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Mission Impossible (1996)

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{y:i}It was good...
{y:i}... that you called us.
{y:i}I don't know what happened.
{y:i}We were at the bar...
{y:i}... drinking, having fun...
{y:i}I don't even know how I got here.
Come on, she's been under too long.
{y:i}You're the only one who can help me.
{y:i}Come on, come on...
{y:i}- Tell me what I need to know.|{y:i}- They'll kill me.
{y:i}You asked for my help.
{y:i}Come on.
Come on!
{y:i}The contact in Minsk...
Give us the name.
Dimitri... Miediev.
{y:i}- What now?|{y:i}- Now we drink.
{y:i}To friends.
Get rid of that scum.
- Did we get it?|- We got it.
Would you like|to watch a movie, Mr Rosen?
- Care to watch a movie, Mr Phelps?|- No, I prefer the theatre.
Would you consider|the cinema of the Ukraine?
Perhaps you'd choose one for me.
Thank you.
{y:i}Good morning, Mr Phelps.|{y:i}This is Alexander Golitsyn,
{y:i}an attaché at our embassy|{y:i}in Prague. He is also a traitor.
{y:i}He has stolen one half|{y:i}of a CIA NOC list
{y:i}of all our deep cover agents|{y:i}in Eastern Europe.
{y:i}For security reasons,|{y:i}the NOC list is divided in two.
{y:i}The portion Golitsyn has|{y:i}contains code names.
{y:i}It is useless without its mate, which|{y:i}matches the codes with true names.
{y:i}It is this half Golitsyn plans to steal|{y:i}at an embassy reception tomorrow.
{y:i}Your mission, should you choose to|{y:i}accept it, is to obtain proof of the theft,
{y:i}shadow Golitsyn to his buyer|{y:i}and apprehend them both.
{y:i}I've despatched a team|{y:i}selected from your group.
{y:i}Sarah Davies is undercover now. Jack|{y:i}Harmon can hack into their system.
{y:i}Hannah Williams will do surveillance.|{y:i}Your wife, Claire, will cover transport.
{y:i}And Ethan Hunt|{y:i}will be your point man, as usual.
{y:i}He is now in Kiev and will|{y:i}rendezvous with you in Prague.
{y:i}Should any member of your IM force|{y:i}be caught or killed,
{y:i}the Secretary will disavow|{y:i}all knowledge of your actions.
{y:i}This tape will self-destruct|{y:i}in five seconds. Good luck, Jim.
A very straightforward objective.
We photograph Golitsyn stealing|the NOC list, follow him to his buyer,
apprehend both of them.|Now, here's the plot. Ethan...
You go into the embassy in character,|during a party. Hide in plain sight.
- You game?|- Wouldn't have it any other way.
Sarah, you're there as the embassy's|Washington visitor liaison.
You and Ethan will run the game.
- I haven't a thing to wear.|- Well, I'm sure you'll work it out.
Mark Golitsyn and hand him off|to Hannah. Hannah, you stay on him.
Jack, fingerprint security is accessed|through the elevator shaft here.
- So I guess I'm not wearing my tux.|- Open, close, get out.
Claire, you're in the vehicle.
Hannah will join you as Golitsyn|goes exterior. You two stay on him.
If I call "abort",|everybody walk away immediately.
Regroup here at 4 a.m.
Any questions?
Can we get a cappuccino machine?|I don't know what you call this.
- I call it cruel and unusual.|- I made that coffee.
Is it possible that it's worse|than the sludge you made in Kiev?
- Hey, take it easy on my wife's coffee.|- We missed you in Kiev, Jim.
- Off on a cushy recruiting assignment?|- Did they put you up at the Plaza?
Drake Hotel, Chicago.
- Punishing! 24-hour room service.|- Chauffeured cars.
He's getting soft in his old age.
Okay, listen. If that list|gets out into the open,
the names of our agents will be|up for grabs to the highest bidders.
Terrorists, arms dealers, drug lords.|Everyone who wants to get rid of us.
