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McKenzie Break The 1970

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Guard, halt.
Left turn.
Come on, let's have you! Get fell in!
It's roll call! Let's have you!
- Sergeant, check the other huts. - Quick march, double!
Come on! Move! Move!
Come on! Fall out for roll call, or it's blood for breakfast!
Kapitan Schleutter's compliments to Major Perry.
He will speak only to the Major.
The P.A.
Captain Schleutter, your men will now fall in for roll call...
and 25 of them will be handcuffed, as previously ordered.
Your country started this in violating the Geneva Convention.
Twenty-five British officers were shackled...
in Ludwigsdorf Prison in Germany.
After roll call, we must handcuff 25 of your officers...
Captain Schleutter.
How do you plan to do that, Major?
There are 600 of us and we don't agree.
You leave me no alternative but to result to force.
Bloody man. I mean, can't he see?
There's nothing for it.
- Bring 'em up. - Yes, sir.
Major Cox, bring those men up here.
Squad, mark time!
Squad, halt!
Mr. Cox, enter barracks number one...
and place Captain Schleutter under arrest.
Y es, sir! Gates!
Company, double march!
Come on, let's go!
I want no part of this, understand?
All guard towers...
this is Major Perry.
There is to be no shooting...
unless a prisoner crosses the trip wire.
Is that understood?
Cease firing.
Come out, you kraut swine!
Why don't you come in here?!
Gas grenades in.
Tear gas, they're past the wire.
Come on! Double it up!
I want 12 men. Six with me and six around the back.
Those men, pronto! Cover the other side!
Drop back and form a line!
Fix bayonets!
All guard towers...
there is to be no shooting unless they cross the trip wire.
Soldiers, stand guard!
Move it up!
Hurry up! Get in there! Go round that side.
Is the Luftwaffe...above all this.
Come on - get going.
Go to the devil.
What a bunch of idiots.
Get the Tommies out of here. Out!...Out!...Out!
Close the gates!
Send your handcuffs back to London, Major Perry.
Captain Schleutter, I'm entitled by the Geneva Convention...
to punish you and your men for this incredible behavior!
You'll be confined to your huts on restricted diet for 48 hours!
All privileges and electric power...
will be curtailed for that period.
And at the end of that period...
you will fall in for roll call in proper order.
As indeed you are now.
Send your handcuffs back to London and stay out of our camp until you do.
Did you have relations with an enlisted personnel...
Captain Connor?
I did, sir.
She was willing.
Did you strike an officer of His Majesty's Navy?
Not at all. I said something or other.
He gave me a sort of push. It wasn't anything.
The police report called it "aggravated assault."
Did it?
Your past record indicates that you were...
drunk with four enlisted men...
and absent without leave...
six times.
Even though you are currently awaiting orders for your next posting...
that is not a license to ignore military regulations...
and bring disgrace to the uniform.
Yes, sir.
It is within the authority of this review board...
to reduce you in rank to the lowest commissioned rating.
However, we have been requested to hold our decision in abeyance...
by His Majesty's lntelligence.
- General Kerr wishes to question you. - Ben Kerr?
So it's a balls-up again, eh, Jack?
The army must be in a bad way for generals, makin' you one.
- You've got that bit right at least. - What's an editor do in the army?
Write stories about Hitler's sex life and send 'em off to the newspapers?
We put corrupt and ill-assorted talents like yours to work winning the war.
I've requested your transfer to lntelligence.
Why in hell you want to do that?
You're going to run a P.O.W. camp in Scotland.
God, Benny. I'm not a policeman.
Damn good crime reporter, though.
You've been a chaotic bastard for as long as I've known you.
But you have a perverse sort of genius for setting things in order around you--
when you've a mind to.
I've a mind to go on a holiday at the moment.
Well, that review board will see that you get it.
Jack, I'm saving your royal lrish ass for you...
and giving you the chance to do the sort of job you've always been keen on doing.
