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Million Dollar Baby CD2

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Billy was a former prostitue out of east Berlin,
had a reputation for being the dirtiest fighter in the ranks.
Didn't seem to matter to her that something like that could kill a person
and the crowds loved her.
He turned her down without even telling her.
The next was to fight, the british champ, the jamaican girl billy just beat.
Hello? Not interested.
He turned that down too.
That's a lot of money boss.
Your making money what are you still working here for?
It's a title match right?
Are you british? It's a title you can't take away,
she's got nothing to lose, you got nothing to win.
Might still be a good fight.
I just brought you up to welter weight,
too good to fight these contenders, you'd rather fight some bullshit champ.
Didn't notice i was fighting any contenders.
Well you can get yourself another manager anytime you want.
Frankly i'd learn to protect your face a lil better wouldn't have to turn down this money.
My face out there so much, it's a miracle i haven't been knocked out yet boss.
You can't work here anymore tonight, i made us a reservation,
you uh, might wanna shower.
Here you go, here YOU go.
What's this?
Well it aint no big secret (...) for. Go ahead and blow em.
Thank you.
33 aint so old, I was still fighting the 39,
fought for 23 years.
How's it going scrap?
Doing good nicky, doing good.
what'll ya have?
You do not speaketh?
Don't hardly know him.
When i met frankie, right after my 37th birthday
he was picking up cut work,
he used to patch me up when i thought it was impossible, good man to have in the corner.
Yes he is.
He stayed with me through my last fight in san bernadino too.
My manager was off getting drunk somewhere,
It's just frankie and me.
I was taking a hilacious beating.
Everybody gots a particular number of fights in em,
Nobody tells you what that number is. Mine was 109,
i just didn't want to admit it.
Both rounds cut opens up,
blood starts pouring into my eye,
they should have stopped the fight, but hell i was black man in san bernadino,
blood was what i was there for, round after round,
i kept getting frankie to patch me up, he's talking bout throwing in the towel,
but he aint my manager he can't throw in nothing,
round after round he's arguing with me,
i'm almost laughing cause (...) more to him than to me.
I go 15 rounds lose by decision,
next morning i lose the eye.
In 23years he's never said a thing about it.
Doesn't have to, i see it in his face everytime he looks at me,
somehow frankie thinks he should have stopped that fight,
should have saved my eye,
it's been his life wishing he could take back the 109th fight,
i wanted to go to 110,
thing is, if you want to get to the title,
maybe he's not the one to take you there.
YOu tells mack i'd be here tonight?
You go on and eat your cupcake.
It's the rule, always protect yourself,
People never take their own advice,
if she was gonna leave frankie, better she did it to him then.
Mr micky mack, i'm maggie fitzgerald,
i hear your a real good manager doing good things for big Willie,
but i'd thought you should know i aint never leaving mr dunn,
so you dont need to make anymore excuses to bump into me,
sorry for interrupting your dinner.
Maggie always did like taking em out in the first round.
The letters always came back marked the same way, "return to sender".
OH i'll make ya some coffee.
What are you doing with your money?
Saving it.
Good girl.
You know you save enough of it you get yourself a new house, cash no mortgage.
It'll be a while before i can do that.
Yeah well it might be a stretch but, you got to get yourself a place of your own.
Go around wasting it on things that don't matter and what you got?
Understand? (...) wait long enough, you got nothing.
Ok, as soon as i get the money.
I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, i'm just trying to keep you from doing the same.
I know boss.
I'm not gonna live forever.
What is it?
It's a tape on that girl in england your gonna fight.
If your gonna go for the title we got some moves...
Hey get the hell down, know how old i am?
Thank you boss, thank you so much.
Here just let me put this in the machine.
What machine?
You dont have a tv huh?
Alright, ok.
10 minutes love.
Thank you, (...) says he loves me.
Oh he's probably not the first one to say that.
First since my daddy. i win you Think he'll propose?
You win, i'll propose.
Look i got you a gift here.
I think you gave me somebody else's.
NO no this is it.
What's it mean?
I dont know, just something in galac.
It's beautiful.
Ya i thought so, Real silk thread.
She wasn't the main attraction, she was only under card to the middle weight title fight.
