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Mentale La (The Code)

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Hey, you!
How do you get a load here?
I'm not the boss. See the big man.
How much per pallet?
I been stewing here.
Wait, I'll take care of you.
Frank! Sure the navels go there?
Dris, he's screwing it all up.
He hasn't signed his check.
Guy nearly clobbered me.
-Another gun we got to dump.|-We got more.
See what you did to the dude?
Once the Chinese invented gunpowder,|goons went out of style.
Can't you see I'm loading?
Fucking asshole.
What do you think you're doing?
What a relief.|I thought you'd turned into a lettuce.
Easy, now.
This suit cost $1,000. Don't wrinkle it.
-Why you here? Got a problem?|-No, not a one.
Since you got out, you been hiding.|I came to see you.
How long you gonna keep up|this going straight shit?
You came all this way to bug me with that?
It's the first time I've nailed you.
So I'm working.|Isn't that how our folks fed us?
My dad painted cars all his life.
His skin's so wrinkled,|you'd think he sleeps outdoors.
Never stops coughing up his lungs.|In his wheelchair.
-Yanis, I've had it. I just did four years.|-What are you saying?
Jail was when we were kids.|We were dumb, we got nabbed.
You got the roughest deal of all.
Now for a big job, we're armed to the teeth.
They'd need the army to arrest us.
-Let's go get a drink instead of arguing.|-I'm working.
-Then I gotta see Mom.|-Good. I gotta see your kid brother, Mel.
The forward gears|are for all normal situations.
Automatic? I only know stick shifts.
This thing won't move, it's shit.
-Yanis, what's up?|-The papers.
It's my crate. The dude owes me bread.
I impounded it.
Take off the shades.|I like to see a liar's eyes.
Yanis, I swear on my mom's head.
Your mom's head. You little creep.
I know the truth. The papers.
I swear this time it was legit.
Give me the papers.
Shit, that's unfair!|How do I collect my bread now?
You don't act like you're family.
Dris, I'll be at your place at 7:00 p.m.
Hamou? Don't gamble in the street.
-Dris, he's scalping me!|-What do I care! Go inside!
Come along and shut up.
I don't get you.
With all the pushovers around,|you've got to sting hoods?
They're the easiest. I con 'em.
They think they're smart, they're a cinch.
One day you'll run into a hothead.|Then we'll all weep.
They're all scared of you.|First, they'll come talk to you.
I'll quit when you take me on.
You guys are raking it in, $800 day!
You know I'm good, I can hold my own.
Let me in on your big scam!
What big scam? What are you saying?
Why do you need all the car papers?|To open a garage?
You talk too much, Mel.|Shut up, for starters.
I got nothing to do.|There's no peeler.
Quit playing. Put it down.|You'll cut yourself.
No, I won't, don't worry.
Dad, tell Hamou to stop.|He'll cut himself.
-Come with me.|-Where?
-We're going gardening.|-You go!
Dris, I put all your things in the bag.
Sorry, Son. I couldn't finish.|I got too much to wash.
Your brother changes 10 times a day.
Don't worry, Mom.
When I've saved up,|I'll buy a washing machine.
No need, as long as there's mine.|Keep your money, Son.
-Hi. You okay?|-Sure.
If you have a kid, you'll need money.|For the diapers, clothes, milk....
I got no money for a kid.
Has Lise been talking to you?
Who waits for money to have kids?
To have kids? Several kids?
Even one.
Now, what's with him?
-Mel.|-Be right back.
Still at your scams. You can't quit?
It's not my day!|You gonna diss me, too?
I gotta hear your big brother routine?
I gotta be in fruits and veggies like you?
Remember, you used to say,|"Money makes the man."
I don't mind your gangster shit.
If you got more luck than me,|stick with it.
But do it well.
It's your fault I gotta work scams!|Yanis won't take me on.
Good. What they're doing is nuts!
You're the best car thief around.|But you screw people.
You don't get it, man.
Stealing cars is for shit-eaters.|I want in on the big stuff.
I want 'em to shake|when they hear my name.
I wanna be a legend like Yanis!
If you get hurt, think of our folks!
One of their kids already fucked up.
They won't make me a bum like you.
