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Subtitles for Mirror The 1997.

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Mirror The 1997

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The Mirror
A magnificent shot by this South Korean player.
Shall l ask my mother to call yours?
Don't know. She might say yes.
l'll go then. Bye!
l'll ask her anyway.
Mrs. Sadeghi!
Mrs. Sadeghi!
Are you still here?
My mother hasn't arrived yet.
How come?
Does she usually come for you?
Which grade are you in? First.
ln Mrs. Malehi's class? No, Mrs. Hashemi's.
The 2nd classroom on the 2nd floor, you see?
Just stay here.
Your mother will be here any minute.
And what if she doesn't come?
She will.
l'm off to do my shopping. Bye now.
What time is it, Sir?
My watch isn't working.
The South Korean player shoots
from the right corner and once again...
The referee gives the South Korean player a yellow card
for his foul against Ali Dai, the lranian player.
Make sure you use the food coupons before they expire.
Make it short, child. l'm in a hurry.
The South Koreans have been playing a tight game
right from the beginning.
Get your hot beetroot here!
Beetroot straight from the oven!
Get your hot beetroot here!
Get your hot beetroot here!
Get your hot beetroot here!
You promise to take him come then?
OK. You can count on.
Thanks a lot.
Mrs. Sadeghi!
Haven't you gone yet?
Did you see my mother?
What's her problem?
Here mother's late.
l have a jacket for your son.
What do you mean?
We'd never come with borrowed clothes.
Borrowed! Everything is borrowed.
Even my title.
After all, l'm not really a General.
Look at this jacket. lt's well cut.
l bought the material at the union shop and had it tailored.
He'll never come to the wadding in this.
But you're our only relatives down here.
She's my only daughter.
So l want you to be at her wedding...
With the right clothes.
You want us to be dressed right?
We are already.
Our own clothes suit us much better.
Anyway, my son will decide.
What shall l do, Mrs. Sadeghi?
Where do you live?
That way.
Stay in the playground for a while.
Dear Mrs. Sadeghi!
Don't worry about this little girl.
l'll take care of her.
What can l do?
She can't stay on the street.
l'm responsible if anything happens to her.
Think about what l said.
And do come, please.
l'm not called General for nothing!
l said l'll take this girl home.
Consider it done!
Which way do you go, little girl?
How do you go home?
We go that way, then we reach the bus stop
and we get on one of those big buses.
The really big ones, you know?
l'll take you on my bike
and l'll leave you at the bus stop.
ls that OK?
She's a big girl.
And what if my mother comes?
Mrs. Sadeghi will tell her
that l took you to the bus stop.
Don't worry about her, Mrs. Sadeghi.
l'll take care of her.
l'll leave her at the bus stop.
But please be kind and come to the wedding.
What shall l do ?
Go with the gentleman.
You can trust him.
He'll leave you at the bus stop.
Will you tell my mother then?
Yes! Go ahead.
Don't forget.
OK. Goodbye.
Aren't you taking your bag?
That's a good girl.
By the way, my wife sends her regards
and invites you to the wedding.
Only she was wondering
if you could put on a suitable dress.
Before it was my son, now it's me?
There's no point insisting.
That's the way we are.
Do what you think in best.
l should get going.
See you soon.
Are you OK back there?
Why don't you take the school bus,
since you live so far?
Don't you want to tell me?
My father says, it costs too much.
Plus, my mother works nearby.
Then she might still be at work.
No, she's been off for the past week.
You're the one with a cast and your mother's off work?
No, it's not because of my arm.
lt's because she's going to give me a little baby.
So your mom's going to give you a little sister?
Not at all!
l'm going to have a brother.
They took a picture and said it was a boy.
How clever!
You can tell if it's a boy, just by seeing a picture.
Then you'll have a jolly little brother.
What did you say your father's job was?
Let me was near here.
There it is.
Wait for me here. l'll only be a minute.
lt won't take me long.
l'll be right back.
Don't forget the vacuum cleaner.
No, l won't.
So, what's your father's job?
He works in the medical.
You mean in a pharmacy?
l don't know.
But what's what he calls it.
We're in the same line of business.
Hold on! Stop!
Where are you going? We're not there yet.
