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Subtitles for Milieu du monde Le (Alain Tanner 1974).

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Milieu du monde Le (Alain Tanner 1974)

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The substance and shape of a film
on place, time,
and context.
This place is called
middle of the world.
Actually, there are as many centres
of the world as there are people.
Place: Switzerland,
on the watershed divide.
Time: 1974,
in a period of normalization.
Normalization means that between
nations, classes,
and divergent political systems
exchange is allowed
nothing changes.
Hopes remain
but they are normalized
into old stereotyped attitudes.
Words and explanations change
as hopes
are buried.
Only words, dates and seasons change.
Nothing else.
This is the story of
an Italian waitress
and a local ingineer
over a period of 112 days.
Every sunrise
brings a new day.
We want Paul Chamoret.
He's not a member!
I think he's a great choice.
You can't go
to parliament
without experience.
To me, that's an advantage.
Isn't Schmocker running?
That's what we've come
here to decide.
Paul is well known,
he served in the Town Council.
He's efficient, he knows the job.
Not everyone does.
And he has no political stigma.
He was born here.
He's a self-made man.
He knows everyone in industry.
His father is a farmer.
The most important problem is that
since he is new,
he will be at the bottom
and have no chance to win.
No, he will replace Schmocker.
So he will win automatically.
You have it all planned.
How many for Chamoret?
All right, fine.
I'll phone Paul.
Let me talk to him first.
The part meeting just ended.
We have chosen you as our candidate.
We must meet next week.
You really want to wear that tie?
I'll change it.
May I have the car today?
Yes, no problem.
At your other job,
was service included?
You don't know how to give change.
Let me explain.
Never just plunk down money.
Keep it in your hand
so they can see how much.
Always try to give them
small coins.
And you cop a coin.
Every time!
But you have to think fast.
When someone's buying drinks,
you can make a franc!
In a month, it adds up.
In 50 years, you're rich!
What a dumb-bell!
If I had my hands free...!
Don't waste your time on her!
You can ask Marcel.
Come have a drink with us!
I haven't any time, I'm alone.
With us handsome guys!
We're intelligent too!
What are you up to?
Your father? _ In agriculture.
Near here?
At Eligoz. I was born there.
You went to school there?
A graduate in engineering?
With honors!
It's not your usual work
but it will be easy.
We were surprised
you contacted us P.R. Men.
But after all, I'm sure you're right.
Parties need new methods too.
He has been on the Town Council.
Ever been mayor?
You will be. Married, I hope.
We have one child.
Two would have been better.
I can get one on the way before the campaign.
No need, we'll manage with one.
Are you involved
in social activity?
Is your wife. That would be even better.
Does she work?
Has she any social activity?
I don't think so.
We'll use a model speech
with variations,
native son here,
farmer's boy there,
technical director here,
family man there.
You can also stress the fact _
how could I say _
that Chamoret is
a non political candidate.
He's not a part man,
just an ordinary man
interested in public affairs,
not politicking.
"A slogan: "If you are not"
"interested in politics, vote for him!""
I'll let you lock up.
Remember the back door.
You sent for me?
Yes. Take a seat. Chamoret.
Here is my text for you
on economic problems.
It is a bit dry.
It must be reworded
in less technical terms.
People must be aware
of our problems.
We ask for their support,
so they have a right to know.
What little they can
understand about finance.
Adriana, let me tell you one thing:
When customers talk politics,
you turn deaf.
It's not your affair.
Especially now with the elections,
steer clear!
Because I'm Italian?
No that.
Because politics and business
never mix. Politics
is politics. Business is business.
Beer has no part
If you meddle with politics
you're sunk.
It's crazy, but your tits are uneven!
One is smaller - or bigger -
than the other!
I'm a tit-watcher,
yet I only just noticed.
Quanto sei scemo!
What does scemo mean?
A month ago,
she's have slapped your kisser.
She's slowly getting tamer.
I swear her tits are uneven.
Can't you see! Don't you even care?
Will you play cards or talk crap?
I don't like men who talk like you.
It is puzzling but
it makes our prices
less competitive.
The first place to act is
right here at home. We must learn
to curb our appetite.
The first place to act is
right here at home. We must learn
to curb our appetite.
We are stuck.
