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Mission Impossible 2

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[Man] Well, Dmitri,|every search for a hero...
must begin with something|that every hero requires--
a villain.
There fore, in the search|for our hero, Bellerophon,
we created a monster,
I beg you, Dmitri,|come to Sydney...
and accompany me|to Atlanta immediately.
However we travel,|lmust arrive at my destination...
within 20hours ofdeparture.
[Children Giggling]
* Ashes, ashes *
* They all fa ll down **
[Captain Over P.A. ]Folks, we 're|two-and-a-halfhours fromAtlanta.
Look outyour windo wnow. We have|agreat viewofthe Rocky Mountains.
You keep staring at that watch as if|your life depended on it, Doctor.
Oh, yes.
I suppose I'm a bit anxious.
You'll soon be with old friends.
I'm with an old friend now, Dmitri.
I'm sorry it couldn't be|under happier circumstances.
I'm sorry too.|You are sorry, and I am sorry.
You don't know Gradski|thought the world ofyou.
Did he... know...
before the end|that you two had succeeded?
Yes, he knew.Just--
Not in time to save him.
[ Sighs ] No.
Afteryou've been infected with Chimera|for 20 hours, nothing can save you.
Not even Bellerophon.
You can carry them|together... safely?
And you'll get us to safe place|with them in Atlanta, thank God.
This isyour captain again.|We 've experienced a slight...
but abrupt drop in cabin pressure.
As a precaution,|I've released the oxygen masks.
-[ Passengers Murmuring ]|-Please put them on andsit back, relax.
There 's nothing|to worry about.
Are you concerned?
Not so fa r.
Just put on your oxygen mask.|I'll see what's going on.
Denver Center,|this is Trans-Pac 2207, 747 heavy.
We 're unable to maintain|cabin pressurization.
We've initiated a descent|to one six thousand.
It seems we have|a problem, Dmitri.
You keep calling me Dmitri.|You really shouldn't.
You are not Dmitri?
Wallis, hold on to this.
Ulrich, remember to pull the--
Remember to pull|the NO2 tank and dump it.
All done, chief.
[ Autopilot ] Terrain. Terrain.|Pull up. Pull up.
Okay, dive, dive!|Checkpoint Charlie in three,
two, one, go!
[A utopilot] Terrain. Terrain.|Pull up. Pull up.
Terrain. Terrain.|Pull up. Pull up.
- Terrain. Terrain. Pull up. Pull up.|-[ Screaming ]
******[lndistinct Reggae]
***Hey, hey now|Come andplay now***
*** Time is forthe taking***
***Betterget it whileyou can|before thegroundis shaking***
*** Come, hey, come away***
***Souca souca na na***
*** Come on, come on, miss|allez, allez***
*** With a souca souca mama***
***Hey, mistersee thatsister***
***Don'tyou let them feelyou***
***Sticks andstones|may breakyour bones***
***But nowher looks could killyou***
***Hey, come away|Souca souca na na***
*** Come on, come on, miss|allez, allez***
*** With a souca souca mama***
*** Oh, hey, come away|Souca souca na na***
*** Come on, come on, miss|allez, allez***
*** With a souca souca mama***
*** Oh, hey, come away|Souca souca na na***
*** Come on, come on, miss|allez, allez***
*** With a souca souca mama***
*** Come on, come on, miss|allez, allez***
*** With a souca souca mama***
*** With a souca souca mama***
*** With a souca souca mama***
******[Song Fades]
[ Scoffs ]
[ Chuckles ]
[Man On Earpiece]|Goodmorning, Mr. Hunt.
Your mission,|should you choose to accept it,
in volves the recovery of|a stolen item designated ''Chimera. ''
You may select any two team members,
but it is essentialthat the third|team member be Nyah Nordoff-Hall.
She is a civilian and|a highly capable professional thief.
You have 48 hours|to recruit Miss Nordoff- Hall...
andmeet me in Seville|to receiveyour assignment.
As always, should you or any member|ofyour IMF team be caught or killed,
the secretary will disavow|all knowledge ofyour actions.
And, Mr. Hunt,|the next time you go on holiday,
please be good enough to let us know|where you're going.
[ Woman On Earpiece ] This message|will self-destruct in fiive seconds.
If I let you know where I'm going...
then I won't be on holiday.
[ Chattering In Spanish ]
[ Instrument Humming ]
[Hunt]|lseeyou foundit.
What are you doing here?
Thinkyou're the only one|who can pick a lock?
Huh. You're notjust|a pretty face after all.
[DoorOpens, Man Humming]
Do you mind if I'm on top?
No. Either way works for me.
[DoorOpens, Closes]
- You'll never findit there.|- Damn it!
Find what?
His ex's Bulgari necklace|that goes up for auction on Tuesday.
And are you gonna tell me|where it is?
Far left.
This is very disconcerting.
Hey, you put me here.|I just do as I'm told.
- Right.|- [ Grunts ]
Now, who are you,|and what's it gonna cost me?
- I wouldn't do that.|- What?
- [Alarm Blaring]|- That.
[Men Shouting ln Spanish ]
No, no, no.|Tranquilo. Tranquilo.
Mr. Keys, it is you.
It is Mr. Keys,|our security engineer. Apologize!
No, no.|No need to apologize.
