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Subtitles for Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People 1963).

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Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People 1963)

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This is probably the psychiatric ward.
No... I'm sure that it is.
Everyone thinks I'm insane... but I know I'm not crazy.
They're all dead... every one of them.
No... I'm the only one dead. It's true, the others are still alive.
Well, why didn't they return, you ask?
If you listen to what I tell you,
it will probably convince you that I'm insane, huh?
It's so good to feel a breeze like this.
It let's me forget about everything.
All of the garbage I put up with in Tokyo.
You shouldn't say things like that.
Why not?
Tokyo is my favorite city. All of my important things are there!
Oh, you!
What... ? Oh, no!
Hey, Yoshida! You better forget about work!
Damn! This was going to be my best story yet!
That's what you always say.
Is this her first time on a boat?
It's alright. It seems like she's not enjoying it.
Hey, it's my first time too!
You're different. His girl won't even let him kiss her.
I don't see what's so funny!
What's the matter?
Are you feeling ill?
I'm not good at this.
I'm not very comfortable around them.
They're a pretty good bunch. Give yourself a chance with them.
Do it for my sake.
Hurry it up. You can still work while you're listening to her.
She's a great sight for the eyes, huh?
That's so pretty!
So, that's Mami...
I wonder how she got into radio and television.
Someone's daughter... or wife?
Not exactly.
Maybe she's someone's mistress!
Well, cheers!
Just a moment. This is bigger than a simple toast!
At this moment,
we're on the open seas, far from the troubles of mankind.
- There is... - Here you go again!
Aren't we part of mankind here?
I think it's quite clear that we're an exception to what I'm saying.
I'm going topside to take a look.
Hey, just a minute...!
I'm under orders. I'm the captain.
Well, here's to our new member, Akiko. Cheers!
We're going to have some rough seas tonight.
It's on the radio?
Yes. There's a low-pressure system heading west from the Kyushu area.
I thought we were going to have good weather.
The sea is already churning!
No, it's not that strong yet.
We should turn this boat around.
They want us to stay on this course.
We won't be able to go much further.
We're going to stay on course.
People act like children regardless of how old they are.
That's just the way the world works.
I'll take over if you don't want to go any further.
I'll continue on your course.
Well, you don't seem too confident about it.
I'd like us to keep sailing as we planned.
It should be fun going through some rough weather.
You're forgetting about the two women.
Don't worry about me. I'm not against it.
I'm alright.
Hey, it will be okay.
This yacht is the best you can buy, and it can weather any storm.
Captain! Captain! Come here!
What's wrong?
Alright... ready the sails!
Hey! Everyone on deck!
- Man the front sail! - Right!
- Go! - Go!
It's alright. Kasai told you so!
He said this is the best yacht money could buy!
Do you know how much he paid for it?
40,000,000! I think he's crazy!
But anyway... he's going to take me to Europe in it!
Paris... Rome... Vienna... It's wonderful!
I'm going to visit all of them!
Alright... we should be able to manage this.
The sea is pretty rough.
How are you feeling? Not too bad, right?
Yes, really? Well, I think we've had enough too.
Lower the main sail!
You're a professor of psychology, right?
About women... is it true that if a guy treats them bad...
then acts sympathetic toward them... They fall for him immediately?
That's the way all men think! It's not psychology!
Hey! I'll be alright!
Switch places!
Are you okay? Don't worry. Come on, relax!
Kasai! The engine, start it!
- The anchor! Throw the anchor! - Right!
The mast is gone! Hey, get below!
Everyone, get below! Get below!
It's alright! This yacht is too tough to sink!
I'm sure of it!
Hey, the radio's out! It blew up!
Hey captain!
This is all your fault! The engine won't start!
How in the world are we going to fix it?!
Hey, where's Yoshida?
That idiot!
Are you alright? Come on!
Hang in there!
Are you alright?
- Is he okay? - Yoshida! Yoshida!
It's finally over.
It shouldn't be too long
before they start searching for the yacht, right?
- We're drifting? - Yes.
- South, I'd say. - South?
Hey, where are we now?
Our direction-finder is damaged.
We're lost?
It seems so.
- How can a skipper like you... - Skipper?!
