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Mephisto CD1

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l'll give my heart just to one man
The gr eatest love since time began
He'll come my way and he'll be str ong
And he will sing me love's sweet song
- What happened Mr. Höf gen? - What do you want?
l don't need you now! Go to hell!
We'r e invited to a boring banquet. Sorry, but we have to leave now.
Can't you sit with us, Dora?
No, we'r e much too late.
Sorry, good evening.
l wanted to say you wer e marvelous tonight.
lt was fantastic. Thank God l saw it.
Y ou fraud, you didn't see the show. Never mind, you'r e talented.
Me? Talented? Say it louder.
Y es, you'r e very talented, Herr Höf gen.
l'm sur e you'll soon be able to show just how talented you ar e.
l must be going, goodbye.
- Böck. Seven marks. - But Hendrik...
... if you need money l can lend you fifty marks.
This is men's business. Böck likes giving money.
Good evening, Miklas. Thank you.
... Doctor Kr oge lets me starve.
Höf gen, you old sinner! Take a seat.
Well, Dir ector, how'd you like the show?
What's getting you down, Hendrik?
That l'm a pr ovincial actor.
ls that all? Nothing else?
Y ou'r e late.
One day, l'll come to fetch you.
Don't you dr ead that, Heinz?
- Please don't call me Heinz. - Why not? That's your name.
l dislike it. Understand?
Perfectly, Heinz.
Y ou can't even drink a beer like a man who feels like drinking one.
Shall we start?
What was that about beer?
lt's not your style, simply to call for a beer.
''A beer, please'' sounds phony when you say it.
l don't drink, Juliette.
l know, Heinz. Take your shoes off.
Come on...
One, two...
One, two..., two, thr ee, four...
On one...
Don't fall down now.
Faster! Show me what you can do.
Y ou want to be an actor and show off for money, too?
Y ou comical pictur e of misery.
lf you liked this music, you wouldn't get tir ed.
Y ou always laugh at me, Juliette.
l can't cry. Would you love me if l could cry?
l love you anyway.
Y ou only love yourself, Heinz, and even then not enough.
Keep talking. What you say is very nice.
Y our only concern is your face being devoid of human expr ession.
lt's a mask, you hear?
l, too, have skin and bones and body weight...
...and eyebr ows and fingernails, just like you.
l, too, feel the cold. l can be hungry and thirsty.
l, too, think of my mother.
And l know ther e ar e Philistines and Communists.
But my eyes ar e not my eyes.
My legs ar e not mine, my face is not mine.
My name is not my name, because l am an actor!
Do you know what it means to be an actor?
An actor is a mask...
...among human beings.
Ladies and gentlemen, l have the honor...
...of welcoming you to the first r eading of the play.
May l intr oduce our guest, Nicoletta von Niebuhr...
...who will play the female lead in this pr oduction.
Do you mind if my friend watches the r ehearsal?
l have no objection.
- Two cognacs, please. - Y es, dir ector.
Coming up right away.
Thr ee beers, please.
Ther e you go.
Please ex cuse me.
Please ex cuse me.
Father Hansemann...
Hendrik, will we look lovely in this play?
We ar e lovely.
May l intr oduce my best friend, Barbara Bruckner?
Nice to meet you.
Ther e's a nice smell of lavender about you.
Can you smell the lavender, too?
How shocking, on a man. But l need it like my daily br ead.
A little on the temples is as good as a night's sleep.
Sleep would be better, but ther e's no time.
A beer and a mineral water.
We'll hear what he has to say...
... use the good bits, then play it our way.
He's good, but old-fashioned.
The futur e of Hamburg Art Theater is me.
l mean the two of us.
Most of the plays her e ar e shallow bourgeois stuff.
But we visualize theater that will involve everyone...
...the workers, the dockers.
Wher e will you perform this theater?
lt doesn't matter. ln the docks, factories, cellars.
They asked me about the play. We pr omised it for last week.
Let's get this opening night over first.
We must pr ove that theater has a political function.
Befor e it can be political or r evolutionary, it first has to be good.
Which actors will be in this sort of theater?
All who think like us. Even workers.
lt's what we say, not how we say it.