If they're exposed, they'll be executed.
I'll run the whole show from here.|Let's punch out the details.
There's a camera built into the bridge.|It transmits what you see back here.
Can you hear me?|No, you need an earpiece.
You have lovely eyes...
- Can you hear me?|- Loud and clear.
If he has a car waiting, and he rolls,|stay with him no matter what.
- You should check out these streets.|- What do you think I've been doing?
- We're using Waltzer?|- He's our guy.
- Isn't he chairing a hearing?|- Not this week.
This week he's fly-fishing in County|Kildare with one of our Irish guides.
And he won't be back any time soon.
{y:i}Senator, it sounds as if|{y:i}you want to lead the kind of charge
{y:i}that Senator Church led in the 70s, and|{y:i}destroy the US's intelligence capability.
{y:i}I want to know who they are and how|{y:i}they're spending taxpayers' money.
{y:i}This is still a democracy.
Stick of gum, right?|No. Red light, green light.
You have a lock you can't pick,|you mash them together...
"Hasta lasagne", don't get any on ya.|You'll have about five seconds.
Just don't chew it.
Ethan, Jack's inside. Let's go.
{y:i}How do you do, Senator?|{y:i}How was the opera?
- It was boring.|- Let me see if I can steer you through.
- Windows open by 2300.|- Mr Brandl, the mayor, and Mrs Brandl.
Senator,|I bet you don't remember me, do you?
- Of course. How are you, Ms Norman?|- He's in pocket, on the stairway.
Mr Golitsyn, nice to see you.
{y:i}Pull the shade.
{y:i}Sarah, mark the package|{y:i}and go to two.
Your advance team said you'd like|a tour of the facility. This way.
Oh, great.
...which leads to the Denied Area,|the only limited access area here.
Governor's in position now.
- Can I help you?|- As you can see, there's surveillance.
I'm sorry,|I know it's in here somewhere.
Sergeant, why are you not in uniform?
{y:i}We've been ordered|{y:i}to wear civilian clothes, sir.
Be right back.
- Do you have a Jack on your staff?|{y:i}- I believe we did.
An unreliable fellow, as I recall.|Constantly late and behind in his work.
{y:i}We were forced to tie him to a horse|{y:i}and drag him around my barn.
I'm working on it.
Sorry.|Thank you. Have a nice evening.
That date with Sarah is definitely off.
He's heading to the Denied Area.
Get moving, Ethan. He's rolling to you.
Jack, we're in position here.
I didn't touch it.
- What about my coat? I'll freeze.|- Jack, open the doors.
He's in the box, Ethan.
- We'll take his exit. Open these doors.|- I don't have it.
I'm opening the doors. Go under.
- He's got it.|- All right.
- I saved your ass again, Jack.|- Such a nice ass.
- And a lonely ass.|- Transport in five minutes.
Jack, open the doors|and let the package roll.
Opening doors now.
Stairway, you're wrapped.|Go to transport.
- Jack, what are you doing?|- Nothing.
I don't have control, Jack.|Cut the power.
- Cut the power.|- Come on, Jack.
Jack... Jack?
{y:i}- Jack, do you copy?|- Man down, Ethan.
{y:i}Man down.
Ethan, stay where you are.|I'm coming to you.
The package is out in the open.
- Jim, he's in the open.|- En route.
Jim, he's in the open.
Jim, the package is in the open.
I've got a shadow.|I can't lose him. Abort!
Ethan, he's out of pocket.
- I can't do that.|- We're being ambushed. Abort!
- Negative. Golitsyn is on the move.|{y:i}- No, dammit, I said abort!
- Watch the package. Jim, I'm coming.|- Jim gave an abort.
We are going to recover that disk.|You understand me? Now go!
- Where are you?|- 200 yards from the bridge.
{y:i}They're covering the frequency.
{y:i}Cut all radio communication.
Sarah, abort. Repeat: Abort!
Abort! Do you read me?
Oh, my God!
