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And if I conducted?
It has left!
You have left what is the time
Some hours would tell, that I like to speak
And they to you have told something
Really on! They do not know girls
They have not seen the machine of anything!
How many kilometers should be still?
It is necessary to check up these two roads
And all perimeter
Suspected has been seen by the midnight then...
They do not have very artful air
Can be, that it is the VAGABOND
And the first body decays
Cul bags...
The new picture, new boards...
It they!
Rise in the machine, I, speak them, that we are sent therefrom. It is too warm here.
Unit 1 here the machine 5 asks the help on road Stone Ollovom
At us the searched machine
They live.
We go there!
Borrow you girls!
Speak I about mister!
Unit 5 in a communication center to you
Perimeter under the control
Suspected has died
And girls also
There were three impacts of fires
Release it! Behind a line!
You are really impossible, has to kill
Эй Harris I die with famine
Then tomorrow
At me a meeting with director.
We are going to consider parameters
Also we are going to prepare for a rate
But now instead of it
I am going to lose my day on funeral
And you witness perimeter under the control...
Came back, has the house
In the house, in the house
- Mister we...|- A farm
Cigarettes on a table and in numbered by a door|Were various marks
There would be two ие due machines
There were four chairs, not three
At you would be to consider an opportunity of another suspected
I think, that...
What is, what you have told?
I think, that you like us to see as we shall ground Mister.
Better stands here, that outside
Actually, you would be obliged paid it for two minutes
Not taking impact of fires
You needed seven minutes to kill your partner
I am going to renew a cake
The majority of murder are accomplished by close relatives of victims
The cases which have been not decided at 48 o'clock. Are rare
It is not a case with serials killer
Advantage in this case, that is so much, which suspected is outside
At you always other chance...
Each murder advances hours, time your numbered
This etait the case inspired by search disappeared without message buffallo in 1982
The dead person was with a killed body wakefulness
Put the murderer suicide also has escaped as you, can to see it
Some from this gets out better, than of others...
How many time is precisely one профилировать there is you the it which have been found out in a den of the murderer with 1982?
You hint, what I prepare for you for something, what will not arrive never?
The success comes, when you will understand
What is the best weapon is not your pistol but your brain
A lot of police in it it does not trust, it I do cranky
You group preferred, you anyone clever to be here
I shall grow fond of an essence as much...
Final exercise will pass on island O Niega
Modelling will be preparation for work in collective
I hope, that you are ready
How to us could rescue girls?
It was impossible
They have died, what you have made
I do not understand the purpose, whether could rescue them
The purpose will be, that to this to be accustomed
Good evening my young friends FBI
Ok, I a beautiful trifle with classical style
Note James's book джойса in my bag
My parents are reserved, as it proves mine, dress
And I J or is?
On mine приданом a key
Thus I Джо or Дженнифер
I like to be shown with my girlfriends and to pass kind times
But I am only the present woman searching for the present person
And I recently have ceased to smoke
How you see it?
You see how it looks at the guy in numbered by her{it}
It is not him{it}, it is a cigarette
Would tell, that you know an occasion...
It I do what is the time Карол? Three days?
If should unpack all of our internal demons
There will be no area on a table!
Give I 5 minutes to have number
Give I therefrom 2!
Greetings connait not?
You Джо
Джен, Джен, yes Джен it is valid on
Obviously you do not recollect about me
My name Бобби, Бобби Веатон
In your round Europe, character?
Black suit
Light hair
And complex style
To be accepted for young and beautiful girls
Mainly fair-haired
Certainly the standard with a copy of the document...
You rush yourselves!
Moody Electro?
Yes Moody electro to wrinkle
Really I am not really the student
I work in the finance
Hectare! In the finance!
Ho yes Бобби!
At him{it} 15 more seconds (second)
This evening it is your evening!
I know her{it}
Her name is Джен, I have thrown her{it}!
Do not understand that!
That what to you knows about it?
While there is what it passes in this head?
All right that occurs?
I shall not be one профилировать
I have seen the note (mark) in its{her} bureau which was dragged on the bureau
And I have read it
But at us week-end in O Niega
It{He} has told, that I am not concentrated
It{He} speaks, that I do not have necessary obligation to be one профилировать
And I agree
The obligation I I as lunatics!
I think, that...