Now, Miss Hall, my associate has|your necklace in a very safe place.
But obviously we do feel the alarm|should have gone offa little sooner.
- lsn 't that right, Miss Hall?|- Hmm? Oh, absolutely.
Much, much too long, I'd say.
Under the circumstances,|I think we'd recommend...
resetting the sensors|to respond to a lighter load.
How do you feel|about 40 kilos, Miss Hall?
Shall we?
- Miss Hall.|- Hmm?
Haven't you forgotten something?
What are you trying to do, senorita?|Rob me?
The thought had crossed my mind.
I'm missing something here, aside|from my half-million-pound necklace.
Even after I screwed up thejob,
I could've walked out ofthere|with the bloody thing.
At least you walked.
Why did you watch me|go through it all?
I wanted to see how good you were.|I was hoping we might work together.
Sounds terrifii c.|Muchacho.
Now be serious.|Whateveryou're talking about,
you couldn't possibly want me|after tonight's performance.
- You didn't do that badly.|- You apologizing for me?
Qu ite the gentleman.|Gracias.
Not really.|I triggered the alarm.
[Alarm Blaring]
[Alarm Stops]
I don't do laundry, cook,|or put up with cheeky bastards
who set me up on their territory|so they can poach on mine.
[ Tires Screeching ]
[Cell Phone Ringing]
[ Hunt On Phone ] Hi.|Would you mind slowing down?
Where did you get this number?|I don't even have it.
Would you like it?
[Cell Phone Ringing]
Pull over and listen to me,|will you?Just listen.
- Listen to what?|- I need your help.
- Andlthinkyou could use mine.|- Your help?
- What areyou talking about?|- I'm talking about Scotland Yard,
Interpol, every Dutch authority.
- I can make them all go away.|- Oh, bloody hell.
You're a spy!|Well, ifyou want me,
you've gotta catch me!
You having fu n?
[ Horn Honking ]
- [ Horn Honking ]|- ldiota.
Watch the road.|Watch the road.
- [ Screaming ]|- [ Horn Honking ]
[ Screams ]
[ Truck Horn Honking ]
[Tires Screeching]
[ Whimpering ]
What's your name?
Ethan Hunt.
Well, Ethan Hunt,
what is it you want|to talk to me about?
A lot more than I thought.
Awfu lly short notice.
Care to wait a decent interval?
Who wants to be decent?
[ Sighs ]
[Clock Chiming]
So what have you got|against spies?
When they've got|your recruiting technique?
[ Both Laughing ]
This wasn't exactly by the book.
They've got a book for this?
Oh, they've got|a book for everything.
So, this thing|these blokes pinched--
I don't know|that they pinched it.
I don't even know|that they're blokes.
What am I doing here?
And I thought I'm supposed to be...
some kind ofthief|to catch a thief.
So do I... sort of.
Damn, you're beautifu l.
[Cro wdShouting, Chanting]
** [ Chanting Continues ]
Espresso? Cappuccino?
- No, thanks.|- Sit down. Sit down.
Festival's a pain in the ass.
Honoring their saints|by setting them on fii re.
Letsyou know what they think|ofsaints, doesn 't it?
Damn near set me on fii re|on my way over here.
Sorry I barged in|on your vacation.
I'm sorry I didn't|let you know where I was.
Don't be. It wouldn't|be a vacation ifyou did.
You're sorry, and I'm sorry.
Why did you phrase it like that?
- Like what?|- ''You're sorry; I'm sorry.''
[ Chuckles ]|You've gotta be kidding.
[DoctorOn Tape] Well, Dmitri,|once again lneedyour help.
Just as in the old days, huh?
Whenyousa ved our lives,|sa ved our very sanity.
we have this little problem.
Every search for a hero...
must begin with something|that every hero requires--
a villain.
Therefore, in thesearch|forour hero, Bellerophon,
we created a monster, Chimera.
I beg you, Dmitri,
come to Sydney and accompany me|to Atlanta immediately.
Ho wever we tra vel,|lmust arrive at my destination...
within 20hours ofdeparture.
I fear I can entrust this|to no one but you.
Dmitri, as we say,|l'm sorry andyou're sorry.
Do you have any idea|what the hell he's talking about?
- An idea? Yeah.|- Like?
Like it 's agoodidea|topick him up in a hurry...
and a bad idea to fly him|on a commercial carrier.
-Is he still in Sydney?|-Dr. Vladimir Nekhovich is dead.
So is his colleague Gradski,|but that happened earlier.
We had Nekhovich on a flight from|Sydney that crashed in the Rockies.
- Dead?|- Are you listening to me?
If he didn't want|to go anywhere without me,
how did you get him|on that flight?
Oh, you were there.
When lcouldn 't findyou,|lhadto replaceyou.
SeanAmbrose was the obvious choice.
No w, he doubledyou, what,|two orthree times?
- Twice.|- What did you think of him?
We had our reservations|about each other.
Isn't it a little late|to be asking me that?
No, not necessarily.|Airline records...
list a Captain Harold Macintosh|as the pilot offlight 2207.
As fa r as the media and all|government agencies are concerned,
Captain Macintosh|died on the flight.
But, in fact, he missed it.
He did, however,|make the next flight...
in cargo.
