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Mission Mumbai

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''Good God, did the weather have to turn so bad today?''
My umbrella....
And did the umbrella have to get stuck there?
''This is Mumbai, the heartbeat of lndia.''
The financial capital of the nation
We in the underworld rule it without any reins.
When a man's heart stops beating...
He dies.
Similarly if Mumbai's heartbeat is stopped..
Then lndia will just die.
Everything will end.
''And RDX, hand bombs, everything is on its' way for our mission.''
The name of this mission will be Mission Mumbai.
''According to this mission, on the night of 31st December..''
We'll give this entire city a precious gift.
You've seen an example.
The bloody place is blown up!
lt's terrific!
''Mr. Commissioner, how do you like our gift?''
Shekhawat's name will be written in red letters in police history.
Sallu Kaliya does every job wrong.
''lf this goes wrong, we'll lose business.''
The city trembles at our name. After this they'll become eunuchs.
Then what game will we play?
''Allah willing, our black gold business will shine more than gold.''
''Pathan, may God keep Mumbai safe.''
She laughs like a child.
l see centuries in a moment.
A moment with you will suffice.
l think every unclaimed plot and flat...
''has only one name, Thadani..''
We'll also earn a little from the black market.
''- Who is it? Check! - Don't stand. Go, kill him!!''
There he's running!
Turn around.
- Get the jeep. - Yes sir.
We must take him to the hospital.
No sir. l won't survive.
''lf you can, save Mumbai.''
He died before saying anything.
''No, his incomplete words hold much meaning for us.''
But Sir what can Mission Mumbai mean?
Our city is going to be badly hurt
Love of mine.. you will make Gotya happy?
Why are you feeling shy?
'My beloved eats a betel leaf' - Make me one too.
''- Have one, it's great. - Confirmed news? - Yes.''
He's in Champabai's brothel. The last room on the right
- His name is Gotya. - Take your places.
Come out. There's no way you can get out. Open the door.
''lnspector, don't shoot me. Let me go out.''
''- Gotya, let her go. - You don't know me.''
''- Don't step forward. - l say, leave her.''
l'll shoot a bullet in her head.
''lnspector, don't' mess with me!''
Leave her. Let her go.
''- l say, leave her. - Put the gun down!''
Nobody will shoot.
Don't follow me or you'll face the consequences.
- Don't come after me. - Leave her.
- Come on. - Stop. - Don't follow me.
''Sir, why did you stop us from getting Gotya?''
''Sooner or later, we'll nab Gotya.''
But the girl could've died in this shoot-out.
''Sir, you always care about others' lives but risk your own. Why?''
My life is imprisoned in the prayers of my wife.
That's why she's always praying.
'''You are our Mother, Father, Brother and Friend' ''
'You are Wisdom and Learning the refuge of every person'
- Dear God.. - Keep uncle safe.
lt's not good to joke when praying.
Why do you always pray for uncle?
l pray for him because l worry when he's away from home for long.
Who must be looking after him?
God knows if he must be eating well
- Or must he be studying hungry? - Don't under estimate uncle.
He must have fixed something.
Ask your Arjun to make 5 of us his property.
That Arjun didn't get a single Draupadi.
But this one will get 5.
Why not? That Arjun shot iron arrows.
And this Arjun shoots with his eyes.
''Dear God, l wish he'd love me as he loves Priya.''
My life too would be great
You are mad. Keep imagining things.
there's no such thing.
We're not imagining it.
We can identify lovers.
''lf he loved me, he would not wait 4 days to meet me.''
''ls he coming here, to the girl's hostel at night?''
''- That means he's a fool. - Our watchman, Kadak Singh...''
He doesn't let dogs in.
How will Arjun come in?
Does this mean today too Arjun won't meet me..?
''You're sitting here, drinking.''
What about your duty? Somebody might enter..
Not son of a gun can step here.
But you're down here. Somebody might get in through the window.
Not a bird can get in.
So how can a man?
l'll go away if you don't shut up.
What's the matter...? Do you hear something?
Looks like somebody is coming. Get up and shut the doors and windows
You stay here. l'll take a look.
He's the thief of hearts. Arjun.
''So Miss Priya, your lover is here.''
He's come.