Who's a bum? You understand life?
You can read people's minds?
Let go of him.
Shut up! Let go of him!
Come on, I'm waiting for you!
-You can't beat me up now.|-Shut up, or I'll shut you up!
I'm a man now!
Don't hit him!
I'm tired.
I'm so tired.
I can't live this way anymore.
I can't take this yelling anymore.
Sorry, Mom.
-He scares me, always scamming everyone.|-I know, Son.
You have to protect him, he's a baby.
Go home.
Lise must be waiting for you.
Go, my son.
Don't forget your laundry.
That smells good.
That's how I got this|roll around my waist.
They're called "love handles."
You going out?
My brother came over. He's downstairs.
He's bugging my folks.|I've got to talk to him.
He got a Mercedes now?
A Ferrari, too. He don't pay for cars.
-You back for dinner?|-Yeah.
I don't believe it, you listen to opera?
Just this one,|{y:i}Don Giovanni.
A rich chick I laid gave it to me.
She said this dude scores wherever he goes.
He don't care.
Screws anything that moves, even laws.
-He respects no one. Not even God.|-He's like you.
No, I respect God.
God and l, we made a pact.|I don't bug Him and He don't bug me.
-May He forgive you.|-Screw all this shit.
You in on our next job or not?
It's a piece of cake.
The guard's in on it.
Jerk thinks he's a hood.|He's hot for us.
He brought us some great deals.
$5 billion. That talk to you?
-$5 billion?|-$5 billion, Mr. Minimum-wage-earner.
We grab it and sleep soundly.
The other day I saw Houcine's old lady.
She was so happy to see me.
If she knew we executed her man....
That fucker ratted on us, okay?
We gave him no right of appeal.|We were worse than judges.
Don't twist things.|Every dude we wasted deserved it.
Being right is easy|when you make the rules.
There's only one rule.|Do your job, you'll be fine.
Bug us, we'll clobber you.|Cross us, you're dead.
That's the Code, our only law.
Every hood knows it.
That's not why I came.
It's great to see you again,|but not the rest.
All that's behind me.|I quit that game.
My sweetheart!
Let the man breathe.
-Good to see you, Dris.|-They'll think we're faggots.
We're not. Just glad to see him.
You been out six months.|Where were you?
Never came to see us.|It upset Evelyne.
We harmed you?
Simon, you been real good to me.
-I meant to thank you for the money orders.|-What money orders?
A few $100 notes here and there,|I can spare that.
Let's toast our reunion.
-You treating?|-Yeah.
Excuse me.
My darling.
-You never came to see us.|-I said she was upset.
Let me see you.
You haven't changed.|Handsome as ever.
So well preserved.
-That's why it's called the cooler.|-Shut up.
They're all blondes now.
It's those Eastern sluts.
Damn phoney. Only drinks sodas.
Can't you drink liquor like us?
-Don't force him to drink.|-Thanks, dear.
I don't need liquor to have fun.
Look at Niglo.
-Where you going?|-Time to go home.
Aren't we having fun?
Who can teach us to live?
The President of France? Some politico?|We got no boss, Dris.
Hope you're not in a hurry.
Be a shame to sell this stuff cheap.
A last drink at Cap Ouest?
Whatever you say, Simon.
If you're in the doghouse,|I'll vouch for you.
Sure thing.
Here's that Gypsy princess.
Isn't she great, dressed as a lady?
Look at those tits.
That's enough, Prosper.
Now we know where we stand...
let's talk.
Why pick on me, Feche?|I don't run a dump you can ransom.
I just want peace and quiet.
That's what I'm offering you.|Peace.
And don't use words like ransom.
I don't run a protection racket.|I don't want weekly dough.
I'm offering you a partnership...
like others with joints|like yours in Paris.
With me you'll go up in the world.
If you're married to me...
who'll dare shake you down? Who?
Parisians? Riviera gangs? Corsicans?
The worst guys are my pals,|they rest are in my pay.
Even the cops.
Who'll have the balls to touch you?
I don't need protection.|I'd rather close my joint.
This guy's a pain.
He's dense. Words mean nothing to him.
There's no way out, Henry.|No one can help you.
Not even God. Here, I'm God.
