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Million Dollar Baby CD1

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I've only ever met one man i wouldn't want to fight
when i met him he was already the best cut man in the business
started training and managing in the 60's, never lost his gift.
I need to look at him.
He's fine, he's fine.
Even if you dont stop this bleeding I give you one more round.
Seconds up, lets go.
Wwhat do we do? tell me what to do.
Let him hit you.
Sometimes there's just nothing you can do
cuts too high, too close to the bone,
maybe you got a severed vein,
or you just cant get the cuagulant deep enough.
The're all kinds of combinations you come up against down in the different layers of meat
and frankie knew how to work every one.
People love violence,
they'll slow down at a car wreck to check for bodies,
same people claim to love boxing,
they got no idea what it is.
Boxing is about respect,
getting it for yourself,
and taking it away from the other guy.
I'll warm up the car.
Mr dunn?
I owe you money?
No sir.
I know your momma?
Dont really know sir.
What is it you want?
I was on the inner card, i won my fight too, maggie fitzgerald.
Well maggie fitzgerald, what's up?
Did you happen to see it?
I did pretty good, thought you might be interested in training me.
I dont train girls.
Maybe you should, people seen me fight say i'm pretty tough.
Girlie, tough aint enough.
It's a mistake.
Car should be able to back up frankie.
Just push will you?
What did HOgan want?
Offered us a title shot.
Bout time.
I turned him down flat, 2 or 3 more fights and you'll be ready.
Been 2, 3 more fights for a long time now frankie.
Look Willie, you've one shot at the title,
you lose, it may not come around again
2 or 3 more fights and you'll be ready.
If you say frankie.
Frankie liked to say that boxing was an unnatural act,
that everything in boxing is backwards.
Sometimes best way to deliver punches is step back.
Well dO your best lord, protect katie... Annie too,
other than that, you know what i want,
there's no use repeating myself.
But step back too far, you aint fighting at home.
Father that was a great sermon.Every week.
What's confusing you this week?
Oh same ol one god tree god thing.
Frankie, most people figure out by kindergarden it's about faith.
Is it sorta like snap, crackle and pop all rolled up in one big box?
Your standing outside my church comparing god to rice crispies?
The only reason you can romance at me is to wind me up,
it's not gonna happen this morning.
Well i'm confused.
No you aren't .
Yes I am.
Then here's your answer, there's one god,
anything else cause i'm busy?
What about the Holy ghost?
He's an expression of god's love.
and Jesus?
Son of god, dont play stupid.
But who is he then, does that make him demi god?
There are no demigods you fucking pagan.
Did you write your daughter?
Now your lying to a priest.
You know what, take a day off, dont come to mass tomorrow.
Some People say the most important thing a fighter can have is heart.
Frankie would say,
show me a fighter who's nothing but heart, and i'll show you a man waiting for a beating.
Think i've only ever met one fighter who's all heart.
My name is Dangerous Dillard fighting flipo bam bam
... out of Broward county Texas.
Dangerous showed up a couple years back,
it comes to everything to LA with errilville,... new boyfriend,
apparently errilville got lost, and ended up back in Texas.
Danger looked for him, bout a week before he introduced himself.
Hey, you know, I gots nothing against niggers.
Well that's nice to hear.
Yeah, yeah lots of people where i comes from does,
but My momma taught me not to cause hurt to no man, niggers or not.
You got a nice momma, anything there is i can do for ya?
Just one of those questions you ask. But danger wanted to give it his best answer.
Well sir i'd likes to become the welter weight champion of the world,
and i challenge the motor city cobra,
thomas evan earns to fight me for the welter weight championship of the whole world.
Yo flip shut up man, you aint even ranked.
You gotta have at least one fight to be ranked.
Hey i'll fight any man any time.
Hey you a bad man huh? hey come on get in the ring, go a round with me.
Sherrile, leave him alone.
Danger, your going back to training.
Will do miss graff.
Those some nice tights, danger.
I Give you that ass whoopping later olive oil.
Hey bro, Those pants look real pretty on you bro.
Give his momma back her tights.
Sherrile , had a left hook that would move a tank
but he had a heart the size of a split pea.
Frankie....pit from bobby malone 17yrs ago.
