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Metropolis (anime)

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(All ages have their hope of tomorrow)
Now, our country will extend to the heaven
It's my honor to deliver the historical...
wisdom and the achievement of science
This glory surprised me greatly
Our strength will shine the whole world...
and the entire space
And exist in the world forever!
Our 'Ziggurat'
[Grand City]
The robot runs wild recently
It's too mad!
The economy can't make any progress
without the labor of the robot
The problem is how to deal with
the conflict between the robot and the workers...
We heard that the enemy was developing a new weapon
"So, we need a "
more representative and powerful leader!
Congratulations on the top out of Ziggurat
"Duke Red, will you get into power next time?"
No kidding
As long as our President Boon is in his power
our nation will be peaceful
I have no qualification to do that
President Boon, will you invite Duke Red to join your cabinet?
Don't provocate our feeling
As for the popularity to the people
I can't compare with Duke Red
I heard there's some military device in this Ziggurat
Let's invite Mayor Ryon to deliver his opinion to us
You'd ask that question to minister Shukenke
Long live, Ziggurat! Long live Grand City!
What does the name Ziggurat mean?
I don't know
"Hey, look there"
What's that?
It's Marduk...
I saw it! It's there!
No wonder...
Haven't you promised to show me it tonight?
I've provided you the capital you need
and the best equipment to you
What's the matter!?
Please give me more time
I'll finish it soon
I've heard what you said hundreds of times!
I'll go to see it tomorrow evening
How come...
It's not suitable for you to go there
It's out of order...
Go back to work!
It's me
I heard something happened on the plaza
"Yes, the robot rebels were making trouble"
I don't want to listen to your explanation
I have given you the security task
"Yes, father"
Stupid! I'm not your father!
I only accepted you as an orphan
in the battle last time
Don't flatter yourself
There's a traffic accident in 45 Dingmu!
The vehicle patrolling nearby...
Please go to the locale at once
"This is the car NO.3, we're pursuiting..."
the suspectful robot rebels.
All the patrol wagons near to the air-station
"please get ready to fight, wait for orders\"
"Headquarter, Headquarter! This is the car NO. 8"
I'm a private detective from Japan
My name is Shunsaku Ban
I want to see Majordomo Nuodaning
I have the reference of the Police Majordomo of Tokyo
"No wonder, do you mean Dr.Laughton..."
is hiding in Grand City
Do you mean so ?
Right, my intelligence is provided by the organ smuggler
who does business with him
International Human Rights Committee etc...
7 human rights group
have released the wanted order for them
because they're suspected to smuggle
and trade in organs
"So, we hope you can help us"
Because we're not familiar with here
And know nothing here...
Of course I'll assist you
But the vacation celebrating the top out of Ziggurat
will be over in a week
Many criminals will come out to make trouble in this period of time
We're very busy now
"Now, the people I can appoint to you..."
No... nobody
If you don't mind the robot...
Right, robot, it's very excellent
"But, it has no rights to arrest mankind"
but it has the rights to search
I think it can help you
Won't you send it back
after we supplement it fuel...
The fuel is supplemented 5 years once
We don't need mankind now
My name is Kenichi, nice to meet you
My type is 803-D R-P...
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you
After Ziggurat is built up
our Grand City will become a country ranking first in the world
"and we'll lead the industry, economy and culture"
It's almost the birth of a great power
an outstanding progress in the history
It's my honor to deliver the historical...
wisdom and the achievement of science
This glory surprised me greatly
Our strength will shine the whole world...
and the entire space
And exist in the world forever!
Our 'Ziggurat'
"OK, where shall we start from?"
Oh... 803...
DR-P DM497-3C
Do you have a simple name?
We can't have a name as mankind
or we'll trespass on human rights
"Right, you'll be called'Pero, Pero from today on"
As if it's a dog's name
Right, it's the name of a dog of mine before
It's very famous
In my eyes, inside this Grand City
there's not any place for the criminal to hide
What did you say? According to the reliable intelligence I got...
He's in the city
If Dr. Laughton hides here
he must be in Area 1
Area 1?