Going far? _ To Moruz Station.
There's a meeting.
An A.D. P Part meeting? To give a spiel?
Yes, to start the campaign.
The factory already drains you dry!
What are you after?
Hell, the factory
is pushing you?
A little bit. _ They'll do you in.
Anyway, he won't win.
They'll smear him. Lots of people say
you'll get the works.
If we make you lose,
will you treat us to a feast?
For our help.
I promise.
Bitchy weather!
Some here for the speakers.
We will now have
a 3-minutes interval
so the waitress
can serve you.
The Polish foreign minister
paid a visit to the pope
last november. Poland desires normal
relations with the Vatican.
Isn't your tall friend here?
She comes at 2 p.m.
At 2 p.m. Sharp?
I get off at 2 p.m.
I'll be back.
You're Italian?
Why come to this hole?
I work here.
This town's a drag, and it's cold now.
It's like anywhere. It does get cold.
Is this your home? Didn't you speak here?
Yes, I was born up the road a bit.
Ideologies are a thing of the past.
No more extremism
or speechifying.
What we need are competent people,
organizers and technicians
who're able to solve the problems
of industrial society,
not scatterbrains,
who spout
She's not here yet.
It doesn't matter. I came for coffee.
Does she start at two?
Where does she live?
26 rue Ancienne at Moruz.
Give me my coffee.
You here?
I'm sorry. I wanted to see you.
I want to talk.
Yes, now or later.
What is it you want?
Will you let me
see you often?
I'd like to see you
every day.
Every day?
Do you have time
this morning?
All right. What time is it?
Not quite 8:30.
How about 10 o'clock?
I worked late last night.
Of course.
My car is down by the bridge.
I'll wait for you.
See you at 10 o'clock.
Every day? _ Yes every day.
You are married.
It doesn't matter. Who told you?
My boss.
You are in politics.
Not really. Just certain aspects.
You're an engineer, head of
something. You live at Saint-Claret.
You know everything then.
And you're crazy. _ Why?
How will you manage to see me?
You work hard,
make speeches and you're married.
It won't be easy.
I work hard too,
sometimes till midnight.
I'll find a way.
We may have a branch factory here.
I'll go there more often.
The election keeps me on the move.
I can see you here.
I'll manage. At midnight, or at any time.
Your name's Adriana.
And yours? _ Paul.
You free tomorrow? _ At 2 p.m.
I'll be waiting in my car near the café.
Why not in the café
Better not. And don't mention me.
Will you see me again?
Yes, why not?
Tomorrow at two.
I'll be waiting.
You're a funny guy.
It looks like northern Italy, doesn't it?
I don't know, but it's unlike
anything else around here.
I was born over there, at Eligoz.
My father still lives there.
He was born there too.
And my mother. She died there.
We kids used to catch frogs.
When they're numb,
they're easy to grab.
I know the market gardeners.
Not many around in winter.
Are you afraid people will see us?
My life is complicated enough.
Where are you from?
Vicenza. Ever go there?
You did if
you honeymooned in Venice.
No, I was taking exams
when I got married.
Maybe I shouldn't have come to Moruz.
Why not? _ I don't know.
Will you see me again? _ No-yes.
Yes or no?
No-yes. I will
if you want to.
I do want to.
Again and again. We must!
Were the frogs here?
Where are they now?
Asleep until March.
Notice the train? _ Why?
As it approaches,
the sound is high.
After it passes,
the sound gets lower.
So what?
Listen next time
a train passes.
Speed changes the sound.
Want to know why.
You tell me.
As it approaches,
the sound waves are short.
Then the waves get longer.
A man named Doppler discovered that.
It changed many things.
Everything changed.
More than you think.
He discovered that all galaxies
are speeding away from us.
Some as fast as 40.000 km/ s.
Aren't they coming our way?
I don't know of any.
I'm a clodhopper at heart.
A peasant.
Does your father own land?
He works other people's land.
I'm a contradiction.
A peasant without land.
A peasant boy wants to
become an engineer.
And he does, yet he
stays a clodhopper.
My father worked in a factory.
My husband too.
Are you married?
He died in an accident
at work 5 years ago.
He and my father always
yapped about union problems.
Ever consider remarrying?
You can always try again.
See this?
Our house caught fire.