Bobby wanted to move to florida and frankie wanted some security.
Bobby died while he was packing.
Frankie found out.
Most gyms lose money.
Thought i told you i didn't want danger working out here anymore.
OH he aint hurting nothing frankie.
But he's hurting me, making my heart watching him punch the air like it's gonna punch back.
How many times do i got to tell you that bleach is bleach.
Why can't you just buy the cheap stuff, you always have to buy the expensive stuff.
It smells better frankie.
Bleach smells like bleach.
Hey scruff...
Heya mr buda..
Big willie,
Nice fight.
Thanks man.
Wanna talk?
(studying language outloud)
what the hell kind of language is that?
What do you want?
I just thought you might like to know you got a fighter out there not talking to another manager.
Not talking to another manager?
And not just any manager, Mickie Mac
You came in here to tell me that Big willie is not talking to Mickie Mac?
Not a word, neither one of them.
I'm trying to read here.
If you think that is more important.
Who's your new girl?
Jesus Christ.
She keeps hitting it like that she gonna break her wrists.
Your wasting your time, I told you I dont train girls.
Thought you might change your mind.
There's dozen of trainers who train girls, you wont have any trouble finding one.
Won't hardly need a dozen boss, you'll do fine.
Dont' call me boss now, i'm not your boss, and dont you be calling me that.
Willie you ready to work?
If i stop calling you boss will you train me?
Then I might as well just keep calling you it.
She came from southwestern missouri,
the hills outside (...)
Set in the cedars and oak trees somewhere between nowhere and goodbye.
She grew up knowing one thing, she was trash.
It's for my dog.
She'd come 1800 miles but the (adultra) was still just over the hill.
Working the bag boss.
I'm not your boss and that bag is working you.
Give her money back.
You sure?
How much's she paid?
6 Months.
no dont be a smart ass now will ya,
woman thinks i'm gonna throw away 6 months worth of dues just to get rid of her she's out of her mind,
but just dont encourage her, understand?
What's danger doing out there? What's he looking at?
Looks like a bottle of water.
He pay his dues?
Dues? boy can't afford pants, you want him to pay dues?
Get out of my office.
Can't think it was the bag.
I'm not a trainer but i can show you this too.
I appreciate any help i can get.
What you wanna do is take it to the mat see,
he's constantly moving,moving towards you, moving around ya,and moving away from ya.
Alright, now you dont want to hit him when he's coming toward ya
cause what he's gonna do is just push you back and is gonna smuggle your punches take you by (respect),
so you watch him real carefully, keep rotating,
that keeps your head moving and keep one shoulder back
so you're always ready to fire power shot,
alright now go ahead now,good good, keep rotating,keep moving, that's it,
good good, keep that chin tucked in,
come around keep moving, keep moving, good ...
Give it a few shots,
tuck that chin in,tuck that chin in,
that's good, that's good
now you get this down we'll put you on a speed bag?
You do have a speed bag?
I'll just borrow it til i can buy my own.
Go on home now.
I'll walk out with you?
No i am home, see.
It's nice,
would it bother you much if i worked a little longer?
Just pull the door closed when you leave.
Thank you.
If there's magic in boxing,
its the magic of fighting battles beyond endurance,
beyond cracked rips, ruptured kidneys and detached raetna's.
It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody see's but you.
Hey flip, hey flippie come here man, i think i found somebody you can beat.
I dont fights women.
Why not boot, it's perfect boot, cause you know why,
cause she are you, you could fight to him and then you could kiss to him,
and then you fight to him one more time.
It's beautiful man, it's like poetry.
It's like poetry.
You've been reading that shit.
Thanks boss.
That's a girl man? I'll be damned flipper.
Think your right.
Look at them itty bitty titties, there like mosquito bites, man there's barely even a mouth full.
Saw your last flash shot Will, spend so much time face down, I thought the canvas had titties.
Canvas has titties. Hey Look at me i'm Sherille.
Just humping the canvas, humping the floor.
C'mon bro, the floor having titties that's funny bro.
Shut up, what you laughing at?
Hold the bag stupid.
Yo when they start making those tights for men flippie?
Alright that's enough, that's enough for today.
I'll give you a ride.
