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Every epoch dreams its successor. Jules Michelet
Producers Masao Maruyama lwao Yamaki
Based on the Comic by Osamu Tezuka
Screenplay by Katsuhiro Otomo
Character Design/Animation Supervisor Yasuhiro Nakura
CG/Art Director Shuichi Hirata
CG Technical Director Tsuneo Maeda
Music Toshiyuki Honda
Directed by Rintaro
At this moment our state extends its reach to the stars!
I tremble at the honour of announcing...
...the culmination of humanity's long history of intellect and science.
Our power spans the earth. Now it will illuminate the stars!
May it stand forever! Our Ziggurat!
Those robots are getting big ideas. They don't know their place!
But our economy is unthinkable without robot labour.
Yes, but they cause f riction with human workers.
The enemy is developing new weapons.
What Metropolis needs is a leader who will be a powerf ul symbol!
Duke Red, with the Ziggurat complete, will you be entering politics?
Don't be silly!
As long as President Boone governs, our state is secure.
Politics has no need of me.
Mr. President, would you like to see Duke Red in politics?
Don't encourage him! How could I compete with anyone so popular?
Is it true there are military facilities in the Ziggurat?
Would the mayor care to comment?
Ask Minister of State Skunk about that.
Hurray for the Ziggurat!
Long live Metropolis!
Uncle Shunsaku, what does "Ziggurat" mean?
Who knows?
-Hey! Look up there! -What's that?
Malduk! It's the Malduks!
There he is!
You said she'd be ready tonight, Dr. Laughton.
Er, well...
What is the meaning of this? I've given you the best facilities... can buy!
If you could wait a little longer, I'm almost done.
I'm tired of hearing that. I'll be at your lab tomorrow night.
But it's not the kind of place you'd go to!
And the place is a mess!
Get back to work!
-lt's me. -I hear there was trouble, Rock.
Yes. A robot agitator in the plaza.
You were supposed to have that under control!
Yes, Father.
Fool! I am not your father!
I merely found you during the last war and took you in.
Yes, sir.
I'm Shunsaku Ban, a private investigator f rom Japan.
I have a letter of introduction to Superintendent Notarlin.
I see.
So you're saying this Dr. Laughton... hiding out... in Metropolis?
Yes. This is a reliable tip f rom an organ smuggler he dealt with.
The International Human Rights Committee and other organizations...
...have warrants for him...
...for vivisection experiments and dealing in human organs.
To which end I ask for your cooperation...
...seeing I've never been in this city and I don't know east f rom west here.
I'd like to help, but with the celebrations for the Ziggurat...
...going on all week...'s taking every single person I have to keep things under control.
I don't have anybody.
Well, I could give you a robot if that's okay with you.
A robot?!
Yes. He's very good.
He's not authorized to arrest people...
...but he can certainly assist you in your investigation.
Do I have to return him with a f ull tank?
He only needs ref ueling every five years.
Soon they won't need us anymore.
I'm Kenichi. How do you do?
I am Model 803-D-RP-DM...
Uh, how do you do?
The completion of the Ziggurat...
...establishes our Metropolis as the world leader... industry, economics and culture.
Thus is born a state that will last a thousand years!
/ tremble at the honour of announcing...
... the culmination of humanity's long history of intellect and science.
Our power spans the earth. Now it will illuminate the stars!
May it stand forever! Our Ziggurat!
Well, where do we start, uh, 803, uh...
Don't you have an easier name?
We are not allowed human names, as it may inf ringe...
...upon human rights.
I know! As of now, your name is Pero.
That's a dog's name!
That's right. I used to have a dog named Pero. He was a great dog.
In my opinion, a criminal could not hide...
...up here in Metropolis.
I have reliable sources that say he's here!
Dr. Laughton would not hide up here. He would go to Zone 1 .
-Zone 1? -Underground.
Hey! You are a detective!
It is simply a calculation of probabilities.
Robots are strictly forbidden... operate outside their assigned area.
That robot was not authorized to operate at surface level.
Okay, but who are those guys? They look like fascists.
The Malduk Party, vigilantes who started as a political group.
Movement between levels is restricted.
No one who carries the mark may pass through this gate.
So that robot had the mark?
Yes. Each block has a gate like this.
There are, of course, hidden ways and people who work as guides to them.
Damn right! The system's wrong!
It takes light to create shadow, I guess.