Stay out of my crate.
Dude pukes in my car.
Is this a giveaway show?
Foued gave it to Niglo.
Sure, I swiped it.
It's my niece's birthday.|What's her name?
Carmen! She's Casquette's daughter!
That's not a car for a Gypsy.|No trailer-hook!
Here are the small fries!
Now we're all here.
Hey, bro.
Veggie man.|Out late with the bad guys?
Time you got up.
Anyone harms my kid bro,|fucker'll have no peace.
Listen, Mel.|Anyone rides you, tell me.
Don't go to Yanis.
-I love my kid bro.|-I love you, too.
When your big brother act bugs me,|I talk crap.
Sometimes I wanna slug you, damn it.
Dris, give Fanfan a kiss.
-Great to see you.|-You okay?
What's that? You did it again?
-Guess so.|-With him? Haven't dumped him yet?
Don't mess with Gypsies. Look at her.
Wanda? You've really grown.
Come here. A real princess now.
What's up, old man?
Your wife want you home?
For once, it's not Evelyne.
It's Henry. He's called twice.|We gotta go.
We got time, shit!
Isn't that cute?
It's a reunion. Lucky guy.
Like the good old days.
-Uncle Yanis!|-Tracy, my sweet!
I waited for you, Dris.
I'm no nun. I've had a few guys.
But no one took your place.
I thought you'd find|a hustler like you.
Don't let it go to your head...
but I had it bad for you.
That's all past. I'm with Lise.|We're trying to have a kid.
Trying to have a kid!
One night with me,|you'll forget Lise!
I'm a Gypsy!|We don't try to have kids!
You want them, we lay them for you.
-An Arab and a Gypsy....|-So what?
If he's a boy and looks like you...
or if she's a girl and has my ass,|it'll be fine.
No one will scare him.
He'll be numero uno.|The Prince of Thieves.
That's not how I see my son.
I'll take a cab home.
No cab, I'll take you home.
Couples only.
It's Simon, to see Henry.
One moment.
Open up.
Hi, Simon.
Sorry, he doesn't know our friends yet.
Henry's waiting in his office.
I'll take you.
I hope you're in shape.
You're right, take off your gloves.
This place is paradise!
Who did that to you?
He tried to put the screws on me.
Get rid of him for me.
Henry, I don't kill people.
You rid this town of a few guys|who were breaking our balls.
You're famous now.
All Paris talks about you.
Feche is different.
He's big time.
If I let him in here,|he'll eat me up.
And he wants in for free.
If you side with me,|he'll back off.
Feche takes what he wants.|I can't stop him.
And folks will say|I should mind my own business.
Am I your friend or not?
Simon, we did time together!
Yeah, I know.
If I have to take a partner,|I want you.
If you invest, we'll go far together.
There's money in sex.|I got big plans.
Yanis, not sick of stickups?
No, they give me a hard-on.
Be sensible, Henry.
Yanis is right.
We won't scare off Feche.
He's too big for us!
What do you mean?
I'll screw Feche,|fucking two-bit godfather!
If we're partners,|this is home to you.
Make him back off,|and you'll see!
I'll seat you at God's right hand!
God forgive us.
Set up a date. I'll talk to him.
I know...
I slipped up.
4:00 a.m. You call that slipping up?
You stink of perfume. From a hooker.
Hey, get off my back.
I just danced a bit.|I didn't get laid.
Come on, Lise--
You gotta help me stay straight.
There's temptations from all sides,|it's hard.
The ex-con on the mend.|Thanks, I already gave.
When you went to jail, so did l.
Visiting you every week,|Yanis bugging me...
my girlfriend's saying I'd flipped,|my mom weeping.
Know what I thought of tonight?
All the dumb nights I spent alone.
Except I was free, on the outside.
-And I didn't slip up.|-I've heard all that.
Lay off. Don't torture me.
Not now, I can't take it.
No, I won't lay off.
I won't go through that twice, Dris.
Not working today?
Sure I am.
You're saying it's a done deal.
You're saying it's a done deal.
We're not saying that.|But I know how you operate.
You zero in on easy targets.
You're right.
We all grab money where we can.
Except now this is our turf.
