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Men Suddenly In Black

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This film is based on a real event|in Hong Kong
happening on 16th August 2002
Since some of the characters|are still alive
their names have been re-created
in order to protect their privacy
Some parts of the story|have also been made fictitious
Don't worry, little fatty
Your heartbeat is clear
And your lungs... not much noise
Try breathe hard
Hold your breath
Breathe hard
What's going on?
I made a mess
just working
Don't go
Let's go
Hold it
Hello? Honey
Hi, honey, are you at work?
Don't wait for me, I will see
I'll be in Hong Kong at 12:30am
Honey, don't you remember?
Don't eat too much tonight
Are you going to Neway Karaoke|with friends?
Yes my dear
So off you go
Are you going to dine with Dr. Lee
Yes, we've made an appointment
I'll be at home at 2:00 am
Don't be late
It'll be Ghosts Festival
Be a good boy, don't make me worry
Time's up
09:32 Hong Kong lnternational Airport
I'll go out, won't come back afternoon
I tell Cho to wait for you in his car
No thanks
09:57 Tsim Sha Tsui Billiard Room
He's Paul
When I first took you out for fun
People looked at you in the same way
lest you told your girlfriend everything
But it turned out all right
Paul is with us for the first time
First time for most of the fun
Give him an opportunity
In 1983
We buddies first had a wild time
We were still so inexperienced
Always caught red-handed by our wives
There were so many casualties
Until ten years ago
We met Ninth Uncle
He told us
that we had to be cautious
We were with him all the time
fooling around in Kowloon
and then Hong Kong island
Sometimes we went abroad
Those good old days
Until 1997, at Nightclub Carnival
Barely had the girl come in
even before we ever touched them
did our wives arrived
ln order to rescue us, Ninth Uncle
sacrifice himself
He has been locked up at home since then
From that night
we had never screwed around
But I won't give up
But I remember|the fortune-teller told me
He said it is my fate that
I have to gamble to know when I'm lucky
to screw a whore to stay healthy
I've been waiting for 5 years
Until today, 16th August
Blessed by Buddha
we've 14 hours belonging to us|to do whatever we want
Everyone, you decide your own fate
whether to be a wanker
or to be a fucker
you decide by yourself
I want to be a fucker
Good luck! Cheers!
I've prepared the pills for today
The blue ones are for power
The white one for long time
The condoms
I've got nine for everyone
This is the limit for a man
A new phone-card for everyone
Put it into the phone
So that no record is left
The money you leave with us every month
Is enough to be spent today
Don't use credit card
to leave on trace
Chao is responsible for traffic
A taxi won't cause suspicion
John and Mary want to divorce
You want to know?
After coming back from China
they have been robbed
The bandit took out a knife
he wanted to assault Mary
John tried to stop him
Saying: Leave her alone
Mary shouted: Don't risk, honey
He'll just kill you
The badit said: So you love each other
You both shit, and eat each other's
I won't touch her and you may go
and I'll give you money
They both shit immediately
They opened their mouth and ate it
You Hong Kong people are so daring
You have guts
I'll let you go
They rewarded them with money
Then they went
After they croosed the border|Mary told John
John, I want a divorce
Because I don't think you love me
How can you say that?
I ate your shit to save you
Mary said
John, if you love me
why was your shit so big taking me|a long time to finish?
Do you think this is funny?
Hi, this is Cheung
What is the rate for Arsenal?
Half score give way 875?
You know I was born|in the year of the Rat
I have a story about a rat...
Brother Tin, we're getting there
Shall we arrange this way
Paul, after meeting your girlfriend
you go to have French food
Chao, you go Japanese
You, Anytime, to the best restaurant
I go to Cova, it's cheaper
Why do we go to Pacific Place?
Mission 1: Free Meal
Free sex is the spirit of adultery
The first programme
Is to get an old flame
You first girl who turned you down
Pacific Place is situated|in the center of HK
It's a crossroads of the underground
A convenient strategic point
With a lots of shops and restaurants
Cinemas and fashion shops
More, there're luxury hotels
Like Conrad
and Shangri-la
Eating, fucking and sleeping
Ideal place for underground sex
I'm sorry|Have you been waiting for long?
Just a while
You came back last night?
Haven't seen you for long time...
You didn't change anything
Neither did you
I've always been thinking of before
I think I was silly then
I chose to marry Benjamin instead of you
Everytime I thought of that
I hated myself so much
It's human to err
Sorry, you've been waiting for long
Not really, just a while
Have you just come back?
You haven't changed a bit these years
Neither did you
I think I was silly then
I chose to marry Benjamin instead of you
Everytime I thought of that
I hated myself so much
Well, fat women are always silly
Pardon? No
I come back for you
to offer you something precious
I've saved it for many years
just for you
Banjamin wanted this too
But I never gave him
I wanted to save it for you, Tin
How are you feeling? Not well?