This level is not particularly dangerous...
...but there are places in which police writ does not run. A void them.
We can't do that. We're not here as tourists.
Duke Red.
Let's see it.
Very good. Isn't she finished?
Her final-stage energy processor isn't stable yet.
Are you using real organs?
Dear me, no! That's illegal!
Real organs are quicker, but they don't last very long.
Hers are mechanical. I made them.
She will be my masterpiece!
When will you finish?
Within the week. If I start her too early...
...she'll build up too much energy, catch fire and explode.
My Tima...
I'm not giving you to anyone!
I'll put on the finishing touches...
...and together we will flee!
Rock? What are you doing here?
Protecting my father is my most important task.
Father? But Duke Red has no children.
And the child who died was a girl.
Quiet! I know what you're up to.
No mad scientist is going to deceive my father.
And no mannequin like this will steal his heart.
It is at Duke Red's request that I've made Tima.
Tima is the super-being who is to sit...
...on the Throne of Power atop the Ziggurat.
You lie! He would never give the Ziggurat to a robot!
Perhaps you should ask Duke Red about that.
Will you destroy the super-being for whom the one you call Father waits?
No robot will steal my father!
No! Don't!
O, ye Gods, give me courage...
...and strength to guard my father from machines!
Fire! Fire!
A Malduk set that fire!
I saw him!
The ones up there want to kill us!
Atlas is right! They think we're nothing but garbage!
To arms! Now we have to fight!
Please remain calm. Fire-fighting operations are commencing.
Everyone please step back.
Robots out!
First you take our jobs, and now you're trying to kill us!
This is no time to be fighting!
What the...?!
But why did he set fire to that old factory?
Well, that strange old man was around.
An old man? This one?
-Yes. -Thanks a lot!
There's someone in there!
Oh, no. Kenichi, go round the back. Hurry!
-Come on, Laughton! -Notebook...
That notebook?
Laughton's lab burned down?!
/ guess he was doing an experiment. The fire just ripped right through it.
-What happened to him? -His body was found.
Whatever he was doing...
...considering there are warrants for his arrest... must have been something dangerous.
What's wrong, Father? What did Dr. Laughton mean to you?
Get out! Leave me alone.
Where am I?
That was sure some fire!
Well, it was just an old factory.
Saves the trouble of tearing it down.
This is strange. She was the most advanced robot there is.
There should be something left.
-Pero, who's that? -Rock of the Malduks.
He's young, but he's one of their main men.
They say he does Duke Red's dirty work.
Duke Red? Is he connected with the Malduks?
He's the party founder.
Now there's no official connection, but he f unds their activities.
It's a public secret.
Everyone knows.
Where does this sewer come out?
It merges up ahead with the sewage f rom Zone 2...
...and goes to the processing plant in Zone 3.
If she's down there, she'll have been chopped up with the garbage.
Anyone else, yes.
The criminal always returns to the scene.
An old saying, but a good one.
We should continue searching for Kenichi.
Who are you?
Who are you?
No, no, no. You call yourself " I."
" l" am who?
-" l" am... -You are I.
No, listen.
You are " I." I am "you" ... Huh?
I am who.
Yeah, that's right. And I'm Kenichi. Kenichi.
-Kenichi. -Yeah.
Anyway, it'll all come to you after a while.
Your name, your family, your father, your mother.
Uh, thanks, I guess.
I know this is food, but it's all rotten.
Yeah. You put it in your mouth like this and eat it.
No, don't eat that! lt'll make you sick!
No, don't eat. Make you sick.
Attention Control. Cloud cover 1. 1. Clear to proceed with experiment.
Magnetic bias 3. 7. Continuing line adjustment.
Commencing cooling. Opening dome.
40 seconds to radiation. 39, 38...
Motor, cooling, sensor and operating systems, all go.
Control authorization. We are go.
Energy condensers confirmed at Level 3, plus-33.
Observation Group to Control. Transmitting footage from city.
Commencing final preparations.
Magnetic target.: bias 0.25.
Optical target.: bias 1.06.
Radiation equipment in position.
We'll radiate for three minutes.
Citizens won't be affected, but aboveground robots will.
I'm having everything recorded. The data will be valuable.
Begin at Level 3.
Yes, doctor.
Commencing radiation!
Terminate Level-3 radiation at 180 seconds.
Solar constant deviation at minus 24.
Five seconds to Sector R.