You will not be профилировать also Сару
Afflicted, that this former read!
It is not too firm, it goes
We have surprised (have overtaken) last minute
Detective Гэйб Джамсон
Police (Policy) of Philadelphia
Greetings it goes?
It is one профилировать the expert
The sent bureau of the governmental inspection
And us have asked it{him} to force to take part in this training,|To see our working method.
You are sent by policies{politics}, is this step?
It almost it.
Whether but it{he} will make a party{set} of a command{team}?
It{He} will be she{it} as the observer, not to take part.
Counted it{he} your little sister.
Not wishing to you to offend a detective.
At all.
Lift your seat belt
We there
The fleet has conceived this place for обучений
But time within they gives us to it{him} for Week end
Good you place your affairs behind
Also prepare you for jumping (to jump)
I deconne
We in Climtown U.S.A.
Where all inhabitants have died
Whether there is it today?
Here it is necessary to kill only malicious people
It pleased to you to hear
They we freeze here...
It is a little heating you will give pleasure?
Do not worry high society it{he}, has there the American heating
And the American death penalty also?
She is my girlfriend
I am already in love
There is other person than I, should present you now
And business, what?
It{Him} we name the puppeteer
It{He} has killed two persons
In these streets
And it{he} is going to kill a third
Tomorrow in the morning you will find a stage of a crime
And you will find your documents of investigations
And from here I, хоти have on Monday, 4 characters suspected
I want to know, who it{he} is, that it{he} does{makes}, and what it{he} is going to make?
I would like, that Arriston was the leader of a command{team} for this mission of national interest
All right I would solve the curve script which you to us have demolished.
I hope for him{it}
For what uses this place?
Bottles nitrogene, it to simulate conditions northern.
Usually militarians do not use it
Over military humour!
Laboratory of fleet
Their this research bureau
You want to make blood tests
On suspected?
To analyze fibres?
The scanner of samples?
Is present absolutely here
To remain you up to tomorrow morning
Below you will find a full deep-freezer
Both washstands and souls
I overlooked, you in 20 kilometers from coast
Thus, if you do not have more toilet paper
You in dung!
Whether then what purpose?
Pardon a detective?
Island in the middle somewhere for pros why?
The purpose will be, that them to isolate only and forgotten (forgotten)
It is them will force to penetrate reason sociopathe
You have noted as we feel like badly here?
Good luck for yours профилирует
I have put on for island!
Detective, what your role on this paradise island?
To me recommended, as you...
But why?
You us are going to force to ground us to kill, or what?
Better costs{stands}, that you did not know it{him}
I know already some things
What let's know really about you during this moment?
We know, that it{he} it wants to the parents (relatives)
As it proves his{its} numerous tattooes
We know, that it{he} leaves the difficult attitude{relation}
It{He} has not looked at me even two times from our arrival
It is possible, what you are not my type?
We one on island
Trust I I, your type!
We know also, that it{he} solves a crossword puzzle
It proves, that he{it} has some talent
To improve efficiency
That you speak concerning me
Only also does{makes} that I am found out by your figure!
I shall tell, that you play with me, you acr0 (lol)
I shall tell, that I know, that you lay (sleep) with one of guys in this detail (room)
I shall tell, that you have named the leader of a command{team}
Because you him{it} were never at you
And you
You crackle easily under pressure
Your partners cannot have a rest at you
You should not make anything here
All this externally
Nonsenses of 1-st year of psychology
You not, that it!
Who for small dream?
Even the lost (lost) 1 minutes 45!
And dung!
If you I ростки I of you убиваю!
I adore to give to eat in ducks
And I see you as you him{it} give to eat
And if them had together?
I leave you only?
There is no it goes
I do not smoke
I know
It for gesture
The certificate of sympathy
And we know all this, that occurs
All this will not make of me one профилировать!
I shall not manage to surpass it
You believe, what this guy of the rights?
When I was the boy (little girl)
My parents (relatives) have died
One truth dung
To me there were 10 years, the Clap{Cotton}!
To grow then, it was not easy
Run of machines, cigarettes, spirit
To stack with anyone girls
It was silly and dangerous is valid
And then me there were 11 years and...
Voila all that I can tell
Resisting your demons you also battle!
When you can resist to them
You can meet them
And you can meet them still
Every day
You know, what to you bandante you?