Prisoners of war? I puke, sir.
Now get stuffed, Jack.
I need you. I need your great nose to the ground.
The German prisoners, all top-line officers...
have been raising a peculiar sort of hell at McKenzie the past few months.
Other camps, relative quiet.
McKenzie, veritable state of siege.
Both War Office and lntelligence want to find out if there's any connection...
any link with the dear old Deutschland.
You have full authorization...
to do what you must to bring the camp around...
and find out what we need to know.
A Major Perry's in command there.
The captain tells the major how to run his camp?
I thought that would amuse you.
He'll be instructed to cooperate with Military lntelligence and so on.
What about that review board?
Have you any ideas how to keep them off my back?
I shall ponder the matter, old boy.
Can you give me something for diarrhea...
headache or constipation?
Y es, here he comes-- Major Perry!
English. English.
Why are those boys fighting?
Why does that schoolmaster not stop them?
Here he comes-- Major Perry!
Quiet...quiet. There's more to come.
The next one who whistles will be fined 10 marks.
All the English have fat asses
Major Perry, Sergeant Cox
We would like to give them handcuffs
Put them in a six-feet box
When the war is gone and finished
And we win the victory
Deutschland then will be much bigger
England then belongs to you and me
When the war is gone and finished
And we win the victory
Deutschland then will be much bigger
England then belongs to you and me
We can stay in Camp McKenzie
For England then belongs to you and me
Three cheers for Commandant Schluetter...
...hip hip, hooray.
It's a bloody English music hall.
Is more fun in here without the English Tommies, eh?
All of you - thanks for this morning.
You make a lousy English lady, Schmidt.
She's too Jewish looking!
Neuchl, you should take the part.
You'd make a hell of an English lady.
Why not bring your friend, Berger, up here to the stage...
and do the sketch for us like two English ladies?
Won't you?
Your position, Kapitan, is not so to give me such insult.
My position as your commanding officer is so...
to have you killed for being a coward, if I must.
Are you not a coward?
I obey the rules of a prisoner of war.
As the German Camp Commandant... know the Geneva Convention forbids you to incite a riot.
You are a homosexual, are you not?
Sorry. Your English is poor.
You're a queer aren't you?
Why don't you ask Berger here to the stage?
You can hug and kiss and have a lovely queer wedding.
I'll see you later.
To hell with orders, let's make a victory fire.
Quite right, Mr. Cox. Fireworks night.
They're flaunting the blackout regulations, sir.
Yes, celebrating my 48-hour punishment.
- We'll see to that, sir. - You'll see to what?
You'll see to it that we're all made fools of once again.
Will you move men in there to enforce blackout regulations?
Jerry will have disappeared by the time you get there, laughing at us.
Your men will get a few more broken heads for their pains.
The bleeding krauts are lightin' up the sky askin' for a raid, sir.
There's never been a raid within 100 miles of this desolate chicken farm!
Only alerts. I mean, why bomb this?
This understaffed, ill-manned outpost of military mediocrities.
Thank you. That'll be all.
Make transport arrangements for a Captain Connor coming up from London.
- The details are in the orderly room. - Yes, sir.
Shall we finish the game, Mr. Hall?
As you like, sir.
I went a bit too far.
I'm damned if I know what Whitehall expects.
"Don't move too aggressively. Thousands of our chaps in German prison camps."
And I quite agree.
"But can't you maintain order there, Major Perry?"
And when I ask for troop reinforcements, they send me a single Captain Connor.
"Let him have a look at the matter." I mean, oh, dear.
With those uniforms you look more British than the Guard.
No one will stop you once you are out of the gate.
It's our Scottish contact.
He'll be waiting for Hochbauer and Schmidt on the Glenfoyle Road.
B is for Berlin and breakout.
What did Berlin say?
English. It wasn't Berlin.
It was our friend here in Scotland...
and he agrees to an earlier meeting with you.
