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Midnight (1998)

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Holy shit.
Down, Fido!
Dog biscuits, with liver!
You're worse off than me.
Hey, look who's back.
Fuck. How'd you get in here?
Remember Santa? Well, that's me.
Chico Claus.
Cut it out!
Didn't I tell you to get lost?
So you're Santa?
Then get on your sleigh to Siberia!
Oh, look at the poor guy...
dripping with sweat.
Chill out, man!
I'm just here for a little chat, that's all.
Get lost!
Who let you in here?
How the fuck did you get in?
It's my turf! You forget who does the dirty work for the boys.
I can come in anytime.
Bug off, man.
I've stuffed enough money up your ass.
So, beat it now.
Hey, bro, don't touch me.
Don't touch me like that.
What do you want, Chico?
Want to know what's wrong?
Christmas went by...
and I got nothing for the family.
Know what I mean?
- Yeah? So what? - You're sitting...
on a wad... you're fucking loaded!
Think I don't know today is payday?
Crime pays, so pay up!
Pay up! Up yours!
Now fuck off!
That hurts.
Now you're pissing me off.
You got a short memory, man.
Who saved your ass, eh?
Now you owe me one!
You help someone, they help you back, right?
You're hell, man.
A big talker. Think anyone cares what you say?
You talk crap, man, diarrhea of the mouth.
Now, go on, motherfucker. Get out!
Watch how you talk to an associate of the prosecutor!
The little lady sure is pretty.
And she's so taken with little old me.
I've given everyone away, except you.
Got her number up here, scratched in my memory.
She's sitting patiently by the phone...
waiting for my call to wrap things up.
You're a damn liar!
Just ask your "partners."
Not one of them will get away.
Careca, Antonio, Zóio, Mané.
The whole lot.
Except you...
because I saved your ass.
You'll be the only one partying on New Year's...
checking out the mermaids on Copacabana Beach.
So spare some change, man. You're loaded.
It's for the kid's Christmas.
You're worthless, man.
You'll soon be six feet under...
pushing up daisies.
You're an idiot, buddy, a real moron.
Your kid can pay for the funeral with this.
Kiss of Judas.
9 changes to 0. 19... That's right.
It's the 1 that changes to 2.
That makes 2000.
9 becomes 0.
Going to see the fireworks, Gramps?
He'll be chasing broads, making up for lost time.
The old guy can't get it up anymore!
Shut your trap, man! That's a classified secret!
Mangueira, my beautiful favela...
The year 2000!
The year of freedom! Our time has come!
Nothing can stop us!
Shut up, old man.
Here I go. I'm out of here.
Very good.
Let's go, old man.
I never asked for anything, did I?
So don't give me that bullshit about "unfortunately."
"Unfortunately" what?
What's "unfortunately"? Anyone know?
No one here knows fucking shit!
Fucking shit!
Shut up! Stop making trouble.
Who asked for a pardon?
Fuck their pardon.
It'll all go back to zero.
No one will be left to tell the story, you goons.
The clock will go back to zero.
Let's go. Get in there!
Shut off the damn radio!
Happy New Year.
Concentrate, José. Do you want to learn to say it?
Think about your hearing girlfriend. Come on.
What? Me go out with you?
I'm already taken.
I'm not the jealous type.
What are you doing for New Year's?
I don't know yet.
I'm waiting for Pedro to get home to decide.
You don't know? But it's the year 2000!
So it's the year 2000!
That's silly, José.
Every year is the same.
Time's running out. Let's work.
Happy... New... Year.
Maria is pretty.
Home already?
I'm almost done too.
Let me take this.
I'll take my final shower of the millennium.
Come here.
- You're such a baby. - You're just an old geezer.
Be right there.
See you in the year 2000. The lesson's over.
Right. The boss is in, so I'm out.
Good luck with your hearing girlfriend.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
12/ 30/ 99 11 p.m.
It's almost time.
The time of the condemned!
Joćo, you don't understand!
It's all going to change.
9 to 0, 9 to 0, 9 to 0, and 1 to 2.
You don't see, Joćo! Wake up!
