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Subtitles for Matrix Revolutions The CD1.

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Matrix Revolutions The CD1

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:34.72,00:00:42.22 THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS 00:01:18.27,00:01:19.25 I got nothing, Sir. 00:01:19.97,00:01:21.77 No sign of Niobe or Ghost. 00:01:22.07,00:01:23.83 Nothin' but blue pills. 00:01:23.92,00:01:25.57 Should we jack in[br]and try to contact them? 00:01:25.63,00:01:27.91 It won't matter,[br]my gut says they're down. 00:01:27.97,00:01:31.27 - Then we should start back.[br]- No, if that ship can still fly, we need it. 00:01:31.36,00:01:32.63 I was afraid you[br]were gonna say that. 00:01:32.64,00:01:36.44 Search every pipe, every hole, every crack[br]we know. Sweep as wide as possible... 00:01:36.55,00:01:37.68 ... as fast as possible. 00:01:37.91,00:01:39.95 Captain, these lines are[br]crawling with calamari. 00:01:40.13,00:01:42.57 The sooner we find them,[br]the better. 00:01:48.04,00:01:49.68 Thought you could use something to eat 00:01:50.14,00:01:51.08 Thank you 00:01:52.12,00:01:54.12 Any change? 00:01:55.25,00:01:56.85 No. 00:01:58.78,00:02:02.88 - How's he?[br]- He's gonna be fine. 00:02:02.95,00:02:04.57 At least until he wakes up. 00:02:05.68,00:02:07.07 What do you mean? 00:02:07.12,00:02:09.42 Captain has some[br]questions for him. 00:02:10.27,00:02:12.03 He had better have some[br]good answers. 00:02:12.10,00:02:14.03 You see these cuts? 00:02:14.31,00:02:15.69 I think they're[br]self-inflicted. 00:02:15.71,00:02:18.16 - Why?[br]- VDTs maybe. 00:02:18.28,00:02:19.70 I don't know. 00:02:19.90,00:02:21.87 But like I said... 00:02:21.92,00:02:24.25 The answer had better be good. 00:02:25.78,00:02:29.74 Roland, I'd like to run another[br]search through the Matrix. 00:02:29.83,00:02:31.11 For what? 00:02:31.14,00:02:32.09 For Neo. 00:02:32.16,00:02:35.04 How can he be in the Matrix, Sir?[br]He's not plugged in. 00:02:35.30,00:02:37.38 Please, for me. 00:02:47.02,00:02:51.29 - This is what keeps bothering me.[br]- What? 00:02:52.71,00:02:56.16 His neural patterns don't read[br]like someone who's in a coma. 00:02:56.43,00:02:59.46 The strange thing is, I see[br]these patterns all the time. 00:02:59.12,00:03:00.28 Where? 00:03:00.34,00:03:02.84 On someone jacked in. 00:03:13.84,00:03:15.51 A big bubkis, nada. 00:03:16.16,00:03:17.63 He's not in there. 00:03:17.74,00:03:19.74 - Sir, I got the projections.[br]- How long? 00:03:19.98,00:03:23.18 Based on the point of entry[br]and the past speed, it looks... 00:03:23.19,00:03:25.06 the machines will be in[br]Zion in just 20 hours. 00:03:25.11,00:03:26.84 Jesus H. Christ. 00:03:27.82,00:03:30.22 Alright lets move with a purpose. 00:03:30.25,00:03:32.71 AK get upstairs,[br]I want you on holographics. 00:03:32.80,00:03:36.18 Mauser, I want forward and aft[br]guns manned at all times. 00:03:36.24,00:03:38.71 Make sure we're running on[br]as few pads as possible. 00:03:38.79,00:03:39.37 Yes, Sir. 00:03:39.49,00:03:40.37 Hey! Hey! 00:03:40.69,00:03:42.38 You got a call! 00:03:44.05,00:03:46.13 Operator. 00:03:46.70,00:03:48.81 It's Seraph. 00:03:50.12,00:03:52.17 I bring word from the Oracle. 00:03:52.25,00:03:53.96 You must come at once. 00:04:06.16,00:04:08.03 Good morning. 00:04:08.62,00:04:09.94 Who are you? 00:04:10.33,00:04:13.55 My name is Sati.[br]Your name is Neo. 00:04:13.57,00:04:16.00 My papa says you're not[br]supposed to be here. 00:04:16.12,00:04:19.95 He says you must be lost.[br]Are you lost Neo? 00:04:23.55,00:04:24.54 Where am I? 00:04:24.62,00:04:26.35 This is the train station. 00:04:30.22,00:04:31.90 But this isn't the Matrix? 00:04:32.09,00:04:34.85 That's where the train goes,[br]that's where we're going. 00:04:34.95,00:04:37.37 But you cannot go with us. 00:04:38.21,00:04:39.21 Why not? 00:04:39.38,00:04:40.68 He won't let you. 00:04:41.76,00:04:43.04 Who won't? 00:04:43.46,00:04:45.69 The Trainman, I don't like him... 00:04:46.00,00:04:50.02 ...but my papa says we have to[br]do what the Trainman says. 00:04:50.17,00:04:53.87 Or else he will leave us[br]here for ever and ever. 00:05:06.70,00:05:10.04 Morpheus, Trinity. 00:05:10.39,00:05:11.76 Thank you for coming. 00:05:13.47,00:05:15.70 One thing I've learned[br]in all my years... 00:05:15.74,00:05:19.10 that nothing ever works[br]out just the way we want it to. 00:05:19.30,00:05:20.27 Who are you? 00:05:20.81,00:05:22.24 I'm the Oracle. 00:05:24.68,00:05:28.20 I wish there was an easier way to[br]get through this but there ain't. 00:05:29.83,00:05:31.63 I'm sorry this had to happen. 00:05:32.07,00:05:36.01 I'm sorry I couldn't be sitting[br]here like you remember me. 00:05:36.29,00:05:37.79 But it wasn't meant to be. 00:05:37.94,00:05:39.05 What happened? 00:05:39.20,00:05:42.62 I made a choice. And that[br]choice cost me more... 00:05:42.70,00:05:44.34 ...than I wanted it to. 00:05:44.39,00:05:45.47 What choice? 00:05:46.24,00:05:48.74 To help you, to guide Neo. 00:05:49.64,00:05:51.71 Now, since the real[br]test for any choice... 00:05:51.71,00:05:54.11 having to make[br]the same choice again... 00:05:54.28,00:05:56.55 ...knowing full well[br]what it might cost... 00:05:58.31,00:06:01.31 ...I guess I feel pretty[br]good about that choice... 00:06:01.57,00:06:04.97 ...'cause here I am, at it again. 00:06:05.63,00:06:07.04 Do you know what[br]happened to Neo? 00:06:07.28,00:06:08.23 Yes. 00:06:09.72,00:06:13.76 He's trapped in a place between[br]this world and the machine world. 00:06:14.76,00:06:18.33 The link is controlled by a[br]program called the Trainman. 00:06:19.20,00:06:22.85 He used to smuggle programs[br]in and out of the Matrix. 00:06:23.53,00:06:26.82 If he finds out where Neo[br]is before you get to him... 00:06:26.93,00:06:30.47 ...then I'm afraid our choices[br]are going to become difficult. 00:06:30.62,00:06:31.30 Why? 00:06:31.65,00:06:33.82 Because of who the[br]Trainman works for. 00:06:33.87,00:06:35.16 The Merovingian. 00:06:35.58,00:06:40.05 He's placed a bounty on your lives.[br]You must be careful at all times. 00:06:40.97,00:06:44.91 Seraph knows how to find the[br]Trainman, he'll go with you. 00:06:45.30,00:06:47.96 For years he has[br]protected me. 00:06:49.34,00:06:51.75 I hope he can do[br]the same for you. 00:06:52.80,00:06:54.99 Please, follow me. 00:07:00.06,00:07:01.37 Oracle. 00:07:02.52,00:07:04.05 I know Morpheus. 