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Midnight Mass 2002

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The Center for Disease Control met with UN officials today
to address growing concerns about the new viral epidemic
that has so far claimed the lives of--
The outbreak responsible for the deaths of dozens
throughout Egypt and Saudi Arabia
is now thought to be the result of contaminated reservoirs
which supply all of the drinking water to many of the smaller communities.
After repeated warnings by the military craft to turn back,
the raft, reported to be carrying three Cuban defectors
towards the Florida Keys, was fired upon
killing all three passengers.
l'm being told now that we do have footage of the incident.
We're going to try to go to that now.
There seems to be no end in sight
to the virus sweeping throughout the Middle East,
lndia and North Africa.
With cases now being reported in Greece,
doctors at the CDC work around the clock for answers.
We are considering this our major priority at the moment.
People have been moved from other tasks and responsibilities
to help work on this.
We're working in partnership with state and local authorities.
We'll do anything and everything possible to control these outbreaks
with a minimum of destruction to the American people.
Thank you.
Now, Daniel Mateo, Director for Disease Control and Prevention,
issued a statement attacking the legitimacy of your research
saying, ''Before Dr. Randall resorts to fairy tales and vampires,
as the cause of these symptoms, he should first examine--
- Yes, yes, yes. - No, no, no.
He should first examine cases of illnesses
like erythropoietic protoporphyria.
as a likely cause of the symptoms described in his publication.
The author wants you to believe that catalepsy,
a condition that causes slowing of the body's regulatory functions
and temporary paralysis, was responsible for those bodies
that were seen crawling out of a mass grave in Prague.
lt's an insult to the public to expect us to believe
that entire nations can be struck down by these rare diseases.
They do not explain the mounds of bodies
bursting into flame on exposure to sunlight.
They do not explain these so-called ''plague victims''
being drained of most of their blood.
And they do not explain the exponential growth...
The government has halted all international flights.
Commercial and passenger planes were forced to land by military aircraft
while attempting to depart Los Angeles lnternational Airport.
A visible military presence in all airports...
The first American victims of the epidemic
have been reported on both coasts.
lf there's anyone left watching,
the virus story you have been told is a lie
propagated by the government.
As unbelievable as it may seem,
there are vampires among us.
We have known for some time now,
but we are forced to continue the charade.
There's nowhere left uncontaminated.
There's nowhere to run to.
Barricade yourselves in your homes.
Stay off the streets at night.
Everything else you know:
crosses, sunlight,
destroying the heart,
these are your only defenses.
Let's go.
We have to end the broadcast now.
God save us all.
# You can't see me anymore #
# There's nothing there #
# Just memories #
# Things l want to hide #
# Just don't understand #
# Or just can't comprehend #
# The sound of your voice #
# Ringing in my head #
# We've got nowhere to go #
# Of all the things l know #
# You're the one #
# That l miss the most #
# Can l leave now? #
# The damage is all done #
# No more words #
# And l'll be on my way #
# You were selfish #
# Didn't you know #
# l'd have done #
# Anything not to go? #
# And l was selfish #
# Just too free #
# Now l long #
# Just to feel you... #
( screaming )
Don't you know who we are?
l know.
You're their watchdogs.
We're more than that, princess.
So much more.
She's not too appetizing.
We won't exactly be getting the red carpet treatment.
- lf this is the best that we could do... - Don't think, fool.
lt's not your job.
She's better than going back empty-handed.
Yeah, but she's--
Are you going to challenge me? Don't forget what tonight is.
Hold this.
No, no, no!
Please stop.
That's scary.
You think that's the first piece of ink we've seen like that?
- We can take care of that, my dear. - No, please!
No, please let me go!
- Please let me go. - Get her.
No, let me go.
l don't see her.
Forget her. We'll get her next time out.
l don't want to be late for my own confirmation.
Help! Somebody help me!
Please, somebody help me!
Somebody help me, please!
Somebody please help me.
Please, somebody help me. Please.
Open your mouth again, l'm gonna fucking piss in it.