And Henry's our friend.
We were cellmates.
A friend or a partner?
No word games, you know me.
I know nobody.
You know I never crossed anyone.
It's not too late to start.
-Listen--|-I won't listen!
Till now you were partners with me.
Now you and your pals|want to squeeze me out.
That's not it.|Simon and us talked about this long ago.
So why didn't you fill me in?
Would've saved you a beating.
Screw your phoney deals.
You're married to me, Henry.
You don't understand, Feche.
That's how it is.|You can't change a thing.
Think so?
Nothing's final on this earth.
What you gonna do?
Go to war over a gang-bang joint?
Wise up. You know the Code.
The Code! Don't talk crap.
You learn that word in|the exercise yard?
Let's say the Code applies.
Why are you poaching?
We're not poaching.
This is our turf.
Agree to that, and you won't hear|from us again. I swear it.
-What does okay mean?|-What you said.
I won't hear from you again.
But if I ever run into you once....
You won't.
So what do we do now?
Case closed.
The answer's yes.
I don't know that yet.
A boy or a girl?|I'd rather not know.
I'll cook up a little dinner|to give him the good news.
Candlelight, yeah.
He doesn't deserve it?|Don't say that!
Listen, Mom, I gotta go.|I'll phone you.
Hi, Lise. Am I intruding?
No, I'm just surprised.
-Dris isn't here.|-I know.
I just came to see where you two live.
Nice view, but it's a bit cramped.
It's fine for us.
I don't get you two.
Don't you wanna live in a nice pad?
With fine tableware and furniture?
Or split to a sunny beach when you want?
Have a nice car and nice duds?
Lace bras...
$100 bras. Don't you want that?
And bars on the window?
Are we back to that?|Like when I'd visit him in jail?
Why won't you let go?
That's a good one. You should talk!
You in love with him?
Yes, I am. Okay.|Call me a faggot. I need him.
Without him, I'm missing a leg!
He's the best.|You'll make him a fucking bore!
You're freaking, Yanis.
He won't go back to you|and your crazies and thieving sluts!
He wants to settle down with me.
Let go of him, or I'll fight you!|I'll see that...
all the best sluts in town|get to lick his dick!
Get out!
Your home sweet home will be hell!
Dris is my partner, my bro!|Until death!
No bitch will keep us apart!
Get lost! Go fuck yourself!|Scram!
A hothead?
We'll show him who's a hothead!
-I'll bash his skull in!|-Whose skull? Wait!
-See what he did to you?|-Who gives a shit?
-We do nothing? You're chicken!|-Wait, they're coming!
I'll bash his skull!
Wait, damn it!
No, I'm not scared.|I'll bury the fucker!
-Bury who? What's up now?|-Nothing.
Nothing? Who did that?
He saw Mel dealing in the projects.
Only he can sell here?|He the big man?
If he's the big man,|we'll show him!
You two gonna take on Marco?
We phoned Simon.|Yanis and the guys weren't in.
Wait, Evelyne said they're due.
Forget Yanis.
Wait. I've known Marco 20 years.|I'll talk to him.
Get in.
Move over.
This the gathering of the clans?
Dickhead won't let us deal.
-Don't talk that way!|-Up yours!
All your crap is a real|pain in the butt!
So sort it out, then we split.
Marco, we can solve this.
They gotta deal a bit.
Okay. But not on my turf.
This is our turf, too!
Look what he did to him.
We're gonna hit back.
That's par for the job.
You know how hard it was.
I had to impose myself.
True. He cleaned up the projects.
Kicked them all out, even the cops.
And the smack dealers,|so we'd have peace.
Now no one breaks the rule!
Got that?
I know you're the big man.
I'm asking you a favour.
We grew up together!
I can't do it!
I just can't.
He's right. He earned it.
Let's go, Mr. Attorney.
Do I leave them?
No, you don't.
But they let Marco work.
Or they do what he did.|You know that.
So we can't divide it up?
Divide it? You become|some kind of Communist?
They shouldn't let inmates|study in jail.
Right, it drives them nuts!
Dris, this my turf!
How do you say "it's mine"|in Arab lingo?
See, now he's disrespecting us!
No, I'm not, Yanis!|That's too easy!