I've made an appointment|to check the sample
You stay here, I'll get the bill
You order a drink
Where's the precious thing|I've kept for you?
You may keep it, I'll be back soon
I'll wait for you in the room
Wait slowly
Have a nice meal Thank you
When did I quit the Karaoke?
Three years ago
Three years
Three years
Have you ever thought of me?
Of course
I did
What did you think of me about?
About your singing
What else?
Something like...
Your extra small uniform...
You naughty boy
Only thinking of those things...
The extra small uniform
So what? lt fit me
But just a little too small
Did you think of me then?
Why did you ask this?|I won't say a thing
Tell me
No way
That means yes
What did you think of me about?
About last time when you...
kissed me in the Karaoke room, drunk
Did I?
When I think of it...
I want to do it once more
May I?
Oh no, here, you mean?
The bill please
You've got guts
Your tongue is hard, your tongue hard
You had some salted fish last night
Your tongue is so sexy
Find another place
How come?
l was born in the Year of the Rat
I remember that
I tell you a story about a rat...
There was a dirty old rat...
Thank God
I just thought of that...
I sent a cheque to pay off|my credit card
Lucky that I've got it back
in time before transaction
Where are we going?
Shall we go to your place?
What about my home?
It's not so convenient...
It's a bit far away
It's a long way
with nowhere to park the car
That road is far from my home
Looking out from my home...
Shall we just go...
To the hotel upstairs
We haven't finished
the joke about the rat
Don't tell, I can see it
You look exactly like a rat
Do you believe in Taro cards?
I was told I'm lucky today
But your luck is bad
You know about my past
We doctors believe in evidence|and science
I'm never superstitious
But the Taro is accurate
I played it once with a Taro girl
She found that David is married
Are you not going out with Jeff?
What Jeff?
Jeff, and then David
I'll call him
He said he's married
He's a married man for 2 years
And worse
Jeff was a married man too
Is that true
That's ridiculous
I just made a phone call
He admitted it
What a shame
Why was every man married?
There's no use to hide it
I saw the print on your third finger
Bad luck then
The Taro girl said|I'm a natural born mistress
It's all fate I give up
I always end up with someone's husband
But you don't believe in this do you?
But sometimes we don't need evidence
Einstein said in his Relativity theory
that the cosmo is infinitive|where's his evidence?
So I do believe in fate
and in predestination
Which hotel should we go?
Anyone you prefer
Island Shangri-la offers free breakfast
and Conrad, I know the manager
He may upgrade us|with the presidential suite
Where should we go then?
Hello uncle
Has your Winnie come?
Not yet|Maybe the $500 I gave her wasn't enough
Why did you give her $500
l knew her on the net|She lives in Tuen Mun
She couldn't pay her taxi-fare|She wants $ 500
Is that enough for that long journey?
Even by helicopter. Come back
What's wrong?
I smell a rat...
There's something strange about Cindy
you give me half an hour to think...
Don't even think about it|you want your in-laws to know?
Throw the flowers away, you fool
How are you guys?
Free stuffs are no good
But, brother Tin
I've just had a Viagra|what should I do now
I am having a hard on
Don't worry
No, I can't hold on like this
It's getting difficult|I can't hold on anymore
Are you bull shitting
Can't hold on....|not a woman for over 20 years
Who can compare with ninth uncle
Ninth Uncle did everything for us
he is still suffering
Hello, Tin
What a funny place here
I've got to come once a week
Every week? Every day
I've got to go to toilet
Tin! Cheung! Yeung! Let's go!
The wives are coming! Let's go!
There's a back door
Let's go
Uncle Ninth
Let's go!
Don't be nervous, cool down
No, Let's go together
I'm found, no use to go
You get lost
We'll be finished
Uncle Ninth
Let's go
Let's go
Open the door
Let's go
Open the door
Open the door
You don't have do find
All chics here
are my order
Who did you tell to go?
Really? What did you say?
Have some wine!
I'm now ready to go
Are you going
That's why we are here
Make it out with a woman or not
I told myself: never complain
what Ninth Uncle did for us
he can't even touch a woman now
I'm OK
I am sorry, uncle
Now drive
09:57 Pacific Place, Admiralty
Sergeant Chan, what's up?
Do you want to check your license?
Just TST? What about Jordan?
That's fine
We're just playing
Give me a call some time
Jordan Road
Tin, you're discreet
Of course
Have you heard of Yeung?
The name is familiar
What Ninth Uncle said, he was there
That's it
This is the director|the one next to him
Yes, this one
Haven't done it for years
What for?
Something went wrong
I went to night-club|with him 2 years ago
We were drunk, taking out a girl each
How's business?
We'll sign the contract soon
Tin made me drunk
I suffer from hang-over
Caught like this, what can I say?
What about you?
What can I say? It's free?
Just a try?