Stuffed into a rather small|suitcase, considering his size.
Now, someone on that flight|planned an operation...
designed to bring theplane do wn|andmake it looklike an accident.
Someone skillfu l enough to bring|the whole thing off without a hitch.
So there's one thing we know|that Ambrose doesn't.
You do think it was Ambrose?|You're not surprised?
Sean feels he hasn't done thejob unless|he leaves a lot of hats on the ground.
The question is why? What was this,|uh, Chimera, Nekhovich was carrying?
Only Ambrose knows that.
In any case, you must recover this--|whatever-- Chimera, and bring it to us.
In order to do that, I have to fii gure|out how he plans to make money with it.
That is where Miss Hall comes in.
Excuse me?
Miss Hall and Ambrose|had a relationship...
which he took very seriously.
She walked away, and he's been|wanting her back ever since.
We believe she's our surest|and quickest way of locating him.
And then what?
Well, make sure|she continues to see him,
gets him to confii de in her,|and report to you.
You made it sound as if I was recruiting|her for her skills as a thief.
Well, then I misled you,|oryou made the wrong assumption.
Either way, we're asking her|to resume a prior relationship,
not do anything|she hasn't already done.
Voluntarily, lmight add.
No, she's got no training|for this kind ofthing.
What, to go to bed with a man|and lie to him? She's a woman.
She's got all|the training she needs.
I don't think|I can get her to do it.
- You mean it'll be diffii cult.|- Very.
Well, this is not Mission Diffii cult,|Mr. Hunt, it's Mission Impossible.
Diffii cult should be|a walk in the park foryou.
l'm open to suggestion.
lfyou can think ofa quicker way,|you're welcome to try.
You might take a lookat these...
ifyou have any further qualms|aboutgetting her to do thejob.
******[Woman Vocalizing]
How many people are capable|ofsomething like that?
Sean Ambrose, for one.
This wasn't what|I had in mind, Nyah.
But it is what you'd|like me to do.
What? Oh, let my conscience|be my guide, is that it?
Something like that.
I don't have a conscience.|I'm a bloody thief.
Are you gonna try|and force me to do this?
Generally, I don't favor|coercing someone,
not when there's a chance|my life could end up in their hands.
- Is that the only reason?|- Can you think ofa better one?
Me? No.|But I wasjust hoping that you might,
thinking that somewhere, this got|personal as well as physical!
Would it make you feel any better|if I didn't want you to do this?
- Yeah, much.|- Then feel better!
You know, Sean will never|be anything butsuspicious...
iflpitch up saying,|''Hey, honey, l'm home. ''
What wouldn't|make him suspicious?
That I needed him|in some urgent way.
Destitute.|In serious trouble.
The kind I couldn't possibly|sort out myself.
Serious trouble, Nyah, is something|that I can always arrange.
This transponder chip|is completely untraceable.
lt transmitsyour location|to a satellite...
which can be read|by only this computer.
We can then trackyou|to within three feet.
Sinceyour arrest, l've|been sending news bulletins...
to every la wenforcement agency.
andlguarantee|that after that airline crash,
he's monitoring|every one ofthem.
He knowsyou're there.
Andhe has the means|togetyou out.
l'm notgonna loseyou.
Ethan Hunt? G'day, mate.|I'm William Baird. Billy's okay.
Anythingyou need me toget,|move or watch, just let me know.
I'll have a look around.|[ Chuckles ]
- Shit.|- Yes, it is.
This ain't fu nny.
I just bought|these $800 Gucci shoes,
and you got me in a helicopter|with this man?
Computer's up. We got her.
Let's put in the coordinates|and get a visual.
Visuals aren't coming up.
The satellite doesn't work|as fast as I do.
Yeah, I heard about you, Luther.|Just wanna say it's an honor...
and a pleasure|to be working with you blokes.
Come on. Isn't there any way|we can speed this up?
With what? This is|the only computer that'll do this.
[Luther]|Ethan, here we go.
No w, there 's a bloke who knows|howtogive aproper welcome.
Don't get me wrong, mate.|You were very friendly also.
- ls it him?|- It's him, Billy.
- So we've got him!|- We don't know what we 've got.
'Cause we don't know what he's got,
where he's got it or|what he's doing in Sydney with it.
- Not much luggage.|- I left in a bit ofa hurry.
I'm incredibly gratefu l, Sean.
How in the world did you fii nd me?
How I usually fii nd you, Nyah.
Mmm, mmm!|No flies on her.
No bugs, either.|No transmissions.
She's clean.
All cats are.
- Your room?|- Mmm.
- And my room?|- Hmm.
[ Computer Beeping ]
She did it.|She's in the compound.
Yeah? Wejust rolled up|a snowball and tossed it into hell.
Now we'll see|what chance it has.
Try it on.
Go ahead.
I'm dying to see|if I remembered your size.
You're not interested|in seeing how it looks?
Oh, I am.
******[Woman Vocalizing]
[Dr. Nekhovich 's Voice]|Every search fora hero...
must begin with something|that every hero requires--
a villain.
Therefore, in the search|for our hero, Bellerophon,
we created a monster, Chimera.
[Luther] Nekhorvich was|a molecularbiologist.
Why is he going on|about an old Greek myth?