You know that I have read concerning you J. D.
You to me want only for my reason!
What occurs?
I ask myself as it has arrived here
Whether I shall tell more likely why?
What is, what this such this exercise (fiscal year)?
10 hours
Whether it is assumed to mean something?
You believe, what this prevention{warning}?
I shall find Harris
If it is an index (parameter) or something other
9 hour. 30 on Saturday in the morning
In research (search) of a place of murder
We forget Paris
The first which finds aura my eternal recognition
And a dead cat!
Dead cat!
This place does not remind you of anything?
Happy town THE USA.
It is small Бобби!
Small Бобби will be big and strong and will promote (карьер)
To send money of their mother
It{He} will be pride Happy town!
I believe, that you on a false trace
My friend
Not I
Having breakfast in house Harris
Has there all that it is necessary
Over the seller of cigarettes
It is island of desire
Эй, we search together or what?
Find absolutely alone I, on a vacation
Ej Vince!
If were going to make of purchases
Hola all world
Harris you have some one whore enfoire!
Stay behind I
Would tell, that there is a life in this city
We have
Or some victims!
At us a victim obviously the woman
Approximately 25-26 years
The whore of the signature the puppeteer
We throw an eye in a wardrobe of employees
I want to know, whom are clients and who works here
I am engaged in that I check an alibi
Сара considers{examines} a body (case)
Really on!
The body (case) is obvious was moved
Any arms apparement
Ник, searches for traces of balls (bullet)
All right
Not to mountain (punishment), this guy the collector trophe
It makes laugh you?
It is my tax (contribution)
We should ask all witnesses still here
But it is only modelling
Whether we should watch{keep up} procedure OK?
At us would be to allow to result to us our rifles
I feel badly without my rifle
You would like, that it was real?
Do not move
It Harris by which are absolutely spat
And really let's accept a call ok?
My legs{foots}!
Help I!
Whether it is a joke?
It is only modelling!
I in despair Ник
Whether went it (Operated) earlier?
Any signal
But that what we can make?
Whether someone has killed J. D. you understand?
Someone here on this island!
It was not it yesterday also
The south of France
It in 1 hour. 30
This message (message)
And the ship?
I have seen amare the ship in port
Stay on your watchmen
It, is not more exercise (fiscal year)
It is not the moment to be afraid
It is the moment...
Leave she{it} waters!
Leave she{it} waters!
It goes, everything is all right.
I take out you from water
Recede encule, I am engaged in it!
Whether you have left water ok?
It is good, you have left water
It, what this delirium with water?
I believe, that I have lost (have lost) for my cigarettes
Harris to us has taken away on this island
And now the prisoner
Let's speak a little about it Harris
Harris I shall not make it
You can tell that you want Harris, the guy really
Somebody has seen it{him} as it{he} rises in the helicopter?
Agreed I, that someone has seen it{him}
Can be, which (than) it{he} is outside of modelling
At it taste of a reality
I to you am going to give taste of my reality
It{He} has just pulled out his{its} weapon cul!
Have not been assumed to result from the weapon!
My rifle I go, where I go
When you we shall extend from above, you will understand
At you would not be, Vince
Be it is happy, that I have made it
4 Kms a square in more all
Эй look at it!
For it to search another's
Someone another on this island Harris or the worse...
It is necessary, that it{him} have found!
Voila treasures navy
The whore of a cat
For love of the god do not pull out to me a hand
It is valid you it
Cease to regret a little to you
Whether there is it you?
At me you, tell, that I was in the order
While to me we do not set a question, it goes
Then I you am going to establish another (another)
Do not understand that another
As the enemy is ready from here
Held back especial (private{individual}) desire?
Whether means it?
The south of France less than twenty
Then at midday someone is going to be killed
Someone has left these hours
They have been left after departure Harris
Where this the murderer? We rummaged in any island.
Someone has lifted this reef
At someone piege this ship
Thus it would be something like game (set)?
Can imports, who it
But who will be near?
Now midday
Now midday and always there.
Always there and now midday.
Your throat Vince
Good you listen
We know, that there is a murderer on island
Someone, who knows, why we there
And it{he} knows that we do{make}
There is only a problem
There is nobody on island
Separately we
Is not present expect
Let's stay quiet
Let's lift all our hands silently our arms
Аллонж you on ground
I rummaged in rooms (chambers)
And I have found it
Under bed
It is a card{map} of island and buildings, all there
You make researches on this place
Stretch{Drag out} you at once a brothel
This military place (site), the person has access to these messages.