What are you doing here this late? ln Lord Krishna's pose?
l can risk my life for you.
Give it to me.
- What the heck is he doing? - Cooing with his chick.
''Arjun, please leave. We'll get into trouble if the guard sees.''
Very well. But first give me a kiss.
No way. Just go.
Very well. l'll stay like this all night.
''- Hurry up, man. - Want to kill us?''
- You're so stubborn! - Why don't you kiss me then?
Take this!
You stole my sleep
You stole my sleep
You stole my dreams and my heart
You've cast a spell on me
l've lost control of my heart
l stole your breath
l stole your sleep
l stole your dreams and heart
l have cast a spell on you
''Let me see if you can regain control over your heart''
lt's my destiny to love you
''Life is worth living only if you're near''
My destiny is to be crazy about you
''Life is worth living only if you're near''
Don't loot me and walk away
''l am a shadow, an illusion, stop following me around''
l'll render you crazy
''l am a shadow, an illusion, stop following me around''
l'll render you crazy
Be careful
This is my black magic
Good day. l think you're angry because l'm late.
We get mad at your habits not at your coming late.
Why do you forget yourself when you're chasing hoods?
What do you want to prove by getting injured everyday?
The label of treachery on the forehead of Muslims is wrong.
We love our motherland as much as anybody else.
Throw this complex out of your minds.
''lf we doubted, our nation wouldn't have had many Muslim Presidents.''
Don't get taken in by some fanatics and lose your mind.
People also label us cops as cheats and bribe takers.
should we go round justifying ourselves to all?
- Forget it. - Understand this..
The truth needs no support.
One day the world hears it.
Get it?
l'll get tea while you talk.
Here's the CD
He is Thadani. His job is to occupy empty plots and bungalows.
He's also into building construction.
This is Suleiman Biscuitwala.
''He looks after Baba's smuggling of gold, drugs and other items''
This is Shah. He's Hawala King with Baba's Transport & Exports.
And this is Sallu Kaliya.
He's Baba's right hand man.
He's wiped out many of Baba's enemy gangs.
The underworld trembles at his name.
But sir Pathan's gang has been silent for long.
- The Satyaprakash murder case.. - Could be the silence before storm..
''Always remember, hunters seem quiet when they're asleep''
- Or before attacking. - Meaning..?
ln the under world you sleep only after death.
So their silence indicates grave impending danger.
- This case will rob the Mumbai police's sleep.
Arjun's exams finished yesterday. Then why hasn't he returned home?
''Madam, apart from exams, there are other important jobs in college''
- For example. - What we did in college?
''He's my brother, Must be romancing some girl some where.''
You worry needlessly. You know we'll meet in Mumbai in 3 days.
lt's tough to spend a day without you
But you know l too can't live without you.
But my brother and his wife will be worried if l don't go.
Therefore l have to go.
Do only they mean the world to you? What about me?
You know what you mean to me.
You are my life. Do you feel you are nothing to me?
''My love, l'm quietly romancing you''
Expressing my love through my eyes
''My love, l'm quietly romancing you''
Expressing my love through my eyes
l admit you live in my heart
''l look at you with the eyes of the heart''
Tell me why the wind teases me
What does the naughty wind say?
''Come into my arms and l'll tell you''
''No, dear. My heart beats hard''
l fear the outcome
''Why do you fear? We've exchanged hearts''
''l want to cross the limits of love''
Let me adorn you as a bride
Will you marry me?
''Don't be adamant, let me dress myself''
Come close and don't blush
Let me breathe you
''l'm adorning myself with you as a mirror''
''- l can't allow this. - Sir, consider this request once.''
lt's a serious case.
The Satyaprakash murder case is serious.
He was murdered right in front of the police station.
Therefore it is very important to arrest the killers.
The police are getting a bad name.
''Sir, stopping Mission Mumbai is more important than find the killers''
''Sir, if they succeed in this mission..''
Mumbai city will be ruined.
The sacrifice of patriot Satyaprakash would be in vain.
Don't get taken in by that mad school master's words
l can never grant you permission.
Men who talk of patriotism and ideals are mad in this world.
l must leave but l've become as mad as the school master.
l won't let this mission succeed.
l will save my city at any cost.