If I'm the skipper,
we would have returned to port the first time I said to go back.
You became the skipper then!
There must be something we can do.
Don't waste the energy!
We're not sure if we're going to need it!
It's time for the news.
the yacht was reported missing after a heavy storm.
The 7 people believed to be on the yacht are Masoko Kasai,
owner and current president of the Kasai-Sankyo Co
Etsuro Yoshida, a famous mystery novelist,
Mami Sekimuchi, radio and television star,
Kenji Morai, assistant professor of psychology at Yonan University,
Akiko Soma, a student of the university,
Aoyuki Sakuda, the skipper of the yacht,
and a sailor by the name of Senzo Yokoyama.
Because of the experience of the captain of the ship,
the Marine Bureau feels it may have survived the storm...
The batteries weren't very new.
A ship!
Look out! Look out! Look out!
What's wrong?
Hey, Yoshida! Yoshida!
Hang in there! Hey!
When is this fog going to go away?
Hey, how much water do we have left?
Be quiet! You'll wear yourself out gabbing!
My head hurts! What's going to happen to me?
It's nothing.
Shut up!
Everyone knows... they all know what you're after.
They know why you didn't want to go back when the weather got worse.
No wonder why a woman is taboo on a ship...
it's not because the gods are jealous of them!
It's more because they drive guys crazy in the head!
An island...! An island!
An island! An island! I see an island!
Hey, wake up!
Is it Japan?
I wonder if it's the Bonan Islands?
Is it deserted?
Well, let's find some food first, then we can look around the island.
It's getting foggy.
We better hurry and find something before the fog gets too thick.
Hey! Why go up there?
You don't have to come if you don't want to.
What's up?
Don't tell me that you can't hear it?!
It's water!
Hey! We found water!
These stones.. this island isn't deserted!
Someone built this by hand!
Hey, shouldn't we be heading back?
We think this path was man-made.
Let's go to the other side of the island.
We may find houses over there.
Hey, are we going to climb up there?
Be careful. We're at the edge of a cliff.
Look over there!
It's a ship!
Hey, let's go down this way.
Hey! Hey! Hey! - Hold it!
It's only a shipwreck.
Look at it. The sails are rotten.
I'd say it was beached well over a year ago.
But we should still go.
We don't know if anyone is still alive.
Hey... let's go, okay?
It's in terrible shape!
There won't be anything here but rotting bodies.
Don't say that!
I'll wait here. They would have eaten all of their food before they died.
You girls wait here. We'll take a look.
Let's go.
It looks pretty beat.
Someone could be living on board.
What happened?
The stairs are slippery. It's moss.
There's nobody here.
There are no bodies.
What unusual moss!
What was that?
What's with you?
I can't find a speck of food anywhere.
I'm going to see what's happening. I can't stand waiting here.
That's a sea-water pump.
There's a geiger-counter.
This must have been a research ship.
The moss in this cabin is a different color.
It has no eyes!
It's an example of mutation caused by radiation.
Maybe the ship was studying the effects of a nuclear explosion.
I wonder why the moss hasn't covered these shelves?
Perhaps they're disinfected.
This alcohol lamp is clean too. Chemicals seem to stop it.
This is carbolic acid.
If we scrubbed the cabin with it, it would be a perfect place to live.
What's this?
It's some kind of giant mushroom!
Matango... a kind of mushroom.
It's probably a new species found on this island.
We're in luck if this thing is edible.
Nothing else is written here.
What happened to the mirrors? It looks like they were removed.
Hey... let's go.
This is the captain's cabin.
What's wrong?
What happened?
Stay out!
This is the captain's cabin.
We don't know if the logbook is in here somewhere.
You've found something to eat!
Who is it?
Don't look at me like that.
We found the food, and it's first come, first served around here.
Anyway, this logbook is all I found.
We can't determine what country this ship is from.
I have a feeling it was deliberately concealed.
The equipment is different as well.
Some is communist countries... the free world...
and Japan, too.
Secret research, huh?
Involved in some kind of nuclear studies.
This certainly wasn't an ordinary research vessel.
We better figure out what we're going to do.
Just a moment! We should get Kasai.