Nekhorvich specialized|in recombining DNA molecules.
In the myth,
Bellerophon was aprince|who killed the Chimera.
A monster with the headofa lion...
andthe tail ofa serpent...
whoplagued the ancient world.
I think Nekhorvich created|a monster virus named Chimera...
andthe antivirus to kill it,
named Bellerophon.
That simple, huh?
[ Sighs ]|Why not?
[ Birds Squawking ]
[ Ambrose Snickers ]
$$37 million.
Now, that's a promising bid|for Nekhorvich's work.
Don't look so worried, Hugh.|We're halfway there.
We'll need this at the track...
ifwe're gonna get the other half.
Well, then... sorted.
Not everything.
Why do you think|she's really here?
From her point ofview or mine?
Well, she wasn't|exactly gagging for it...
when she left you six months ago.
The question is,|do you trust her?
One considers her timing, ofcourse.
Getting nicked within a week|oftheplanegoing do wn.
Suggestive,|even borderlinesuspicious,
but hardly conclusive.
Well, you've thought about it,|at any rate.
Tell me, Hugh,
you don't exactly hang on Nyah's|every word and gesture, do you?
That's a fa irly ratty nail that.
[ Grunting ]
[ Groaning ]
Sean, please!
Suppose she is some sort ofTrojan|horse sent in by IMF to spy on us.
Why should I deny myself|the pleasure ofa ride or two?
[ Screaming ]
Or don't you think I can learn|more from her than she can from me?
I do! I do! I do! I do!
- [ Wincing ]|- Now, Hugh,
you must realize|that some of us...
have the burden|ofsex to deal with.
And I may or may not know|why she thinks she's here,
but I'm willing to take|the risk, because, Hugh,
- [ Wincing Continues ]|- I am gagging for it.
[ Screaming ]
[ Crowd Cheering ]
[Announcer, lndistinct]
[ Cheering Continues ]
Come on!
- [ Nyah Squealing ]|- Darling! You won!
- I suppose I did.|- What made you pick that nag?
He's never won a bloody thing.
- ''Thief in the Night.'' [ Laughing ]|- Say no more.
I'm, uh--
I'm off to grab a drink.|Do you still favor the Bellinis?
[ Chattering ]
''Naturally Vain.''
Pardon me?
Naturally Vain... in the fourth.
Check her out. She's due.
[ Hunt On Earpiece ] You can speak|as if I'm right by your side.
[ Nyah On Earpiece ]|Where are you?
Mounting enclosure|just off the track, 2:00.
[ Hunt On Earpiece ]|How's it going?
Just like old times.
Just like old times?
Just about.
Tell me who you've run into|at Ambrose's.
Near as I can tell, there's about a half|dozen other blokes about the place.
Maybe more.|Hugh Stamp, old friend ofSean's.
He 's the only one lrecognize.|Anda bit ofa creep andthen some.
We know him. He's overyour left|shoulder, looking at you right now.
Ambrose has photos of newspapers|with money piled on them.
Thirty seven million|on the London Times.
What's that about?
Bids from possible Chimera buyers.
Ambrose is meeting|some bloke in the bar.
Big bloke. Ginger hair.|They're into something.
-[ Hunt On Earpiece ] Who is this guy?|-Checking now, Ethan.
John McCloy,|CEO Biocyte Pharmaceuticals.
ln 1989, acquired Biocyte|in a hostile takeover.
[Hunt]|He was Nekhorvich 's boss.
[Luther] Right. He worked forhim|as a research scientist at Biocyte.
Ambrose is showing something|to McCloy on a digital camera.
[Hunt] Whatever McCloy's|looking at, he's not happy about it.
Ambrosejust pulled...
the camera's memory card|and put it into an envelope.
Put it in his inner left|jacketpocket.
Confii rm left jacket pocket.
Roger that.
Nyah. Nyah, Ambrose|is on his way back to you.
- There's an envelope inside--|- His left jacket pocket.
That's right.
- Where do I meet you?|- Betting table 1 2, off the paddock.
- Are you sure you're up to this?|- I'll muddle through.
- There you are!|- See anything you like?
Well, yeah.|''Naturally Vain.''
But they're about to close|the betting, and I haven't a bean.
- Nyah!|- Would you mind terribly?
Not at all.|But, um, you are gonna pay for it.
- And with interest.|- I have no doubt.
Hold on.
Put down a thousand for me.
- To win?|- What else?
-Billy, make sure Nyah's not followed.|-No worries, mate.
-Billy, make sure Nyah's not followed.|-No worries, mate.
Luther, digital camera|ready to transmit.
Betting table 1 2.
- There you go.|- Fine.
- [ Groans ]|- Oh, sorry about that, mate.
[ Mutters, Grunts ]
- Say again?|- [ Muttering ]
Whateveryou're about,|in future, watch your step.
- Never know who you might run into.|- [ Choking ]
- So where's the loo?|- [ Muttering ]
- Thanks, mate.|- [ Gasping ]
[ Chattering ]
[Announcer, lndistinct]
How'd you do?
Don't turn around.
I managed.
You turned around.
What are you gonna do?|Spank me?
- [ Clears Throat ]|- [Announcer, lndistinct]
I'm booted up.|Go, Ethan.
Are you getting this?