Let's raise a little hell when Perry tries to put on the handcuffs...
and you can march straight off and join the British army.
We used to have picnics here when I first came. It was grand.
They were so lonely, the German lads, and they were so nice.
Then they made the rule, I guess. Closed the camp tight.
When was that?
About a year ago, when the headmaster came.
Uh, the Major. Major Perry, that is.
When Major Perry came, sir.
You're a bunch of weaklings.
Now it's the Lufwaffe's turn.
Good morning, Captain Schleutter.
Thank you for the list you sent me this morning.
But there are others of us who speak excellent English.
Your English is excellent, Kranz.
The tunnel was begun before you came here.
Your list, the 28 men who are to escape, are all U-boat men.
None of my men. None of Unger's engineers.
I took the tunnel over on orders from Hitler and Doenitz.
In order to get skilled U-boat men back into the war.
Germany must have them now.
I understand, but my men want some explanation.
You're a Luftwaffe Commandant. Do you explain orders?
I want some explanation about the way you treated Neuchl.
That flying fairy, Hauptman, he's a bad German.
Yes, I've spent a very decent holiday or two in lreland.
What made you decide to suspend the outside privileges for the Germans?
I felt that my predecessor had taken too many liberties with regulations.
As a matter of fact, Von Westhofen agreed with me--
the German senior officer in the camp until his death last April.
Nice old boy, General Von Westhofen.
A great feeling for books.
Complete opposite of the young devil now in command. You've heard of Schleutter?
Yes. What did the nice old boy die of?
- A natural death? - Heart attack.
Captain Connor's been sent up from London.
He's to assist me in analyzing the problems here.
When are you goin' to lift your 48-hour siege, sir?
Tomorrow morning at reveille.
- Let's have a look inside then. - I think not, Captain.
It would weaken the effect of the punishment.
I should have a look around.
Captain, 12 men were seriously injured in there yesterday.
If you go in, it's your responsibility.
Yes, sir.
- Does that phone go to all the towers? - Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
This is Captain Connor speaking.
I'm comin' inside now.
Will you come along, Mr. Cox?
Reinforcements - one more man!
Looks like we have company.
What do you suppose Von Westhofen died of, Mr. Cox?
I expect it was as Major Perry said, sir.
I'd like your opinion on that.
Well, he always seemed in the best of health to me, sir.
You think Schleutter got rid of him?
The bastard has control now. That's all I know.
- Have you had any escapes? - A few.
Most of them get picked up in the local whorehouse.
A couple did make it across to the lrish Free State.
Hell, you say. Horrible place to wind up.
There's only one way to handle prisoners, sir.
Lock 'em up someplace so tight...
that all they can do is eat, sleep and shit.
But the Geneva Convention wouldn't abide it.
Do they have any workshops?
They can make almost anything you care to name.
Made uniforms as good as new for their top officers.
They've got the lot: tinkers, tailors.
-Candlestick makers, I shouldn't wonder. -Did they make any guns yet?
We search, we try to surprise them. We find nothing.
It turns out we always get the surprises.
- Is that Schleutter? - Ay, number one barracks.
To be sure.
"Quiet Willi."
His men aren't so quiet, though. He's seen to that.
He's got more authority here than he ever had on a U-boat.
I heard about his playin' at war games yesterday.
- Exciting, was it? - You're dead right, sir.
That's the mess hall up there. Around the corner is the cooler.
The Major hasn't made enough use of it yet, sir.
Are you irritated by this lot?
- I could do without them, sir. - Quick march, then.
That's lovely topsoil, Willi.
Were you satisfied with your turnip inspection, Captain?
Just grand.
You're not puttin' the dirt from your tunnel there, are you?
Tunnel? You're old-fashioned, Captain.
That's right.
Yes, there must be a better way than that.
Attention, please.
This is Major Perry.
I am assigning Captain Connor officer in charge of roll call tomorrow morning.
