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Massacre 1989

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Hi cutie, do you want to make love? Mmmm?
Hey. I've never seen you around here before.
Well? What do you want? Huh?
Do you want me? Do you?
No! No! What are you doing? What?
I'll do whatever you want No! No! Please! No! Please!
No! Here! Take my purse! Do you want money? No!
"Lucio Fulci presents"
"an Andrea Bianchi film"
"directed by Andrea Bianchi"
Cut! Enough with the fire! And stop this damn smoke!
And stop that Goddamn chanting! I said stop!
Are you going to wake up or should I kick your ass?
That's enough. It's too fake, we need to do it again.
This is a shitty film anyway.
Can someone get me a blanket please?
I'm freezing, a blanket please. Production! Isn't there anybody?
You're all so inconsiderate...
She's cold, do you want her to catch a cold?
Here you go, dear. Thank you. Whhhew. Better?
Such a baby, it makes me so upset
It's called homosexuality, my dear
Homo? She's a lesbian, she only likes women! And besides, I already knew.
Production... A car to take Jennifer to the hotel
We must talk it's very important.
Okay, thank you everybody we're done for today
I want a copy of everything we shot today
Okay Frank.
Thank you Jack, good night Goodnight, Miss Jennifer
Hi John
You're done already? I thought I'd be waiting all night long.
But no, she finished early She's not like you.
She's a real professional.
Are you trying to say I don't know how to do my job?
No! I don't want to argue, Sam Listen I already told you.
Hey! Hey! Calm down, that's enough.
We all meet in the dining room in half an hour.
Frank has something to tell you, it's very important
Okay Robert, I'm taking a shower. I'll be down quickly.
Idiot! Watch what you say! Otherwise I'll!
Put your hands down.
What's my opinion of you? I'm doing an article about it.
Calm down, don't get worked up!
We'll talk later.
I've been waiting for an hour - ah?
Maybe I deserve something Special for surprising you.
Isn't this a scandalous situation For somebody in your position?
If you think about it... Yeah! But I don't want to know.
Let me make this clear, this isn't about your ability.
I'm convinced that today, a film of this type can't be bogged down with the style of the 30's.
This is because...
Our generation knows what horror really looks like.
Perhaps because of the graphic depiction of war, plus...
The cinema has created zombies and other monsters
Today even a child knows everything about horror and terror.
So then...
If we want to scare the public we must, in my opinion, stick close to reality.
Being too imaginative isn't a good idea.
Fantasy can never be real.
So I'm convinced that we have no other choice but to...
Push reality to the limits in our horror production
Voodoo, Sabbath, Parapsychology Spiritualism, these are real.
I've decided to include scenes inspired by a sťance in our film.
It will add realism to the production.
I make this decision after much consideration.
None of you have ever assisted in an authentic spiritual sťance.
Usually, a true medium will only perform publicly for science.
But I've already convinced a Master of magic to work with us.
Besides being an excellent medium She's written many books
...on parapsychology, cults, black magic and white magic.
She also has complete knowledge of complex Greek philosophy.
And she uses this technique in her sťances...
And so? Well, for now... That's all, any objections?
Objections?! I just want to see you do pull this off!
This is all we need! Do you know how much this joke cost?
Millions, my friend! And you ask if I have objections?!
It's just a figure of speech, what do you think?
It's all bullshit!
I was expecting that type Of comment from you.
Then why did you ask me? Just to make the star happy?
Don't forget it little man, because of me you eat too!
Yeah, without us you wouldn't have any box office appeal!
Go fuck yourself!
Does that mean you're quitting, eh?
Get that out of your head, I'm smart.
And I plan to be here for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Until the contract is over.
Ha! Have a good time! Goodbye.
Should we leave, too? That's a good idea, let's go?
Are you coming to my room? No, I need to return to the city.
I've got to check in at Headquarters
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
Sure, so why aren't you interested in the new script?
I'm interested. That's why they pay me, but...
It's still just a bunch of superstitions.
You, my dear, are the only piece of reality for me.
If I could I'd do anything for you...
For you my love, Goodnight.
'Til tomorrow
Goodnight my friends.
Bye Jenny- Goodnight, Jennifer
Car 1. Emergency code Z-27 Requesting backup immediately.
Car 1. Respond as soon as possible Report to headquarters.
Auto 1, do you hear me? Repeat... Backup requested.