[ Panting ]
''Sergei Gradski.:
20hours after exposure. ''
[Billy]|Stamp 's out ofthe loo.
He's coming out ofthe tunnel,|heading your way, mate.
- I want you out ofAmbrose's place.|- What are you talking about?
What's happened?|What did you see?
Okay, he's coming up|behind you, Ethan.
You've doneyourjob.|l wantyou out ofA ustralia.
- Thirty steps.|- How do you suggest I go about it?
He's touched your heart.|You need to think it over.
Fifteen, fourteen, twelve, eleven.
l wantyou out ofthere now.|Give me the earpiece.
- Nine, Ethan. Eight.|- Ifyou don't get out ofthere,
I'm coming in and getting you out.
[ Billy On Earpiece ]|Ethan, get out ofthere!
You placed your bet, ma'am?
-Just.|- ******[Fanfare]
[Announcer]|Horses are ready to race.
[ Shouting, Cheering ]
[Announcer, lndistinct]
Come on! Come on! Your nag's|making a run for it on the outside!
Come on! Come on!
[Buzzer Buzzes]
[ Laughing ]|You picked another winner!
I thought you|were going to dinner.
Hugh, take care of|the Nekhovich memory card.
Where is it?
In the envelope|in myjacket pocket.
My rightjacket pocket.
We at ourstate-of-the-art|solar-powered Biocyte building,
recognize that eternal vigilance|is the price of health,
whether it 's funding the teaching center|at the RoyalPrince Edward Hospital,
removing aerosolproducts|from the market...
orbra ving the influenza quarantine|at Bruny lslandlate last month.
At Biocyte, your life|is our life's work.
We've got an opportunity here.
I'm not going to miss it.
George, take me home.
What the hell?
George! George!|[ Coughing ]
[ Gasping, Choking ]
[ Men Chattering ]
[ Man Laughing ]
- [ Gasps ]|- Shhh.
Oh, Ethan.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I am now.|[ Sighs ]
[ Wheezing ]
- What is this?|- A visit from an old friend.
[ Panting ] You crashed|on the plane. You're dead.
Dead, certainly.|But dead is a little extreme.
On the other hand, when my colleague|Gradski had your pulse...
and your blood pressure,|he had less than a day to live.
You are infected with Chimera,|my friend.
No use, my friend.
The medicalstaff|wants nopart ofthis.
Doctors don't fa ncy the idea|ofdying any more than anybody else.
How could I possibly be infected?
That's exactly what Gradski said|27 hours before he died.
You've got the antidote,|you miserable bastard!
- You stole Bellerophon! All of it!|- My, my, my.
lneed it! lneed it now,|you whacked-out Russian Gypsy!
And what about Gradski, who you|deliberately infected with Chimera?
How was I to know they needed...
to be treated with Bellerophon|within 20 hours?
- By asking me.|- Youstill don't get it, doyou?
I needed to knowjust how bad|the disease was in the real world,
notjust the lab.
You were genetically splicing|together strains of influenza...
to create a cure forall influenzas.
Butyou were also creating|a disease so terrible in Chimera,
the cure would be priceless.
lneeded Chimera in order|topeddle Bellerophon.
It's not that diffii cult|to understand, is it?
Look, l've got the virus.|You've got the cure.
lneed them both.
Time was a shot of penicillin|would knock off...
every bloody bug in the zoo.|Not anymore.
lfl couldn 't make money killing|the microscopic little shits out there,
well, you'd help me put one out|there that I could make money on.
Well, there it is.|l've confessed.
I,John C. McCloy,
am in business to make money.
No w, forget any dealyou may have|made with that thugAmbrose.
Get me treated,|and let's go back to work.
You know,
I think it's a little late for that.
Dogive my regards to Gradski...
ifyou see him.
I've heard...
[ Normal Voice ]|all I need to hear.
it's imperative that we do nothing|to alarm Ambrose.
You told me to get out ofthere|as soon as possible.
-I thought you were here to collect me!|-Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh!
Listen to me.|There's no time to talk.
It is critical,|absolutely critical,
that you do whatever Ambrose asks.
Do you understand me?
Don't worry.
It will all be over...|very soon.
[ Laughs ]|That's a promise.
Go on.
Go on. Off you go.
[ Sighs ]
Luther, we know this much.|Nekhorvich gets on a plane...
to go to the Center for|Disease Control in Atlanta.
He's carrying a virus|he created, Chimera,
and the cure for that virus,|Bellerophon.
Ambrose doesn't have the virus.
That's why Ambrose needs McCloy.
So we go into Biocyte, kill Chimera,
Ambrose has a cure|without a disease,
and we're home free.
You were right.|Huntstung McCloy tonight.
So he knows.
He'll be going into Biocyte.
Good. Then we'll know|where he'll be, don't we?
Well done, Hugh.
Well done.
[Horn Honking]
Oi! You're home, mate. Home.
[ Clears Throat ]|Where's George?
My regular driver?|Where is he?
He's gone home sick.|Touch ofthe flu.
-Is the building up and running yet?|-Mmm.
-That's not exactly it.|-Sorry, but this is a Biocyte facility.
Their storage structure.|I'll have it up in a minute.
- Okay, take a look at this.|- Start from the inside out.
All storage and production|of Chimera is done here,
in this lab on the 42ndfloor.