My mom might be on that bus.
The lranian player Bagheri takes a penalty shot
from the right corner.
Hello Nasser! Busy day, isn't it?
What happened?
lt was his fault anyway.
The accident?
What else?
The match!
What bout it?
We're losing.
Really? Korea are 2 up.
Don't you listen to the radio?
lt's broken.
That's too bad.
See you later.
The women's section is at the back.
Open the door.
You've been having some problems in your life
during the past months.
You argue with your husband.
He's changed.
He's not as nice as he used to be.
l see in your hand that he has another woman.
So you have to keep an eye on him.
l think he has something in mind,
that he's making some plans.
l think he wants a second wife.
ls he earning more money these days?
Spend as much as you can.
Don't let him get rich, or he'll do it.
The lines of your hand are confusing.
l can see you've lost somebody
who was as close to you as a sister.
You don't know where she is.
You really want to see her again,
but she is far away and you can't reach her.
She too is very eager to see you.
But you'll hear from her soon,
You might see her again.
lt'll be a great joy to you.
Stop! That's my mom.
Stop please!
Stop the bus. This little girl wants to get off.
She's been left behind.
Stop the bus.
Ticket please!
Wait your turn.
l was on the bus.
Wait a second.
l'm looking for my wife.
Where is she?
What's she called? Aazam.
We had to get off here.
Were you asleep or what?
Where are you going?
l gave it to you.
Why did you get off? Go ahead.
Move up the bus.
The bus is full. Close the door!
Shall l read your daughter's hand?
Her fortune is good.
She'll have lots of luck.
l can see in her hand that she'll succeed.
She'll get a good job.
You can count on her later.
She'll help you out in your old age.
She'll be better than a son.
You can be sure of that.
She'll have two other sisters.
She'll go and live far away.
She'll be successful.
Get up, young girl. Let the lady sit down.
Do you hear me? The lady has a baby.
Come on. Get up.
Unbelievable! The youth of today!
l had to tell her to get up twice.
Yet she didn't do it willingly.
Make yourself comfortable.
Thank you.
l can keep your bag.
Thank you, l'm OK.
What a life, these days!
l go through hell everyday.
Me and my husband sold all we had,
to come and live near our son.
l should've died too,
when my husband passed away a few years ago.
You shouldn't say that.
l got over his loss, but this is no life!
lt was a long-distance wedding.
Yes, you told me already.
They spent a lot on the ceremony
and had put the groom's photo on show.
The guy had studied engineering
and was running a company in the USA.
So the girl was to join him there
a week after the wedding.
But what happened to her there still brings tears to my eyes.
She'd been told a pack of lies.
Nothing was the way she expected.
The guy was much older than she thought.
He already had 2 kids.
How awful!
So the bride was in a real state of shock.
This long-distance wedding was a disaster for her.
Plus, she has his name in her passport now.
Supposedly, my two children look after me.
But they said they'd send me to an old people's home.
Look at me.
Do l look like l need to go to one?
l come from a respectable family.
Can you imagine me in one of those places?
Things aren't like that.
Yes, they are.
They didn't behave like this before.
They've changed.
You shouldn't let them treat you like that.
They never agree with us!
l don't like the way they handle things.
Can you believe it?
They make us go do the shopping by bus.
lt's too much. Even if one's not very rich.
lt's no way to shop for a wedding.
Please give this to the musicians.
May your lives be full of joy and happiness.
Bye, everyone!
How old's your baby?
One year old.
My grandson is 6 years old.
But his parents won't let me see him.
They say that my accent will affect his!
What do you mean?
l embarrass them.
Where do you come from ?
l'm not from here either.
But who really is anyway?
One out of 1000?
Do you realize what it means to me not to see my grandson?
Just so his accent won't change!
They also want me to change the way l dress, but l won't.
l can't change at this age.
l made so many sacrifices for them.
l sent them to university.
And that's how they thank me.
They don't oven let me talk to the neighbors.
l feel like a bird in a cage.
They don't introduce me when their friends come over
or they pretend that l'm one of the neighbors.
So every morning, l pack my things up
and l go to Parliament Square to take the bus
which goes to my daughter's town.
But then l think of her husband
Who would wonder why l've come.
