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Mephisto CD2

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Seeing the br east, a child might accept the gift unwillingly.
But soon it sucks in delight.
So will you, on wisdom's br east, enjoy it daily with mor e zest.
Ar ound her neck l'll cling with pleasur e...
... but tell me how can l find this tr easur e?
When you continue on your way, which faculty will make your day?
ls this wher e the cut comes?
The art of medicine is not hard, you know.
Y ou study the world, big and small.
And in the end you let them go when God demands it.
Y ou'll try in vain to learn all science.
Each man just learns what he can.
But he who grasps every chance he is the worthy man.
Y ou ar e still of pleasing build with self-confidence at last instilled...
...others will have confidence in you.
Especially learn the women to enthrall.
Eternal moans, a thousand ills.
Ther e's just one place to cur e them.
lf you've honor to some degr ee one may allow some shar ed intimacy.
A title helps to make her certain your art ex ceeds that of your peers.
And may grant you a glimpse of which another schemes for many years.
Her pulse you must learn to feel.
And burning looks you then must steal.
Her slender hips ar e then embraced to see how tightly she is laced.
That's what l could car e for.
Gray, my friend is all theory. And gr een the golden tr ee of life.
That's the way.
l gr eet the learned gentleman! Y ou made me to sweat pr ofusely.
- What is your name? - The question's odd...
...for someone who idle talk despises.
Who, far r emoved fr om worldly show seeks only academic prizes.
With you, one knows your game generally by your very name.
lt's evident, Sir e if one's called a liar.
Who ar e you?
l'm a part of that force...
...that always craves evil and always cr eates good.
What is this riddle?
l'm the spirit who negates.
And rightly so, for all cr eation is worthy of annihilation.
So it wer e better, nothing wer e cr eated.
And so everything you've stated is sin, destruction, devilment.
Remains my actual element.
Good evening. The Prime Minister invites you to his box.
Y es.
lt's all going like clockwork.
May l intr oduce you to my distinguished colleague?
Ah, our Mephistoles.
That mask is perfect, it's evil itself. lt's sacr ed evil.
Y et, your eyes ar e so kind, your handshake so soft. lt's strange...
... it seems the secr et of acting is to portray str ength, yet one is weak.
l imagine you've pr epar ed for this r ole for a long time.
All my life, Prime Minister.
That's the only way. That is the secr et of gr eatness.
Br eak a leg.
Carry on the good work, Mephistoles.
Höf gen r esidence.
Lotte Lindenthal.
Höf gen.
- Hendrik? - Y es.
Will you come to us after tonight's performance?
Ther e'll be just a few friends her e.
With pleasur e. Thank you very much.
Böck! Just a few friends will be ther e.
Am l not an incr edible villain?
Why a villain? Y ou'r e just successful, Mr. Höf gen.
To the r enewal of German cultur e. Long live the actors.
Our theater has many elements that have nothing to do with Germany.
We must set up a customs contr ol of the mind for cultur e smugglers... stop for eign elements poisoning German literatur e and theater.
This can't be left entir ely to our fr ontier guards.
Everyone must cooperate in this contr ol.
- Am l understood? - Y es, General.
Ther e ar e many who don't understand.
Look at this painting, my Mephisto.
A masterpiece of German r omanticism.
Wher e did l find it? At an art dealer with an for eign accent.
l had it r estor ed. No, no...
...the futur e of painting doesn't belong to the Liebermanns.
Y our Mephisto occupies my mind.
Y ou've br ought him alive. He's a hell of a guy.
lsn't ther e a little of him in all of us?
l mean, isn't ther e a bit of Mephisto in every German?
Wouldn't our enemies love it if we had nothing but the soul of Faust?
No, Mephisto is also a German national her o.
lt's just something we mustn't tell people.
l must go now.
Come to my office at 10:30, the day after tomorr ow.
Some for eign journalists want to know many things.