Oh i can't frankie, middle's got a piano lesson, i told Grace i'd drive.
Oh, something wrong with Grace's car?
She hates that car,
wants the old one back but dealer wont do it, says he already got a buyer.
Oh well maybe i should talk to the dealer?
I'd appreciate that.
(...) today doesn't want one.
You ever do any work around here?
Not my job i'd worry about if i was you.
Little girl tends to be coming along.
Yeah, almost like someones been helping her.
She might just be a natural. Looks like She's got something.
She's got my speed bag, that's what she's got.
I wonder How the hell she got that.
I wonder.
I'm gonna need that speed bag back.
This bag?
Yes that bag, that's my bag and if your hitting it people will think i'm training ya.
Is that such a bad thing boss?
Yes, yes it is everytime you touch it your losing me business out here.
I Got it (didn't) embarassing myself.
Well I can't just lend it to anybody you know.
I understand.
Look you seem like a nice girl, can i give you some advice?
I'd appreciate that.
Your gonna find a trainer either in this gym or somewhere else that's gonna wanna train a girl,
it's the latest freak show out there,
but the only trouble is your gonna be they're wasting your time because your too old.
I dont feel that old.
Well neither do I but you don't see me fighting 21 yr olds do ya,
it takes about 4 years to train a fighter.
HOw old are you?
31, until my next birthday.
Well there you go. 31.
You wouldn't start traing to be a ballerina at 31 now would ya?
Already been working it for 3years.
And you can't hit a speed bag?
What kind of training is that?
Never had any boss.
Well i hate to say it but it shows. SOmebody's gotta be honest with ya.
I hate to be the one to tell you the truth.
Ya, well sorry for using your bag Mr dunn.
Your not gonna cry now are ya?
No sir.
Ya, Here, keep the god damn thing.
No you need it.
No take the bag, haven't seen it in 20yrs anyway.
I've had 3 since then, just uh, just enjoy it will ya?
I'll just borrow it till i buy my own.
Just dont lose it.
I know HOgan, your guy's the champ so we dont split 50's
but if i dont see 40%,
look you call me back with 60/40 or dont call me back at all.
Hey Willie.
Hey Frankie.
Is something wrong?
I'm sorry to come on your house like this,
I know you dont like people dropping in.
Oh your not people Willie, your welcome anytime come on in.
I wanted to thank you for getting Grace's car back.
Oh you dont have to thank me. Paying an extra 1000 dollars for your own car (...) is a favor.
Gracey broke down crying when she saw it.
I also needed to talk with you about business.
Oh yeah well i just got off the phone with Hogan,
we're all set for september, everything but the splinter.
I gotta leave you Frankie.
Willie the title is just 2 fights away.
It aint that, it's like you said,
i got one shot, if i win i got to make as much i can while i can.
I need somebody in the action that can make things happen,
and i got to make a change before the fight.
Only way this guy said he'd take me is if he took me to the title.
So i get to the title fight, and this guy takes you there.
Only way he'd do it, i'm sorry Frankie,
i'm no longer waiting on a title, I wish you could have been with me.
Mickie mac's a business man, he can't teach ya nothing.
You already taught me everything I need to know.
There's some things people just dont wanna hear.
And I challenge the motor city cobra,
Thomas Hitman Earns to fight me for the welter weight championship of the whole world.
Danger, i'm wearing these mits for a reason.
Just working on my foot work mr (name).
Danger you through a punch you get the hell out of this gym.
Danger, i want you thinking bout that punch i'll brb.
I'm, i'm thinking how i'm gonna hit it hard for ya mr (name).
No one had the heart to tell Danger Earns retired years ago.
(language study)
Heard about Willie, it's cold, it's dead cold,
plus it wouldn't be so bad if you weren't so damn old.
Yeah well at least i can see through both eyes.
Mmmhmm didn't do you a lot good tho did it?
Well i got the gym, dont need to be training fighters at my age.
Willie tell you why?
Cause Mickie, mickie's got the connections.
It aint about connections frankie, it's about you not believing in him.
Well I found him, I stuck with him for 8 years how's that for not believing in him.
You could have gotten him a title fight 2 years ago,
now he knew that i'm amazed he stayed around this long.