I got burned.
I spent two months in hospital.
I couldn't see.
I had a bandage over my eyes.
At night I was alone.
So that's the way my face is.
It's my face.
I like your face.
I didn't know if I'd be blind
or disfigured.
That changed me.
Other people changed too.
I decided things would
be different afterwards.
I saw myself as different,
and so did other people.
We always put on a show for other people.
We always put on a different face.
I couldn't do that with an ugly face.
So everything changes.
You withdraw...
into yourself.
Responsibility is toward yourself.
In the end, it wasn't so serious.
I still had a face.
But it changed me.
Adriana, I want you.
Be patient.
I have patience.
Do you live up in those
dark trees and snow?
Is Saint-Claret a town?
Small like Moruz, gloomy in winter.
With a main street,
factories and a movie-house.
I work too hard to give much notice.
I have a nice home out by the woods.
I can't see you tomorrow.
You said every day.
Tomorrow I can't.
Another speech?
It's my work,
appointments all day long.
The day after as well.
I'll be sick.
No. Yes. _
Sick from not seeing you.
If you're not dead on monday,
I have the day off.
Keep the whole day for me!
I'll pick you up at 10 a.m.
We will go to Eligoz. There's a good
restaurant there with one side
for the poor, the other for the rich.
We'll go to the rich. _ Of course.
The protection of our environment...
starts with our sewers...
not with the prophets of
imminent doom and war.
The environment can be protected by
a good local government...
in the hands of
experienced administrators.
You were married?
Not for long.
I know. Mrs Schmidt told me.
Did you like it?
Yes, I did.
Jean-Pierre wants to marry me.
Which one? The tall one?
No, he's not the type.
I don't know what to do.
All wifes do is make meals.
Your husband stops at a bar after work.
He comes home, eats, watches TV, and goes
to bed early because he has to get up at six.
Do you want to wait tables forever?
That's just it. I don't know.
If you marry, the fun is over,
but you can't have fun all your life.
Do you like men?
What men?
Men in general.
That depends.
I like men.
Ever since the pill,
I've had a wild time.
How did you find him?
He was just there.
And we got married.
They have name?
When you're a kid, you name them.
Do you eat them?
They're not for decoration.
You used to kill them?
I killed chickens.
It was my speciality for miles around.
I was a chicken killer.
Never liked them.
Is that a girl?
No, a boy.
Like rabbits, they say
Not in winter - with rabbits, it's not mental.
With us, it's mental,
so it's all year round.
They have lots of babies?
They let them die if you don't help.
So what do you do?
What do you do with the young?
Give them coffee
to activate their mammary glands
and they'll nurse their young.
Ask any farmer. Coffee with milk.
If it gets worse, we use whisky.
I like this place. Isn't your father here?
He must be out cutting wood.
Middle of the world?
Why that name?
Because I was born here.
No. It is the middle,
On one side,
water flows to the Mediterranean,
on the other to the North Sea.
I was born in the right place.
Neither north nor south.
From here you see the world better.
A cross-breed?
That's just it.
We're the best.
Purebreds degenerate.
Mongrel dogs are the smartest.
I'm a cross-bred.
An Eligoz cross-bred.
I understand now.
What do you mean?
You want to buy me with chicken.
It's good.
Is it a cross-breed too?
Do you often buy women with food?
Yes, mostly on Mondays,
when the cafés are closed
and the waitresses have their day off.
Always waitresses?
Always. I have a waitress fetish.
Why is that?
It's hard to say.
A matter of intuition.
They have something other women lack.
What, for exemple?
They're straightforward.
You can be direct with them.
They're strong and know how to talk to men.
You can stare at them.
It doesn't embarrass them.
They're beautiful.
All of them?
You especially. You're beautiful.
You especially.
Paul, how are you?
Making the rounds of the voters?
A drink will buy my vote.
Is she with you?
Come meet a friend!
The former village hooligan.
Not as much as him.
I bet you ate on the rich side.
You win your bet.
Why did you do that?
Do what?
I thought you didn't want
us seen together?
I couldn't help it.
"Do you want to see the "Middle of the world"?"
What did you say?
Nothing. You'll find out.
What now?
I'm making it dark.
I'm making it dark. Help me.
Here's the middle of the world.
