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Subtitles for Master And Commander - The Far Side Of The World (2003) CD2.

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Master And Commander - The Far Side Of The World (2003) CD2

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Oh, I see. So after all this time in your service,
I must simply content myself to form part of this belligerent expedition,
hurry past wonders, bent on destruction. I say nothing of the corruption of power...
- You forget yourself, Doctor. - No, Jack, no.
You've forgotten yourself. For my part, I look upon a promise as binding.
The promise was conditional. I command a king's ship, not a private yacht!
We do not have time for your damned hobbies, sir!
All right. All right.
Get those fish below. Sluice down this deck.
Davies, don't leave them there. Get them below.
Mr Blakeney.
Sir, I found a curious beetle walking along the deck.
I think it's a Galapagos beetle.
I'm sure of it.
Were you to walk all day on the island, you might never come across it.
Yes, that is more than likely sure.
You can have it, sir.
Mr Blakeney.
- Thank you. - Sir.
Last gun fired, sir.
- Timing? - Two minutes and one second, sir.
Lads, that's not good enough. We need to fire two broadsides to her one.
- Want to see a guillotine in Piccadilly? - No!
- Do you want to call Napoleon your king? - No!
- Want your children to sing The Marseillaise? - No!
Mr Mowett, Mr Pullings, starboard battery!
Jump to it, lads. Cadence and rhythm.
- Mark your targets! - Come on, lads, faster now!
Come on, swab it!
- Report, Mr Mowett. - Third and fourth divisions ready.
Right. Starboard battery, fire!
One minute and ten seconds!
Well done, lads. Extra grog for all of you.
Gangway for the captain, lads.
Marked improvement, Mr Calamy. Well done.
Thank you, sir.
Killick! Killick there! What do you have for us tonight?
Which it's soused hog's face.
- Which it is soused hog's face! - My favourite. My favourite.
And when they run, the Surprise will blow her to kingdom come!
One more week of this and they'd give it up for a cup of water.
I can't make it rain.
I can harness the wind, but I ain't its goddamn creator.
I have never known such a run of bad luck.
"And they said unto him 'For what caused the evil?"'
Where'd that come from?
It's from the Bible, that. That is from the Bible. The story of the Jonah.
They found out on their ship that one of their men-this Jonah cove -
he'd offended God and was the cause of all their bad luck.
Evil comes... from him who evil thinks and evil is.
No, no. Joe knows a thing or two about evil.
From personal experience. Right, Joe?
It's like Killick says. Morning of the battle, he doesn't have the guts to beat to quarters.
Then his entire gun crew's killed. Soon as he went up the mizzen, Will falls.
And whose watch was it when we lost our wind?
You there! Stand fast!
Master-at-arms, take that man below and clap him in irons.
Mr Pullings, defaulters at eight bells.
Aye, sir.
Bring Hollom down to my cabin.
A man pushed past you, yet you said nothing. Why?
I intended to, sir, but the right words didn't...
The right words? He was deliberately insubordinate.
I've tried to get to know the men, sir, and be friendly,
but they've taken a set against me.
Always whispering when I go past and giving me looks.
I'll set that to rights. I'll be much tougher on them.
You don't make friends with the foremastjacks, lad.
They'll despise you in the end, think you weak.
- Nor do you need to be a tyrant. - No, sir.
I'm very sorry, sir.
- You're, what? 26, 27? - I'm 30 next Friday, sir.
You've failed to pass for lieutenant twice.
I know you have, but you're not a bad sailor. You can't spend your life a midshipman.
No, sir. I will try much harder, sir.
Look, Hollom, it's leadership they want.
Now, you find that within yourself, and you will earn their respect.
Without respect, true discipline goes by the board.
Yes, sir.
Strength, respect... and discipline, sir.
Well... it's an unfortunate business, Hollom.
Damned unfortunate.
- That'll be all. - Yes, sir.
- I am not a flogging captain. - Hollom is a scapegoat
for all the bad luck, real or imagined, on this voyage.
Mr Lamb? If you please.
They're exhausted. These men are exhausted.
You've pushed them too hard.
Stephen, I invite you to this cabin as my friend.
Not to criticise nor to comment on my command.
Well, shall I leave you until you're in a more harmonious frame of mind?
- What would you have me do? - Tip the ship's grog over the side.
- Stop their grog? - Nagle was drunk when he insulted Hollom.
Stop 200 years of privilege and tradition.
I'd rather have them three sheets to the wind than face a mutiny.
I'm rather understanding of mutinies.
Men pressed from their homes, confined for months aboard a wooden prison...
I respect your right to disagree with me, but I can only afford one rebel on this ship.
I hate it when you talk of the service in this way. It makes me so very low.
You think I want to flog Nagle?