Above all, what 'Germany' means today, and the German cultur e.
l'll tell them. Y ou can elaborate on what l say about theater, for ex ample.
Painting, architectur e, sculptur e, plenty to write about.
l want them to be informed by experts.
Tell me, why do you have such a limp handshake?
So, we meet again. How time flies! Y ou wer e wonderful as Mephisto.
Now you act him mor e forcefully. But l liked the other one, too.
l sensed it in the seed of what can now be unfolded to the full.
l also liked you in the play with Lotte Lindenthal.
The ideal actr ess to portray the ideal German woman.
What ar e we doing her e? Why is he wasting his time with for eigners?
He said they'r e inter ested in German cultur e. They'll ask a few questions.
- l see. Y ou spoke to him? - Y es.
How ar e you? Nice to meet you again.
The Prime Minister sent for me. l hope this doesn't last too long.
Always pr oblems with the old statues. Shall we tear them down or not?
As if that wer e important for our futur e.
l'd like to sculpt a bust of you, Höf gen.
What sort of man ar e you? Y our own face differs amazingly fr om Mephisto.
ln private life, you look rather shy.
l'll do a bust of you, but in clay or in br onze?
- What is your face made of? - Perhaps a mixtur e.
l very much enjoyed your Mephisto. l only had eyes for you.
l'm pr eparing an exhibition.
The General wants a pr eview. Try to come. Her e's my number.
lf you have time, give me a ring and come to my studio.
Y ou can r elax while l model you. How strange your face is.
A German face yet it changes every moment.
That's acting. The r est is humility and hard work.
l've discover ed your secr et. lt's the surprise effect, right?
The unexpected.
l've been watching the way you appear on stage. Always differ ent.
Sometimes quick, erratic.
Then slow, suddenly, when the audience is lulled.
But always surprising and unpr edictable.
Thus you cr eate the feeling of something original...
...even if the spectator knows your lines by heart.
And your glib tongue, your deliberate pauses, your pr ecise emphasis.
l think l'm learning fr om you.
lt's important to be unpr edictable.
Spectators needn't know what my next step is or wher e l'm going.
- They'r e not pr epar ed, it's a shock. - Ex actly.
Y et it was only a change of pace, or a slightly longer pause.
ln the theater it's the others who make the king a king.
Building the r ole is all important; pianissimo alternating with fortissimo.
Naturally, you need a certain flair, artistic talent...
...and as l usually say, a high degr ee of cultur e.
When l hear the word cultur e, l r each for my r evolver.
Bourgeois nonsense ! Bolsheviks pr each it to win over school teachers.
To say nothing of artists. lsn't that so?
l wasn't untouched by Bolshevik tr ends, either.
And l must admit that for a while l flirted with the left.
Well, anyone can get involved in some folly.
Those wer e tr oubled times. Let's have a drink.
General, other deserving artists committed the follies l did.
l don't forget those paying for sins for which l've been gener ously pardoned.
l'm pleading for a certain person, for a friend.
l guarantee he's r eformed. l'm pleading for Otto Ulrichs.
Otto Ulrichs? Who's he?
He ran the communist cabar et, 'The Storm-Bird' .
Well... he must be a pr etty bad fellow.
No, he's not bad.
A bit rash, l admit. A bit thoughtless, but not bad.
lf anything, he's too decent. Once he gives his word, he keeps it.
l'm back at the State Theater.
The funny thing is, l simply can't believe it.
Just as l can't believe l'm her e with you by the window.
l know it's r eality, but l don't feel it.
- Gr eat. - Magnificent, r eally.
A German work of art.
Not every German artist is capable of such work.
lt is a courageous work.
Come, Mephisto.
Y ou sign, too.
What did l pr ophesy? The exhibition is a success.
Y ou rascal, so you make secr et visits her e.
lf l may add something personal, it is a courageous work.
Courageous, because it captur es our time...
...the beauty of str ength without bourgeois snobbery.
Contrasting the degenerate taste...
...of the loud-mouths of cultur e.
