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An eight-year-old boy from Manhattan...
was delivered dead|on arrival today--
The Centers for Disease Control.
Are we dealing with an epidemic?
Whatever the carrier,|we know that it's not the water.
We don't believe|that it's airborne.
One, two, three, four--
Strickler's Disease|was first diagnosed two years ago.
We're no better off now.
I needed you|to see this for yourself, Dr. Tyler.
It's the same|at every hospital in the city.
For the lucky ones,|it's a lifetime in leg braces.
Most of these kids|won't make it.
We need your help.
Strickler's Disease|came to New York...
like a thief in the night,|threatening to steal...
an entire generation of our children|from before our eyes.
Dr. Peter Mann, Deputy Director|of the Centers for Disease Control--
The killer was cunning.|It was deadly.
Neither a cure|nor a vaccine could be found.
We at the CDC|had to contain it...
before it could spread|beyond Manhattan Island.
So we went after its carrier,|the common cockroach.
Or rather she did.
Dr. Susan Tyler is the reason|that there hasn't been...
a new case of Strickler's|in this city for six months.
Dr. Susan Tyler.
Dr. Susan Tyler,|Professor of Entomology...
at the New York State University.
Thank you, Peter.
I don't think I need to tell you|New Yorkers just how resilient...
the common cockroach is.
Since it has proven to be|virtually immune to chemical control,
we had to find|a new avenue of attack.
So, with the aid of genetics labs|across the country,
we recombined termite and mantis DNA|to create a biological counteragent,
a new species to be|our six-legged ally...
in wiping out|the roach population.
We call it|the "Judas" breed.
Once in contact with|the Judas' secretions,
the common roaches|were infected with an enzyme...
which caused their metabolism|to go into overdrive.|- Come on, Susan!
You're missing it.|- No matter how much|the common roaches ate,
every last member|of the nest...
starved to death|within a matter of hours.
I hope someone's taping this.
This announcement's been|a long time coming,
ladies and gentlemen.|- Coming home.
The Strickler's outbreak|has officially been contained.
The epidemic is over.
Hey, Susan.|Honey.
Any other questions?|- Dr. Mann, what did this victory|mean to you personally?
It means that I can|move on to other projects with the, uh--
Our 15 minutes are gone.
And personally, um,|it's where I met my wife.
What is this? Is this|some kind of Catholic guilt thing?
We don't even know|what the impact is of what we did.
The impact is that...
a lot of kids will be running around|next year because of you.
A lot of kids.
Maybe we get lucky.
Maybe a couple|of them'll be ours someday.
Oh, a couple, huh?|- Mm-hmm.
Oh, okay.|We're not rushing things.
I didn't want to overtax you.|It's been a hard year.
It's been a great year.
Oxfords.|Seven and a half.
Black.|Leather soles.
Funny, funny shoes.
Funny, funny shoes.
Funny, funny shoes.
Funny, funny shoes.
Hey, Boss,|welcome to disease land.
Tuck it in.|- All right. All right.
Are you sure this is yellow fever?
What, are you ignoring your pages now?|-Listen, l--
Okay, these two cops|saw the broken scaffold,|and then the paint mess here.
And then they looked|through that cellar window.
Go ahead.|Take a look.
Pleasant, isn't it?
Couldn't let 'em out|until you gave me the okay, so--
Roughly, there were|three dozen people trapped in here.
We got bacterial samples reading off|the scale, though nothing's airborne.
We got a Reverend Harry Ping.
Preacher, if you can imagine that.|He ran this place.
Well, there's|no sign of him.
Oh, have you had lunch?|- Uh-huh.
Try to keep it down|when you see this, okay?
Piece of shit|on the ceiling. Hmm?
Figure that one out.|- Here you go, Josh.
The subway?
You know what? l-l--|This is what I love about my job.
I get to travel,|see the world...
and meet new exotic cultures.
It's-- It's all bacterial,|but hey, what the fuck, right?