So l spend the day on a bench
and l go to my son's house when it gets dark.
Be patient.
Patient? l can't take this anymore.
l can't go on.
They're only young.
Shall l die so they understand?
l only have a few more years left.
l've had it this time.
l'll go to the bus station
and l'll take the bus to my daughter's town.
Get this card punched and clean up.
l'll be right back.
Why didn't you get off?
Nader! Who was with this little girl?
Nader! Come over here.
What are you doing?
This isn't my stop.
Where is then?
The terminus.
But this is the terminus. Don't you see?
But my stop isn't like this.
How is it then?
There are metal bars shaped like a heart
with a fountain in the middle.
There are lots of trees and no statue.
Sure you've taken the right bus?
l sat in the same seat with my mom, this morning.
You almost had an accident.
You suddenly broke and everybody fell down.
Then you got mad at the other driver.
Didn't you hear what that guy told me?
That's why l got mad!
Don't cry now.
Why did you take the bus alone?
My mom always comes to pick me up,
but she didn't show up today.
This is the right line, but the wrong direction.
There are two big squares on this line.
Republic Square is where you want to go.
l'll be right with you.
What shall l do now?
What shall l do now?
Can you find your way from there?
Yes, l can.
l'll send you with a colleague who'll let you off there.
And you can go home from there.
Can't l come with you?
That's not possible, l'm afraid.
l've finished my shift.
My colleague is taking over now.
Come on!
Hurry up.
Get on the bus.
l'll go and get my colleague.
Sure you know the way?
l want to stay with you.
Don't cry!
l told you that my shift is over.
l'll call Mr. Morteza. So long now.
See that girl on your bus?
Let her off at Republic Square. Will you?
Who told you to get on here?
This isn't the women's entrance.
Get off!
What are you doing?
Mr. Morteza is waiting for you.
Don't stare at me like that. Come on!
Get on the bus, quick!
Where were you, little girl?
Where'd you gong?
Say something.
Didn't my colleague tell you to wait?
Why did you get off then?
What if you had gotten lost?
l didn't know that Mr. Nasser had sent her.
l thought she had come on her own.
Where did you find her?
Walking along the highway.
What's wrong with your arm?
Don't look at the camera, Mina.
l'm not acting anymore!
l want to get off!
What's the matter?
l'm not acting anymore!
Has somebody bothered you?
Open the door! Let me off!
What shall l do?
Stop the bus.
Open up!
Tell me what's wrong.
Mina, won't you say?
No, l won't.
Let her get off.
Where are you going?
To see why she's pouting.
l'll talk to her.
Go on then.
Hold on!
Tell her it's the last shot for today.
Did you say something to her, Ali-Reza?
No, nothing.
What do you mean?
There's nothing wrong.
Nothing wrong?
What are you angry aobut then?
Did they say something?
Did they? Yes.
Who? Who did?
Lay off!
l don't want to be filmed anymore.
Get on the bus.
You're going to catch cold.
l want my things.
Get me Mina's things please.
There's no point insisting.
She wants to quit.
But why?
l don't know. She refuses to talk.
Did Ali-Reza talk to her?
What about?
What did you tell her?
What does she say?
That she's out of the film.
lt must be him.
What did you tell her?
l didn't tell her anything.
l swear.
What did you tell her?
Nothing that could hurt her.
l saw you talking to her.
What did you tell her this morning?
She's a little girl.
You have to be patient with her.
Tell her we have just this one shot to do
and that after this one, we'll stop till tomorrow.
She must be tired.
Take this to her or she might catch cold.
She said she was invited to a birthday party.
Her mother wanted her to finish a bit earlier today.
So she could leave earlier.
Did anything happen yesterday?
No. Everything seemed to be going fine.
Which reel was this?
ls this the bus for Vanak?
No, we're shooting a film.
She won't listen to me.
She wants to go home on her own.
She says she knows the way.
Let me see...
She won't talk?
She just wants to go home.
What's she waiting for?
For us to take off her mike.
Does she still have it on?
l put it on for the last shot, and forgot to take it off.
Can we record her? Yes.
Can you hear her clearly? Yes.
Let him keep talking to her.
Come back here, Javadi!
Leave his.
l'm not sure about the result, but...