Eyes wide open for free stuffs
Ninth Uncle is always right
you must be careful and very careful
It's like being a triad member
Hurry up
Be patient
Mission 2: Cyber Cafe
The heroes of the Red Flowers Gang
Sacrificed their lives
To fight back the country of Hans
And killed all the nomads
The fought for the country|with their swords
Welcome everybody! Welcome
Let me introduce myself
I am the manager here, Baggio
First of all, welcome to you all
to become members|of the Blue Diamond Club
I don't want to waste your precious time
meanwhile I would like to introduce|what's new in our club
Let's see it together
What's this
passionate package
No kidding, no bull shit, no nonsense
Do you know how much you pay|for this service
One hundred fifty, no
One hundred twenty, no
Ninety five! Unbelievable
Are you joking, only ninety five dollars
Of course, you are members of superior
and you are entitle to|this remarkable rate
Today, my guests
All your drinks are free
But add two dollars for cold drinks
First of all|I would like to tell you something
There will be extra fees|for a net service trainer
I have a question
do you need a net service trainer
Manager|by one look and you know I need one
Don't play now
I fully understand
There are two types of|net service trainer
indoor or outdoor
Don't know which type you like
Manager, if not go out|then we stay at home
then why we are here?
Today we'll go out
Boss, how is it|do you need anything else
Baggio, right?
I've just told you, I want a 36
You look
That's right, 36
Miss, you are a 36, right?
Of course
Are you sure?
You can take my measurement
No need, let me discuss this with you
Miss, please turn to your back
Look at this flab here
plus your arms are larger than mine
That is 30 already
only 6 inches is left to your tits
That's right
Boss, please don't kid
You give me this one
Boss, this one is Japanese
In Hong Kong, we want Japanese
In Japan, they want a miss Hong Kong
How can we give them a miss Hong Kong
Don't make fun of me, boss
I don't know what these people want
Go to hell
What else can we do
I've never seen such a big screen
Mine is much better
That's why you won't let me|touch your mouse
How are you doing? Paul
Mine is all right
except her mouth stinks
I let her go to brush her teeth|and she charged me 500
This is the place|where everyone talks about money
I am good at bargaining.
We still got time, let's look for food
You can be choosy until|you are satisfied
Little girls
How much do you charge
Three thousand
Three thousand?
3000 for four?
You think it is my first time
Stop there
You have your own principle
I admire men with principles
Youthful and pretty girls
$3000 is not expensive
You are worth more than that
I am afraid you've got sex disease
That's a deal, change your dress
and more
Go to the room, take a shower yourself
no kissing, no moaning, no touching
Are you robbing me?
Can't even touch
Go, let's go
I don't believe|this is the only cyber cafe in hk
Are all women in HK are all dead?
How many girls outside can't get a job
University graduates only get $400 a day
You don't want to work here? OK, get out
The other 3 stay, $5000 each
I don't want you here
If you have the guts, go now
I am just kidding
It doesn't trouble me
You are right
When we play baccarat in Macau
we want to win only|don't want to shuffle the cards
not even touching the cards
Ok, that's fine
But we've talked for a long time|give me some face
call me honey when it is nearly finished
as a gift
No, no moaning
no noise while screwing
$3000, no noise
OK, take your handbag
Hurry up
Good, we are nearly there Hurry up
Thank you, tin
I don't know what you've fought
but... you were great
What's up, Paul?
I want to check my email
Are you coming to screw|or to check your email
Does it matter?
I can always do the two things together
This is a cyber- cafe|of course there are computers
there's no connection|between sex and email
like a patient who has herpes
do I need to ask if he has a cold?
That's ok, Paul, let's go
Sergeant Chan|can you talk about the action
We take the action, it's mainly
because of some wrong information
no... it's a reported case
there is an illegal brothel
You know we are also perants
We can't separate between private|and business matters
Sergeant Chan, are you nervous
Do you have a friend up there?
Don't be silly
Sergeant Chan, what's up?
They're at Happyhour Cyber Cafe
We are going up there
What do you mean
The front door is exposed
I'll block those people|you get out from the back
Thank you
Checking license
Brother Tin, the gal...|I am nearly there
Don't take risk, it's too dangerous
You can always come at another time
You two
Stop bugging me, let's go
Use the back door! Front door is blocked
Police, checking license
Run, quick, run
My gal
My gal
What's up
Taking pictures
Why are there reporters?
How could I know?
You hold it for us
Hold it!
Over here
Let's go
Hurry up
Let's go Tin
Get into the car
Hurry up, Excuse me
Get into the car
Hurry up, Paul
ls there something wrong, Brother Tin?