We see muscles and clear-cut featur es mankind wants to see.
Str ong and beautiful in his str ength.
Warrior-like and victorious in his struggle.
Hello Hendrik. That was a wonderful speech.
-Y ou know each other? -V ery well.
Y ou'r e in Berlin? Since when?
l'm her e because l want to dine with you.
l haven't seen you for so long.
So wher e will we go?
Y our choice. How's Hamburg? Surviving without me?
l'm in Berlin to have dinner with you. Hamburg is history.
Y ou'r e out of touch. Kr oge's in Switzerland. He just vanished.
Didn't even tell his girl. Simply went.
Kr oge is a traitor.
Why must you appear with them?
Because they asked me to.
They ask others, too. Y ou needn't go.
Y ou can't r efuse, none of us can. lf anyone says they do, they'r e lying.
Besides, the General's a nice chap and he knows a lot about the theater.
He's not so closed minded as most others.
A well behaved boy who wants to enjoy the r ewards for good behavior.
- Y es, l like to be well behaved. - Because you'r e afraid.
- l like it. - Then you should.
lt will be difficult to stay with me and maintain good behavior.
Damned black woman, right?
l can't help being differ ent fr om what's allowed her e.
People can spit in my face in the str eet.
Only l can't do anything about it.
My nose, my hair r emain the same even if l want something else.
Y et, l'm German, a German Negr o. German is my mother tongue.
What am l supposed to do? Wher e should l go?
l don't know. l don't even know what will become of me.
Y ou think only of yourself.
And like an idiot, l dr eamt of us having a child.
That's all we need.
ls the child to be to blame, for she might ruin her father's car eer?
That's enough now!
- That's enough of that now! - Now it is enough?
l can see why your wife couldn't stand living with you.
Her e... l pinched a photo of you once. Look at it!
Do you r ecognize yourself?
l must speak to you.
To tell me what you've said behind my back?
l don't know what you mean.
Höf gen would bury his mother alive. Didn't you say that?
l won't dispute that l dislike you.
- What do you want? - l want you to sign this.
My signatur e? What for?
Y ou want a raise? Or do you collect signatur es...
... because theater safety r egulations ar e a bit unsafe?
Fr om a moral standpoint much seems unsafe. And l don't mean the theater.
What do you pr otest against?
Against a leadership that disr egards our rights.
But you wer e in the Nazi party, back when you wer e in Hamburg.
l'm leaving the party.
That's your business.
l'd like to ask you to r ead our pr otest and sign it.
Regardless of my opinion, you ar e today's leading German actor.
Let me say that l won't even r ead this thing.
Be car eful not to get yourself and others into r eal tr ouble.
Miklas, you can go to hell.
l won't let a dirty pig like you pr ovoke me.
Dear God.
Congratulations, my dear Höf gen.
Y ou put it pr ecisely. Some elements must go to the devil.
lf you wer e a soldier, l'd pr omote you. l'm very pleased.
By the way, you needn't be afraid.
For the fun of it, l checked your hor oscope. lt's ex cellent.
- Best of luck, Höf gen. - Thank you.
Did something happen?
Good morning.
Get walking!
The management r egr ets that Hans Miklas has died in a car accident.
How awful, such a young fellow.
But, frankly, ther e was something disquieting about him...
...don't you think?
That was no car accident.
He must have come to you, too, with that pr otest.
Ar e you insane? How can you talk such nonsense?
Why shouldn't it have been a car accident?
The government would stage a car accident...
...all for some unknown actor?
We'r e not in some tenth-rate melodrama.
People shouldn't cr oss r oads in heavy traffic.
l've gr eat plans for you. We'r e alone. Y ou can r efuse and r emain an actor.
But then you can't do as much for our cause as you could.
Y our speech was good. l r ealized you'r e not only an actor.
Y ou put the essence into words. Write your own biography, Hendrik.
Submit it to me, as soon as possible. Höf gen... will manage the Prussian State Theater. Y our task is easy:
A full house and a wildly enthusiastic, audience for you.