00:07:04.84,00:07:08.71 I can see you're filled with[br]doubt, clouded by uncertainty. 00:07:09.35,00:07:11.02 After everything[br]that has happened... 00:07:11.10,00:07:13.40 How can you expect[br]me to believe you? 00:07:13.50,00:07:14.83 I don't. 00:07:15.44,00:07:17.84 I expect just what[br]I've always expected. 00:07:17.84,00:07:20.75 For you to make up[br]your own damn mind. 00:07:20.89,00:07:22.57 Believe me or don't. 00:07:22.76,00:07:25.70 All I can do is to tell you that[br]your friend is in trouble... 00:07:25.96,00:07:27.56 ...and he needs your help. 00:07:28.37,00:07:30.60 He needs all our help. 00:07:32.03,00:07:33.85 Are you from the Matrix? 00:07:33.93,00:07:35.53 Yes. No. 00:07:35.60,00:07:37.64 I mean I was. 00:07:37.66,00:07:39.18 Why did you leave? 00:07:41.36,00:07:44.67 - I had to.[br]- I had to leave my home too. 00:07:45.02,00:07:46.94 Sati, come here darling. 00:07:47.13,00:07:48.59 Leave the poor man in peace. 00:07:48.78,00:07:51.19 Yes papa. 00:07:55.10,00:07:57.77 I am sorry, she's[br]still very curious. 00:07:59.13,00:08:02.66 - I know you.[br]- Yes, in the restaurant of the Frenchman. 00:08:02.77,00:08:06.10 I'm Rama-Kandra.[br]This is my wife Kamala. 00:08:06.22,00:08:07.58 My daughter Sati. 00:08:08.04,00:08:10.64 We are most honoured[br]to meet you. 00:08:11.26,00:08:12.62 You are programs. 00:08:11.90,00:08:17.03 Oh yes! I'm the power plant systems[br]manager for recycling operations. 00:08:17.18,00:08:21.43 My wife is an interactive software programmer.[br]She's highly creative. 00:08:21.63,00:08:24.09 What are you doing here?[br]You do not belong here. 00:08:24.17,00:08:26.52 Kamala! Goodness,[br]I apologize. 00:08:27.17,00:08:28.89 My wife can be very direct. 00:08:30.50,00:08:31.63 It's ok. 00:08:32.24,00:08:33.76 I don't have an answer. 00:08:33.99,00:08:35.59 I don't even know[br]where 'here' is. 00:08:35.90,00:08:37.54 This place is nowhere. 00:08:37.90,00:08:40.89 It is between your[br]world and our world. 00:08:41.97,00:08:45.23 - Who's the Trainman?[br]- He works for the Frenchman. 00:08:45.50,00:08:47.40 Why did I know you[br]were going to say that... 00:08:47.46,00:08:49.33 The Frenchman does not forget. 00:08:49.81,00:08:51.95 And he does not forgive. 00:08:52.02,00:08:54.65 - You know him?[br]- I know only what I need to know. 00:08:54.75,00:08:58.43 I know that if you want to take something[br]from our world into your world... 00:08:58.49,00:09:01.82 ...that does not belong there,[br]you must go to the Frenchman. 00:09:02.77,00:09:04.25 Is that what you are doing here? 00:09:04.29,00:09:07.63 - Rama, please![br]- I do not want to be cruel Kamala. 00:09:08.13,00:09:10.69 He may never see another face[br]for the rest of his life. 00:09:11.30,00:09:12.29 I'm sorry. 00:09:13.10,00:09:14.64 You don't have to[br]answer that question. 00:09:14.73,00:09:16.10 No, I don't mind. 00:09:17.10,00:09:18.71 The answer is simple. 00:09:24.57,00:09:26.80 I love my daughter very much. 00:09:27.38,00:09:30.36 I find her to be the most[br]beautiful thing I've ever seen. 00:09:31.05,00:09:33.20 But where we're from[br]that is not enough. 00:09:33.96,00:09:36.71 Every program that is[br]created must have a purpose. 00:09:36.81,00:09:39.34 If it does not, it is deleted. 00:09:40.51,00:09:43.25 I went to the Frenchman[br]to save my daughter. 00:09:45.73,00:09:48.85 - You do not understand?[br]- I just have never-- 00:09:49.16,00:09:51.93 Heard a program speak of love. 00:09:52.23,00:09:54.42 It's a human emotion. 00:09:54.53,00:09:56.03 No, it's a word. 00:09:56.03,00:10:02.03 What matters is[br]the connection the word implies. 00:10:03.35,00:10:05.88 I see that you are in love. 00:10:07.23,00:10:11.02 Can you tell me what you would give[br]to hold on to that connection? 00:10:11.25,00:10:12.67 Anything. 00:10:13.02,00:10:17.44 Then perhaps the reason you're here,[br]isn't so different from the reason I'm here. 00:10:25.11,00:10:26.62 That's him. 00:10:29.10,00:10:30.82 Get away![br]Get away from me! 00:10:30.93,00:10:32.48 We don't want trouble. 00:10:32.51,00:10:35.23 - Get the hell away from me![br]- We need your help. 00:10:35.49,00:10:38.97 I can't help you.[br]No one can help you. 00:11:29.28,00:11:31.05 Oh, no. 00:11:43.63,00:11:44.90 Damn it. 00:11:48.06,00:11:49.79 When is the train due? 00:11:49.95,00:11:51.94 It's already late. 00:11:52.35,00:11:54.78 It's not like the[br]Trainman to be late. 00:11:55.24,00:11:57.20 You think it has something[br]to do with me? 00:11:57.41,00:12:00.44 I cannot say.[br]Who knows such thing? 00:12:00.49,00:12:03.10 - Only the Oracle.[br]- You know the Oracle? 00:12:03.13,00:12:05.13 Everyone knows the Oracle. 00:12:05.33,00:12:07.53 I consulted with her before[br]i met with the Frenchman. 00:12:07.54,00:12:10.52 She promised she would look after[br]Sati after we said goodbye. 00:12:10.67,00:12:11.97 Goodbye? 00:12:12.78,00:12:14.11 You're not staying with her? 00:12:14.22,00:12:15.63 It is not possible. 00:12:15.66,00:12:19.24 Our arrangement with the Frenchman[br]was for our daughter only. 00:12:19.41,00:12:22.11 My wife and I must[br]return to our world. 00:12:22.17,00:12:23.31 Why? 00:12:23.57,00:12:25.02 That is our karma. 00:12:25.05,00:12:26.53 You believe in karma? 00:12:26.64,00:12:29.27 Karma is a word, like love. 00:12:29.46,00:12:34.14 A way of saying[br]'what I'm here to do'. 00:12:34.34,00:12:36.17 I do not resent my karma. 00:12:36.59,00:12:41.51 I'm grateful for it, grateful for my[br]wonderful wife, for my beautiful daughter. 00:12:41.79,00:12:46.33 They are gifts. And so I do[br]what I must do to honour them. 00:12:47.33,00:12:50.63 - Papa, the train![br]- Yes! Find your bag! 00:12:50.82,00:12:51.94 Quickly! 00:12:53.78,00:12:55.95 Can I carry that for you? 00:12:56.96,00:12:58.06 All right. 00:13:04.38,00:13:06.53 Hurry it up![br]I'm late! 00:13:11.19,00:13:13.71 - Who are you?[br]- He is a friend. 00:13:13.76,00:13:16.99 - Rama![br]- I know you. 00:13:17.87,00:13:20.56 So that's what they wanted. 00:13:20.64,00:13:22.51 I need to get back. 00:13:22.75,00:13:24.83 I'll pay you whatever you want. 00:13:25.04,00:13:27.48 One way or another I'm[br]getting on this train. 00:13:27.55,00:13:28.73 Oh no, no, no, no, no. 00:13:29.37,00:13:33.15 You're gonna stay right here until[br]the Merovingian says different. 00:13:33.29,00:13:38.14 If I know him, you're gonna be[br]here for a long, long time. 00:13:38.36,00:13:40.34 I don't wanna hurt you. 00:13:40.35,00:13:45.01 You don't get it.