Shut up, Gramps! Let me sleep.
- Wake up! - It's all bullshit!
Where's your pardon, then, you old fool?
Can't you see they don't give a shit about us?
Nothing's going to change.
The year 2000, 3000, 50,000...
It's all the same crap.
It's the year 2000!
We'll do away with them!
The time has come. It's the last night.
Now it's our turn!
We should be out there!
You'll do what has to be done, won't you?
The three 9s...
will change to 0, and the 1 will change to 2.
Everything will change. All four numbers!
Get up, Joćo! Listen!
Shut up, for fuck's sake!
I told you...
I just want to sleep.
I don't want to see or hear a damn thing! Okay?
- Okay, old man? - Okay.
Samba, you suffer but never die
Someone always comes to your rescue
Before you breathe your last
Samba, strong and fearless, black Samba
So unjustly persecuted
Freedom in the year 2000!
Freedom for all our brothers!
What's the matter?
Guard! Gramps isn't well!
The old man's dying!
Hang in there, Gramps. They're coming.
Joćo, it'll all go back to zero.
You'll do what has to be done, won't you?
I will.
For fuck's sake! The old man's dying!
Hurry up! He's about to croak!
Get over here! Guard!
The old man is dying.
Shut up. Get your ass against the wall.
Take him to the infirmary.
Get down, Pedro. It's a shoot-out.
Fireworks, Maria.
Those are fireworks. Remember? It's New Year's Eve.
The year 2000.
My God. What a fright.
I thought our time had come.
You're working. Did I disturb you?
No problem, Maria.
I'll go back to bed.
Don't be long.
Good night...
my love.
My baby.
Last day of 1999 9 a.m.
Listen up!
Listen, everybody.
We'd like to thank the archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro...
for this moment of reconciliation...
so kindly offered to us...
in the spirit of solidarity...
and in hopes that the coming century...
will herald a new era...
bringing an end to violence in our country...
and bringing happiness to our homes.
Thank you very much.
Let us pray.
They killed Gramps.
Fucking shit!
Gramps is dead, man!
They killed the old man.
Shit! Gramps is dead!
They fucking killed him!
From here on, take them away.
Straighten up.
Don't move, or I'll bleed him! Open the door!
Open up, man! You! Stay right there!
Open it!
Lock it! Throw the key!
The key!
- Open the door! - Do it, for God's sake!
Open it! Now close it!
Lock it and throw over the key!
Go, go!
No need to play it up anymore.
We're almost there.
Easy, easy.
Take this and get going.
Antonio, I almost envy the boy...
breaking it in.
Now, go out and get our man.
Speaking of our man...
You set me up...
you son of a bitch!
Watch your language, brother.
I represent law and order here. Remember who you're talking to.
Get your hand out of my face!
You little punk! This is a clean deal for you.
I don't give a shit if he's a friend of yours!
This guy squealed on us.
Now the heat's on me because of him.
So cut the crap. Just knock him off.
It's useless anyway.
The guy's in hiding. Who knows where the hell he is?
He's sure...
to visit his wife and kid.
Go there.
I want you to be waiting for him when he arrives.
What if he doesn't show?
If he doesn't show?
Tough for you, man! You'll die in his place!
Not too thrilled?
Well, then, stay here, pal.
Go back up there and eat shit.
how long is he in for?
30 years.
A whole lifetime.
Stay here and stick it out, then. How does that sound?
Open the door.
Come look.
"Sorry, Maria.
If there's a day for making a decision...
it's today."
"Pedro, have you disappeared?
Is this a joke?
get in touch."
Tell him I don't know what to do with my life.
Sorry, ma'am, you must tell him yourself.
Right. Sorry.
"Pedro, Pedro, Pedro."
Three times?
"Call me, Pedro.
I'll be waiting here for you...
to celebrate the new year.
I'm scared, Pedro.
Very scared."
Yes, I'll sign it. "Maria."
A phone number, Pedro, an address...
An address, a phone number...
Beeper 056234, please.
Is this 056...
Sorry, wrong number.
Shit. Shit.
Please answer.