# How you thought #
# You knew me #
# Understood mind-games #
# My dark needs #
# This is not the thrill l'm after... #
No, no.
Please don't.
# Wrap your arms around my pale skin #
# lt's too late to back out #
# You're in #
# On your knees and praise your new lord #
# Deeper now #
# And here's your reward #
# Take me to bed, and rip me apart #
# Take me to bed, and rip me apart... #
No, please stop.
Help me, please.
Father, please help me.
Don't be afraid.
You'll soon be free.
No, no, no!
No, please don't.
No, no!
( screaming )
Come on.
Where are you?
( growling )
l'm looking for Father Cahill.
Joe Cahill?
He's not here.
Well, l-- l'd heard he had moved here.
Yeah, only when he's sober.
Try Morton's Liquors.
Well, can l at least come in and wait for him?
l had to travel all night.
l could use the rest.
l wish l could let you in, but l can't.
Do you understand?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Father Cahill!
Thanks, but l've already got one.
Joe: Who the hell are you?
lt's me, Joe.
Gwen. l'll be damned.
Get your ass down here and have a drink.
l'll come in,
but no drinking.
We gotta talk.
Wait, wait.
Now how is it, a little thing like you
managed to survive the occupation this long?
Come on, you of all people should know
l never do what's expected of me.
You've lost weight.
Well, it's getting harder and harder to find food out there.
l imagine that's not a problem at the retreat house, is it?
Clergy still has it made.
Hey, don't start. l can't have a debate right now.
lt's gonna make me go all ''head explodey.''
Well, maybe you should have another drink instead.
What do you think you're doing, Father?
The village atheist wearing a cross.
Well, wonders never cease.
l know, a bit contradictory.
l find it hard to believe, myself.
But it's a wonderful fashion accessory these days.
Everybody's wearing them.
lt really works against them. Who knows why?
- You wanna know? - Put your pamphlets away
'cause l still don't buy it.
There's probably another explanation.
Psychological, maybe.
That's pretty thin.
l know. lt's just a theory.
For now, let's just say these things taking over the world
has muddied the theological waters a bit.
Frankly, l've just been too fucking busy trying to stay alive
to take time to try and sort things out.
( thunder )
- Woman: l think we should rate it. - Man: What?
What the hell are you talking about?
Woman: Finn's been putting together a hell of an arsenal.
Now, he and Dakota don't want to participate
but they have everything we need to raid that fucking motel out on Route 70.
Man: Naw, they'll never go for it.
Woman: l had another weird dream last night,
Man: You and your dreams.
Woman: Mom used to listen to my dreams all the time.
Man: That's 'cause your mother used to have them kind of dreams.
l think you inherited her overactive imagination.
Woman: So, l'm standing in this field, right?
lt's snowing all around and it's real dark.
All of a sudden it starts getting brighter...
...and brighter.
ln the middle of the light, there's this little boy,
just standing there, staring at me.
Now you're really starting to sound like your mother.
Sometimes l'm glad she's not around to see all this.
Yeah, l know.
- This is bullshit. - Watch it, will you?
All these people do is talk.
Come on.
( laughing )
- Hey, man. - What's going on?
Hey, what's happening?
l wouldn't go in there if l were you.
- lt's that bad, huh? - This whole thing's unraveling fast.
They just can't agree on anything anymore.
Everyone has their own priorities.
Hey, Susie Q.
Come here. l have something for you.
- Check it out. - Bad ass.
- Do you know how to use one? - Yeah, my dad taught me.
Feel the weight on it.
And the best part about it is...
it buckles right to your wrist.
Keeps it handy for those close encounters.
Those cocksuckers won't ever see it coming.
lf we don't get our act together, none of us stands a chance.
Not gonna happen when you have 20 different jerk-offs
who all think they should be the ones in charge.
lf we don't get together on something soon though,
we're all fucked.
They way l see it, until then, we only have one option.
My own private reserve.
l don't want to drink.
C'mon, you gotta have at least one.
Why, 'cause you never drink alone?