Okay, Unit 1, Received
Hello, Captain I was the one who called...
Excuse me, there's a big problem,
Yeah, I heard A Z-27
Yes, I'm afraid so.
Who is she? Look
The body was massacred. This is all we need!
Forget it... Do we know who she is?
Yes, we found her purse With some ID.
I don't remember her name, She was 22 years old.
First she was killed, then raped.
She was a prostitute, Walter.
Whoever did this... She didn't deserve it!
You know the procedure... Then meet me at the station.
Okay Boss. Gerald, don't call me boss!
Okay, that word "Boss" It bugs me.
Okay boss, I mean Captain.
It's not like me to apply pressure to my people.
And I wouldn't do something like that to you. But I'm being crucified
I've got all these politicians yelling at me. What can I do?
Tell them to fuck themselves ... all of them! Even the mayor!
It's too easy to criticise and sit back in an easy chair
Yes, I know that, but you must understand them.
It's the 4th murder of this type, in 20 days!
You're right, perfectly right. What can I tell you?
I'm dealing with a lunatic who Kills whenever he feels like it.
Nobody can predict his moves.
Even with all my men... We don't know what we're fighting.
Yes, correct but it doesn't mean you can take it easy.
You can't relax. You must Keep investigating!
Arrest anybody suspicious! Invent something!
Do whatever you want! Just move!
No, you know me too well, I don't do shit like that.
I know, but I'm in trouble.
Let me work in peace, Okay.
What a damn mess!
Excuse me, my name is Irene Ullich.
And I'm here for Mr. Robert Arnold.
We were waiting for you You are the ghost killer.
I don't kill anything and GHOST is a word I don't like.
Call them SPIRITS, that's the Word I like.
Welcome, Madam Ullich I am the producer of the film
I thought for our purposes it Would be best at 9 tonight.
Any hour is a good hour.
The other world doesn't live by a timetable.
Okay, come, I'll show you the place I choose for the sťance.
Who is it?
It's me, Mira Come in!
Excuse me Oh, don't worry.
Come, come on in.
You can sit on the bed if you want.
The sťance is set for 9.
Ah yes, where? I don't remember.
The tennis club
Madam Ullich will be in charge.
A woman? - Yes -
Do you believe in these things?
What things?
I don't know enough about it to give an opinion.
Oh, damn I can't snap it on garters are a problem for me.
I usually only use the snaps on the side, it's practical.
I'll do it, wait.
And what do you think?
You have beautiful legs
No, about the sťance...
I prefer your legs. The sťance,
well it scares me
I don't like it.
It's done in the dark, and the dark scares me.
Why? There's no reason for that.
Since I was little, I've been afraid of the dark.
Can I ask you a personal question?
Ask anything you want I have no secrets.
Have you ever made love to a woman?
Only one time. What?
Only one time. Did you like it?
I really can't say. I was 8 and the other girl was 7.
We played around for an hour but it ended up as nothing.
Then we decided it would be more fun to eat some Strawberry cake.
Maybe we should try it again.
Think so? No, it's better if I don't
They might not have strawberry cake in the hotel.
Excuse me a moment.
That bitch, she gives herself so much credit...
And all beause she can make a table float
She's pissing me off... She's ruining my film.
Calm, calm down...
IF you don't mind... It's MY film!
Okay, Do you know what I'm going to tell you?
You can shoot the sťance by yourself, you and the witch!
And I'm going to get some good money from the agency, clear?
Listen Gordon, give me a minute...
For what?
So I can tell you what you and your agency can do!
Ah... go fuck yourself!
No, I'm not interested I don't enjoy fucking myself.
Remember Gordon, the sťance is at the tennis club.
What are you doing in front of that window?
Stay where you are. Don't let yourself be seen.
And why?
And who shouldn't see me?
I should've guessed it. That slut!
I'd cut here to pieces if I could.
What does she have? What do you see in her?
I could renew my contract through her. That would be Ok.
Yeah, until she figures it out.
She wouldn't figure it out... Unless your damn tongue wags.
You can tell me anything, I won't talk!
Keep watching your porno show.
Dirty whore!
The show is over, tell me Why you were doing it.
Oh, don't start. I'm not saying anything.
Listen you! Don't be a bitch to me!
Tell me, have you talked to Mira?
Ah! Still about here?! I'm tired of this shit!
Jerk yourself off!