What do those two do?|One's a thief, the other's a burglar!
We used to break down doors!|A burglar's a bro.
You're getting to be a pain!
What are you trying to say, Marco?
No one sells hashish here except me,|that's what!
Don't talk to my cousin like that!|We're not two-bit dealers!
You asked for it.|These kids just earned their place!
If I see one of your faggots|in the parking lot...
I'll kill you! Got that?|You got that?
You'll kill him! Stop it!
You got it?
Okay, you've got your turf.
Now you gotta defend it.
Can we go now, Reverend?
What did you do? I had it under control.|You went overboard.
I was starving. No time to talk.
You wanted to help them.
It was the only way.|But what we just did was stealing.
Not just a piece.|I got them the whole pie.
Plus the topping.
You gonna complain?
He's there.
-Yo, Grib.|-Foued.
My bro.
You're out, you got time off?
Hell, I was a model prisoner.
Very good.
-How are you?|-And you, pal?
-Drink?|-Drop of Scotch.
We're on to a big job. You want in?
You bet I do.
Good news. That's my boy Grib.
By the way...
thanks for the dough to my old lady.
-You saved my ass.|-Don't even mention it.
$500,000 for five minutes work,|that's how much a minute?
Yanis, Grib.
He's in with us.
Good choice, pal.
Let's go, lovebirds.
-Things okay?|-A quick one?
He'll think I'm a faggot!
Make up your mind.
It's Dris and my song. He'll flip for me.
I love you.
I really do.
DJ Pog's not here?
I'm filling in.
Can you play I Promise You|by Johnny?
I can play that. Or Dinah Shore.
-You're cute.|-Sure.
Was that such a weird request?
I asked for I Promise You|by Johnny.
It's for my pal and his girl. Their song.
Does this look like a karaoke joint?
Don't bug me, go dance with your pals.
Who let this guy in?
I'll show you! Sorry, miss.
Want this up your ass?
So be nice.
{y:i}This is specially...
{y:i}for Nina and for Dris...
{y:i}from Yanis.
{y:i}Amigos for life, I love you.
-Sylvain!|-My friend!
-How are things?|-Just fine.
Have fun.
It's party time.
Have fun, lovebirds.
Nina, your boyfriend just came in.
Sorry, my love, gotta go to work.
Who's that loudmouth?
Sylvain, armoured-car guy.
He's the $5 billion you spat at.
Isn't he handsome?
Look how he shines.
Guy's a goldmine.
Those two bitches...
have got him by the balls!
I'm off.
Say bye to Nina!
What's with that asshole?
He in a rush at this hour?
So pass me, asshole!
What's the creep doing?
Shit, a dame!
What are you up to?
Here, you hit the jackpot.
Go home to wifey. I'm taking over.
Get going.
Don't keep me waiting on the sidewalk!
You've put me down enough!
-You're nuts, Nina.|-And you've got no manners.
Where you taking me?
I missed you, Dris.
Take it easy.
That's nothing.
The silk's burning up on my body.
Hurry, or I'll burst into flames.
I'm late for work.|I said don't let me fall asleep!
I fell asleep, too.
I'll drop you off.
Did she sleep out, too?
What a get-up. You look like a Saudi.
I have to work, too.
It's past 9:00 a.m. I'm in a real spot.
You fucked up my day.
What are you up to?
If you goof off this way....
We gotta talk.
Go get dressed.
Miss, can I have extension 24?
Lise, it's me. Listen,|something really weird happened.
City canteens have got to be|supplied in an hour.
-ln an hour, boss?|-Just do it.
-Prosper filled you in?|-Sure.
Two loads a month.|Can you handle that?
Ten, if you want.
We'll start with two.|If you do well, we'll see.
The route won't be a problem.
Our guys will lead the way.
If you run into trouble, dump everything.|They'll pick you up.
Don't worry, sir. lt'll go fine.
I'm sure. I can tell you're solid.
That's why I wanted you.
But not a word to your cousin.
No one's to know what I do.
-We're no snitches.|-I know, you're solid.
I never misjudge people.|Right, Prosper?
Come in.
You both like dough?|You'll make a ton with me.