You trust that know all
Detective, your cards{maps} now lift hands
You trust me
Nobody leaves!
From what пор this detail (room) is her{it}, sure?
Since we there all
In a lap now
Now! In a lap!
Сара, you feel your figure (figure)?
Because I do not feel more anything
Coffee (Cafe)!!!
There is something in coffee (cafe)
Do not approach...
Whether you go somewhere?
Come here, sets you (prove)!
I can explain all
Your throat
- Listen, I am going to explain to you|- I have told your throat
You do not know that you do{make}
You do not know, whom I am
I know, that you have killed J. D. all this
Whether the world in the order?
It is the most bad trip my life
If I the murderer
Why I have not escaped
You lie all here, and I also
Can be, that you could not finish that you have started
Listen I, to you speaks why cards{maps} under my bed
There is no you to us speak by that you have placed in coffee (cafe), all this
Who has made this coffee (cafe)?
Whether I have made I coffee (cafe)?
It{He} has made it
It{He} speaks, that you the murderer, protect you
There is no blood
It{Him} have devastated from his{its} blood!
6 hours!
Two pairs hours!
Two pairs hours, whether they mean two victims?
At us 20 minutes
I want to know, than the nearest reef and now is!
I cannot tell it because I do not know
You lied to us, since you here
It does not do{make} of me the murderer!
Speak it to those who have died
And your mission? That what you do{make} for FBI?
I am not a policeman, OK?
I am sent by the Ministry of Justice
I there to investigate Harris
The public prosecutor wanted to know that occured
To it{him} have told, that Harris pushed training too far
FBI investigates FBI
If you want to see it so
Whether we the reason to be afraid had it{him} not?
But it were only words, it was not enough
They to me have sent to see, how it{he} worked with you
Cards{Maps} it was that me to prepare
It is my work!
I in it trust not!
You want me to transfer (to lead{carry out}) in a lie detector
Yes it we are going to make also
It{He} lies, look at eyes
I do not lie it, is fair, that I shall not grow fond of you
All right at you 15 minutes
You to us find out a reef or you will stay here for ever
Do not leave his{its} eye
I listen to you
The line number 6 repeats in 9 movings
It is a code or a combination
It should have the message (report) in due course
At him{it} delusion of time which passes
Forget numbers (quantity{amount}), should find a reef
Numbers (Quantity{Amount}) a key which to us will find out a reef
I want to know that these numbers (quantity{amount}) speak
Бобби it{he} gives a strike (help)
I rummage in a building
I go with you
10 minutes
Find words, this, ciphered combination is spoken by me!
7 minutes
I am not severe
Life to me has studied this
Sometimes, when you feel to full hatred and a deceit
You search the decision and that what you find?
Dodge it will be to find something that you from this to deduce{remove}
At 6 o'clock someone should die
My decision it you
It not I.
You will not make it
It is necessary to live that is ignored
This floor OK
At his{its} delusion, this time of it, is the message (report) in due course, I in it уверена
5-8-2-9-9-7-9-2-4, than is that?
At Сары it uses, there is anything
And 2-9-9-7-9-2-4-5 type of it, what?
These are numbers (quantity{amount}) anything except for as whores of numbers (quantity{amount})
7-9-2-4-5-8-7-9 someone?
Whether who has idea?
And if it was the part. Time is measured regarding
Or speed
What speed is measured in one million?
Atoms, электроны, magnetic fields
299 million
792 milles
458 Kms / are speed of light
How you know it?
It is base physics
At it the message (report) with a reef
Extinguish they
Light extinguish they
And if it was, it is it{him} grasps?
It, what?
Похити your coat
On yours also
It{He} to us differed
Would tell about a powder
Established during our dream
Approaches of numbers (quantity{amount}) and supporting (keeping) letters...
6 hours
Voila there are 6 hours.
Эй who there?
You hear me (understand)?
You the dead person
Эй you!
Come here
Vince listens I
It is necessary to switch off a current
It is going to force to do{make} you, there is you!
Really on I am so clever, that I am going to kill myself
There is a switch in the poster
There can be you there?
