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Subtitles for Mississippi Mermaid 1969.

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Mississippi Mermaid 1969

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:29.69,00:00:32.42 Young girl, romantic,[br]attractive, BA degree... 00:00:32.49,00:00:35.02 would marry college graduate,[br]28-38 years old. 00:00:35.10,00:00:36.56 Box Number 3645. 00:00:36.63,00:00:40.69 Divorced man, 38, modest income,[br]wishes to marry... 00:00:40.77,00:00:46.00 Working girl, 25, slender,[br]seeks tall, gentle, young man... 00:00:46.07,00:00:50.20 with view to matrimony.[br]Box number 3 771. 00:00:50.28,00:00:54.04 - Wanted: Smart, youthfful woman.[br]- 2 1-year-old girl, virtuous... 00:00:54.12,00:00:56.64 college graduate, wishes to[br]marry Catholic proffessional... 00:00:56.72,00:01:00.65 doctor, pharmacist, dentist.[br]Box number 48 17. 00:01:00.72,00:01:03.92 ...loves the sea.[br]Box number 3671. 00:01:03.99,00:01:07.36 - 23-year-old school teacher...[br]- Blind gentleman... 00:01:07.43,00:01:10.52 - Sensual, wishes to wed...[br]- Interested in matrimony... 00:01:10.60,00:01:14.69 Technician with good income,[br]wishes to correspond with... 00:01:14.77,00:01:20.04 - Strong personality, steady job.[br]- Good housekeeper, affffectionate. 00:01:20.11,00:01:24.55 - Letters returned, discreet.[br]- Serious-minded bachelor, 30... 00:01:24.61,00:01:27.10 Mature young woman, attractive,[br]good job, wishes to marry... 00:01:27.18,00:01:29.31 Impossible to answer everybody,[br]letters destroyed. 00:01:29.38,00:01:31.08 Thanks, best wishes[br]ffor happiness. 00:01:31.15,00:01:32.62 ...affffectionate, dynamic... 00:01:32.69,00:01:37.39 - Bachelor, 36, mature, wishes...[br]- Dark, 28, 5 ffeet 10... 00:01:37.46,00:01:41.90 - Good looking...[br]- Desirable ffrom all viewpoints. 00:01:41.96,00:01:44.23 Would marry woman 28 to 40. 00:01:44.30,00:01:47.56 Would accept deaffness[br]or other slight handicap. 00:01:47.64,00:01:49.83 Box number 479 1. 00:02:05.49,00:02:08.48 Reunion is a small island[br]situated in the Indian Ocean. 00:02:08.56,00:02:12.79 Discovered on February 9, 1507,[br]by Diego Fernandez de Pereira... 00:02:12.86,00:02:15.39 it was known successively[br]as Santa Appolania... 00:02:15.46,00:02:18.30 Mascarene[br]and the Isle off Bourbon. 00:02:24.24,00:02:26.71 Forward! 00:02:34.85,00:02:37.65 In 1848, the National Convention[br]decided to rename... 00:02:37.72,00:02:39.58 the Isle off Bourbon[br]the Island off Reunion... 00:02:39.65,00:02:41.71 to commemorate the "reunion"[br]which took place... 00:02:41.79,00:02:44.42 on the 10th off August, 1792,[br]between the volunteers... 00:02:44.49,00:02:48.16 ffrom Marseilles and the National[br]Guard deffending the Tuileries. 00:03:02.44,00:03:05.04 Brothers, come! Join us! 00:03:06.11,00:03:08.34 Long live France! 00:03:09.42,00:03:11.28 Long live France! 00:03:20.90,00:03:23.52 "This film is dedicated[br]to Jean Renoir" 00:04:37.81,00:04:41.76 Good morning. Please, tell[br]Monsieur Mahé that I'm here. 00:04:41.84,00:04:43.78 Of course, sir. 00:04:47.08,00:04:49.35 Monsieur Mahé,[br]Monsieur Jardine is here. 00:04:49.42,00:04:50.75 He's waiting for you downstairs. 00:04:50.82,00:04:53.15 Monsieur Mahé[br]will be right down. 00:04:53.22,00:04:56.49 So today's the great day? 00:04:56.56,00:04:58.65 Come on, don't be so mysterious.[br]Everybody knows. 00:04:58.73,00:05:00.99 Don't people have[br]anything else to do? 00:05:01.06,00:05:05.16 - Is what they say true?[br]- I don't know what they say. 00:05:05.23,00:05:07.17 They say he's never seen[br]his bride. 00:05:07.24,00:05:09.17 That he doesn't even know[br]what she looks like. 00:05:09.24,00:05:12.23 Of course he does. They must[br]have exchanged pictures. 00:05:31.69,00:05:33.92 Here's his breakfast.[br]He didn't even touch it. 00:05:34.00,00:05:36.69 There, you see how excited[br]he is, Monsieur Jardine. 00:05:36.76,00:05:41.13 You know, one of my aunts[br]got married by correspondence. 00:05:41.20,00:05:42.83 I'm all packed. 00:05:42.90,00:05:45.20 I'll send someone to pick up[br]the bags and pay the bill. 00:05:45.27,00:05:47.47 - Did you go by the house?[br]- Yes, the blinds came. 00:05:47.54,00:05:49.48 We're not going to be late,[br]are we? 00:05:49.54,00:05:53.84 I'll go with you as far as Ling Wo's.[br]You can drop me off there. 00:05:55.38,00:05:57.32 - Whose?[br]- The jeweler. 00:05:58.69,00:06:01.99 Did you know that out of[br]the 14 jewelers in this town... 00:06:02.06,00:06:04.46 eleven are Chinese,[br]and three, Creoles? 00:06:05.63,00:06:07.99 I almost forgot to give you[br]the bouquet. 00:06:08.06,00:06:10.12 - What bouquet?[br]- The bridal bouquet. 00:06:10.20,00:06:12.39 I completely forgot about it. 00:06:12.47,00:06:15.80 My wife reminded me[br]this morning. It's in here. 00:06:26.85,00:06:29.84 Good-bye. I'll come by[br]this evening to pay. Thank you. 00:06:32.05,00:06:34.82 Here's the ring. 00:06:34.89,00:06:38.15 That's the little string[br]she sent you for the size. 00:06:38.23,00:06:40.22 I suppose you'll want to keep it[br]as a souvenir. 00:06:40.29,00:06:42.63 I don't keep souvenirs.[br]It's the ring that matters. 00:08:26.73,00:08:28.67 Excuse me. 00:09:10.65,00:09:11.77 Excuse me. 00:09:34.20,00:09:35.46 I'm sorry. 00:09:42.68,00:09:44.61 Are there any other passengers? 00:09:44.68,00:09:46.44 No, Monsieur.[br]There's nobody else on board. 00:09:46.51,00:09:48.45 All the passengers are ashore. 00:10:26.32,00:10:28.85 Don't you recognize me,[br]Monsieur Mahé? 00:10:32.69,00:10:34.42 I'm sorry. 00:10:34.50,00:10:36.43 What do you mean by that? 00:10:42.07,00:10:45.47 I am Julie.[br]I am Julie Roussel. 00:10:46.54,00:10:48.67 Julie Roussel? 00:10:48.74,00:10:50.80 I don't understand. 00:10:51.95,00:10:54.51 You don't think[br]I'm like my picture? 00:10:57.02,00:10:59.04 The picture I sent you[br]wasn't really of me. 00:10:59.12,00:11:01.32 It was one of my friends. 00:11:02.36,00:11:05.62 It's hard to confide[br]in someone in a letter. 00:11:05.69,00:11:08.09 I was pleased[br]with your letters, but... 00:11:08.16,00:11:10.53 Well, especially at first[br]I was a bit afraid of you. 00:11:11.97,00:11:13.43 That's why. 00:11:13.50,00:11:16.30 But then,[br]after you had proposed to... 00:11:16.37,00:11:18.77 I mean, when you'd asked me[br]to marry you... 00:11:18.84,00:11:21.77 I was too embarrassed[br]to send a real picture of me. 00:11:21.84,00:11:23.37 And besides,[br]Berthe, my sister, said... 00:11:23.44,00:11:26.14 "When Monsieur Mahé sees you,[br]he will forgive you." 00:11:26.21,00:11:29.01 Your sister's absolutely right. 00:11:29.08,00:11:30.61 You're not disappointed? 00:11:30.69,00:11:35.49 Look at me. Do I look[br]disappointed? You see... 00:11:37.93,00:11:40.66 I thought I'd already come[br]part of the way... 00:11:40.73,00:11:42.66 but I'm afraid it's not true. 00:11:42.73,00:11:45.13 I'll have to readjust myself[br]to you. 00:11:45.20,00:11:47.76 I must learn to know you. 00:11:47.84,00:11:51.00 Do you forgive Julie Roussel[br]for lying? 00:11:51.07,00:11:53.34 I find it charming. 00:12:01.62,00:12:04.88 Your plans?[br]Will this affect them? 00:12:04.95,00:12:07.79 - And yours?[br]- I'm here. 00:12:43.22,00:12:45.42 It's difficult, isn't it? 00:12:45.49,00:12:47.65 What's so difficult? 00:12:47.73,00:12:50.32 It's really hard[br]to get to know someone... 00:12:50.40,00:12:53.30 even if we told each other[br]a lot of things in our letters. 00:12:55.77,00:12:58.67 Exactly because we have[br]told each other a lot... 00:13:03.78,00:13:07.41 there will surely be[br]some big silences between us. 00:13:07.48,00:13:09.88 But that doesn't bother me. 00:13:09.95,00:13:11.88 Me neither. 00:13:28.90,00:13:31.37 I hope Reunion won't disappoint you. 00:13:33.47,00:13:36.44 I don't know New Caledonia.[br]I've never been to Noumea. 00:13:37.65,00:13:40.67 Where you're from[br]is a long strip of land. 00:13:40.75,00:13:42.11 Very long. 00:13:42.18,00:13:45.08 Whereas Reunion is shaped[br]like an egg. 00:13:45.15,00:13:47.28 By the way, do you know[br]how Reunion was populated? 00:13:47.35,00:13:48.75 No. 00:13:48.82,00:13:51.69 Three hundred years ago,[br]there was hardly anyone. 00:13:51.76,00:13:54.59 And Colbert,[br]who'd founded the India Company... 00:13:54.66,00:13:56.86 decided to send 1,000 settlers... 00:13:56.93,00:13:58.76 and 32 women. 00:13:58.83,00:14:01.13 During the voyage[br]there were many storms... 00:14:01.20,00:14:03.03 and a scurvy epidemic. 00:14:03.10,00:14:05.23 So when the boat docked... 00:14:05.31,00:14:08.30 there were many dead bodies[br]and sick people too. 00:14:08.38,00:14:10.54 And among the 32 women... 00:14:10.61,00:14:14.55 the only five remaining[br]got married within three months. 00:14:14.62,00:14:17.88 And one of them[br]was my great-great grandmother. 00:14:17.95,00:14:20.98 Who were these women?[br]Did they come here to marry? 00:14:21.06,00:14:23.42 I doubt anyone asked their opinion. 00:14:23.49,00:14:25.55 Many came from La Rochelle. 00:14:25.63,00:14:28.46 They were orphans, like you. 00:14:30.36,00:14:32.26 But I'm not sure[br]they were as beautiful. 00:14:55.29,00:14:59.25 This is our house.[br]This is where we'll live. 00:14:59.33,00:15:00.95 Our house? 00:15:01.03,00:15:03.29 Yes, I have a confession[br]to make. 00:15:03.36,00:15:05.33 I didn't tell you everything[br]in my letters. 00:15:05.40,00:15:08.77 - I'm afraid that I even lied.[br]- What do you mean you lied? 00:15:08.84,00:15:11.60 I told you that I was a foreman[br]in a factory making cigarettes. 00:15:11.67,00:15:12.90 Yes, you did. 00:15:12.97,00:15:16.07 That's not true.[br]I'm the owner of the factory. 00:15:16.14,00:15:19.70 I inherited it when my parents[br]died three years ago. 00:15:19.78,00:15:22.65 I'm not proud of myself[br]for hiding it... 00:15:22.72,00:15:25.38 but I hoped money[br]wouldn't enter into it. 00:15:25.45,00:15:28.35 I'm afraid your lie[br]is much nicer than mine. 00:15:28.42,00:15:30.55 - I hope you're not angry.[br]- No, Monsieur. 00:15:30.62,00:15:32.15 Not Monsieur, Louis. 00:15:32.23,00:15:34.25 No, Louis, it's not important[br]at all. 00:15:34.33,00:15:36.73 Besides,[br]I don't understand business. 00:15:37.93,00:15:39.70 Louis Mahé... 00:15:39.77,00:15:43.29 do you take for your lawfully[br]wedded wife, Julie Roussel... 00:15:43.37,00:15:46.17 here present,[br]according to the rites... 00:15:46.24,00:15:48.77 of our mother, the Holy Church? 