Bring the camera closer.
You want to shoot this? Yes.
Shall we block off the sidewalk? No.
She might touch the mike.
Never mind that.
Do we have the sound? Yes.
Ready to shoot?
Let's go then.
Check the sound. Camera ready?
Let me set the f-stop.
Shall l cut? No, keep going.
Start shooting.
Are you mad at me?
Have l done anything wrong?
Did l say something mean?
l just carried your bag, so you could walk faster.
Don't you see how they're looking at me?
As if l were the one who told you not to act.
Sorry if l said anything wrong.
They had me come from downtown,
paid for a haircut and some clothes
so that l could act in the file.
But they'll stop the file if you don't act.
Go tell them you're not quitting because of me.
if you don't want me to get fired.
She's not saying a word.
Aunty Bita!
She's calling me.
l have an idea.
We'll follow her.
Where are you going?
l was wrapping up.
Hold on. Go and talk to her.
Tell her she can go home alone, but don't take her mike off.
Keep your head down.
lf she looks for the sound engineer,
say he's gone home.
Make her leave on her own, and we'll follow her.
Need the minibus?
You lost your bet?
Ali Dai just scored a third goal.
Hurry up, everybody. Where's the car?
Move it, or we'll lose her.
Excuse me, Sir?
Where's the square?
Which square?
The one with a fountain in the middle.
Are you lost?
No. Just tell me which way it is.
What exactly are you looking for?
The square with a fountain.
But which square are you talking about?
The one with a fountain.
The square with a fountain?
Do you know one like that?
The square with a fountain.
With what?
With a fountain and a statue.
You mean Parliament Square?
Yes. Which way is that?
So Parliament Square is where you want to go?
By foot? lt's that way.
Thank you.
The more you press, the better the print will be.
You can do what you want.
And don't think l'm using anything special.
The bottles are all the same.
l'll open one for this man.
lt's 100 tomans a piece.
You have to put some on the paper,
put your original on it...
Then press hard on it with the bottle.
And it'll reproduce the picture.
Can we pick the bottle?
Your son can try one if you don't believe me.
One can do anything nowadays.
Mine didn't work last time.
Maybe you're using something else.
You're not paying for a Xerox machine!
Hold the paper this way.
l told you, this is no photo development kit!
You can't get a development kit for 100 tomans!
But this stuff is very useful.
Some people even buy it as a gift.
Where are you going?
That place over there where you turn,
and you go up a big avenue.
Can you take me there?
l'm not going that way. You'll get lost.
Are you with somebody?
No, l'm on my own.
l'm not going that way.
Stand further up.
Shall l take you to the crossroads?
l'm going that way.
l'll go up, and then...
l'll take you.
Just tell me the name. l might remember it.
Are you lost?
No, no really.
You want to go that way?
Behind the Parliament?
No, l mean that way, then turn and go up that way.
l don't know which avenue you mean.
ls it Sirouss Avenue?
Parliament Avenue or Mostafa Khomeini Avenue?
Stay over here and you'll find a cab.
Don't you want to cross the street?
No, thanks.
Where are you going?
l want a cab.
Where for?
To got over there,
and then turn and go up that avenue.
Don you know where you're going?
Then, get in.
Can you just tell me the name of that avenue?
You said you know where you were going.
ls she lost?
Take her and l'll pay her fare.
Stay here.
Where is your mom?
She wanted to cross over by herself.
Don't get in just any taxi.
Or you'll get kidnapped.
Did you just leave school?
l'm going back home.
And where is your house?
Stay over here.
l'll find a police officer.
Don't worry, we'll find your house.
lt's OK, everything will be all right.
This little girl is lost.
She doesn't know her address.
Where do you want to go?
You go that way, and then you reach a big avenue.
Which big avenue, little girl?
l don't know the name of it.
Wait a minute...
Yes, HO. l'm at Parliament Square.
You mean that big avenue?
The one which is very long?
There's a big avenue after the crossroads.
Victory Avenue. ls that it?
So is that the one?
Do you know how to go there?
All right then. Good luck.
Bye Bye!
Shall l come with you?
Hello, it's you?
What are you doing here?
l don't want to be in the film anymore.