We wanted to ask you|if you can pay us in hashish?
And if we got a family discount,|that'd be nice.
You're tough.|Reminds me of when I was your age.
This calls for a drink.
What'll you have? I've got beer....
Maybe you don't touch liquor?|I respect that.
Sure I drink liquor.|I don't buy that crap.
That's fine, too.
You haven't been hoodwinked by religion.
-Thanks, sir.|-You're going places.
You'll become someone.
Here's to you, boss. Cheers.
To yours, sir.
I'm in the corner, Lise.
You win! Lise, you've won!
That's enough! I need rest, I work!
What rest? My life's at stake.
She's dumped you. Where's your pride?
What pride?
Screw pride, I want my wife!
That's enough.|Go away or I'll call the police.
You heard your mother?|She'll call the cops.
She wants me put away again.
You won, Lise.
You won, I'll go back to jail.
But I'll go alone.|Without you or your mom.
I'll go all alone! Alone!
Hanging out with thieves now?
Not scared the cops will grab you?
Stop, Yanis. It's no time for that.
You know why I'm here.
Put these on.
Look who's here.
You okay,|{y:i}hombre?
Now we're all together.
-You okay, Dris?|-Welcome home. You all right?
Your shit stinks.
It's the canned food.
-Whose turn is it?|-Yours.
Foued, tell him to stop|spinning like a top.
Grib, cool it.
What's with you?
How can you guys stand it in here?
This thing's too hot.
If the cops find one hair,|you're done.
What about him? We've been here four days.|He hasn't moved.
Is he some kind of yogi?
How'd you cope in jail?
I hurt bad inside.
Here you collect a nice piece of change.
This is like solitary.
I'm sick of eating couscous.|I'm no Arab.
Can't we have a change?
What's wrong with a burger?
Who'll go out and get it?
You, with your Gypsy mug?
I'm the only gitano in town?
Poke your nose out, you'll get nabbed.
Your paranoia's a bunch of shit.
Real shit.
Al least,|if we had a couple of bitches.
Aren't you guys horny?|Bunch of faggots!
Fucking queens!
Foued, tell him to shut his fucking yap!
Don't talk to me that way.|You're not the big man here.
Cut it out, or I'll brain you.
You'll brain me?
Think your loco act scares me?
Nobody does. Lay off,|or I'll waste you, faggot!
What are you doing? Cut it out!
Shoot, fucker!
No, Dris!
He's flipped.
He doesn't want to kill me.
I don't want to waste no one.
There! I'm just sick of waiting.
And sick of Yanis playing big man.
No one pushes me around.
Smell this.
Put it down.
Mr. Prosper, there's like half a ton.
If you're asked, say you don't know.
I'll show you the route.
We leave from here.
Use side roads.|No highways or freeways.
Figure on eight hours.
Go get your things.
Okay, got you.
It's for tomorrow morning.
It's A-Okay.
Let them look for DNA.
Go on. Let's go.
Who are the big guys now?
They want to smoke a jay,|they got to ask us.
-Even for skins.|-We got it all.
No one sells in the projects, just us.
Mel and José. That's where it's at.
-We're bad.|-Right, bro.
Here we go.
Slow down. You're going too fast.
{y:i}Slow down.
{y:i}Hold that speed. Stick to it.
{y:i}Now block everything.
Look down.
Look down, or I'll waste you!
I go first, right?
Just drive, don't worry.|Any trouble, we'll blow them away.
Did it go okay, kids?
No problems?
Never any problems with us.
I'm pleased with you, kids.
I'll settle with you.
This is where it happens.
Where you start to get rich.
Fucking freezing.
What's going on?
Shit, what are you doing?
You stole a load, you pricks.
You're nuts, sir. There's your truck.
Only you and I know that.
And with your lousy reputation....
Why are you doing this?|We were on the level.
It's the Code, kid. The Code.
Your cousin lacked respect.
I have to act.|Or the rumour will be I'm through.
You're paying for them.
Nothing personal.
Just business.
Stop crying, shit.
Marco, come here.
Now what?
You motherfucker!
-Watch your vendetta.|-Dirty fucker.
Waste them, Prosper.
Stop it, sir.