He will supervise the selection and handcuffing...
of 25 German officers immediately after roll call.
Thank you.
There must be a better way.
We keep this entrance from N.2. barracks clear...
...since it is the main escape hatch.
If you will follow me to No.3.
You can inspect the Attic there.
Careful climbing through the latrine closet.
There is no light until the Attic.
I have calculated the load on the ceiling.
We have 17,000 cubic centimeters of dirt.
I've installed cable supports...
...crude but effective.
It's difficult with the advanced schedule.
We don't have the incentive of being among those to escape.
Of course solving the problem is incentive enough for me.
I am an engineer.
Be a fast engineer, Unger.
We are five meters from the fence...
...and 26 meters from the stream.
We will have to use the roof space in Barracks 2.
Barracks 3 will soon be filled.
- Good evening, Mr. Cox. - Good evening, sir.
- You ordered reveille at 0600 hours. - That's right.
And C Company to fall out with 25 handcuffs.
And call the fire brigade, will you?
- Fire brigade. - Sir.
Divide them between the front two ranks.
Two to each rank.
Half left, wheel.
Right wheel!
This is Captain Connor speaking.
To all prisoners: There'll be immediate roll call.
I repeat: There'll be an immediate roll call and 25 men will be handcuffed.
Enter the barracks as previously instructed.
Nobody here, sir. Dead empty. Mother Hubbard.
Same here, sir.
Proceed with caution.
Six men to hut two. On the double!
Move in quickly.
Get back!
You don't have to make it look this realistic.
Take it easy, you don't have to kill me.
Hey, you two men!
Get back!
Good, now get in there and mix with the British.
Jerry's taking the bait.
Watch out, the swines have called the Fire Brigade.
Mr. Cox, turn it on!
It's time for the Luftwaffe. Get Neuchl.
Four men with me.
Get that man!
Handcuff the bastards.
Mr. Cox, that'll do.
You seem to have won an argument over handcuffs, Captain.
And you got all wet, Willi.
Have your men out in one hour for roll call.
I insist on visiting your infirmary immediately...
to see to the condition of my men.
Right after the roll call, Willi.
- And speak English. - Okay.
I'm glad to be out too. But we have to find our chum in Cathness.
What the hell is he sayin'?
I think he's unconscious, sir.
When he comes around I want to talk to him.
- Do whatever you have to. - Do my best.
That man's in a very bad way. Our chaps didn't have to go that far.
It wasn't them that did it to him.
It was his own lot. Damn near killed him.
Working off some private grudge, perhaps.
Sir, this just came.
Keep a close guard on him, Sergeant. I don't want anyone near him.
- Captain Connor. - Sir.
The Germans have taken the handcuffs off our men.
- Yes, I knew about that. - You knew?
I knew before I left London.
Then those men must be unshackled at once.
Not just yet, sir.
Captain, I'm instructed to cooperate with you, not relinquish my command.
Not at all, sir.
But you see, you must comply with what the lntelligence mission requires.
And I didn't come here just to put down a riot.
Are you formally requesting me to contravene the Geneva Convention?
For a few hours is all.
Very well, Captain Connor.
I'm sure today's episode can only redound to your credit.
I want a complete list of the numbers and injuries to our men.
Eighty present and correct, sir.
Carry on, Sergeant.
Sir, checked parade four. All present and accounted for.
Parade, dismiss!
I have permission to check on the condition of my men.
Yes, sir. Go inside, please.
These look like knife cuts.
He lost a lot of blood. Put him to bed.
Where's Neuchl?
In that little room.
- Does the music bother you, sir? - Not at all.
It's a therapy, of course, sir. Germans are fond of this kind of thing.
I've always collected classical music because--
Have you any of that medical brandy?
Y es, sir.
Will you have a drink, Captain?
Do I understand you refuse me the right to see one of my men?
- Just the one brandy, Corporal, please. - Y es, sir.