Yeah well getting there and taking home the belt are 2 different things.
What was i supposed to do, just put him in over his head, not protect him?
Oh you were protecting him from the championship?
Well Now that makes sense.
Well What about you scrap, what did your manager do?
You were a hell of a fighter, a lot better than Willie,
he get you a title fight or ..
did he just bust you out banging your head against other people's fist until you lost your eye?
I had my shot, I went out swinging and no man can say i didnt.
Ya well i remember, and excuse me,
If I didn't want my fighter spending the 2nd half of his life cleanin up other people's spit.
Ya right, like your the smart one, your the one learning greek.
It's galac.
Well you just protected yourself out of a championship fight, how do you say that in galac.
Boxing is an unnatural act,
cause everything in it is backwards,
You wanna move to the left, you dont step left,
you push on the right toe,
to move right you use your left toe,
instead of running from the pain like a sane person would do,
you step into it.
Everything in boxing is backwards.
You bought me a cheeseburger?
I never see you buy anybody a cheeseburger.
Well i couldn't eat it, and i ordered it. You want it?
Well I guess I plan go back to spending.
Did you watch the fight?
Yeah I watched it. Willie did good.
That's what you got to say?
Willie won didn't he? He did good.
So you been working on yourself, learning to open up that's good work.
You watch it?
Yeah i got HBO.
How could you afford HBO? How long have i been telling you to save your money?
Ever since i fought Louis typhoon johnson at the stadium club in tupulo mississippi.
That (...)?
Yeah manager ran off, left you and me to hitch home,
don't you remember nothing?
Well I remember walking half way and thinking i was gonna be lynched.
I remember you leaving me with my dick in my hand behind that gas station.
Yeah well i got a ride, the guy took off before i hardly closed the door,
had to walk back 2 miles.
YOur conscience got the better of you that's why.
What the hells that?
It's her birthday.
Your not breathing right, that's why your pantering.
So it's your birthday huh, how olds that make ya?
I'm 32 mr dunn,
and i'm here celebrating the fact that i spend another year scraping dishes and waitressing
which is what I've been doing since 13,
and according to you i'll be 37 before i can even throw a decent punch
which i have to work on this speed bag for a month (...) god's simple truth.
other truth is, my brother's in prison,
my sister cheats on welfare by pretending one of her babies is still alive,
my daddies dead, and my momma weighs 312lbs.
If i was thinking straight i'd go back home,
find a used trailer, buy a deep fryer and some oreos,
problem is this the only thing i ever felt good doing.
If i'm too old for this then i got nothing.
that enough truth to see to you?
This your speed bag?
If yours behind the counter, wish i could say wheres it at
HOld it, hold it, i'll show you a few things,
and then we'll get you a trainer.
NO sorry.
Your in a position to be negotiate?
Yes sir, because i know if you train me right i'm gonna be a champ,
i've seen you looking at me.
Yeah out of pitty.
Dont' you say that, dont you say that if it aint true.
I want a trainer, i dont want charity, and i dont want favors,
if your not interested than i got more celebrating to do.
Stop stop stop, god damnit stop.
What the hell are you doing?
Ok, if i'm gonna take you on...
You wont never regret it.
Look just listen to me... If i take you on...
I'll promise I'll work so hard.
God this is a mistake already.
mmm mmm i'm listening boss.
If i take you on, you dont say anything,
you dont question me, dont ask why,
you dont say nigger something maybe yes frankie
and i'm gonna try to forget the fact that your a girl.
It's all i ask.
And dont come crying to me if you get hurt.Alrighty.
We got a deal.
NO not quite,
I'm gonna teach ya how to fight then we get you a manager and i'm off down the road.
WEll i hate to argue..
Dont argue with me that's the only way we're doing it I teach you all you need to know and then you go off you make a million dollars,
I dont care, get your teeth knocked out, i dont care,
I dont wanna hear about it either way, that's just the way its gonna be,
its the only way i'll do it.
All right,
Now one of the things i've noticed around the gym is you never move your feet.
You stand there just flat footed.
You gotta move your feet, that's one of the best things i'm gonna be able to teach ya.
so here's what you do,
You get yourself, bend your knees, get in an athletic position,
look like your gonna hit something.