But ask someone who was there, and they couldn't tell you who else fought that night.
She's tough,
I can't go inside, i can't get close enough to hit her.
You know why that is?
Cause she's a better fighter than you are that's why,
she's younger, she's stronger, and shes more experienced,
now what are you gonna do about it?
Get in.
I could ask someone you know?
Good, you find out you let me know.
Whatever it meant, the name stuck.
Maggie fought in edinbourough, in paris, brussels, and amsterdam,
it was always molkusha.
Seems there's irish people everywhere or people that want to be.
By the time they came back to the states, maggie was in a whole new league.
After that they got another offer to fight for the title.
What's the split?
Good we'll take 60 and you take 40, beeing as maggie's the draw.
Ugh, that little girl?
You think i'm wrong really?
You think people are saying that they want to see some scabby crout beat up on little miss what's her name?
YOu find someone that says that and we'll take the 40, (avita cest)
Well there at 60/40 but they'll come up to 50/50.
How's that girl doing?
She's got a concusion, broken ear drum.
she be alright?
And if she isn't?
Maybe i should send her something.
You could send her your check if you'd like, i'm sure she'd take it.
Boss? that lil house we talked bout, I bought it.
Well smart girl.
For my momma. It's only about a mile from where she lives now, no mortgage just like you said.
Your a good daughter.
She dont know about it yet.
I was hoping maybe we could stay an extra day, drive over there,
i know she wants to meet you.
Yeah, we could do that.
oh my god, momma come on out here, mariane's here.
This is the Johnson's old house.
Not anymore,
It's all yours momma, for you, mardel and the kids.
Marianne you bought this for me?
Yeah all yours free and clear.
No fridge, no stove neither.
They'll be here before you move in.
How much money this cost you?
You never mind that.
Well You shouldn't have done this.
YOu needed a decent place.
You shouldn't have done it.
You should have asked me first.
Darling (...) gonna find out bout this house there gonna stop my welfare.
Momma No they ain't.
Yeah they are, your fine, your working but, i can't live with out my welfare.
Momma i'd send you money.
What about my medicine? Medicaid gonna cut me off, how am i suppose to get my medicine?
I'd send you more money.
I hope you dont expect JD to move in here with us, he's getting out ya know?
Why didn't you just give me the money? Why'd you have to buy me a house?
Didn't have to momma, but it's yours,
you want the money? sell it.
I dont...
I know you didnt mean nothing hurtful by this, its just sometimes you dont think things through.
Sure momma.
I'll try to keep the house, just worry about all those expenses.
I'll send ya some more money.
That man hitting you?
It's from the fight, i'm a fighter momma.
Find a man marianne, live proper,
people hear about what your doing and they laugh.
Hurts me to tell you but, they laugh at you.
You ever own a dog?
Nope, closest i ever came was a middle weight from bardstown.
My daddy had a german shephard, axl,
axl's hind quarters were so bad
he had to drag himself room to room by his front legs,
me, me and mardel bust up laughing watching him scoop across the kitchen floor.
Daddy, he so sick by then he couldn't hardly stand himself,
but one morning he got up,
carried axl into his rig and the two of them went off into the woods singing and howling,
but wasn't til he got home that night alone, that i saw the shovel in the back of the truck.
Sure miss watching the 2 of them together.
I got nobody but you Frankie.
Well you've got me.
At least that is, until we find you a good manager.
Hey, can we stop just up here?
This place has the best lemon pie around, none of that can filling crap.
Now I can die and go to heaven.
I used to come here with daddy.
I wonder if a place like this is for sale, I got a little bit of savings.
That's fine, fine thanks.
Hey what the hell is Danger looking at?
Looks like another bottle of water.
Wanna come to Vegas with us?
Watch you suffer all the nickel slots, uh uh, my heart can't take that kind of pounding.
WEll she's got a title shot, the blue bear,
million dollars split right down the center.
Ah that's good Frankie, that's real good.
Well i could use a good 2nd, can't find one, I thought i'd ask you.
Now why the hell would i wanna do that?
Well cause your a half blind old fool who never got there himself,
I thought you might like to feel what it's like to be in the ring in a title match.
Excuse me for feeling sorry for you.