Well, he doesn't seem to be too anxious to see you.
He got away from those brutes of yours, didn't he?
They nearly killed him.
He's under the care of the chief surgeon.
You lrish are just fabulous, Captain.
You really have got that famous lrish imagination.
But your water sports this morning made such a confusion.
Who knows what you saw?
I know what I saw. I saw a man tryin' to escape.
I'm not contradicting you really, Captain.
You may have seen an attempted escape.
Is it not the duty of all prisoners to try?
- Sir. - Thank you, Corporal.
Furtwangler does it better.
By the way, the German camps have taken the shackles off the British prisoners.
And we shall reciprocate very soon.
Of course, your lads did quite a bit of damage.
We'll have to deduct that from their pay.
And that will be all for now, Captain.
You'll want to see your men.
And Captain, deduct the damages from my pay.
- Thank you. - You've done too much as it is.
Keep your eye on that one. See that he leaves soon.
And don't let anyone else in without my authorization.
There they are.
Take these books to the prisoners. I've inspected them.
This is all the Kriegsmariners?
Y es. I separated them.
I don't read German all that well.
I don't even know what the hell I'm lookin' for.
- What's that? - Ewigkeit.
"My dear wife, it has seemed like an eternity...
since last I kissed your bosom...
and slept with my arms entwined...
around your body."
You read these horny letters all day?
-That's the function of the post office. -lt is?
"The turnip fields are growing, dear...
and we are going to do several plays by Shakespeare.
I wish I had you with me now to put my arms around and feel your bosom."
Bosom, bosom, bosom.
Why do they put that Roman numeral in the date?
- What date? - The date has a Roman numeral in it.
- You ever notice that? - I never noticed that before.
He's got that queer little German seven...
and the one and the two, but it starts off with a Roman numeral.
We're gonna get us a code man down here from London...
and have him take a look at these horny letters.
Get back to bed! Do you hear me?
Look out! They've got a hostage! Get back to your beds immediately!
Have I kept you waitin', Willi?
It's your prison, Captain. We follow your orders.
You have imposed your kind of order, haven't you?
- Did you know him well? - No.
What's his name? You know that.
Rupert Neuchl.
You have it on your hospital report.
I mean, he must have regained consciousness during the day.
He hanged himself.
Do you want to write that to his family, or should I do it?
It won't be necessary.
- Why'd he hang himself? - He was weak.
He was a homosexual. Why do you ask me?
We asked everyone else in the ward. They didn't see anything, of course.
You're the commanding officer. Why'd he die?
Captain, he died under your custody.
I smell cognac, I think.
You smell lrish whiskey, I think.
- There you are. - Thank you.
It's a pity the corpse never enjoys the wake.
A hell of a nice fellow to talk to, though.
Here's to you, Rupert.
Your German-- you're pronouncing it very good today.
You're pronouncin' your English very good too.
Where'd you learn English, Willi?
Bremen UnterZeeboot Academie, ten years ago.
- How old are you? - Twenty-seven.
You must've had a couple of years in the Hitler Youth Camp then, with some luck.
A lot of luck.
Two years.
And you?
Me what?
- I mean, how old? - I'm 44.
- Still very much alive. - I'm quite well, thanks.
I mean, your new command is very much impressed.
One of those nice elderly British guards told me today...
you were a hell of a journalist.
That's true. I'm a hell of a journalist. I could make you famous, Willi.
Now why don't you tell the lively old crime reporter why the man's dead?
You expect me to tell you that I killed him, and why?
No, you don't have to.
I can see your pleasure in the kill.
Can you?
Perhaps you can see somebody who believes in the war...
who believes in his people, his leaders.
We kill in a war for those things, huh?
But maybe you don't.
I mean, you're lrish and you're a captain in the British army.
That same British army that has killed your own lrish people for centuries.
What do you really believe in? What kind of order?
What laws do you obey?
Well, I obey as few laws as I have to.