[br]I built this place. 00:13:45.25,00:13:50.47 Down here I make the rules.[br]Down here I make the threats. 00:13:55.45,00:13:58.54 Down here, I'm God. 00:14:00.36,00:14:03.91 Get on the train or you're[br]gonna stay here with him. 00:14:19.69,00:14:22.85 We should return to the Oracle.[br]She will know what to do. 00:14:22.96,00:14:24.10 No. 00:14:24.55,00:14:27.12 We know what has to be done. 00:14:41.74,00:14:42.89 Shit! 00:15:11.13,00:15:13.06 You gotta be kidding. 00:15:14.07,00:15:16.49 Holy shit.[br]It's wingless. 00:15:16.80,00:15:21.12 I get it.[br]You must be ready to die. 00:15:21.61,00:15:23.18 I need to speak with him. 00:15:23.25,00:15:25.07 Only way you're getting[br]through this door... 00:15:25.67,00:15:28.68 over my big dead ass. 00:15:28.70,00:15:30.66 So be it. 00:15:53.52,00:15:55.99 There are no weapons[br]allowed in the club. 00:15:56.02,00:15:59.54 At the bottom of this elevator[br]there is a coat-check girl. 00:15:59.57,00:16:02.58 And if we're lucky, one man[br]for checking weapons. 00:16:03.27,00:16:04.71 And if we're unlucky? 00:16:05.23,00:16:07.51 There will be many men. 00:16:08.91,00:16:12.13 Can I take your--? Oh my God. 00:18:32.94,00:18:35.46 What in the hell? 00:18:38.43,00:18:40.79 I don't believe this. 00:18:46.71,00:18:47.53 Hey! 00:18:48.41,00:18:49.23 Hey! 00:18:52.02,00:18:57.44 The prodigal child returns.[br]L' ange sans ailes.[br](The angel without wings) 00:18:57.54,00:19:01.38 Are you here for[br]the bounty, Seraph? 00:19:02.71,00:19:06.16 Tell me, how many bullets[br]are there in those guns? 00:19:06.24,00:19:10.04 I don't know, but I don't[br]think you have enough. 00:19:10.24,00:19:12.14 - We only want to talk.[br]- Oh, yes. 00:19:12.25,00:19:16.96 I'm sure you do. You have fought[br]through hell to do so. 00:19:17.00,00:19:19.81 Yes. I'll tell you what I'll do. 00:19:19.85,00:19:24.55 Put down the guns and I will promise[br]you a safe passage out of here. 00:19:24.59,00:19:27.96 - All three of us.[br]- Oh, yes, yes... 00:19:28.01,00:19:29.97 Of course. 00:19:52.84,00:19:56.24 Quelle bonne surpris, n'est-ce pas?[br]( what a good surprise, isn't it? ) 00:19:56.35,00:19:59.88 Who could have guessed we would[br]all be seeing each other so soon... 00:20:00.30,00:20:05.12 ...after our last meeting?[br]A fate too kind. 00:20:05.30,00:20:09.98 And since you, my little Judas[br]have brought them here... 00:20:10.02,00:20:13.68 ...I can only surmise the fortune teller[br]has found herself another shell. 00:20:14.01,00:20:15.25 Disappointing. 00:20:15.65,00:20:17.43 But not unexpected. 00:20:17.50,00:20:20.56 I do hope, however, she has the[br]good manners to learn her lesson. 00:20:20.91,00:20:24.11 And to remember there is no[br]action without consequence. 00:20:24.23,00:20:26.81 And if you take something from me... 00:20:26.91,00:20:29.58 ... you will pay the price. 00:20:29.79,00:20:31.98 You know why we are here? 00:20:32.29,00:20:38.82 Come now, what kind of question is this?[br]Of course I know. It's my business to know. 00:20:39.01,00:20:42.53 Some might think this is a[br]strange coincidence, but I do not. 00:20:42.61,00:20:45.15 I'm curious, though, as to... 00:20:45.27,00:20:48.45 ... how it actually happened. 00:20:48.84,00:20:50.99 - Do you know?[br]- No. 00:20:51.26,00:20:52.44 No? 00:20:53.19,00:20:54.90 I did not think so. 00:20:55.60,00:20:58.65 But it is always best to ask. 00:20:58.74,00:21:01.00 We want to make a deal. 00:21:02.19,00:21:08.18 Always straight to business.[br]Uh, Morpheus? Ok. 00:21:08.56,00:21:11.39 I have something you want. 00:21:11.56,00:21:16.67 To make a deal, you must[br]have something I want. 00:21:16.70,00:21:17.82 Yes? 00:21:19.15,00:21:23.36 And it so happens there[br]is something I want. 00:21:23.60,00:21:28.09 Something I have wanted ever since[br]I first came here. 00:21:28.16,00:21:30.82 It is said they cannot be taken. 00:21:30.89,00:21:33.96 they can only be given. 00:21:34.02,00:21:35.95 What? 00:21:37.58,00:21:40.60 The eyes of the Oracle. 00:21:43.84,00:21:47.75 I have told you before, there's no[br]escaping the nature of the universe. 00:21:47.85,00:21:50.58 It is that nature that has[br]again brought you to me. 00:21:50.63,00:21:54.58 Where some see coincidence,[br]I see consequence. 00:21:54.65,00:21:58.49 Where others see chance, I see... 00:21:58.53,00:22:00.44 ... cost. 00:22:02.74,00:22:06.10 Bring me the eyes[br]of the Oracle. 00:22:06.54,00:22:10.02 And I will give you[br]back your saviour. 00:22:10.56,00:22:14.08 It seems a particularly[br]fair and reasonable deal to me. 00:22:14.84,00:22:17.53 Yes? No? 00:22:18.83,00:22:21.87 I don't have time[br]for this shit. 00:22:52.07,00:22:55.14 You wanna make a deal?[br]How about this? 00:22:55.21,00:23:00.08 You give me Neo, or we all[br]die right here, right now. 00:23:00.61,00:23:02.88 Interesting deal. 00:23:04.89,00:23:10.34 You are really ready[br]to die for this man? 00:23:11.14,00:23:12.91 Believe it. 00:23:13.10,00:23:17.73 She'll do it. If she has to[br]she'll kill every one of us. 00:23:18.05,00:23:21.05 - She's in love.[br]- It's remarkable how similar... 00:23:21.04,00:23:22.93 ... the pattern of love is... 00:23:22.93,00:23:25.54 ... to the pattern of insanity. 00:23:25.62,00:23:27.11 Time's up. 00:23:27.26,00:23:29.62 What's it gonna be Merv? 00:23:34.94,00:23:37.28 Ok, you got yourself in here. 00:23:38.04,00:23:40.27 You can get yourself out. 00:24:27.57,00:24:29.34 Are you ready for us? 00:24:29.44,00:24:32.95 Almost, Sir. They got some pretty[br]ancient hacks here, we're working on it. 00:24:33.01,00:24:33.65 Did you find Neo? 00:24:33.76,00:24:35.49 - Can't you see him?[br]- No, Sir. 00:24:35.56,00:24:38.12 We were reading something but[br]I couldn't tell what it was. 00:24:41.95,00:24:44.25 I can't leave yet. 00:24:46.78,00:24:49.06 I have to see her. 00:24:49.83,00:24:51.14 Now? 00:24:53.06,00:24:55.06 It's my last chance. 00:24:57.10,00:24:59.46 That's it, that's the secret. 00:24:59.52,00:25:02.35 - You've got to use your hands.[br]- Why? 00:25:02.43,00:25:05.54 Cookies need love,[br]like everything does. 00:25:06.63,00:25:07.48 Neo. 00:25:08.59,00:25:12.50 I was hoping to have these[br]done before you got here. 00:25:12.33,00:25:15.39 Oh, well. Sati, honey... 00:25:15.58,00:25:17.58 ...I think it's[br]time for a tasting. 00:25:17.72,00:25:20.96 Take the bowl to Seraph and[br]find out if they're ready. 00:25:21.00,00:25:21.54 Ok. 00:25:23.62,00:25:26.77 - I'm glad you got out.