00:15:48.84,00:15:50.17 I do. 00:15:50.24,00:15:54.61 Julie Roussel, do you take for[br]your lawfully wedded husband... 00:15:54.68,00:15:57.21 Louis Mahé, here present... 00:15:57.28,00:16:00.55 according to the rites[br]of our mother, the Holy Church? 00:16:00.62,00:16:01.68 I do. 00:16:01.76,00:16:03.25 I now pronounce you[br]man and wife... 00:16:03.32,00:16:06.23 in the name of the Father,[br]and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. 00:16:06.29,00:16:07.82 Amen. 00:16:39.86,00:16:41.79 You may kiss the bride. 00:19:16.42,00:19:18.28 What's the matter? 00:19:18.35,00:19:20.25 What's wrong with you? 00:19:20.32,00:19:21.75 What's wrong? 00:19:21.82,00:19:24.22 Julie, answer me! 00:19:24.29,00:19:26.42 What is it? 00:19:50.45,00:19:52.01 There. 00:20:03.33,00:20:04.96 Any better? 00:20:05.03,00:20:06.12 Yes. 00:20:08.70,00:20:11.00 Yes, I'm much better. 00:20:12.34,00:20:14.67 It seemed you were having[br]trouble breathing. 00:20:14.74,00:20:16.61 Yes. 00:20:16.68,00:20:19.74 - Has this happened before?[br]- Yes. 00:20:23.92,00:20:26.41 I was embarrassed to tell you... 00:20:28.76,00:20:31.78 I'm unable to sleep[br]without a lamp on. 00:20:31.86,00:20:34.59 I can't sleep in the dark! 00:20:34.66,00:20:37.43 You should've said so.[br]It's simple. 00:20:37.50,00:20:39.43 We'll leave[br]the lamp on the table lit. 00:20:39.50,00:20:43.90 No, it's too bright.[br]It might keep you awake. 00:20:43.97,00:20:46.27 Shall I leave the light[br]in the bathroom on? 00:20:46.34,00:20:48.17 Yes, would you, please? 00:20:50.98,00:20:52.74 There we are. 00:20:52.81,00:20:55.61 - Is that better?[br]- Yes. 00:20:55.68,00:20:58.55 You're like those little[br]children who can't sleep... 00:20:58.62,00:21:01.25 without a door open[br]or a light on. 00:21:01.32,00:21:03.76 And who say, "Leave the door[br]open a little wider... 00:21:03.82,00:21:07.09 a little more, more. 00:21:07.16,00:21:09.79 There, like that." 00:21:15.60,00:21:18.80 You've had enough of[br]this little cage, haven't you? 00:21:18.87,00:21:22.21 You'll be happier in here. 00:21:23.84,00:21:25.81 Look, no, come on. 00:21:26.75,00:21:28.37 That one's better. 00:21:28.45,00:21:31.32 Come here, come here.[br]Come on. 00:21:31.39,00:21:33.48 It's bigger than this one. 00:21:40.36,00:21:43.66 Here we go. That's right.[br]Get on your perch. 00:21:44.90,00:21:46.83 That's better, huh? 00:22:11.22,00:22:13.28 I'd like you to meet my wife. 00:22:13.36,00:22:15.49 Do you already know my wife? 00:22:15.56,00:22:18.59 Please allow me[br]to introduce my wife. 00:22:18.67,00:22:20.60 I believe you know my wife. 00:22:20.67,00:22:22.64 You've met my charming wife? 00:22:22.70,00:22:24.14 Here she is now. 00:22:24.20,00:22:26.00 Please allow me[br]to introduce her. 00:22:26.07,00:22:29.01 - She's charming, ravishing...[br]- Louis, you are crazy! 00:22:33.91,00:22:36.44 Thank you, Sarah.[br]Don't forget my canary. 00:22:36.52,00:22:38.45 Louis, breakfast. 00:22:46.93,00:22:48.66 Why are you having coffee? 00:22:48.73,00:22:50.75 It'll only take a minute[br]for Sarah to make tea. 00:22:50.83,00:22:53.43 No, no, I love coffee. 00:22:53.50,00:22:56.77 Oh, really. I remember[br]that in one of your letters... 00:22:56.84,00:22:58.90 you told me[br]that you preferred tea. 00:22:58.97,00:23:01.46 I wrote a lot of things. 00:23:04.11,00:23:07.01 Are you still planning[br]to show me the factory tomorrow? 00:23:07.08,00:23:10.02 Absolutely. You must meet[br]all the personnel. 00:23:10.08,00:23:12.31 I am so proud of you. 00:23:12.39,00:23:14.79 But I have nothing to wear. 00:23:14.86,00:23:16.82 What about the trunk[br]that just came? 00:23:16.89,00:23:20.19 My trunk?[br]Oh, it's only old things. 00:23:20.26,00:23:23.70 Well, you must open it[br]sometime. 00:23:24.73,00:23:26.67 I've lost the key. 00:23:26.73,00:23:28.72 Call a locksmith. 00:23:28.80,00:23:30.70 But it's Sunday. 00:23:30.77,00:23:34.21 That's right. It's Sunday.[br]I'd forgotten all about it. 00:23:42.92,00:23:45.82 When my grandfather owned this[br]plantation, it was much bigger. 00:23:45.89,00:23:48.79 But it has been divided[br]among his heirs. 00:23:48.86,00:23:51.32 Aren't they pretty? I didn't[br]know that tobacco had flowers. 00:23:51.39,00:23:54.52 Oh, yes. When they're in bloom,[br]they're no good anymore. 00:23:54.59,00:23:56.89 There, you see?[br]They are uprooting them now. 00:23:56.96,00:23:58.90 Do you make your cigarettes[br]out of this tobacco? 00:23:58.97,00:24:01.59 It's mixed[br]with five other tobaccos... 00:24:01.67,00:24:04.50 which come from Madagascar[br]and the West Indies. 00:24:29.40,00:24:33.13 Look, Monsieur Louis,[br]Madame Julie's bird is dead. 00:24:51.18,00:24:52.74 Julie, are you there? 00:24:52.82,00:24:54.84 Yes, I'm taking a bath. 00:24:54.92,00:24:58.25 - I have bad news.[br]- What is it? 00:24:58.33,00:25:00.42 Your canary's dead. 00:25:00.49,00:25:04.66 That doesn't surprise me a bit.[br]He hasn't been himself for days. 00:25:53.08,00:25:56.81 Louis, can you help me[br]button up my dress? 00:26:03.06,00:26:04.82 I can never manage it. 00:26:08.50,00:26:12.26 I wonder why I wear this dress,[br]I can never button it up. 00:26:14.87,00:26:17.13 There. 00:26:17.20,00:26:19.23 It's my favorite,[br]do you like it? 00:26:20.31,00:26:23.44 Yes. The lace is nice. 00:26:24.58,00:26:27.10 It's embroidery, it's not lace. 00:26:30.92,00:26:33.51 You seem very far away today. 00:26:33.59,00:26:37.92 Oh, no, even if I wanted to,[br]I couldn't be far away. 00:26:56.04,00:26:58.51 You are adorable. 00:27:17.43,00:27:19.80 Wait, wait. Come over here[br]under the Wishing Tree. 00:27:19.87,00:27:21.46 - The Wishing Tree?[br]- Yes. 00:27:21.53,00:27:23.23 What's that? 00:27:23.30,00:27:25.07 I'll tell you all about it. 00:27:25.14,00:27:27.30 Sit down. 00:27:27.37,00:27:28.57 There. 00:27:30.14,00:27:32.20 It's a very old[br]family tradition. 00:27:32.28,00:27:36.77 Whenever we make a wish[br]under this tree, it's granted. 00:27:36.85,00:27:40.01 Really? I'm going to make a wish[br]here too, then. 00:27:40.09,00:27:41.58 So will I. 00:27:42.96,00:27:45.22 - Well, I already made mine.[br]- So did I. 00:27:45.29,00:27:48.56 - Wouldn't it be funny if we...[br]- If we made the same wish? 00:28:59.50,00:29:01.43 Here, take this note in. 00:29:23.02,00:29:24.82 Let me go, you bastard! 00:29:57.82,00:29:59.92 - Good morning.[br]- Good morning. 00:30:01.53,00:30:04.40 - This is a huge bank.[br]- Yes. There are 164 employees. 00:30:04.46,00:30:08.20 Of the 47 banks on the island,[br]this is the biggest one. 00:30:08.27,00:30:10.46 I'd better ask the cashier. 00:30:11.54,00:30:13.27 Monsieur Hoareau, please? 00:30:13.34,00:30:15.17 - Who shall I say is calling?[br]- Monsieur Mahé. 00:30:15.24,00:30:17.80 I'm sorry[br]if I kept you waiting. 00:30:19.45,00:30:21.31 Madame. 00:30:21.38,00:30:22.64 How are you, sir? 00:30:22.72,00:30:25.34 I was trimming the Christmas[br]tree for the staff. 00:30:26.69,00:30:28.92 And how can I help you? 00:30:28.99,00:30:33.36 I would like my wife to have[br]complete access to my account. 00:30:33.43,00:30:35.42 Nothing could be easier.[br]All we have to do is... 00:30:35.50,00:30:38.36 change your present account[br]to a joint account. 00:30:38.43,00:30:41.59 To do that I shall need[br]both your signatures. 00:30:41.67,00:30:43.53 Yours on the bottom[br]of this form... 00:30:43.60,00:30:45.30 giving us the authorization. 00:30:45.37,00:30:48.00 And yours, Madame,[br]on this signature card... 00:30:48.07,00:30:49.80 so that we will have it on file. 00:30:49.88,00:30:52.37 My wife and money[br]don't get along at all. 00:30:52.45,00:30:55.71 She's too shy to keep asking me[br]when she needs it. 00:30:55.78,00:30:57.41 So we thought... 00:30:57.48,00:30:59.68 That is, I thought,[br]it would be easier like this. 00:30:59.75,00:31:02.65 Absolutely. But I'd like[br]to clarify one other thing. 00:31:02.72,00:31:06.49 Will these conditions apply to your[br]personal account or to both accounts? 00:31:06.56,00:31:08.55 - I think the personal one.[br]- Yes, yes, of course. 00:31:08.63,00:31:09.93 No, both. 00:31:10.00,00:31:12.12 In that case, will you sign[br]this second power of attorney? 00:31:15.30,00:31:17.60 I've heard a lot about how[br]beautiful you are, Madame... 00:31:17.67,00:31:20.10 but I see[br]they were understatements. 00:31:20.17,00:31:23.87 I hope you and Madame Hoareau[br]will join us for dinner at home. 00:31:23.94,00:31:26.47 You too, Monsieur Jardine,[br]with Madame. 00:31:47.23,00:31:50.10 - What day is it today?[br]- Friday. 00:31:50.17,00:31:52.26 I was hoping it was Sunday. 00:31:52.34,00:31:54.74 Before I met you,[br]I didn't like holidays... 00:31:54.81,00:31:57.83 and now I'm beginning to hate[br]the days when I have to work. 00:32:12.63,00:32:14.68 Julie, you are adorable. 00:32:15.86,00:32:18.35 You know what that means?[br]"Adorable." 00:32:18.43,00:32:21.37 It means "worthy of adoration." 00:32:22.50,00:32:24.06 Adorable. 00:33:18.66,00:33:22.09 I have a registered letter[br]for you. 00:33:29.67,00:33:31.60 - There you are.[br]- Thank you, sir. 00:33:44.28,00:33:46.51 Monsieur Mahé,[br]Since my sisterJulie left... 00:33:46.59,00:33:49.85 I have written ffour times[br]without any reply. 00:33:49.92,00:33:52.05 Something must have happened[br]to her. 00:33:52.13,00:33:53.75 I demand an explanation. 00:33:53.83,00:33:56.09 I must know[br]where my sister is. 00:33:56.16,00:33:58.72 I'm writing to you[br]as a last resort. 00:33:58.80,00:34:02.26 Let me know immediately[br]where she is. 00:34:02.34,00:34:04.33 Prove to me[br]that nothing's the matter. 00:34:04.40,00:34:07.86 I want you to see that she gets[br]in touch with me at once. 00:34:07.94,00:34:11.17 If not, I'll go to the police.[br]Berthe Roussel. 00:34:14.15,00:34:16.08 Get me Madame Mahé. 00:34:22.29,00:34:27.28 Monsieur Berber is wanted[br]in Accounting. 00:34:30.00,00:34:32.09 Madame Mahé is on the phone. 00:34:33.17,00:34:35.29 That's fine. Leave me alone. 00:34:42.41,00:34:44.93 - Julie?[br]- Yes. 00:34:45.01,00:34:47.24 There's something[br]you must tell me. 00:34:47.31,00:34:49.01 I've just received a letter[br]from your sister. 00:34:49.08,00:34:51.68 She complains that you haven't[br]written since you left. 00:34:51.75,00:34:53.98 Ah yes, that's true.[br]She's perfectly right. 00:34:54.05,00:34:55.78 I've been about to write[br]a dozen times... 00:34:55.86,00:34:57.65 but something always comes up. 00:34:57.72,00:34:59.59 Getting everything[br]running smoothly... 