I don't see it. I can touch it.
What did you do yesterday?
I slept.
Did you sleep all day?
Was it good?
My sleep?
I had a very good sleep.
Does he sleep well?
He. Who? _
The pope.
"My car is going to "stall" tomorrow."
You'll come to repair it at 10 a.m.
Repair it on the spot.
Make the job last at least an hour.
We'll be back before noon.
I don't get it.
That's the story you give if anyone asks.
Why will it stall?
It's practically a new car.
Make up a reason.
At least stall it in front of a bar!
You don't have to go there. It's only
in case anyone asks, but no one will.
"While I"repair"it,"
what'll you do?
Make love.
You're kidding.
At 10 a.m.?
Don't you like sex in the morning?
Yes, on Sunday. Tomorrow's Wednesday.
You've been buying lots of gas.
Where is she?
At Moruz.
What if it leaks out?
Who is she?
A waitress at the railway café.
What a stink it'll make.
Keep it secret. It's serious.
I won't tell.
Is that you, Paul?
Come in.
Did I wake you?
I was waiting for you.
I want to kiss you.
All right, kiss me!
What have you got?
A silly gift.
Shall I draw the curtains?
You like it to be dark.
We make a good pair.
We're completely different.
You're a woman, I'm a man!
Maybe we'll change.
You'll change me, and I'll change you.
Why should I change? Maybe you...
You don't know me.
Yes, a little.
Soon I'll know you very well.
Not even lovers know
each other altogether.
I'm not really
the way people see me.
I'm different.
Everyone is always alone.
You're lovely.
I could look at you for days.
If a man sees a woman naked,
he thinks he knows her.
She is thus and so.
That's why I wanted it dark.
A man who takes off his pants is shy.
He thinks anyone who sees his cock
can read his mind.
Do you like it here?
In this room?
No, in this country.
It's allright. It's peaceful,
People are not unkind...
except the stupid ones.
It's not my home.
Some things I don't understand.
I'll explain everything.
I know the region well. I like it here.
My family was very active.
Always lots of people at our house...
with all their union problems and dramas.
I'll show you my town,
full of
hidden dramas.
Some are well worth telling.
Where is the bathroom?
At the landlady's.
I'm allowed to use
her bathroom.
And if someone's in it?
Use my basin.
That's dirt!
It can be washed.
Renting rooms without bath in 1974!
They have exchanged hopes.
And they hope their hopes will live.
You here? Looking for me?
Just taking a walk. I wanted to see this place.
Let's go have a drink.
Stay with your friends.
I see them all day!
I'd rather keep walking a while.
All right,
I'll come after you tomorrow.
I work tomorrow.
Change with Juliette.
I'll ask her. Phone me.
Is she your cousin?
Right, my cousin!
It suits you.
Will you work the night for me tomorrow?
I'd like to be free.
If you open the day after.
All week long?
No, only tomorrow.
All right. _ Thank you.
Is it for your guy?
No, what guy?
If not, I won't switch with you.
Well then, it is for him.
How is it going?
All right.
Guys like him are rare.
You're lucky.
Is it serious or does
he only want sex?
Just a minute.
The present unpredictable
financial crisis...
and industrial
concern us all.
We must all
discipline our efforts
regardless of our position.
We're all
in the same boat...
That's a lie!
We're not in the same boat.
Where to?
Villiers. Is it far? _
Not quite an hour.
We'll have dinner.
But I'd rather...
I'd rather... I'd rather...
You'd rather what?
Make a guess.
You'd rather screw.
Right! And you?
Me too.
I'm not going.
Turning back?
We'll go somewhere else.
I've got a brilliant idea!
A swank hotel
I couldn't afford
when I was a student.
We'll go there!
What a brilliant idea!
I caught cold.
It's not serious but I have a fever.
Can you manage without me?
I'm sure you can.
Tell them all I'm sorry.
Adriana... come to bed!
I want a bath.
After my bath.
No, before. _ After.
I want you again.
I want you again.
Come and eat!
As a dessert?
Is it good?
Hotel food for fossil
American tourists.
Do people live here?
All year around?
Yes, lots of old moneybags.
I want you again.
See? I'm shaking
I always shake before some big event.
Adriana, I'm shaking.
Not here.
Why not?