[br]- Me too. 00:25:29.89,00:25:30.86 So... 00:25:31.40,00:25:34.38 - Do you recognize me?[br]- A part of you. 00:25:34.61,00:25:37.08 Yeah, that's how it works. 00:25:37.17,00:25:39.75 Some bits you lose,[br]some bits you keep. 00:25:39.91,00:25:43.94 I don't yet recognize[br]my face in the mirror, but... 00:25:44.62,00:25:47.68 ... I still love candy. 00:25:49.72,00:25:51.33 No, thank you. 00:25:51.39,00:25:54.47 Remember what you were like when[br]you first walked through my door? 00:25:54.53,00:25:57.14 Jittery as a june bug. 00:25:57.24,00:25:59.63 And now just look at you. 00:25:59.98,00:26:03.52 You sure did surprise me,[br]Neo. And you still do. 00:26:03.61,00:26:06.24 You gave me a[br]few surprises too. 00:26:06.76,00:26:09.21 I hope I helped. 00:26:09.26,00:26:12.90 You helped me to get here,[br]but my question's why. 00:26:12.94,00:26:14.88 Where is this going? 00:26:14.90,00:26:16.28 Where does it end? 00:26:16.28,00:26:19.50 - I don't know.[br]- You don't know, or you won't tell me? 00:26:19.53,00:26:21.61 I told you before... 00:26:21.61,00:26:25.51 no one can see[br]beyond a choice they don't understand. 00:26:25.54,00:26:26.38 And I mean no one. 00:26:26.53,00:26:28.09 What choice? 00:26:28.21,00:26:29.62 It doesn't matter. 00:26:29.69,00:26:33.81 It's my choice. I have mine to make,[br]the same as you have yours. 00:26:33.87,00:26:37.21 Does that include what things to[br]tell me and what not to tell me? 00:26:37.21,00:26:38.25 Of course not. 00:26:38.40,00:26:40.32 Then why didn't you tell[br]me about the architect? 00:26:40.39,00:26:43.14 Why didn't you tell me about Zion,[br]the Ones before me? 00:26:43.17,00:26:44.96 Why didn't you[br]tell me the truth? 00:26:45.04,00:26:47.90 Because it wasn't time[br]for you to know. 00:26:48.01,00:26:49.81 Who decided it wasn't time? 00:26:49.91,00:26:52.08 You know who. 00:26:54.03,00:26:55.99 KNOW THYSELF 00:26:59.43,00:27:01.32 I did. 00:27:02.32,00:27:05.36 Then I think it's time for me[br]to know a few more things. 00:27:05.40,00:27:07.81 So do I. 00:27:07.92,00:27:11.20 Tell me how I separated my mind[br]from my body without jacking in. 00:27:11.21,00:27:15.39 Tell me how I stopped four[br]sentinels by thinking it. 00:27:15.68,00:27:17.96 Tell me just what the[br]hell is happening to me. 00:27:21.02,00:27:24.57 The power of the One extends[br]beyond this world. 00:27:24.66,00:27:28.19 It reaches from here all the way[br]back to where it came from. 00:27:28.21,00:27:29.26 Where? 00:27:29.42,00:27:33.82 The Source, that's what you felt[br]when you touched those sentinels. 00:27:33.88,00:27:35.74 But you weren't ready for it. 00:27:35.78,00:27:37.69 You should be dead. 00:27:37.73,00:27:40.94 But apparently you weren't[br]ready for that either. 00:27:42.79,00:27:45.96 The architect told me that if[br]I didn't return to the Source... 00:27:45.96,00:27:48.36 ... Zion would be destroyed[br]by midnight tonight. 00:27:48.54,00:27:49.55 Please... 00:27:49.97,00:27:53.07 You and I may not be able to[br]see beyond our own choices... 00:27:53.11,00:27:55.51 ...but that man can't[br]see past any choice. 00:27:56.12,00:28:00.32 - Why not?[br]- He doesn't understand them. He can't. 00:28:00.34,00:28:02.97 To him they're[br]variables in an equation. 00:28:03.27,00:28:08.45 One at a time each variable must be[br]solved and countered. That's his purpose. 00:28:08.87,00:28:11.13 To balance the equation. 00:28:11.41,00:28:13.36 What's your purpose? 00:28:13.61,00:28:15.72 To unbalance it. 00:28:15.87,00:28:16.92 Why? 00:28:17.30,00:28:18.77 What do you want? 00:28:18.85,00:28:21.41 I want the same[br]thing you want Neo. 00:28:22.32,00:28:25.56 And I'm willing to go as[br]far as you are to get it. 00:28:25.60,00:28:28.46 The end of the war. 00:28:28.79,00:28:30.86 Is it going to end? 00:28:30.92,00:28:33.40 One way or another. 00:28:33.64,00:28:36.64 Can Zion be saved? 00:28:37.43,00:28:42.49 I'm sorry I don't have the[br]answer to that question, but... 00:28:43.18,00:28:44.85 If there's an answer... 00:28:45.43,00:28:48.14 ...there's only one place[br]you're going to find it. 00:28:48.20,00:28:49.43 Where? 00:28:49.56,00:28:51.52 You know where. 00:28:52.59,00:28:55.10 And if you can't find the answer... 00:28:56.12,00:29:00.06 ...then I'm afraid there may[br]be no tomorrow for any of us. 00:29:01.33,00:29:03.47 What does that mean? 00:29:07.86,00:29:10.69 Everything that has a beginning... 00:29:11.62,00:29:13.76 ... has an end. 00:29:14.41,00:29:16.79 I see the end coming. 00:29:16.90,00:29:20.02 I see the darkness spreading. 00:29:20.59,00:29:22.57 I see death. 00:29:22.73,00:29:25.97 And you are all that[br]stands in his way. 00:29:26.11,00:29:29.76 - Smith.[br]- Very soon... 00:29:29.91,00:29:32.97 ... he's going to have the power[br]to destroy this world. 00:29:33.08,00:29:36.01 But I believe he won't[br]stop there, he can't. 00:29:36.13,00:29:39.32 He won't stop until there's[br]nothing left at all. 00:29:39.48,00:29:42.92 - What is he?[br]- He is you. 00:29:43.06,00:29:45.64 Your opposite.[br]Your negative. 00:29:45.72,00:29:49.56 The result of the equation[br]trying to balance itself out. 00:29:49.58,00:29:51.38 And if I can't stop him? 00:29:51.52,00:29:53.84 One way or another, Neo... 00:29:54.11,00:29:57.51 ... this war is going to end. 00:29:57.73,00:30:05.20 Tonight, the future of both worlds[br]will be in your hands or in his. 00:30:21.19,00:30:22.51 How are you feeling? 00:30:22.60,00:30:24.11 Are you alright? 00:30:30.52,00:30:32.94 I need time. 00:30:37.65,00:30:40.28 - That figures.[br]- Captain Roland. 00:30:41.30,00:30:43.94 - What's up Maggie?[br]- Bane is. He's conscious. 00:30:44.09,00:30:47.50 Good. Maybe he's got some answers. 00:30:53.32,00:30:55.57 I love that smell. 00:30:56.41,00:30:59.54 I sure am gonna miss it. 00:31:01.04,00:31:05.10 - Oracle.[br]- I know, I know. 00:31:05.85,00:31:08.05 Sati, honey... 00:31:09.13,00:31:15.13 - Take a few cookies and go with Seraph.[br]- Can I come back? I would like to come back. 00:31:15.18,00:31:18.82 - I would like that too.[br]- Then I'll see you tomorrow. 00:31:21.25,00:31:24.19 I hope so honey, I hope so. 00:31:45.55,00:31:48.06 I'm scared Seraph. 00:31:49.18,00:31:50.03 Come. 00:32:34.06,00:32:36.36 He's following us. 00:32:41.15,00:32:44.20 Well, well, it's been a long time. 00:32:46.06,00:32:52.16 - I remember chasing you was like chasing a ghost.[br]- I have beaten you before. 