''lf lndia is my mother, Mumbai is her darling son.''
l can't bear to see my mother's darling son die.
''Yes, Mr. Shekhawat?''
lnspector lnderjeet has found out about Mission Mumbai.
- What do we do? - Elephants don't change path for dogs
But he's a mad cop.
Baba loves to treat mad men.
You don't have to worry.
''Allah, give this lunatic inspector some wisdom.''
Hope his uniform doesn't turn into his shroud.
He's Dr. Wagle. Jeeva Nursing Home belongs to him.
Why did you perform an illegal operation on Gotya on the 25th night?
lt's a blatant lie!
You can come to my nursing home and check the register.
No man by that name got admitted to my nursing home.
- You are mistaken. - Don't lie!
That's the truth. l don't know any Gotya.
''You knew Gotya is Pathan, Baba and Shah's man.''
That is why you operated and removed the police bullet.
l started this nursing home for helping people not for illegal work.
My foot!
Not even a dead body can leave your nursing home without paying.
How did a police bullet leave his body? How much were you bribed?
Nursing homes are turning into garages where humans are repaired.
Why are you treating me as a criminal?
You know l'm an honourable doctor!
You're a doctor so you're being interrogated decently.
But you are behaving like a criminal.
Therefore further inquiries will be done in our operation room.
Where even corpses speak.
- Lock him up. - Come on!
''You're making a mistake lnspector, listen to me''
Put all your informers on Baba's gang.
Assume red alert has been declared for you and me.
Just you and me... So the commissioner didn't give permission
We're not dependent on him.
We can fight this battle with the powers we have.
''Don't forget, morning dawns even if the cock won't crow.''
More here. lnderjeet knows about you.
Who is it?
- Give in God's name. - Just a minute.
- Here... - May God bless you.
May you be happy. You gave me alms.
ln return l will bless you.
The truth is some grave danger will come to this family.
Your husband's stars are awry.
The reason that's worrying him...
that will be the reason of his death.
Please stop this nonsense.
- Please leave. - Sorry. Bless you.
''Sister-in-law, Arjun here.''
- How are you? And Munna? - Yes..
- All are fine. - l'll be there tomorrow evening.
But don't tell brother. l want to surprise him.
- Take care. - Yes.
This is the snake who is creeping up our path.
Don't be tense.
Sallu has straightened his twisted neck for this inspector.
He won't survive. l'll kill him in his own station!
''No, l've given the snake one opportunity.''
l've sent one dose of medicine through the mendicant.
Let's see how long he remains stricken by the fever of patriotism
''lf his fever doesn't subside, my fever will get to his brain!''
l'll shoot him so much that the smoke will reach his home.
We'll do that only if needed.
So that before stepping on that path..
...anyone will think twice.
The name isn't here..
He's not here either..where's he?
- Brother! You..? - What a surprise l gave you!
Sister-in-law told you...
Brother! Grab a hold on yourself.
what have you done to my brother?
- Let's go to the hospital. - Death is separating us.
No...what have you done?
Somebody help me!!
Save my brother!!
Don't cry. Every soldier of the country desires..
his last breath is taken in uniform
This dream of mine got fulfilled but...
one dream remained unfulfilled.
l'll fulfill your dream.
l couldn't stop Mission Mumbai.
''l couldn't save this darling son, Mumbai of my motherland!''
- l couldn't save it. - l'll do it.
l'll never be forgive for this.
- No.. - Glory to lndia.
They killed my brother!
They killed my brother!
What have you done?
You had lnspector lnderjeet killed on a busy platform.
- what else could l do? - Frame him in some case
l could've suspended him for some days
That way we could have our way and our enemy out.
We don't have this system of transfer and suspension.
We give tablets of wisdom
injections of fear. lf he still doesn't get better...
we operate on him.
We performed his operation.
''ln rage, you're forgetting the rule of the world of crime.''
Underworld has an unwritten law.
don't' raise a hand on a cop.
else his blood will turn to acid and incinerate the world of crime.
Daily blood flows like water in the gutters here.
''lf we mix a few drops of acid in it, everything will turn to water''
You're on our side. Look after everything.
l will have to.
l'll just have to.
lf that fool had taken my advice..
His wife wouldn't be a widow.
''- Please open the door! - Coming, who is it?''