A man who hacked the ropes that sent his mate to his death?
Under my orders?
Do you not see? The only things that keep this wooden world together are hard work...
Jack, the man failed to salute.
There's hierarchies even in nature.
- There is no disdain in nature. There is no... - Men must be governed!
Often not wisely, but governed nonetheless.
That's the excuse of every tyrant in history, from Nero to Bonaparte.
I, for one, am opposed to authority. It is an egg of misery and oppression.
You've come to the wrong shop for anarchy, brother.
Cut him down.
Not so loud.
Oh, put that dirk down, Boyle.
You OK, Mr Hollom?
- He's not ill, just dodging work as usual. - Shut up!
- You shut up. - Just leave him be.
- Have some water. - Oh, thank you.
Sir. Sir, it's Mr Hollom.
There's nothing physically wrong with him. He thinks he's been cursed.
Sailors can abide a great deal, but not a Jonah.
My God. You believe it too.
Not everything is in your books, Stephen.
It's him, innit?
The Jonah.
He's causing it.
He's callin' it up, don't you see?
Every time he's on watch, that ship appears.
You wait and see.
Any time tonight, that ghost ship's gonna turn up.
And it's gonna take us all with it, straight down to the hot place.
Mr Hollom.
You gave me such a start.
Are you feeling better now?
Yes. Much better, thank you.
The captain thinks we'll get our wind tomorrow.
I'm sure of it.
You've always been very kind to me.
Goodbye, Blakeney.
The simple truth is, not all of us become the men we once hoped we might be.
But we are all God's creatures.
If there are those among us who thought ill of Mr Hollom,
or spoke ill of him,
or failed him in respect of fellowship...
then we ask for your forgiveness, Lord.
And we ask for his.
God be praised. Mr Mowett?
Avast there!
- Doctor, have you seen the bird? - What sort of bird?
Some sort of albatross. Either that, or he's a prodigious great mew. There it goes.
There he is. My bird, my bird. Damn!
It's circling, lads!
My God! Doctor! Doctor!
I'm so sorry, man. The bird dropped low. I didn't see you.
- Calamy, get Higgins. - I'm fine, Jack.
The bullet took in a piece of shirt with it.
Unless it's removed, it's gonna suppurate and fester.
Are you equal to the task?
Well, I'll need to read up on the doctor's books, like. Study some pictures he has.
Study some pictures?
It's just to get my bearings, that's all.
Well, it'd be a lot easier if I were on dry land. You know, you wouldn't have the...
I'll manage. You'll see.
Sail on the horizon, sir. Running west.
We're not sure, but we think it's her, sir.
Better get...
Goodbye, sir.
No mistakin' it. She's the Frenchie.
Shall we beat to quarters, sir?
Tell me this wasn't on my account.
No, not at all. I just needed to stretch my legs.
Gently there.
Briskly now. Secure this line.
Royal Marines posted every 20 yards, sir.
- All set, Higgins? - Yes, sir.
I do this with my own hand.
If everything is under control, I'll just be outside.
A spare pair of steady hands wouldn't go amiss.
That is, if, of course, you have the constitution for this kind of thing.
My dear doctor, I have been amongst and around wounds all my life.
Well, good, then.
Put your hand on my belly,
pressing firmly when I give the word.
Higgins, the catling, if you please.
Padeen, please.
The sounder, Mr Higgins.
All right.
Mr Higgins, you'll have to raise the rib.
Take a good grip... with the square retractor.
Right in.
And lift up.
Lift up.
Swab, Jack. I can't see.
Are you all right?
I got it.
A tad more pressure.
- Is that all of it? - Aye, sir.
She'll patch up nicely.
Thank God I got it.
Oh, that's good.
Sir! Sir!
- Padeen and I have been collecting for you. - Have you really?
The beetles each come with a specimen of the plant they were found on.
Padeen, that one's got away.
Sir, I've made a few notes, if you want to see them.
Mr Blakeney, it would appear that you have the makings of a naturalist.
Well, sir, perhaps I could combine them to be a sort of... fighting naturalist, like you, sir.
They don't combine too well, I find.
Should you really be getting up, sir?
- Mr Blakeney, are you also a doctor? - No, sir.
No, you're not. Padeen, if you please.
How long does the captain intend that we stay? Do you know?
- Oh, a week perhaps. - A week?
- There's no great hurry. - Mustn't we make haste for the Marquesas?
I'm not even sure it was the Acheron we sighted.
And if it was, she'll be well away by now. Like looking for an honest man in parliament.
No, we shall head home. Before peace breaks out with France, God forbid.
I fear you may have burdened me with a debt I can never repay.
Tosh. Name a shrub after me. Something prickly and hard to eradicate.