Brother Tin
Thank you
No need to defend me just now
Ever since what happened to Ninth Uncle
I told myself
Whenever we go out|we shall come back together
Not one less
By the way
We haven't seen Ninth Uncle|for a long time
15:20 Beacon Hill, Kowloon
Tin! Ninth Uncle
He will never
Take the money himself
Oh sir, you drop some money
Don't mention the word 'money
Oh, it's rubbish
15 minutes, OK?
Ninth Uncle, you had maids
Why change to male servants?
Ninth Auntie is afraid that|I am at home all the time
That I might screw the maids
So she fired all the maids
Screw a maid?
I like horse gambling|but not horse riding
Where is Yeung?
Ninth Uncle
For all these years
You've done so much for us
I didn't say anything
If you turn them in|I let you read some porns again
you think it over
Is it worth it?
You do everything for your brothers?
Do you think they'll thank you?
They are out there enjoying themselves
If they are happy
I am also happy
Ninth Uncle, don't worry too much
What happens out there, we can handle it
Every month, for your sake
We got a full service by|Miss Hung at Ritz
Thank you, Tin
I read the newspaper, Tonochy is closed
It that true?
Did you go there on the last night?
My father-in-law died|my mother-in-law's birthday
I couldn't go
Cheung went there
Was it fun?
It's not too bad
Don't lie to me
I know you want to give me some comfort
That night
It must be fun
Ninth Uncle's grown old
For the old man's sake
We must have a good time
What? Why?
Henry and Ljungberg...
Are they fighting?
What's the rate
Arsenal to give way 1/2 score, 105?
I'll call you back. Doing an operation
Cheung, go to Kowloon Tong
Let Paul have a look
Ideal Hotel?
This was the first villa I went
It's a bad location
Near the station, a busy area
Don't you fear seen by someone?
My woman does
Norfolk's ok. It's a quiet street
The mood is good
The sound-proof is bad
But it's got good porn
Have you time do watch porn?
Fortune Hotel!
I played threesome|for the first time here!
Don't they let you do it?
You pay them extra
Hotel Romance
Do you see?
Bruce Lee died here
Bruce Lee of Hong Kong
He went to a hotel?
He used to live here, now a hotel
He didn't die here
But at a woman's place
This is Louvre, Where
I took my wedding pictures
You're all talking about your wives
Paul, those good old days
If we couldn't get a girl out at 8PM
It would be full at 9:30PM
We had to go to a proper hotel
Just spent more money
I once did it at the Peninsula
Spending $8,600
lt was a rip-off
How did you feel
Just like ripping your body open
Painful, eh?
That's the feeling
A rip-off?
What a rip-off
Rip! Rip! Rip!
Rip! Rip! Rip!
ls your car reg. no. BL71 32?
That's it
Too Bad. It's behind us
Don't look. Are you sure?
How many persons?
I just saw 4
How long's it been following?
From Ninth Uncle's place all the way
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm fooling around
How're things?
Tell your driver to find that place
I'll call you later
OK, bye
Are you in Thailand
I smell a cat
Brother Tin, think of something
Don't pretend to be calm
What are you looking?
It's all over
Don't quarrel
Is this police
I saw a car numbered
BL 7132
Someone seems locked inside
Yes, it's Japan car
Well, I'm a good citizen
What's up?
You call police when you're in trouble
Now don't look back
Hope they come soon
I heard siren
So soon
Here come the policemen
They stop the women
We got it, they stop the women
17:05 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong
Driver, show your licence and lD
All the others as well
They know
09:44 Flight No. CX406
Miss, you want any help?
Our flight to Bangkok
We won't be served with chilled crab|shall we?
We don't have that for lunch
That's ok
Are you allergic?
I haven't heard you say that
No. I bought a chilled-crab with Cheung
Put it in the fridge, wanted to eat
After getting back to HK
So I can't eat it today
To save my appetite
Cheung is good in crab
He said you must choose a female
Because a female is meaty
After it's cooked...
Does it shine?
My husband bought it in London Debeers
Cut in Russia, a trump one
DVVS, immaculate
The agent said there're only 12
After you cook the crab
You've to rinse it with iced water
Prince Charles has booked one
It's delicious
I want to try his cooking
I think my husband's messing up
Don't talk nonsense
Sit down
How come?
No. Look!
It's Fatal Attraction on Channel 1
What's on 2?
What Lies... What Lies Beneath
Both are about having an affair?
Don't be superstitious!
Not every channel's about that
It's Nine Month on Channel 3
That's it
Who stars in it?
Hugh Grant, a punter
Please sit down, miss
The plane is about to take-off
Flying Chicken!
What did you say?
Your Prince Charles, an affair?
And you, a female crab
That means Grab a female
Your husband's after another woman
Would you sit down...
No. I've got to make a call
Please be seated
Give me a few secs...
I want to make a call too
No phone-calls here please
This will interfere flying
I want Mr. Hsu. He's not here?
But I spoke to him 10 mins ago
Please be seated
You're disturbing me
There must be something odd
Mr. Yeung...