00:34:59.66,00:35:02.63 But after all, Julie,[br]she's your sister. 00:35:02.70,00:35:05.72 And besides, the tone of[br]her letter is extremely violent. 00:35:05.80,00:35:08.32 That doesn't surprise me.[br]I'll write her tomorrow. 00:35:08.40,00:35:10.77 But why tomorrow?[br]You must write now. 00:35:10.84,00:35:12.63 Yes. That's right.[br]That's what I'll do. 00:35:12.71,00:35:14.10 - Good-bye, Julie.[br]- Wait. 00:35:14.17,00:35:16.37 Wait. I'm thinking about you. 00:35:16.44,00:35:17.93 Me too. 00:35:18.01,00:35:20.07 - I miss you.[br]- Me too. 00:35:20.15,00:35:22.55 - Very much.[br]- Me too. 00:35:47.94,00:35:49.37 Julie. 00:35:53.91,00:35:55.51 Julie. 00:36:02.52,00:36:05.39 - Sarah, have you seen Madame?[br]- No, Monsieur. 00:37:58.30,00:38:01.17 I would like my wiffe to have[br]complete access to my account. 00:38:01.24,00:38:03.17 Nothing could be easier. 00:38:10.52,00:38:11.92 I must speak[br]to Monsieur Hoareau. 00:38:11.98,00:38:13.95 It's very important,[br]I absolutely must speak to him. 00:38:14.02,00:38:16.18 The bank is closed. 00:38:16.26,00:38:18.19 It's me, Louis Mahé.[br]I must speak to you. 00:38:18.26,00:38:20.52 Jeremy, let Monsieur Mahé in. 00:38:24.00,00:38:27.19 It's very important. I must know[br]how much is in my account. 00:38:27.27,00:38:28.93 I don't understand,[br]Monsieur Mahé. 00:38:29.00,00:38:32.23 No one can touch your money,[br]except you and your wiffe. 00:38:32.31,00:38:35.83 The cashier can give you this[br]infformation tomorrow morning. 00:38:35.91,00:38:38.71 I can't wait.[br]Look in the ffiles yourselff. 00:38:40.18,00:38:42.94 This morning you had[br]28 million in your account. 00:38:43.02,00:38:46.54 I know that. I knew it already.[br]Tell me how much is in it now! 00:38:48.42,00:38:51.79 Your wiffe came in this afternoon[br]15 minutes beffore closing time. 00:38:51.86,00:38:55.69 She withdrew 2 7,850,000 ffrancs. 00:38:55.76,00:38:58.36 You have thereffore[br]150,000 ffrancs. 00:38:58.43,00:39:00.06 To close out the account... 00:39:00.13,00:39:02.16 we would have required[br]your signature, too. 00:40:44.17,00:40:45.80 - Monsieur Mahé?[br]- Yes. 00:40:45.87,00:40:48.31 I am Berthe Roussel,[br]Julie's sister. 00:40:50.84,00:40:53.84 I don't know anything.[br]You see, I've just closed the house. 00:40:53.91,00:40:57.71 You won't need your taxi.[br]We can go into town in my car. 00:41:35.29,00:41:38.26 No, that's not my sister.[br]It's incredible. 00:42:04.88,00:42:06.78 As soon as I opened[br]that trunk... 00:42:06.85,00:42:09.12 I realized that the things[br]that were in it... 00:42:09.19,00:42:12.65 could have never belonged[br]to the woman I had married. 00:42:12.73,00:42:17.19 I rushed to the bank,[br]the Bank of Reunion... 00:42:17.26,00:42:21.29 and as I expected, she had[br]disappeared during the day. 00:42:21.37,00:42:23.30 She took everything. 00:42:23.37,00:42:25.56 She cleaned out[br]both my accounts. 00:42:25.64,00:42:29.51 The company's account[br]and my personal account. 00:42:31.54,00:42:34.67 Naturally, I assume you went[br]straight to the police. 00:42:34.75,00:42:37.38 I did. But the police,[br]I'm afraid, are powerless... 00:42:37.45,00:42:40.04 to act against her because[br]I'm married to the woman. 00:42:40.12,00:42:42.42 Unless we can prove she is not[br]the real Julie Roussel. 00:42:42.49,00:42:44.92 I can prove it. 00:42:44.99,00:42:48.12 The woman who married[br]Monsieur Mahé is not my sister. 00:42:48.19,00:42:51.72 I took my sister to the boat.[br]I saw her off on the Mississippi. 00:42:51.80,00:42:55.16 When the boat arrived here,[br]she was not on board. 00:42:55.23,00:42:57.36 It is clear[br]she never came ashore. 00:42:57.44,00:43:00.10 She would never have gone[br]so long without writing me. 00:43:00.17,00:43:04.04 I'm afraid that there is no hope[br]of finding her alive. 00:43:04.11,00:43:06.04 What do you expect me to do? 00:43:07.11,00:43:10.51 Forgive me[br]for speaking brutally. 00:43:11.62,00:43:14.35 We want you to find the proof[br]that there was a murder. 00:43:14.42,00:43:17.39 We want you to find the criminal[br]and to arrest her. 00:43:17.46,00:43:21.65 - We want her brought to trial.[br]- I accept. 00:43:22.96,00:43:25.36 This case[br]interests me very much. 00:43:25.43,00:43:29.30 It's not run-of-the-mill[br]like the ones I usually get. 00:43:31.40,00:43:33.23 I must warn you, however,[br]that I can't tell you... 00:43:33.31,00:43:35.97 how much time it will take me[br]to solve this case. 00:43:36.04,00:43:38.67 I can promise you that I only[br]accept one case at a time... 00:43:38.74,00:43:43.01 and I'll keep working on it[br]until I have solved it. 00:43:44.08,00:43:45.52 To begin with... 00:43:45.58,00:43:49.18 I shall take the same trip[br]that Julie Roussel took. 00:43:49.25,00:43:51.02 I shall book passage[br]on the Mississippi... 00:43:51.09,00:43:52.92 and inquire everybody... 00:43:52.99,00:43:56.05 about a woman passenger[br]who made the trip with a canary. 00:43:59.73,00:44:04.26 Of course I must be able[br]to contact one of you. 00:44:04.34,00:44:05.86 I'm going to be away[br]for a while. 00:44:05.94,00:44:07.80 I think somewhere[br]in the South of France. 00:44:07.87,00:44:10.34 My partner, Monsieur Jardine,[br]will always know where I am. 00:44:10.41,00:44:12.88 I'm leaving for Noumea today.[br]Here is my address. 00:44:12.95,00:44:16.01 I'll write you a check.[br]How much will you need? 00:44:16.08,00:44:17.61 Make it out[br]for whatever you wish. 00:44:17.68,00:44:20.85 - If it isn't enough...[br]- Just a second. 00:44:20.92,00:44:22.65 Oh no, you mustn't,[br]Mademoiselle Roussel. 00:44:22.72,00:44:24.59 It's up to me to pay for this. 00:44:24.66,00:44:27.09 Please, this is no time to be[br]polite. She was my sister... 00:44:27.16,00:44:29.18 and it's my right[br]to share the expenses with you. 00:44:29.26,00:44:31.49 You can't take that[br]away from me. 00:44:38.94,00:44:43.81 If you don't mind, I will have[br]to cut up this picture. 00:44:43.88,00:44:46.85 I'll need it[br]for my investigation. 00:44:46.91,00:44:51.61 We will see each other again,[br]Monsieur Mahé. 00:44:53.42,00:44:57.19 We'll see each other again[br]one of these days, I'm sure. 00:44:57.26,00:45:00.66 There's no point[br]in having people gossip. 00:45:00.73,00:45:03.02 At the end of every week... 00:45:03.10,00:45:04.86 I'll send you all the news[br]of the factory. 00:45:04.93,00:45:09.42 General Delivery in Marseilles,[br]until you have an address. 00:45:09.50,00:45:13.03 A Boeing. Out of the six flights[br]every week... 00:45:13.11,00:45:16.17 there are four Boeings[br]and two D.C. 8's. 00:45:16.24,00:45:18.18 Have a good rest. 00:47:19.16,00:47:20.72 What am I doing here? 00:47:20.80,00:47:23.73 You're in a hospital,[br]Monsieur Mahé. In Nice. 00:47:23.80,00:47:27.10 - Have you been to Nice before?[br]- But why am I here? 00:47:27.17,00:47:31.27 You were exhausted.[br]You've been having a sleeping cure. 00:47:31.34,00:47:34.11 If I'm having a sleeping cure,[br]why do you wake me all the time? 00:47:34.18,00:47:37.31 - We've got to feed you.[br]- I'm not hungry. 00:47:37.38,00:47:40.68 Let me help you walk a bit.[br]If we don't, you'll get too weak. 00:47:42.82,00:47:44.79 I don't feel very rested... 00:47:44.86,00:47:46.85 because I have these dreams[br]all the time. 00:47:46.93,00:47:49.39 That's because of the shots[br]we have to give you. 00:47:49.46,00:47:51.26 What do you dream? 00:47:51.33,00:47:53.46 It's always the same dream. 00:47:53.53,00:47:56.56 I'm driving my car and I see[br]all the these women in white... 00:47:56.64,00:47:59.43 very tall, and they're[br]in the middle of the road... 00:47:59.50,00:48:01.77 waving their arms,[br]not frightened. 00:48:01.84,00:48:05.78 No. It's more like... more like[br]they are doing a slow dance. 00:48:05.84,00:48:07.94 And I'm afraid[br]I'm going to hit them. 00:48:09.45,00:48:11.78 That's enough for now. You're[br]walking better than yesterday. 00:48:11.85,00:48:13.82 You'll be able to go out[br]in the garden soon. 00:48:13.89,00:48:15.55 Come and lie down. 00:48:28.83,00:48:31.36 - Would you like a newspaper?[br]- No newspaper, thank you. 00:48:31.44,00:48:32.96 Are you expecting a visitor? 00:48:33.04,00:48:35.23 No, I don't know anybody[br]in France. 00:48:38.48,00:48:40.14 And that is all[br]the political news ffor now. 00:48:40.21,00:48:42.37 Next, a ffew items[br]off local interest. 00:48:42.45,00:48:45.47 A new night club has just opened[br]on the Riviera... 00:48:45.55,00:48:48.68 where the people ffrom Antibes[br]can spend a happy evening. 00:48:48.75,00:48:51.72 The Phoenix recently opened[br]to the public... 00:48:51.79,00:48:53.72 on the lovely[br]Jacques Audiberti Square. 00:48:53.79,00:48:55.59 Charming hostesses[br]are on hand to dance... 00:48:55.66,00:48:59.65 with those unlucky gentlemen[br]who may be ffeeling lonely. 00:48:59.73,00:49:03.79 Here then is the swinging[br]atmosphere at the Phoenix. 00:51:21.61,00:51:24.47 Good evening, sir.[br]Care to take a little look inside? 00:53:34.74,00:53:36.43 That's enough. Go home now. 00:53:36.50,00:53:38.70 - Oh no, you said "to the door."[br]- No, no, to the stairs. 00:53:38.77,00:53:40.50 Why can't I come to the door? 00:53:40.58,00:53:44.07 All right,[br]but I don't want you to... 00:53:44.15,00:53:45.84 Better than that.[br]Come on, better than that. 00:53:45.91,00:53:49.21 - You'll ruin my stockings.[br]- I'll buy you a dozen pairs. 00:53:49.28,00:53:51.08 - Go on.[br]- I just want to come in. 00:53:51.15,00:53:53.12 - No, no, some other time.[br]- Some other time? 00:53:53.19,00:53:55.45 - Tomorrow night, then.[br]- Maybe, we'll see. 00:54:30.63,00:54:32.75 It's you, Louis? 00:54:32.83,00:54:34.95 You've found me. 00:54:35.03,00:54:36.29 Yes. 00:54:40.44,00:54:42.90 Why didn't you let that man[br]come in with you? 00:54:42.97,00:54:44.30 Not enough money for you? 00:54:46.37,00:54:49.10 Do you remember what I told you[br]about Reunion? 00:54:49.18,00:54:52.41 About how it was populated[br]at first? 00:54:52.48,00:54:56.54 I told you about all those women[br]who'd come from France by boat. 00:54:56.62,00:54:58.61 Orphans, just like you. 00:55:00.15,00:55:02.92 Except that's only[br]what the guide books say. 00:55:02.99,00:55:05.55 For the tourists. 00:55:05.63,00:55:08.36 If you take a look at the records,[br]you'll find out... 00:55:08.43,00:55:12.37 they weren't orphans,[br]but prostitutes. 