couple, waiting there at the back of the studio...
Our surprise guests!
No need to tell you everything has an end...
Mr. Loury, I must confess something to you.
I don't like old age. It frightens me.
You shouldn't.
Same with the public. They disgust me.
Deep down, you know what I like? This!
So, my golden-age fiancés, isn't that wonderful?
- Yes, it is! - It's horrible!
It's a total fraud!
Because it deals with the heart.
We make you believe there's a little heart somewhere,
and you eat it all up!
Flaunting what should remain private,
the definition of obscenity!
You couldn't know! Anyway, it's not important.
To think I've always loved beautiful things...
Why do we always do the opposite of what we like?
Maybe life forced you?
Sure did!
Life never forces anyone to do garbage.
No, it's something else.
Something else... I've always believed
that life was a game,
and that I was the manager of the toy department.
Problems backstage... The risks of being live on air!
Gentlemen, allow me to finish the show in a blaze of glory!
Wolf, what long teeth you have...
You, knight at another's table...
In the end, the black can win!
Ladies and gentlemen, I have only one thing left to say,
from the bottom of my heart:
Get fucked!
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