Hunt's target will be the Chimera,
stored and manufactured|at Biocyte on the 42nd floor.
Ifyou look at Hunt's|operational history, and I have,
he invariably favors|misdirection over confrontation.
He 'll never breakinto Biocyte from|the bottom where security is hea viest.
No garage entrances.
Lobby's protected by fiive guards|on rotating patrol.
Not goin' in from the ground.|Show me the atrium.
The atrium?|One ofa kind.
Runs do wn through the center|ofthe building.
Pro vides 24-hour naturallight via|mirrors anddaylightstorage cells.
Optimalgro wing conditions|forthe virus.
Ends in aglass floor which doubles|aspart ofthe lab ceiling.
Uh-uh. The atrium roof|closes at sundown.
Andifthe louvers are up for|more than 40 seconds at night,
the civil emergency alarms|are tripped.
Those, even lcan't stop.
Ethan, we have|a total of40 seconds...
to get you in|and the cables out.
No, Hunt willprefer to enter|Biocytesomewhere from the top...
where security is minimal.
He'll undoubtedly engage|in some aerobatic insanity...
before he'll risk harming a hair|on a security guard's head.
- Check-check. Got copy?|- You're fiive-by-fiive.
[Hunt On Headset]|Luther, how we doin '?
[Luther On Headset]Not thereyet,|Ethan. l'llgiveyou the word.
[ Hunt On Headset ]|Billy, ready to go?
Okay, package away in five--
I'm not ready.|The louvers aren't moving.
[Billy On Headset]|Come on, Luther! We gotta go!
[Luther On Headset] Wait, there 's|aglitch in the access code.
[Billy On Headset]Luther,|we 're out oftime. On the count.
Please, baby, open up, open up.
- Five, four,|- Come on!
three, two, one!
- I'm going now!|- Ethan, wait!
[ Laughs ]
[ Luther On Earpiece ] Twenty fiive,|twenty four, twenty three,
twenty two, twenty one, twenty.
Ethan, you've got 19seconds|to clearthe cable.
Okay, retracting cable!
[Timer Beeping]
Come on!
Nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two--
Cable's clear!
Transponder activated.|Readingpackage andcable clear.
[Ambrose]He 'll breach the lab|at the onlypossible time,
whetheryou break in|from the ground or the roof.
It's 2300 hours, one minute...
when the air fii ltration generators will|cover the sound of Hunt's break-in...
and the rotating guards|make the building vulnerable...
to our break-in from below.
[Luther On Earpiece]Ethan,|thegenerator's about togo active.
Just a friendly reminder. We'll be|out ofcontact for eight minutes.
[Ambrose]l'm betting|Hunt will destroy Chimera...
rather than attempt|topreserve anypart ofit.
He'll have to do it|in two places.
First, the incubation room|where the growth vials are kept.
Andfinally,|in the inoculation chamber...
holding the last remaining Chimera|virus in three injectionguns.
He won't be allowed to destroy|the virus in those guns.
[ Beeping ]
What's this?|You're on time, for once?
Not exactly, sport.
[Gunshots, Body Falls]
[ Recorder Beeps ]|John C. McCloy.
[ Beeping ]
Billy, lthink we 've got aproblem.
Nyah's on the wing up early.|Billy, doyou copy?
Yeah, I got you, Luther.|Sorry, exactly where is she?
- In the building.|- Say again, mate.
Sounds like you're saying|she's in the building.
I am. She is.
Uh, well, then she's not likely|to be alone, is she, mate?
[Luther] She's in the elevator,|headed towards Ethan.
The question is.:|Ho wmany ofthem?
I can't get through to Ethan,|not till the generators go.
- Yeah, well, when's that?|- Not for another...
[Computer Voice] Chimera|in vitro pHandtemperature level...
outside optimalrange.
Chimera in vitro pH|andtemperature level...
outside optimalrange.
Chimera working seedstockpH|at criticallevel.
Alert.|Chimera stock life threatened.
Alert.|Chimera stock life terminated.
Come on, Ethan.|Come on.
[Computer Voice]|Subject is contaminant-free.
Zero contaminant factor.
Come on, come on,|come on, come on.
- [ Beeping Continues ]|- Luther, what the hell can we do?
What can we do?
Hope he kills all the bugs before|the yellow dot gets to the red one.
[Dr. Nekhorvich 's Voice]|Ho wever we tra vel,
lmust arrive at my destination|within 20hours ofdeparture.
[McCloy's Voice]Ho w was lto know|that he needed to be treated...
with Bellerophon within 20hours?
Get him.
How much longer|before you can reach him?
We 've got29 seconds|before thegenerators turn off,
then Ethan will be back on-line.
[ Timer Beeping ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Panting ]
[ Beeping Continues ]
Luther! Luther!
[Ambrose]|Holdyour fire!
Hold your fii re, damn it!
[ Sighs ]
Well, Hunt...
how've you been?
Fighting a bit ofa cold.
You know, that was the hardest part|of having to portray you--
grinning like an idiot|every 1 5 minutes.
I would've thought the hardest part was|curbing that pressing need ofyours...
to get your gun off.
You were in such a hurry|to knock off that 747...
you never fii gured out|where Chimera really was.