00:55:12.43,00:55:15.77 Did you come all the way here[br]to tell me that? 00:55:19.04,00:55:21.10 I came here to kill you. 00:55:22.01,00:55:23.57 Turn around. 00:55:25.51,00:55:30.45 You can kill me.[br]I'm willing to die. 00:55:32.52,00:55:34.51 I'm waiting. 00:55:34.59,00:55:37.18 I don't mind if you kill me. 00:55:41.16,00:55:43.46 Put this on.[br]You're almost naked. 00:55:45.20,00:55:49.66 Ever since you left, I've dreamt[br]of coming face to face with you. 00:55:49.74,00:55:53.67 I've never asked myself whether[br]it would be easy to kill you. 00:55:54.74,00:55:56.57 I'm finding out it's not. 00:56:00.05,00:56:03.28 A pistol doesn't work by magic. 00:56:03.35,00:56:05.15 There is a trigger. 00:56:05.22,00:56:06.98 I'm incapable of pulling it. 00:56:07.05,00:56:09.28 You're going to turn me over[br]to the police? 00:56:09.36,00:56:11.83 - Yes.[br]- No. 00:56:11.89,00:56:13.86 I'd have let you kill me,[br]but I'm not going to prison. 00:56:13.93,00:56:17.16 I won't go back to prison.[br]Now you're going to listen to me. 00:56:17.23,00:56:18.93 Will you sit there[br]and not interrupt me? 00:56:19.00,00:56:20.43 Yes, Julie. 00:56:20.50,00:56:22.44 No, don't call me Julie.[br]It's not my name. 00:56:22.50,00:56:24.80 My name is Marion Vergano. 00:56:24.87,00:56:27.67 Remember. One day[br]you were angry with me... 00:56:27.74,00:56:30.04 because I wouldn't read a book[br]you wanted me to read. 00:56:30.11,00:56:33.95 You said I wasted my time on[br]trash like True Conffessions. 00:56:34.02,00:56:38.71 But my life was just like[br]the lives in those cheap magazines. 00:56:38.79,00:56:42.42 Marion was the name somebody[br]gave me at the state orphanage. 00:56:42.49,00:56:45.08 Vergano I found[br]on an Italian postcard. 00:56:45.16,00:56:47.06 It's the name of a village. 00:56:48.20,00:56:50.03 When you get out[br]of the orphanage... 00:56:50.10,00:56:53.29 you are either brainwashed,[br]or completely rebellious. 00:56:53.37,00:56:55.34 I threw myself into life. 00:56:55.40,00:56:58.96 At fourteen, I got my first high[br]heels. A man bought them for me. 00:57:00.44,00:57:03.90 I got a job as a maid, so[br]I'd check the shoes in a bar... 00:57:03.98,00:57:06.38 and pick them up[br]on my next day off. 00:57:06.45,00:57:07.88 As soon as I got a new job... 00:57:07.95,00:57:11.78 I'd begin by lifting the change[br]from my boss's pocket. 00:57:11.85,00:57:14.79 Then I'd go on to the bills[br]in his wallet... 00:57:14.86,00:57:17.88 and finally wind up by[br]leaving with the wallet itself. 00:57:19.53,00:57:22.16 They sent me to reform schools,[br]each one tougher than the last. 00:57:22.23,00:57:24.86 We had to undress before[br]going into the dormitory... 00:57:24.93,00:57:27.90 and leave our clothes[br]in the hall. 00:57:27.97,00:57:29.96 They locked the dormitory doors. 00:57:30.04,00:57:32.63 Even the windows were sealed. 00:57:32.71,00:57:35.84 Between the guard's rounds,[br]we'd have a masturbation contest. 00:57:37.14,00:57:39.31 But the hardest part at first,[br]was to get used... 00:57:39.38,00:57:42.11 to sleeping with the light on[br]all night. 00:57:44.49,00:57:47.01 I've never been able to sleep[br]in the dark since. 00:57:49.46,00:57:52.15 I was pretty,[br]I could manage boys well. 00:57:52.23,00:57:54.75 I got what I wanted... 00:57:54.83,00:57:57.66 until the day[br]that I met Richard. 00:57:59.30,00:58:01.79 I was with him[br]on the Mississippi... 00:58:01.87,00:58:04.30 at the same time[br]as Julie Roussel. 00:58:04.37,00:58:05.93 Richard loved big boats. 00:58:06.01,00:58:08.60 There's always some con game[br]you can pull on them. 00:58:09.78,00:58:14.54 So we met Julie Roussel,[br]your fiancée... 00:58:14.62,00:58:16.67 and she confided in me. 00:58:16.75,00:58:20.98 She told me everything,[br]the exchange of letters... 00:58:21.06,00:58:24.51 your future marriage,[br]she even showed me your picture. 00:58:24.59,00:58:26.18 At that moment, she said... 00:58:26.26,00:58:30.63 "He wants me to believe he is[br]a foreman in a cigarette factory. 00:58:30.70,00:58:32.33 But I've done[br]some investigating. 00:58:32.40,00:58:35.06 And I've found out[br]the factory belongs to him." 00:58:35.14,00:58:36.97 She wasn't exactly[br]a plaster saint... 00:58:37.04,00:58:38.94 your Julie Roussel[br]with her canary. 00:58:40.47,00:58:43.53 At first, Richard planned to[br]use her to get at your money... 00:58:43.61,00:58:47.31 but it seemed too complicated. 00:58:47.38,00:58:49.78 He decided to get rid of her. 00:58:52.49,00:58:54.55 So one night[br]he pushed her overboard. 00:58:55.82,00:58:58.38 That was two days before[br]we got to Reunion. 00:59:03.40,00:59:07.23 Richard made me do[br]the craziest things imaginable. 00:59:07.30,00:59:08.96 But he overdid himself[br]when he asked me... 00:59:09.04,00:59:11.70 to take the place[br]of Julie Roussel. 00:59:13.11,00:59:17.27 The first time when I saw you[br]when I got off the Mississippi... 00:59:17.34,00:59:21.80 I should have been in agony[br]or paralyzed by fright. 00:59:21.88,00:59:25.37 Actually I felt nothing.[br]I was like a sleepwalker. 00:59:25.45,00:59:28.08 The rest I know. 00:59:28.16,00:59:31.28 You put on your act with me[br]from morning till night. 00:59:31.36,00:59:33.02 Right up till you cleaned out[br]the accounts at the bank. 00:59:33.09,00:59:35.79 No, that's not true. You don't[br]have the right to say that. 00:59:35.86,00:59:38.83 When I became your wife I tried[br]to be just like any other wife. 00:59:38.90,00:59:42.86 I tried to push out of my mind[br]what Richard wanted me to do. 00:59:44.41,00:59:46.81 When Richard came on shore[br]I didn't get in touch with him. 00:59:46.87,00:59:49.64 But of course it was easy[br]for him to find your address. 00:59:49.71,00:59:51.97 He bothered me constantly. 00:59:52.05,00:59:55.74 Remember once you came home and[br]found me with a swollen face? 00:59:55.82,00:59:58.18 I made you believe that[br]I had fallen in the bathroom. 00:59:59.72,01:00:02.21 He blackmailed me[br]and finally I gave in. 01:00:02.29,01:00:04.12 I didn't want him[br]to turn me over to the police. 01:00:04.19,01:00:06.96 I thought he might kill us,[br]both, because he's mad. 01:00:08.50,01:00:11.90 Where's the money?[br]What have you done with it? 01:00:11.97,01:00:14.40 Richard took it[br]and dropped me afterward. 01:00:16.10,01:00:18.20 You don't believe me? 01:00:18.27,01:00:20.14 Do you think I'd be a dance hall[br]hostess at the Phoenix... 01:00:20.21,01:00:22.77 if I still had the 2 7 million? 01:00:25.85,01:00:29.75 I have no money at all, Louis.[br]That's the truth. 01:00:29.82,01:00:33.08 I was just waiting to make[br]enough money at the Phoenix... 01:00:33.15,01:00:36.09 to get my ticket to Paris. 01:00:36.16,01:00:38.75 I've always thought[br]that I'd be lucky in Paris. 01:00:38.83,01:00:41.52 And besides I'm fed up here. 01:00:41.60,01:00:45.09 I went to see you at the Phoenix[br]one night. 01:00:45.17,01:00:48.86 I hid in a corner[br]and watched you. 01:00:48.94,01:00:51.03 I watched you dancing[br]with those other guys. 01:00:52.41,01:00:54.84 And your face had such[br]an expression of joy... 01:00:54.91,01:00:57.38 it was incredible. 01:00:57.44,01:01:00.04 An expression[br]that I'd never seen before. 01:01:02.62,01:01:07.02 I knew then I had given you nothing.[br]That I had no place in your life. 01:01:07.09,01:01:08.52 You're absolutely wrong, Louis. 01:01:08.59,01:01:10.99 I loved you[br]from the first minute we met. 01:01:11.06,01:01:14.65 A hundred times[br]I started to tell you. 01:01:14.73,01:01:18.79 I always stopped at the last[br]moment because I'm a coward. 01:01:21.27,01:01:24.73 You do whatever you want,[br]but I did love you... 01:01:25.94,01:01:27.81 I'm not really bad... 01:01:32.91,01:01:34.54 Wait. 01:01:34.62,01:01:36.55 I'm waiting. 01:01:36.62,01:01:38.64 I still love you. 01:01:39.72,01:01:41.15 I believe you. 01:01:41.22,01:01:43.28 No, it's not true.[br]You don't believe me. 01:01:43.36,01:01:47.52 Yes, I believe you... 01:01:47.60,01:01:49.53 and I love you. 01:01:57.61,01:02:00.73 Look, Marion, the grey one.[br]That wouldn't be bad. 01:02:00.81,01:02:02.87 Look at the red convertible.[br]It's super. 01:02:02.94,01:02:04.84 No, the red one would be[br]too conspicuous. 01:02:04.91,01:02:06.71 We'd better get the grey. 01:02:07.92,01:02:09.71 Isn't there anything else? 01:02:13.75,01:02:16.31 Too bad. I prefer the red one. 01:02:16.39,01:02:18.48 No, Marion, we'll take the grey. 01:02:28.40,01:02:32.10 Will they be upset at the club[br]when I don't up show tonight? 01:02:34.04,01:02:36.91 Paris is 813 kilometers.[br]That's not very far. 01:02:36.98,01:02:40.71 No. If we drove all day,[br]we could be there tonight. 01:02:40.78,01:02:43.81 What's stopping us from going?[br]You promised to show me Paris. 01:02:43.88,01:02:46.55 No, it's not possible, Marion. 01:02:46.62,01:02:49.95 You mustn't forget Comolli,[br]that detective from Reunion. 01:02:50.02,01:02:51.82 He must still be on the case. 01:02:51.89,01:02:53.62 And even in a city like Paris... 01:02:53.69,01:02:57.76 you're forced to fill out[br]a registration at all the hotels. 01:02:57.83,01:03:02.00 I bet it was Jardine who told[br]you to go to that detective. 01:03:02.07,01:03:06.37 It was Julie's sister,[br]Berthe Roussel. 01:03:06.44,01:03:09.57 It's true. Anyway, Jardine[br]never gives anybody advice. 01:03:09.64,01:03:11.70 He just hands out the figures. 01:03:11.78,01:03:15.01 Know what he said to me[br]the day we got married? 01:03:15.08,01:03:18.45 He told me, "Out of 89 religious[br]establishments in Reunion... 01:03:18.52,01:03:22.85 there are 62 Catholic parishes,[br]twenty pagodas... 01:03:22.92,01:03:27.22 three mosques,[br]and four Adventist temples." 01:03:28.56,01:03:31.86 If we can't go to a hotel,[br]we'll rent a house. 01:03:31.93,01:03:34.46 But it's so much work.[br]You need servants. 01:03:34.54,01:03:38.03 I can keep a house on my own,[br]you know. 01:03:38.11,01:03:40.84 I can do the housework,[br]the cooking, and the... 01:03:40.91,01:03:42.77 And the dishes,[br]and the washing. 01:03:42.84,01:03:45.51 Of course![br]You'll see, I'll surprise you. 01:03:45.58,01:03:47.88 That's right. Surprise me. 01:03:55.52,01:03:57.46 There, that's the house. 01:03:59.63,01:04:01.69 - Are you sure?[br]- Yes. 01:04:01.76,01:04:04.56 There. The woman[br]from the agency is waiting. 01:04:04.63,01:04:08.40 You know who she looks like?[br]Olive, Popeye's girl. 01:04:12.24,01:04:15.23 Madame and Monsieur Mahé,[br]I presume. 