Jesus, Joe, come on, this isn't you.
lt's the new and improved me.
You know how hard it's getting to find these things?
Sweet Jesus!
- All right, one drink. - Now you're talkin'.
On the condition that you don't have one, 'cause we got to talk.
All right.
( coughing )
Great to see you again, Gwen.
When was the last time we talked?
Probably over a year now.
Every since that St. Anthony's nastiness.
lt would be debates over coffee at the Queen,
arguing the problems of the world.
Didn't solve any though, did we?
l think we finally decided it was all your fault.
- Oh. - ( laughs )
The priest versus the godless, yet enlightened anarchist.
Yeah, well, it looks like you finally got that anarchy you wanted.
What?! This is not what l wanted.
This shit is more repressive than any regime in human history.
This is fucking bullshit.
Goddamn Nazi Germany was fucking Sunday school!
( screams )
Joe, they've taken over St. Anthony's.
They're in the majority now.
Taken over everything else.
Why should St. Anthony's be different than any other parish?
Not the parish,
the church.
That's holy ground.
Messed up the altar,
thrown down all the crosses.
l've seen it.
How do you know what goes on at St. Anthony's?
lt wasn't exactly one of your favorite hangouts.
All of my hangouts are gone, Joe,
just like all the people l hung out with.
But since everyone's gone,
l've been wandering around, you know?
l've run into some of your old parishioners.
( laughing )
They're pretty pathetic.
Lost, scared.
They wish you were back.
Sure they do,
just like they rallied behind me last year
when my name was being dragged through the mud.
l dedicated my life to those people!
They just stood by while the bishop railroaded me out of my own parish.
And not once did anyone stand up
and say one damn word in my defense.
Then fuck the bishop.
l didn't touch that boy.
- You know that, Gwen, right? - l know.
How could they believe l could ever do that to a little child?
You were an easier target than Palmeri.
Young, new guy in town.
A little unconventional.
Meanwhile, l'm a pariah at the retreat house.
Damn leper.
Fuck it, what's the use?
Most of the parishioners are probably dead.
lf l stayed l'd be dead, too.
Hey, Joe, you promised!
lt's Palmeri's parish.
l've been benched.
Let him do something if he's still alive.
Damn it, Joe! He's one of them!
The local leader-- he orchestrates the whole thing!
ls that all you came to tell me?
lsn't that enough?
l guess l'm outta here.
Wait, wait, wait-- Gwen, listen, l'm sorry, l'm sorry.
Look, l'm sorry.
Come on, stay the night, all right?
The sun's already down.
lt's raining.
Come on, we'll shoot the breeze like old times, what do you say?
Come on.
Will we be safe here?
As far as l know, l'm the only one who's been here for months.
l hope you're right.
( rattling )
( rattling )
- ( gasps ) - ( growls )
- ( screaming ) - ( roaring )
( screeching )
Gwen, are you okay?
Let me see. Let me see.
Yeah, l think so.
You're right,
that was definitely nothing more than a psychological reaction.
Blow me.
You sure throw one hell of a party.
Looks like l'm walking back.
Look at this.
lt's our friend from last night.
They say they don't wander far from where they live their lives...
which means this fellow was probably Catholic.
l think he deserves his last rites, don't you?
No, he isn't even human.
Well, isn't he?
Aren't they still human?
Regardless of what's happened to them?
He's not doing anything more than acting out a survivalist instinct.
Even if he can't be considered human now,
they were at one time--
before they were murdered,
and became whatever it is they became.
Whatever you consider it, if not human.
l think now he could use a few of those prayers you believed in.
Commending his soul to heaven.
- What? - lt's commending his soul to heaven.
You can't give the last rites to someone who's already dead.
l thought you people believed even the worst sinner
deserves a shot at redemption.
Gwen: You act like they're responsible for their actions after they've died.
Joe: Aren't they?
Gwen: Maybe. Maybe not.
Think you could resist the urge to feed if you turned?
Joe: l know l could.
Well, l guess l'm going.
Going where?
- What are you gonna do? - You know, l don't know.
l didn't have a contingency plan if you pussied out on me.