That's a world understand
This is your intuition as a detective
"No, it's the possibility rate calculated by computer"
Except our robots'original usage
our other actions are strictly controlled
robots are forbidden to move around here
"But, Those people like fascists"
Who're they?
Their name is Marduk's Militia
It's a political organization at first
In Grand City
There's different limit for the come-and-go of different class
Only mankind without mark and robot ...
can move around the world
Do you mean the robot just now has some mark?
"Right, there's an entrance in every area"
But there's someone who knows where there's a secret passage after all
So the things of just now happens from time to time
That regulation is w
{Area 1}
There's really some shadow where there's light
There's nothing dangerous on this layer
But there're some places we can't manage
"Be careful, you two"
We will
Because we're not here for sightseeing
"Hi, long time no see, come here"
Come back quickly!
Where's that child gone on earth!?
I was out a few days ago
Where've you been on earth?
I heard something interesting from outside
Duke Red
Let me have a look
"It's set up well, hasn't it finished?"
The final energy disposition device isn't steady now
Have you used the generating system which you're best at?
"No, I won't do that illegal thing"
Because although it's convenient and quick
it's can't last long
I only make it with machine this time
This is my masterwork of the whole life
When'll you finish it?
Within a week
Because if we start it by a narrow shave
there'll be overplus energy and it'll burn
"As a result, it may bomb at last"
My Tima
I won't give you to anyone
I'll finish you now
And then I'll take you away from here
You're Rock... Why're you here?
It's my important task to protect father
Duke Red has not a son
And hasn't his daughter die?
Shut up! I know you attempt
You want to cheat father
with your crazy science
How can father be
moved by such useless puppet?
What're you doing!?
Duke Red asked me to make this Tima for him
Do you know there's chair on the top of Ziggurat?
The one who'll sit on it is Tima
You're fooling me!
It's impossible for father to...
put Ziggurat on the top!
"Then, you may go to ask Duke Red yourself"'
Can you fire?
It's a superman which is wanted
by your father named Duke Red
I won't turn father to a robot
"Got, please give me courage"
In order to protect father from the evil robot
Please give me strength
Fire Alarm! There's a fire alarm!
Fire Alarm...!
The one who set fire is a member of Marduk Party
I saw that myself
The above guy wants to burn us
What Atlas said is right
They regard us as rubbish!
Take our arms! We'll fight now!
"Everybody, please calm down"
The fire-fighting robot will begin to work soon
"It's dangerous here, please keep off"'
"Don't prevent, robot !"
Do you want to make us lose our job
and kill us this time...
Stupid! It's not the time to quarrel!
What's up!?
Why did they set fire in this abandoned plant?
A strange man often came in and out there
Is that man this guy?
Thank you
"Sir, there's someone inside!"
"Bad, Kenichi, you come in from the behind"
"Cheer up, Laughton"
Do you want that note?
What!? Laughton's research office is burnt!?
As if some experiment is being carried out there
And the fire is quite terrible
And the research office is all burnt
How about Dr. Laughton?
He died in the fire
What's he researching on earth?
He's an international wanted person
He must be doing a dangerous experiment
"What's up, father?"
Do you know him?
Shut up! Retreat!
Let me alone
What's it here. ..?
That fire alarm is so surprising
It's nothing for this abandoned factory to be burnt
Because it's good for those useless to be destroyed
It's strange, even it's burnt completely
that robot has the highest level
its bone'd be found
"Pero, that man is?"
He's Rock of Marduk Party
He's great power in the party while he's so young
It's said Duke Red believes in him very much
Duke Red?
What's the relationship between Duke Red and Marduk?
The creator of Marduk is Duke Red
Although it's nothing to do with him seemingly
But the fund of the movement is provided
"Although it's a secret, they have too much stink"
People in the city all know it
"Hey, where does this sewer lead?"
It connects with those of Area 2
and then flow to the processing plant in Area 3
One'll die if he falls into it
Because he'll be dealt with as rubbish
Common mankind are like so
The criminal must return to the crime locale
What people said before is really reasonable
Let's go to look for Mr. Kenichi
Who're you on earth?
Who're you on earth?
"It's wrong, do you know?"
You'd call yourself 'I'
Who am I?