A shrub? Nonsense. I'll name a great tortoise after you.
Testudo aubreii.
Come on, pack up your things. We should be going.
- Back to camp, sir? - No, to the other side of the island.
- But, sir, that must be at least ten miles. - Then there's not a moment to lose.
That's where I saw my flightless cormorant.
Come on.
Seven inches in length.
Four inches wide.
15-inches-long neck.
Width at the widest point... six inches.
Padeen, put the net down and use your hands. They won't bite.
Here's a good one.
Pick them up carefully.
Sir, I think we should be getting back.
Naval discipline doesn't operate out here, Mr Blakeney. I must find that cormorant.
And should it indeed prove flightless,
you can join me at the Royal Society dinner as co-discoverer.
Mr Blakeney.
Sir, we must hurry.
Padeen, you must carry him. Put those down. Leave them. Just put everything down.
Open the cages.
- All hands, unmoor ship! - Mr Allen, I'll have her on a starboard tack.
Let's have hands to stow these tortoises.
Barret Bonden, put your helm hard to starboard.
He has a head start of two hours on us and he's bearing south.
That can only mean King Charles Island. He's looking for water.
If we caught up with her, I mean, to take her... we'd have to be bloody invisible.
Brace the yards to starboard!
So, Stephen, did you get to see your bird?
No. Well, yes, but I couldn't catch one.
No, my greatest discovery was your phantom.
Indeed it was. I'm sorry you had to leave the majority of your collection behind.
In actual fact, Mr Blakeney and I did make one... very interesting find.
Is that right?
Let me guess. A stick?
Tell him about it, Mr Blakeney.
- It's a rare phasmid, sir. - A phasmid?
It's an insect that disguises itself as a stick in order to confuse its predators.
A nautical phasmid, Doctor.
At least, to a hungry eye, if one has an appetite for whalers.
I intend to take a greater interest in the bounty of nature from now on.
I had no idea that a study of nature could advance the art of naval warfare.
Oh, I see.
Now to pull this predator in close and spring our trap.
- Jack? - Yes.
You're the predator.
There. Hull-down, broad off the larboard bow.
That's a frigate, all right.
Damn, you've got good eyes, Barret.
- Mr Allen! More smoke. - Aye, sir!
That'll bring 'em about.
That's it, lads. Clean 'em up so they fly straight and true.
Let's have fresh flints in all the locks.
Larboard battery, unship your rear wheels.
Drop the gun.
- Come on, Killick, you too. Get dressed. - Oh, God!
- Tom? - Our preparations are completed, sir.
Good. Right, from now on no "sirs", no salutes, no whistles, no bells.
Aye, sir.
Yes, I think we're all finding that quite difficult.
There'll be 30 or more whalers locked in the Acheron's hold.
After we board, Mr Calamy should take a party and free them.
- You think him ready, sir? - Were you ready, Tom?
- He may well turn the tide. - Indeed, sir.
She's taken the bait. Let's come about.
Make a show of fleeing, panicky and disorganised, like a whaler might.
Present company excepted, Mr Hogg.
Hurry up, or they'll see you.
Eckhart, leave that. Just come up quick and get some whaler's slops on.
- Congratulations. Acting third lieutenant. - Thank you.
- I hear we're to free the whalers. - You're to be stationed on the quarterdeck.
I'm sorry, Will.
Make a bad show of keeping your course. Let her run up and luff every now and then.
- Excuse me, sir. - Remove your hat. We're whalers.
Mr Calamy says I'm not on the boarding party. I wanted to say...
I know what you want to say. And my answer is no.
You'll lead your gun crew, then when we board, you'll take command of the ship.
- Do I make myself clear? - Take command of the ship... thank you, sir.
- Back to your station. - Yes, sir.
On your right upper arm, to tell friend from foe!
Davies, this arm. Starboard arm.
- Is that the arm you got or don't got? - Less of that cheek, Davies.
Take your neck cloths and put them round your right upper arm.
Make way for the captain.
Congratulations, Lieutenant.
Right, lads.
I know there's not a faint heart among you,
and I know you're as anxious as I am to get into close action.
But we must bring him right up beside us before we spring this trap.
That will test our nerve.
And discipline will count just as much as courage.
The Acheron is a tough nut to crack. More than twice our guns and numbers.
And they will sell their lives dearly.
Topmen, your handling of the sheets to be lubberly and un-navylike,
until the signal to spill the wind from our sails.
This will bring us almost to a complete stop.
Gun crews, you must run out and tie down in double-quick time.
With the rear wheels removed you've gained elevation, but without recoil you can't reload.
So, gun captains, that gives you one shot from the larboard battery. One shot only.
You'll fire for her mainmast. Much will depend on your accuracy.
However, even crippled she will still be dangerous, like a wounded beast.