{y:i}- Satcom 7.|- Central Europe, unsecured.
{y:i}- Designator?|- Bravo, echo, one, one.
{y:i}- This is Kittridge.|- Go secure.
{y:i}- OK, go ahead.|- This is Ethan Hunt. They're dead.
{y:i}- Who's dead?|- My team. My team is dead!
Golitsyn's gone. They knew|we were coming. The disk is gone.
{y:i}- Are you intact?|- The list is in the open!
{y:i}Let's just bring you in safely,|{y:i}then we'll worry about that.
{y:i}- Were you followed?|- I don't think so.
{y:i}Don't think. Be sure.|{y:i}Are you clean?
{y:i}Location Green, one hour.|{y:i}I'll be there myself.
- You're in Prague?|{y:i}- One hour.
I... I can't tell you how sorry I am.
I know how much Jim,|in particular, meant to you.
- Personally as well as professionally.|- Yeah...
Here's a passport and visa. Usual drill.
We'll work the exfiltration|through Canada
and throw the Prague police a bone,|toss them a few suspects.
- You follow me?|- Yeah, I follow you.
- We've lost enough agents for tonight.|- You mean, "I" have.
- You're bent on blaming yourself.|- Who else is left?
Yeah, I see your point.
- Why was there another team?|- What?
Of IMF agents at the embassy.
I don't quite follow you.
Then follow me around the room.
The drunk Russians on|the embankment at 7 and 8 o'clock.
The couple waltzing around me,|the waiter standing behind Hannah.
Bow tie at 12 o'clock.|The other IMF team.
You're worried about me. Why?
For two years we've been spotting|serious blowback in IMF operations.
We have penetration.
We've decoded an Internet message|from a Czech we know as "Max".
- The arms dealer.|- That's right.
Max has a capacity for anonymity|and for corrupting susceptible agents.
He got to someone on the inside,|in a position to buy our NOC list.
An operation he called "Job 3-14". He|thought Golitsyn was doing it tonight.
- The list he stole was a decoy.|- That's correct.
The actual list is secure at Langley.|Golitsyn was one of ours.
This whole operation was a mole hunt.
- The whole operation was a mole hunt.|- Yeah.
The mole's deep inside.
And like you said... survived.
I want to show you something.
Since your father's death, your|family's farm has been in receivership.
Suddenly, they have 120 grand|in the bank.
His illness was supposed|to have wiped out that account.
Dying slowly in America can be|a very expensive proposition.
So why don't we quietly get out of here|and onto a plane?
- I can understand you're very upset.|- You've never seen me very upset.
Enough is enough.
You've bribed and killed,|using loyalties on the inside.
You want to shake hands with the|devil? Fine, but you'll do it in hell.
Money, money...|Where's the damn money?
{y:i}We've decoded an Internet message|{y:i}from a Czech we know as "Max".
{y:i}He got in a position to buy our NOC|{y:i}list. An operation he called "Job 3-14".
Job 3:14...
"...asleep and at rest with kings|and counsellors of the earth..."
You son of a bitch.
What are you doing?|I needed you.
On the bridge.
But you weren't there.
- Don't move.|- Ethan...
It's okay. Just calm down.|It's Claire.
- You were in the car.|- No, I wasn't.
- I heard on the radio...|- I saw you, you were in the car.
No, I got out of the car. I ran to|the bridge. He said someone was...
Don't give me that. I was on the bridge.|There was nobody there.
- What happened to Jim?|- Wake up! Jim's dead! They're all dead!
- Who sent you for me?|- Jim's dead...
Take off your coat.
I walked away. He said abort.|I just walked away.
That was four hours ago.|Who sent you? Did they send you?
- Who sent you?|- No one sent me.
We were supposed to be back here|at four o'clock if we abort.
0400. Four a.m. Four o'clock.|It's four o'clock.
If we abort... four a.m.
I've been disavowed.
They actually think|I killed Jim and everyone else.
Somehow, $100,000 finds its way|into my parents' bank account.