You're I
"No, listen"
You're 'I', I'm 'you'
Who am I?
"Right, I'm Kenichi"
Do you remember the thing happened before?
"such as the name, family, parents etc."
Family... Father...
"Thank you, these are really food"
But they've rottened
"Right, put them into the mouth like this..."
And then swallow it
You can't eat it!
Your stomache will feel uncomfortable if you eat like that
You can't eat it. .. or...
Open the round ceiling
The weather group is called the main control center
The cloud on the above is 1.1
It won't effect the experiment
The magnetic error is 3.7
The tramroad is being adjusted
The fluidal refrigeration began
The round ceiling is beginning
"It's 40, 39... to the radiation place"
The motivity system, refrigeration system, exploration system...
and operation system are all normal
The main control center has given the last acceptance to the experiment
The energy presser maintains 3+33
I see
The condition observing group is called the primary control center
We've received the picture of the downtown
and now we're transmitting it to you
"Get into the last stage, begin taking aim"
"Magnetic collimation, error 0.25"
"Optics collimation, error 1.06"
the radiation device has been fixed at the final place
Radiation time is 3 minutes
That effect citizens
But the robot below
will vary
I have ordered someone to write down the whole experiment
for this material is quite valuable
Begin the experiment from 3 degree
Got it
Begin radiating
The radiation of degree 3 will be over in 180 seconds
The sun's data is -24
It's 5 seconds to get to R location
"4, 3, 2, 1..."
'Omotenium' fuse together
The macula's movement is extending
The sun's spectrum 'Fulanghuo Ray'
is as the same as the fusion mode of Omotenium
35000... 40000...
There're 49 maculas in location R
The density of macula magnetic field...
is rising from 800
That perturb the ionosphere
All the communication is violated
Radiation of degree 3 is over
The primary control system is quitted
The experiment is quite successful
That will make the whole world raise a dust
Because you've mastered the great God
Now, as long as there's Grand City's Lar made by Dr.Laughton...
it'll be perfect
How come he carry out the experiment
and made the macula increase quickly
and the earth surface is effected by harmful electric wave
It's too unscrupulous to develop that
without considering the country!
Marduk Party which is catching the out-control robot ...
is adging on citizens now...
and shouting 'Human beings come into power'
They announced they'd emend 'robot Law'
The citizen group which approve robot
said that idea was unreasonable
They protested everywhere
and had some conflicts with Marduk Party
"This is a good chance, President"
If things go smoothly
We may sentence him as he turned against the country
Is the army ready?
There're some troops which are loyal to Duke Red
"Don't worry, let me manage it"
We'll blab the intelligence and whip up citizens
and make more people argue against Duke Red
and then we'll arrest him as he turns against the country
We can send the force if he wants to revolt
I believe it's that guy who killed Laughton
But I don't know the relationship between Laughton and him
What experiment is Laughton making?
What's you plan?
Since Laughton has died now
I'd report the reason to the consignee
or it'll be hard for me to do that
Where'll that guy plan to go?
I think he's going to Area 2
Is there any other underground world besides here?
What's the matter with this city?
Area 2 has the energy plants
and Area 3 has some equipment dealing with polluted water
Equipment dealing with polluted water...
In other words, that guy is always searching...
the outfall behind the abandoned factory
I'll applied the document to enter Area 2 after I returned to the headquarter
and ask to search Mr. Kenichi
You're so old, but you still eat it secretly!
How much...?
[Area 2]
If there's someone moving around here
I can recognize him at once
Because the monitor of the management bureau us very strict
Do you often come down?
Twice a week
My purpose is to repair and maintain the robot
These are 'Aibai Model'
They'll have the final examination in this week
Is there anyone here?
"But, it always smells terrible"
whenever I come here
We mankind can't work here for a day
What's up?
There's someone!
Hey! What're you doing!?
It's forbidden to enter here!
He really doesn't die
What do you want to do?
Don't worry, they're criminals
Please tell me where the exit is
Please stop!
It'll be terrible if the equipment is hit
Are you alright?
What'll we do? That guy wants to kill us
Keep off! Keep off! Don't stop me!
Keep off! Waste iron!