I won't permit you to talk this way.
Do you remember, I found you in a stinkin' alley?
In the eyes of the world you are my wife. And you should act like a wife.
And is it proper for your wife to take a lesbian to bed?
You're not here to think, You're here to obey.
Do you understand? Obey!
Now, you have 24hours to get that lesbian in bed with us.
Otherwise, pack your bags and go to the shithouse gutter.
Everything depends on you, decide.
Okay, I have decided I do whatever you want.
Good, you know how to use your brain.
Remember 8:30, the tennis club.
Are you from the film?
No, madam. I'm just a modest officer of the police force.
But you have a handsome face and a gentle soul.
You move me, madam.
I hope to see you again
I hope so, ma'am.
Hi Lisa.
I met the medium.
Hi Romeo, how are things going?
If you're looking for Juliet She's around here someplace.
Probably in the arms of some ghost.
You know you look like a good person.
Neverjudge by appearance it can trick you.
Listen. I have a question but answer me honestly, promise.
Tell me, would you like to see Jennifer make love with a woman.
I don't know if I'd like to See Jennifer -
But two other beautiful women Probably, yes
Seriously? Sure?
Are you a pig? All men are pigs!
Oh, darling! I'm sorry I'm late.
Everybody is crazy here. A simple thing like this.
It's become so complicated
If it weren't for me.
We'd be sitting around Playing 20 questions.
I take it, everything is all right?
Yes, now. Yes. Thank God We're about to start. Come on.
No, No. Wait a minute, when it comes to spiritualism.
I prefer to stay very far away maybe with a bottle of whiskey.
Jennifer, Jennifer. We're ready, C'mon, move.
I don't want to go, Bob. I'd rather stay here with him.
No. You're coming with me. You're not staying with anyone.
Wait! Move, wait a minute.
You smell like Whiskey
It's better than smelling Like shit!
Shut up! Move! Bastard
Double Whiskey. What kind?
Mclntosh Okay
Okay, I want everything to be authentic.
My actors need to understand How a sťance is conducted.
Mira is the assistant director He's Adrian and...
Gordon is the writer... Ahhhh
I see some actors are missing they should be here now.
But you already met most of them and you know what I expect.
Everyone needs to fully understand,
What it means to be involved in a spiritual sťance.
Tables that shake don't impress me.
There's Jennifer, Lisa is still missing.
But Robert went to get her When she arrives, we'll start.
Please assign placement There's Lisa
we're ready I already told you everything.
I understand, we can start Please sit very calmly.
Jennifer... here
Mira... here
Robert... there
Lisa... there
John... over there
Adrian... please
Gordon... there
And you there.
I want you to take each others hands, and don't let go.
No matter what happens.
Very good
Another one
Five cognac and a mineral Water, room K2
I'm coming
Should I turn off the lights?
Yes please, but come back quickly. Certainly
Please don't break the chain. Okay?
Please... Silence.
This sťance will be with my Spiritual guide, Gabor.
Don't be afraid, my spiritual guide is very gentle.
Remember, absolute silence...
the slightest noise will disturb things.
None of you should worry if I do strange things or scream.
Do you all understand? Certainly.
Now silence. It's very important You all concentrate.
Your concentration helps me
Helps me with my spiritual guide, Gabor
What grand medium Gabor was, from Budapest.
Known around the world
Now, concentration...
Go away! Go away! You're not Gabor.
Go away! Go away! You're not Gabor.
Go away! Go away!
I can't open it! Help me!
It won't open! It doesn't open!
Open this door! Help! Open! Help!
Get away from the door. Quickly.
Calm down everybody. The door was jammed.
Can you tell me What happened?
The medium lost control.
Is she alright?
Be quiet Robert, Are you alright Madam Ullich?
Yes, everything's fine I told you not to worry.
What happened?
There was some confusion. You started screaming.
Screaming? What?
A lot of things, No, go away, you're not Gabor
And I think you said something about Rack.
I said that? You're not mistaken?
No, we all heard it. Rack was the name, right?
Listen, who is Rack?
He is a very evil spirit, Very evil.
Rack's been trying to break thru, he cuts his victims to pieces.
No! Please don't forget He's only a spirit.
He can't hurt us. Now everyone, Go back to the hotel.
You need rest, try to recover from this incident.
Take whatever is necessary, from this experience
I'll make this clear, we aren't going to repeat it again
Here you go, Madam Thank you.