Do you understand?
No need to enlarge upon those matters in Hamburg.
Nor need we mention the Revolutionary Theater.
Just mention some of your r oles ther e.
What did you r eally imagine in Hamburg?
How could you have conceived...
... pr omoting Russian Bolshevism? Y ou, a German. lncr edible !
- Wher e is your wife now? - ln Paris, l believe.
No, she's in Amsterdam, working against her Motherland.
They'r e publishing a newspaper.
Y ou don't corr espond with her?
We have no contact at all.
Y ou'll get a divorce easily. l'll see to that.
German citizens who have left Germany...
...couldn't wipe us out, so they signed their own death sentence.
Wher e weakness perishes, humanity becomes healthy.
Politics, like theater, is a fight.
Just as every r ebuild is the start of a new war.
But we'r e not talking about this now.
Hamburg... ''ln a harbor town by the river...''
Lots of for eigners, night clubs, bars. l understand you perfectly.
But in the Reich's capital? No offense, we'r e men, but...
What's this Hamburg souvenir doing her e? Juliette Martens.
ls she kept by you?
Y ou once, rightfully, said...
... Pr ofessor Bruckner was not a man of the futur e.
And, even mor e rightly, you parted fr om his daughter.
lf you have such a good instinct for a healthy, clean attitude...
...what's this Negr o-woman doing in Berlin?
... it defies racial purity. Don't even keep her pictur e at home.
Wait, l haven't finished.
l hope you completely understood me.
- Y es. - So?
- She's not to come to any harm. - Leave that to me.
l'd like to r equest, Prime Minister...
...that she'd be allowed to leave Germany unharmed.
Agr eed. She'll be taken to the fr ontier and good-bye. That's what we'll do.
And you'll hold a pr ess confer ence, giving information about the theater.
The r epertoir e, plans and your performances.
ln October ther e'll be a big cultural event in our Paris embassy.
l'd like you to attend it.
Böck. l bet they know about him, too.
Böck, Böck, my note-book.
Böck stays.
- Her e it is. - Give it to me.
l have to call friends. l urgently need a friend.
- Find me a friend. - But you've so many friends.
Call Miss Nicoletta von Niebuhr. Find the number and call her.
Shall l make coffee, or tea?
Shall l become manager? Y es or no?
Can l? May l? Must l?
ls it my duty? Can l make myself useful?
l mean, can l help anyone? And if so, should l?
Or shall l look at it as a new r ole?
Or shall l emigrate to America?
l can earn as much in films as Dora Martin.
lf l accept such an office of this government, then...
Do l want to, at all?
They need me.
l was about to emigrate...
...and the Prussian Minister asks me to r escue his theater.
Tomorr ow morning l must give him an answer.
Heaven evidently has gr eat plans for me.
Then you've won.
Would you help me?
l'd be pr oud of you.
Y es, l'll help you Hendrik.
lf only one could live for ever.
Her e's your passport for France. Y ou have five minutes to pack.
Y es, but why?
We'r e waiting. Hurry up.
Y ou needn't thank me for this raise.
l made it a condition for taking over this job.
Everything's cover ed with dust.
lf you don't clean the dr essing r ooms as well as all the others... may have to look for another job.
l hope we'll get along. lf you have any pr oblems, come to me.
l would like to tr eat you all to coffee.
Allow me to give you the money. l'm sorry l can't come with you.
Joachim would like to speak to you.
Wait, Hannelor e !
Wait, Hannelor e !
So, now he can enter.
Please consider decent r oles for me. Y ou'r e not like the other managers.
Y ou'r e an actor yourself. Y ou understand.
l must act as if he's saying something important.
When you talk to actors, you must put them at ease. That goes for me, too.
No, l don't like Pr emier es. All night one has to wear a big, fr ozen smile.
l hate that.
Y ou think it's a good costume? l don't! l think it's terrible !