01:04:15.31,01:04:17.44 Follow me, please,[br]I'll show you the house. 01:04:17.51,01:04:19.17 I'm sure it will suit you[br]very well. 01:04:19.25,01:04:21.77 You're lucky. You got here[br]just in time for the sunset. 01:04:21.85,01:04:23.82 It's marvelous from the terrace. 01:04:25.55,01:04:28.95 I think you'll be very happy here.[br]The house is charming. 01:04:29.02,01:04:31.79 It's not very big[br]but it'll be fine for the two of you. 01:04:31.86,01:04:33.79 You'll see.[br]It's a little "home, sweet home." 01:04:33.86,01:04:37.26 Here the owner had started to put in[br]a bar, but he never finished it. 01:04:37.33,01:04:39.66 There you have a chimney[br]that works remarkably well. 01:04:39.73,01:04:42.63 There's plenty of wood.[br]You'll need it with this weather. 01:04:42.70,01:04:46.14 There's a very practical little piece[br]of furniture with a lamp... 01:04:46.21,01:04:49.11 and there's the library[br]with lots of books. 01:04:49.18,01:04:52.63 The owner will unfortunately[br]have to come for them soon. 01:04:52.71,01:04:54.68 I think I've told you everything. 01:04:54.75,01:04:57.05 I'll give you the inventory. 01:04:57.12,01:04:58.52 - Good-bye, Madame.[br]- Good-bye. 01:04:58.59,01:04:59.78 Good-bye, Monsieur. 01:04:59.85,01:05:02.98 If you need anything, just call me at[br]the agency. I'm there every afternoon. 01:05:03.06,01:05:05.46 Just ask for Madame Doyle. 01:05:23.64,01:05:26.84 So, what do you think of[br]our little "home, sweet home"? 01:05:26.91,01:05:29.58 Yeah, what a character![br]What was her name again? 01:05:29.65,01:05:31.21 Madame Dahl? 01:05:31.29,01:05:33.85 - No. Madame Doyle.[br]- Oh, right. 01:05:33.92,01:05:36.52 Doyle sounds kind of like Oyl! 01:05:36.59,01:05:38.39 Maybe it's "d'Oyl," like nobility. 01:05:38.46,01:05:42.36 Madame d'Oyl.[br]Madame Olive d'Oyl. 01:05:42.43,01:05:47.56 Tonight, Madame Olive d'Oyl will speak[br]to her fans, live from our studios. 01:05:47.63,01:05:51.57 Hey, why did you brush me off[br]in front of her? 01:05:51.64,01:05:54.37 I didn't see any reason[br]why she should look at you. 01:05:54.44,01:05:56.50 I didn't want her to see your thighs. 01:05:57.61,01:06:00.34 Did that annoy you? 01:06:00.41,01:06:04.25 No, no.[br]I rather liked it. 01:06:04.32,01:06:07.55 I really wanted you,[br]right at that moment. 01:06:07.62,01:06:10.22 And I've been thinking about it[br]ever since. 01:06:16.50,01:06:20.40 Would you like more coffee?[br]Even if I make you some toast? 01:06:20.47,01:06:22.53 It's time for my little cigar. 01:06:26.34,01:06:28.27 Don't take the paper,[br]I haven't read it. 01:06:28.34,01:06:30.31 - There's nothing in it.[br]- Doesn't matter, let me see. 01:06:30.38,01:06:33.21 - No, no. There's nothing.[br]- Come on now, let me see. 01:06:34.41,01:06:36.21 What's bothering you? 01:06:37.92,01:06:39.18 Oh, that's it. 01:06:39.25,01:06:43.35 Dangerous criminal captured[br]after shooting at police. 01:06:44.29,01:06:47.49 Is it Richard?[br]The same one? 01:06:47.56,01:06:50.66 That's right. It's him.[br]I didn't want to upset you. 01:06:52.23,01:06:56.10 I'm glad he shot at the cops.[br]Now he'll get at least ten years. 01:06:56.17,01:06:59.30 You shouldn't wish[br]ten years in prison on anyone... 01:06:59.37,01:07:01.10 even someone you don't like. 01:07:01.18,01:07:04.91 But I don't dislike him,[br]I hate him. 01:07:09.38,01:07:11.78 I'm sorry.[br]Excuse me, I want my brush. 01:07:11.85,01:07:14.84 Yeah, yeah, just a pretext,[br]a pretext. 01:07:14.92,01:07:18.12 I wish you'd hurry up[br]and lose your hair. 01:07:18.19,01:07:21.65 I've always been attracted[br]by men who are going bald. 01:07:21.73,01:07:24.49 That's because you never met[br]your father. 01:07:24.57,01:07:27.43 You always have[br]such complicated explanations. 01:07:27.50,01:07:30.94 It's not complicated.[br]It's simple. It's pure logic. 01:07:48.62,01:07:51.35 I know what you're looking for. 01:07:51.43,01:07:53.36 I've hidden it. 01:07:53.43,01:07:56.26 You gotta find it. Go on. 01:07:58.87,01:08:01.86 Oh no. You're cold, cold,[br]you're cold. 01:08:01.94,01:08:04.06 Still very cold. 01:08:04.14,01:08:07.16 Absolutely freezing! 01:08:08.68,01:08:10.87 That's right[br]in the middle of Iceland. 01:08:10.94,01:08:13.07 You're not helping a bit. 01:08:13.15,01:08:16.21 Ah, it might be there,[br]but it isn't. 01:08:16.28,01:08:18.58 Oh no, no. Very cold. 01:08:20.19,01:08:21.48 Lukewarm. 01:08:21.56,01:08:23.58 You're getting a little warmer. 01:08:23.66,01:08:26.68 Yes. You're getting hot.[br]Cold again! 01:08:27.86,01:08:29.19 - And here?[br]- Burning. 01:08:29.26,01:08:31.73 - Burning, burning.[br]- There it is! I found it! 01:08:31.80,01:08:35.10 - Right, you owe me a penalty.[br]- You owe me. I found it. 01:08:35.17,01:08:36.60 I practically told you[br]where it was. 01:08:36.67,01:08:38.80 But that's the game.[br]You lost, you pay. 01:08:38.87,01:08:40.93 - In any case there's a penalty.[br]- Yes, and you pay now. 01:08:41.01,01:08:43.94 Stay here.[br]I have an idea for the penalty. 01:08:44.01,01:08:47.07 First the ribbon. There we are.[br]Then the curtain. 01:09:08.40,01:09:10.10 Here. 01:09:20.45,01:09:23.11 - What are you doing?[br]- I'm putting my sweater on. 01:09:23.18,01:09:25.67 You might've told me.[br]Everybody can see you. 01:09:25.75,01:09:28.72 - But nobody's around.[br]- Nobody! There's a car coming. 01:09:28.79,01:09:31.05 - That's too bad.[br]- So it's too bad, eh? 01:09:33.99,01:09:35.69 The poor guy panicked. 01:09:41.44,01:09:43.20 Did you see him? 01:09:43.27,01:09:46.43 Anyway, it's your fault.[br]You stopped here. 01:09:47.91,01:09:50.27 Your grandfather[br]was really a wonderful man. 01:09:50.34,01:09:53.97 Ah, yes, that's right.[br]Why did you say that? 01:09:54.05,01:09:56.57 You're always saying that your[br]grandfather was a wonderful man. 01:09:56.65,01:09:59.28 Yeah, that's right,[br]he was a wonderful man. 01:10:02.36,01:10:04.69 - What are you doing?[br]- I'm closing the shutters. 01:10:04.76,01:10:06.49 You're crazy.[br]It's only four o'clock. 01:10:06.56,01:10:08.29 I know it's four o'clock. 01:10:08.36,01:10:10.52 Do you have anything[br]against love in the afternoon? 01:10:10.60,01:10:12.69 - Against what?[br]- Against love in the afternoon. 01:10:12.77,01:10:14.43 Well, no, but... 01:10:28.72,01:10:31.84 Listen to this one.[br]"Farmer, man of few words... 01:10:31.92,01:10:36.36 seeks to wed Roman Catholic,[br]even if physically handicapped. 01:10:36.42,01:10:39.19 Will answer all."[br]Ah, well. 01:10:39.26,01:10:40.89 You shouldn't make fun of them. 01:10:40.96,01:10:43.45 Obviously, I have my reasons[br]for feeling this way... 01:10:43.53,01:10:46.02 but I think that people[br]who use these classified ads... 01:10:46.10,01:10:48.40 are idealists. 01:10:48.47,01:10:51.49 In five lines they try[br]to transform their lives... 01:10:51.57,01:10:53.51 and on those five lines... 01:10:53.57,01:10:55.91 they spend hours[br]writing and rewriting. 01:10:55.98,01:10:59.71 They try to put everything[br]in a few words... 01:10:59.78,01:11:04.01 their hopes and their dreams... 01:11:04.08,01:11:07.35 their ideas about what[br]life should be. 01:11:08.49,01:11:11.82 You know,[br]I never told you this. 01:11:11.89,01:11:15.12 Julie Roussel's letters[br]were very beautiful. 01:11:15.20,01:11:19.15 Beautiful because they were[br]so full of hope. 01:11:20.87,01:11:23.34 In that correspondence[br]between us... 01:11:23.40,01:11:27.90 we were trying to create[br]something permanent... 01:11:27.97,01:11:29.94 but you came instead... 01:11:31.18,01:11:33.51 and brought the ephemeral. 01:11:35.48,01:11:39.08 Before I met you,[br]I thought life was so simple... 01:11:39.15,01:11:41.45 but now, I realize[br]it's not simple. 01:11:42.82,01:11:45.45 You mixed everything up. 01:11:45.53,01:11:47.43 In a way, it's too bad. 01:12:03.64,01:12:05.91 No, I can't. 01:12:05.98,01:12:07.88 Really? 01:12:07.95,01:12:09.81 No, please. 01:12:11.08,01:12:13.02 I've got to tell you something. 01:12:14.75,01:12:17.95 We can't make love for the[br]time being. At least, I can't. 01:12:18.02,01:12:20.49 Even the idea[br]is unbearable to me. 01:12:22.56,01:12:26.93 You asked me what was wrong.[br]That's what it was. 01:12:30.84,01:12:33.86 It's been agony for me[br]when it was time to go to bed. 01:12:33.94,01:12:36.10 So, I just had to tell you. 01:12:39.41,01:12:43.28 I can't tell you what it is[br]because I don't know myself. 01:12:45.02,01:12:47.35 I've been through times[br]like this before. 01:12:47.42,01:12:51.05 And I assure you[br]it isn't any simpler for me. 01:12:51.12,01:12:53.62 Maybe it won't last much longer. 01:12:55.53,01:12:57.43 You must be patient. 01:12:58.80,01:13:01.06 Can you? 01:13:01.13,01:13:03.30 Yes. 01:13:03.37,01:13:05.60 But I want to be close to you. 01:13:15.15,01:13:17.41 If I ask you some questions,[br]will you answer them? 01:13:17.48,01:13:18.95 Yes. 01:13:19.02,01:13:20.75 Were you in love with many guys? 01:13:20.82,01:13:23.45 - Yes.[br]- How did things end? 01:13:23.52,01:13:27.62 Sometimes I would leave,[br]other times, they would. 01:13:29.20,01:13:32.36 - Do you have any children?[br]- No, but... 01:13:32.43,01:13:34.49 - You almost did?[br]- Yes. 01:13:34.57,01:13:37.94 But I didn't want any, so... 01:13:38.00,01:13:39.63 Several times? 01:13:41.04,01:13:41.97 Yes. 01:13:42.04,01:13:43.81 Was it sad? 01:13:43.88,01:13:45.71 Sad and awful. 01:13:45.78,01:13:48.48 Things don't always turn out well. 01:13:48.55,01:13:51.31 And sometimes I told myself[br]I'd never make love again... 01:13:51.38,01:13:54.48 that I'd never let anyone touch me. 01:13:55.62,01:13:57.11 And then I'd forget... 01:13:57.19,01:13:58.52 fortunately! 01:14:02.93,01:14:04.99 Ask me some other questions. 01:14:05.07,01:14:06.40 No. 01:14:09.60,01:14:13.00 You're more serious than I am,[br]but you haven't suffered... 01:14:13.07,01:14:15.01 not like I have. 01:14:15.08,01:14:17.91 - Were you in love with any girls?[br]- Only one. 01:14:17.98,01:14:19.38 Only one? 01:14:19.45,01:14:22.18 It must have been important, then.[br]How old was she? 01:14:22.25,01:14:24.24 Twenty-three. I was twenty-six. 01:14:24.32,01:14:25.84 Why didn't it work out? 01:14:25.92,01:14:28.89 You must have wanted to marry her.[br]She didn't want to? 01:14:28.96,01:14:32.05 No. Let's talk about something else.[br]She's dead. 01:14:34.79,01:14:37.76 It's why after that[br]I couldn't date any girls. 01:14:37.83,01:14:41.70 So I got this idea[br]to look for a woman by correspondence. 