4...3...2... 1.
Omotanium fusion!
Omotanium confirmed in Fraunhofer phase.
35, 000...40, 000...45, 000.
Sunspot field density, 800 and rising.
/onospheric disturbance. Communications disrupted.
Level-3 radiation terminated. Control disengaged.
This will set the whole world on its ear!
You now hold the power of the gods themselves.
If only Dr. Laughton had finished building our guardian deity...
He's caused anomalies in sunspots...
...and bathed Earth in harmful magnetic radiation.
/t's an outrage that he would endanger national security... developing such a thing!
The Malduk robot hunters are using this as an ex cuse... cry " human rights" and press for changes in the Robot Law.
The pro-robot citizens' groups...
...say that's reactionary nonsense. They're organizing protests.
There's fighting breaking out.
This is our chance, Mr. President!
We could make a case for treason here.
Will the military support us?
Some units are under Duke Red's influence, but I can handle that.
We'll stir up the public with a few leaks.
Once sentiment is against Duke Red, we'll arrest him for treason.
Should military action be needed, you have... approval.
I suspect he was the guy who did in Laughton.
What I don't understand is how they were connected.
Just what was Laughton working on, anyway?
What will you do?
Laughton's already dead. I want, at least, to know why.
My client deserves that.
-Where's he going now? -Zone 2, I think.
There's another level below this? How far down does this place go?
Zone 2 is the Metropolis power plant area.
Zone 3 below that is the sewage-handling facility.
The sewage facility.
You know, he was looking at a drain behind that factory.
I'll report back and get permission to go below.
I'll file a missing persons report on Kenichi too.
-Hey! You're old for a petty thief! -Sorry!
If anyone was wandering around down there...
...they'd notice him right away.
How often are you down here?
Twice a week, for maintenance on the robots.
These are Albert II types. It's their last check this week.
Is anyone here?
You never get used to the stink down here, though.
No human could last a day at this work.
-What is it? -Someone's there.
Hey! What are you doing there?! This is a restricted area!
So she survived.
-What are you doing?! -lt's all right. They're criminals.
How do we get out of here?
Stop that, please! You'll hit the equipment!
Are you okay?
That guy's trying to kill us!
Move! Move! Out of the way!
You piece of junk!
Is it safe?
It looks okay.
What's wrong?
Oh, I get it. Fifi can't go through that gate.
Thanks for everything, Fifi. We'll see you again.
It's him!
No weapons through here. May I see your I.D.?
I'm Rock of the Malduks!
Demonstrations are forbidden during Celebration Week.
Please disperse immediately.
-Kenichi! -Hey!
Pay up!
-They're not here! -They have to be! Keep looking!
Look over that way!
What's the matter, Atlas? We're waiting for your signal!
Not today. There are Malduks all over the place.
-Was there a leak? -They're the reason.
Rock's after them. Come on!
He was at that factory.
Who are you? Where did you come f rom?
I'm Kenichi. I'm f rom Japan. My uncle's a private...
-A private what? -A journalist! I'm his assistant.
Why is Rock after you?
I don't know. He just started shooting at us.
I don't trust them. Let's kill them.
Cool it! We're not a gang.
He says he's a journalist.
If he can tell the world about Metropolis, that helps us!
We can't waste time on nice uniforms and our pictures in the paper.
The uniform I die in...
...will be the uniform of the revolution!
Look at that!
-She looks like an angel! -Yeah.
An angel.
Around here there's two or three families to a room.
There are no schools and hardly any jobs.
They survive on food handouts, but with the Ziggurat celebrations...
...that's all been stopped.
What does "Ziggurat" mean?
It's an ancient Babylonian tower.
The Tower of Babel was one. You know what happened to that.
The king's pride brought down the wrath of God on him.
History repeats itself. The same thing will happen to Duke Red.
But it won't be God this time. It'll be us.
Is that wrong?
No, it's fine. I was just thinking your hair's grown.
What kind of hair do you like?
Yours is fine right now.
Let's get back to your writing. Next comes...
-Tima. -What?
Tima. My name.
So you remember!
That's great! Now you'll start remembering more and more.
Thank you, Kenichi.
Oh, I forgot. I borrowed this f rom Atlas.
So the army's with us? That helps a lot.
The underground residents support us...
...but they're not sure if we've got the strength to win.
The Malduks are to move when the Ziggurat celebrations end.