Моги you to reach{achieve} it{him}?
I can make it but I need in your weapon
You are going to remain hung up eternally or you give me your weapon?
I want you to see as you die.
Look I as die and dies! Voila the end (purpose)
Spear it{he}!
I am going to release{let off}...
I let off{release}...
Go Гэйб!
Vince, than is what it transfers (carries out{spends})?
Do not go in water
Where a policeman?
I alive
Vince tell I that occurs
I alive
Whether there is it?
It{He} to me has rescued life
Then always so sure (exact) in you?
Always so sure (exact) in whom I am?
All right as we close water?
But who well could lift so complex{difficult} reef?
Boards, timers, I have studied all (all) it|In 1-st year of designing
But to do{make} it you should be one about!
The order (Command{Team}) of pressure
Connected has radiocommande a detonator
It is easy, but for a lining of a cable, it is more difficult
It is necessary to study within years to own (to seize)
Also go in a hell!
Look I! Look I!
Two pairs the hours, two reefs
The son pute
And for me as?
And for myself I am suspicious then?
Here! Now!
Game (Set) is finished now!
You have told that close water!
If it can calm you
It is not necessary to leave anybody only now
Nic has found other hours
At us one and a half hour
And for jackets?
Whether if this message (message), it, for what?
In what order (order) it{he} have died? J.D., Reeve, Бобби
What letters at us?
Has there any message (report). It were reefs, they could kill whom
And the order (order) in which we are involved in FBI
Who was the most former?
J. D.
Then Бобби
Then I
And I
I prefer mathematics
As island
You know or we are, on coast of Northern Carolina
It she{it} where Europeans have unloaded the first.
In XVIeme a century the ship of immigrants|Has joined not so far from here
They came from England to be fixed
They construirent city on Roanoga island
One hundred persons
Two years later, all of them have left
It was, as though all of them have disappeared
Without a trace
Any body (case), any documents, any proof
More than 100 persons
The parties{sides} (Part)
Have found out only a word
Cut out on a tree
It I want to tell, what, croatoing?
Dodge of fleet
It wants to tell " the organized reef "
The most puzzling put, that 500 years later
The person does not know, where these people
Voila the message (message)
One island from which we disappear
And it has arrived here
Murderer FBI
It causes me trouble that you have learned{have found out} this history?
It would be more cause to trouble that I did not learn{find out} it{him}
We know its{her} method and its{her} motivation
That passes{misses} us
These are these mistakes
At me something
At us blood
Under nails Reeve
What that, on what you look?
You know As there are affairs?
Yes, for me it is necessary 1 hour for analysis ДНК
We do not have one hour
It is necessary to compare precisely to ours ДНК
If only it to you has set the task
I need in a cigarette
Return I one
Whether you player Lakas?
About whom you would hold a bet?
Why not on you
Nearly do not remain there below!
You did not know, that you would be below
And if you have not helped Vince.
To you would trust then?
I shall trust you, when you will die
Let to speak I you something
If you know, that there is a bomb by the ship
You do not run there on the first
Not I but you was possible
There is enough!
Rifles on a table (table)
All world
I to you of ladies my rifle
I believe, that all all right for|To speak, that it is bad idea
I go anywhere without my rifle
More likely to you to give a wheel
My chair
I to you of ladies my rifle
You believe this
Support the whore
On ground
It is a mistake
On ground
I to you am going to prop up Сару
You want me to kill
You want me to kill
Perimeter under control Nic
It that spoke Harris
Perimeter under the control|We come back in the house
Снизи tone, arm
It not I Лакас
It not I
Whether it is absurd why she{it}?
Because she{it} could not appear him{it}
She{It} would not began профилировать
And I find, that it is better so
You also Vince
But I, anybody from my close relatives have not become killed
To see the little sister
To be flooded and broken
Flooded and broken (raped)
Both at that and at that
Who knows what it can make in reason?
You do not know anything about it
FBI has not rescued your sister Sary
They have not caught the murderer
Then why it{he} you I shall catch you?
You are so clever
I swear
It not I
It not I
She{It} it would not make
Not Сара
For this purpose she{it} does{makes} it on island
She{It} wanted all these dead around of water
With suffering
If you have seen photos
The whore of cruelty
I in it swear my life|It not I
And really we could speak about it within hours
But to us does not remain more than 10 minutes.