00:32:52.22,00:32:57.02 Yes, true, but as you can see,[br]things are a little different now. 00:32:58.65,00:33:03.91 - And you must be the last exile.[br]- The Oracle told me about you. 00:33:04.29,00:33:05.88 Really? 00:33:05.88,00:33:10.28 - What did she say about me?[br]- That you're a bad man. 00:33:10.52,00:33:13.04 Oh, I'm not so bad... 00:33:13.11,00:33:16.24 ... once you get[br]to know me. 00:33:43.33,00:33:48.81 The great and powerful Oracle,[br]we meet at last. 00:33:50.94,00:33:54.72 I suppose you've been[br]expecting me. Right? 00:33:55.51,00:34:01.26 The all-knowing Oracle is never surprised.[br]How can she be? she knows everything. 00:34:01.98,00:34:05.20 But if that's true, then why is she here? 00:34:05.25,00:34:09.05 If she knew I was coming,[br]why wouldn't she leave? 00:34:13.64,00:34:16.57 Maybe you knew I was going to[br]do that, maybe you didn't. 00:34:16.71,00:34:19.21 If you did, that means you[br]baked those cookies and... 00:34:19.22,00:34:21.80 ...set that plate right there[br]deliberately, purposefully. 00:34:21.88,00:34:26.72 Which means that you're sitting[br]there also deliberately, purposefully. 00:34:27.19,00:34:29.61 What did you do with Sati? 00:34:29.76,00:34:35.27 Cookies need love,[br]like everything does. 00:34:35.87,00:34:38.33 You are a bastard. 00:34:38.74,00:34:42.50 You would know Mom. 00:34:44.65,00:34:47.05 Do what you are here to do. 00:34:47.46,00:34:48.74 Yes ma'am. 00:35:34.27,00:35:36.89 I really wish I[br]could help, I just... 00:35:37.04,00:35:39.11 I don't remember any of it. 00:35:40.13,00:35:42.34 What about the[br]cuts on your arms? 00:35:42.37,00:35:44.96 Those cuts are more[br]than one day old. 00:35:45.08,00:35:47.41 Yeah, definitely. 00:35:47.76,00:35:50.01 You're right about that, Sir. 00:35:50.67,00:35:54.04 They look like they[br]might be self-inflicted. 00:35:54.16,00:35:58.13 But, why would I do something[br]like that to myself? 00:35:58.82,00:36:02.58 Unless of course[br]I wasn't myself. 00:36:02.98,00:36:08.49 But if I'm not me,[br]then who am I? 00:36:12.98,00:36:17.75 - Has this man been tested for VDTs?[br]- Yes sir, it was negative. 00:36:17.84,00:36:21.18 But he's showing a lot of[br]unusual neural activity. 00:36:21.19,00:36:24.99 Some cross-synaptic firing, as well[br]as signs of recent trauma... 00:36:25.01,00:36:28.62 ... with fresh fibrotic scarring[br]throughout the cortex. 00:36:28.84,00:36:34.35 I want the truth, I don't care what[br]it takes. Make him remember. 00:36:55.14,00:36:57.85 - Sir, we found her![br]- The Logos? 00:36:57.93,00:37:01.21 - Yes sir.[br]- 'Bout time we had some goddamn good news. 00:37:30.23,00:37:33.48 Are the thermals picking[br]up any signs of life? 00:37:33.80,00:37:36.21 No sir. Nothing yet. 00:37:36.28,00:37:39.77 - What about the ship?[br]- Holographic says the hull's intact. 00:37:39.87,00:37:41.83 Drop her down, and keep a[br]man in the rear turret. 00:37:41.85,00:37:42.68 Yes, Sir. 00:37:53.21,00:37:57.77 Get a full diagnostic on that ship[br]as fast as humanly possible. 00:38:14.93,00:38:18.88 Careful sir, the squids[br]are sneaky bastards. 00:38:18.88,00:38:21.07 Could be a trap. 00:38:46.25,00:38:48.24 What was that? 00:38:50.68,00:38:54.57 You can put that shit away boys,[br]all she needs is a jump. 00:38:55.25,00:38:56.15 Niobe. 00:38:56.49,00:38:57.50 Morpheus. 00:39:02.21,00:39:04.71 - Are you alright?[br]- Yes, I'm fine. 00:39:04.75,00:39:08.47 We didn't know what[br]happened after... 00:39:09.50,00:39:10.77 I'm sorry. 00:39:10.89,00:39:12.11 It's ok... 00:39:12.65,00:39:15.15 I'm happy to see you too. 00:39:15.54,00:39:17.80 - Did you get Neo out?[br]- Yes. 00:39:17.86,00:39:20.00 - How did you know about that?[br]- The Oracle. 00:39:20.04,00:39:23.51 - You saw her?[br]- Just before the Sentinels found us. 00:39:23.55,00:39:24.52 What did she tell you? 00:39:24.58,00:39:27.81 The same things[br]she always does. 00:39:28.47,00:39:32.11 Exactly what I[br]needed to hear. 00:39:32.41,00:39:36.05 In less than 12 hours the machines[br]will breach the dock walls. 00:39:36.09,00:39:40.69 Every simulation we've run, we've seen that once[br]the machines are inside the city... 00:39:40.69,00:39:43.60 ...the odds of our survival[br]decrease dramatically. 00:39:43.60,00:39:46.21 Thus our primary objective[br]must be to destroy... 00:39:46.23,00:39:49.53 ...or disable the diggers[br]inside the dock. 00:39:49.56,00:39:53.38 If we can do that, perhaps we can prevent[br]them from ever reaching the city. 00:39:53.80,00:39:55.80 If not, the only place we[br]would be able to mount an... 00:39:55.80,00:39:59.42 ...effective defense would be at[br]the entrance of the Temple. 00:39:59.52,00:40:02.17 It's small enough that it would[br]force them into a bottleneck... 00:40:02.23,00:40:05.68 ...allowing us to concentrate[br]the remainder of our defense. 00:40:05.70,00:40:08.79 We understand that you've[br]requested additional volunteers. 00:40:08.91,00:40:09.96 That is correct. 00:40:10.07,00:40:12.34 Precisely what size of[br]force are you planning... 00:40:12.34,00:40:15.25 commit to the[br]primary dock objective? 00:40:15.31,00:40:18.69 Right now, the entire APU[br]Corps and half the infantry. 00:40:18.74,00:40:21.98 - Half the infantry?[br]- If it were up to me Councillor... 00:40:22.09,00:40:24.66 I'd take every man, woman[br]and child, put a gun in... 00:40:24.66,00:40:27.17 ...their hand and march them[br]straight into that dock. 00:40:27.24,00:40:30.17 Perhaps it is best that[br]it is not up to you. 00:40:30.21,00:40:32.73 Time will tell, Councillor. 00:40:32.77,00:40:35.38 Commander, just one more question. 00:40:35.43,00:40:38.34 - Has there been word from the Nebuchadnezzar?[br]- None. 00:40:38.45,00:40:41.49 And at this point there's no[br]reason to expect there ever will be. 00:40:41.67,00:40:42.88 Perhaps. 00:40:42.92,00:40:45.10 But we can hope. 00:40:45.13,00:40:50.15 I'm afraid hope is an indulgence[br]I don't have time for. 00:41:00.45,00:41:01.78 Zee, what are you doing? 00:41:01.81,00:41:03.53 Making shells. 00:41:03.61,00:41:06.27 They're evacuating our level,[br]we have to go. 00:41:06.36,00:41:09.22 - I'm not going with you.[br]- What? 00:41:09.32,00:41:12.86 They've called for volunteers[br]to hold the dock. 00:41:15.97,00:41:18.11 Kids, you stay here. 00:41:19.46,00:41:23.38 I know how you feel, Zee,[br]but you can't do this. 00:41:23.39,00:41:24.58 - I have to.[br]- Why? 00:41:24.50,00:41:27.34 Because I love him. 00:41:28.02,00:41:30.35 I love him the same[br]as he loves me. 00:41:30.59,00:41:34.02 And if I were out there and he[br]were here I know what he'd do. 00:41:34.59,00:41:37.09 But you're gonna[br]get yourself killed. 