- I knew where it was.|- Oh.
Then you knew the only way Nekhorvich|could smuggle the live virus...
is by injecting himselfandusing|his own bloodstream as apetri dish.
You knew that...|while you were knocking him off,
destroying the very thing|you came for.
Stop!|Put a sock in it!
Hit that bloody gun, and you'll|spray the virus all over the place!
There it is, guys.
The last of it.
What was the top bid?
Why? You gonna make me|a better offer?
Than $$37 million?|Not really.
Somebody has been slipping you|our mail. [ Chuckles ]
Come on out here, you badgirl.
Sean, she doesn 't belong here.|Let hergo.
She wouldn't be here...
if it wasn't foryou, Hunt.
From this moment, you are|responsible for what happens to her.
And ifyou're looking out|for her well-being,
lsuggestyou advise her topick up|the injectiongun andbring it to me.
Ball's in your court, Hunt.
[ Luther Coughing ]
Nyah's in the building.|Do you copy?
How do you know he won't shoot you|the minute he's got it?
Please. One can't hold Nyah|responsible for her actions.
You know women, mate.|Like monkeys they are.
Won't let go ofone branch|till they get a grip on the next!
Get it, Nyah.|I'll coveryou.
[ Sighs ]|I am waiting.
Things haven't exactly worked out the|way you thought they would, Ethan.
You bitch!
[ Beeping ]
You're not gonna shoot me, Sean.|Not this bitch.
'Cause she's worth $$37 million.
[ High-Pitched Humming ]
- What did you thinkyou were doing?|- I wasn't thinking!
Just trying to stop you|from getting hurt, that's all!
You who don't have a conscience.
I guess I lied.
You can't get us both|out of here, can you?
I'm infected with Chimera.
You know you don't have a choice.|Just do it.
Do it now!
We've got 1 9 hours and 58 minutes!
I'll get Bellerophon|into your system before then!
Just stay alive!|I'm not going to lose you!
Feel like pleading foryour life?
Well, then, how about dying...
so you can make me a lot of money?
In just a few hours time,|you can be assured...
of going down in history|as the Typhoid Mary of Oz.
There 's not a chance oflocating Nyah|until lcan access thesatellite.
And there's not a chance ofdoing that|until I can get this computer fiixed.
How much time does she have left?
Not long. But whatever happens,|Nyah will take care of Nyah.
-What do you mean?|-Unless we dose her with Bellerophon,
Nyah will kill herself.
So fii rst things fii rst.
Ethan, Ambrose and his team|have arrived...
over the bridge,|andNyah's not with him, mate.
Copy that.
You all right, mate?Looks like|pretty hea vy security from here.
What's it looklike from there?
[ Man Grunts ]
[ Groans ]
Simon? Simon!
Stay here.
Breached the structure|at the 1 0:00 grating.
It's a DNA match.|The blood's loaded with Chimera.
And they certainly have Bellerophon.
[ Sighs ] Well, then you've got|both the virus and the antivirus,
which means l've got|30million foryou.
Not exactly.|We don't wantjust your cash.
- What do you want?|- Stock, Mr. McCloy.
Stock options,|to be a little more precise.
[Cell PhoneSpeed-Dialing]
Cut her loose...|right in the center oftown.
The more crowded the better.
Ethan, just picked up an Ambrose|call. Nyah's been dropped off.
- Where is she?|- Somewhere in Sydney.
[ Man Grunting, Mutters ]
Somewhere in Sydney?|Care to harden the target?
[ Luther Over Earpiece ]|I can't until...
I can get the GPS up|on our computer. It's down.
- [ Man Groans ]|- The clock is ticking.
How quickly can you manufacture|more ofthe antivirus?
No time at all,|once I've got it.
Good. Biocyte stock isjust a few weeks|away from going through the roof.
- What are you talking about?|- An outbreak of Chimera.
- Where?|- Downtown Sydney, for a start.
You create the supply, Mr. McCloy.
We'vejust created the demand.
Three million people in Sydney...
and 1 7 million people|in Australia...
are going to need Bellerophon|within the next few days,
not to mention|the rest ofthe world.
Now, this is how|it's going to work.
- Wallis, theshares outstanding are?|-93.4 million.
Which means, Mr. McCloy, we need to|get our hands on 480,000 options.
We'll borrow your 30 million|to buy those options.
Yourstock has neversold|above $3 1 a share.
When your stock goes north of 200,
which it will, those options|will be worth billions,
andl will own 51% ofBiocyte.
This is outrageous.
I will not let you|take control of my company.
Sit down.
[ Man Grunts ]
You'll be a billionaire.|lt 's better than being broke.
I have terrorists and...
other pharmaceutical|companies standing in line.
The ball's in your court,|Mr. McCloy.
Run that bastard down.
We're running short|on time, Mr. McCloy.
We have got to conclude|our business.
Yes. Start the transfer.
Follow it...|and let me know.
[ Computer Beeping ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Bird Gurgling ]
[ Gurgling Continues ]
[ Man Grunts ]
Raise your hands very slowly.
Sure you want me to do this?
Raiseyour hands very slo wly.
[ Both Grunting ]
Ethan, Ethan, do you copy?|Do you copy?
Keep it going!
[Stamp On Walkie-Talkie]Sean, this|rat's reached the endofthe maze.