Priya...? Listen.. What are you doing..?
What's the hurry?
Thank god planes don't have windows
Or you'd have jumped out of it before it landed.
Don't disturb me. Go away.
What do l do with this girl?
- When did you come to Mumbai? - l surprised you this time
''You're happy when you surprise others, today what's wrong with you?''
- My brother is no more. - What?
- How did this happen? - He came to receive me.
He wanted to surprise me.
But God surprised both of us.
- Be brave.. - They killed my brother in front of my eyes.
And l could do nothing.
But l won't keep quiet. The men who killed my brother..
- l won't spare them! - Good day.
- - You've come at a good time.
When life is at risk and the brain stops working..
''Only one name helps, Damle.''
That's great. A drink?
You don't drink?
- Look after him well. - Come on my love.
What smart moves.
l considered him an idealistic.
But he's worse than us!
Wealth and women..
can ruin the best of men.
- That is true. - And this is Damle.
And Damle has been paid.
- Who were they? - l know nothing.
- l was at the brothel. - What were you doing there?
The men who shot my boss were of your community.
Now tell me or l'll beat you senseless!
Tell us how they were!
- Sir! - What is it?
- lnderjeet's brother is here. - Very well.
- Hang this dog like a plane - Right sir.
l'll make him fly when l return.
You could've called me. l'd have come home.
l probably could not have discussed this at home.
- What is Mission Mumbai? - How are you involved?
''Before dying brother said, it's important to save the city.''
lt's a very dangerous mission.
The underworld is acting on it supported by some foreigners.
They've conspired to destroy the city
- We can't stop it. - No sir.
We will fulfill brother's dying wish. We'll stop the mission
lt's not as easy as you think.
We think Sir died for this mission. The enemy knows we know.
l recall everything brother wrote in that file.Let's take a look.
''Yes, he's with them.''
Go to bed. lt's almost morning.
As long as the dark clouds of crime are over this city..
Morning will never dawn.
You go to bed.
The biggest clouds disperse at the smallest breeze.
The pages of this file will disperse the clouds over this city.
This time the commissioner will have to consider it.
Or he loses his chair.
''Thadani, your bungalows you've occupied in Bandra and Grant Road..''
- We need them. - But they're like ruins!
- Not a dog goes there to pee. - That's why we want them.
''We'll keep bombs, guns and our underworld boys there.''
Take them.
We'll use your trucks to spread our stuff around.
Your company is known so nobody will have doubts.
We have no fears with Shekhawat around.
''No, that's not right..''
These days CBl and lB are alert.
We should not be careless.
Who knows another lunatic like lnderjeet might be born?
''- Sir, l'm lnderjeet's brother. - Yes?''
l have something important to say.
- That's why l disturbed you. - No problem. Tell me.
''Before he died, my brother told me about Mission Mumbai''
- Don't get involved. - l've read his file. - So have l.
- Don't waste my time. - The lives of millions of people.. here is more precious than your time.
- l have no time for this trash. - Think before you hang up.
l've recorded your words.
lf anything happens in this city this tape and my brother's file..
..will be on the Home Minister's table!
''Okay, bring the file to me but keep one thing in mind..''
Don't breathe a word about the file to anyone.
Nor discuss it with anyone else your life will be at risk.
This stuff won't suffice to create havoc in this city.
''We'll need many bombs, RDX and AK-47 guns.''
Call from the commissioner.
- Yes? - lnspector lnderjeet's brother Arjun called me.
Give him a job in the force. l don't mind.
He has threatened to take a copy of the file to the home minister.
l'll be ruined if he does that.
lnderjeet's family will join him soon along with the file.
Allah protect you.
Till lnderjeet's family is wiped out..
My heart won't find peace.
The hearts of my fans are anxious
Afflicted by the fever of love
My queen!
The hearts of my fans are anxious
Afflicted by the fever of love
''What will happen in a few moments tomorrow?''
The thought scares me
l came to Mumbai and got trapped
''Smart girl, what are you saying?''
Your Sallu is here.
''Thirsty lips, fiery breath''
Let some heart flush it out
ls that the truth? Sallu is all yours.
''Slim waist, sharp eyes..''
Everyone considers me hot
Carry her off!