We want you to crush them and storm the Ziggurat.
The president will announce the arrest of Duke Red for treason.
He will invoke his powers... take control of the police and military.
Then Metropolis will be governed by the rule of law.
And we will participate as a proper political party.
Of course, Atlas. The president will welcome you with open arms.
The things I get myself into!
I finally find that kid and look what happens!
I'm sorry I could not have been of more assistance.
What are you talking about?
You've been lots of help! I don't know east f rom west here.
Don't worry about Kenichi. He's tougher than he...
Cut that out!
Just look at this, will you?
"Watch out. Hide, robots. Coup d'état."
What?! A coup d'état?
Oh, man!
Take a good look, Kenichi.
Tell the whole world how angry we are.
I'm all out of breath!
We'd better get out of here, Pero. We can't do anything.
Ask headquarters for backup.
I'm not leaving you here!
It's robots they're going to attack first!
-I will be fine. -What?
It is also my duty to ensure the safety of all visitors to our city.
All right. Just don't stir anything up till I get back!
Are you going to hold this gate all by yourself?
Demonstrations are forbidden during Celebration Week. Please disperse.
Sorry, we can't do that. Our time has come.
Why must humanity settle matters by resorting to violence?
Yes, we all know that. I agree it is a problem.
It's our emotions. They vibrate, and all we can do... move forward within that amplitude.
But without affirming them, we can't survive.
It's time for the uprising to begin.
When should we release a statement?
Things should be clear by about 1 p.m... I suggest 3 or 3:30.
What is it, minister?
Hard to relax, eh?
Yes, Mr. President. I have an unpleasant duty to perform.
What the...?!
You've gone over to Duke Red!
I am merely history's agent.
Wait! We can discuss this!
Why do humans just go and destroy robots?
The coup d'état has failed.
Martial law is in effect, under the command of Duke Red.
Abandon your weapons and surrender.
/ repeat, the coup d'état has failed.
Martial law is in effect, under the command of Duke Red.
Abandon your weapons and surrender.
Hey! Kenichi!
You're safe! That's great!
-Are you all right? -This? It's nothing!
Who's this?
Her name's Tima. We escaped from that fire together.
Tima, this is my uncle.
It was a trap!
We meet at last.
Don't move!
No trouble.
Give me the girl, and you might get back home alive.
Don't make promises you won't keep, Rock!
Don't play games with me!
Tima, pick up the gun!
I'll have that back, please.
Don't give it to him!
You going to shoot? I'm human, you know.
So it's these people you've neglected your duties... go chasing after...
It's you!
Rock! What's going on here?!
You told me no one survived the fire in Dr. Laughton's lab!
And how did you know about Tima? Answer me!
I will.
You are the one who must sit on the Throne of Power.
No robot must ever rule the Ziggurat and Metropolis!
Do you think you fool me? You're out of line, boy!
Get up!
I never want to see you again!
-So it was you who hired Laughton! -What if I did?
I've come f rom Japan to arrest Laughton.
My name is Shunsaku Ban...
Get in.
-And Kenichi? -You'll see him later.
I'm here to see Superintendent Notarlin.
He's been transferred. His successor hasn't been named.
There's been a mistake. The Malduks have taken my nephew away.
Handle it through your embassy!
At this moment our state extends its reach to the stars!
/ tremble at the honour of announcing...
... the culmination of humanity's long history of intellect and science.
Make it hot.
Hot whiskey or gin I can do, for a Japanese detective.
Hot whiskey, then.
Who gives a damn about the Ziggurat?!
And those Malduks can eat dogshit!
Hey! That was Rock!
I heard he quit the party. What's he doing here?
-Thanks. -Take care.
A man earlier tonight asked me to give you this. I said no.
He wanted it kept secret f rom Duke Red, and of course...
...I said I couldn't possibly, but his name was Kenichi.
" I can't move at the moment... I can't come to you.
/'m leaving the country soon.
/ want to see you again. "
What's going on here?
You will bring her back soon, won't you?
I'll be in real trouble if they ever find out.
Don't worry. This won't take long.
This wasn't my idea. I have to get back.
You tricked me.
How else could I talk to you?
Where's Kenichi? If you know, take me to him.
Well, well, well.
To talk to you, you'd never guess you were a robot.
I guess Father chose his mad scientist very well.
-What are you talking about? -You being a robot.