Kittridge assumes I'm the mole,|employed by an arms dealer, Max,
for the last two years,|to get him our NOC list.
- What are you going to do?|- I'm going to get it for him.
Ethan, you're not making any sense.
Whoever the mole is,|he goes by the name of Job.
I can't find him, but if he knows|I have the NOC list, he'll find me.
I'm going to go in and tell Kittridge|you have nothing to do with this.
Claire, if you're not dead,|he'll assume you're with me.
The message is for Job.
That's right.|And I'm going to answer it.
Excuse me,|could I trouble you for a match?
Remove your hat, please.
- Why?|- You wish to meet Max?
The price of admission.
- I thought I was going to see Max.|- You misunderstood. No one sees Max.
- Then why the hell am I here?|- So he can hear what you have to say.
I don't communicate well|through a shroud.
If Max doesn't like what you say,|you'll be wearing it indefinitely.
I'm willing to take the chance.
Very well.
Who are you|and what are you doing here?
I need $150,000.
And you thought if you simply|showed up, I might give it to you?
Why not? You gave Job 125.
The penny drops. You are not Job.
Job is not given to quoting scripture|in his communications.
Its tone was aggressive but playful.|Job is not playful.
- So you are something of a paradox.|- Well, that depends.
- On what?|- Whether you like a paradox.
- I want $150,000 today.|- That's quite out of the question.
The disk Job sold you is worthless.
It's bait. Part of an internal mole hunt.
And how might you know that?
Are you another company man?
Like Job?
We're asking about you.
I'm NOC. Was...|Now disavowed.
- Why, may I ask?|- That's what I want to ask Job.
I don't know Job|any more than Job knows me.
You could arrange an introduction.
- Why should I?|- I can deliver the actual NOC list.
Your list is worthless, and it's probably|equipped with a homing device.
Boot it up. In 10 minutes you'll have the|CIA hopping around you like rabbits.
It's easy to say it's worthless if I can't|look at it to see if it's worthless.
- Not a tenable position, sir.|- Okay, use it.
But I'd suggest you pack first.
- 26-27. So far, so good.|- Not so good for you, my friend.
I'd say you've got about two minutes.
- 32 and 33.|- Doesn't mean it's a signal.
44 and 45.
The man's gone black, Barnes.|He's under until he decides to surface.
- We can cut off his transportation.|- What can we do, Barnes?
Put a guy at the airport?|How many identities does Hunt have?
How many times|has he slipped past customs?
These guys are trained to be ghosts.|We taught them!
What do you suggest?
Let's make him come to us.
You find something that's personally|important to him and you squeeze.
Günther will never let me|have one of his apartments again.
- Sorry I doubted you, dear boy.|- Thanks, Max.
Or is it Maxine?
I don't have to tell you what a comfort|anonymity is in my profession.
It's like a warm blanket.
My deal with Job was subject to|a successful boot scan. The deal's off.
- What was your deal with Job?|- Six million dollars.
I'll give you the same, for the|complete list, not just Eastern Europe.
I won't do this piecemeal.|It's too dangerous.
10 million, in negotiable US Treasury|certificates, coupons attached.
And one more thing...
Your personal assurance|that Job will be at the exchange.
- Max made a deal with you?|- I deliver the list, Max delivers Job.
We've 75 rounds for the Beretta,|but only 20 for the Sig-Sauer.
One pair of Visco glasses.
Plenty of passports...
Well, you said it yourself.|If I'm not dead, I'm with you.
- Are you sure?|- Jim was my husband.
I want to get the son of a bitch|who did this.
- We need help. They'll have to be local.|- What kind of help?
Simple game. Four players.
Exfil opens the pocket,|Cyber Ops lifts the wallet.
- Bank?|- IMF mainframe.
- Where exactly is it?|- In Langley.
In Langley?|The one in Virginia?
Inside CIA headquarters at Langley?
- Is he serious?|- Always.
Why don't we drop by Fort Knox?
I can fly a helicopter into the vault.