''l slip into your heart through your eyes''
Delicate like a flower
Even the wind wants to touch me
Sallu will terminate anyone who disagrees.
''Attacking with the eyes, going straight to the head''
Can l taste?
The heart is growing impatient
Now you're trapped with me.
Who is it?
- Yes Baba? - You have to succeed.
Bombard his house so hard that everything crumbles.
l'll take a look.
''Come on, guys.''
Give me a coin.
Good day sir. Jai Singh here.
Baba Pathan is going to terminate lnderjeet's family.
''Yes sir, it's confirmed news.''
l swear by my children.
''All right, thanks. Now hang up, l'll talk later.''
Shahnawaz here. Give the line to Arjun.
Just a minute. Arjun is here.
lt's Shahnawaz.
We've got a tip that Baba's men are going to attack your house.
- Get out immediately. - But where will l take them?
Don't worry about that. MS Singh has a house on Khandala hills.
''Get there, see you then.''
The dog is dead.
''- Get off! - Arjun, turn back.''
l sense danger.
Don't kill me!
The job has been done.
Death can't save the one Sallu cocks his head for.
Who is this?
Why are you shouting?
There is a boy lying in the jungle.
What? - Yes.
Over here.
He is alive....pick him up.
''Fauji, will he survive? - l cannot say anything now.''
''Do one thing. Get a candle, hot water and a knife.''
God! Wonder if his family is aware of his condition or not.
l can hear terrifying screams from all around now itself.
Obsession...obsession... more obsession!
We have to achieve our goal with this obsession.
Don't take tension. Just tell us what we have to do.
You will handle the area from Worli to Dadar.
You will manage the bomb blasts near Plaza cinema & surrounding areas.
Sallu Kalia knows how to set right every messy job.
Don't worry.
''Shah, you will help our men in the share bazaar.''
You are renowned there.
So our men can easily fit bombs wherever they want.
''Alright Bhai, whatever you say will be done.''
''Suleiman, you will manage the airport and Centaur hotel area.''
Yes Bhai.
l don't know why l get the feeling ...
that our Mission Mumbai is getting overcast by clouds of danger.
Who was that informer who informed the inspector's residence?
Who was that informer?
The informer is coming. - Who?
Our Jaisingh!
The dog died!
How did l come here? - You were shot.
Fauji saved you.
''l have to go. - No, you have not recovered yet.''
l still have to go. - What is the reason for this urgency?
To save my city of Mumbai.
Our enemies have plotted to blow up the city.
What!! - They call it Mission Mumbai.
My brother gave up his life to save this city.
Maybe even his wife and son are no more.
''l know l am alone for this mission, but ...''
but yet l will fight this battle.
''What are you saying, friend?''
Even history cannot mention all the names of the men ...
who sacrificed their lives to save their country.
Our Motherland's lap has never had a dearth of patriots.
Then how can you be alone in this mission?
Even l am with you.
''Stop crying, dear.''
The newspaper clearly states that Arjun and his family is finished.
He will never come now. Never!
''He will come, mom. She will surely come.''
My heart says he will surely come.
He loves to give surprises.
He will surprise even death and come back.
''He will surely come back, mom.''
My heart says he will come back.
O my love!
The vulture ...
picks at my flesh
But please don't pick out my eyes
They crave to see my beloved
Bearing the pain of separation ...
l may die
''Every moment of your separation ...''
torments my heart
Listen...listen ...
Bearing the pain of separation ...
''My eyes still remember how you expressed your love for me''
''How do l forget how you made me laugh''
''How you cajoled me when l was annoyed''
''Thinking of those days and nights ...''
my eyes brimmed over
Listen...listen ...
''lf you love, love like ...''
the cotton and thread
lt covers the body when alive
''And doesn't leave even when you die''
''Even the stars seem dark, the stream, lonely''
''lnstead of being separated from you and live, l'd rather die''
l am getting breathless
l may die
Listen...listen ...
lf l knew ...
that love only torments
l'd announce to the whole world ...
never to fall in love
''What are you thinking, Arjun?''
l was thinking about Priya. She is the only one l have left now.
Perhaps it is with her prayer that you have got this new life.
''Wonder what state she will be in, Fauji.''
God is really strange.
You came alive from the dead ...
and she must have become a living corpse.