He's had enough preferential treatment, huh?
What brings you to my door?
Hey, Kasai.
All of our provisions won't last more than a week at this rate.
You can't stay shut in this room all the time.
What do you expect me to do?
We need to plan for living here a month or two.
We're talking about that now.
We think you should come over to discuss it with us.
Oh, so you think I'm wasting my time?
I've been cleaning this up. It should come in handy.
It should be able to get us some meat.
I think it will help us to stay alive.
Everyone, what's the matter? Let's get started.
According to the logbook, this island is deserted.
There's hardly anything edible on it,
so that puts us in a difficult situation.
Anyway, until we can leave here...
we have to eat.
The canned goods will only last a week,
so we have to look for food.
Fish... seaweed... turtle's eggs...
anything we can eat, including snakes and lizards.
However, the mushroom should not be touched.
You mean it's poisonous?
We don't know for sure.
There seems to be a substance in them
that damages nerve tissue.
That's all the records indicate, but there is other evidence.
It's unlikely that they would have left the ship,
if they had an ample supply of food.
What we know from the log is that, "Every day, several men went out
"to search for foods to add to their diet".
None of them ever returned. Perhaps it was due to the mushrooms.
They grow in great abundance on the island.
Now, we should try to move the yacht to this side of the island
in order to fix it.
This island is covered in fog most of the time.
Even if a ship passed by, we'd be lucky if they saw us.
So we should ready it for sailing.
Fix that thing?! Sorry, I'm out.
It just needs a little repair!
You won't get me on it.
If we're near the equator,
that means Japan is far away, and I don't think we'd make it.
Japan is pretty far away,
but I'm sure we would be rescued by a ship on the way.
On a ship, you're the skipper... so you give the orders,
which is fine by me.
This really isn't a ship anymore... just a house on land.
It's time you two stop running things!
Who are you to judge?
If you have a better idea, why don't you tell us?!
We shouldn't argue!
Everyone will have to do their share so we can get out of this.
The women will get the water. You can go hunting if you want.
Whoever doesn't work on the boat
should make an S.O.S. fire on top of one of the mountains.
I understand.
You take an awful lot of notes.
I'm glad I don't work that hard.
I use the thoughts of those I hire.
That's what takes talent.
There's nothing wrong with borrowing talent.
It takes ability as well as intelligence.
You're right.
Civilization has progressed by borrowing.
Each generation takes an idea and improves it.
Novelists do the same thing, right?
Your table is over here.
She's decided to come with us.
I'd like to come along.
We've walked a distance and haven't seen anything yet.
Weren't all the mirrors on the ship missing?
I wonder why they would bring them up here to break them?
There must be a reason.
Why'd he do that? Do you think he saw us?
No. It seemed like he was avoiding the island.
Hey, that's not good.
The birds won't come near this island?
Over there!
This island is a ship's graveyard.
Maybe it's the current.
It drags them off course, and they smash against the rocks.
Don't call me an idiot. I came over here to help you.
Let's go.
I'd take a chance with them if i was starving.
Hey, it was around here.
I'm sure I saw something.
Did we imagine it?
What? There's nobody here?
Someone's looking in here.
Who is it?
You can't trust any of the men around here!
This will fix him if he tries again.
What's the matter?
Something's wrong with the batteries.
Who is it?
You heard it?
Was that you?
I don't know.
Where did you go just now?
I don't need your permission to use the bathroom!
Who's there?
It's us.
What is this?
We're sure someone's walking on the deck.
Could it be Kasai?
Who are you?! Stay away!
What happened, Kasai?
What happened? What's the matter?
Yokoyama! Yoshida! Wake up!
What's wrong with all of you?
In Tokyo, you guys know how to get around.
But on this ship you've become idiots...
seeing ghosts in your head and believing it's haunted!
There's a reason for this, and I know what it is.
It's these women.
They're on your mind all the time and you can't do anything about it!
That's what's wrong with everyone.
It gets to me too, and drives me crazy!
Tonight, I may just do something with you.
Are you men going to let him behave this way?
None of them seem to give a damn.
- I'll kill you! - Come on!
- Stop it! - Let go!
That's enough of this!