They tell me to cry all the time.
lf my friends see this film, they'll think l'm a nagger!
And they put this fake cast on me.
As though l was clumsy or something and had broken my arm.
And l hate this scarf.
Makes me look like a baby!
l'm not a first-grader anymore.
Did they give you all your lines too?
Which lines?
The ones you were saying on the set.
lf they were for the film!
But that's my real life.
l don't understand.
Aren't you acting in the film then?
You remember the man with the thick brows?
He came to see me this morning,
and asked me to sit in that bus,
and brought me back here afterwards.
He gave me a little money, but he was a bit rude too.
What are you going to do now?
l don't know. Do you want to come to my house?
How can l go to a stranger's house
when l can't go to my own children's house?
Please! Come to our house.
No, darling. Your parents will be worried.
You better go now.
Goodbye! Goodbye!
You want to cross the road? Wait...
Which way is Victory Avenue?
lt's that way.
Victory Avenue?
Yes, get in. Victory Avenue, get in.
60 tomans!
lt was only 20 tomans when l came with my mother.
20 tomans? That must've been in the Stone Age!
lt's 60 tomans.
Where are you going?
To Victory Avenue.
Where did you say? Victory?
And for 20 tomans!
You must've gone to Sarchenshmeh, who were you with?
My mom.
Well, wait for her then.
Are you lost by any chance?
No, l'm not.
Check out the way first, and l'll take you.
Hello! Pass me mom.
She's not home?
Can you come and get me?
l'm not with the film crew anymore.
We had an argument.
At Parliament Square.
Where there are lots of trees and a phone booth.
l don't have enough money.
Can't you come on your bike?
l swear l wouldn't tell mom about it!
Where did you tell me to go? Hello!
Sarcheshmeh Avenue?
Victory Avenue?
Sarcheshmeh Avenue?
They have...stopped, Mina.
They say it' fault, you see.
Sarcheshmeh Avenue?
Victory Avenue?
They have...stopped, Mina.
They say it' fault, you see.
Where are you going?
Victory Avenue.
But l told you Sarcheshmeh.
l said my direction 10 times.
And l told you Sarcheshmeh. Drop me off here.
There you go.
What about the fare?
What? You want me to pay on top of it!
But there are 2 of you!
l'm not paying. She's not with me.
Who's the with then?
l'm not my own.
Hey, lady! What about my money?
You took me the wrong way.
There's no way l'm paying.
lt's a pity your husband isn't here!
lf only my good-for-nothing husband were here!
Where are you going?
l'll pay you when we get there.
My brother has the money.
Go get him then!
Victory Avenue.
Victory Avenue.
Will you take me to Victory Avenue?
Where exactly?
By the post office.
My brother told me to wait there.
Which? The one at the corner of lran Avenue?
l don't know, but l'll recognize it if you take me there.
Would you take me there
if l pay you 24 and a half tomans?
All right. Come on.
The days when women spent their lives cooking are over.
You're quite right,
but a good housekeeper should know how to run a house.
You're talking about a maid!
Women are not slaves!
That's not the point.
The day a woman accepts to get married...
She becomes her husband's slave?
lt's a question of agreement.
Agreement to be a maid?
No, but if the woman doesn't run the house...
l've never signed such an agreement!
who'd run it?
Don't you worry, the town council will!
The make you pay even for having the street swept,
let alone taking care of you household!
Women are no slaves, but they should run the house.
Otherwise men will become slaves.
There's no question of that.
lt's just a matter of solidarity.
So you mean that men should work
outside the house and inside as well?
Not housework. Just helping their wives.
Helping is work, too! lt amounts to the same thing.
l think we disagree about that.
Sure, but l was just giving you my opinion.
You asked for my opinion and l gave it to you.
ade everything clear to my wife right from the beginning
and l've never done a thing at home.
You're quite right.
Men are made to work outside the home.
Men bring in the money and women should do the rest.
Somebody's getting what l mean at last!
What about the women who work outside the home as well?
lt's the same as a man who does both.
But the woman does it willingly in this case.
A respectful man would never have his wife work.
She does it with her husband's consent.
And how much money could a woman make?
Go on, tell me, how much at the most?
A woman has to work 8 hours a day, too.