- Wait a minute. - Come back with me, Joe.
l don't care what happens there.
You know, that almost sounds convincing.
Can you really turn around and walk away now?
After everything l've told you?
lf you don't come back with me now,
it's going to eat you up for the rest of your life.
Come back to St. Anthony's with me.
( seagulls squawking )
Look at them, trying to hang on to the past.
Just trying to remember what a normal life is like.
Keeping a foothold on the few hours of the day that still belong to them.
How did it happen? How did we let it all come to this?
They got organized, that's what happened.
They've always existed.
Look at the literature and folklore throughout the ages--
we were bombarded with images of vampires
in movies and TV.
We were desensitized.
- lt wasn't supposed to be real. - Surprise.
Well, how could they have existed for so long
without there being any hardcore documentation?
l don't know.
Maybe they were contained to a rural area with a small population.
Remember? The first cases were reported in Saudi.
Plenty of small, isolated areas.
Yeah, l remember, kids and older people at first.
a virus contained to those particular regions.
Then there were more deaths every day.
The body count shot through the roof.
The virus story was maintained in the media for as long as possible.
When we finally opened our eyes to what was happening, it was too late.
We woke up one morning, and entire countries were taken over.
And then they came here.
( caws )
lt's all so different. lt looks like a real ghost town.
l know a place near St. Anthony's where we can crash for the night.
Oh shit!
No, honey! Shh! lt's okay.
- We're not going to hurt you. - Are you all alone here?
- What's your name? - ls your mommy around?
- Or your Dad? - ( Joe grunts )
Get the fuck out of here, now!
Let her go. She's only a kid.
ls that all, asshole? What the hell do you know?
Look around, it's daytime.
She's obviously not one of them.
You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
lf you want to live, you'll run!
- Now! - ( tires screeching )
We got to run-- now!
Come on.
( grunts )
( grunts )
- Did l do good? - You did perfect, Angel.
Fucking kids today.
You're the bitch from the boardwalk, the one with the mace.
Friends of yours?
You should do charity work for the fashion impaired.
Oh, you son of a bitch!
( grunts )
We'll see how funny it is when Father Palmeri gets through with you.
Father Palmeri? Why would you still call him Father?
- Look at me. - ( scoffs )
What do you see?
l'm young and beautiful
and strong.
Wouldn't you agree?
l'll live on until the end of time.
And you won't.
The beauty that you see here before you
will never fade once l receive the Father's immortal kiss.
He has the power to create
and destroy at will.
No one can resist him.
As no one will be able to resist me.
Can l see my mommy now?
You said if l helped you l could see my mom.
And so you shall, my dear. We'll go see mommy right now!
- Where is she? - She's right in that car.
( screaming )
( gunshot echoing )
( tires screeching )
Welcome home.
( tattoo needle buzzing )
( heavy metal music playing )
- Ow. - Quit squirmin', woman.
- lt hurts like hell. - You got to suffer to be beautiful.
Easy for you to say. Why don't you try to being on the receiving side for a while?
Does it look like l got these out of a Cracker Jack box?
Take it easy, princess, we're almost finished.
- ( needle buzzes ) - ( laughs )
Holy shit.
- Hey, Fin! - Hey, stranger!
- How the hell are ya? - Sore.
Other than that, as good as can be expected, l guess.
Fin, this is my friend, Joe.
Joe, Finnegan.
- Can l offer you a drink? - No, thanks.
- ( buzzing continues ) - How about some food?
We got plenty of ramen.
We got some eggs, cheese, bread.
Plenty of canned goods and cases of military MREs.
Tastes like ass, but, hey, it's food, right?
Dakota here made a trade for cases of the shit last winter.
Thanks, maybe later.
You never know, that stuff might be worth something again someday.
So, what brings you down here?
We need a safe place to crash tonight.
Come on, you should know that sanctuary is the one thing l don't offer here.
But everything else is negotiable, right?
Yeah, that's right.
l got a sweet deal goin' on here-- why should l have to stick my neck out?