Thanks a lot, Miguel.|- Board up every exit.
If this leads to the subways,|I don't want anything to spread.
Quarantine everything.
What's going on, Remy?
Oh, I'm just...
commemorating|my sad moments.
So, we're at this|great restaurant.
I'm thinking, finally,|a fucking gentleman.
I go to the ladies' room.|I come back.
I catch the schmuck slipping|a half-ounce of sedatives into my drink.
What a pervert.
This city is full of perverts.
You don't know who|anybody is anymore.
Jesus, I look like shit.|- Hey, guys.
You the bug lady, right?
We're here to deal.
When you pick them up,|you should pick 'em up by|this front vein on the wing,
'cause it's the strongest part|of the wing.
See, that way|you don't break it.
Now, let's see what else|you have in here. Oh, look.
What do we have here?|- Swallowtail?
Excellent.|- How come you like bugs so much?
Just imagine that|you're one of them.
What, eating furniture and stuff?|That's gotta suck.
No, no, no.|Now, don't judge them too quickly.
These guys were building castles|while dinosaurs were still|wimpy little lizards.
Now, say you're him.
He's what we call a soldier.
Now, there is no way|that you would ever quit fighting,
no matter how badly injured|you were.
It would be|a battle to the death.
But most insects don't kill...
unless their territory is invaded.
You'd just stun|your prey up here.
And then you drag it|all the way down through here to there,
into what is kind|of like a pantry.
Will he eat it alive?
Yeah. They're not really squeamish|about those kind of things.
This is the nest.|It's the heart of the colony.
The big enchilada.
Why?|- Well, if anything were|to happen to the nest,
the entire colony|would die out.
I'd just bail and start my own.
Well, you couldn't do that.
See... that big guy there?|Next to the queen?
Wait. Look over there.
He's the king. And out of all the nest,|he's the only fertile male.
He got a good deal.
It's a simple structure|designed for their survival.
It's perfectly balanced,|and it's very beautiful.
Whatever peels|your banana, lady.
So, you wanna buy|the butterflies, or what?
You know what?
You guys have done a really good job.|So, how about five bucks?
That's your best?
I'm gonna show her the weird bug.|- Costs a dollar just to look.
It's a really great bug.|Got it on the subway.
We kind of broke it a little.|- Okay. My best offer.
Ten bucks for everything,|plus a specimen jar,|some tweezers and some mounts.
Are you crazy? This is the best.|This is our meal ticket.
Come on.|Bug's almost dead anyway.
It's yours.
You gave 'em ten bucks.|- They're from Alphabet City.
There's much worse things|they could be selling.
Oh, no. Your papers.|Help me get the window.
Susan. Push.
h, come on.|- Oh, I hate this window.
Okay, on three.|One, two, three.
Who the hell do you think you are,
putting my two officers|on quarantine?
Listen to me, Captain.|Those two, they go home,
they kiss their wives,|they kiss their kids,
and I'm the one with|a full-blown epidemic--
Come on, Chuy. We have to make dinner.
Dinner.|I don't care.
I do care!|Jesus, God, I hate cops.
They make the worst coffee.
Shiny wire.|Still giving you a hard time?
As always.|- Don't stare.|People look back if you stare.
It's not polite.
I can't believe this.|- What?
I spend an hour in the field.|I get a weekend's worth of crap.
Oh, speaking of that.|That turd that I took to the lab?
I found these in it.
What are they?
Buttons.|- Buttons?
-Maybe they needed fiber.
Oh, my God.|You're just a baby.
Oh, my God.
The transfer|of recombinant genetic material...
from termites and mantis|into Judas breed will allow|rapid enzymatic change--
...insuring 100% sterility|in all Judas females--
...utilization|of a suicide gene--
...leading to a life expectancy|of 120 to 180 days.
Not too little...
and not too much.
You rub it in.
Around and around.
Like this, huh?
Let the leather take it.
Funny shoes.
Aieee.|Mr. Funny Shoes.