Be seated!
Please be cooperative
Why did you say that?
My husband's having an affair
You flying chics always sleep around
You don't know how I feel
We're victims. Don't you know?
Don't be so rude, Miss
I'm very polite
What's your name? I'm Cheung, a lawyer
I've to complain about you!
Now you're a threat to others
If you behave like this
I'll have to throw you out
What a mess
So pretty. What's up?
What's up?
What should we do?
Can't find them
They must be fooling around
We're not sure yet, perhaps...
Ten minutes ago they were all here
Now they've gone
There must be a rat
I go to Bangkok to worship Buddha
May Buddha bless us harmony
But he's gone out to get a woman
Should I call Paul again?
He won't admit
That will alert the others
Should I leave him alone?
If he think we'll leave HK
They will act
We should catch them while they're out
Catch them red-handed
They'll shut up
Shall we be better informed?
Go to Tin's office
Did you see Mary?
I'm so clever
Are you after someone?
Are you going?
Why? At seeing me here?
The doctor said I've kidney problem
I lose control...
I've to go to toilet
Go then
We've locked up. Pee here
Everywhere's the same
You don't' trust me?
I'll show you medical certificate
Mary, what are the gossips?
I haven't done that for long
You said you'll let me go
It's OK to let you go
If Tin knows who betrayed Ninth Uncle
It was you
Do you think he'll let you go?
OK. We've finished
What can you do?
Carrie, but...
Are we friends?
Of course
This few years, I always treat you well
Ninth Uncle's finished|You're unemployed
I tell my husband to employ you
He'll increase your wages
You think you're lucky?
You always win in a lucky draw
Where did you spend your money?
She spent it on cosmetic surgery?
A face like this?
She added up her breast?
Nothing special
It's not finished yet
No wonder
I know nothing, Carrie
Just let me go
Make a call, Anna|I'm just calling
Get me Mr. Kwok
I said everything
I never forced you to say
Don't say anything yet
I heard he's going to the warehouse
That's the only thing I know
Should I make you talk?
Hello, Mr. Kwok?
It's me
I found in my boss's dust bin
A map with the word Jordan encircled
Where is Jordon?
Mr. Kwok...
Pak Tat Mansion at Nanking Street
That's all I know
Now hang up
Sorry. I got the wrong number
There's a new stock at Milan Station
Some handbags|My credit card is overdrawn
Go to Lo Wu. What Milan Station?
Bye, Carrie
It's here!
Find a parking place
We go over there
What're they here for?
Too simple, too naive
Find the bastard. I'll divorce him
Don't go too far
There're so many places
You go to buy four cameras
Then what?
I saw four men
at a junction in Jordan
with four girls. They've gone up
to a building full of brothels
Don't know which one
These girls looked under-aged
Send some-one here please
Ching, do you know any reporters?
A few before I married
Go inform them
Just say Steven Chow's in the building
What about May Zhao?
Please connect me with James
James, I'm S.Y. Chang
Have you worked on Pak Tat Mansion?
Where's the design?
I just want a divorce
Hurry up. I can't wait
Did you find it?
How many exits are there?
Over here
You wait for me here
Fung, you go to the exit there
Ching, come with me
Take a picture of them
It'll be evidence for a divorce
Keep in contact. Good
But somebody reported to us
There are under-aged prostitutes
So the whole team are here
Someone called 999
The reporters are now at the door
A few people came out from behind
One looks like Steven Chow. Go!
Get into the car
They may have gone. Hurry...
Hurry! Over here
I saw them getting into a taxi
Hurry up
Did you take a picture?
No. Let's get into the car
There is the taxi, follow it
Hello? James, yes
There is a backstairs
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
It's impossible, he isn't wearing black
He wants his friends|and relatives to see
I tell you again, I'm sure you'd say
You've got the wrong man
Pual didn't put on a black suit
They all wear black|there must be something fishy
I heard a radio programme about love
The presenter said|clever women always play dump
And let their husbands be playboys
If they can't stand it|they'll divorce you
That's how you can get|your living expenses
Without them
How can I stay in a rich life?
I've be rich for long
I can't do any work now
I worry about you
That why we should catch them
It's a criminal case in China
with fine and imprisonment
They can get away with it here
Can't get a divorce without evidence
Why don't you ask somebody to drive
I want to go home
I don't want to follow them anymore
Aren't you my best friends?
You want to quit now
But.... If
We really see them with other women
I'll have to leave Cheung
If I leave Cheung
I don't know what to do
You think you quit now|he won't screw another woman?
You want to shut your eyes
And pretend everything's OK|between you and him?
I'm sorry, you're wrong
Everytime my husband came back from work
He bought me jewelleries
What can you see in that?