00:41:37.26,00:41:39.36 It's crazy Zee. 00:41:39.47,00:41:41.73 Maybe it is. 00:41:42.06,00:41:44.06 But ask yourself, if it were Dozer,[br]you knew the only... 00:41:44.15,00:41:47.75 ...chance you had to see him[br]again was to hold the dock. 00:41:47.84,00:41:49.63 What would you do? 00:41:55.02,00:41:56.94 Make shells. 00:42:07.88,00:42:10.52 What the shit is[br]going on over here? 00:42:10.64,00:42:12.56 An accident, sir. 00:42:12.84,00:42:15.87 I didn't see, sorry. 00:42:16.00,00:42:19.52 - Who the hell are you?[br]- A unit volunteer sir. 00:42:19.84,00:42:24.46 What's a pod-born pencil-neck like you[br]doing volunteering for my corps? 00:42:24.48,00:42:26.40 I wanna do my part, sir! 00:42:26.46,00:42:29.01 We gotta hold the dock. 00:42:29.01,00:42:30.35 How old are you, kid? 00:42:30.35,00:42:34.25 - Eighteen.[br]- Should have said sixteen, I might have believed that! 00:42:35.03,00:42:38.00 - Ok, I'm sixteen.[br]- Minimum age for the corps is 18. 00:42:38.09,00:42:39.67 Sixteen's too young. 00:42:40.01,00:42:45.20 Machines don't care how old I am.[br]They'll kill me just the same. 00:42:45.57,00:42:47.79 Ain't that the goddamned truth. 00:42:47.86,00:42:49.80 Give me a chance, Sir. 00:42:49.86,00:42:51.78 I won't let you down. 00:42:51.80,00:42:58.07 You do, and you'll find me and the[br]machines have got something in common. 00:43:09.87,00:43:12.02 Ok, charge the igniter. 00:43:18.99,00:43:20.55 She lives again. 00:43:20.58,00:43:24.17 You want us to patch an uplink to[br]reload the operations software, Sparky? 00:43:24.24,00:43:28.50 Yeah, that'd be swell. Could you clean[br]the windshield while you're at it? 00:43:32.28,00:43:35.94 Uplinks are in place,[br]I'm bringing her back online. 00:43:35.99,00:43:38.59 Looking good, except uh... 00:43:39.94,00:43:42.24 Something's wrong[br]with the Matrix feed. 00:43:42.25,00:43:43.24 No there's not. 00:43:43.51,00:43:45.31 You're looking at[br]what we're looking at. 00:43:45.36,00:43:46.78 What the hell is[br]going on in there? 00:43:46.86,00:43:49.59 Whatever it is,[br]it can't be good. 00:43:49.89,00:43:52.73 The machines have taken Junction 21. 00:43:52.81,00:43:56.08 The way I see it, if we drop[br]down from broadcast here... 00:43:56.15,00:43:58.64 ... at Interstate 153,[br]we might surprise them. 00:43:59.29,00:44:03.66 We'll go first, hammer as deep[br]as we can, then blow our EMP. 00:44:03.67,00:44:07.53 Hopefully we can punch a hole big[br]enough for you to get through. 00:44:08.19,00:44:13.37 It ain't pretty, but the way I[br]see it, it's the only way back. 00:44:14.13,00:44:15.30 No it's not. 00:44:15.85,00:44:17.35 There's another way. 00:44:17.56,00:44:18.90 A support line. 00:44:19.04,00:44:20.64 It drops down right here. 00:44:20.65,00:44:22.78 A thousand meters short of 21. 00:44:22.86,00:44:27.03 If we're lucky we may be able to slip[br]down without them ever knowing. 00:44:27.33,00:44:30.93 That's a mechanical line. It's impossible,[br]no one can pilot a mechanical. 00:44:30.93,00:44:31.79 I can. 00:44:31.87,00:44:32.64 Bullshit. 00:44:32.83,00:44:36.07 - I've done it.[br]- That was a long time ago, Niobe. 00:44:36.14,00:44:37.62 I said I can do it. 00:44:37.80,00:44:40.30 So what? If you can you'll[br]be the only one that can. 00:44:40.30,00:44:42.10 There's no way we can follow you. 00:44:44.71,00:44:46.05 Hi. 00:44:48.00,00:44:52.33 I know time is always against us.[br]I'm sorry that I took so long. 00:44:52.63,00:44:56.02 - But I wanted to be sure.[br]- Sure of what? 00:44:56.52,00:44:58.99 - I know what I have to do.[br]- What? 00:44:59.05,00:45:02.18 There's no easy way to say this,[br]so I'll just say it. 00:45:02.28,00:45:04.14 I have to take[br]one of the ships. 00:45:04.15,00:45:06.49 - What?[br]- To go where? 00:45:07.88,00:45:10.17 To the machine city. 00:45:13.46,00:45:16.10 I know it's difficult[br]to understand. 00:45:16.18,00:45:19.12 No, It's not, you're out[br]of your goddamn mind. 00:45:19.13,00:45:22.11 - I still have to go.[br]- You'll never make it. In 100 years... 00:45:22.19,00:45:24.32 ... no ship has been within a[br]hundred kilometers of it. 00:45:24.33,00:45:26.64 - You'll never make it.[br]- I have to try. 00:45:26.83,00:45:28.87 Is this what the[br]Oracle has told you? 00:45:29.18,00:45:30.25 No. 00:45:30.47,00:45:33.87 This is asinine. If you wanna[br]kill yourself, go do it. 00:45:33.88,00:45:35.98 But do it without wasting[br]one of our ships. 00:45:36.08,00:45:38.21 You have to believe me, I have to go. 00:45:38.21,00:45:39.21 Bullshit! 00:45:38.75,00:45:42.13 I am the captain of this ship,[br]I say where it has to go! 00:45:42.26,00:45:46.98 And believe me, this ship will go to hell[br]long before I let you take it anywhere. 00:45:49.70,00:45:51.64 He can take mine. 00:45:51.79,00:45:53.54 You can't do that. 00:45:54.76,00:45:57.76 Don't even think of trying[br]to tell me what I can... 00:45:57.76,00:46:00.37 ...or cannot do with my ship[br]after that little speech. 00:46:00.37,00:46:05.37 - But for Christ sake, Niobe.[br]- I'll pilot this ship, he can take mine. 00:46:05.44,00:46:09.24 If we leave inside the hour we should[br]reach Zion as the machines do. 00:46:09.32,00:46:11.48 That's as good a plan as any. 00:46:11.75,00:46:15.02 It's a waste.[br]A Goddamn waste. 00:46:20.97,00:46:23.53 Two ships, two directions. 00:46:23.81,00:46:27.68 Sounds like providence,[br]doesn't it Morpheus? 00:46:28.25,00:46:30.73 You've never believed[br]in The One. 00:46:30.74,00:46:34.33 - I still don't.[br]- Then why are you doing this? 00:46:34.67,00:46:37.01 I believe in him. 00:46:38.12,00:46:39.14 Thank you. 00:46:45.34,00:46:48.52 - What's that for?[br]- To help you relax. 00:46:48.54,00:46:51.41 Make it easier for[br]you to remember. 00:46:51.87,00:46:55.02 What if i don't[br]want to remember? 00:46:55.13,00:46:57.35 Why would you want that? 00:46:57.40,00:47:00.18 What if I blew that EMP? 00:47:01.51,00:47:04.81 What if I did destroy those ships[br]and I am responsible... 00:47:04.82,00:47:08.32 ...for the deaths[br]of all those men? 00:47:10.54,00:47:17.23 If I did that, it wouldn't[br]be very safe for me here. 00:47:17.22,00:47:18.27 Would it? 00:47:27.42,00:47:31.77 Of course it might not be[br]very safe for you, either. 00:47:39.41,00:47:41.42 I'm ready. 00:47:42.64,00:47:43.77 Trinity. 