No one is there.
It's empty.
Chuy, listen to me.
They have Jesus|on the cross,
but that is not|a holy place.
Can you call me back tonight?
Thanks, Officer.
Cops are on it.
Well, they said--
Can you do me a favor and hold off|working at night for awhile?
I can't do that. I was actually|thinking I had to get back--
Susan, someone broke into|your office, okay?
I'm sorry about you losing a specimen,
but let's try and get|our priorities straight.|- This is not just a specimen.
I did a pH test,|and there are only two species...
that match what I found.
Now, one of them|is a leaf cutter ant in the Amazon.
The other one|we released here three years ago.
You said--
Y-Y-You said the ones we released|only had a life span of six months.
We engineered them|to be sterile adults.
The Judases were not supposed to last|past one generation.
So what happened?|- The one I examined today was a baby.
They were designed to die.|They are breeding.
I shine them good.
Chuy, Black Lincoln.|Chuy?
Black Lincoln.|This one.
pay attention, please.
This is where|you found the bug?
Yeah, man.|But they changed the lock.
You sure you haven't|seen one of those?
No. What is it?
It's an ootheca. It's kind of|a fancy name for an egg case.
There's probably more,|like, weird bugs inside of it.
No way.|I see one of those, I puke.
Here you go.
Here.|- Hold on.
Is there money to be made|on this egg thing?
Sorry.|- Dealing days are over. Vamonos.
These egg things look nasty.
Thought you liked|finding nasty things.
Well, what if we go find these things.|She'll pay us, right?
Is that all you think about?
Come on.
This bug.|What does it look like?
Did you hear that?
How deep does this go?|- Let's see.
Let's take a look.
You see anything?|- Not yet.
I dropped it.
I can't reach it.
Let me try.|My hands are smaller.
Just leave it.|- Well, no. Wait.|I think I'm almost there.
How much you think the bug lady'll|give us for this egg thing?
At least a 20 spot.
Fucking moles!
Hey! Got any change?|- Get a job, scag.
Hey, kid!|Get the hell off the tracks!
Hey, how about a quarter?|- Get off my tracks!
|That's where he is. Long John.
|That's where he is. Long John.
Don't be talking to the moles.
They messed up.|- Hey, moles! Eat my long john!
Look, I already told you|this is CDC business.
And I'm telling you that|those lockers are MTA business.
Okay, we'll-- we'll pay for the lock|that we broke, Officer.
I mean, whatever we can do--|- Lady, who am I talking to now?
You or him?|- You're talking to me, okay?|You're talking to me.
All we wanna see is--
See what? That's|the old maintenance bridge, buddy.
This insect|that we are looking for--
Look, man. Your lady want a bug...
or it's eggs, or whatever she wants,|that's fine by me.
But it's like|Swiss cheese down there.
Tunnels in, tunnels out,|old tracks.
You go messing around, break your neck,|and it's my ass on the line.
Lace-up shoes. Black. Nine West.
Chuy, finish your sandwich.
It's good.|It's chicken.
Penny loafers. Eleven.
Double E.
He's really good at that.|- Oh, yes.
He imitates anything.
Doesn't he go to school?
He doesn't need school. He's special.
What you making there?|Is that a superhero?
Mr. Funny Shoes.
He knows everything|about shoes.
Hey, I'm talking to you.|- No, you're talking at me
You come back with|the proper permits.
Maybe we'll have a conversation.|- Great. We'll do lunch.
Yeah, I look forward to it.
What happened?
Napoleon is alive and well|and working for the MTA.
We have to get down there.
He wants a permit?|I'll give him a real special one.
Ah, what's that?
Is that the egg thing?
Give me a hand.
Oh, man, that smells.
I can hear the bugs inside.
Come on. Cut it.|She's gonna give us at least 40 bucks.
What's up?
I think there's|a guy down there.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit!|It's got me!
Help! Oh, God, please!|Please, help me!