But l've no qualms if Hendrik stages our plays.
Go on. Why ar e you looking at me?
Am l not allowed to?
lf it pleases you, go ahead.
Without you, l'll be finished, Barbara.
Ther e's too much evil in me.
Alone, l'm too weak to overcome it, but you could help me.
l can't talk anymor e. So many thoughts ar e just parts l've played.
l love you, Barbara.
l'm in love. With a woman.
Juliette, am l a good looking man?
l've never seen you on stage. Maybe you'r e handsome, but...
...frankly, l've never found you good looking, but...
...sometimes your cold cheating eyes ar e those of a sad child.
Y ou do it well.
Who have you fallen for?
- A girl. - Gr eat.
Y ou falling in love...
One day you may just learn how to walk, not just dance.
Love the girl, Heinz, and don't tell me anything about her.
- Do we keep in touch? - Y es.
Y ou know what? l'm coming with you.
l have nothing to lose, Heinz.
Ar e you crazy?
See a psychiatrist.
Though l'm sur e you wouldn't dar e talk about yourself.
Go, Heinz. We'll meet soon anyway...
...even if l don't want to.
Grandmother, have you a moment?
- l'd like to intr oduce... - Y our fiancé.
l have to take a closer look at my new grandson.
Not bad at all.
Ex cuse my mother please, she will be her e shortly.
l assume you know, my dear Höf gen...
...that loving mothers rar ely want their only sons to leave the nest.
Hello, Sebastian.
That is Sebastian.
l'm r eally pleased.
Barbara, my dear child.
And l'm Nicoletta von Niebuhr...
...the bride's best friend, almost her sister.
Often, the bridegr oom's mistr ess. Only onstage, of course.
May l call you Aunt Bella?
But of course, Nicoletta.
Let us leave the ladies to themselves.
l'd like to show you my garden.
l'd love to see it.
Have you unsettling memories, too?
Y ou know, Barbara, memories that give you the cr eeps?
When l was about twelve, l got into our school choir.
l was overjoyed. l thought l could sing better than the other boys.
We had to sing in church at some wedding.
l wanted to show off. l was so pr oud of my soprano voice.
l had a gr eat idea. l sang one octave higher than the others.
As l stood ther e, pr oudly singing...
...the music teacher looked at me mor e in disgust than disappr oval...
...and he said softly, ''Just keep quiet.''
Do you understand?
Softly and dryly he said, ''Just keep quiet.''
When l felt l was singing like an angel.
Do you have such memories?
Y ou've never felt ashamed in your life.
l often have. That was the first time.
l often have to feel awfully ashamed of myself.
So ashamed, l could sink down into hell.
Do you understand me?
This is the basement r oom. The window faces the str eet.
Her e's a lamp post and her e, too. Behind it the bakery...
- ...with workers' wives lined up. - Stop!
Gr eat.
Ms. Schult, you come up past the window.
Barbara, can you put a lamp post her e...
...with a light to dazzle the audience?
Then you come her e. ''l'm Widow Queck who hasn't paid the r ent.''
We could have several mor e lamp posts in the auditorium... people feel they'r e r eally in their filthy str eet.
We'll have posters, r ecent political slogans, all jumbled up.
At the back, a gr ocer's shop, with nothing to sell, of course.
Everything in the hall must expr ess what we talk about.
Two policemen can patr ol the r ows and star e at the audience.
An end to passive watching, actors and public isolated fr om each other.
The public must play an active part. The days of the peepshow ar e over.
The actor is only one element of the performance...
... not it's focal point.
The hall, lights, walls, movements, sounds, all must blend into a whole.
Only then shall we have r eal theater. The workers need total theater.
One that shocks and ar ouses.
l am the widow Queck, who cannot pay the r ent. l work for the baker.
lt's the only way l can feed my seven hungry childr en.
The half-hour has to be paid for.
We've been waiting half an hour.
Her e r eigns logic and hunger.
l alr eady owe you 31 marks and 25 pfennigs.
l've had nothing these past few days.
Silly goose !
Sabotaging our work! Do you think l don't know why?
Miklas or one of his damn party friends has put you up to it!
- What do you want fr om me? - Why don't you pr ompt her?!