A full-time job is paid the same.
How much will she get?
Between 20,000 and 40,000 per month, right?
She would have to pay half of it to a babysitter
and the other half would go on clothes.
So the man loses out.
lnstead of killing himself at home after a long day's work,
a clever man would tell his wife not to work.
He'd work an extra hour a day for the same money!
He's right. That's what a real man would do.
Excuse me a minute.
Where did he go? lt's strange...
That's how they talk outside,
but the woman has the last word at home.
Sorry for the delay.
l thought you...
lt's not because l believe the woman
has to run the household that l'm a monster!
lt's too heavy for her.
And l'm the one who pays the bills
if she hurts her back.
l'll take another road.
The traffic's slow here.
Anybody want to get off?
Let me off here.
l'll take you a bit further.
l'm going to the hospital to see my wife.
As you wish.
l'll get out here, too.
Didn't you want to go to the post office?
No, l'll get out here.
l only know the way home from here.
Here's the fare.
lt's OK. Keep your money.
Please take it.
No, thanks. Goodbye.
Don't change lanes!
Now Dai passes it to Bagheri
who then passes it to Azizi.
Azizi passes it to Dai in the penalty area...Goal!
Tell me, honey...
You said your brother was older than you...
Yes, he is.
So he must know that this is no place for a little girl.
He didn't say in front of the cafe.
He said in front of the post office.
There's a post office here,
and another one at the Square.
He said it's the first one.
Then it's over there.
You might wonder what l'm doing here then.
Well, l have to be here.
Because people who want musicians
to liven up their weddings come here
to look for them.
Now tell me, do you know any movie stars?
Abdoli, Hoshiar and Bidar...
Go on.
There's another one but...
Don't you recognize me?
Haven't you ever heard my voice?
Your father knows me well.
Because he knows who John Wayne is.
You're a foreigner then?
No, dear. l'm no foreigner.
But l used to dub John Wayne.
l used to be more famous than those you named.
lt's true that l don't do any dubbing anymore.
But at least l play music.
l saw you two weeks ago
when you did that scene in front of the school.
lt was quite good.
But the best thing was in front of the pharmacy
when you told that woman to go get your things.
l was watching you.
You were perfect.
lt's all right. l'll find my way.
All right, let's walk on the sidewalk then.
Do you see this mailbox?
Where that old lady is standing...
Stay there until your brother comes.
And don't you walk away again.
Tell your father that if he has a party,
he can always find me in front of the cafe
where we were before.
What's your name so l can tell him?
Tell him John Wayne and he'll remember me.
Farewell, little girl.
Excuse me!
Have you been waiting here long?
About half an hour.
Haven't you seen my brother and his bike?
He's a bit taller than me.
l've been here a while, but l haven't seen any boy.
Hello, ma'am. Are you waiting?
l have a letter for you.
There's a mailbox.
lt's for abroad.
lt's OK, the letters are sorted later.
Hello, Sir!
Do you know which way my house is?
Your house? How should l know?
You told my father to go to garage.
My father is the one who has a Renault.
The white one which smokes a lot.
Then that's why l told him to repair it!
Mind the cars.
Then my father told you he'd have it
repaired by the end of the month.
We send all the cars which smoke to get repaired!
You know, you even fined my father.
l give a lot of those! His car's had accidents.
lt's dented and has red paint on it.
l've been waiting for hours.
That's not my problem.
This bike isn't mine, so please give the papers back.
l told you already.
Don't you remember?
The one who you gave a fine to, once.
His name is Mohamad-Khani.
l can't possibly remember your father's name?
Sir! Sir!
Your mother was sick, you know,
and my father gave her some red pills.
l don't recall that.
Don't you remember then?
Remember what?
Where his car is?
Where what is?
You give him fines quite often.
Then he probably breaks the law!
lt was because his car smoked.
He should have had it repaired.
Well, that's what you told him.
So why didn't he do it?
Then one day my father came and asked you
if your mom had recovered.
And you told him that she had.
Yes she has, so what?
You called my father Doctor, and he called you Officer.
That doesn't give us your address.
All that seems fine, only l can't remember him!
When he was there, you told him to go to the garage.
And did he go?
Yes he did.