- At the expense of everyone else. - Joe!
( whispers ) What the hell are you trying to do?
The guy's a profiteer.
He's getting fat at the expense of everyone else in town.
That's right, Gwen, remind your bitch who's boss.
lt's cool, D.
Remember who covered for you two years ago
when the feds came knocking at my door,
about that bullshit internet scam you pulled?!
l could have ratted you out then.
But l didn't!
( knocking on door )
That's probably my dad to walk me home.
You owe me!
What's it gonna be?
( door creaks )
( screams )
( growling )
( growling )
( shotgun blast )
there's an old hotel.
There's only one way in and it dead bolts from the inside.
Just stay as long as you want.
lt doesn't matter anymore.
( loud screech )
l can't stop thinking about that little girl.
How can a human being sell out their own race the way they do?
New Vichy?
Like, Vichy, French?
l'm glad see you're not as culturally illiterate as the rest of our generation.
The same way the Vichy French collaborated with the Nazis,
these kids collaborate with the vampires.
They have tattoos
that identify them to the local nest. They're spared.
Why do they do it?
The first collaborators were anything but willing, believe me.
They collaborated because their wives and children were being held.
But it didn't take long before the scum of the earth
came slithering out from under their rocks
to offer their services in exchange for immortality.
But why collaborate? Why not just bare your neck to the nearest vampire?
That's what l thought at first.
But it didn't take me long to catch on to their patterns.
See, they don't want too many of their kind
concentrated in any one area.
Too many carnivores in the forest--
once the food is wiped out, the predators starve.
Right, so once they've infiltrated a population,
they change their tactics.
They can choose who's brought into the fold,
and who dies a natural death.
There's only one problem.
- What's that? - Animals reproduce solely by instinct.
Preservation of the species.
Humans do it by choice,
because it feels good.
They're running out of food.
l don't think the remaining population has been feeling any too romantic lately.
Within a year, the vampires have become the dominant species on the planet.
To accomplish that, they had to reproduce more quickly
than l'm sure they would have liked to.
Their population explosion was too massive.
Now, most of them are starving.
That's why they all look so sick.
Vichy have been out every day hunting for food.
They also just set up, for lack of a better term,
a stud ranch
out of the old motel on 70.
A lot of the young women that have been hunted are being taken there.
They get raped by the Vichy to try to bring more food for the vampires.
So the Vichy trade their services now
for immortality later.
The Vichy know they have a better chance of survival
than the first generation once down there.
They're so weak right now that most of them can't hunt for themselves.
As new vampires, the Vichy will have more strength.
They'll be the generation to survive, once the dust settles.
Our fellow human beings never cease to amaze me.
- Maybe you shouldn't see this. - What?
Lay a guilt trip on me to get me here, now you're having second thoughts?
Maybe you changed my mind. lt's--
l need to see.
- You coming? - Once was enough.
( gurgling )
( retching )
Gwen: l thought you should know what they were doing to your church.
There are people left here.
They need your help.
What makes you think l can help anyone?
l'm no hero,
no revolutionary.
But you are a leader.
( crows cawing )
( coughing )
( buzzing )
Joe: My church!
Look what they've done to my church!
Man: Father Joe.
Father Joe, is that you?
lt's me, Carl, Carl Edwards.
l used to help take up the collection at the 10:30 mass.
Do you remember me? ls it really you, Father Joe?
- lt's me Carl. - Oh, thank God.
Come on, Carl, get up.
God sent you to save us. Save us from Palmeri.
- He's the worst of the lot of them. - l know.
lt's good to have you back, Father Joe.
We didn't know what to do since them suckers took over.
We prayed and prayed-- and here you are.
lt's a frigging miracle. Excuse me, Father.
No miracle, Carl. Gwen brought me back.
So Carl, l guess we owe you some thanks for yesterday.
Yeah, that was me.
Me daughter said that some strangers
was having some trouble with them punk kids.
But whoever thought it would have been Father Joe?
- That was your daughter. - That's me Mickey.