A philosopher named Hobbes|once wrote that,
"Life, by its very nature,|is nasty, brutish and short."
An ant would put it|more succinctly:
Can I eat it|or will it eat me?
It's this kind of simplicity...
that governs the phylum insecta.
It's me. I got the permits.|- You did?
We're going down|first thing tomorrow.|- Okay, that's great.
Listen, honey, I-I gotta go right now.|I'll call you later.
...or of cellular phones,|- Okay.
as my distinguished colleague|can tell you.
So, you think your little Frankenstein|has got the better of you?
I was hoping|you could tell me.
I really need to find|some answers, Walter.
Dear Susan,
is it answers you want from me,|or is it absolution?
You still think|making the Judases was wrong?
Three years ago,|I would've called it unforgivable.
But I have two grandchildren who are|alive today probably because of you.
It would be a tad hypocritical...
for me to pass judgement.
That's not an answer, Walter.
It's not an easy question.
But as to the Judases,
I think it's likely|some survived.
Evolution has a way|of keeping things alive.
But they all died in the lab.
Yes, Susan.|But you let them out... into the world.
The world's a much bigger lab.
Funny shoes.
Yeah.|- Hi, Peter. It's Remy.
Yeah, hi.|-Is Susan there? I need to talk to her.
How you doin'?|- Fine.
Huh?|- It's really important.
Yeah, sure.
What are you doing?
What do you got there?
Where?|- Right down there. In your hand.
Nothing.|- Oh, are we testing it?
Maybe.|- Mm-hmm.
Are we testing it?|- Uh-huh, maybe.|I don't know. Could be.
It's Remy.|-Oh, good. Okay. So give me the phone.
Come on. Come here.
Give me the phone.
Are we testing it?|Can you hold on, Remy?|- Yes.
Hey. What's up?
They found what?|- At the water filtration plant.
What's going on?|- Okay, I'll be there in,|in about 20 minutes.
Okay. Bye.|- Okay. Bye.
How long you got?
We'll just try again.
Try again.
You know, sometimes these things|can be wrong.
That's okay.|I gotta go, okay? Bye, babe.
Susan, we got|the subway thing today.
Yeah, I know. I-I'm just gonna have|to meet you there when I'm done.
When you're done from what?
Uh, boots, toys, uh, beer bottles,
body parts,|cocaine-filled condoms,
uh, little baby alligators.
Shit, you wouldn't believe|the stuff I'd seen.
They flush 'em down.|We fish 'em out.
But this thing.|We didn't know what this was.
We were thinking about throwing it away,|but then I remembered Remy.
Jeremy plays bass in my band.
Ah.|- Anyway. So, uh--
Yep. I remember|Remy says to me,
"If it's got more than four legs,|it's not a mammal."
It's a lobster, right?
My father saw me stay in bed,
he'd go get the pitcher|of cold water, and whoosh!
I tell you,|that's some alarm clock.
How big did you say these bugs are?|- Come on. Hurry up.
You know, my shift's almost over.|I need my beauty sleep.
Man, if I'm blowing off|my Saturday, then so are you.
Yeah. It looks like somebody|requested you for overtime.
Come on. Hurry up.|Let's find these things.
We've got a long way to go.
All right.|Watch your step there.
We've got burrows going|down seven stories here.
No shit?|- Oh, yeah.
It's five stories down, partner.
You fall, I don't wanna|come back and pick you up.
Okay, it's all yours.|Go ahead.
It's 48 hours anyway.|I can't wait that long.
It's 48 hours. Now listen,|you got something to write with?
Yes, yes. I write it.|- You gotta write this down.
Come on. Here's the case number.|It's two-seven--
Wait a sec. Two, seven.|Yes, two-seven--
Eight-three.|- Eight-three.
All right. You got that?|- What does this mean, case number?
It means I deal with you|in 48 hours, okay?
Mr. Funny Shoes.
Hi, Doc.|Susan sent you some homework.
People actually|do live down here?