Nah you, you pick up somebody there in Vegas, somebody with young hands.
Your not gonna cry now are ya? I've already got one girl.
Nah, i leave this place for one day got any idea what it would look like when i come back?
Kinda like it looks right now.
Oh go to hell.
You tell maggie dont come back here with out a belt.
Will do.
Hey mr grant, i got a question I feel real stupid asking it.
No such thing as a stupid question now there danger.
How'd you get all the ice in here through this little tiny hole?
I've been thinking on it, can't figure it out.
why dont i show you danger.
You could do that? you could show me?
I think so.
Also mr grant, i was kinda thinking i might be ready for a fight.
Well i got the tickets you ready?
We're flying?
Would you rather drive?
Your asking me?
Would you rather fly, or would you rather drive?
So I finally get to decide something?
That's what i'm saying.
Fine, fly there, drive back.
That's the stupidest thing i've ever heard of, how the hell we gonna do that?
You said it was up to me.
Give em hell now Danger.
Hey old school, toilet's over flowing....
hey flippie come here for a minute.
Ah Jesus, jesus joseph.
Dumb ass.
Could've been up at the mirage drinking mai tai's
looking at naked women.
Danger get out of there.
Fight back, come on.
Hey come on now flip, what you doing, let him go.
I got you, c'mon c'mon, sorry.
We dont need no corner trainer.
HOw'd i, how'd i do mr grant?
You did good danger, you did real good, you my man, you rock.
OH c'mon flip man you aint done, you aint even fight good yet.
Anybody can lose one fight, anybody can lose once, you'll come back from this you'll be champion of the world.
I wont mr grant, i should of known.
(background) C'mon old school man we dont need to be talking..
I know i can't do this i'm tired of velkro.
C'mon dont take the gloves off man, you aint even used em danger.
My fight, may i borrow this danger?
Ah man i thought your name was Danger. C'mon now,
oh oh i see, now i get to fight a retard and an old man,
call espn cause you can't write this shit.
Get a job punk.
Win this one i'll tell you what it means.
I got you some pipers.
I want you to jab, right in the tits, until they turn blue and fall off.
Ladies and gentlemen this is the feature presentation of the evening,
in this corner,
the challenger Maggie Fitzgerald in the red corner,
in the blue corner
the wba welter champion of the world,
billy the blue bear.
Sweet Jesus.
Alright that's it, i'm gonna take away a point, 1 point deduction off the blue corner.
Ladies and gentlemen the first round is in the books on this championship match.
Looking good.
You pull that crap one more time your disqualified.
It's gonna be alright.
Got no doubt boss.
Just watch yourself, stay away from her.
Go to the neutral corner, neutral corner.
Stay down you bitch.
I got it, i got it.
How's the blood boss?
HOw many eyes do you need to finish this fight?
One's enough.
Now, what do i do about the bear?
(...) stepping to the outside and hooking the liver?
I've been doing that, she's waiting to steal.
I know but i dont want you to go to the liver this time, i want you to heel,
right up under her skinny ass, understand?
Right in the cianic nerve, just keep digging it in there, digging it in,
and just keep sticking her, you hear that?
What about the ref?
Just keep yourself between the ref and the bear and things'll just be fine.
This is yours, keep your guard up, keep it up.
C'mon breathe,
that's it, breathe, good....
HOw you feeling darling?
I wanna beard boss.
I thought it might help me with the ladies.
Can't say it does.
Does it, does it hurt much?
Don't hurt at all.
That's good.
Where's Frankie?
He's uh, he's out there talking to the doctors,
probably telling them how to do their job.
There telling em i'm a C1 and C2 complete,
means my spinal cord is still broken never be able to breathe easy.
That i'll be frozen like this for the rest of my life.
I asked them to tell him, i dont know how's he gonna take it.
Did you see the fight?
Of course i did. YOu had her cold maggie.
I should'nt have dropped my hands,
i shouldn't have turned,
always protect myself how many times he would tell me that.
Yeah he does like to repeat himself.
Well you tell him, i'm real sorry.
No, i wont do no such thing maggie.
Damnest thing,
so what's the plan,
i know you got one, so you might as well tell me what it is?