Move em how boss?
Just go hit the bag.
What i do wrong?
Ok You did two things wrong.
1 is you asked a question and 2 is you asked another question.
Now What i want you to do is not about hitting it hard,
is how good you hit it.
so watch me,
and you can count with me if you want, just count on a one count.
Can you show me that again?
Just say one please.
Ok one.
ok Yeah just say one, thats good that's good,
then i move over to my right foot, you see my weight is shifting to my right foot
then i hit it with the back of my hands,
thin ice, thin ice pick then i come over
and i shift to my left foot, and i hit it with my right hand,
ice picking it again....
Just do it like that, keep practicing.
You show em how to stand, keep their legs under their shoulders.
To make a fighter, you gotta strip em down to bare wood.
You can't just tell em to forget everything you know,
you gotta make them forget it in their bones.
make em so tired they only listen to you,
only hear your voice, only do what you say and nothing else.
Show em how to keep their balance and take it away from the other guy.
How to generate momentum off your right toe
and how to flex your knees when fire a jab.
how to fight backin up so the other guy doesn't wanna come after ya,
then you gotta show em all over again,
over and over and over til they think they were born that way.
Think i'm ready for a fight boss?
Hey, come here.
Your not breathing.
Hate to disagree with you.
Everytime you get into pressure your holding your breath, now stop doing that.
Ok, but other than that i'm doing pretty good right?
I mean for a girl.
I dont train girls.
Think i might be ready for a fight boss?
You get a manager and we'll find out wont we.
I'd like to but you been keeping me too busy.
You got any family boss?
You spending all this time with me I didn't know if you had any?
No, well i got a daughter, katie.
That's family.
WE're not exactly close.
How much she weigh?
Trouble in my family comes by the pound.
Yeah, not very big,
used to be real athletic, dont know if she kept it up.
So what do you think, Im ready for a fight?
Hey Sally, come here for a minute will ya?
Frankie i need to see you in the back for a minute ok?
can i see you a minute?
Sally here is a real good manager, has a couple of golden glove boys,
looking for a girl sally?
Well Looking for a good one.
See there you go.
Nice working with you girlie.
What you want?
My my, i've been watching you work, you got a hell of a left.
Thank you.
So You wanna give this a try see if it's a fit?
Yeah sure.
Good, cause i think your ready for a fight.
What am i doing wrong Sally? everytime Im gettin (...) on me.
Your doing great, your wearing her down, just keep punching.
I aint doing great, i'm losing.
Your wearing her down.
Nice night aint it?
Jesus Christ.
That's (name) washington's girl, hell of a fighter, 11-0.
Your lefts, keep your left up.
(name) has a lot of good fighters, gots julia (name) lightweight champ.
Your left damnit.
Wouldn't have been my choice for a first fight but Sally's a good manager,
must think she can take her.
Jesus age, your left, keep your left up.
You thinks she can hear you from back here?
Course if maggie loses, wouldn't mean a thing to Sally,
might even help him on his card gets another win,
Lonnie might let Sally lightweight fight julia (name) for the title.
Sally's trying to set a fight with julia?
Hey what do i know, i just come cause i enjoy the fights.
My god.
Hey come here, come here,
your dropping your left hand, quit dropping your left hand.
Hey frankie do you mind not talking to my fighter?
Your doing a hell of a job of it sally, is this the way you advise your lightweight?
Dunn, what the hell are you doing?
I'm talking, what you doing?
Is this your fighter?
It's my fighter.
It aint fitting real well sally.
Fine, you take her, she can't fight worth a shit anyway.
Somebody tell me what's going on.
Look I was late, Sally was just subbin for me.
You telilng me that this is your fighter?
Yeah this is my fighter.
Then you got 10 seconds.
Ok,(..) and then i throw a punch and it keeps dropping.
Let it drop.
That'd be a lot easier.
She thinks she knows you that's all, everytime you drop it she comes right over the top,
so you just wait for her you see, that's all she's thinkin about,
and When she cocks that big right hand do ya hear me?
I hear ya boss.
When she does you step to the side, come over wit a goodnight hook. YOu got one?
Got it right here.
Fighter i'm calling it.