Fucking hell!
Oh, no.
I'd like to leave a message for beeper 056234.
"Pedro, I broke the phone.
I broke the phone.
And until midnight...
I'll go on...
breaking everything...
Please get in touch.
We have to talk today."
Put down "today."
"Do something.
Come home."
Copacabana 2000 New Year's Eve kits!
A wig, a noisemaker and a condom!
For one and all! Get one for your husband!
A great deal! 1 for 3 bucks! 3 for 9 bucks!
Hey, Milton!
Chico, my boy! You've been away.
Yeah, I had things to think about.
- Pour me one, will you? - Coming up, my friend.
Hey there, Cida!
Hi, Chico.
Christ, I still have half the favela to climb up.
Getting old, brother.
The old machine is wearing down.
It's wearing down.
- Thanks. Keep the change. - Thanks, Chico.
- Happy New Year. - You too. Glad you're back.
Sure. Hey, it's cool.
Happy New Year!
I'm going skinny-dipping tonight.
Me too.
What about you?
Too chicken to show your puny cock, I bet.
Hi, Maria.
I'm kind of lost.
Help me, please.
I don't know if I should wait at home.
But I broke the phone. Should I go looking for him?
But I don't know where to look...
who his friends are or where they live.
I'm so confused, Pedro.
No, not Pedro. I'm sorry.
You're forgetting to sign. Use your hands.
I don't know if I'll be teaching.
You'd better look for a new teacher.
Yes, listen.
I came here...
to wish you...
a Happy New Year, José.
On the cross
I saw one day
My sins punished through Jesus
It was then, through faith
That my eyes were opened
Look who's back.
Making your famous roast chicken, I see.
That's great.
Look, Rosa, I've been sick.
Rotten sick. Giant shingles, you know?
You get blisters all over. You can't move.
Real painful.
I called you at work last month.
I even called your mom. Did she tell you?
Did she?
She didn't.
- Want me to go? I will. - Go.
I'm going.
I learned to cook rice and beans.
I got married. He'll be back soon. You better go.
Come on, Rosa.
Hey, that biblical outfit's real classy.
I want to be converted too. Praise God!
Cut it out, Chico.
I missed you.
Don't ask me for money. I spent it all on the dinner.
There's nothing left.
- What do you want? - To see Douglas.
He's at Mother's.
Liar! I saw him flying a kite.
- Yeah, good thing he's out. - Listen, Rosa.
I want to see the boy. Go get him, please.
It's not counterfeit.
What have you been up to?
This is for the kid's education.
What's up?
Sit and eat something.
Your man?
There's no man.
Rosa's chicken...
French toast...
biblical outfit.
I'll go get Douglas and be back.
Hold on. I'm coming.
Good afternoon.
Sorry, miss. We're closed.
Please, sir. Help me. It won't take a minute.
I'm very sorry.
Here's a New Year's Eve kit. It has all you need:
A cure for hangovers, vitamin C, condoms.
I live by the beach.
There will be fireworks all night, and I have an early plane to catch.
I need something to help me sleep tonight and on the plane tomorrow.
I can't sell it to you without a prescription, miss.
My doctor's away and forgot to give me one, but that's what I take.
That's right, it's New Year's.
Everyone is away having fun...
and I'm here with three buses to catch to get home.
What do you usually take?
Dormidol is good...
but you feel nauseous the next day.
I've got something better.
Here it is. It's what I usually take.
Half of one and I'm out like a light.
This one's American.
Never tried it myself, but it must be good.
Americans always have good stuff.
I'd take a cab home if I could, a deluxe cab.
I'll pay for it.
Oh, no, ma'am. You'll think I only said it to...
I insist. You don't know how relieved I am.
Which one do you want?
I'll take all three.
All three?
No, I think one will do.
What do you think?
That depends on what it's for.
Joćo! Come in.
God's sent you, my brother.
You came all the way up the hill.
A visit to the poor!
Make yourself at home, though it's Rosa's, not mine.
Your coming makes the old heart pump!
You know, revs up the emotions.
You sure look thin.
No one's been suckling you?