Keep off!
Can you come out now?
There's no problem here
What's up?
"Right, Fi-Fi can't pass that strobe"
"Thank you very much, Fi-Fi"
See you later
Keep off!
It's that guy!
It'll break the rules to bring a gun in
Show me you pass
I'm Rock from Marduk!
It's forbidden to parade in vacation
Please dismiss yourselves quickly
"Repeat, it's forbidden..."
...Please dismiss yourselves quickly
Hey! Kenichi!
Stop! Stop there!
Pay out!
Long time no see such a good product
I don't want it
"Don't say that, buy it"
How are things going with you?
I didn't find it
"Impossible, search it completely!"
I see
Search there too
"What's up, Atlas?"
We can't receive the uprising signal
The uprising stops today
The guy from Marduk is wandering there
Is the information released?
It's all because of them
Rock wants to kill them
Come on quickly
As if I'd seen him in the fire locale in the abandoned plant
What's your name? Where're you from?
My name is Kenichi
My uncle and I are from Japan, my uncle is a spy...
NO... my uncle... is a reporter
and my work is to assist him
Why will Rock kill you?
I don't know either
"In a word, he shot at us suddenly"
It's suspectable
Will you get rid of them?
"Calm down, we're not criminals or riffraffs"
You said you were reporters just now
It'll be very good to let the whole world
know the condition of Grand City
At this jungle
We have no time to choose clothes to let others take a photo for us
At least I've the rights to choose what clothes I'd put on when I die
I want to put on the clothes of a famous revolutionist to die
"Hey, look there..."
as if it's like an angel...
It's an angel
Around this place
There're three families living in a small house
There's not a school nor any job
All people here live on admeasure
But after Ziggurat is set up
even the admeasure will be stopped
What does Ziggurat mean?
It means the tower built by ancient Babylon
It's the most famous Babel
Do you know the result?
The proud king of Babylon peeved God
and the tower was destroyed
History will repeat itself
That Duke Red will have the same fate
It's not God this time
We'll ruin it ourselves
Am I wrong?
"No, you're not"
I only feel you hair become longer
Kenichi, what kind of hairstyle do you like?
The present one is OK
What's more..., go on practicing
Wow... the following is...
"Tima, my name"
Really? Do you remember your name?
"Great, Tima"
You'd remember more things
"Thank you, Kenichi"
I almost forget
that this uniform was borrowed from Mr. Atlas
Is it? I won't worry if the army come to help
Although the underground people agree to rise up
they worry about that they have not such ability
The celebration of the top out of Ziggurat
will be operated by Marduk Party
I hope you can get rid of them at a blow
And then break into Ziggurat
Meanwhile, president will formally announce...
"Duke Red turns against our nation, and we'll arrest him"
"On that day, I'll use my power"
Iet the army and police come under the leadership of President Boon
Then, the power of Grand City will recover
And we'll come into power
as a new party
"Of course, Atlas"
President will welcome you himself
I'm very angry! I'm really useless!
"It's rare to find Kenichi, but I made him like that"
"Sorry, I can't help you at jungle"
What did you say?
I know nothing here, I'd thank you
Don't worry about Kenichi
Run away!
They did too much
Be careful...
Hide... robot ...
Hide... change...
Be careful,robot, hide... coup...
What!? Coup!?
It's over...
"Listen, look carefully, Kenichi"
I hope you can...
tell the whole world clearly our anger
I'm OK...
"Let's go, Pero"
We can't deal with it only by ourselves
Please ask for help to headquarter
I can't let you leave alone
Do you know?
They'll attack you robots first
I'll be OK
And you've nothing to do with this city
I've the duty to protect you
I see
"Listen, Pero"
You can't incite them before I come back
What's up?
Are you going to protect here alone?
It's forbidden to parade in vacation
Please dismiss yourselves quickly
"No, because time is almost up"
Why mankind always settle problems with force?
We know
It's really a problem to call it 'Feeling'
We have to ebb and flow in our feeling...
and make progress step by step
If we don't say yes to that point
we can't live on
It's time to rise up
When'll I deliver the speech?