The hands that rose in prayer for you ...
may lose hope and curse themselves.
l must meet Priya.
Your meeting Priya may become a hurdle in the success of our mission.
''That won't happen. Because right now, my mission is not to get my love ...''
but to stop Mission Mumbai.
And police commissioner Shekhawat knows everything about this mission.
''lf he doesn't open his mouth, we will shut him up forever.''
What happened? - Looks like a flat tyre.
Go and check....strange!
Get up!
Why are you beating me up? What have l done? Who are you people?
''lnspector lndrajeet's brother, Arjun. - lf you want to save your life ...''
tell us everything about Mission Mumbai.
l don't know what Mission Mumbai is.
l don't know anything.
''Hey, don't try to act innocent.''
''You know about it very well, Shekhawat.''
l don't know anything about it.
''Arjun, he won't relent like that.''
Don't question him and waste your time.
Kill the bastard.
Don't kill me!
What is it? - l have bad news.
Someone killed the Commissioner.
Are you crazy? Who in this city can dare ...
to even think of killing Shekhawat?
''Bhai, lnspector Sawant called from his bungalow.''
''What about our Mission Mumbai, Bhai?''
Shekhawat's death cannot stall our mission.
We will complete our mission.
Because we are very close to our goal.
Now if even anyone's shadow comes in our way ...
l will eliminate his very existence!
Get that?
There is so much pain in his music.
There is as much pain even in his heart.
Perhaps that is why he is often lost in his thoughts.
''Arjun, Fauji maintains a distance from everyone.''
But he cares for the whole of lndia.
But when the pain of an old wound becomes unbearable ...
he plays the violin.
What happened with him?
Fauji was a very jovial and brave man once upon a time.
''ln the Pakistan war, he once got the news ...''
that a Pakistani army group had entered lndian borders.
''ln a rage, he didn't think rationally.''
''And acting on the informer's information, he attacked.''
That informer turned out to be a traitor.
He had been bribed by the Pakistanis.
He was court martialled for it.
And he lost his job.
Why have you come here?
''Don't sit alone and hide your memories in your heart, Fauji.''
Unburden your heart.
Would you like to hear?
''Gandhi, Nehru, Lal Bahadur ...''
are the pride of this country
''Azad, Bhagat Singh, Tipu, Shivaji ...''
we take pride in them
ln this world is a heaven
The name of this heaven is Bharat
''We can sacrifice our lives for our Bharat!''
''We are lndian, our hearts are lndian''
''We will live to protect our Bharat, we will die protecting Bharat''
''The enemy will fear touching our borders''
Every drop of blood is for you ...
we promise
We are lndian ...
''l won't let you cry ever, O my beloved''
''l will keep you in my heart like my heartbeat''
Your duty is more important than me
my beloved
We are lndian ...
Sparkling women
They pierce the heart
Seductive gaze
The sexy gait
''We celebrate ld, Diwali together''
Everyone plays Holi
Our language is sweeter than honey
Our hearts are made of gold
We are lndian ...
''Those who have sacrificed their lives for the country ...''
we salute those brave soldiers
''Those who sacrificed their sons for the Motherland ...''
we salute those mothers
Salute...salute ...
That was my story.
Which l had kept suppressed in my heart since so many years.
You made me come out with it today.
That is why all the questions are raging a storm in my heart again.
l was accused of being a traitor.
Betraying your country is like ...
selling your own mother.
How do l rip open my heart and prove to the world ...
that my heart also is purely lndian.
''My soul, my body, ...everything about me ...''
is totally lndian.
''Calm down, Fauji.''
''You'll see, the day we succeed in failing Mission Mumbai ...''
''the same people who hate you today, will be proud of you.''
''That day, your truth will see the light of day.''
''Wait and watch, Fauji. - Yes Fauji, Arjun is right.''
''What will be our next plan, Fauji?''
l know a man who knows the in and out of the underworld.
He will help us. - Who is he?
Hassanbhai! How are you?
You've come to meet me after a long time. Seems you had forgotten me.
''lt's not that. - Come, sit.''
''Actually, for so many years, l had forgotten myself.''
You forgot yourself.
''That is why Babu Ghoda, who keeps himself informed about everyone ...''
had no information about you.