So what happened?
You dug your way out?
No, I was given a remission.
- Cool! What does that mean? - Pardoned.
Great! When did they release you?
Just in time for New Year's, you lucky dog!
That's just like you!
How'd you get them to eat out of your hand?
Did you screw the judge?
The one from the fourth jurisdiction?
You're always so secretive.
The silent one.
The samurai!
I talk enough for both of us. Always have.
I blab so much, I'll choke on my words.
Want some French toast?
Are you moving out?
clearing out.
I'm clearing out.
I got something to tell you.
I'm in a big mess.
On the run, buddy. The shit's hit the fan.
I got mixed up in some bad business...
but I've found a good hideout.
In the marsh area.
- On the beach? - You got it.
Waves lapping up against the door.
Cool little place.
Nice porch, barbecue.
You should come visit.
No, you better not. I'll be in hiding.
Not even Rosa will know where it is.
Hey, Joćo, what's with you?
You seem uptight, man. Sit your ass down.
Bet it hasn't had a cushion under it for a while!
All this freedom getting to you, maybe?
How's Rosa?
Fine. She's into the Bible now.
A big Jesus fan! They all are around here.
Even Nenź. Remember him?
Fifty deaths to his name, and he's gone religious.
The biggest Bible man, though, is me!
I talk with Jesus!
I'm getting into the Bible.
You should see Douglas. He's a big kid.
Splitting image of me.
- Rosa's getting him. - She'll be back soon?
What's with you?
What's up, Joćo?
You look grim.
Hold on.
Were you really pardoned?
I get it.
I see what the deal was.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We're all going to die one day.
Better to die by a friend's hand than a stranger's.
Got the gun on you?
Let me see it.
I just want to see it.
You fucking owe me that much!
A brand-new.38.
The real thing.
I'm glad it's not a sissy's gun...
the kind where it takes five shots...
just to kill a guy.
it has to be here to be fatal, you know.
Go ahead.
Shoot me.
Shoot me.
Pretend I'm a pig.
Go on!
Pretend I'm a turkey.
Think hiding out in the marshes would have worked, anyway?
They would have found me pretty fast.
No, it's no use.
No use.
Promise me you'll watch over my kid.
I promise.
I'm scared.
Fucking scared.
Look, let's do this.
Let's make a deal. You can kill me at midnight.
No, one minute after, so I can see the year 2000.
Sorry, Chico.
I can't.
I want to pray.
I have the right to pray.
Thank you, Lord, for the bullet that will blast my brains out.
Thank you.
Lord God, you motherfucker.
Our Father, who are looking down on worms like me...
hallowed be Thy name for this crappy life You gave me.
Thy shithole come...
Thy dirty work be done.
Fucking nutcase!
- Happy New Year! - Fuck off!
Last day of 1999 8 p.m.
11 p.m.
Let me jump!
Be quiet!
- Help! - Quiet!
Be quiet!
I won't hurt you!
Be quiet, do you hear me? Be quiet!
That's better...
You had no right to do that, you bastard!
I said, be quiet!
Be quiet, for fuck's sake!
Let me go. Leave me alone.
Go away, I don't exist anymore.
I'm already gone.
I just want to sleep, damn it...
I just want to sleep.
You can't sleep.
Open your eyes, wake up!
Can't you see? It's all going to change!
All the 9's will change to 0's, and the 1 to 2!
It'll all change! Right will be wrong and vice versa!
Killers will be saviors.
Listen! Feel it? It's about to begin!
So you want to die? Okay!
But God won't be doing you the favor,
it'll be me.
The bullet will enter here, you won't feel a thing.
Tell me when.
Tell me!
No one else is to die on this beach!
No one else is to die in this city!
No one else is to die in this country!
is the first day!
No one else is to die after today!
No one else is to kill!
Zero! Zero!
No one else is to die!
Hey, wake up!
Wake up! Look...
It's the first day...
A beautiful day...
I don't even know your name.
It doesn't matter.
Give me a name.
She's my pardon, isn't she, Gramps?
Know what I want to do?
To be baptized in the sea.
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