What reef? Where a reef?
I know not
What reef Сара?
To you to me it to speak
There is no to you to me it to speak
Why she{it} would lie to us Nic? Under your notice?
It that хоти the murderer
That suspected itself that have battled
It that raises it{him}
Whether you in a head of the murderer still?
It{He} to all of us kissed
It{He} could raise blood of whom
You could raise blood of whom
Anybody another will not be killed
Whether you want her{it} to protect?
She{It} plays with you from the beginning, Лакасом.
You have come me to search
" I want, that you were there "
Should remain together
Absolutely alone I know, to whom I trust
If you leave from this detail (room)...
If you leave, you come back not
Why I would come back?
Do{Make} your work
Do{Make} it{he} a ball (bullet)
Сара place you in our area (place)
You the expert
We suspected, have lives in game (set)
That what you would make?
I shall not be профилировать
It not a question
You speak, that I убиваю because of revenge
To calm my sufferings
It does not paste (does not stick, does not insert)
It{He} does not kill for him{it}
It{He} wants to prove the superiority
It is truth Гэйб
You know, whether the present that also?
They do not love murderers in FBI
Which plays the wounded women
Can be, that it is talent
At us all talent
But behind each talent weakness disappears
But yes, at us all talent
Expect reflect the little
Who killed by reefs? But not!
Look at reefs
J.D. Has died, because it{he} was before
It{He} supervised, it{he} was always before
And Griff was acr0 in coffee (cafe)
And бобби was the engineer
It was present Mc gyver
It{He} knows, who goes mourrir and when.
It{He} has provided it
It{He} knows our forces and ours of weakness
From the beginning the murderer to us профилировала
Венсан, than what you I do{make} excellent{different} however from group is?
I know not I...
I love a history
I love riddles
I on an invalid carriage!
Лакас and of you to you about it thinks, than?
I am the best the drawer, the best driver
And yours of weakness?
I speak that I am not afraid never, but it is incorrect
And you Сара?
My sister has been killed
Then I am afraid some water
I see her{it} in water...
It is the signature
ой my god
My god
She{It} has found cigarettes
Impregnated with an acid
It is not her{it} Vince.
She{It} has found a powder
And it that rescues her{it}...
What another?
I have not trust in it{her}
I trust in person
Evil of islands
All of you are infected
You are going to continue драться a nose.
Until someone has found the whore of hours.
I> Whether you have a good time well?
I> I I blow up
Harris, it{he} on us looks from the beginning.
It{He} knows, that you of a department of validity (justice)
It{He} knew, that it{him} watched{kept up}
There is no it not present
It{He} knew, that they to it{him} were going to take away his{its} program
I> That me I do{make} sad
I she{it} release{exempt}
I> Business, that you will not have your diploma
I> You are insignificant (void) so
I> It pathetically
You should rummage in island
It have made! Everywhere!
And really result
I> You will not arrive there never meme if you set (prove) still
I am going to find it{him}, who comes with itself?
But what to what you believe?
It is one whore of a reef
And you would like, that came?
I to you am going to tell, who come
I I come
I> Whether you have a good time well?
I> I I blow up
All of you are going to leave?
You I am going to force to do{make}, I remain here
You are right
You remain here
But that what you do{make}?
Hiding place you
To us does not speak, where
And the rest latent till Monday
It is the best way
The whore but they go there
i> Whether it is rather realistic for you?
I> You cannot escape
I> You cannot stop anything (to arrest)
i> You will not find them
I> We can play all the night long
I> It is the world (people) of night
I> Whether you trust always that the best, than I?
I> Whether you trust that are still the best professor?
I> It what you want?
I> It what you expect?
I> Whether it is rather realistic for you?
I> You are insignificant (void) so
I> It pathetically
i> You will not have your diploma
I> You will not arrive there never even if you try still
I> You will lose (will lose) always
I> You will not see never as I, I see
I> You want to know of what I think
I> You not развлечешься.
I> I am going to have a good time
i> You will not go up to the end
I> It{He} you are going to unmask
i> You will not go up to the end
I> I him{it} have involved
i> You believe that is most artful
i> You want to know of what I think
I> I think, that you should seize your chance
I> You do not know, to whom you should make
I> You do not know, to whom you should make
I> Let's finish it
I> Let's end as the son pute
I> Go
It{He} remained to look always
And the murderer of it{him} knew
At him{it} hours
Three pairs hours
In which to hour they программированы?