It would be easier|than breaking into the CIA.
- What kind of information is it?|- Profitable.
Payment on delivery.
I don't know.|I just don't know.
This doesn't sound like|the Luther Stickell I heard of.
What did they used to call you?|The Net Ranger?
The only man to hack NATO Ghostcom.
There was never any evidence|that I had anything to do with that...
...with that exceptional piece of work.
You don't know what you're missing.|This is the Mount Everest of hacks.
You're kidding yourselves. Even with|top-of-the-line crypto, Stu 3s...
- Krieger can get it. Right?|- It may take a little time.
That's not what Claire says about you.
Thinking Machine laptops.
The 686 prototypes,|with the artificial intelligence Risc chip.
24 hours.
And I get to keep the equipment|when we're done.
Luther,|I guess you're all out of excuses.
Look, I just can't hack my way inside.
No modem access to a mainframe.|It's in what we call a "stand-alone".
Which means I'd have to be|physically at the terminal.
Relax, it's much worse than you think.
It's in a black vault lock-down.
{y:i}The only person allowed in the room|{y:i}has to pass through security checks.
{y:i}The first is a voiceprint identification|{y:i}and a six-digit access code.
{y:i}This only gets him into the outer room.
{y:i}Next he has to pass a retinal scan.
{y:i}And the intrusion countermeasures are|{y:i}deactivated by an electronic key card.
Which we won't have.
{y:i}Inside the black vault, three systems|{y:i}operate whenever the technician is out.
{y:i}The first is sound sensitive.|{y:i}Anything above a whisper sets it off.
{y:i}The second system detects|{y:i}any increase in temperature.
{y:i}The body heat of an intruder will trigger|{y:i}it if the temperature rises one degree.
{y:i}That temperature is controlled|{y:i}by the air conditioning duct,
{y:i}30 feet above the floor.
{y:i}That vent is guarded by a laser net.
{y:i}The third system is on the floor|{y:i}and is pressure sensitive.
{y:i}The slightest increase in weight|{y:i}will trigger the alarm.
{y:i}If any one of these systems is set off,|{y:i}it will activate an automatic lock-down.
{y:i}Believe me when I tell you,|{y:i}all three systems are state of the art.
And you really think we can do this?
We're going to.
Alarms in sectors 3, 7 and 12.
{y:i}- What sector's the air conditioning?|{y:i}- 21. But there's no alarm in 21.
{y:i}I have to get in and shut it down.
{y:i}No one goes into any sector where the|{y:i}alarm hasn't gone off, and it hasn't...
{y:i}- It's gone off. Let's go.|- Let's move.
- Can I get you anything?|- No, thank you.
21 's through here.
- He's recruiting. For what purpose?|- Survival.
Too short-sighted. This guy initiates.|The question is, what does he want?
Where does he need to get it?|Barnes, what the hell is that noise?
- Fire alarm, Gene.|- Do we have to evacuate?
Hey, where's the other guy?
- Zero body count.|- We'll see.
Hi, there.
One, two, three.
Toast, toast.
{y:i}- Check.|- Good. Okay, Luther, I'm going in.
{y:i}Everest, man.|{y:i}You ready to plant the flag?
- Damn.|- Krieger, from now on, total silence.
He's rolling to you.
- He's at the voiceprint corridor.|- William Donloe.
Outer room.
He's coming in the vault.
Come on, move.
He's in the bathroom.
Holy mother of God.
{y:i}A NOC list.
He's at the vault.
Four yellows.
One red.
Get moving.
Oh, my God.
- It's for you.|- Kittridge.
You and I know about this.|That's where it stops.
- It never happened.|- What about him?
I want him manning a radar tower|in Alaska by the end of the day.
Are you contacting your buyer?|Ethan?
Oh, excuse me. "Mr Hunt".
You're not going to any meeting|without me.
My contact is extremely shy.
I don't think you're in any position|to give orders.
- Not while I'm holding this.|- Krieger...
Shut up.
- You mean this?|- That's not the list.