Never mind! Revolutionary Theatr e can't be staged with pr ovincial hams.
With amateurs, you can't cr eate any sort of theatr e.
Even r evolutions need pr ofessionals!
l'll buy you a drink to celebrate. Revolutionary Theater is a big flop.
Y ou'r e beside yourself with joy.
Two stiff ones, Hansemann.
How about another r ebellious evening?
l'd like to invite you to dinner.
What, me?
- Good morning. - Morning.
Y ou'r e still half asleep.
l'm awake.
l've even phoned our gr ocer, he's a bit impatient over our large bill.
l'm sorry. l don't pr esent a pictur e of early morning fr eshness.
lf l, too, went riding every morning l'd pr obably look mor e attractive.
But in our circles, such noble sport is not customary.
The offended husband, as in Moliér e.
Oh, be quiet.
lt's not customary to sit all night at a Nazi thug's table.
- Miklas is not a thug. - All Nazis ar e thugs.
Y ou must avoid their company. Their dirt rubs off on you.
But you can't understand. lt's your family's well known liberalism.
No political beliefs, just curiosity. ldeologies ar e psychological quirks.
l feel sorry for Miklas. He gets small parts and earns very little.
Y ou all tr eat him very badly. He's at a loss, that's why he's with them.
So much understanding for that lousy brat.
How do you think they'd tr eat us if they came to power?
God forbid.
And yet you sit and chat with him. lt's you bourgeois tolerance.
This understanding of one's enemy.
l'm sur e you could even ex cuse Fascist terr orism.
Y our liberalism might even get used to dictatorship.
No, thank you.
May l r emark...
... it's common practice to eat an egg fr om its shell and with salt.
l know, in the Bruckner household you eat it fr om a glass...
...with six spices, and that's very original...
... but no need to make fun of those unaccustomed to such originality.
- Who's juvenile lead in Halberstadt? - Herbert Boltz.
Wher e's Ms. Türkheim-Gawernitz now?
ln Heidelberg.
- And Hannelor e Kühn. - Mannheim.
- And who's Othello ther e? - Max Krause.
- And lago? - Johannes Fiedler.
- And Desdemona in Leipzig? - Kathe Müttel.
Who's the ingénue in Jena?
A stupid cow called Lotte Lindenthal.
Why is Lotte Lindenthal a stupid cow?
l don't know, but she is.
l know why you insult her.
She's the friend of a National Socialist leader.
l'm only moderately inter ested in the names and titles of her lovers.
Must be quite a long list...
Watch your tongue, Höf gen!
Y ou won't insult a lady because she's in the Nazi German worker's party...
...and the friend of a German her o.
Y ou won't stand for it?
My, my...
Stop it, you'r e drunk.
l'm not. On the contrary.
Appar ently l'm the only one her e with a spark of honor left.
Nobody in this Jew-ridden business car es if a lady is insulted.
Let me !
No !
Go away!
l'll gladly believe you'r e not drunk.
Y ou won't make that an ex cuse, then.
As for this Jew-ridden business you'r e in... won't suffer it much longer.
That l pr omise you.
Perhaps you'r e right.
l agr ee, the fellow's behavior was intolerable...
... but l can't just fir e a poor, sick man like that.
Sick? He's not sick at all.
Why this indecision and compr omise? lt's just like our government parties.
Ex cuse me, Barbara.
We must show this murder ous pack it can't get away with it.
l beg you, don't insist that he be sacked on the spot.
lt's punishment enough that he won't be hir ed for next season.
He has no idea what he said last night, he just went wild.
l'm amazed, Otto.
l'm r eally amazed that you, of all people, should say that.
l don't want him made a martyr.
- ln the political situation... - Ex cuse me if l interrupt.
This conversation is quite pointless. The case is simple.
Either Miklas leaves the theater...
...or l do.
That's nonsense.
Higher, higher!
Higher, higher!
Enough! This isn't a funeral march!
Sorry, to interrupt.
Dr. Kr oge asks you to appr ove the next poster.
l must take it to the printer.
Can't l get my name spelled corr ectly even in this theatr e?
My name is not Henrik, but Hendrik!
Hendrik Höf gen.