00:47:45.57,00:47:48.17 There's something[br]I have to say. 00:47:51.27,00:47:53.95 There's something you[br]need to understand. 00:47:55.25,00:47:58.13 I know I'm supposed to go. 00:47:58.28,00:48:03.40 But beyond that...[br]I don't know I... 00:48:04.20,00:48:08.89 I know. You don't think[br]you're coming back. 00:48:09.95,00:48:12.70 I knew it the moment you[br]said you had to leave. 00:48:12.81,00:48:15.09 I could see it in your face. 00:48:15.13,00:48:17.43 Just like you knew the moment[br]you looked at me... 00:48:17.52,00:48:20.72 ...that I was coming with you. 00:48:22.31,00:48:26.09 - I'm scared Trin.[br]- So am I. 00:48:27.13,00:48:31.11 It took me ten minutes to[br]buckle up one boot. 00:48:31.72,00:48:35.25 But I'll tell you something.[br]Six hours ago... 00:48:35.40,00:48:37.40 ... I told the Merovingian[br]I was ready... 00:48:37.40,00:48:40.98 give anything[br]and everything for you. 00:48:42.97,00:48:45.57 You know what's changed[br]in the last 6 hours? 00:48:45.67,00:48:46.54 No. 00:48:46.97,00:48:50.49 Nothing. 00:49:02.29,00:49:04.78 - Have you finished loading that amunition?[br]- Just about, sir. 00:49:04.84,00:49:07.34 Lets move it,[br]we're out of time. 00:49:07.40,00:49:09.64 You're not leaving[br]them anything? 00:49:09.74,00:49:11.85 He said he didn't need it. 00:49:15.16,00:49:19.84 I ain't saying goodbye,[br]I'm saying good luck. 00:49:19.88,00:49:20.97 Thank you. 00:49:26.73,00:49:28.95 I can only hope you know[br]what you're doing. 00:49:29.03,00:49:31.09 Me too. 00:49:34.99,00:49:38.28 It was an honour, Sir. 00:49:40.02,00:49:44.53 No, the honour's still mine. 00:49:56.82,00:49:57.94 We're ready sir. 00:49:58.06,00:50:00.02 'Bout damn time. 00:50:01.07,00:50:04.58 We're already late Captain, so[br]lets hit it and hit it hard. 00:50:08.19,00:50:12.62 Bye baby, take good[br]care of them. 00:50:33.89,00:50:35.73 Ready? 00:50:43.78,00:50:45.48 Engine's still firing. 00:50:45.75,00:50:49.38 Must be a fuse,[br]I'll check it out. 00:51:02.61,00:51:05.61 I should've known he'd[br]send his bitch first. 00:51:05.62,00:51:06.12 Bane! 00:51:06.34,00:51:09.68 No one ever got away from me[br]as many times as you did. 00:51:09.77,00:51:11.82 Every single time I[br]thought it was the last. 00:51:11.86,00:51:15.46 Everytime I was sure we had you,[br]but somehow you'd slip through our fingers. 00:51:15.62,00:51:20.64 I really can't express just[br]how aggravating that can be. 00:51:21.27,00:51:23.02 What are you talking about? 00:51:24.00,00:51:28.72 I think I might enjoy killing[br]you as much as killing him. 00:51:44.86,00:51:48.00 Neo, it's Bane,[br]he's psychotic! 00:51:48.49,00:51:51.70 You're gonna pay for that. 00:51:52.81,00:51:54.60 27 kilometers to go. 00:51:54.65,00:51:57.15 - Captain, we got an emergency down here.[br]- What is it AK? 00:51:57.17,00:51:58.40 It's Maggie, sir. 00:51:58.45,00:51:59.58 She's dead. 00:51:59.66,00:52:02.69 - Murdered. I think it was Bane.[br]- Goddamn it. 00:52:05.41,00:52:08.87 I knew it. I knew he was[br]out of his goddamn mind. 00:52:08.96,00:52:14.01 He fired that EMP. God damn it,[br]I should have beaten it out of him. 00:52:14.81,00:52:16.71 We've searched the[br]whole ship Captain. 00:52:16.79,00:52:18.92 He ain't here. 00:52:19.30,00:52:22.49 - I know where he is.[br]- The Logos. 00:52:23.14,00:52:25.56 - We gotta go back.[br]- Too late. 00:52:25.57,00:52:27.33 You don't know that, what[br]if they need our help? 00:52:27.42,00:52:29.38 - It's too dangerous.[br]- Why? 00:52:29.43,00:52:32.97 Because if he's killed them,[br]he will control another EMP. 00:52:33.58,00:52:36.13 At this point[br]they're on their own. 00:52:36.20,00:52:37.65 Just like us. 00:52:38.84,00:52:40.52 Mr. Anderson... 00:52:41.82,00:52:45.70 I see you're as predictable in[br]this world as you are in the other. 00:52:45.77,00:52:48.00 - What?[br]- He's out of his mind. 00:52:48.01,00:52:49.61 It might appear that way to you,[br]but Mr. Anderson... 00:52:49.62,00:52:53.81 ...and I know that appearances[br]can be deceiving. 00:52:54.00,00:52:56.61 Confused, Mr. Anderson? 00:52:56.70,00:52:58.34 It'll all become[br]clear in a moment. 00:52:58.43,00:53:01.26 Now, thank you for bringing me the gun.[br]You can set it down right there. 00:53:01.34,00:53:02.61 Don't do it. 00:53:02.98,00:53:05.68 Shoot, shoot now. 00:53:05.68,00:53:08.44 Yes, shoot. Fry us. Burn us alive! 00:53:08.66,00:53:11.53 Do it! If you don't[br]he'll kill us both. 00:53:12.42,00:53:16.49 Look at him.[br]He knows he should do it,[br]but he won't. 00:53:16.52,00:53:19.28 - He can't.[br]- Do it. 00:53:26.86,00:53:29.47 Back away from the[br]gun and turn around. 00:53:37.45,00:53:39.11 Let her go. 00:53:52.52,00:53:55.12 Somehow familiar, isn't it? 00:53:55.58,00:53:59.62 We've been here before,[br]you and I, remember? 00:53:59.95,00:54:01.04 I do 00:54:01.43,00:54:04.62 I think of nothing else 00:54:07.92,00:54:11.76 - Who are you?[br]- Still don't recognize me? 00:54:11.98,00:54:16.79 I admit, it's difficult to even think,[br]encased in this rotting piece of meat. 00:54:16.81,00:54:22.95 The stink of it filling every breath,[br]a suffocating cloud you can't escape. 00:54:25.28,00:54:26.45 Disgusting. 00:54:27.33,00:54:30.05 Look at how pathetically[br]fragile it is. 00:54:30.11,00:54:33.54 Nothing this weak[br]is meant to survive. 00:54:38.38,00:54:39.97 What do you want? 00:54:39.99,00:54:42.79 I want what you want. 00:54:45.01,00:54:46.45 Yes... 00:54:46.72,00:54:49.39 That's it Mr. Anderson. 00:54:49.46,00:54:53.47 Look past the flesh,[br]look through the soft gelatin... 00:54:53.47,00:54:58.08 ...of these dull cow eyes,[br]and see your enemy. 00:54:58.69,00:54:59.81 No. 00:55:00.11,00:55:02.39 Oh, yes, Mr. Anderson. 00:55:02.41,00:55:03.74 It can't be. 00:55:03.97,00:55:07.82 There's nowhere I can't go, there's[br]nowhere I won't find you. 00:55:07.84,00:55:10.12 It's impossible. 00:55:10.22,00:55:12.46 Not impossible. 00:55:13.03,00:55:15.08 Inevitable. 00:55:16.47,00:55:18.53 Goodbye Mr. Anderson. 00:55:18.55,00:55:20.87 This is it, it's gotta be. 00:56:05.92,00:56:07.82 Oh no! 00:56:25.21,00:56:29.63 I wish you could see[br]yourself Mr. Anderson. 00:56:32.62,00:56:36.49 The blind messiah. 00:56:39.82,00:56:43.96 You're a symbol for all[br]of your kind, Mr. Anderson. 00:56:46.19,00:56:48.49 Helpless. 00:56:50.82,00:56:53.40 Pathetic. 00:56:55.85,00:57:00.18 Just waiting to be put[br]out of your misery. 