-Don't kill me. He's not my kin.|-Stop whining.
Shut up, I don't want to die.|Screw this crap!
Shut up, we'll get them!
-What, shut up?|-They won't dare kill us!
Contact the rising generation.
Say if they want the kids back,|they have to pay.
That's just a start.
Watch how I step on that scum.
You'll get your turf back.
Every job, you use|your phoney Spanish lingo.
Once or twice we scared them.
Now when they hear that accent,|they freak.
If they nab us, they'll pin|all the Spanish jobs on us.
One job or 10,|you'll get the max anyway.
Anyway, there's no point in being|careful with a stiff like you.
You always wind up inside.
I'm no faggot spic guerrillero|sand-nigger.
Lay off, Grib.
He bugs you, too?
Cut the crap. I've had enough.
In the slammer, I knew a Spaniard.|I reamed his ass. Olé!
Shut your fucking mouth.
You faggots should learn|to play castanets.
Now you fucking did it!
Why? Why?
You're fucking sick, you are!
Shit, he was riding me!|He even bugged you!
You killed him like a dog!|Why do you take life away like that?
Dris, save your soul-searching|for a rainy day!
No, Yanis, we're through.|Or we'll end up killing each other.
You can't drop me, we're married, pal!
Scumbag isn't even dead.
You okay?
You always sneak in.
Not today, please, Mom. Okay?
-Want something to eat?|-I'm not hungry.
I'll go see Dad.
You okay, Dad?
Look. You like it?
It's beautiful.
Really beautiful.
Why do you waste your money, Son?
Nothing's too beautiful for my dad.
Help me back to bed, Son. I'm tired.
You know, Son...
when I'm gone....
Don't say that.
Let me talk, Son.
The life you lead...
I really tried to stop you...
but it's beyond your control.
Even when I beat you as a kid.
It did no good, increased my hate.
Why hate, Son?
Did you and your sisters|ever lack anything?
Maybe my overalls and lunch pail|shamed you.
I was never ashamed of you.
Son, I'll be leaving soon...
all that's got to stop.
lt'll be up to you to care for|your mom and your sisters.
I promise you, Dad.
Your mother's not as strong as you think.
I watch her every night.
She tosses and turns...
waiting for you to come home.
That's enough. You have to rest.
Sleep a little.
When I was a kid...
I loved to spend time|like this with you.
It was so rare.
You were never home...
always away at work.
I'll let you think it over.
Why didn't you tell me?|It's heaven sent.
Think I'll let you run away now?
You want to raise it alone?
Find some nice guy to start a new life|and raise my son?
Your son, what's all this?
I went by the apartment.|The hospital called.
I called. They told me.
It's not your problem now.
I don't want my kid to|have a dad like you.
I admit I fucked up.
But things have changed, that's over.|I'm starting a business down south.
In the sun. Away from all this.|It's what we dreamed of.
Think I'll fall for your|Prince Charming act?
You've done it once too often.
You made a choice. It's too late now.
I'm choosing now.
I swear it on the head of our baby.|I love you.
I'm back for good, Lise.
You all through?
Not until you say you love me.
Or I'll keep going until you say you do.
That hospital message scared me.
I thought they'd found|you had cancer or something.
I'd never let you down.|You can have my bone marrow.
What'll we call the kid?
Excuse me.
Yeah, Simon?
No, I'm busy. You can talk on this line.|It's new.
Where are you?
I'll be right there.
I have to go.
See? There we are.
You'll never change.
Okay, tell me, Simon.
Feche is holding Mel and José.|Says they swiped a load of dope.
What does he want?
He wants us to blow him away!
Okay, Yanis. What does he want?
He wants $200,000 to let them go.
Dirty fucker!
Nina, it's me. I got to see you.|I need bread fast.
What do you mean, not before tomorrow?|I'm coming over.
I called Feche. He won't budge.
I told him we'd waste him and his clan!
Mel's my brother. It's my business.
Screw your rules, the Code, all that crap.|I'll pay up!
That old creep is working us over!
Mel's an excuse to get|even for Henry's club.
You never said you and|Feche were at war!
For us it was settled.
I've got all the luck! I get out...
I do one job, and I'm at|war with all of Paris!