01:14:41.77,01:14:45.36 The girl that you loved... I can easily[br]imagine that she was better than I. 01:14:45.44,01:14:46.67 No, she was far more... 01:14:46.74,01:14:48.33 We were going to talk about[br]something else. 01:14:48.41,01:14:50.38 Come on. Don't be sad. 01:14:51.58,01:14:54.55 Tomorrow we must go pick up[br]your dress from the seamstress. 01:14:54.61,01:14:56.91 No, I don't want that dress anymore. 01:14:56.98,01:14:59.01 Oh, don't be like that.[br]You did want it. 01:14:59.09,01:15:00.71 And anyway, it's ready.[br]We're going. 01:15:01.86,01:15:05.02 No. I was dressing for you... 01:15:05.09,01:15:09.86 to please you[br]so you'd want me all the time. 01:15:09.93,01:15:13.06 And then now, right now... 01:15:13.13,01:15:16.59 But I told you it doesn't matter.[br]What I want for you is to be pretty... 01:15:16.67,01:15:18.90 even prettier. 01:15:18.97,01:15:21.63 Yes, I know you don't like it[br]when I tell you that you're beautiful. 01:15:21.71,01:15:24.37 You think I'm exaggerating. 01:15:24.44,01:15:25.24 Wait. 01:15:26.61,01:15:28.95 I'll explain. Wait. 01:15:29.95,01:15:31.88 I'm waiting. 01:15:31.95,01:15:34.61 I won't talk about your beauty anymore. 01:15:34.69,01:15:38.25 I'll even tell you you're ugly,[br]if you want. 01:15:38.32,01:15:41.99 I'll try to describe you[br]as if you were a photograph... 01:15:42.06,01:15:43.39 or a painting. 01:15:43.46,01:15:44.95 Be quiet. 01:15:46.20,01:15:48.00 Your face... 01:15:50.04,01:15:51.90 Your face is a landscape. 01:15:51.97,01:15:54.60 You see? I'm neutral[br]and impartial. 01:15:56.21,01:15:57.97 There are two eyes... 01:15:58.04,01:16:00.51 two small, brown lakes. 01:16:00.58,01:16:02.78 Brown-green. 01:16:02.85,01:16:06.01 Two small brownish-green lakes. 01:16:06.09,01:16:10.08 Your forehead is a plain. 01:16:11.19,01:16:12.78 Your nose... 01:16:12.86,01:16:16.19 a very little mountain. 01:16:16.26,01:16:20.46 Your mouth... a volcano. 01:16:20.53,01:16:22.76 Open it a little.[br]I love to see your teeth. 01:16:22.84,01:16:24.46 No, no. Not too much. 01:16:25.37,01:16:28.17 There. Like that. 01:16:28.24,01:16:30.27 You know what comes out of your mouth[br]when you're bad? 01:16:30.34,01:16:31.47 Toads. 01:16:31.54,01:16:33.51 Yes, yes. Toads. 01:16:33.58,01:16:35.81 And pearl necklaces,[br]when you're nice. 01:16:38.08,01:16:39.68 Wait. 01:16:39.75,01:16:41.35 I am waiting. 01:16:42.42,01:16:45.15 Let's talk a bit[br]about your smile now. 01:16:45.23,01:16:48.29 No, not that one. 01:16:48.36,01:16:51.49 That's the one you make on the street[br]at shopkeepers. 01:16:51.56,01:16:53.79 No. Give me the other one,[br]the real one. 01:16:53.87,01:16:56.84 The happy one.[br]There you go. 01:16:56.90,01:16:58.73 That's it. Great! 01:16:59.91,01:17:02.74 No, that's too much.[br]It hurts my eyes. 01:17:02.81,01:17:04.83 I don't want to look at you anymore. 01:17:04.91,01:17:05.90 Wait. 01:17:05.98,01:17:08.35 I am waiting. 01:17:08.41,01:17:10.85 My eyes are closed,[br]but I still see you. 01:17:12.29,01:17:13.58 I'm visualizing. 01:17:15.26,01:17:19.35 If I were blind, I would while my time[br]caressing your face. 01:17:19.43,01:17:20.65 Your body too. 01:17:22.80,01:17:25.09 And if I were deaf... 01:17:25.17,01:17:28.23 I would learn to read your lips[br]with my fingers... 01:17:28.30,01:17:30.24 like that. 01:17:41.18,01:17:43.21 Even if it all has to end badly... 01:17:43.28,01:17:46.18 I am delighted[br]to have known you, Madame. 01:18:09.68,01:18:11.11 Where are you going? 01:18:11.18,01:18:12.87 I'm not going[br]the same way you are. 01:18:12.95,01:18:14.54 You mean you're not coming[br]to the fitting? 01:18:14.61,01:18:15.95 I'm going to the movies. 01:18:16.02,01:18:17.61 You're going[br]to the movies alone? 01:18:17.68,01:18:20.21 - What are you going to see?[br]- Arizona Jim. 01:18:20.29,01:18:22.95 Well, in that case, I'll see[br]you at home. I'll take a cab. 01:18:23.02,01:18:24.32 Okay. 01:18:24.39,01:18:26.42 Louis, try to be good, huh? 01:18:40.81,01:18:42.43 - Excuse me.[br]- Sorry. 01:18:44.01,01:18:47.00 - Monsieur Mahé. How are you?[br]- I'm fine, thank you. 01:18:47.08,01:18:51.61 But don't you remember me?[br]Comolli, the private detective. 01:18:51.68,01:18:53.31 Yes, yes, of course. 01:18:53.39,01:18:57.76 Good. I had the impression that[br]you didn't really recognize me. 01:18:57.82,01:19:01.26 It's true,[br]it was 12,000 kilometers away. 01:19:01.33,01:19:03.39 Which way are you going?[br]This way or that way? 01:19:03.46,01:19:06.52 - Nowhere in particular.[br]- Oh, fine. 01:19:06.60,01:19:09.69 Then we could spend[br]a few minutes together maybe. 01:19:09.77,01:19:11.70 Shall we sit down? 01:19:12.94,01:19:15.03 I wanted to talk to you... 01:19:15.11,01:19:18.01 to bring you up to date[br]on my investigation. 01:19:18.08,01:19:20.77 By the way,[br]what are you doing here? 01:19:20.85,01:19:22.68 I'm on vacation. 01:19:24.05,01:19:26.68 That's quite a coincidence. 01:19:26.75,01:19:31.95 Because I'm here working on the[br]investigation you hired me for. 01:19:32.03,01:19:34.12 I'm even wondering[br]if your wife... 01:19:34.19,01:19:36.46 I'm afraid[br]I must call her your wife... 01:19:36.53,01:19:38.46 I'm wondering[br]if she's not in the vicinity. 01:19:38.53,01:19:41.13 I'm on the trail of a blonde[br]who was working as a hostess... 01:19:41.20,01:19:44.90 in a nightclub in the Antibes[br]and then... 01:19:44.97,01:19:46.80 she disappeared. 01:19:48.51,01:19:53.38 I only know your wife from the[br]picture you gave me in Reunion. 01:19:53.45,01:19:55.38 In terms of[br]a police identification... 01:19:55.45,01:19:58.42 she has no[br]distinguishing marks at all. 01:19:58.48,01:20:02.72 Surprisingly,[br]whenever I describe her... 01:20:02.79,01:20:05.31 the symmetry of her features... 01:20:05.39,01:20:09.12 the transparency of her skin[br]and her hair. 01:20:09.20,01:20:12.03 People who've met her[br]always remember her. 01:20:14.13,01:20:16.47 Gentlemen really[br]do prefer blondes. 01:20:18.07,01:20:21.87 In any case,[br]she doesn't pass unnoticed. 01:20:21.94,01:20:25.31 Since you got here, you haven't[br]heard anything about her? 01:20:25.38,01:20:27.57 I've been cured of blondes. 01:20:27.65,01:20:31.31 Sometimes one has a relapse,[br]you know. 01:20:31.38,01:20:33.75 How about[br]having dinner together? 01:20:33.82,01:20:35.88 Which hotel are you staying at? 01:20:35.96,01:20:37.25 Hotel? 01:20:37.32,01:20:40.69 Aren't you in a hotel?[br]Are you staying with friends? 01:20:41.93,01:20:44.92 - Would you like something?[br]- A beer. 01:20:45.00,01:20:46.47 Waiter. 01:20:47.83,01:20:49.77 Two beers. 01:20:49.84,01:20:51.39 Excuse me. 01:21:48.36,01:21:52.16 Hurry up, Marion.[br]We've got to get out of here. 01:21:52.23,01:21:54.26 We've got to leave this place. 01:21:54.33,01:21:56.70 It's me, Monsieur Mahé. 01:21:56.77,01:21:58.29 Comolli. 01:21:58.37,01:22:01.24 Were you expecting someone else? 01:22:01.31,01:22:03.94 No, no. I thought it was[br]the maid, that's all. 01:22:04.01,01:22:06.50 And these dresses, these shoes,[br]these stockings... 01:22:06.58,01:22:08.67 do they belong to your maid? 01:22:10.32,01:22:13.68 Monsieur Comolli, I don't want[br]you to look for my wife anymore. 01:22:13.75,01:22:16.81 You can drop your investigation.[br]Just tell me how much I owe you. 01:22:16.89,01:22:20.72 I see. You certainly have[br]the right to change your mind. 01:22:20.79,01:22:23.99 But I'd like to remind you[br]of one thing. 01:22:24.06,01:22:26.09 You aren't my only client[br]in this affair. 01:22:26.17,01:22:28.13 There is also[br]Madame Berthe Roussel, remember? 01:22:28.20,01:22:31.36 She's paid half the fee and it[br]wouldn't be fair at all to her. 01:22:31.44,01:22:36.10 I'll take care of Berthe Roussel.[br]I'll write to her. 01:22:36.18,01:22:40.17 No, no, Monsieur Mahé.[br]I'm afraid you're out of luck. 01:22:40.25,01:22:42.68 You've picked the only detective[br]who's incapable... 01:22:42.75,01:22:46.41 of dropping an investigation[br]once he's started it. 01:22:47.99,01:22:52.22 - Excuse me, I have things to do.[br]- Then I'll walk along with you. 01:22:52.29,01:22:53.82 Behind you, if you prefer. 01:22:53.89,01:22:56.02 No, look, Monsieur Comolli,[br]I'm not getting through to you. 01:22:56.10,01:22:57.72 Let's forget about fees. 01:22:57.80,01:23:00.20 I'll pay what you want,[br]as much as you like. 01:23:00.27,01:23:02.33 Just name a figure. 01:23:02.40,01:23:04.27 Only leave us alone. 01:23:04.34,01:23:07.07 I don't want any money. 01:23:07.14,01:23:09.80 I must arrest the person[br]who lives here with you. 01:23:09.88,01:23:11.31 It no longer concerns you. 01:23:12.71,01:23:15.01 It's in the hands of the police. 01:23:15.08,01:23:17.64 The body of the real[br]Julie Roussel... 01:23:17.72,01:23:20.85 was found[br]in the port of Djibouti. 01:23:20.92,01:23:23.32 If your wife wasn't[br]directly responsible... 01:23:23.39,01:23:26.26 she was an accomplice[br]in this murder. 01:23:27.63,01:23:29.60 I'm not leaving here[br]without her. 01:23:31.26,01:23:32.60 You're wrong, Monsieur Comolli. 01:23:32.67,01:23:35.46 My wife is not leaving[br]this house, and neither are you. 01:24:02.66,01:24:04.60 What are you doing there? 01:24:04.66,01:24:08.57 I thought you hadn't come home yet.[br]I didn't see any lights. 01:24:08.63,01:24:11.23 You're mad because I'm late. 01:24:11.30,01:24:15.47 Here, I got you the plain cotton[br]socks that you like so much. 01:24:15.54,01:24:17.13 Look. 01:24:22.08,01:24:23.81 What happened? Who is it? 01:24:23.88,01:24:26.15 Comolli, the private detective. 01:24:27.09,01:24:29.35 - Did you do it?[br]- Yes. 01:24:29.42,01:24:33.36 He'd traced you here. He wanted[br]to turn you over to the police. 01:24:35.36,01:24:37.42 That makes one less bastard. 01:24:40.43,01:24:42.46 What are we going to do? 01:24:42.54,01:24:45.90 To begin with,[br]let's have something to drink. 01:24:45.97,01:24:47.91 I'll go and get it. 01:24:55.08,01:24:57.24 - We must leave.[br]- Yes, that's right. 01:24:57.32,01:25:01.45 But not right away. We've got to[br]cover up our tracks carefully. 01:25:07.13,01:25:09.75 First we've got to bury him. 01:25:09.83,01:25:11.76 In the garden? 01:25:13.60,01:25:15.53 No, the cellar. 01:25:15.60,01:25:19.06 There is one,[br]but I've never been down there. 01:25:19.14,01:25:23.17 I'll have to go see[br]what kind of a floor it is... 01:25:23.24,01:25:25.40 whether it's cement[br]or just a dirt floor. 