Captain Howard and the marines
will sweep their weather deck with swivel gun and musket fire from the tops.
They'll try and even the odds for us before we board.
They mean to take us as a prize.
And we are worth more to them undamaged. Their greed... will be their downfall.
England is under threat of invasion.
And though we be on the far side of the world, this ship is our home.
This ship is England.
So it's every hand to his rope or gun. Quick's the word and sharp's the action.
After all, surprise is on our side.
- Toss them high so they can see them. - Hello, Doctor.
- Care for a cigar? - Thank you, no.
If you please, Doctor.
- I took the liberty, Doctor. - Thank you, Killick.
- There's three lumps in there. - How kind.
- Good luck, Will. - Good luck, Peter.
- See you afterwards. - And you.
Steady now, lads. Keep calm.
English whaler Syren, this is Acheron.
- Barret. - Sir.
You have no possibility, no chance. But you have had warning.
Stop now, or we will destroy your ship.
English whaler, this is your last warning.
Stop now, or we will destroy you.
- Let fly! - Let fly!
- Haul your yards there! - C'est un navire de guerre!
Run out, boys!
For the mainmast, lads!
- Let me through. - Fire!
Hard a-larboard!
Right the headsails! Set the topsails!
Man the starboard battery!
Fire as she bears!
Get to it! Get to it!
It's the fallen mast! We can't lay alongside.
Cross the wreckage as best you can. I'll draw their fire.
- My division to join Mr Pullings! - Clew up topsails!
Huzzah for Lucky Jack!
Grappling hooks away!
Run out the boarding planks!
- My division, follow me! - For England, for home, and for the prize!
Here we go, lads!
Pipe down. Silence.
Looks like the job is done, sir.
Mr Blakeney, the nine-pounder!
That's it!
Keep moving, men! Keep moving!
Grenades, ready!
They're aiming for our hull!
They could sink us! Depress the muzzle!
Padeen, train it aft!
Together now!
Stand clear!
Arm yourselves! We must board them!
Follow me!
Whalers, follow me! Mr Hogg, down below! Quickly now!
Albatrosses! Albatrosses, do you hear me?
To the guns! To the guns!
Boyle, douse that gun's priming!
Lively there! Come on! Move!
Now do your worst!
Non! Non! Non!
- Mr Howard. - Sir.
- Have they struck their colours? - I believe so.
- Has their captain been sighted? - Not yet, sir.
- Carry on. - Aye, sir.
- Le capitaine? - L'infirmerie.
Docteur? Docteur?
Docteur de Vigny, monsieur.
I did what I could for him.
Before the capitaine died... he said I was to give you this.
No. I'll do it.
Can you help me?
Our Father,
who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
forever and ever.
Robert Gardner, able seaman.
James Lloyd, boatswain's mate.
Robert Kemp, able seaman.
John Antonio, quartermaster's mate.
Michael Doudle, able seaman.
Joseph Nagle, carpenter's mate.
John Allen, sailing master.
Peter Miles Calamy...
We therefore commit their bodies to the deep,
to be turned into corruption,
looking for the resurrection of the body when the sea shall give up her dead,
and the life of the world to come,
through our Lord Jesus Christ.
It's our old friend.
Pass down a barrel of paint, please.
Sir, the whalers are all aboard and that's the last detachment of marines.
Good, good.
I think I shall return to the Galapagos.
Take on food and water and give the doctor a few days to find his bird.
Very good, sir.
You, however, shall take the Acheron south to Valparaíso.
Parole the prisoners there, refit as necessary, and we shall rendezvous in Portsmouth.
I believe Mr Hogg would be a good choice for sailing master.
However, that will be your decision, Captain Pullings.
Your orders.
- Thank you, sir. - Godspeed, Tom.
And to you, sir.
- Mr Mowett? - With pleasure, sir.
- Good luck. - See you in Portsmouth.
Now, lads, huzzah for Captain Pullings!
- Good luck, sir. - Good luck, Captain.
Oh, here we go again.
Killick! Killick there!
Which it will be ready when it's ready!
I'll rest easier when I know they've reached shore.
So many wounded, and only that poor unfortunate Higgins to tend to them.
Still, he's better than no doctor at all.
- I met their doctor. I spoke to him. - No, he died of fever months ago.
De Vigny?
- Pass the word for Mr Mowett. - Mr Mowett to the great cabin.
Their "doctor" gave me this sword.
Mr Mowett, change of course. Southeast by east.
We'll intercept the Acheron and escort them into Valparaíso.
Aye, sir. Sou'east by east.
- And William... - Sir?
- Beat to quarters. - Very good, sir.
Subject to the requirements of the service.
Well, Stephen... the bird's flightless?
It's not going anywhere.
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