And I'm not much of a one for order.
It has to be, I suppose...
but there's order and then there's order, isn't there?
Death is a kind of order, isn't it?
I mean, Neuchl there, he's all in order now.
But, Willi, that's an awful lot of shit about your people.
You've killed two of them that I know of.
That's not true.
You killed him and you probably killed your commanding officer as well.
And for that I'm goin' to see you hang.
You enjoy killing too, huh?
- Mr. Cox. - Do you not, Captain Connor?
See that the Captain's escorted back to his quarters, if you please.
Gate, gentlemen!
Connor wants me to think that Neuchl told him something.
I don't think it was much. I'm not sure.
'28 Submariners' Connor said to me in German.
My God!
He will do nothing for the moment.
But he'll try to prove I killed Neuchl.
Meanwhile we go ahead of schedule.
Hochbauer and Schmidt won't be back until Friday.
The tunnel won't reach the stream for five days.
Tell Unger not to go to the stream.
Divert and go under the Guard house.
It's much shorter.
Don't let the men know it.
Go ahead of schedule.
That's our contact.
Can I give you boys a lift?
What are they writing home about, Lieutenant?
I can't really tell yet.
It's a question of assembling the basic code pattern. As you see--
- When will you know anything? - Hard to say.
Could be a day, could be a week if there are variations.
But we don't have to wait for a decoded message to know that we have trouble.
Obviously Schleutter's at the center of it.
We must transfer him to Blackpool.
- I need him here a bit longer. - You need him?
He's at the center, but of what? I can't find out if he's in Blackpool.
You must block the old tunnel and be as quick as you can with this one.
Lousy work but necessary.
Have you met any resistance in the barracks, Mr. Cox?
Nothing? Good.
Well, inform me directly if anything at all happens.
Y es. Thank you, Sergeant Major.
Come in, Captain Connor. I think you ought to know we're onto something.
Thank you.
It appears that 28 submariners are due to escape.
There's a U-boat coming to pick them up.
"U-841 available. Assign 28 men. Location, date agreeable."
- What's the location and date? - We checked all the letters.
Specific time must've been set before in something they received earlier.
It doesn't matter. We'll move in now and break it up.
There's got to be a tunnel. We'll pull every barracks apart until we find it.
Lieutenant, could you excuse us a minute, please?
Go and have a cup of coffee or something.
What if we were to let 'em go?
Then we could follow and find out where the rendezvous is and land the sub.
How'd Willi like that?
Permit the escape?
The tunnel's got to come up within 50 yards of that fence.
All we have to do is put patrols out there, see where they come through.
We keep radio contact.
Then we inform the military and civilian police all the way out to the coast.
Then we nab the sub and the whole lot.
My job is to run this camp and account for the prisoners in it.
And curiously enough that doesn't include letting 28 of them escape...
to further your military career, Captain.
Under my instructions at this moment, our men are searching German barracks.
- Perry. - It's Major Perry, Captain!
I'm your superior officer and you will respect the rank.
I don't give a damn about your bloody rank, or anyone else's.
I got sent up here to do a job.
I'm supposed to find out what's behind that break.
If you don't like what I'm doing, call General Kerr and have him relieve me.
Now bring the men back and stop that search.
The War Office has given you a unique authority here.
I suppose I must yield to it.
Even though I believe you to be mistaken and an arrogant fool.
I'll give the order, Captain.
Then I'll phone London and have them remove one of us...
from this intolerable situation.
Search has been called off. Everything back.
Why give up the search, Captain?
Sir! There's something in here you ought to see, sir.
And this one's just been sick, sir.
Mr. Cashman, we'll have a roll call.
Yes, sir. Carry on, Sergeant.
- How long have they been away with-- - Who?
I want the names of these two that escaped.
Sorry. I didn't know them personally.
Seal off the barracks until further orders.
It's very likely to be a long roll call, Willi.
Submarines do well in water, not the Luftwaffe.