You've never seen this trick?
Where did it go?
It's gone.
- What?|- You... no?
But not too far.
I know what you're thinking.
"In the computer room, I was up here|and he was down there."
"He was carrying two disks."
- It's hard to keep track of these things.|- Where is it?
Do you actually think|I'd let you have the NOC list?
Try any sleight of hand with my money|and I'll cut your throat.
{y:i}- On a cushy recruiting assignment?|{y:i}- Did they put you up at the Plaza?
{y:i}Drake Hotel, Chicago.
I'm so sorry.
Krieger was my call.
I'm sorry, Ethan.
We did what we had to do.
I'm going to try and get some sleep.
Krieger did have the NOC list?
Hold on to it. If you knew what you were|getting into, you wouldn't have done it.
I'm not going to let this|get out in the open.
Exactly. That's your job tomorrow on|the train. Don't let it get out in the open.
- What is the range of this thing?|- It's hard to tell. I'll have to be close.
{y:i}The unlikely setting, a farm in the|{y:i}heartland of America, Wisconsin.
{y:i}Here, Federal agents found the brains|{y:i}behind an international drug ring:
{y:i}Margaret Ethan Hunt and her|{y:i}brother-in-law, Donald Hunt.
{y:i}They were arrested this morning|{y:i}in a major sting operation
{y:i}designed to expose the|{y:i}illegal manufacture of the drug "khat".
{y:i}- We have here a case...|- Kittridge.
I see you've been out visiting the folks.
It's Hunt.|What do you need for a pinpoint?
Been watching a little TV?
Hauling Mom off to jail in shackles|was an especially nice touch.
- He's in England.|- Get Ml5.
My first order of business|after you come in
is to have these ridiculous charges|against your family dropped.
If you come in now,
{y:i}we can play down|{y:i}the charges against you as well.
- Can I ask you something, Kittridge?|- Certainly, Ethan.
If you're dealing with someone
{y:i}who's crushed, stabbed,
shot and detonated
{y:i}five members of his own IMF team,
how devastated will you make him|by arresting Ma and Uncle Donald?
{y:i}I don't know, Ethan.|{y:i}Why don't you tell me?
Lost him.|We needed three more seconds.
He wanted us to know|he was in London.
You're a hard man to catch up with.
The next day I dragged myself|back to the safe house.
- I checked our aliases.|- And you picked us up in the States.
But you'd gone,|and I could check just so many places.
Some European countries|don't computerise customs records.
Once you turned up in England,|it was easy.
- You know I like Liverpool St. Rentals.|- I showed them to you.
I remember.
A doctor's got to look at that.|You can't sit up straight.
I can sit up straight. I just can't|sit up straight very well. Sit down.
Ethan... I saw who shot me.
I saw the mole.
- It was Kittridge.|- Kittridge...
Kittridge, Ethan!
Kittridge is the mole.|My God. Of course, you're right.
He was at the embassy that night.
First he took out Jack, at the elevator.
He shot you on the bridge.
He must have had back-up to take out|Golitsyn and Sarah at the fence.
How did he do Hannah?
No, he could've done Hannah himself.
Why, Jim? Why?
When you think about it,|it was inevitable. No more Cold War.
No more secrets to keep|from everyone but yourself.
Then suddenly the President is running|the country without your permission.
The son of a bitch, how dare he?|And you realise it's over.
You're obsolete hardware, with|a lousy marriage and 62 grand a year.
Kittridge. We'll go after|the no-good son of a bitch, big time.
We won't have to.|He'll come after us.
- What's going to make him do that?|- What he didn't get in Prague.
The NOC list.
Jesus, Ethan.
Good for you.
- We meet tomorrow, the TGV to Paris.|- Tight security. No guns. Real plus.
I deliver the NOC list to Max,|Max delivers Job to me.
Claire and Luther will be on the train.|Krieger will have a helicopter in Paris.
I was in a café, waiting for you...
...and there she was.
Standing in the rain, alive and beautiful,|thinking I'm dead and gone.