01:26:18.56,01:26:21.93 Are you going to bed like that? 01:26:22.00,01:26:24.13 Why do you talk to me like that? 01:26:24.20,01:26:26.14 What do you mean? 01:26:26.21,01:26:28.14 Come here. 01:26:33.61,01:26:35.20 Come. 01:26:40.39,01:26:42.32 Come here. 01:26:52.80,01:26:55.73 No, no, not like this. 01:26:57.84,01:27:01.36 Yes, yes, yes. 01:27:40.21,01:27:42.81 Are you hungry too? 01:27:48.79,01:27:50.72 I'll peel you an orange. 01:27:56.66,01:27:58.76 Our only problem is to find out[br]if that idiot cop... 01:27:58.83,01:28:00.77 Comolli was not a cop.[br]He was a private detective. 01:28:00.83,01:28:03.50 Anyway, we've got to find out[br]if anyone else knew... 01:28:03.57,01:28:05.83 about the investigation,[br]especially here in France. 01:28:05.91,01:28:09.71 Maybe he told someone he'd[br]traced us to Aix-en-Provence. 01:28:09.78,01:28:11.97 Maybe he's the kind of man who[br]tells everything to his wife. 01:28:12.04,01:28:13.53 He wasn't a married man. 01:28:13.61,01:28:15.77 He was the kind of person[br]who kept to himself. 01:28:15.85,01:28:17.41 All wrapped up in his work. 01:28:17.48,01:28:21.11 Let's hope nobody will notice his[br]disappearance for a long time to come. 01:28:21.19,01:28:23.12 And by then[br]we'll be settled in Paris. 01:28:23.19,01:28:27.02 I've already told you to forget that.[br]We mustn't go to Paris. 01:28:27.09,01:28:30.22 I think we'd better go[br]to some city like Lyon. 01:28:30.30,01:28:32.66 I don't understand.[br]Why Lyon and not Paris? 01:28:32.73,01:28:36.72 Because that's what I think is[br]best. Don't bother me anymore! 01:28:43.18,01:28:46.54 You were nicer to me[br]when you called me Julie. 01:28:46.61,01:28:48.20 Was I? 01:28:49.28,01:28:51.15 You think so? 01:29:56.78,01:30:00.51 - What are you thinking about?[br]- About you. 01:30:00.59,01:30:02.49 Yes, but what about me? 01:30:02.56,01:30:05.18 I'm worried. You've been[br]spending an awful lot of money. 01:30:05.26,01:30:09.13 - Here we go again.[br]- Yep. 01:30:10.56,01:30:14.02 I don't understand it.[br]It just slips through my fingers. 01:30:14.10,01:30:17.66 I heard they are starting[br]a cigarette factory near Grenoble. 01:30:17.74,01:30:19.86 I think I'll go and see[br]if I can get a job. 01:30:19.94,01:30:22.87 Work! I don't believe in it. 01:30:22.94,01:30:25.74 And besides,[br]I hate men who work. 01:30:25.81,01:30:28.84 Doesn't Jardine[br]send you money anymore? 01:30:28.91,01:30:32.87 He used to send the money orders[br]to General Delivery, Marseilles. 01:30:32.95,01:30:36.29 I could write him and tell him[br]that I'm in Lyon. 01:30:36.36,01:30:38.55 But that wouldn't be very safe. 01:30:38.62,01:30:40.42 To cash money orders,[br]you have to be known... 01:30:40.49,01:30:42.55 you have to show identification. 01:30:43.96,01:30:47.46 It's risky, isn't it?[br]What do you think about it? 01:30:51.17,01:30:54.83 Here we go. You're sulking.[br]I knew it. 01:30:55.77,01:30:59.68 Now you're just pretending to be mad[br]because inside you're not really mad. 01:30:59.75,01:31:02.08 You put on that cold look... 01:31:02.15,01:31:04.14 but inside you're smiling. 01:31:04.22,01:31:06.45 Come on.[br]Show me your smile. 01:31:06.52,01:31:08.92 I'm fed up with all that smile crap![br]It doesn't work anymore! 01:31:08.99,01:31:11.86 Don't speak to me.[br]For Christ's sake, leave me alone! 01:31:13.09,01:31:16.03 All right. Okay.[br]That's fine with me. 01:31:17.50,01:31:20.52 It's not difficult to know[br]what you're thinking of me. 01:31:21.63,01:31:24.00 And you're asking yourself... 01:31:24.07,01:31:26.16 "Why the hell am I[br]with this guy who's broke... 01:31:26.24,01:31:31.07 and can't even knock over an old lady[br]in the street to steal her purse?" 01:31:31.14,01:31:33.08 You only think of yourself. 01:31:33.15,01:31:35.74 You're not a selfish girl. 01:31:35.81,01:31:37.61 You're selfishness personified. 01:31:37.68,01:31:40.05 You think that you're a real person,[br]that you're unique. 01:31:40.12,01:31:41.85 But you're not. 01:31:41.92,01:31:44.75 You're just one in[br]a growing multitude of girls now... 01:31:44.82,01:31:48.19 not really bitches,[br]not really adventuresses or whores, no... 01:31:48.26,01:31:50.89 But some kind of parasite... 01:31:50.96,01:31:53.36 who live outside normal society. 01:31:55.33,01:31:58.77 You're not women or girls. 01:31:58.84,01:32:01.24 You're chicks. 01:32:01.31,01:32:04.17 What else you are[br]doesn't have an exact name. 01:32:04.24,01:32:08.48 Mindless, with your heads[br]full of garbage or air. 01:32:08.55,01:32:10.48 You're in love with your own bodies. 01:32:10.55,01:32:13.14 You're always going out in the sun,[br]always tanning. 01:32:13.22,01:32:16.42 You spend hours fixing your face. 01:32:16.49,01:32:21.95 You can't pass by a car without looking[br]at your reflection in the windshield. 01:32:23.20,01:32:25.79 But you know where to find[br]most of these girls? 01:32:25.86,01:32:28.06 In airports. Yes! 01:32:28.13,01:32:30.97 Everywhere planes are taking off[br]for faraway spots. 01:32:31.04,01:32:34.60 Because you are beautiful girls,[br]and beautiful girls get fought over. 01:32:34.67,01:32:37.01 They're invited from[br]one big city to another. 01:32:37.08,01:32:40.60 And they go there.[br]They stroll around everywhere... 01:32:40.68,01:32:43.27 with their little purses[br]in hand, all made up. 01:32:47.05,01:32:49.11 Now you're really mad. 01:32:50.22,01:32:52.66 That makes me happy. 01:32:52.73,01:32:56.16 Because when you're mad, your mouth[br]gets twisted... it gets crooked. 01:32:56.23,01:33:00.49 And you turn ugly.[br]Really ugly. 01:33:00.57,01:33:02.50 So dreadfully ugly. 01:33:09.27,01:33:11.50 You sold the bracelet I gave you, huh? 01:33:11.58,01:33:14.84 Well, here are other things[br]to sell. Here! 01:33:15.51,01:33:18.85 My cuff links. 01:33:18.92,01:33:21.51 My watch also.[br]There you go! 01:33:21.59,01:33:23.15 Just wait. That's not all. 01:33:23.22,01:33:25.42 I've got change.[br]You want the change, don't you? 01:34:13.57,01:34:16.34 You were right.[br]It was really very good. 01:34:16.41,01:34:18.43 It wasn't just another Western. 01:34:18.51,01:34:21.57 Ah no. It was a love story,[br]with lots of feeling in it. 01:34:21.65,01:34:23.62 They're wonderful, aren't they?[br]Both of them. 01:34:23.68,01:34:25.51 Great. 01:34:25.58,01:34:29.42 Wasn't this the street, Marion...[br]Julie... where you saw that coat? 01:34:29.49,01:34:30.85 Yes. Somewhere around here. 01:34:30.92,01:34:32.36 But it doesn't matter,[br]I've given up that idea. 01:34:32.42,01:34:34.65 We can go by and take[br]a look anyway. Is that it? 01:34:34.73,01:34:36.66 Yes, it's there. 01:34:39.20,01:34:41.46 No, not this window. 01:34:43.10,01:34:45.04 I think it's further on. 01:34:45.10,01:34:48.37 There. There it is.[br]The one with the feathers. 01:34:48.44,01:34:51.67 Do you like it, darling?[br]Do you like it? 01:34:51.74,01:34:53.80 Yes, it's quite a coat! 01:34:53.88,01:34:57.37 It's quite a coat. But actually[br]it's really more for Paris. 01:34:57.45,01:34:58.85 It may be a little far out. 01:34:58.92,01:35:01.39 Nothing's too far out for Paris. 01:35:01.45,01:35:03.61 Besides, it doesn't matter. 01:35:05.19,01:35:07.28 Listen, Marion. 01:35:09.43,01:35:11.99 I'm going to Reunion. 01:35:12.06,01:35:15.33 I'll be gone for five days,[br]or four anyway. 01:35:15.40,01:35:17.93 When I come back,[br]I'll have money. 01:35:18.00,01:35:20.23 I'll go see Jardine[br]and ask him to... 01:35:20.31,01:35:21.43 I'll see if he... 01:35:21.51,01:35:25.00 if he buys the factory from me,[br]my part. 01:35:25.08,01:35:29.28 Don't go back. They're looking[br]for us. You'll be arrested. 01:35:29.35,01:35:31.41 It doesn't matter.[br]I'll take my chances. 01:35:31.48,01:35:33.42 That's what I wanted to hear. 01:37:00.64,01:37:02.73 It's you. You've come back.[br]I'm glad. 01:37:02.81,01:37:04.97 No, I'm just passing through.[br]I'm leaving tomorrow. 01:37:05.04,01:37:06.74 - I've got to talk to you.[br]- Why, of course. Come on inside. 01:37:06.81,01:37:08.75 No, I'd rather talk to you[br]out here. 01:37:08.81,01:37:12.11 - We can be alone in my study.[br]- Out here is just fine. 01:37:12.18,01:37:15.28 I want to know how much you[br]estimate the business is worth? 01:37:15.35,01:37:17.25 Why? Do you want to sell? 01:37:17.32,01:37:20.55 That's something to look into.[br]We'll have to talk about it. 01:37:20.63,01:37:22.75 On the island there are[br]seven or eight men... 01:37:22.83,01:37:24.46 who are in a position[br]to buy it. 01:37:24.53,01:37:28.40 No, that's not what I mean.[br]I only want to sell it to you. 01:37:28.47,01:37:30.83 I want to...[br]I want you to buy me out. 01:37:30.90,01:37:32.87 I'm willing to sell[br]at half value. 01:37:32.94,01:37:35.91 We've got to wind up the whole[br]deal by tomorrow. I need cash. 01:37:35.97,01:37:39.43 But this is insane. You can't[br]do this, for Heaven's sake. 01:37:39.51,01:37:42.14 - Wait two or three days.[br]- No, listen to me. I can't. 01:37:42.21,01:37:45.48 As soon as I spend more than[br]a day somewhere, it's dangerous. 01:37:45.55,01:37:49.82 I'm not like other men anymore.[br]I've become an outcast. 01:37:50.66,01:37:52.59 I've even committed murder. 01:37:52.66,01:37:54.59 You've killed her? 01:37:54.66,01:37:56.96 Then go and see the authorities. 01:37:57.03,01:37:59.93 If you explain the situation,[br]you'll get off. 01:38:00.00,01:38:02.56 Out of ten crimes of passion,[br]they acquit eight of them. 01:38:02.63,01:38:04.86 But I didn't murder her.[br]I killed for her. 01:38:04.94,01:38:08.30 To save her from the police.[br]You see now? 01:38:08.37,01:38:11.17 All right, I'll do what you[br]want, but I think it's a shame. 01:38:11.24,01:38:14.01 I know you must be unhappy[br]this way. 01:38:14.08,01:38:17.01 I can't say[br]that I'm happy with her... 01:38:17.08,01:38:18.98 but I know that I'm unable[br]to live without her. 01:38:19.05,01:38:21.49 - If I were in your place, I'd...[br]- You could never be in my place. 01:38:21.55,01:38:23.75 This kind of thing[br]couldn't happen to you. 01:38:23.82,01:38:26.95 It's not your nature,[br]it's mine. 01:38:27.03,01:38:31.12 It's happened to me, and nobody else,[br]and I've got to face it. 01:38:31.20,01:38:34.29 My dear Louis,[br]you're far away... 01:38:34.37,01:38:36.80 more than 6,000 miles... 