What will you have? - Nothing.
''Hassanbhai, this old friend of yours is not the same man now.''
l've become a big man now. l will throw a grand party for you tonight.
l will attend your party some other time.
''lf l am alive, that is.''
Why are you talking of death?
''Since you have come, l am craving to see you smile.''
Why do you take so much tension?
What problem do you have? Tell me.
''l need your help, Babu.''
''Hassanbhai, l can give up my life for you.''
Just tell me what you want.
Tell me how to finish Baba Pathan.
''Hassanbhai, Pathan has all the ministers and police officers ...''
in his pocket.
We have cut his links with the police.
We will soon cut his other links too.
''Hassanbhai, this boy is very gutsy.''
''He's inspector lndrajeet's younger brother, Arjun.''
l knew him. He was very honest.
He lost his life because of his honesty.
''lt's sad that he was killed, and so was his family.''
''Babubhai, you must be aware who murdered my brother and wife.''
''Baba Pathan, who's a slur on the Pathan clan.''
''Before finishing Baba Pathan, you'll have to finish his gang.''
Gangs run with money.
Suleiman Biscuitwala is Baba's right hand man.
You'll have to kill him first.
Because he's the one who handles all his businesses.
Where will we find Suleiman?
What is it? - Suleimanbhai has been murdered.
What!!...Go and hunt his killer!
He has himself come here.
You brought me his news? Why didn't you bring me his head?
''Sallu, why did you kill Suleiman?''
''Yes, l killed him. To save you and Mission Mumbai.''
''Had l not killed him, ...''
inspector lndrajeet's brother and his crony would know everything.
''That means, Arjun is alive. - Yes, he's alive.''
l saw him myself.
''Then go Sallu, and kill Arjun and his associates.''
Finish them all!
l'm going. - Why get into all that mess now?
lt's 31st December after two days.
Mumbai city will get your gift on that day.
''Damle, l don't want to take any risks.''
''You are right, Baba, but you don't have to take tension.''
He is like an ant compared to you.
''Sallu, l think he has not heard that phrase ...''
A small ant can kill an elephant'
''So it is said, you must crush an ant before it stings you.''
And Commissioner Shekhawat murder case.
Though they are filed in different police stations ...
you want to prove they are linked together?
The truth is that all the cases are linked to a case ...
that is not filed in any police station.
What case? - Mission Mumbai.
The underworld is plotting a dangerous mission ...
''which, if successful, will make our entire police department ...''
count bodies for days.
That means our intelligence network is not working.
ls it sleeping?
l have no right to comment on that.
l'd only say that all these cases begin with Mission Mumbai ...
and also end with Mission Mumbai.
l grant you permission. And you will report directly to me.
But ensure that the world famous Mumbai police's image ...
does not get tarnished.
Your hard work won't go waste.
Now tell us what our next target should be.
He is the man who hides bombs and guns for Baba.
''Very soon, the news of his death will reach Baba.''
'', Sallu, you worry too much.''
You really are a coward.
Get this clear; don't spare Arjun and Fauji ...
for God sake!
Who are you? - Sons of our Motherland.
''lnspector lndrajeet's brother, who you people killed.''
What nonsense are you talking? l didn't kill anybody.
Don't trouble your throat.
Both your guards have gone to hell.
What do you want after all?
The death of a traitor like you.
''No... - lf you want to live, Thadani ...''
then tell us everything about Mission Mumbai.
Or ...
''l don't know anything. l swear, l don't know anything.''
l am a property dealer.
''Arjun, he won't relent like that.''
''Alright, we'll use some other means.''
''l swear l don't know anything, l am a property dealer.''
Try and understand. l don't ...
l don't know anything. What are you doing! l don't know anything.
Leave me! l don't know anything.
What are you doing! l will die.
''l am innocent, l don't know anything.''
''l'm asking you the last time, Thadani.''
''Tell us, or you will die a dog's death.''
''l don't know anything, l swear!''
''What is the matter, Babu? You seem to have some tension.''
l'd told you not to come to meet me during daytime ever.
''l'd told you, hadn't l? Then why have you come during day?''
Perhaps you're not aware that Baba Pathan has come to know about you two.
''Let him know, l have no fear.''
Why are you talking like fools?