Thought you could pick up $500,000|and scram?
You got to take the good with the bad.
Dris, don't chicken out.
I don't want my mom weeping at home!
I'll get the bread and recover Mel.|Then do what you want!
I'm the bad guy? I don't care about Mel?
He's my brother, too.
I don't care about dough.|Seen how I spend it?
I'd pay any amount to save Mel.
What I care about is us! That's all!
Thanks for phoning, Pedro.
Take him away.
It's José....
-And Mel?|-Mel's next.
We come after that.
Good night, Mr. Prosper.
Who fired that shot?
This bastard did!
Stick him in the car. Fast!
Foued, what are you pulling?
You'll be okay, Foued.|Quit putting me on.
He killed him.
I'm going to waste you, scumbag!
Don't do it!
We need him to get Mel back!
Then we'll waste them all!
We'll kill the lot!|But now we need him. Okay?
Okay, my brother? Calm down.
I won't count. I trust you.
When I get Prosper back,|I'll free your brother.
What's this now?
-You didn't know?|-You kidding?
Last night your friends grabbed Prosper.
-I need Mel to trade.|-They don't want Prosper.
Give me Mel, they'll let him go.
Yanis is a psycho!
Even you can't read his mind.
I didn't want this. I'm the victim.
I can't back off.
So try to convince them. I'm tied.
Yanis thinks you'll kill|Mel even if I pay.
-Because of Henry's club.|-That's ancient history.
You heard me? Let Prosper go.|You get Mel.
Don't cross me, Feche.
What have you done, Yanis?
Are you fucking sick?
If Feche harms my brother,|I'll kill you!
Go ahead. You'll do me a favour.
I told you to stay out of it.|You've got to decide everything!
God's up there. There's only one!|His name's not Yanis!
Give me Prosper.
If I let you have him...
your brother's dead, and so are we.
Like José. A slug in the head.
They dumped him at his old lady's.
Is that what you want?
Now Foued. Shit.
What's going on?
What could we do?
Bend over?
We grabbed Prosper to negotiate...
and he killed Foued.
Prosper killed Foued. José's dead.
When's it going to stop?
When Feche is in his grave.
Fix him up so he looks alive|till we've swapped.
Find me a dozen triggermen. Mad dogs!
I underestimated those little jerks.
They were clued in|if they managed to grab Prosper.
Get going.
Don't worry.|We'll find your kid brother.
But then I'm going to eat up Feche.
You're dreaming, Yanis.
Mel fucked up.|We should have negotiated.
Fighting a war with Feche is suicide.
He'll raise an army of wackos.
Fuck him and all his cocksuckers!
I'm going to get that old creep, too.
Go get that scumbag.
Come along.
Get up.
Let's go, Simon.
Yanis, why are you dressed|for a Bar Mitzvah?
So they don't think we're bums.
Get in, you fucker!
There they are.
Where's Mel?
Send him over.
No. We exchange cars.
No. You send us Mel,|we'll send you your pal.
-Then we go home.|-We do as I say, or I'm leaving.
Don't fuck up, Yanis!
-That old fucker's not laying down the law!|-We've got no choice.
Okay, then I'll go over.
No way. It's my brother. I'm going.
I'm going, or I'll waste them all!
You're a pain, Yanis!
So go.
-Bring back my brother.|-Be right back.
You tied him up like a salami.
He won't answer. Your pal's a real pain.
Such a pain, we gave him a sedative.
Nothing too strong.
Mel always was a ball buster.
Don't move.
Wait till he's in the car.
What are you looking for?
The trick you'll pull.
There's none.
You get Mel, I get Prosper...
and we move on.
We forget everything.|Nothing happened.
Okay, kid brother,|I'm taking you home.
Mel! Shit!
Waste them!
Get down!
I'm coming, old creep!
We'll start all over from scratch.
You thought you could shaft us.
You can't kill me, Feche.
We're taking that trip|to hell together!
Know what my cousin Yanis says?
A scumbag doesn't deserve a bullet.
Don't leave me.
We're nowhere without each other.
He just left. You missed him again.
But you came for nothing.
-He's going to share his dreams with me.|-Yes?
I'm carrying his baby.
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