The situation will become steady at 1 :00 pm
Maybe it's 3:00 or half past 3:00
"What's up, minister?"
Do you feel uneasy?
"Right, president"
Because I have a boring task
What's it...!?
You...! You threw yourself into the lap of Duke Red!
I'm fair to history
Wait...! Let's talkabout it carefully...!
Why do mankind often ruin robot ?
What's revolution?
The coup failed
Grand City is now operated by Duke Red and the army
Those who take part in the mutiny, give up your arms
and surrender now!
Repeat: The coup failed
Grand City is now operated by Duke Red and the army
Those who take part in the mutiny,//give up your arms
and surrender now!
Hey! Kenichi!
"You're safe, great..."
"Are you alright, uncle?"
This wound is nothing
Who's she?
Her name is Tima
I went into exile with her from the fire
"Tima, let me introduce"
This is my uncle
We... jumped at that bait...
You came out finally
Don't move!
Don't rebel!
If you turn out that girl
you may go back to you country
Don't do the grand! Rock!
Your attempt...
Tima...! Take your pistol!
Come on
Gime me the gun
Don't give it to him. ..!
Can you fire?
I'm a man
These are the people
whom you gave up public business and always chased
Are you Tima...
What's the matter?
In the fire alarm in Laughton's research office, Tima...
Your report says there's no survivor from the fire
And how did you know the thing of Tima?
Answer me!
Because you must take the superman's seat
Don't let such robot control Ziggurat...
and the future of Grand City!
Do you want to control me?
You'll have your moment as long as I think a little of you!
Get up!
Don't appear in front of me again!
It's you who always hired Laughton...
What'll you do if it is?
I come to arrest Laughton... from Japan...
My name is Shunsaku Ban
"Come on, get on the car"
Where's Kenichi?
You'll see him after you finish it
I want to see Majordomo Nuodaning
the Majordomo is posted away
"The successor hasn't be confirmed, you may come on another day"
"In fact, because some misunderstanding, my nephew..."
was taken away by Marduk Party
As a foreigner...
you'd propound a request to your embassy
"Now, our country will extend to the heaven"
It's my honor to deliver the historical...
wisdom and the achievement of science
This glory surprised me greatly
Our strength will shine the whole world...
should be heated
We only have hot whisky and Tanyou
Mr. Spy from Japan
Bring me two bottles of hot whisky
Bastard...! What's Ziggurat!
"Shit, Marduk! Damn!"
Please help yourself
"Hey, the guy who was here just now is Rock"
I heard he'd left the party
But he wandered around here
Thank you
Take care
Miss Tima, there's a man just now...
who asked me to give you this letter
I had refused him originally
but he told me not to inform Duke Red and others
I told me I can't manage that
"But he called himself 'Kenichi', so I..."
It's not convenient for me to move now
So I can't come to see you now
I'll leave this country soon
I want to meet you very much
"What's the matter, Aimei?"
Please keep your words and give miss Tima to me quickly
I'll fall into catastrophe if others know it
"Don't worry, I'll speak over soon"
In fact I didn't want to help him
"Then, excuse me"
You fooled me
"If I'd done like that, I'd have no chance to speak to you"
Where's Kenichi?
Please let me meet him if you know where he is
No wonder
When I speak to you
you're really not like a robot
No wonder that mad scientist...
selected my father
What do you want to say on earth?
I said you were a robot
"No, I'm not"
Then what're you? A man?
"Then, who're your parents?"
Where're they now?
They're.. . Kenichi
Is this useless puppet a superman?
Since you don't know where Kenichi is
I'll go back now
What!? Tima is gone!?
Bastard! Be careful when you drive!
Let me have a look...
Is there any secret with the superman which father wants?
"Cheer up, Laughton"
Do you want that note?
Don't worry
I've punished Rock
Where's Kenichi?
I'm looking for Kenichi too
"So, I need you help"
I believe he's imprisoned somewhere in Ziggurat
I need your intelligence to invade Ziggurat
and then search out where Kenichi is
Can I manage that kind of thing?
"Come on, show me your hand"
How do you like?
Kenichi is in that building...
OK! Succeeded! He's really there
What's the matter with me just now?
Really? Don't you know the story of yourself?