Well, Michelle is her name, but her mother always called her Mickey.
She used to run with these punk kids until all hell broke loose around here.
You probably wouldn't recognize her father.
She was never much of a one for going to church
but everything is going to be all right now that Father Joe is back.
We're just passing through, Carl.
Passing through. No you can't, you've got to stay.
What can l do? l'm just one person.
Well, l'll help you. l'll do anything you want.
Just tell me.
Would you help us clean up?
Yeah, sure, anything.
( sighs ) Well, what do you think?
Your show, not my parish.
lt's not my parish either, anymore.
Gwen: l think maybe he'd tell you different.
Carl, can you get us some coffee?
Does that mean you're staying?
Yeah, l'm staying.
l'll get you some food. l'll get you some coffee, too.
l know a lady that's got some, and she'll part with it for the likes of you.
And, oh Father,
you know all them things they said about you?
l never believed a word of it. Never.
lt would have meant a lot to hear that from you last year, Carl.
Yeah, l guess it would have but l won't let you down this time.
l won't. And you can take that to the bank.
Bodies. Before anything else,
we've got to get rid of the bodies.
Joe: Mickey, what are you doing here?
Mary O'Hara asked me to bring this to you.
Mmm, beef stew.
tell me what to do.
( heavy rock music )
Joe: Tastes like Meaty Moore.
Oh, it is. l recognize the little potatoes.
The ladies of the parish must be awful excited about you coming back
for them to break into their canned goods like this.
Remember Chuck?
The guy with the scar on his face, right?
Yeah, he used to store cases of Meaty Moore in his basement
for the revolution he insisted he was going to start.
Gwen, are you okay?
Yeah, sure.
l'm okay.
As okay as l can be while l'm sitting in a Catholic church eating stew,
and just spending a good part of my day repairing a crucifix.
For a devout atheist, that is not so okay.
( crying )
( sigh )
Mickey: l used to wish so badly that vampires were real.
You know, like the kind from all the movies.
The kind that Anne Rice wrote about.
God, l don't know what l expected.
That's not true.
l guess l know exactly what l fucking expected--
some full-moon-flowy-white-nightgown- handsome stranger,
some dark prince to sweep me off my feet
and take me away from all the terrible things l felt
when my mom died.
it's so stupid.
That's not how it works.
lt's not beautiful, erotic, empowering.
lt's just death.
Cold, hard, real death.
l never wanted to see a dead baby.
Why did it have to happen?
Why did so many people have to die?
Carl: l was raised Catholic.
People had more respect for the church when l was a kid.
Back in those dinosaur days.
l just don't understand how you could not believe in God.
How can you?
We're here, aren't we? We must have got here somehow.
So, it makes more sense to believe
that an omnipotent, bearded, elderly man living in the clouds
is responsible for your being here?
Sorry Carl, l really am.
But l can't just disregard every advancement,
every discovery in astronomy,
archeology, paleontology,
and say that one day God decided he was gonna create the world--
create man--
completely foregoing the entire evolutionary process.
Well, l guess that's one way to see it.
But why man?
lt takes millions of years of evolution to get here.
lt's not like primitive man just walked out of the cave one day
and said ''Fuck the wheel, l think l'll chisel me out
a microprocessor instead.''
let me ask you something.
lf there is a God,
why let all this happen?
Why let all those people die?
l guess we get a little too out of control.
He didn't want to see us corrupted anymore.
Maybe the big guy just said ''Enough is enough.''
God just wipes out anybody not filling their religious quota?
Anybody screwing off too much.
What kind of God would just wipe out billions of people
just because they pissed him off?
The kind that wants to protect
the ones that didn't piss him off.
( chuckles )
Lord, our God,
you're always faithful and quick to show mercy.
Our brothers and sisters were suddenly
and violently taken away from us.
Come swiftly to their aide.
Have mercy on them.
And comfort their family and friends
by the power and protection of the cross.
We ask this, through Christ our Lord.
The sun's almost down.
Joe: You and Mickey should go now, Carl.
Thanks for all your help.