One day they'll all have to mark my name.
Try to understand, doctor. l can't and won't tie myself down.
lt's a gr eat strain to stay under contract.
l must be fr ee. Fr ee.
l can't be a pr ovincial matinee idol.
No, no, l don't want to be that.
Y ou want to leave Hamburg for good?
l don't know yet.
The Pr ofessor invited me to a Berlin guest appearance. One never knows.
By the way, Dora Martin will be my partner.
Good. Then accept the offer.
Thank you.
Thank you, ladies. Till tomorr ow.
So you ar e Höf gen.
Y ou have friends her e.
Some of them, who understand theater, r ecommended you to me.
Y our father-in-law, too, when we met at the ministry.
And Dora Martin, as well.
ln r eal life l may seem a bit nondescript, but not, l hope on stage.
My father-in-law once aptly described my ability to transform myself.
Well, we'll give you a try.
Don't expect too much. l'm not offering anything big.
Y ou ar e pr obably used to a r easonable income in Hamburg.
Her e you'll have less. Have you expensive tastes?
Money doesn't inter est me. My needs ar e modest.
All l need every day is a clean shirt and a dr op of cologne.
Discuss the details with Miss Bernhardt.
Please give my r egards to your father-in-law.
- Hendrik Höf gen. - Oh, yes. Bernhardt.
Her e's your contract.
Thank you.
- May l? - Please.
700 marks a month, less tax. Y ou agr ee to play as cast.
Please give these flowers...
..and this card to Ms. Martin, will you?
Well, Hendrik Höf gen.
Now you'r e a beginner again.
Hamburg's fame, r outine and security all lie behind you.
Now you must summon up all your str ength.
And we'll work off that blubber.
- Who is that? - Dora Martin's Hamburg actor lover.
- No, Miss Bernhardt's. - Y ou'r e misinformed, dear.
So glad you wer e able to come, despite all your work.
May l intr oduce some of your admir ers?
Mr. Davidson of the London Times. Caser von Muck, Mr. Müller-Andr ea.
Mind you ar en't influenced by the pr evailing cultur e Bolshevism.
What do you mean?
German cultur e can only be r enewed if it r eturns to its national r oots... its essence of blood and soil.
Russian ravings or Fr ench farces ar e alien to the spirit the nation needs.
Have you met Mr. Höf gen?
Berlin's new star, according to tomorr ow's London Times.
l've seen you on stage. Y ou danced, didn't you?
Y es, l like dancing. l had a good teacher.
l'd like to model your head.
No necktie and no gold we've got We'r e just a very shabby lot
At which the bourgeois spits
The bourgeois with polished boots And medals on morning suits
And every morning he ablutes for church, or for the Ritz
Wher e does the bourgeois get it all? His guns his celebration ball?
He steals it wher e he can
He makes it hard for us to r ob Takes it all, the gr eedy slob
Exploits the poor and wr ecks the job of every working man
Oh, if so wealthy l could be, Commit like him grand larceny
All honor ed since my birth
lf then l met someone l knew, Y ou filthy lot, l'd spit at you
That's all you dogs ar e worth!
Get the Jews out of her e !
They ar e completely drunk.
Now one of the most famous State Theater actors, Hendrik Höf gen.
Forget State Theater and fame. l am your comrade Hendrik Höf gen.
What does the pr oletariat want? That nobody should rule !
What does the pr oletariat want? That nobody should rule !
Nobody shall give orders Nobody shall be a slave
Fr eedom, equality for all souls
l'll dictate. Headline :
Actor Höf gen wins Berlin workers' hearts overnight.
New paragraph.
- Hendrik? - Hello.
l bought this pictur e at the antique dealer. Y ou don't mind?
Why should l mind?
Y ou can admir e it while l go and change.
l love you, Barbara. Not only your father and grandmother.
l love you... l, Hendrik Höf gen.
Welcome to my home, dear Sebastian.
The theater awaits me.
Two !
Thr ee !
Five !
Six !
Führ er! We ar e our people's str ength!
We shall cr eate a new world!
- What's your father's job? - Road digger!
- And your father's? - Farmer!
- And yours? - Teacher. He educates us!