Believe me, I was really scared.
Now it's over
But you'll stay with me? But I can't.
Okay, at the same place
John? It's me.
John? It's me.
Oh, John sweetheart!
Listen, this isn't Wimbledon...
Don't you think you could spare me some serves
My friend, I won't purposely play bad.
Come on. Take this one
What the hell? That's the 15th ball you hit out of bounds.
Okay! Okay!
We don't have anymore. Go pick them up!
Okay! Okay! Don't get upset
Hey Robert How are you?
I'm good Have you seen Lisa?
I don't know where she is She seems to have disappeared.
I asked the others, but nobody has seen her.
Don't worry, Robert. Women like Lisa don't disappear.
Sooner or later they come back to ask for more money.
Frank! Robert! Come quick!
Adrian! Where are you?
Look over there!
How is that possible...
That's enough! You just don't want to understand.
I can't do it anymore I'm at my wits end.
Sick of your absurd stories! You're trying to drive me mad
Tell that slut to take a hike immediately.
No, I can't do it right cut!
I'm too upset over what happened.
Please Jenny...
Filmmaking isn't hard
It's like a machine that marches on.
We can't stop, no matter what happens.
This may seem cynical but it's the damn truth.
Yeah, Robert But it's impossible.
Jennifer, please darling don't give me trouble.
If you want we can stop for a few minutes.
No, I want to return to the hotel, lend me your car.
No, wait a minute
Please, excuse me, I can't.
Okay. We're going to change the program.
Quiet! Call Andrew immediately.
The report from the autopsy arrived.
The girl was killed with a spike.
From the marks on her body the first blow was to her chest.
Until now, that lunatic would just kill...
I don't understand why he put her on that merry-go-round
Yeah, it looks as though we're dealing with the same person.
I hope so, if another killer appears our boss will go nuts
Do you think this film crew is in danger?
I'd say no, the killer doesn't hit twice in the same area
He's too smart to make that mistake.
But we should keep our eyes open
Don't worry, I'll keep a watch on Ms. Jennifer Relax, boss.
Cut out the "boss", excuse me.
Listen I'm going to the set You go to the hotel, yes sir.
Is somebody leaving?
Ms. Ullich is returning to the city
Quiet please, let's begin.
Cameras, clapperboard.
DIRTY BLOOD Scene 60B - Ready- - Action-
Stop! No! That isn't it.
Excuse me, Adrian help me solve the problem
Yes, tell me, I'll do anything for you.
Yeah, but I need to ask you something almost impossible.
Try me.
I would like to film all your scenes without any interruptions
You mean consecutively without stopping?
Within reasonable time
I know I'm asking for the moon.
If you asked for the moon I'd get it for you, certainly.
Okay, I'll do it.
Okay, ready to film, silence please.
I'll start with the stars of Hollywood.
Okay, Are we ready
One moment and I'll be ready.
Clapperboard ready
Sound, wait a minute, ready Clapperboard.
Ready with sound. 6 seconds, playback.
Okay, Liza Minelli CABARET
And now another star of Hollywood. You all know her
She was the poor Marilyn Monroe I'm ready for you Marilyn Monroe
Don't get upset if my skirt blows up
It was you who showed me how to drop my guard and...
...marry Joe DiMaggio and I'll do it for you
Now, back to the living
For you, my darlings.
A girl who came to Hollywood from Germany
Her name was Marlene
Every weekend under the stars close to the house I waited
Every evening I would wait and all the world screamed
Where? Where does Marlene live? Hola Baby
Stop Great! Like that! Print it. You were fantastic!
You treat me like a woman...
For a moment I believed it
Okay Adrian, very good
Excuse me, Frank I need to handle something
Okay Robert Later Later
What are you doing to my car?
Nothing, just looking. Did he bring you here?
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the ghost in the drivers seat.
You have a strange sense of humour.
I hope to see you again
I hope so too...
And have a good trip.
Okay, everybody that's enough for today.
This is everything we shot today, yes yes
Is that Okay? And those are the negatives?
Excuse me, but where is Jennifer
She wasn't feeling well she went back to the hotel.
Thank you You're welcome
Sure, within an hour
Yes, darling I want to see you
Okay, one hour at the restaurant by the lake.
Okay? Lt'll be quiet without the film crew.