What do you mean?
"Yes, We'll report to you as long as we search it"
Is it Duke Red?
How do you like?
We can search the place where the information is released
Because the energy is too strong
The fork of the circuit is burnt
I found it
Where's it?
"South Area 17, [Coconut Hotel]"
"Please tell me, am I a man or..."
"It's true, you..."
are different from other robots
I'm a man
I'm a man as Kenichi
"Right, of course"
"In a word, we'd save Kenichi out first"
"I've been looking for you for a long time, Tima"
What's your attempt?
"If I like, I can arrest you with the sin that you kidnapped others"
You are wrong!
You'd ask your son about the reason
It's Rock!?
I don't know what attempt you have
But I know...
"you belong to the same gang as the wanted person, Dr.Laughton"
I believe it's you who planned to kill him
And your purpose is to vanish the proof
Take him back
Follow me!
This treasure seat is specially made for you
You'll control the world here soon
I...? Why?
"This is your fate, you'll be clear soon"
"Cheer up, Kenichi!"
It's me! Can you recognize!? Hey! Kenichi!
What have you done to Kenichi!?
He isn't in danger now
Because he's shouting loudly
So we ask him to calm down
The thing this time...
I'll present my protest to the embassy formally!
"It'll become a diplomatic problem, Duke Red"
I don't know you're some top bananas in the political circle
I'm so stupid
"But, no matter what country it is"
it'll give in before Tima
Please let Kenichi recover
"What's up, Tima?"
One or two this kind of guys are nothing
You've the power to control the world
What's my strength?
Am I a man?
Am I as the same
as those poor robots. ..?
Why do you ask such a foolish question?
You're different from that waste iron
"Then, am I a man like Kenichi?"
"What did you say, you're not a man at all"
You won't be effected by emotion or feeling
and won't be puzzled by love or moral
You're not so poor as mankind
You're a superman!
"Then, I'm really..."
I brought the clothes of miss Tima
You're really a robot
But you're the noblest in the world
You're fooling me
"I have my feeling and love, because I'm tired of you"
You're still not perfect
Because you haven't reach the final configuration
It's only that your unstable energy
shows out as feeling and love
When that moment comes...
You'll incorporate with that superman's seat
and become a PC weapon controlling the whole world!
"At that time, your emotion and memory..."
will disappear
How could you know that?
I'm a spy after all
"Come on, change your shirt, miss Tima"
"Dad, please wake up"
What do you want to do!?
"You must take this seat, dad"
"Dad, only you are our leader"
What do you want to do!?
You woke up
I'm an artificial man
a machine to ruin the world
No! Not ruin but rebuild!
What's up!? Who pressed the switch!?
The system started itself!
Change to hand-control! Cut off the power!
It lost control!
Such an phenomenon never appeared in the experiment before!
Why did you ring the alarm!
Omotenium generation device began losing control!
What's up, Doctor?
Stop! Tima!
If it goes on like this, Ziggurat'll...!
It's an punishment for those who twiddled with robot
Tima's memory is swallowed by too much message
She began to lose control
Babel has made God angry
Don't go there!
She isn't the Tima you were familiar with now!
"OK, I see"
Duke Red
If we don't stop Omotenium generation device now
the world will disappear!
The possibility of mankind's survival...
will be less 30 %
My earth weapons
will begin to work in 30 minutes
The targets are the main city and equipment of the world
There're 7, 586 places totally
And as for those who survive
It'll use the order of gene
to make a new biological weapon
It may take 17 hours and 27 minutes
Can you hear me, Duke Red?
The superman you made said it didn't need mankind!
Don't go!
Doctor! The underground motility center and control center...
are both occupied. ..!
What's up...!?
Go away!
You'd not come here
"Tima, it's me!"
I'm Kenichi!
I won't let you...
my father...
You can't... !
Tima! Catch my hand!
I'm Kenichi
Who're you on earth?
Who're you on earth?
"It's wrong, do you know?"
You'd call yourself 'I'
Catch me tightly!
Who am I?
May I ask... where did you find this?
Fi-Fi... Fi-Fi...
I want to stay in this city for some time more
Who am I?
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