- And your father? - Baker. He bakes our br ead!
Mine's a miller. He grinds our grain!
A doctor. He makes us healthy!
Bricklayer. He builds our houses!
- Conductor! - Electrician!
We ar e the sons of one people, we all have the same goal!
Unity and str ength! We follow the Führ er!
No. That's not convincing enough. Say it like this...
- Again... one, two, thr ee. - Unity and str ength!
- Again... one, two, thr ee. - Unity and str ength!
Unity and str ength!
- Louder! Again! - Unity and str ength!
We follow the Führ er!
Blood is a very special juice...
... let us in depths of sensuousness assuage our burning passions.
No bounds and goals ar e set for you.
Y ou find your pleasur e. A fleeing tr easur e.
May you enjoy the prize you get. Help yourself and don't be coy.
But listen, it's not a question of joy.
To knowledge l'm devoted, most painful gratification.
Most hateful love, most vexing stimulation.
Believe me, who countless years on this hard nourishment has fed.
That fr om cradle to the grave, no human can digest so stale a br ead.
Believe me, worlds celestial and infernal...
...for one divinity wer e made.
He exists in eternal light.
But us, into the darkness, has conveyed ther e's day and night alone.
Y et l want that!
That's well worth hearing. But ther e's one thing l fear.
For time is short, but art is long.
lf l thought you sought mor e teaching, cultivate a poet fond of pr eaching.
Let his thoughts wander.
And every noble quality upon your br ow let him bestow...
...the lion's courage, the buck's swiftness.
The ltalian's fiery blood, the north's enduring pluck.
He'll teach you the secr et vile of magnanimity steeped in guile.
May his youthful drives uncover to make of you an ardent lover.
I'd like to meet a scholar of such fame to Micr ocosm l'd change his name.
So what am l, if it's not possible the paragon of humanity to attain...
...towards all my senses strain?
Y ou'r e in the end just what you ar e.
Put on the wigs of a million curls.
Put your feet in elevating socks.
Y ou'll stay for ever what you ar e !
Bravo !
Wonderful! Y ou wer e fantastic, Hendrik.
Y ou wer e born to play Mephisto.
Y ou say that with a touch of malice, Dora.
Not true, l don't detest people for what they ar e.
- Anyway, thank you for coming. - Let's skip the cliches.
- What's your next pr oject? - l'm learning English.
English? Why?
- l'll be working in America. - But why?
Her e the curtain's descending. Haven't you noticed?
Y ou'r e at the top her e, hit after hit. Thousands ador e you. So why go?
Thousands! Soon they'll be raving about others.
Ther e'll always be theater, no matter what happens in Germany.
No matter what happens in Germany? Y ou r eally mean that?
Well, all the best. l'm leaving in a few days.
ln a few days?
l don't want to wait till it's too late.
But you'll always do well, Hendrik...
... no matter what happens in Germany.
lt's open.
Mephisto, l never lock the door. need neither bolts nor life insurance.
- l bet you've taken one out. - l need no life insurance.
Sit down, sir, in my new home.
Y ou could have gotten me a nicer flat.
- Have you r egister ed with the police? - Y es, sir.
What did the landlord say?
Nothing. He was drunk, humming a song...
No neckties, no gold we've got...
He gave me the key and l moved in.
l've been longing to see you.
- And how's your wife? - She's with her father, thank God.
They'r e worried about the Republic.
ln Hamburg, the for eigners wer e also very worried about Germany...
...about German cultur e, whose Number-One-Parr ot you ar e.
As if a peril thr eatened it. What ar e the Jews planning against Germany?
Even the whor es wonder...
...and they don't car e about the pant color as long as it has a fly.
Barbara understands politics, doesn't she?
ls she keeping an eye on you?
No. Mostly her opinions ar e the opposite of mine.
- Have you told her so? - No. What point would ther e be?
Words don't say everything.
l'd like very much to sleep with you.
Shall l make up the bed?
Y es!
Hendrik! Hendrik!
Hendrik, wake up! Didn't you her e?
Y ou'r e her e alr eady?
l came on the early train, because of you.
- What's the matter? - When did you go to bed?
l'm tir ed. l was tossing all night. Why?