God knows what she's had to do|to forget me, to keep going.
She can't know about me. No one can.|Not till this is over.
- You're probably right.|- There's too much at stake.
Once we leave the safe house,|you get in there and crash.
- I'll call from Paris.|- You got it.
What happened?
I sent the message to Max.
We're on for tomorrow.
Come here.
- What's this?|- Incoming for you.
X-ray's clean. No explosives.
- How long to the London terminus?|- 25 minutes.
We've got 10!
{y:i}- Give me Max.|- It's him.
- This was not what we discussed.|{y:i}- My apologies. It couldn't be helped.
{y:i}You'll find the disk under your seat.
Dear boy, I hope this doesn't preclude|a meeting in private.
{y:i}- Not if you tell me where the money is.|- The mere chance is worth 10 million.
Baggage car, rack 3,|silver briefcase, combination 3-1-4.
{y:i}- What about Job?|- I wouldn't worry, he'll find you.
- What's the matter?|- It's not transmitting.
We've got to get this through|before we hit the tunnel.
- What's the problem?|{y:i}- Connection denied.
- Did you check the batteries?|- I always check the batteries.
Run it through from the top.
We don't know what Max looks like.
If he's got that list, he'll want|to check it. That means laptops.
Excuse me, sir. Your telephone.
- Is everything all right?|- It's working.
He's in the baggage car.
- Ethan, Kittridge is on the train.|{y:i}- I'll meet you in the baggage car.
Ethan's right behind me.|Listen, Jim...
Is it such a good idea to kill him?
Kittridge is here.
We take the money,|Ethan takes the blame.
No one else has seen you alive.
No one will believe him.
Of course, I'm very sorry|to hear you say that, Claire.
- Ethan.|- Yes, Ethan Hunt. You remember him.
- You knew about Jim?|- Of course.
"When" he knew is a good question.|Mind telling me, Ethan?
Before or after I showed up in London?
Before London. After you took the Bible|from the Drake Hotel in Chicago.
They stamped it, didn't they?|Damned Gideons.
Ethan, if you knew about Jim, why...?
Why the masquerade?|Why take the risk?
You've asked the question...|and you are the answer.
- I knew about Jim.|- But he didn't know about you.
Claire was never convinced|her charms would work on you.
But I was confident,|having tasted the goods.
"Thou shalt not covet|thy neighbour's wife."
- Let's just get the money and get out.|- Yes, let's get the money.
Ethan, the money.
Give her the money.
You've earned it.
- All 10 million.|- Claire was wrong about one thing.
Oh, what's that?
Good morning, Mr Phelps.
I'm not the only one|who's seen you alive.
- You son of a bitch.|- It's over, Jim.
- Don't. Don't, Jim.|- "Don't, Jim"?
No, he's in the tunnel.|He'll crash into us! Accelerate!
Red light... green light.
I think this is what you're looking for.
Hello, Max.
My lawyers will have a field day with it.|Entrapment, jurisdictional conflict...
Maybe we'll just leave the courts|out of this one.
I'm sure we can find|something I have that you need.
{y:i}A helicopter lost altitude,|{y:i}veered into a tunnel,
{y:i}and collided with a high-speed train.
{y:i}The pilot was killed,|{y:i}but no one on the train was hurt...
- You call your folks? How do they feel?|- About what?
The Justice Department apology,|VIP treatment, the whole nine yards.
My mom didn't know how the DEA|mistook them for drug smugglers.
- Cheers.|- To you, Luther.
- And being off the disavowed list.|- Hey, I'm the flavour of the month.
Why don't you come back with me?
I just don't know why|I'd be doing it.
I've got to catch my flight...|How does it feel to be a solid citizen?
Man, I don't know.|I'm going to miss being disreputable.
If it makes you feel any better,|I'll always think of you that way.
Excuse me, Mr Hunt.
Would you like to watch a movie?
No, thank you.
Would you consider the cinema|of the Caribbean?
Aruba, perhaps.
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