Then go ahead and ask them.
Can you take me there?
Wait a minute.
lf Azizi comes, tell him l had to
accompany a girl to the garage.
lf you... l told you not to insist.
Please, Officer. l thought you were nicer than that!
Hello, Sir! See if you can help this little girl out.
You seem to have repaired her father's car.
She's lost, you see.
See what you can do for her.
You came and repaired my father's car.
lt's a Renault.
You asked for a glass of water
and l brought you some lemonade.
Who did? Was it him?
l don't know. A man dressed in blue.
You couldn't fix it at our house and you brought it here.
The officer even pushed the car.
ls it red?
No, it's white.
Which school do you go to?
Assyeh School.
Do you take the school bus?
No, l go on my own.
My mother used to pick me up when l was in first grade.
You should have waited at school then.
This little girl is really something!
Do you know where your school is?
l can go there alone, if you'd just show me the way.
Which school?
Assyeh School.
ls that a primary school? Yes.
Which grade are you in?
Second grade, and l know
the way home from my school.
Call the education ministry and get her school's address.
Which neighborhood is it in?
l don't know.
But there's a toy shop next to it.
Was it you who went to fix their car?
What's your father's car?
A Renault.
lf only you could be kind enough to give my papers back to me...
Just tell me which way it is, and l'll go myself.
But where is this school?
She might have the address in her bag.
l can't leave without my papers, Officer.
l said no!
Look in your bag, little girl.
l'll take care of her.
She says she's at Assyeh School.
Where did you come from? Straight from school?
Yes, l mean, no! l was somewhere else.
So you're lost? Were you with your mother?
No. l used to go with my mom last year,
but this year, l go...with myself.
Which school?
Assyeh School.
lf you take me to school, l'll find my way home.
Let me leave and l'll take her there.
Come on, little missy, let's go.
No, l'm staying here.
Does it have a blue board outside?
Take her, if you know where it is.
lt's at a crossroads, and has a blue board
which says Asseh in big letters.
That's it.
l'll take you on my bike.
Will you give me my papers back?
But there's one girls' school this way and another that way.
l'll take her.
Let's go. l'll look after her.
Tell me where and l'll go myself.
lt's right at the next crossroads.
Thanks a lot. Goodbye.
Hello, Mr. Habibi.
Hello, Miss Mina.
l'm not in the film.
l don't want to act.
But tell me why.
l just don't want to!
But l recommended you.
Do you sell pink ribbons?
Let me see.
And here's the mike. l can't keep it.
Take it. But l'm closing.
l'm in a hurry. Goodbye.
Wait, Mina!
l'll be right with you.
What shall l tell them then?
That l gave you the mike.
Why aren't you acting?
'Cause l don't want to.
You would've gotten money.
l don't want it.
l'll go and talk to your father.
What about my pink ribbon?
l'll get it for you.
l'm in a hurry.
Hang on.
l'm getting married.
l've only got black ribbon.
Black? For a wedding?
Go to Martyrs Square for other colors.
Thanks. Do come to our wedding party.
l'll come and give you my blessings.
Congratulations once again.
Thank you.
An unprecedented score in the history of lranian soccer.
Our team has beaten South Korea 6 - 2.
Let me congratulate our listeners,
and all soccer fans, on this great victory.
How are you? Fine and you?
Could you give this mike back to Mina
and tell her that she has to keep it?
What have you done to upset her so?
She wouldn't listen to me.
Nothing happened. Give her this mike.
l will.
You're welcome. Bye.
How does this work?
One two three.
Testing. One, two, three.
Saudi Arabia beat China 4 - 3.
And on Wednesday, lran vs. Kuwait...
You turned it off.
l didn't.
Don't touch this button. Can you hear me, Najafi?
Let me go first and then ring the bell.
You have to come and finish the film.
l won't.
Anyway it's because of you that l got into all this.
l told you not to touch it.
l didn't do it on purpose.
l'm sorry if it went off again.
Now it's off, see?
l'll try. But it's not the end of the world!
What did she say?
l don't know what you did to her, but she's really mad at you.
What do you mean?
l can introduce you to another girl her age
who's talented.
No, thanks.
Then l should be going. Goodbye.
Thank for your watching.
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