Yeah, man.|The mole people.
This section was pretty popular|all the way to Fulton Street.
Tweeked-out crackheads,|dopeheads, shitheads, mental cases.
Then suddenly, poof!|All gone.
Rumors got started.|Someone found a couple of stiffs.
Yeah, they make up|some crap about a killer.
Overcoat Slim, Long John.
Now, down here is the land of talk.
The wildest version|goes the farthest.
Hold it right here.|You got it? I see--
What's this? Look!
The organs are...|perfectly formed.
They were functional.
I'm guessing here,|and, of course,
they don't have a, uh,|a complete specimen, but--
What do you think it is?
This thing...|is not just some random mutation.
It's a highly evolved|soldier caste,
formidable killer.
It couldn't have developed|in a vacuum.
It's part of a colony.
This way, this way.
Should have stayed|at the office.
How much longer do we have to go?|- Keep looking around.
It's the size of your palm.
Aw, man. Take a whiff.
God, it smells like acid.|- No. It's ammonia.
Hey, guys.
There's some weird shit here.
What kind of weird shit?
Lots of it.
Go ahead and ask him. Ask.
What the-- You seen anything|like this before?
Why're you asking me if I've ever seen|some shit like this before?
Do I look like I've seen|some shit like this before?
Hell, no, I ain't never seen|no shit like this before!
Who the fuck would wanna climb up|these walls and hang one of these?
Must've been a big|elephant-ass motherfucker.|I don't know who the fuck--
The Delancey Street station|will be closing in five minutes.
Please find alternate routes|to your destination.
Oh, come on, Peter.|Hurry up.
Um, do you have the time?
Sir, the time?
Oh. You know, my father always|wanted me to become a dentist.
I said, "No way.
I'm not gonna spend my life|looking into people's open mouths.
What could be worse|than that, right?
Oh, man,|I've never been this deep.
This is the old|Armory Station.
Hey, they built it|around the turn of the century.
It's been closed for decades.
Yeah, I guess we covered everything.|- Hey, look.
You got your shit.|I'm happy for you.
Let's get the hell|outta here, huh?
Hey, Josh, I want a full team|in here by 6:00 tonight.
All right.
Oh, shit!
What the fuck?|- No, don't!
Look what the fuck you did, man!
You see the size of that thing?
Peter, are you all right?
It's okay, Josh.
It's okay.|I think I'm okay.
Get the hell off me.|- Yeah, I think he's okay too.
How am I gonna|get you back up?
I don't know.
See a way up?
No.|- Shit.
There is no way up.
Oh, man, that's gonna work!|- Do you know a better way up?
show that to the station manager.
Tell him Leonard said he's gonna|have his bubble-butt if he don't|have someone down here in ten--
Wait a second.|I can't find my way back alone.
Look, look, look.|Just go back the same way we came.
Wait, wait.
All right.|- Take the first tunnel to the left.
Then go to the fourth, right?|Then right, right, left, right?
Left, fourth-- Peter, can I just|stay here and help you guys back up?
Toss the glow-sticks down|and just go, Josh, please.
Just keep headin' up.|You're gonna get there.
Hurry!|- All right, all right! I got it.
Help me!
Help! Please, help!
Help! Please!
Piece of shit.
This is really weird.
We should've seen some|track bunnies by now.
What are they?|- Track bunnies. Rats.
They're usually around.
They big?|- You damn right.
Could you just knock it off, please?|Knock it off.
Hey, I sing when I'm nervous.|- Yeah.
Turn these lights back on.
What?|- You said the cables are still alive.
Oh, man.|- Maybe we can rewire them.
There you go again.
What?|- How are you gonna rewire all of this?
You need a whole crew|down here to do that.|- What is your problem, man?
Do you need a memo|every time you take a shit?|- Oh, don't go there.
You better be careful|how you speak to people.
He wouldn't be|comin' from there.
Manny, what the hell|are you doin' here?
The lady needs help.