Give it up, Schluetter.
17 hours.
The truck will be close enough to signal.
You mean to go tonight?
I want to speak to Sergeant Major Cox.
Captain Schleutter gave us the names of the two men who escaped.
He's instructed his men to stand by for roll call.
Why the hell does he bother to knuckle under now?
I'll get identifications on the wire, sir.
Guards. Open the barracks and let the bastards in out of the rain.
It's been an uncomfortable day gentlemen.
Dry off.
You never stop, eh Captain?
What are your plans for tomorrow?
First a meal and dreams of warm women.
The damn fool doesn't care if we all get pneumonia.
Shut up!
Don't hang yourself like Neuchl.
Tell the men that we go right after lights out.
We should wait until Connor is less alert.
We don't have to go tonight.
Connor will have this hands full in this barracks tonight.
We meet in No. 2 barracks an hour after lights out.
Are we going to make it?
We've almost finished.
The rain has put a bad strain on the support.
We'll be alright, I'm sure.
Pour us a drink, Mr. Cox.
Take some of that from the stores and give it to the lads outside.
Thank you, sir. The old sweats'll appreciate that.
In the morning get me that friend of Neuchl's-- what's his name--
Lieutenant Berger.
Guards! Come on out of there! Come on. Move, move!
Let's have you! Go look on the other side!
Come on!
- Which one? - I don't know.
Hello, towers. Which one?
Barracks three. Looks like the whole damned thing caved in.
Bloody hell!
Come on. Out of the bloody way! Move! Out! Out!
Right. Let's get through this rubbish.
What are you looking at? Get moving.
Go - quietly - Go!
Patrols Able, Baker, Charlie, keep in radio contact with me and the main gate.
Give us an axe.
Get an axe and smash the other door down.
Get this lot back in their beds and count 'em.
Get the men back to their beds for a check.
Now Holtz - collapse it!
Clumsy idiot, you could have killed us all.
Six dead so far, sir.
Find the damned tunnel.
- What the hell's going on now? - I don't exactly know, sir.
- Number three's roof's collapsed. - The roof's collapsed?
Y es, sir.
Captain Connor's up there now, sir.
Is he? Has he checked round his exterior patrols?
- Not as far as I know, sir. - Do that now.
Drive on.
You men get the stretcher.
I'll see if they've got the count, sir.
Sergeant, get back down to the main gate and get a three-tonner here for wounded.
- Have you got the count yet? - Not yet, Major.
Only ten dead, Connor.
Thirty-seven not accounted for.
I think we've located the tunnel, sir.
Hold it. It's collapsed.
Yes, sir. Ten dead.
Another 27 trapped when the tunnel collapsed.
Presumably Captain Schleutter was with them.
No, sir. It'll take several hours of digging.
It needn't have happened. I'm sending you a complete report in a few hours.
No, sir. He hasn't accomplished a thing.
You may inform General Kerr that Captain Connor's mission here...
has been a fatal mistake.
Good night, sir.
Nothing, sir. Not a bloody one of them!
Base Station Five. This is Connor.
Give us a police frequency.
Roadblock in position on A85.
Police report no suspicious traffic on the B828...
and continue mobile patrols north.
All units.
Per the McKenzie break, escaped prisoners should be considered armed.
All units station traffic, please copy.
Northeast of Perth and Aberfeldy...
east to Dunfermline...
south to Falkirk...
southwest to Glasgow, west to lnverary.
The following roadblocks will go into effect in the immediate area--
Number 33 between McKenzie and Stirling.
This is Glengarry police.
We require extra mobiles to maintain watch on coast road.
Glengarry police, over.
North Shore coast guards.
Coastal Command.
We have no response from northern moorland's road net.
Presumably still in effect from the Southern Lochs...
as far north as Loch Glenny.
Case section at Clough here. All units please reply.
Please, repeat, all units.
- Sir! General Kerr's arrived. - Oh, God.