It's one woman after another
It's not bad, at least|she 's got a diamond ring
But you only have a chilled crab
Don't upset her even more
Yee Ching, do you still remember
5 years ago, we let them run away
Do you understand, things always change
What you can get hold of is forever
I know you take your marrige seriouly
But talking about marriage
It can vanish in just a flick
You can't do anything and|you can't control it
But if you face the fact
When you find out the truth|you can choose
between a divorce or|continue your marriage
You can't take action|before you have proofs
Do you understand?
Should I follow him?
We choose our own ways
What do you think?
How are you?
How are you?
I can't come to Bangkok
May be Later
I'll kiss you when I get back
I kiss you now, okay...
Okay, bye
Here he comes
My husband is there
16:39 Beacon Hill Kowloon
I think they saw us
Ching, Don't get too close
Keep your distance
Who's calling?
My husband
Hello dear
We've just gone to the temple
And now...
You've just past the Emperium
Will go to the Spa at Banyan Tree
Later to the flea market
The driver doesn't know where
Tell the drive where we want to go
I can't talk to you
I need to show the driver the map
Okay, bye
Carries, do you think they saw us?
But there is a police-car following us
Stop playing
17:05 Waterloo Road, Kowloon
May I see your driving license
And your lDs please
What are you lot doing here?
I am Cheung, a lawyer
Are you going to arrest us?
If not, please mind your manners
They know
They must have found out
It's impossible, they've found out
Because there's a traitor among us
The traitor is you
What? It's not me
Don't pretend
It's the first time you've been with us
Who isn't married among us?
You are the one
Did you take bribe from my wife? Tell me
No... I'm not a traitor
You heard now, he speaks Cantonese
A man from Beijing who speaks Cantonese|a traitor
Don't you speak Mandarin|when you're in Beijing?
Any Hong Konger|who speaks Mandarin's a traitor?
l brought Paul here, I trust him
Cheung speaks Engish|does it make him a traitor?
He's just a coward
Brother Tin, think of something
We have no time
The biggiest problem is
We don't know what they've found out
I think... they don't have any proofs
Otherwise they won't follow us
Now, we have two choices
We dimiss here
Go back to work, business as usual
Be a good husband
We continue on what we are doing
What do you think?
Brother Tin, I always agree with you
But not this time. As I said
what you make the decision for me
I've been with my wife for 15 years
Telling the truth
There's is no love between us
I'm an educated person
l think it's my duty to go out|and screw somebody
Because everytime I go home
I feel guity
then I will treat her better
But if I don't mess around
The relationship with my wife
will not stay that long
So I decided to go
I know Anna for a long time
Since the first date|she ask me more than ten time a day
Did you mess around|did you screw someone?
I tell her I didn't
But it's useless
no matter what I say|she wouldn't believe
And I discover that
I'm a fool if I don't mess around
And look down there
Don't look at my shoes, down here
Don't look anymore|I can't wait, let's go
Everytime I make love with Fong
At the most
She would push me away
and said|if you love me you should respect me
That's right, I respect her
And I've never forced her
But she should respect me also
She doesn't like it and|should respect my rights
There's no food at home
I'll eat outside
I want to lose my virginity
Okay, my turn now
Come closer
Mine is very simple
Ninth uncle took me to a nightclub|10 years ago
Guess whom I met?
A fortune teller
tries to tell my fortune
once at a night-club
He said it is my fate
That I must keep gambling|and seeing prostitutes
in order to live a healthy life
Brother Tin
You said that before
This morning
In the billiard room
Okay, no more excuses
Drive, Cheung
Mission 3: Kara-massage
How many mountains|does a man must climb?
A man is let down and depressed|for how many times?
I fight on
To get over all the difficulties
Overcoming all the obstructions
And I never bow to my fate
How many challenges must a man|get through?
With so many disappointments|and worries?
With cold winds and rains
His integrity grows
He is a man of courage and virtues
He never bows to challenges
and grows up to a great husband
He never bows to challenges...
A great husband...
Cheung, aren't you coming here?
I want to buy something first
Miss, I called you before
My wife isn't satisfied with|the colour of the handbag
I remember, I change it for you
Thank you
Dr Lee's treating his wife well...
At least he changed the handbag for her
Cheung is a responsible man
So what? He's still an unfaithful man
Cheung, to the hotel
Aren't we going to Karaoke?
No. To the hotel. It's safer
Mission 3: Canceled|Mission 4: Hotel Suite
How's everything?
Before the main course|try the appetizer
How does it taste?
Just don't mention
Haven't eaten anything today, by the way
Hey Doctor, be my guest|This is iced crab
Forlan's going to be striker|for Manchester?
Oh no. What's the rate?
Asenal to give way 1/2 1,80% discount?
I'll tell you later
I didn't know that|you gamble on football
It's been 2 years
You never notice
Why have you never betted before?
Things always
change at the last moment
Think before doing anything
Auntie May
The models may come up now
Yes. They're a bit early
Well. I'll wait for you
there aren't 20 minutes|left, only 19 minutes
Cheers! Cheers!