Yes, that's a good idea, I'll see you in an hour No, I'll use my car
What's this? What's happening?
I don't understand any of this.
Oh, what luck! Am I happy to see you!
My car didn't want to start
Don't worry, you're here now
Can't we order something right away?
What do you mean? Don't tell me you're leading me into sin again.
What are you saying? I would never try to seduce you
Well, I don't believe a word of that.
Let's try ordering the oysters I hear they're exceptional
It's an aphrodisiac
Okay, I'll try the aphrodisiac It works, you know.
To our evening, my darling to us And to the night that follow
It's a wonderful evening it seems almost impossible... think that in this world horrible things continue to happen.
According to our research every 2 minutes someone dies in a violent manner.
Ahhhhh. It's scary!
No! Don't touch anything Jennifer!
But why? Why? It's horrible!
Calm down. Calm, Jennifer!
It's horrible
Tell me, are you trying to make me have a heart attack?!
It's insane! What is the explanation of all this?
Why are these things happening at a miserable hotel.
Just a miserable hotel in the country! Ah, no! Forget it!
I know! The entire state police to the last man,
has decided to protect the integrity of this hotel
We're all getting into trouble on this one.
Certainly! And that hotel isn't above scrutiny in this case.
The entire mess is absurd...
That lunatic has struck twice in the same place
And you're trying to convince me that he's going to do it again!
I don't know but it's a possibility.
What should I tell the media?
Tell them you identified the crime weapon.
What weapon?
The autopsy confirmed that Madam Ullich
Was killed with a spike before being hung on the fence
Exactly like Robert's wife
And this is called news?
It's all we've got...
But meanwhile, it will keep the press happy.
They aren't stupid.
Fine! Go to hell!
He's really leaving?
Oh, Gerald. Hi, boss. Oh, excuse me
Come. What do you want to drink?
I'll have something non-alcoholic. Thank you.
I'm sorry, there's nothing non-alcoholic here.
Okay, then I'll have an Amaretto.
Gerald! Why do you ask for things that aren't here?
Not on purpose, Sir. Mmmm. What's new?
I've inserted all the data into the computor.
The result... nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact...
Things are more complicated...
The computer says there are 2 different killers.
Yeah, but even computers make mistakes.
The odds are a million to one. No way, and I know it.
Does the chief know? No, not yet.
Don't tell him. It will only make him more agitated.
Do you like the chief?
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him.
Don't worry about it. Relax. Listen to the music and drink.
What is this?
It will help you forget everything except your fantasies
I know a little quiet place, really?
Well darling. Let's not go too far away.
And besides, I don't want you to get out of the mood
Relax. I'll take care of it. Yes. Yes, as you say
But we won't be long, right?
Don't worry. You'll be back in the city within an hour.
We're almost there.
It's marvellous here. Don't you think so?
Come on, what are you waiting for?
I'm afraid.
Ah, come on! What are you saying?
Come on, strip dear. I feel in top form tonight.
If you give your all you'll see how nice I can be.
I know what you mean, I hope it doesn't take too long.
He's here! Quickly! There he is, hurry!
Get him!
Hurry, Hurry!
They aren't here anymore. They all went away.
The police, they were taking turns keeping guard.
Now they've left. We're all alone, alone!
Don't be an idiot. What kind of danger is there?
Especially with you here, symbol of masculinity.
Look who's talking, and you consider yourself a woman?
No, but you are.
So funny!
Certainly, I'm gay but you need some dick.
The only difference between you and me is one thing.
You don't have anybody who gives it to you, and I do!
You dirty bug! Stop!
Calm down everybody. That's enough.
What happened to the telephone in this hotel?
I've been trying to call all morning.
Something was wrong with the patch bank.
All morning long? Huh? Why?
I wanted to let everybody know We arrested the killer last night.
He cut up two more people, but he was arrested and jailed.
He was an escaped psychopath from an asylum.
And that's why we stopped the surveillance at the hotel
You don't need it anymore.
Thank God it's over! Now everything is Okay.
All right everybody, this is a great time to begin again.
We're late on the film and there's a lot to do.
Adrian, it's your turn. I'm always ready, darling.
Somebody tell Frank we're working.
First I'll have my makeup done then we'll have breakfast.
How does that sound?
That's why I'm here.
Silence! Cameras!
Clapperboard DIRTY BLOOD 4515
Like that... slowly Touching... totally
Yes, like that it's chic
Get up. Good. Like that.