Baba Pathan's dogs roam in every street of the city.
''That dog Sallu, if after your lives.''
What will he do? Kill me?
Don't you know that Hassan Khan is dying every moment that he lives.
l had gone to the border to sacrifice my life to save my Motherland.
But fate labeled me a traitor.
The slur of betrayal on me ...
can only be washed with my blood.
''Hassan, l respect your feelings.''
l realise today in what sea of sorrow your old liveliness drowned.
''Pardon me Babu, l'd become emotional.''
''Alright, what's the next news?''
''l have bad news, Hassanbhai.''
l have information Baba Pathan has planned bomb blasts ...
''tomorrow, on 31st December, to destroy entire Mumbai city.''
''Tomorrow? - Yes, tomorrow.''
Just tell me the places where the bombs will be blasted.
''l don't know that, but this news is confirmed.''
''that before the blasts, Baba Pathan is going to celebrate ...''
in his Madh Godown.
Then it will be very easy to kill all of them together.
''We'll take your leave, Babu.''
Take care.
''Hassanbhai, Arjun, you two are like my brothers.''
And l know that the one who gives information about Baba Pathan ...
doesn't live long.
But if you two save Mumbai city ...
l swear l won't mind dying.
''lf we survive, we will meet again. Good bye!''
''Hassanbhai, Arjun, remember, even the police has laid its dragnet.''
Take care. Good bye.
Greetings. - Greetings.
l am immensely pleased with your arrival here.
But we are not happy.
You have not kept your promise of destroying Mumbai.
''Look, you ... - We know!''
''A few people were killed in the Ghatkopar, Mulund & Vile Parle blasts.''
But our mission is not just to kill a few people ...
but to destroy the whole of Mumbai.
That mission will start today.
The Gateway at which the Queen of England had once arrived ...
death will come through the same Gateway.
What was once Gateway of lndia will become Deathway of lndia.
How is that?
''What will this beggar do? - He's not a beggar, but a human bomb.''
A human bomb!
''He won't take money as alms, but the lives of many people.''
Sallubhai and the human bomb have been taken to Gateway.
''Well done, Shah.''
You will now see the destruction of Mumbai within half an hour.
Oh my God!
''Arjun, there is very little time.''
You take care of these traitors.
l'll have to go to Gateway of lndia immediately.
Yes Fauji.
Let's celebrate our success.
''Because very soon, success will come with a bang!''
Who is it?
''You love to hear a bang, don't you, Baba Pathan?''
What do you think of this bang?
A small rock fell off a mountain like Hindustan ...
and it became your country.
That same rock is itself trying to be the mountain today.
''Rocks don't become mountains, they crumble to dust, Baba Pathan.''
lt is because of a few Muslims like you ...
that our country's Muslim brothers have to suffer embarrassment.
Kill him!
Kill the bastard!
The dog!
''Bhai, just watch, in some time ...''
the thousands of people who have gathered here...
for new year celebrations will all be dead.
You will be honoured and also given a big reward.
Tell me where you've placed the bomb.
Tell me where you've placed the bomb.
Leave me!
''Tell me Sallu, where have you placed the bomb?''
''Hey, you dog! Who will save you now?''
Rascal ...
''Where have you kept the bomb, tell me! Or l will bury you alive!''
''Being a Muslim, you are killing your Muslim brother?''
''That too, for lndia? - Stop your nonsense!''
Every man born in this country is a Hindu or Muslim later ...
but an lndian first.
Growing a beard does not make a man Muslim.
Do you know the meaning of Muslim?
One whose integrity cannot be shaken is called a Muslim.
''A true Muslim does not talk of breaking, but of uniting.''
''He doesn't talk of destroying, but of building.''
''lf you are a true Muslim, save these innocents from death.''
Tell me where the bomb is.
''Try as much as you like, you will not be able to save Mumbai.''
You think you can destroy one Mumbai and win over lndia?
''Remember, behind 10 million Mumbai citizens are 90 million lndians.''
''Mumbai will be finished later, l'll finish you first.''
''We will live to protect our Bharat, we will die protecting Bharat''
''We are your sons, O Mother lndia''
We won't be afraid
Every drop of blood is for you ...
O my country!
''We are lndian our hearts are lndian''
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