Hey, honey, we're coming!
Oh, Jesus, please hurry.
Please. Come on!
Oh, no! It's coming!
What the fuck is that?|Come on. Get her, man!
Get her!|What the fuck is that?
What the fuck--|- Go!
Look there! There! There!|The car! The car!
Close the door!
Close the fuckin' door!
What the fuck was that?
Come on. Here. Here, here, here!|- Just wait a minute!
Fuck it! You wait a minute!|I wanna make sure!|- It's not dead.
Yeah, well, it's gonna be!|Very soon, lady!
There it is.|Drag it out.
There it is!|- Drag it out!
You better tell me...
what the hell's|goin' on around here.
Oh, man.
Okay, Leonard. Okay.
It's gonna be fine.|You'll be fine.
You just stay calm.
Okay, there we go.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Ah, Christ.
Josh will be here soon.|He'll bring us some help.|- You're dreamin', man.
If your boy was comin' back,|he'd have been here by now.
They got his ass, man.|They ate his ass, man.|- We don't know that.
And if you think there's not|another one of those things out there,
what has been puttin'|that shit all over the walls?
Listen, Leonard.|If you keep on screaming like that,
we're gonna meet|the rest of its family.
Manny?|Manny, be careful.
It-It's dead.|- No, no, no.
I emptied two clips|into that thing and it kept comin'.
Wait, wait a second.|Help me turn it over.
Peter, these are lungs.
What the hell is she talkin' about?
Biology 101. You know,|insects don't have lungs.
That's what limits their size.|- The secretions are the same.
Oh, God
When I increased|the Judas's metabolism, I must|have sped up its breeding cycle.
I mean, we're talking tens,|hundreds of thousands of generations.
I mean, who knows how many mutations.|- Listen, l--
I just don't fuckin' get this.|How could the--
How could the Judas|evolve into this?
Think generations, not years, okay?
It took only 40,000 generations|for apes to turn into humans.|- So?
We changed its DNA, Peter.|I mean, we don't know what we did!
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!|Wait a minute! Hold on!
If that thing has|been around, how come--|How come nobody's ever seen it?
I think we have.
Sometimes an insect will evolve|to mimic its predator.
A fly can look like a spider.
A caterpillar|can look like a snake.
The Judas evolved|to mimic its predator.
Nobody up there knows about this?
Nobody would.|Not until it's too late.
These things can imitate us.
They can infiltrate us|and breed a legion before|anyone would even notice.
How--|How could you do this?
How--|How could you do this?
You-You take something|and you-you make it like a man.
A man who's not a man, he's a--|- Manny!
He's a thing!|- Manny!
That steals my child!
Manny, you tell her,|'cause she don't give a goddamn.|- Hey, hey, hey.
Your kid's gone.|- Hey, shut up.
My leg's chewed up all over!|- Shut up, will ya? Shut the fuck up!
And they're both talkin'|about insects with lungs!|- Shut up!
Oh, shit!|They're everywhere!
Manny, get over here!
It's the blood!
The smell of the blood|is driving them crazy!|- Oh, shit!
We have to cover the scent!
Manny, give me your razor.|Give me your razor!
Here. Take it.|Rub it on the windows.
Anywhere where there's cracks.|- Wha--
Just do it!|- What?
Oh! What the--|Ah! What is it?
Scent glands. Insects use them|to identify themselves.
Here. Rub it|all over yourself.
They won't attack you|if they think you're one of them.
It worked.
Do you mind if--
Go ahead.
Manny, give me your lighter.
Look.|This is where we are.
Now, these tunnels|may lead to the surface.
Yes.|- If we can get...
this car moving,|we might be able to make it.
What do you mean, might?
I mean, probably.
But even if they do,
th-this thing's been down here|rotting for half a century.
How do you know it'll move?|- Listen to me. Listen.
This car is a CR-17|from Coney Island.
Believe me, it was made to last.
Now, Manny,
there's a track relay switch|in this room here.