The Nazis have won the elections. Y ou know who became Chancellor?
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?
That Bohemian corporal has become Chancellor?
Her e, r ead it.
l thought ther e was nothing to fear fr om the Nazis.
Remember that business with Miklas?
That could have unpleasant consequences. What do we do now?
Keep a clear head and don't panic.
So, the Austrian clown has become Reichs-Chancellor.
But ther e still is the opposition, no? Communists and Social Democrats.
They'll make sur e he doesn't get too big for his boots.
Perhaps ther e'll even be armed r esistance.
And even if the Nazis stay in power, why should it concern me?
l'm fr om the Rhineland.
So ar e my par ents. What can happen to us?
On top of that, l'm an actor. No?
l go to the theater, play my parts, then go back home. That's all.
Some people ar e leaving a country...
...wher e a car eer in the arts is now impossible.
People will think you don't car e about anything beyond the limelight?
Ther e wer e elections in a democratic state. One party won, that's all.
l've never been inter ested in politics, so why now?
Don't you r ealize what's happening her e?
Don't answer it. l'm not her e, l'm sick. Say what you want.
ls that any solution? To lock yourself in, to hide, not be at home?
ls that all you can think of, instead of taking a definite stand?
Definite... this is my answer! Hamlet! Shakespear e !
Either we take a stand or go, if our fr eedom is in danger.
This is the only form of fr eedom for me, for an actor.
Y ou can't hide behind Shakespear e, on the stage.
Barbara, l'm an actor. An actor in Germany at all times.
Y ou can go away. Y our father is a famous writer.
Y ou can design sets anywher e, or buy antiques.
But l need the German language !
l need the motherland, don't you see?
- Who's ther e? - Otto.
- Who? - Otto.
- l must talk to you. - Y ou want some coffee?
- No, thanks. - Tea?
Act with us again. lt's the only r eply we can give to these events.
An appearance by all of us, a common fr ont.
So we don't lose our futur e.
Y ou just want to divide the audience? We must work out our tactics.
Tactics will force us to our knees.
We must fight this crushing demagogy.
lt's our job to tell the hesitators: Now is the time to r esist dictatorship!
Otto, in the first place, we'r e actors...
No, not a pr otest on the str eet. l'm talking about the stage.
Still, l think we should wait a few days.
We must do something immediately. Tonight.
Otto, l'd rather stay with the r eserves.
Thank God l've no performance today.
Film contract, locations in Budapest...
... leading r ole. Pr oduction Manager Altenburger.
She r eally is a beauty. She's sitting by the side altar.
Cut! V ery good! The second one.
Now the scene wher e they follow her to the Fishermen's Bastion.
What's going on?
What's going on?
Ar e we done for today? Can we go?
- The Reichstag was burned down. - What?
They say the communists set fir e to it.
Y our wife wants you to join her in Paris.
She didn't dar e phone you. Don't go back to Berlin. l'm moving to Vienna.
Many of your Berlin friends have vanished lately. Otto Ulrichs is one.
We must be pr epar ed for anything. l fear we'll never be able to r eturn.
The Nazis have blacklists. Y our wife and you ar e on them.
Please, never go back to Berlin. Hendrik, pr omise me that.
Please !
Cheers, and many thanks!
To the most beautiful actr ess in Eur ope !
When ar e you going home?
l'll stay a few mor e days in Budapest.
Then l'm going to see about a contract in Vienna.
l understand you, Hendrik.
l'll tell you now, l'm not going back to Germany, either.
l signed you for this part... you, too, could slip away, if you want to.
The film studio gave me your addr ess in Budapest.
l hope my letter r eaches you. l'm in Berlin now.
l've landed a part in a comedy.
During the shoot l met the actr ess Lotte Lindenthal.
She's friendly with a National Socialist who's very powerful now.
She's wonderful. She never flaunts what gr eat influence she has.
l told her you wer e abr oad and didn't dar e r eturn, for certain r easons.
What's the man afraid of?
She said you wer e an eminent artist and saw Mephisto several times.
''We need such actors'', she said, and she pr omised to speak to her friend.
This morning she said: ''No matter what silly things Höf gen has done...