Your uncle is sentimental
He prays for Ninth Uncle's freedorm|twice a month
Let's commemorate Tonochy's closure
It's been 49 days
Tim, I'll go to buy something downstairs
What do you need?
You've given us a few
How many more do you want?
I want the type that smells like durian
We've got a lot here with many scents
I'll go downstairs. I'll be back soon
Hey, stay here
Why do you go downstairs
Want to blow the whistle?
Cheung... you won't, will you?
I never did, Brother Tim
Did you?
I was curious today
At the Cyber-cafe, I wanted to go|but you insisted to stay
You never want us to go|You want us caught
lf not, why do you go downstairs?
What if you are seen?
Tell us
Cindy's learning massage
She wants to try on me
Who's Cindy?
The one this morning
I said it's all sex
You wouldn't let me go
But you don't want you in-laws to know
It's good for you
You said that every time
At the nightclub|you always recommend me the lousy ones
And keep the kinky ones to yourself
God for me. Eh?
I see
You still remember the night at King Lam
You don't like it because|my two girls are prettier
I chose them because they smelled
I don't want you to be a punter
Dr. Lee, now I understand
You take women so seriously
After Ninth Uncle got into trouble
he begged me...
You buy Cheung some girls
He can't get anyone
Can't get a girl?
You mean it?
We've got four|I'm the only one who can screw
You all get nothing
We've four models coming
Models! You just had a massage
Brother Tim, stop it
Stop it
Five years...
We've been waiting for a chance
Today we can have fun|But you want to desert us
You prefer
to have some fun by yourself?
I didn't mean that
Then what do you mean? Tell me
You want friendship or|you just want women?
Tim, we just want to screw|a few chics today
What's it got to do with friendship?
You take women more seriousely|than buddies
And don't come back
Can you both make more sense?
If you think he's right, go with him
Otherwise, come back
See? You've no friends at all
Go to do your massage
Go away
Brother Tim
don't forget to use a condorm
We'll have one more girl
You'll do a threesome
Brother Tim, I think...
Don't defend him
I can't make him stay
I don't mean that
I think he's still a virgin
Threesome is no good
Then I'll take her
I don't mean that
Shall we share it then?
Half and half
Like last time
Let's check our time
I didn't know there is red|with this type
Oh, yes
Those few bitches|they must be after them
But I don't know their room numbers
Well, leave it to me
Excuse me
What's the room number of Mr. Kwok?
How are you related to Mr. Kwok?
I'm his friend
Sorry, we have to keep privacy|for customers
The lady there, she's Mr. Kwok's wife
We can't reveal anything then
It's all confidential
I used to work at a hotel
I know how to get it
First, you should buy a few magazines
Put them in an envelope
write on it Attn Mr Kwok
Take it to the concierge
Can you pass this this to Mr Kwok?
Miss... Usually they won't fetch
it without a room number
But don't let him refuse it
Leave it and go
Once you've gone|they'll have to fetch it
They are just a bunch of lazy bastards
They'll collect many packages|before fetching them up
They 'll write
the room numbers on the envelops
Let's go
Back a bit
Go forward a bit
Want to come
to look at the photos developed today?
Not really
My husband is waiting for me
Mr Chan has to see some guests
He'll be back in 2 hours
Just two hours? Too short
It's enough for me
Just to look at photos
Not enough for me
It's no good
I haven't taken any pills
Could be risky
Risky? Why not use a condom?
So many?
Over there
Don't open the door
Where are those bastards?
Brother Tin
Why do you come back?
We have fun here. It's not for you
I don't want to come back
Just to tell you
All our wives are downstairs
What should we do?
Relax. It's going to be all right
Strange. Nobody's here
Those girls could have been|after someone else
Or they've booked the room|to watch football
It's Manchester versus...
LA Lakers tonight
I'm sure they are
I saw the women with big tits
It must be Chao's choice
Are you sure
I know about myself
It's impossible
It's not impossible
I know Tin. How can he|have booked such a small room?
This is a smoke-screen|There must be another one
Would it be these rooms?
He likes orgies, A lot of men
A lot of men... It must be a suite
Are you the guests of this room?
Can you tell me where the suites are?
can't tell you if you're not our guests
We are
What are your names? I'll check
We registered with a company name
What company?
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank
I remember
All the suites are on top floor
Top floor
We must let them get away with thus
I don't want to know
I've seen nothing
Each of us catch a lift|Meet on the top floor
Find every room
Don't act alone without my order
Let's go
Uncle, what should we do?
With the downstairs
we can hold it a white
Shall we go, uncle?
Aren't you crazy?
It's more risky to go down
Brother Tin...
let's give up
No way. We'll never surrender
Put it this way, Tin
Kill these women
throw out the bodies, that's all
Brother Tin, are you serious?