Not in a bed for old...?
Moneybags. On the carpet?
Not in this room.
I want to tell you...
I love you.
I want to stay with you.
I want to live with you.
What about you?
I'd like that.
I can't live without you.
Not in this bed? Really?
At my place, if you want.
Why not sleep here till tomorrow?
No, I want my own bed.
I'll have to arrange my life with you.
There are problems to be solved,
A plan for the futur.
Then we'll go places.
First you quit your crummy job.
"It's not a"crummy job"."
Yes it is.
You deserve a better life. With me.
I'll soon travel for my job.
You'll come along.
You must be free to do as you like. With me.
I want to start over - now that I'm a success.
It'll work out beautifully.
We'll sail along.
For five years, I've wanted to fly a plane.
I had no time.
I'll start next summer
and take you along.
You're sure this bed won't do?
No, it won't.
Last night I was tired and shaky.
I'm sorry.
No. I don't know.
Nothing serious, I hope.
The reason I called you in
is that I've heard gossip about you.
Of course I don't believe a word.
But I urge you to be rather careful
in certain situations.
We're in the public eye.
We're fighting a campaign.
Beware of low blows.
The slightest details will be used against you,
anything to beat
an opponent.
Remember I'm in this too.
You're my man.
If you mean my private life,
it's no one's business.
Of course. But you're different
from other men right now.
Don't forget that.
Saluting someone?
I want to see if my hand is still shaking.
You've knocked him for a loop.
You would choose him.
He chose me.
There will be trouble.
And don't bring any of it here.
Is he good to you?
Yes, he's good to me.
Give guys what they want
and they're good to you.
One thing, you never have to guess
what they want. Spread your drumsticks
and they're all happy.
I wouldn't bank on him.
You're always scared of something.
You'll see. Never trust
anybody, man or woman.
Never count on anyone
to make your way.
You have to go it alone.
What do you want from him?
He has money. And a cock.
What more do you want?
What are you after?
I don't know. Nothing.
With a guy, I like to feel he's not...
afraid of anything.
Me neither. That's all.
He won't feather your nest.
He'll pull a dirt trick...
Oh, Mr Quim, have you heard the news?
Chamoret sleeps with
an Italian waitress.
It's Mrs Rump who told me.
One seat less for the A.D.P.!
One seat less for the fat, we say!
Stop goofing off!
If Paul loses, the Church wins.
But Paul will win, I'm sure.
He's crazy.
Because he's in love?
At this time, he could be more cautious.
If you want a good time
you can't play it both ways.
Now get that car repaired.
Anyway, to us,
he's a traitor, a turncoat.
Let the A.D.P. Keep him.
The waitress may redeem his sins.
If he loses, Al will have to
join the Church to sell gas.
Very funny!
All parties are the same.
Vote for one or the other,
same difference.
They all want power.
No one listens to their chinwag.
They promise one thing
and do the opposite.
Ever hear the one about
the haymaker?
Well, he was making hay
with his wife and...
He's got to come. Did you phone?
He can't be found. No one knows.
Even at the factory.
He's at her place.
No, not now. We must find him.
We can't cancel tomorrow's meeting.
Where is she?
Check with the station café.
Ask where she lives. He must be found.
Will you go?
I don't mind. Coming with me?
All right.
There's some fog below.
It's a waste of gas.
This icy road is dangerous.
Farther down there is no ice.
We won't find him.
I bet we do.
Do you plan to yank him off the girl?
Ever seen her?
Once, at the café.
What's she like?
She's worth getting into.
I'd rather be in her than here with you.
Did you hear the one
about the haymaker?
His wife is on the cart.
He's below, loading hay.
He looks up at her and suddenly
pulls down his pants.
Come on, I want to lay you! He says.
"She says" "Are you out of your mind?""
"He says"Come on!""
"She says, "No! We've got to"
"get the haying done!""
His pants are still down around his ankles.
"She says,"Pull your pants up!""
"Oh, now that they're down,
I'll rent an apartment.
For you?
For the two of us.
I'm tired of driving to and from every day.
You can quit your job.
Then what will I do?
We'll see.
Smells like back home.
How can you cook on it?
I wish I were back home.
I got a letter from my brother.
I want to see him.
Next time, I'll make you potatoes my way.