Something else about her...
she goes into the jungle with the writer quite a lot.
Seems they're carrying more than just water.
What do you know of my affairs?!
Hey... she's not denying it!
I know what woman Mami is.
I don't need you to tell me.
He's right. I used you to get one thing.
Europe is what I wanted, not you.
I've always found you repulsive.
Stop This !
Yokoyama, are you sure we saw a ghost?
What do you think?
Come here.
Yoshida, you too.
I suppose that's our imagination.
Let's stop fighting each other.
We have to find food and fix the yacht so we can get away.
Is that all you've got to say?
All he's done is carry that gun around,
and what can he show for it?
- Hey! - Yeah, let me finish!
There's a lot of grass growing around here.
You can eat the roots!
You can eat the roots of a lot of plants!
You never thought of that, did you?!
What have you brought back for us?
In Tokyo you use your head to make money...
but it's not worth a damn here!
Here you have to work, so get to work if you want to eat!
College professor... writer...
you have to go out searching regardless if it's raining or not!
A miracle won't fall out of the sky!
Just because it's raining doesn't mean that we stop working!
You don't mind getting wet when you're swimming,
this shouldn't be any different!
Akiko... Akiko!
Akiko... it's mother.
I'm stopping.
Even if we fix the ship, we can't leave without food.
I'm going to look for some.
What are you looking at?
What are you doing?
What's it look like?
I wonder who stole the food from us the other night?
I suppose the ghost stole the key and got into the locker.
Oh, that. It's too bad I couldn't hold on to him.
You liar!
Where did you get the idea to show us empty cans
and claim some ghost did it?
We knew it was you who did it all along,
but we wanted to stop another argument.
You're pretty good at finding fault in others,
but you better watch your own steps.
What are you doing?
Don't worry.
I'm going to hunt down the monster that everyone saw.
Yoshida, you can't do that!
We don't know if it's a man!
He could be a survivor of the ship!
I hope that it is a man so I can have a talk with him.
I'll be very interested to hear what he says.
A man thinks strange things when he's out of his mind.
His reality may be more interesting than ours,
and it wouldn't matter what he ate.
We didn't get much after working all day.
But we worked hard and did as much as we could.
You're right.
Knock before you come in.
I'll hold onto these.
We can't trust you.
You'll sleep with the rest of us tonight.
I sleep better when I'm alone.
You're going to work like everyone too!
Who in the world helped you when your brother was ill?
I put you in college and gave you a job in my company!
That's right.
I thought you were my friend, but you were just using me too!
Then how about these?
What eggs are those?
Turtle, the top of the line. There's two for each, 14 in all.
You don't get any if you're empty-handed.
I don't care, I'm not hungry anymore.
Hey, did you eat some of those mushrooms?
Well, I wonder...
Anyway, don't make anything for me.
Alright, I'll give you 10,000 each.
It's not enough.
Yesterday you charged 5000 each!
The market for eggs won't last for long.
Alright... 200,000, okay?
It's a gamble.
Will I be able to use it or not?
I'll do my best to get off this island,
even if I have to kill everyone here to do it!
So that's your game,
you bastard!
You bastard!
I'll kill you! - Come on!
Hey! Stop it!
- Stop it! - Yoshida!
Stop it now!
He was with her.
Is this about jealousy?
We agreed to leave them alone.
You had no right to fight!
All of them want me.
I'll kill you all.
He's mad!
I ate some mushrooms. Now you know.
I read a long time ago
that mexicans ate them in order to increase their perception
and gain a sense of well being.
Don't move!
Japanese legends mention laughing mushrooms,
so I'm in good company.
The people who gathered them
danced in high spirits on the mountains
and were in touch with the gods.
Matango, according to your thinking, means a person no longer human.
That's fine by me.
Because when I kill you, I won't be commiting any crime.
I understand.
We won't stand in your way. Do anything you like.
I will.
The truth is...
I like Akiko better than Mami,
so after you're all dead...
Let me go!
Get up!
What's wrong?
Get in!
What's the matter?
You're going to start living with the rest of us!
It looks good.
You've done a lot to the yacht.
- Isn't it ready to go yet? - Are you going to help?