It's your fault, yeah it's your fault she's lying in there like that,
you kept after me until i trained her, i knew i shouldn't have done it,
her being a girl and all everything kept telling me not to,
everything but you.
I'm gonna get you outta here, doctors around here dont know squat,
why would they be living here out in the desert,
as soon as you'll be able to be moved,
find some place where they actually studied medicine,
you just rest there and i'm on it.
Frankie must have called every hospital in america looking for somebody who would tell him they could fix her,
came close twice,
til they checked her over said there was nothing to be done,
took 2 months til she was stable enough to move.
They got nurses for that you know.
The're amateurs.
She developed skin (...) cause she couldn't change positions.
Thank you.
It made the 6th (...) trip by ambulance.
Fly there, drive back.
The rehab center Frankie found was a nice place,
they took good care of Maggie she would have complained if they hadn't.
Took her several hours everyday to get her ready for the wheel chair.
Since she couldn't breathe on her own, the resperators were always on,
oxygen was pumped in her 24hours a day.
Maggie's momma called to say they were all coming for a visit,
she waited by the window everyday for the next 2 weeks.
Frankie finally tracked them down, learned they checked into their hotel 6 days earlier,
kept leaving messages which were never returned.
You dont have to hang around all day.
No, I like it here, i dont mind,
fact if you weren't here i'd come here anyway to read my books.
Momma'll be here soon to share some of the burden.
Oh it's no burden,
here read this.
Ok ok that's enough, that's terrible.
But anyway i'll tell ya in english what your saying,
it says that "i will arise and go now, and go to in its free,
in a small cabin built there of clay and waddles made,
and i shall have some peace there,
for peace comes dropping slow,
dropping from the vales of the morning to where the crickets sings.
Not bad huh?
You gonna build a cabin boss?
Yeah, you know when you quit all this.
You mean boxing? No i'll never quit,
like the stink too much i guess.
You think? cause i could see you there real easy with your books and lemon pie.
How about you would you like to go live in a cabin?
I could learn how to bake.
Ya well then i'll maybe i'll start looking then.
Hi i'm Frankie Dunn, i met you back out in Missouri.
where's my little girl?
Well don't you think you oughta go back to the hotel and change,
she doesn't know you've been here a week visiting woody and mickey.
We got business with my sister, why dont you tell us where she is?
Well you must be JD and you must be the business guy,
look there's some rides you missed, why don't you just go on back and i'll tell her you couldn't make it.
I drove all the way here to take care of my child and your suggesting i'm not a good mother?
Marianne can't go no where, if we could have taken her to disneyland we would've.
Maggie fitgerald?
Right down here 301.
---->(family talk, pig snortling LOL)<-----
Just some kind of legal thing.
what is it?
How we all doing here?
Sorry darling but we aint got alot of time,
mr johnson is charging us a lot of money to be here to make sure this is done proper.
Why dont you just leave that and i'll read it to her later?
Hey old man, you part of our family? stay the hell out of this.
Read it to me momma.
Just something legal, protect your money.
Momma you dont have to worry, the boxing commission is paying for all this, everything.
What if they dont marianne? mr johnson says they can take my house.
If you assign your assets to your mother no one will be able to touch them.
No doctors, no funeral expenses, nothing.
Now look, why dont you just leave it and i'll just read it to her later on.
Mr dunn with respect this aint your business.
Alright, i'll be out in the hall.
You've been a good daughter marianne,
you sign that paper it'll take care of your family,
like the way your daddy would have wanted you to,
uh how do you make your mark.
Can you hold a pen?
She gotta do it with her teeth momma.
You got to put it in her mouth.
Here you go honey.
Did you see the fight momma?
Now you know how i feel about that.
I did pretty good.
You lost marianne,
ain't your fault the way i heard it but you lost,
dont want to lost the rest of what you got left.
What happen to you?
What's that supposed to mean?
Momma you take mardee and jd get home,
before i tell that lawyer there
your so worried about your welfare you never signed those house papers like you were supposed to,
so anytime i feel like it, i can sell that house from under your fat lazy hill billy ass,
and if you ever come back, that's exactly what i'll do.
Well maybe someone oughta count to 10.
Doesn't smell real pretty does it doc?