You switch the tracks.|That'll get us going.|- Yes, I'll try.
I'll try.|- Do.
There's a fuse box|down the tracks.
If I can rewire it,|I can juice up the whole system.
Leonard, man.
Look at yourself, l--|- I'll do it.
Hey, if you talk me through it,|I'll go out there.|- All you've gotta do is--
No, no, no, no.|I'll go. I'll go.
Why? I know much more about|what's out there than you do.
You're right.
You understand the creature, and, uh,
Leonard knows the subway, so--
so this is the way|it's gotta be.
Whatever happens, it's Manny and me.|- Why?
You two have gotta stay on this car.
You gotta get back up.
You gotta undo this.
So, I'll go.
We'll go.
I have to put|this on you now.
They mimic us.|We mimic them.
Ah, Peter, Peter.|Peter, look.
You'll find two wires--
one green, the other blue.
Man, this-this shit|can't be sanitary.
Take it off.
No, man. Leave it on.|Leave it on.
Don't touch it.
Try not to sweat.
They sense chemical changes.
Oh, okay.
Okay, I'll-I'll|try not to sweat.
Susan, he's in.
He just needs to find the switch.
Green. Blue.
Green, blue.|Green, blue.
Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh--
Oh, shit.|Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Chuy, it's me.
Come on, Manny.|What's takin' you so long?
Do these subway tracks|lead to the regular train tunnels...
at Grand Central and Penn Station?
Yeah, yeah.
Well, they'll use them|to migrate out of the city.
After that, they'll set up|colonies anywhere they can.
Now, every specimen|we've seen has been female...
because a male would be a lighter color|and it would have no wings.
And if they are holding true|to the Judas's spawning pattern,
the nest will have|only one fertile male.
Now, if we could catch|that male and kill him,
then the females|won't be able to breed...
and the whole generation|could die out.
Where the hell is the male?
Chuy. Chuy.
Chuy, come here.
Come here. Come here.
Come here, please.
Oh, goddamn it!|He must be in trouble!
He must be in trouble!|- Shh, shh. Wait. Listen.
Oh, Jesus!|- I'm goin' out there.
You stay here.
Listen.|If the car starts,
I'll meet you|at the end of the platform.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Manny.
Yes! Yes! CR-17 from Coney Island!|Goddamn it!
Oh, shit!|Goddamn it!
Goddamn! Shit!
Get away! Go away!|I'm bleeding!
Found a way out, on a dumbwaiter.|- Go away!
Peter, I'm bleeding.|Go away!
I can't stop it.
I can't stop it. They'll be here soon|- Where's my wife?
Go away.|- Where's Susan?
Where's Susan?|- She went to get Manny.
Susan. Shh.
They haven't seen us yet.|Don't move.
Peter, go!
Oh, my God.
Come on, Chuy.|- Hurry!
All right, come on in.|That's all right. That's a good boy.
No, no, it's all right.|Shh. Stop. Stop it.
It's okay. It's okay.|All right, Peter.
Come on. Get in. Get in, Peter.|Come on. Chuy, shh! Stop it!
Stop it! Shh!
Get in, get in, get in.
Peter, what are you doing?|- I gotta stop them here.
Oh, no.|Peter, don't do this!
Peter! No! No!
Oh, Jesus!|Don't! No!
Chuy! Chuy! Stop it. Stop it.
Train! Oh!
We're here! Help!
Watch it.|Go on. Go on.
Get out! Hurry! Go!
Fuck you!
Look out!
Oh, God.
It's the male.
You will not hurt him!|No! Turn around!
Turn around!
Come on.|Come on. Come on.
Police and emergency crews|continue to work...
in the aftermath of tonight's explosions|on the Lower East Side.
Hustle up! Team leader!
We swept the area twice.
It's burned.
Nothing could have|survived down there.
What about one of us?
I'm sorry, Susan.
I really am.
Shiny wire.
Mountain boots. Ten.
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