Is he alive?
Yeah, more orless.
Bring him to me.
Sean, transfer completed.
Well done, Stamp.|Well done.
[ Grunts, Groaning ]
[lntense Groaning]
Stop mumbling!
I'm afraid he's got no choice.
lbelieve lbroke hisja w.
[Laughs]|Stamp, l'm impressed.
Right. We don't have|a lot oftime, Hunt.
Whateveryougot to say,|say it now.
[ Groans ]
How about giving us a big smile?
[ Groaning ]
- No?|- What are you doing?
Get down on your knees.
Now, this is what's known...
as getting your gun off.
******[ChoirSinging Requiem ]
[ Screaming ]
There he is!
[ Man Screaming ]
Just back off|and pinpoint your positions!
Luther, clear the bridge for me!
Hunt's heading for the bridge,|coming in at 1 2:00 high.
Oh, I'm mad now.
-You all right, mate?|-That punk put a hole in my Versace!
[Tires Screeching]
Ethan, the computer's up.|l've got Nyah.
She's moved out ofthe city.
She's on the north head bluff|approaching the cliffs.
- But I can't get a visual.|- Copy!
She's only got|a little time left!
Track ahead and pick her up!
-I can't get a good shot.|-Ethan, we won't be able to coveryou!
My earpiece is fa iling!|You've got me on GPS!
Bring her to me!
Billy, north head bluff.|Haul ass.
- Get out there and keep fii ring!|- I can't see anything!
Slow down, mate!|Slow down!
[ Indistinct Shouting ]
[ Truck Horn Honking ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
[ Horns Honking ]
Range is 2K.
[ Both Grunt ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting Continues ]
[ Yelling ]
[ Yelling ]
[ Straining ]
Go ahead.|Use it, Hunt.
lt 's not a bad way togo.
It's a lot better than|the way that bitch is gonna die.
Hey, there she is!
[ Groans ]
[ Grunting Continues ]
[ Yelling ]
******[Woman Vocalizing]
[ Laughing ]
Youshould've killed me.
[Swanbeck]|Miss Hall's blood, it appears,
has absolutely no elements|ofthe Chimera virus,
not even antibodies.
Yes. I gathered as much.
But you were under specifii c|instructions, Mr. Hunt,
to bring back a living sample|ofthe Chimera virus.
I'd be very interested to know how,|afteryou managed this recovery,
it subsequently got destroyed.
By fii re.|It's the best way, really.
Oh. Well, Mr. Hunt,
as for Miss Hall,|in light of her efforts,
her criminal record|will certainly be expunged.
Wiped out.|I'm assuming you approve.
I do.
Yeah. Where is she now, by the way?|Any idea?
I don't know.|Not exactly.
[Swanbeck]|So, what areyourplans?
[Hunt]ldon't know.|Uh, somesort ofvacation.
l'll letyou know where l'm going.
[Swanbeck]|You don't have to do that.
lt wouldn 't be a vacation|ifyou did.
Let's get lost.
***Hey, hey, hey***
***Ain 't no mercy***
***Ain 't no mercy there forme***
***Hey, hey, hey***
***Ain 't no mercy***
***Ain 't no mercy there forme***
***l'm pain, l'm hope, l'm suffer***
***Hey, hey, hey***
***Ain 't no mercy***
***Ain 't no mercy there forme***
***Doyou bury me when l'm gone***
***Doyou teach me while l'm here***
***Just as soon as lbelong***
*** Then it 's time ldisappear***
*** Yeah, yeah***
***Hey, hey, hey***
*** Then l went***
*** Then l went on do wn that road***
***Hey, hey, hey***
*** Then l went on***
*** Then l went on do wn that road***
***l'm pain, l'm hope, l'm suffer***
***Hey, hey, hey***
*** Then l went on***
*** Then l went on do wn that road***
***Doyou bury me when l'm gone***
***Doyou teach me while l'm here***
***Just as soon as lbelong***
*** Then it 's time ldisappear***
***Doyou bury me when l'm gone***
***Doyou teach me while l'm here***
***Just as soon as lbelong***
*** Then it 's time ldisappear***
***l'm gone***
***l'm gone***
***l'm gone, l'm gone***
***l'm gone***
***l'm gone, l'm gone***
***l'm gone***
***Doyou bury me when l'm gone***
***Doyou teach me while l'm here***
***Just as soon as lbelong***
*** Then it 's time ldisappear***
***Doyou bury me when l'm gone***
***Doyou teach me while l'm here***
***Just as soon as lbelong***
*** Then it 's time ldisappear***
******[ ''Mission lmpossible Theme'']
***No wl***
***Know why***
***No wl***
***Know why***
- *** Wonder whyyou wanna hate me***|- ***No wl***
-***No wlknow whyyou wanna hate me***|-***Know why***
-***No wlknow whyyou wanna hate me***|-***No wl***
-***No wlknow whyyou wanna hate me***|-***Know why***
***No wlknow whyyou wanna hate me***
***No wlknow whyyou wanna hate me***
***No wlknow whyyou wanna hate me***
*** 'Cause all l wanna do|is sing lately***
*** 'Cause all l wanna do|is sing lately***
*** 'Cause all l wanna do|is sing lately******
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