00:57:05.58,00:57:07.89 I can see you. 00:57:15.93,00:57:21.48 It's not over Mr. Anderson,[br]it's not over. 00:57:34.10,00:57:37.07 - Trinity![br]- Neo. 00:57:43.42,00:57:45.10 Oh, no. 00:57:45.34,00:57:46.85 Your eyes. 00:57:47.00,00:57:48.94 I'll be ok. 00:57:50.31,00:57:52.34 It's alright Trin. 00:57:54.21,00:57:57.62 But I think you're gonna[br]have to drive. 00:58:03.86,00:58:07.19 Seismic's projecting 22 minutes[br]to breach. 00:58:07.20,00:58:10.72 They can't know we don't have an EMP.[br]They'll have to attack in waves. 00:58:10.78,00:58:13.90 Concentrate our offense[br]on the diggers. 00:58:13.90,00:58:16.30 Order the APUs into position. 00:58:16.38,00:58:17.16 Yes, sir. 00:58:46.98,00:58:49.67 Come on, move. 00:59:22.29,00:59:23.26 All right. 00:59:23.91,00:59:25.88 This is it. 00:59:26.03,00:59:27.64 Now, you all know me, 00:59:27.65,00:59:31.44 so I'll just say this[br]as simple as I can. 00:59:31.99,00:59:35.85 If it's our time to die,[br]it's our time. 00:59:35.88,00:59:41.64 All I ask is: if we have to give[br]these bastards our lives... 00:59:41.70,00:59:45.48 ...we give them[br]hell before we do! 01:00:01.66,01:00:03.21 You scared, Charra? 01:00:03.28,01:00:04.89 Shit, yeah. 01:00:05.68,01:00:07.67 But I'll make you a deal. 01:00:07.80,01:00:10.52 You keep loadin', I keep shootin'. 01:00:12.12,01:00:14.82 Deal. 01:00:24.28,01:00:26.97 - Holy Christ, would you look at that?[br]- Quiet. 01:00:27.00,01:00:30.90 - How far is the opening?[br]- 1.4 kilometers 01:00:30.94,01:00:33.52 We're still generating[br]too hot a field. 01:00:33.55,01:00:35.64 Ghost, kill all auxilliary systems. 01:00:35.68,01:00:38.43 Give me full manual,[br]drop down four pads. 01:00:38.46,01:00:40.78 It'll bottom out! 01:00:49.24,01:00:51.59 Easy baby. 01:00:51.59,01:00:53.47 700 meters. 01:00:55.49,01:00:58.92 If we can just[br]get close enough. 01:01:02.51,01:01:04.23 600 meters. 01:01:04.26,01:01:06.04 There. 01:01:14.44,01:01:15.57 Shit. 01:01:17.70,01:01:20.69 - Jig's up, here they come.[br]- Give me full power, full systems! 01:01:20.73,01:01:22.43 Man the gun turrets![br]every goddamn one of them. 01:01:22.46,01:01:25.71 - Go, go![br]- Ghost, you're the best gunner we have, go with them. 01:01:25.74,01:01:27.97 Morpheus take his place. 01:01:44.68,01:01:46.41 I'm coming baby. 01:01:55.74,01:01:57.27 Here they come. 01:02:02.39,01:02:07.54 - Slow down, this ain't the Logos![br]- Hold on to your lunch, Roland, here we go. 01:02:15.38,01:02:18.63 Holy Christ, I didn't know this ship could do that. 01:03:10.11,01:03:12.91 Breach! The dock is breached! 01:03:32.61,01:03:34.68 Knuckle up! 01:03:47.84,01:03:50.21 For Zion! 01:05:57.54,01:05:58.75 Shit. 01:06:04.11,01:06:06.13 Come on, let's go! 01:06:11.06,01:06:13.40 Knuckle up! 01:06:28.56,01:06:30.35 Reload! 01:06:31.73,01:06:34.17 Reload nine! 01:06:40.21,01:06:41.99 Go, go! Move, move! 01:06:53.34,01:06:55.45 Watch your left! 01:06:56.59,01:06:59.29 Don't let them through! 01:07:01.51,01:07:03.57 Zuka! 01:07:40.33,01:07:42.63 Oh my God. 01:07:55.43,01:07:57.41 Where the hell is my infantry? 01:07:57.44,01:07:59.98 I want that goddamn[br]machine taken down! 01:08:32.88,01:08:35.09 Dig this. 01:08:38.87,01:08:40.99 Oh, shit! 01:09:00.22,01:09:03.60 - Bogey two at the breach point![br]- Goddamnit. 01:09:29.25,01:09:32.05 Shit, she's got a fat ass! 01:09:40.75,01:09:44.48 - Keep 'em off me.[br]- Goddamn, there's a shitstorm of 'em. 01:10:15.77,01:10:19.90 - Captain, do you see that?[br]- They're after the radio, stop 'em. 01:10:26.56,01:10:27.68 Damn it. 01:10:52.50,01:10:53.56 Yeah. 01:11:05.79,01:11:07.50 Grab my belt. 01:11:18.25,01:11:21.09 Just give me one clean shot. 01:11:26.72,01:11:27.65 Damn it! 01:11:50.53,01:11:52.16 Charra! 01:11:57.31,01:11:58.48 Commander Lock, I've got incoming! 01:11:58.71,01:12:01.53 - I've got a dock full of incoming![br]- Sir, yes Sir, but this is different, Sir. 01:12:01.76,01:12:04.42 - What?[br]- I think it's one of ours. 01:12:05.33,01:12:07.64 - That's impossible.[br]- Holographics are trying to confirm, Sir. 01:12:08.40,01:12:12.20 - Contact them, I want access codes.[br]- We're trying Sir, there's no response. 01:12:13.93,01:12:16.94 It's a trick. That's not[br]one of ours, it can't be. 01:12:17.04,01:12:20.77 That's a mechanical line,[br]no one can pilot mechanical. 01:12:31.42,01:12:32.82 Foreward aft,[br]30 degrees at 80 percent. 01:12:32.91,01:12:35.15 30 degrees, 80. 01:12:37.15,01:12:40.45 - Lower starboard, 60 degrees, 20 percent.[br]- 60 degrees. 01:12:42.90,01:12:43.75 Shit! 01:12:43.75,01:12:45.59 - Come on, keep up![br]- I'm trying! 01:13:06.00,01:13:07.48 Sir, holographic confirms. 01:13:07.55,01:13:08.72 It's the Hammer Sir. 01:13:08.78,01:13:10.15 How can that be? 01:13:10.42,01:13:12.59 The ship is under attack,[br]sustaining heavy damage. 01:13:12.75,01:13:15.78 But at its present velocity[br]it'll reach Gate 3 in 12 minutes. 01:13:15.80,01:13:19.05 Sir, their EMP could take out[br]every sentinel up there. 01:13:19.13,01:13:20.25 It'd take out more than that. 01:13:20.56,01:13:22.53 It'll wipe out our[br]entire defense system. 01:13:22.63,01:13:25.17 We blow an EMP inside,[br]we will lose the dock. 01:13:25.34,01:13:27.93 Sir, we've already lost the dock. 01:13:31.81,01:13:33.27 Open the gate. 01:13:34.53,01:13:35.99 Gate 3 is not responding! 01:13:36.63,01:13:38.54 It's taken critical damage, Sir! 01:13:39.06,01:13:40.17 We've lost control! 01:13:40.47,01:13:41.47 We can't open it! 01:13:51.62,01:13:54.19 - There's the exit.
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Maurice 1987
Mauvais Sang
May (Lucky McKee 2002)
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Me Myself I
Me Myself and Irene
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Meaning Of Life The (Monty Pythons) CD2
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Meet The Parents
Mekhong Full Moon Party (2002)
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Men Make Women Crazy Theory
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Men in Black 2
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Mentale La
Mentale La (The Code)
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Minority Report 2002
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Mission Impossible (1996)
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Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1982
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Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life
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