They программированы for now
Stop (Arrest) I it!
If it was not it{he}
Is not present expect
It is a clever history
To track down the program, to track down Harris
You are you who tells about histories
I know, that it not I
And I know, that it not I
Then it not I, it not you, it not she{it}
It{He} remains, who mister?
There is last person costing{standing}
My god Sara attention!
The whore attention, to whom?
Cease to pull (to take)!
Сара remains, where you are.
It is the price (premium) of courage
Close you the whore
Which is there a brothel of dung
It you
Never without my rifle...
Precisely in time
We know, who, who now!
Who you are held back?
Who you are held back?
You are going to not panic now
While you have remained so quiet
That what you try to prove?
That what I try to prove?
How little girls as you arrive to FBI?
How I have come?
And you Гэйб you have forced itself to correct?
They to you have told, that you were not rather strong
Not rather clever?
Not rather healthy?
Look you, you panic
Lift hands, I want to see your hands
You believe, what you профилировать?
Show I your hands
It is it{him} me профилировать
I want to see your hands
It you a victim
Thank my god
The waistcoat decorates (reflects) a ball (bullet)
It will be necessary for me of precisely a few{little} vacation
Surfing and sand
You in the order
You in the order
You think, what to us we are going to trust?
Any problem I can prove it
When бобби has died, I have removed hours of 15 minutes
What about what you tell?
You recollect that Harris spoke
You know reason and the forecast
At the murderer terms which should be held
Accuracy, the schedule
Then I have removed hours of 15 minutes
ой yes
It{He} wanted to know precisely when it{he} was going to strike
It{He} looked at us as we spend each valuable second
It is it{him} entertained
I was on, that it{he} of her{it} would hand at one o'clock
And it{he} has made it
How go you to prove, what Гэйб it has made?
Whether you recollect about a luminescent powder on jackets?
I have placed it on hours
In turn to stretch a reef
Then, when it{he} has mentioned it{him}...
Hands are going to be lit
It is very artful
You know
All that dodges go (operate) more likely well
Trigger mechanisms
But in the end to lift a reef in the mouse it I find myself
The fair person of mechanics
Behind exception (safe) if you have special mice
There it is more ridiculous
I was there
усаженный (proved) was quoted bodies (case) of my parents (relatives)
I expected precisely, that someone asks me
Why I him{it} have killed
And this detective come to see itself
And it{he} speaks
Whether you want chewing gum?
chewing gum
Nobody has asked
It him{it} has not come even to idea
And as after each ascention
All this more and more firmly to arrive above
It is so easy, that there is no more excitation
It is easy
Sports meet
It is firm
For this purpose you are in FBI?
While you study old горбушки
Bandy Gassy Damma
I I you studied
Yours of practice, your manias, yours of weakness
It was so simple in that you to supervise
You know
You to push
To pull (to shoot)
And I knew, that each of you would play his{its} role
Key of all it this interaction
You know, that there is a bomb, you do not run on the first
I required only timeliness
During a break of coffee (cafe), I have prepared for my unexpectedness
You have remained blind while I was under your eyes
You have told that interrupt (cut) water
For the rest was easy
You are so presumable
Николь and its{her} cigarettes
She{It} is not able to read even " to smoke, убей " on a package
винс " never without my rifle "
бобби magnificent could not resist
And Harris it{he} should remain and look
For him{it} it was more complex{difficult}
I am pleased, that you have killed it{him} for me
Water your weakness Сара
Your other weakness it I
The truth business, that I would not arrive there without you
As a token of a recognition I am going to carry out your dream
You are going to be closer at your sister, that you have not presented it{him} never
mississipi, Two mississipi.
Then you have a good time now
Release{Let off} it
Go there Сара
Stop (be arrested) I
There is your blood under nails Reeve
Your traces on the fire extinguisher
And your ball (bullet) in my head
It is not good for you
To you you kiss!
The end a standard time the idiot
You strike as the maiden
Have found their weakness
Balls (bullets)
You believe, what I shall be профилировать?
It depends
Still a question
The perimeter, whether is it{he} under the control?
We come back in the house
We come back in the house
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