Good morning, Mr. Kappelmüller. How ar e you?
- Good. - How's the family?
So your daughter graduated as a hairdr esser. Maybe we can use her.
Good morning.
Haven't you noticed? New suit, new shoes, new manager, no? Well.
...ex-Bolshevik Höf gen, manager of the Prussian State Theater...
... is letting his former comrade appear in his pr oduction of Hamlet.
Hannelor e ! Was the cast list for Hamlet posted yet?
Not yet.
Good. Let's wait another two days. Thank you.
l must offer them mor e than old comrades.
Y ou must cultivate connections. That's the essence of the system.
Let me tell you, yesterday l went to the Prussian State Theater...
... it was Faust and the name of some white-faced clown was Mephisto.
What a joke ! And Mephisto by some man called Höf gen, it was terrible !
l'd rather go to the Bavarian People's Theater. Goodbye then.
Why am l doing all this?
Because l enjoy it.
l must enjoy amateur plays and use actors that ar e blonde not talented.
Most ar e totally untalented.
A Frankfurt audience applauded Marquis Posa's...
...'Give us fr eedom of thought' . Performance stopped, play withdrawn.
ln Munich, 'The Robbers', withdrawn. Schiller, our national poet!
They want to pr oduce plays by German authors. But what authors?
Those who haven't emigrated ar en't allowed to write, or won't.
lt's simply impossible to offer theater worthy of the name.
Unless l dig up a couple of old farces. All Rococco wigs and white faces.
The joke is that the r egime now sees Shakespear e as one of our own.
Let's do 'As Y ou Like lt', 'Wher e the Banished Return.'
Show the opponents of dictatorship that the will for fr eedom still lives.
l didn't hear that! l can't possibly have heard that!
Am l not an incr edible villain?
lsn't what l'm doing insane?
''Fürst and Niklisch, both on the staff of your theater...
...on gr ounds of German racial purity... dismiss them.''
- Good morning. - Good morning.
- Well, how ar e you? - Fine.
- And you? - Everything all right.
The stage-hands that ar e concerned, Fürst and Niklisch... e indispensable...
...and the loss of their services...
...would jeopardize the theater's work. Date. Heil! Signatur e.
Germans! Don't tolerate Nazi oppr ession.
Embassy of the German Reich
Did you bring me anything fr om Germany? A leather coat, at least?
- Leather coat? - Y es.
lt's the fashion for men. Those who took me to the fr ontier had them.
Y our eyes ar e so dead, how do they look?
- Empty? - No, dazed.
Y es, that's how l felt these past days.
Y ou see? Y ou wer e never like that.
l've thought a lot about you. l believe l should be grateful.
Without you, l'd be in a concentration camp, or alr eady dead.
lf you still like being with me, then stay her e.
l'll look after you. Y ou needn't leave the house, not at first.
Then we'll find jobs. Y ou'r e so gifted.
- l could have gone to America. - Ther e you go.
l think l r eally was gifted.
But also a terrible coward.
What do l do elsewher e? Be an extra, a stage-hand, a technician?
Do you think these hands wer e made for manual labor?
l'll pr ovide for you. What else do you want?
Hendrik Höf gen, just imagine... you'd belong to me.
Juliette, l have to go now.
- Shall l see you again? - l don't know.
- Can l see you off at the station? - No, you don't fit into the pictur e.
All right, forget the station. Just do what you want.
l do.
That's why l'm her e.
Juliette, don't write anymor e. lt's no good.
Ther e ar en't many people in this café.
Would you pr efer to sit in the sun? Y ou like that.
No. Though l haven't had much sunshine lately.
May l ask you something? Do you still live alone?
No, l've got friends. And you?
Friends... in times like these? lt's difficult.
How can you still live in Berlin? What keeps you ther e?
Barbara, l live in the theater.
And that is in Berlin?
l don't think you can judge fr om Paris.
Y ou'r e mor e than an actor now. Y ou took an oath. Y ou'r e a manager.
l didn't take the oath, l just moved my lips.