- What happened? - Balls-up, sir. Simple as that.
Nothing simple about it.
Worse than what happened at Bowmanville Camp in Canada last year...
and Whitehall thought that was a disaster.
Perry's made a full report to top staff.
I don't blame him. I could have prevented it.
That's dead right. Now, let's get back, shall we, old chap?
I don't care what the priority classification is.
I want three more aircraft.
You're damned right I do.
Coastal Command say there are several thousand miles...
of naturally camouflaged coastline around Scotland...
and how in the hell can they cover it all.
Northern moorlands road net-- nothing.
There's another call for you, sir.
I'm afraid it's essential to use civilian police, sir.
- lmportant? - Aye.
Go ahead.
There's a truck on the A828.
Explosives with a police motorcycle escorting it.
No, sir. Explosives are under the ministry of Fuel and Power.
The escort duty our men are assigned to is never for...
industrial or mining purposes during wartime.
- We never assign men for-- - Thanks very much.
Base Section, this is Zero 468.
I'm over Ballachulish. All clear, turning south.
There's an explosives truck with a motorcycle escort...
heading north on Highway B828.
Stay up there. Don't move in close.
Let's lose him - turn right in here.
They're either goin' for the Firth of Lorne or else Loch Linnhe.
And they're gonna lead us right to the sub.
Straight away. Splendid.
It has to come to the surface and move in to the beach, doesn't it?
Y eah, but if we miss them, we've had it.
Bag them now and call that good.
- I have lost contact with the truck. - Ben, for God's sake.
It's the reconnaissance pilot. He's lost contact.
Quick - get rid of that.
Lost contact.
Suggest immediate police surveillance north on Highway B828.
- I'll get a plane myself. - I'll arrange transport, sir.
Where are you men going?
Just going to make our Yank visitors comfy, Dad.
Load of furniture...
for the C.O. at the new American base at Mahaddie.
Even a shower attachment for the silly bastard.
It's five shillings.
Heave up the tail! Good man.
Won't be able to see a bloody thing after dark.
Look-outs up there.
All clear.
All clear.
Camouflage the truck.
This is White Lady 7.
You are on a navy frequency, Flight 43. I have no authorization--
I know that. I'm just tellin' you the sub will surface and sit there.
Have any idea where that might be?
Hell, no. If I knew, I wouldn't be guessin'.
That's a waste of time.
Let's drive it down this hole and get going.
The boats first.
Have you gone crazy?
Stop the truck!
What the hell is going on?
Now what the hell?
Do you see that? Go on down there.
Burning rubbish I should say, sir. No sign of anything else.
Go on ahead.
This is White Lady 7.
I've just completed a sweep of grid 16 X-ray.
Sunset in 18 minutes.
Will turn for home at that time.
E.T.A., 1930.
We have no flight plan for you, Flight 43. Return to base.
- I say, you're not authorized. - Where'd you get an idea like that?
- Flight Control. - They're pullin' your leg.
Make another run offshore like a good fellow and I'll get you a medal.
Hurry, I'm right behind you.
There's the sub. Jesus, that's it!
White Lady, this is Flight 43.
Sub's off the point about a mile.
About a mile! U-boat on the surface.
Engine, full ahead.
Go on down there. Buzz the hell out of 'em.
Will you get in there. It'll submerge on you!
Looks like we've been hit, sir. Better find a place to put her down.
Asdic reports lost contact with U-boat. Request another sweep.
This is White Lady 7 calling Madam.
U-boat submerged 1924.
Bearing 045 off course head point...
and boarding four prisoners who were abandoned.
Will continue asdic sweep on 19 degrees aft from grid 13 easy.
Request assistance.
General Kerr calling Captain Connor.
Come in, Connor.
This is General Kerr calling Naval Frequency 453.
Willi, looks like we're both in the shit house.
General Kerr calling Captain Connor.
Come in, Connor.
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