Like every day when I was a kid.
Potatoes with butter and cheese.
That's civilization.
You're getting famous! Not in politics.
As a skirt-chaser!
Like father, like son.
I didn't make a fool of myself.
I don't either.
It's sincere.
My eye! You make it big
then goof off with a broad.
You'll ruin it all.
I won't ruin a thing.
You'll lose and be a
laughing-stock. So will I.
I won't lose.
Listen to what people say.
An Italian to boot!
What's she like?
I never go to the station café.
I never even go to Moruz
since you goofed.
What's she like?
Beautiful, eh?
You're a bastard all the same.
You'll ruin it all.
I won't ruin a thing.
I don't know what to do.
Get the girl out.
Invent anything.
He'd follow her.
We'll have to use persuasion.
Several of us have tried.
He won't listen.
What does he say?
That his private life is his business.
Let it go, it's not that serious.
He loves her.
We're likely to lose the seat.
Why should it make us lose?
Everyone says so.
You create an image of a father,
technical manager, an honest town councillor...
and you wind up with a dopey skirt-chaser!
All the voters say the same thing.
You'll see, he'll lose.
Anyway, it's too late. It's done now.
I told you
to keep Schmocker.
If he was horny, he should've gone to Hamburg,
on business, like everybody else.
We can't lose a seat for a piece of ass.
What can we do? Chamoret's crazy.
The tart has him in a trance.
It's like an evil spell.
He's lost his mind.
Evil or not, she must be
a pretty hot lay.
Please, gentlemen!
Can't we hush it up?
Hush it up? But how?
No one can tell how it will
evolve. Financial decisions
are often made abroad.
We have no influence
What we must do
is plan for evolution
and not wait for it to come
and to be favorable.
You son of a bitch! You big pile of shit!
We know who you screw with.
If you don't understand,
I can say it in Italian.
Has she ever run around
with the local protesters?
Those young queers.
I have no idea.
Is she honest money-wise?
That's all we wanted to know.
This is for you.
How kind of you.
It's beautiful.
It gives the seconds, minutes, hours...
days, months, years, leap years...
tides, full moons and even
the centuries. Never wind it.
It runs forever.
You have to quit this café.
We can't always be waiting
for closing times.
What will I do?
I'll find an apartment
for us at Moruz.
And I'll wait around
all day doing nothing?
I don't want you treated
the way you are here.
I can defend myself.
I've been at this 3 years -
nobody's ever touched me... apart from you.
Mrs Schmidt has a weak heart.
I can't let her down.
She can find another girl.
I can't let her down. Not now.
I'm tired of driving
and working evenings to make up.
I'm fed up! We have to find a solution.
Can I have some more beer?
How long now?
One more hour.
I'll wait. I have something to show you.
You'll see.
Make yourself at home.
Is it yours?
No, yours. My wife went to her mother's.
There are bathrooms all over,
electric mixers, a freezer, washing machine,
dishwasher, machine galore,
everything automatic.
If they're not good, I've a photographer
friend. He'll do a portrait.
I won't be seeing you tomorrow.
Aren't you off?
Yes, but I won't be there.
I'll be out for a walk.
All alone?
Can't we meet in the evening?
Not tomorrow. I want to be alone.
Explain why.
I've nothing to explain.
I want to be alone.
I've been thinking about us...
about what must be done.
I'll see a lawyer.
I need a divorce...
so we can live together.
I'll arrange all that.
Later we can have children.
Did you want kids
when you were married?
We didn't have time.
We weren't married very long.
I'll have a surgeon
remove that too.
Let's make love!
Right now? Here?
No, in my bed, like last time.
No brassiere?
So if I want
I can feel your soft tits.
God, what a beautiful world!
I never realized how awful your room is.
It's not that bad.
I don't care.
I sleep well, it's quiet.
I do as I like here.
I can think a lot.
My first trip this year...
will be to the US.
I'll take you. _ To New-York?
Ho, no!
Why not?
What will I do in New-York?
Whatever you like. Visit places...
Don't you want to? _ No.
Anyway, do one thing for me
and quit that café.
Not now. I told you why, but you don't
listen. Like my father. If you don't
listen, you never get to know people.
I know you well.
You don't know me.
We're always together.
You see another person, not me.