You might have to lose it maggie.
They took my leg boss.
It's gonna be alright, here.
All I hear is your voice boss.
Need anything?
Need to know what mokulsha means.
Well, you didn't win, i dont have to tell ya.
You are the meanest man i've ever met, no wonder no one loves you,
you remind me of my daddy.
Well he must have been a very intelligent, handsome man.
You ain't gonna make me tap no more 8's are ya?
No i was, looking at this catalog from city college,
I thought i'd get ya a wheel chair
maybe the kind that operates by moving through a straw,
thought maybe you'd like to go back to school.
Got a favor to ask you boss.
Sure, anything you want.
Well I want what my daddy did for Axl.
Don't even think about that.
I can't be like this frankie,
not after what i've done,
i've seen the world,
people chanted my name, hell,
not my name, some damn name you gave me,
they were chanting for me,
I was in magazines,
you think i'd ever dream that happen?
I was born 2 pounds 1/2 ounces,
daddy used to tell me i'd fight to get into this world,
and i'd fight my way out,
that's all i wanna do frankie,
i just dont want to fight you to do it,
I got what i needed,
i got it all,
dont let em keep taking it away from me,
dont let me lie here til i can't hear those people chanting no more.
I can't, please,
please dont ask me.
I'm asking.
In the middle of the night, maggie had found the wrong solution,
she'd bit her tongue.
Stop, stop, look at me look at me.
Nearly bled to death before they stitched her up,
she came around and ripped them out before frankie even got there,
they stitched her up again, padded the tongue so she couldn't bite.
You can't do it, you know that.
I do father, you dont know how thick she is,
how hard it was to train her,
other fighters would do exactly what you would say to them and,
she'd ask why this, and why that, and do it her own way anyway,
she fought for the title, wasn't by anything,
wasn't by listening to me.
But now she wants to die, and i just want to keep her with me,
and i swear to god father it's,
it's committing a sin by doing it, by keeping her alive I'm killing her,
how do i get around that?
You don't, you step aside frankie, you leave her with god.
She's not asking for god's help, she's asking for mine.
Frankie i've seen you at mass almost everyday for 23 years,
the only person that comes to church that much is the kind that can't forgive themself for something,
whatever sins you carry there nothing compared to this,
forget about god, or heaven and hell,
if you do this thing, you'd be lost,
somewhere so deep.
YOu'll never find yourself again.
I'm keeping her sedated so she wont try that again.
Went to see maggie this morning,
you must have been somewhere else.
You got a fighter i dont know about?
Wasn't your fault, i was wrong to say that.
Your damn right,
i found you a fighter, and you made her the best fighter she could be.
I killed her.
Don't say that,
maggie walked through that door with nothing but guts,
no chance in the world of being what she needed to be,
a year and a half later she's fighting for the championship of the world,
you did that, people die every day frankie
mopping floors, washing dishes,
and you know what their last thought is,
i never got my shot,
because of you maggie got her shot,
if she dies today you know what her last thought would be?
I think i did alright.
I know i could rest with that.
Ya, ya.
I'm gonna get a cup of coffee.
I'm gonna disconnect your air machine and your gonna go to sleep
and i'll give you a shot and you'll stay asleep.
means "my darling, my blood"
He gave her a single shot,
it was enough adrenaline to do the job a few times over,
he didn't want her going through this again.
Then he walked out, i dont think he had anything left.
I went back to the gym, waited figuring he'd turn up sooner or later
and that's when a ghost came through the door.
I got to thinking what you said mr grant.
And what was that Danger?
Anybody can lose one fight.
That's the truth,
go ahead and put your clothes on, you missed a lot of training.
will do mr grant, sure thing.
Frankie never came back at all,
Frankie didn't leave a note, and nobody knew where he went,
I'd hope he'd gone to find you,
to ask you one more time to forgive him,
but maybe he didn't have anything left in his heart,
i'd just hope he found some place where he could find a little peace,
a place set in the cedars and oak trees,
somewhere between no where and goodbye,
but that's probably wishfull thinking,
no matter where he is,
i thought you should know what kind of man your father really was.
This subtitle is brought to you by Althotas -=TLF-DivX SubTeam=-
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