And now, turn.
Stop! Good, like that print it...
Good Adrian you were great!
In scene 58, we made various changes.
I'll expect you this evening at the Canoe Dock, 9 o'clock.
Don't miss it. It's very important for you.
Go ahead darling. I'm very tired, today's been a massacre.
I'm going straight to bed.
Okay, whatever you say, see you tomorrow.
What's wrong? Is something wrong?
No, nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Good night. Good night.
At the Canoe Dock, very important for you
He's a little strange Huhuh
Well, goodnight good night.
Ah yes, you were the last one to see her.
Then you disappeared unexpectedly. For the past few days.
Stop talking shit.
You know, when I'm not shooting I can go anywhere I want.
Yes, sure. But something doesn't feel right.
First, at the spiritual sťance
Then the death of Lisa, your lover.
Jennifer, Jennifer!
Jennifer, are you there?
Stop. What are you insinuating with these accusations?
Why don't you take it to the police?
I told you once before
You can depend on me. I keep my mouth shut.
Who's here? Stop kidding around!
Jennifer, is that you?
Let's go!
Oh, Darling!
I couldn't stay at the hotel
I'm glad you came
I was just thinking about you
I want to stay here with you.
I'm happy. Happy you're here.
I'm ruined. Ruined! Understand?
I don't feel bad for you. You recalled the men right after we arrested that lunatic.
You were too anxious to close the case
That decision sent those other 3 people to hell.
Now you're in deep shit!
What should I have done?
Everyone was convinced he was the killer.
Everybody except me. You never asked me.
You were too much in a rush to look good for the press.
Watch what you say to me we're in the same boat.
And if it sinks, you'll go down, too.
That remains to be seen...
If it is true, I'm a good swimmer.
Things are getting bad You should trust me.
Why should I give up everything? To save your skin.
Scrap the film, let the insurance pay off.
Yes. Yes, but...
Hi, Walter. It's me. Call me when you get in.
I'm at the police station.
Listen to me, you shit!
Don't get involved in something bigger than you.
Stay away from Jennifer. It's her turn this time.
It's for you. Thank you.
Hello, boss...
They already took the bodies.
Yes, I'm listening.
Oh my God! Yes, sure. I have one in the car.
I'll show her how to use it. Count on me, boss.
I'll meet you as soon as I can.
Hello, Rick? It's Walter. Listen to me carefully.
I have a voice recorded on my answering machine.
It's a muffled voice... probably through a handkerchief.
Listen to me, are you able to clean it up? Would we be able to identify it?
Good, how long?
Okay, okay. Don't move. I send it to you immediately.
Oh, by the way, contact me at this number with the results.
Write this down: 375-2688 It's a hotel.
I'll be there in a few minutes See what you can do, later...
Going out? Mr. Frank... Mind your own business.
There you go. As you can see It's very easy.
All you need to do is unlock the safety... and point.
Here you go.
I'm not capable of using this.
Don't be too sure...
I'll be there, but if there's an emergency... hmmmmmm?!
Are you leaving?
Relax. Don't worry, I'll be right outside in the hallway.
I'll be within earshot Relax.
I'm very grateful.
This is my job.
Here. I'm right here. Thank you.
There's a call for you from the station.
I heard your siren, boss... Excuse me.
What are you doing here? I told you not to leave Jennifer.
Not for any reason. Relax, she's not in danger.
How do you know?
Rick called me from the lab.
He identified the voice on the tape.
He identified it? How?
The voice was distinctive. It's your voice, Captain.
My voice?
Certainly. Boss, excuse me. Your voice.
Go away. Go away.
Are you sure of what you're saying bastard?
Or are you trying to trick me?
Boss, I...
What are you doing? Why?
Boss, What's wrong?
I'll cut you to pieces You dirty bastard!
Where's Miss Jennifer?
She left a little while ago.
Why? Did something happen? Lieutenant.
No! No!
Hello? Hello? Hello?
Hello? Hello?
Damn it! Damn!
No! Not like this! No!
No! Walter! No!
I have to.
Please. Walter. Stop! Don't force me to do it! No!
I have to, Jennifer. I must, Jennifer.
Nobody would have expected it.
She was so sweet.
And that poor policeman... He was so in love with her.
I wonder how he felt.
It must have been a shock when he found out.
She was the crazy killer!
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