What are you gonna do, Father?
l'm staying right here.
Well, then l'm staying too.
Me too.
l told you l'd make it up to you, didn't l?
Besides, them bastards are not going to like it
when they see what we've done to this place.
l doubt they'll even come through the door.
They won't, but those kids will.
One more thing you can get us.
Some guns. Rifles. Anything that shoots.
No problem. l can do that.
Joe: And some wine.
Some red wine if they have some.
You got it.
l never was into violence too much.
l always preferred reason to force.
Kind of hard to reason with the undead.
Are you gonna try to shoot them all?
And the Vichy,
what happens to those kids?
We'll see.
You're planning Custer's Last Stand?
More like the Alamo.
Same result.
You ready to die, Joe?
What the fuck?
Hey, motherfucker, did you do all this?
Mick, what are you doing here?
Fuck off.
ls this the real you?
to live forever, wasn't that it?
Stay young, beautiful,
or die.
Old and tired and sick,
like your mother.
Dead in the ground.
Shut up!
You go tell Palmeri l'm waiting for him.
Go tell him that Father Cahill is back.
Priest. You don't look like no priest.
Tell him Father Joe is back and he's pissed.
You got tell him that. Get out of here while you still can.
( screaming )
Father Joe is back and he is pissed.
l like that.
We'll make it into a bumper sticker if we survive the night.
Nice throw.
l never like him anyway.
( screaming )
( in demonic voice ) Why?
l've spent my entire life
surrounded by crosses.
Why can't l even glance at one now?
Now you look like the old Father Joe.
lt's so good to have you back, Father Joe.
This may just be the most unusual mass in history.
You do understand, don't you, that this was all on short notice?
Does-- is this gonna work, Father?
l don't know.
l just need enough time for the consecration.
Then we'll know.
Before he was given up to death,
a death he freely accepted,
he took bread and gave You thanks.
( growling )
He broke the bread
and said to his disciples,
''Take this, all of you and eat it.
This is my body which will be given up for you.''
When supper was ended,
he took the cup
and again gave You thanks and praise.
He gave the cup to his disciples and said--
- ( crash ) - He gave the cup
to his disciples and said,
''Take this, all of you and drink from it.
This is the cup of my blood.
The blood of the new everlasting--''
Stop them!
''lt will be shed for you and for all, that your sins may be forgiven.
Do this in memory of me.''
( growling )
Welcome home, Joseph.
Joe: Get out of my church.
Your church?
Times have changed my friend.
Your savior has forsaken you.
Your world has died.
And your church belongs to me,
where l am a God.
No one will be flocking to Father Joe
once his entrails are draped along my church walls.
You've already fallen from the pedestal.
Your loyal parishes
so quickly placed you on.
Do you actually believe you could rise above me again?
Not much of a climb where a pedophile's concerned.
l know it was you.
( demonic voice ) We all have appetites.
Do you honestly think if you were one of us
you could resist the hunger?
( growling )
Do you hold yourself so high above all others
as to say you never succumb to your desires?
By dawn you'll be drained.
We'll each have a go at you.
Never again will you know how it feels
to bask in the warm glow of the sun.
And when night comes,
you shall be that which you despise most.
And you'll feed.
Oh, how you'll feed that first night.
An indescribable hunger that can't be sated.
l was saying mass.
Do you mind if l finish?
Did you think you could celebrate mass on this?
That you could effect a transubstantiation here?
Do you really believe any of that?
The wine and host
taking on the substance of--
the son's body and blood?
You mean this is His blood?
l've always wanted to drink the blood of a deity.
( growling )
( screaming )
What happened here?
Carl: lt's a miracle.
A miracle and a meltdown.
lt's all true.
lt was all, always true.
( footsteps approaching )
Welcome to Fright Night.
l have always wanted to say that.
- Hello, lover. - Get out of my way.
Wouldn't want to hold you up from helping that bastard priest ruin everything.
What are you thinking?
l'm not going to let you ruin everything.
You may have changed your plans,
( mockingly ) thank God,
had a religious awakening--
--but you're not going to fuck up my plans.