Brother Tin
I'm just kidding
Open the door
Open the door
Is it a routine check of license, Madam?
Wives in action. Get back
Get back
How's that?
No body
Search again
Open the door
Open the door
This way over here
Did you find them?
Just the jacket
It's yours
Such an expensive hotel
The bastard is so generous
Only with whores and mistresses
Carrie, have they gone?
Unless they can fly
They must be around. Go and find them
Uncle, I'm exhausted
Don't look down
We can't go on like this
let's give up
I won't surrender. I'd rather jump down
You remember Ninth Uncle?
He can't even buy a porn now
I can't hold it anymore
I can't move, honestly
Have no fear
I've done rock-climbing
You can hold 500b pounds with 3 unches
Don't look
You are a rock-climber?
Tin, you never know
I did tell you, but you ignored
You only came out for orgy
Why can't we just meet up for coffee?
Instead of screwing girls|and talking about them
If we get away this time
I promise, no sexy
We'll meet up just for a chair
I'm getting old
Look out, Tim
Telephone call at this time?
Bergkampar Henry for defender?
And Arsenal to give way to 1/2 score?
How can I answer you?
I'm now an escapee
Hung up? I want a bet
It rings again
Not me
It's for you
Ah, it's here
Jo Jo, how?
How do you know?
Of Course, I do
You're outside my window
What a co-incidient
Have some fruit
Don't be polite
Why are you outside the window, Tim?
Don't mention
Why do you stay here?
I told you this morning
Oh yes
May introduce you to
Dr. Lee
and Paul from Beijing
and Old Chao
Jo Jo
sister in law
We were only classmates
That means lovers
Haven't met for 20 years
I came back just for him
Tin, what happened this morning...
I've forgotten
I know you'll forget
Well, the thing I mentioned
I've kept it for 20 years
A treasured thing
I washed it after I got back, I dried it
Since you're here
I give it to you
There're so many people
I'm not shy
What are you shy about?
I'll get it for you
Come on Tin Tin!
You dirty people...
It's a foreign chic. I'll take her
Just kidding
What? Help me
Cook at your eyes opp!
You take her
I don't mind
But your niece's come from afar
You should let him take her
He's so skinny
He needs some fat
Don't force me
I'll jump
We're not forcing you
but feeding you
You want to lose your virginity?
Now it's your chance
You want to sleep?
TT, means Tin Tin
I keep it for 20 years
I knitted it
I was calling your name while knitting
That's how I got it
My husband Benjaman
always wants to wear this
I won't let him
Until we had a row in a year
He snatched it and wore it
But he was too fat. He tore it
So are you
What. Nothing...
Look, I've washed it clean
It's dry. Touch it
Weight-losing pills
No need for so much
I know you think I'm fat
So I bought three boxes
I'll be as thin as before
Three boxes...
Jo Jo, you love me, don't you?
Anyone here?
Who's that?
Did you just knock on my door?
We'll report to the police
Not really
Do you think they've gone?
This is the one, must be here
Search again
Save someone first
Still smoking? Let's go
Tin Tin
Thank you, Jo Jo!
Thank you so much
It's a pleasure
23:27 Hotel Car Park
Where's the taxi?
Go. I'll ask him why
Hang on
We'll hold it this time
Lest we'll alert them
So we let them get away?
We don't catch them this time
But they can get what they want
They did it once, they'll do it more
We catch them then
Carrie, if everything's OK
I want to go home
We can't go until two hours' time
Because we'll arrive in HK then
Did you take out the chilled crab?
I'm hungry, I haven't eaten today
It that true?
Any sake?
There is
Honey|did you have a good time in Thailand?
Oh yes
You've got back for long?
Didn't you have a good time
I came back early to watch football
Manchester United VS Arsenal?
It's a good match
Just finished first half
So far, Man Unites & Arsenal....
It's 1:1
All depends on the second half
Beckham might come out again
2 Weeks Later
Sammo Hung
There's Sammo Hung's place
Many celebrities come here
My 10 o'clock position
Your 10 o'clock, where?
This side
Be smart Yes
look here
Look, press the shuttle now
Ellen Chan's boobs are huge
Come here everyday and twice on Friday
I always tell you to come here
It is cheaper than nightclubs
How are you two doing? Finished?
Don't say anymore
There will always be someone new
I have never been so happy
Are you sure?
These two weeks
I saw a picture when I closed my eyes
Uncle, me too...
Brother Tin
I am sorry about last time
Don't say things like this
I haven't said thank you
If it's not you, we won't be here
Thank you for what
You send me a message
Your wife is downstairs, run
I haven't sent you a message
You haven't?
I don't even type Chinese
Marriage is unreal
and it's vulnerable
Go upstairs
You can't control or manipulate
But you can control this
Once you're in control, you've a choice
Either leave this marriage
Or go on with it
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