That's not true. I'm not a robot.
So what are you? Human?
So who's your father? Where is he?
My father... Kenichi.
The super-being? A mannequin like you?!
/f you can't take me to Kenichi, /'m going.
Tima's gone?!
Watch where you're going!
Let's see inside this super-being that Father wants so much.
Come on, Laughton!
That notebook?
Don't be alarmed. I taught Rock a lesson he won't forget.
Where's Kenichi?
I'm looking for him too. I need your help for that.
You do?
I think they've got him somewhere in the Ziggurat.
I need to look for him on the Ziggurat's data network.
Can you do that?
Hold out your hand.
Kenichi's in that building!
You did it! I knew he was there!
What happened to me?
I see. You don't know who you are, do you?
What do you mean?
I'll report the instant we find anything, sir.
-Duke Red? -Yeah.
-Anything? -We can track the signal... where it burned out the splitters.
-Got it! -Where?
Zone 1, South Block 17. The Hotel Coconut.
Tell me, please! Am I human or am I...?
Well, you're different f rom normal robots.
I'm human. Just like Kenichi!
Uh, yes, of course you are!
Anyway, now we've got to rescue Kenichi.
Tima! I've been looking for you!
Tell me what's going on or I'll charge you with kidnapping!
I'm not your man. It's your son you want to talk to.
I don't know what the plan is...
...but I suspect Dr. Laughton was involved in it somehow.
And I suspect you had him killed... keep her a secret.
Take him away.
Come on!
That is a special throne made especially for you.
One day f rom here, you will rule the entire world!
Me? Why?
That is your destiny. I'll show you.
Wake up, Kenichi! It's me! Can you hear me?
Kenichi. Kenichi?
What have you done to him?!
He's in no danger. We just had to quiet him down a little.
Kenichi? Kenichi?
I'll file a protest with my embassy! lt'll be an international incident!
Oh? I didn't realize you were so politically important.
My apologies.
But soon every nation in the world will bow down before Tima.
Make Kenichi the way he was.
What's one or two young kids, Tima?
You have the power to rule the world!
What power is that? Am I human?
Or am I one of those poor robots?
Oh, don't be silly! You're nothing like those piles of junk!
Then am I human, like Kenichi?
What are you saying?! You're no mere human being...
...ruled by emotion and feeling, torn between morality and love!
You are the super-being!
So then I am a...
I've brought you new clothes, Miss Tima.
Yes, you are a robot...
...but you stand at the pinnacle of all existence!
No. I have the emotions and love that you hate.
That's because your f ull capacities haven't yet taken form.
As your abilities evolve, they're taking the form of emotion and love.
In time...
You will become one with that throne, a computer weapon meant on conquest!
Your memories and emotions will all be erased!
How did you know that?!
I fancy myself a detective.
Come, Miss Tima. You should change.
Father, open your eyes!
What on earth?!
What are you doing?
It is you who must sit on that throne.
You are the leader we must bow to!
You're awake?
I am a humanoid, a machine made to destroy the world.
-Not destroy! Make again! -Stop!
Hey! Who threw that switch? It just started up!
-Cut the power! -lt won't respond!
It's going into the red!
Dr. Ponkotz!
What's that alarm?
The omotanium generator's going wild!
-What's going on? -I'm not sure.
Stop, Tima! You'll destroy the Ziggurat!
This comes of trifling with robots.
Her memory's merging with the data network. She'll go mad!
Thus God destroyed the Tower of Babel.
No! She's no longer the Tima you knew!
All right.
The omotanium generator will explode if we don't shut it down!
The chance of human survival will fall to 30 percent within one hour.
My entire worldwide network of forces...
...will be completely activated within 30 minutes.
Their targets are the world's major cities and 7586 other facilities.
Estimated time period...
...for eradication of humanity by biological warfare:
17 hours, 27 minutes.
Hear that, Duke Red?
Your super-being says she doesn't need us!
Tima! Come back!
Doctor, we've lost control of the underground power pl...
What's happening?
Get out! You robots are not supposed to be here!
Tima! It's me!
Kenichi! It's Kenichi!
The likes of you...
...will never kill... father!
Tima! Grab my hand!
-/'m Kenichi. Who are you? -Who are you?
No, no, no. You call yourself "/. "
Grab on!
I am who?
Where did you find this?
...I think I'd like to stay here a bit longer.
I am who?
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