...when it's an eminent actor, people ar e tolerant.''
Her friend has pr omised that nothing will happen to you if you r eturn.
Hendrik, Berlin awaits you. Y ou have nothing to fear.
No one can r eplace you. Those who rule our lives...
... know that the theater is a shelter for me and people like me...
... in which we all feel safe and have nothing to fear.
lt would be that for you, too. Theater is a mission.
ln true friendship, yours, Angelika Siebert.
- Hendrik Höf gen. - Pr ofession?
Wher e?
At the State Theater in Berlin.
- ls something wr ong? - No, no.
Thank you.
Thank you.
l don't know if you'll feel at home again her e.
The spirit is differ ent fr om that you wer e accustomed to.
Cultural Bolshevism is over.
Ther e will no longer be a chance to appear in your friend's plays...
...or those popular Fr ench farces. We perform German art now.
Frankly, l saw no gr eat r eason to r ecall you fr om abr oad.
But Lotte Lindenthal wants you as her partner in her comedy debut her e.
l didn't want to displease her.
The r ole of elegant friend and seducer shouldn't cause you any difficulty.
l'm so cold.
l'll warm you up.
Y our r oom isn't heated in this dr eadful weather?
ls this how you anticipated my visit? V ery nice of you!
Ther e's a warm r oom over ther e. Come.
No, l'm in a gr eat hurry today.
lt would warm us up.
No, ther e's no point in this cold flat.
My new maid doesn't know her duties yet.
Y ou should have told her your visitor needed warmth.
But l've only just r eturned home.
Y ou should have r eturned earlier.
l'm someone you must wait for, impatiently.
lf l want to meet someone in passing, l have my husband. And besides...
Wher e did you get this new maid? She's far too pr etty.
lt's an honor to act with you.
lt's so nice to hear a warm voice again.
l'm happy to hear you say that, l know you'r e no flatter er.
Me, a flatter er? l'm notorious for telling people the truth.
l like honest people.
lf she turns, everything will be fine. lf she waves, l've scor ed a triumph.
After the Reichstag fir e, l had to leave Hamburg.
Bonetti wears a uniform now.
He thr ew me out of the canteen.
''We've got you now, Böck!'' he said.
They almost beat me up, my landlady thr ew me out.
l had to leave Hamburg.
Ar e you upset that l've come?
When l heard you wer e in Berlin, l found new hope...
...and l just came. Ar e you angry with me?
l'm not angry with you.
Live her e till things settle down, but don't tell anyone.
Just simply disappear without a word.
lf l wer e in your position, l might well commit suicide.
l'll buy you a radio, so you'll know what's happening outside.
l've got nobody else in the world but you.
- ls Budapest beautiful? - l don't know...
Y es, quite nice.
l could have gone ther e. Barbara wasn't with you.
They wouldn't have let you cr oss the border.
l'm a German citizen, too. My father was pur e German. Why can't l go out?
lf you can't understand why, we'll both be in tr ouble.
- Y ou'r e horrible. - Y ou'r e an idiot!
Go to hell you... you actor!
Dear Lotte, may l ask a gr eat favor? l have to play Mephisto.
l'll see what l can do.
l look forward to seeing you again as Mephisto.
lt's thanks to me you'r e playing Mephisto again.
Certain ministerial circles fear ed you might r evive your old Faust spirit.
The spirit of cultural Bolshevism, as it was called.
Well, l succeeded in overcoming those fears.
Casar, thank you, thank you very much.
Please give these flowers... Miss Lindenthal.
- Good morning! - Good morning.
Morning, Mr. Höf gen.
Mr. Miklas! Ar e you still ar ound?
- Morning. - Fine.
l've only been her e a short space, l come with a humility to this place... find a teacher of vocation who's held by all in veneration.
How pleasant is your courtesy! A man like many mor e you see.
Have you looked ar ound?
Take me as your student.
l come with courage and my youth.
l want to study with all my heart.
Y ou've come to the right place.
l feel like going home l fear.
ln that gr eat hall l won't like it at all.
Y ou see no grass, you see no tr ee.
And in the classes we ar e taught l lose my hearing, sight and thought.
lt all depends on habit.
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