Yes, in any way.
The truth is, can I talk to you?
What do you plan to do now that everything is different?
Hey, are you listening to me?
There's 24 cans of food left. Not much.
But for two people... maybe ten days.
Hey, how about the two of us leaving?
If we had potatoes and seaweed, we could last for weeks!
There's plenty of water.
I'm sure the two of us could stay alive for at least three weeks or so!
We could be found by a ship, or maybe find another island.
Get out!
I see.
The weak restraints of society disintegrate
in the face of the will to survive in harsh circumstances.
The worse things get here, the worst we behave.
Is there a way to change everyone's feelings?
They made a mess here, huh ?
What happened, Kasai?
It's Sakuda! He stole the canned food and left!
Damn! He's gone!
I guess he didn't think any of us were worth saving.
I don't think he ever had a high opinion of us,
but now that doesn't make any difference.
It's my turn to do something.
Mami, bring the girl over here.
- Bastard! - No! Let go! Let me go!
I'm going to kill you both.
Start walking down the deck and don't try anything funny.
I wonder how many times I wrote something like this in my novels?
Get out of here!
- Kasai... - You too!
Please, I beg you!
You wanted to be with him, get going!
I bet this didn't happen in your damn books!
Stop it!
It's been raining for a week now.
It must be it's raining season.
If you're right,
we won't be able to live here very long.
Do you know anywhere else we can go?
We'll have to find a place. Maybe we can find a cave.
I'm finished... I can't go on.
Kasai, no matter how we feel, we can't give up.
How can we live if we do nothing?!
Stop it!
I wish you'd hurry and kill me.
I don't even have the courage to kill myself.
Don't say such things!
Anyway, relax for today.
He's right. You rest here while we go out.
We're tough enough to survive, and so are you.
Let's go.
You're still alive! How did you do it?
I haven't been hungry since I left.
Mami... help me! I beg you!
I've waited a long time for that... you begging for help.
Now you know how it feels to be desperate for help.
I'll help you... we'll go together.
The rainfall is making the mushrooms big and strong
with each pitter-patter.
Where is the food?
A little further.
Walk this way.
It's delicious. We should have eaten them sooner.
I should have told you that once you eat the mushrooms,
you become a mushroom.
That's why all of the mirrors on the ship were removed.
But once you eat them, you can't stop.
He's not here.
We're not beaten. We're not beaten!
Masoko Kasai, Kenji Morai, Etsuro Yoshida,
Senzo Yokoyama, Mami Sekimuchi, Akiko Soma...
These people are stranded on a deserted Island.
I went out on this ship to try and find some help,
but I couldn't make it and died out at sea.
Captain Aoyuki Sakuda.
I found the yacht.
The yacht?! Then, Sakuda came back ?
Sakuda died at sea. The yacht drifted back here.
Then no one has ever left this island, huh?
Is this all you could find this morning ?
I couldn't find anything !
Hey... we could eat these mushrooms.
You'd turn into a mushroom!
- Mami and Kasai seem to... - Idiot!
They're already half-mushroom!
That's alright.
If there's a way off this Island, perhaps it's the only way to live...
I shouldn't have done that.
Teacher... I can't do it!
I can't behave like you! I can't! I can't do it!
I wish I were dead!
Akiko... we're not going to become mushrooms!
We'll do it... right?
We'll spend the day... no...
we'll get all the food that we can carry and get off this island!
Where are you? Akiko!
- Teacher! - Akiko!
- Akiko! - Teacher!
They're delicious! It's true!
Idiot! Let's go!
Then, the night came...
and the morning came...
and the night came again...
I don't remember when i was rescued.
But, now I'm sorry that I was.
If I was really in love with Akiko,
I should have eaten the mushrooms with her and become one.
At least we would have been together.
Isn't that it?
If I really wanted to live,
I shouldn't have been so stupid and eaten one.
With all the pain...
all the suffering...
all my sadness... would have disappeared by eating them!
How in the world can i face myself?!
No, no. You should consider yourself fortunate.
You were found and brought home.
Is that so?
Tokyo is not very different from that island.
People in the city are just as cruel, aren't they?
It's all the same.
I would have been happier on the island.
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