( grunting )
l still love you.
You know that.
When you had no one else,
after your mother abandoned you,
you had me,
your pillar of strength.
Did you have a daddy?
Where is he now?
Wasn't that him running out just now,
leaving you here to die?
You can come back to me.
You can live forever.
( distorted ) Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up, Joseph.
You were having a nightmare.
That's it, Joe.
Wake up!
We're all waiting for you.
lt's your birthday today.
The day you were born to darkness.
Why are you continuing to fight us?
Even if you chase us out of here for good,
what would you have accomplished?
The world is ours now.
Feeders and cattle.
That is the hierarchy.
And tonight you'll join us.
But she won't!
Palmeri: All is lost, Joseph.
Soon she'll be dead!
And you'll be immortal.
Your savior has forsaken you.
Your lone parishioner is dead.
Left you and his daughter to us.
l will not be like you.
l won't allow it.
Joseph, there's no choice.
You should just kill me now.
lf l'm forced to become one of you, l'll be doing it with one thing in mind--
finding you.
And when l do,
l won't stake your heart.
l'll stake your arms and your legs to Casino Pier
so you can watch the sun come up.
When it's over, you'll thank me.
You'll wonder why you ever resisted.
You better be sure
'cause l'll have eternity to track you down.
Don't think an empty threat is going to cow me.
We'll see, won't we?
You let her go now. l'll let you be.
( demonic voice ) Kill her!
( screaming )
No, no, no!
( screams )
Too bad, Alberto.
l told you l wouldn't let you down, didn't l Father?
Yes, yes you did, Carl.
l told them. l ran through the parish
going house to house of anybody that was left.
l told them Father Joe was in trouble
and this time we ain't gonna let him down.
Then they started going house to house.
And the next thing you know, we had a nice little army.
Fucking drama queen.
Sweetie, where are you? Are you in here?
Oh, there you are. Come on out now.
Everything's gonna be fine.
( screaming )
Gwen: About fucking time.
lt's not over yet, bitch!
- Joseph! - What do you want?
- A trade. - Me for her.
- Naturally. - Don't you fucking dare, Joe.
Quiet, pig,
or l'll snap your spine.
- All right. - You can't.
lt'll be okay.
Joe! Stay back!
Give it up, bitch. lt's over.
He's going to lose.
Oh, l'm afraid so.
Pity you won't live long enough to watch
your precious Father Joe die.
Joe, get the fuck out of here.
Get out of here, Joe!
Hello, Joseph.
Get out of here, Joe.
He's gonna kill us both.
l hope you're not going to try anything foolish.
No more heroics. No tricks!
No tricks. Just let her go.
Let her go?
That was the deal, wasn't it?
Please, Alberto,
just let her go.
You can have me.
l already have you, Joe.
And l have her too!
The world is mine.
lt's over, priest.
All things come to an end, Joseph.
( demonic voice ) This is the end.
( screaming )
( coughing )
Gwen, what did you do?
Nothing left for me.
we're settling all those arguments, right now.
l'm guessing you were right.
No, Gwen.
Keep fighting, Joe.
Don't let it end here.
Promise me.
l promise. l promise.
May God give you peace,
and l absolve you from all your sins
in the name of the Father and of the Son
and the Holy Ghost.
( cheering )
After my mom died,
l never told him l loved him.
l'm sure he knew.
where do we go from here?
l don't know.
What have we done?
We've reclaimed a tiny piece of the planet.
A toehold. Nothing more.
lt's a victory.
We haven't had one until now.
Yeah, who knows.
Maybe other people will hear about this
and start their own kind of trouble.
Maybe it will be the spark.
Maybe it won't.
Let's worry about the future tomorrow.
Are you staying on?
For a while.
Later l'll get Father O'Donnell from the retreat house to come here.
He's a good man.
Mickey: And then?
Joe: l don't know.
To be honest, l didn't think l'd live through tonight.
Wherever you do go,
can l go too?
- Mickey. - Yes, Father.
Come with Joe.
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