I see only you. I think only of you.
I'll never let you go.
Don't talk. Just look at me.
Get a good look!
Don't touch! Just look!
The new program?
It's been in use for several hours.
Any problems?
None at all.
We even save a minute per item.
Is all well? _ Yes, all's well.
I have a gift for you. Look!
What is it? A camera?
A movie-camera.
You're crazy.
I can't run that.
It runs
by itself.
Just put in the film...
and press here.
It can't be. I'll never learn how.
You think you're dumber than you are. Try it!
What shall I film?
Like what?
There are lots of things to film.
Lots of things? The customers
of the café? Mrs Schmidt?
Dogs taking a pee?
Me like this?
A nice film that would be. Just crap!
I'd show you the film since you don't see me.
You know I love you.
Look! This is me. Where do I come from?
Vicenza, I know... I'd do anything for you.
You don't see me!
I close my eyes
and I see nothing but you.
Then leave them closed.
Same difference.
I give you a camera and you get mad?
Even if you filmed me inside,
you couldn't see a thing.
We'll know each other better every day.
You make me puke.
What did you say?
You've never been alone.
You're not alone any more.
I want you to know who I am.
You listen only to yourself.
I don't listen to crap!
Come, I make love to you.
With you like that?
Won't you undress?
I am undressed.
That's how whores do it.
Whores undress only below the waist.
I'm cold.
Come on, honey!
Is that what they say?
What are you doing?
Playing dead.
We need competent people,
organizers, technicians, who're able
to solve the problems of industrial society...
not scatterbrains who
spout nonsense...
and very dangerous ideas.
And now a word from our future M.P.
And friend Paul Chamoret.
Who died?
Mrs Schmidt.
This morning in the café
A heart attack.
Good news come in pairs.
I lost the election.
Because of me.
That's the rumor.
They don't want you.
So they won't take me either.
They take both of us or nothing.
Now I'll be able to breathe.
I'm exhausted.
It's as if I'd voted.
I'm the votes
you didn't get.
They're all a bunch of boobs!
I'm going to bed.
What will you do now?
With your boss and job,
after all this?
Nothing has changed.
I've never made 'em sweat so hard!
I've got things well in control.
I'm not at all a loser.
Want to stay here?
Want to make love
to get back at them?
The guys with fat ugly wives
who voted me out!
Now you can quit your job.
I was leaving anyway.
Because I lost?
That's all over now.
We'll go places together.
Tomorrow you leave this room and come to my place.
Let's get some sleep.
Telephone for Mr Chamoret!
You've got to get it out
by monday.
Make everyone do overtime.
All men in my office at 5!
We finish by monday.
Can't you come?
I have to talk to you.
All right.
Roger! Paul is here.
You owe us a big feed.
I don't owe you a thing.
You promised us a feed if you got licked.
That's true. When?
this evening?
Let me catch my breath. Did you vote?
Against me?
You bet.
You bastards!
While we're still friends, tell us why.
We saw her at the café.
Some babe!
Worth losing an election for!
What's her name?
When you see her... kiss her for us.
I'll do that.
What's wrong?
I have to talk to you. Outside. Wait for me.
I'm leaving.
They can't keep you on?
It's not that. I've decided to go.
To go where?
To leave here.
Why? Where to?
I'll stay with a cousin
in the german speaking part.
Maybe I'll work there for a while.
You're mad!
What an idea! Because of the election?
But I don't care.
I don't either. It's not that.
You can't just walk out on me!
I know.
But I'm leaving tomorrow.
Tomorrow? _ yes.
Do you know what you're doing?
You can't help it.
That's the way it is. It's over.
Mrs Schmidt's death and
the election shook you up.
Wait a few days to think it over.
Come live with me.
I've decided to leave.
Is it to save his career?
Is it his family?
They paid you to leave?
Is he a bad lay?
He wanted abnormal sex?
Strange things?
It is because he's not Italian?
Of course not!
Paul knew what he wanted...
but his hopes didn't allow
for any genuine change.
Perhaps Adriana knew only
what she did not want.
That caused her to make a decision.
Neither one could find
any hope for renewal.
So their hopes were normalized.
Hopes are born
and shared every day.
But instead of flowing into life...
they shatter against...
lies, opportunism...
and fear.
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