Someone has to save our values for a better world.
l'm playing Hamlet, whether those in power like Shakespear e or not.
Shakespear e is their ornament to pr ove ''we'r e not as bad as you think.''
Y ou can't stay in Berlin.
l have a family in Berlin. Y ou know l'm married to the theater.
l can help people who ar e having a hard time.
lf l leave, nothing better will r eplace me.
lt's always the same with you.
Y our method of self-deception is still intact.
Don't you see? Whoever you save, it's only a gestur e to your friends.
Y ou'r e in a show-case, legalizing these people will be attached to you.
We can't choose when and wher e we'r e born.
An entir e people can't emigrate.
As an actor l'm obliged to live in my country, to observe and portray it.
And l can tell you, ther e ar e decent people among them.
l hate coffee shop intellectuals and l hate such r esistance-fighters, too.
The r eally valuable, such as theater and art can rise above everything.
That's my conviction.
Why did you want to meet me?
Well, l don't r eally know why.
lt might even be danger ous for you.
Tell me, Barbara, did you ever...
... r eally love me?
Why did l come her e today? lf you'd been listening, you wouldn't ask that.
lf you don't accept what's happening in Germany...
...why do you still live ther e?
What does fr eedom mean for you?
Do you need it to live? Or do you just need to be successful and loved?
l'm satisfied with success. lt means many love me.
And the fury of the envious does me good.
Don't make me r esponsible for the impotence of your friends.
- Mr. Höf gen. - Mr. Davidson, this is a surprise.
The check, please.
Have l come too early?
Far ewell, Barbara.
May l pay?
What could l do her e?
Fr eedom...
What for?
Ober on and Titania.
l gr eet our wonderful and truly tantalizing German bride and gr oom.
Two young, yet matur e people...
...of pur est race and noblest blood, who have enchanted us...
...and who serve our new society!
- Thank you. - All the best.
General, nice of you to come.
They can say what they want. For me, the world is Grunewald.
I'll r emain a German artist and patriot, no matter who may rule my land.
Grunewald is my favorite place...
...and what other country br ews such good beer?
Casar, nice to see you.
Y ou can hold your r ehearsals in this villa.
We'r e very pr oud of the way you spoke in Paris.
The way you simply answer ed all the questions...
...and said quite frankly and honestly what it's like her e.
Carry on dancing.
Good evening.
Now, that's a surprise ! l won't say no to that.
- Congratulations, my Mephisto. - Thank you.
Now, as old Admiral Tirpitz said: ''Target sighted! Full speed ahead!''
l'm looking forward to your Hamlet, my Mephisto.
Y our interview in Paris made a good impr ession on all of us.
Congratulations! And lots of healthy German boys!
Thank you.
Y es, very much to my taste.
V ery lovely.
Thank you, Madam.
We have no working hours, just work.
l'm sorry, l must go now.
Be happy together... Hamlet.
Lately l've been wondering whether we actually deserve all this.
lf l'm forced to answer, then l must say ''Y es.''
lf not we, who r epr esent individuality and art...
...who else should, can and must rise above all that happens in the world?
That's why we'r e an ex ample and encouragement to others.
No matter how filthy the world is...
...true art always r emains pur e and true, doesn't it?
l'm married to the theater.
And so ar e you.
l can't contact Otto Ulrichs. l sent a messenger to his flat...
... but he was told that two men took Ulrichs away two days ago.
Call the Prime Minister and connect me with him.
lf he's not ther e, ask for an appointment as soon as possible.
- Hello? - Give it to me.
Höf gen.
- Hello. - Do come in.
- Hello. - Do come in.
Well, what's going on?
Recently you helped me, on behalf of a colleague.
Now l have to ask again for help.
The thing is...
...a few days ago, Otto Ulrichs was taken fr om his apartment.
- ls this why you've come? - Y es, Ex cellency.
l'm fed up with you, Höf gen. These matters ar e outside your jurisdiction.