Ok, go give it to her.
The body knows what fighters dont, how to protect itself.
A neck can only twist so far, twist it just a hair more
and the body says hey i'll take it from here,
cuz obviously you dont know what your doing.
Neutral corner.
See the way she did that? Sugar ray would do that.Girls got sugar.
Lie down now, rest and we'll talk about this when you regain your senses.
IT's called a knock out mechanism.
Dont' get carried away now.
You uh, you forgot the rule, now what is the rule?
Keep my left up?
Is To protect yourself at all times.
Now what is the rule?
Protect myself at all times.
Good good.
You gave me away how is that protecting me?
It wasn't.
It's ok, i'll work on my left boss.
Drink your water.
Other than that how'd i do?
Fine, you did fine.
You gonna leave me again?
Never, that place you worked today, have homemade lemon moran pie?
Not the kind with the canned filling crap.
Big can, yaaa size, says homemade on the label.
I want you to take the weekend off.
It's only thursday.
You gonna argue with me?
Know better than do that boss.
well... good.
All fighters are pig headed someway or another,
some part of them always thinks they know better than you about something.
can you uh spare a few minutes for the immaculate conception?
Truth is, even if they're wrong,
even if that one thing is gonna be the ruin of them,
if you can beat that last bet out of them, then they aint fighters at all.
Thought i said see you monday?
You Sure did boss.
Was last night.
You said not to argue with ya.
Damn woman wont do a thing i tell her.
Want my advice?
Where are your shoes?
There in a feet.
You got big holes in your socks.
There only not that big.
Didn't i give you money for some new ones?
These are my sleeping socks, my feet like a little air at night.
How come you are wearing them in the day time then?
Cause my daytime socks got too many holes in them.
Well if i give you some more money buy some new socks, please?
Well i'd be tempted but,
i couldn't say for sure, might find it's way to the track.
Didn't take maggie long to hit a strive.
I've got the breathing thing down.
Nah you aint breathing right, cuz your knocking them down in the first round, that's what.
I thought that was the point.
The point is to get good,
you can't get good if you keep knockin em out in the first round, how am i gonna get you fights?
Nobody wants to see their fighter embarrased.
Why am i still doing 4 rounders box?
Cause you haven't got the lungs for 6 rounds, that's why.
I do if i keep knocking em out the first round.
Frankie made her fight one more 4 rounder, just to let her know who was boss.
Sorry boss.
Maggie left no doubt about it.
The first 6 rounder didn't go quite as smooth.
Maggie didn't knock her out til the end of the first round,
after that no manager wanted to put his fighter in with maggie.
Frankie had to go into his pocket to get a decent fights.
sweeting the purse by paying managers on the side.
That only worked for so long, then frankie did something he hated doing, he took a chance.
He moved her up in class, that could have been a mistake.
Damn, Damn, Damn,
2 seconds will ya, just 2 seconds. Your nose is broke.
Dang, fix it.
I can't, i can't.
You can fix it.
I can't, i've gotta call it.
I've seen what you can do, fix it.
Look i can snap it back into place but i can't stop the bleeding, the ring doctor's gonna call it.
Please Frankie please stop the blood i can beat her.
By doing this.
Inhale, inhale, breath in.
Ok huh?
Yeah it's okay.
Alright You got 20 seconds before this turns into a geiser and it's gonna spray all over the front row.
20 seconds that's all you got, now get going.
What ya reading?
What she saying?
Wants to know what your reading.
Its Yates, keep your head back.
Why won't ya talk a little yates to her, show her what a treat that is.
When the hell they gonna get to her?
I'm ok frankie.
What you learn tonight?
Always protect myself.
Whats the rule?
Always protect myself.
Margret Fitgerald?
I'll be right here.
HOw you doing?
Yeah you.
I'm not the one who's hurt.
Broken noise dont hurt that much.
Why you telling me that?
No reason.
But some wounds are too deep or too close to the bone,
and no matter how hard you work at it, you just can't stop the bleeding.
Did you write your daughter?
Every week.
I've no idea why you come to church.
After a 12 straight knock out, frankie got a couple of real good offers,
the first was to fight billy the blue bare osterman for the wba welter weight title.
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