Keep your nose out of this affair.
l'll give you some good advice : Stop meddling.
Y ou'd do better minding your own business... you won't get crushed like a bug! Think you matter?
Ulrichs was involved in dirty work.
My State Theater manager ought not show such inter est in a traitor.
Now go.
l told you to go.
Get out, actor!
l know how much l and the theater owe to the General.
l also know that to a gr eat extent we owe it to you.
Dear Lotte, that's why l ask you to intervene for Ulrichs.
- l'm so worried. - Worried? But he's dead.
Didn't you know? As far as l know, he committed suicide.
He knew the risks he ran. l think he's mor e to be envied.
The Prince of Denmark r enounces rank, youth and love.
He is the savior of the North.
The lonely knight with lofty ideals, the ideal of purity of blood and race.
Hamlet is a complex character, too. A gr eat and simple man.
Despite r epeating myself so soon: He is a man of the North.
He kills. And in his self-destructing battle...
... he shows us the way to the futur e.
He commands us to lead a pur e life. That is his bequest to us today.
He is not weak, yet actors have often portrayed him as neur otic...
...a pathological r evolutionary, thus as a decadent type.
Hamlet is a hard man.
Y ou will see him as an energetic, r esolute her o.
He is also a hazard for the Germans. We constantly analyze too much.
For the hour demands actions, not only thoughts.
Least of all corruptive r eflection.
Hamlet is the tragic conflict between action and inaction.
Between hesitating, thinking and doing.
And we, the bear ers of German cultur e...
... know what to make of that.
Hamlet is a populist drama.
Neither r eligious, aristocratic, nor bourgeois...
... but a work like the Gr eek tragedies.
So we'll abolish the barrier between audience and actor.
Space, light, movements, sounds ar e everything...
...and even the spectators merge into one gr eat, common effect.
We must bring about total theater.
A theater that shocks and mobilizes.
lt cost 60,000 marks to decorate the theater for tonight...
...and five days loss of takings.
A nice birthday party. And we have to participate in this circus.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
The only place you will find a party like this is in Berlin.
Dear est Bella, we haven't met in ages.
Ar e you well? Not homesick?
l'm sur e you'r e fantastically well and your gr eat son is flourishing.
Dear Höf gen, how ar e you? How is the party going?
People seem to enjoy it.
Y our Hamlet was magnificent. The boss was quite taken.
After the pr emier e he spoke only of you and the theater.
Success is strange. Sometimes you have it, sometimes not.
No, dear Höf gen, you give people something, you cr eate.
Her e they come.
- How ar e you, Mephisto? - V ery well, Y our Ex cellency.
l haven't told you, how wonderful your Hamlet was.
l'm very glad. Allow me to say a few words.
Mr. Prime Minister, Madam, ladies and gentlemen.
We ar e pr oud to be able to celebrate this day with you in this theater.
Since l have the honor...
...of gr eeting you on behalf of everyone pr esent...
... l salute the statesman and soldier...
...friend and gener ous patr on of the arts.
We admir e him as our r ole model, love him as our friend...
...obey him as our master...
...for without patr ons, art is a bird with br oken wings.
As the poet says: ''May the gods pr otect you...
...and may the heart of Rome beat for your aims.''
The Prime Minister wishes to speak to you outside, in his car.
Y ou alone.
Nicoletta will take you home. l won't be long.
Well, Mephisto, what power is looking down on you her e.
Do you feel it?
This is theater! Look at this ar ena. lt's almost r eady. Wonderful, isn't it?
This is wher e l'd stage a performance.
Don't blink, Hendrik, look history in the eye. What an echo.
Hendrik Höf gen!
We shall rule Eur ope and the world. A thousand-year empir e.
Hendrik Höf gen!
Go ! Get going!
lnto the middle !
Well, how do you enjoy this limelight?
This is the r eal light, isn't it?
What do they want of me? After all...
... l'm only an actor.
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