01:38:36.87,01:38:40.03 and I'm taking advantage of that[br]to tell you that I love you. 01:38:40.11,01:38:42.80 "Record Your Own Voice" 01:38:42.87,01:38:45.84 When you're near me,[br]I don't dare speak to you this way. 01:38:45.91,01:38:49.75 You overwhelm me. It's true. Even when[br]you're tender, you overwhelm me. 01:38:49.82,01:38:53.48 So I'm afraid to tell you[br]silly little things. 01:38:53.55,01:38:59.01 In Reunion, especially at first,[br]things were so-so between us. 01:38:59.09,01:39:00.68 But for a while now...[br]I know you can feel it... 01:39:00.76,01:39:03.39 I can't do with you anymore. 01:39:03.46,01:39:07.59 Only three nights without you...[br]it's too much. 01:39:07.67,01:39:10.36 Last night I couldn't get to sleep. 01:39:10.44,01:39:12.60 I looked for you. 01:39:12.67,01:39:15.04 I couldn't get to sleep[br]until early morning... 01:39:15.11,01:39:18.51 and as soon as I woke up,[br]I thought of you. 01:39:20.11,01:39:22.01 Even when I got dressed[br]I thought of you. 01:39:22.08,01:39:25.71 I put on my little brown blouse,[br]the one you like. 01:39:25.78,01:39:28.51 Wait, wait. What was it[br]I still wanted to tell you? 01:39:28.59,01:39:32.28 I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget.[br]Yes, here it is. 01:39:32.36,01:39:35.02 I wasn't always nice to you. 01:39:35.09,01:39:38.72 I brood, but if you notice,[br]it's not always about money. 01:39:38.80,01:39:41.36 You know, when I had[br]my first job... 01:39:41.43,01:39:43.92 my bosses were always[br]arguing about money. 01:39:44.00,01:39:47.20 The manager would say:[br]"Watch, Marion. Watch out. 01:39:47.27,01:39:49.60 When there's more hay in the stable,[br]the horses will fight." 01:39:49.67,01:39:51.20 Do you understand? 01:39:51.28,01:39:54.21 That's why I can't stand to be poor. 01:39:54.28,01:39:56.04 Because poverty is mediocrity. 01:39:56.11,01:39:57.98 And that I can't take. 01:39:59.45,01:40:02.61 I hope that Jardine will buy back[br]all the shares in the factory... 01:40:02.69,01:40:05.62 and then we can be happy together. 01:40:07.29,01:40:09.39 I think the space on the record[br]is almost up. 01:40:09.46,01:40:13.23 I'm going to end now, and I'll have you[br]listen to it as soon as you get back. 01:40:13.30,01:40:16.73 Good-bye, Louis.[br]I love you. 01:41:04.78,01:41:07.51 - Yes?[br]- It's me. Were you sleeping? 01:41:07.59,01:41:09.08 No, I'm still awake. 01:41:09.15,01:41:11.65 But I thought[br]you were coming tomorrow. 01:41:11.72,01:41:13.85 I was able to get[br]an earlier plane. 01:41:13.93,01:41:17.12 - Did everything go all right?[br]- Yes. Everything went ffine. 01:41:17.20,01:41:19.13 Come up quickly. 01:42:33.91,01:42:35.84 Are you sleeping? 01:43:32.76,01:43:35.32 Yes, yes, yes. 01:43:56.69,01:43:59.16 We can have a ball in Paris[br]with all this. 01:43:59.22,01:44:02.25 For the time being, there's[br]no question of going to Paris. 01:44:02.33,01:44:04.09 What are you doing?[br]Are you crazy? 01:44:04.16,01:44:07.60 I'm straightening it, and[br]smoothing it, and arranging it. 01:44:07.67,01:44:09.72 You really love it, don't you? 01:44:09.80,01:44:12.13 It's not that I love it,[br]but I respect it. 01:44:12.20,01:44:14.67 You can have whatever you want[br]with money. 01:44:14.74,01:44:17.14 You can have consideration... 01:44:17.21,01:44:20.01 and if you get in trouble,[br]you can afford a good lawyer. 01:44:20.08,01:44:22.48 And money can even help you[br]get the Legion of Honor. 01:44:22.55,01:44:24.48 You want[br]the Legion of Honor now? 01:44:24.55,01:44:26.28 Yes, I'm serious. 01:44:26.35,01:44:28.32 If you're in prison and you've[br]got the Legion of Honor... 01:44:28.39,01:44:31.45 you can have your own guard[br]standing outside your cell. 01:44:31.52,01:44:33.35 Where did you hear that? 01:44:33.43,01:44:36.36 It's true, I swear. I know. 01:44:36.43,01:44:38.49 Let's see how much[br]you're taking. 01:44:38.56,01:44:41.43 You sure that'll be enough?[br]Better take some more. 01:44:50.44,01:44:53.57 We shouldn't leave the bag out. 01:45:09.09,01:45:10.86 Yes, that's fine. 01:45:10.93,01:45:13.09 Do you think[br]the maid looks honest? 01:45:13.16,01:45:15.26 You see evil everywhere. 01:45:15.33,01:45:17.82 I don't see evil everywhere.[br]It is everywhere. 01:45:23.98,01:45:26.88 Just look how beautiful[br]my coat is. 01:45:26.95,01:45:28.88 It gets bored all alone.[br]It's sad. 01:45:28.95,01:45:31.04 I should have kept it by me. 01:45:33.25,01:45:36.45 It seems to me that you're[br]looking at a lot of girls. 01:45:36.52,01:45:38.79 Me? Oh no, no, I'm not. 01:45:38.86,01:45:41.19 Yes, Monsieur Mahé.[br]You've taken to looking at women... 01:45:41.26,01:45:43.82 and you look at them well. 01:45:43.90,01:45:47.33 - Two coffees, waiter.[br]- And make them strong. 01:45:47.40,01:45:50.96 - How strong?[br]- As strong as your arm. 01:45:51.04,01:45:52.16 Really? 01:45:52.24,01:45:55.14 France-Soir.[br]Get your France-Soir. 01:45:55.21,01:45:57.61 Do you see what I see? 01:45:57.68,01:45:59.84 I'll be damned.[br]Here, please. 01:46:02.91,01:46:04.44 Thanks. 01:46:04.52,01:46:06.68 What does it say? 01:46:06.75,01:46:09.05 It took a flood last night[br]in Aix-en-Provence... 01:46:09.12,01:46:12.21 to uncover the body[br]of an unknown man in a cellar. 01:46:12.29,01:46:14.02 Continued on page five. 01:46:20.16,01:46:23.07 It took a flood. 01:46:23.13,01:46:26.13 The autopsy revealed[br]a bullet from a revolver... 01:46:26.20,01:46:28.14 in the body of the victim... 01:46:28.21,01:46:31.40 which would seem to justify the[br]theory of some criminal action. 01:46:31.48,01:46:34.34 The police are looking[br]for all the former tenants. 01:46:34.41,01:46:36.11 Let's get out of here. 01:46:39.52,01:46:41.64 We've got to leave[br]as if nothing happened. 01:46:41.72,01:46:45.31 - Never mind those coffees. The check.[br]- I'm going to pick up my coat. 01:46:45.39,01:46:47.32 I'll leave the place first[br]and wait in the car. 01:46:47.39,01:46:49.92 - Look. Be careful.[br]- Don't worry. 01:46:58.64,01:47:00.63 They're for us all right.[br]Let's get out of here. 01:47:00.71,01:47:02.80 You're out of your mind. What[br]about all the money up there? 01:47:02.87,01:47:05.34 - Forget it![br]- No. I'll try to go alone. 01:47:05.41,01:47:07.14 They're less suspicious[br]of a woman. 01:47:07.21,01:47:10.61 No, no, listen, I have an idea.[br]Let's try the back. 01:47:37.94,01:47:39.74 Marion, come back here! 01:47:44.42,01:47:46.98 What's the matter? 01:47:47.05,01:47:50.42 You can't go like that.[br]They'll pick you up right away. 01:47:50.49,01:47:52.72 Are you out of your mind?[br]What's wrong with this coat? 01:47:52.79,01:47:56.35 I know what I'm talking about.[br]Wait. I'll turn the car around. 01:47:57.93,01:48:00.86 If there's any problem,[br]we can get out fast. 01:48:01.63,01:48:03.57 You'll make it. 01:48:42.84,01:48:45.21 It's for us all right. The[br]stairs are crawling with cops. 01:48:45.28,01:48:47.68 - And the money?[br]- You can forget about the money. 01:48:47.75,01:48:50.77 It's impossible to get into[br]our apartment. They're inside. 01:48:50.85,01:48:53.87 I hid in that little apartment[br]they're repainting. 01:48:53.95,01:48:55.68 I couldn't get any further. 01:49:01.13,01:49:02.68 Act naturally. 01:49:07.80,01:49:09.39 Let's get out of Lyon[br]and head for Switzerland. 01:49:09.47,01:49:10.93 And how? With no money? 01:49:11.00,01:49:13.06 We're better off[br]without the money, and free. 01:49:13.14,01:49:15.70 I told you to take more![br]I told you! 01:49:18.81,01:49:21.94 - I was sure this would happen.[br]- Yeah, yeah, sure. As usual. 01:49:22.01,01:49:24.78 I'm not always sure,[br]but I was sure of that. 01:49:25.92,01:49:27.54 I told you to take more money. 01:49:27.62,01:49:29.68 In fact, we should never[br]have left that bag. 01:49:29.75,01:49:33.38 It's easy to say afterwards[br]what should've been done. 01:49:37.13,01:49:39.86 When Richard drove, he used[br]to yell at the other drivers. 01:49:39.93,01:49:42.02 He'd say those that passed him[br]were bastards... 01:49:42.10,01:49:44.59 and those that he passed[br]were suckers. 01:49:44.67,01:49:49.66 He would say, "I'd rather be thought[br]a bastard then taken for a fool." 01:49:49.74,01:49:52.21 I think that's pretty disgusting. 01:49:52.28,01:49:55.94 I'd prefer to be taken[br]for a fool than for a bastard. 01:49:56.01,01:49:59.51 But Richard would've never left[br]the money in that apartment. 01:49:59.58,01:50:01.61 Well, baby, you listen. 01:50:01.69,01:50:03.62 You know the prison[br]where he's locked up. 01:50:03.69,01:50:05.82 There's always a miserable hotel[br]opposite every prison. 01:50:05.89,01:50:09.62 Take a room on the top floor and[br]you can wave from your window. 01:50:09.69,01:50:11.79 You can bring him oranges[br]on Sunday and in five years... 01:50:11.86,01:50:15.36 you'll be right there when he comes out.[br]Beat it. Go on. 01:50:28.65,01:50:31.21 Get back in the car. 01:50:31.28,01:50:33.22 Come on. 01:50:38.51,01:50:40.44 Look. Over there. 01:50:42.15,01:50:43.98 Do you think[br]anybody lives there? 01:50:44.05,01:50:45.98 Surely not.[br]There would be smoke. 01:50:46.05,01:50:50.11 It must be a lodge for skiers[br]or something like that. 01:50:51.62,01:50:53.39 It's wonderful. 01:50:53.46,01:50:55.79 I'd never expect[br]to find this here. 01:50:55.86,01:50:58.69 It's a series that's impossible[br]to find anymore. 01:50:58.76,01:51:00.63 And besides being rare... 01:51:00.70,01:51:03.29 it's the first book that[br]my grandfather ever gave me. 01:51:04.54,01:51:07.70 I'll read parts of it to you[br]every night. 01:51:07.77,01:51:10.67 I prefer this old cookbook.[br]It's more fun. 01:51:12.61,01:51:15.74 - Did you look at the map?[br]- I sure did. 01:51:15.81,01:51:18.68 In order to get across[br]this border here... 01:51:18.75,01:51:20.58 we should be able[br]to go through this forest. 01:51:20.65,01:51:24.11 It's almost unwatched,[br]especially during the weekend. 01:51:24.19,01:51:25.71 We can make it across[br]this weekend... 01:51:25.79,01:51:29.49 and once we're on the other side,[br]we'll be out of trouble. 01:51:29.56,01:51:31.22 What about cash? 01:51:31.30,01:51:33.59 You're not going[br]to begin that again. 01:51:33.66,01:51:36.26 We've still got a little bit,[br]then we can sell the car. 01:51:36.33,01:51:38.83 Yes, but that's just[br]small change. 01:51:40.04,01:51:43.13 I've got an idea,[br]but you'll just get mad. 01:51:43.21,01:51:45.37 Of course I won't. Tell me. 01:51:45.44,01:51:48.74 Jardine made a pretty good deal[br]when he bought your shares. 01:51:48.81,01:51:52.04 If you explained things,[br]he'd be glad to help you. 01:51:52.12,01:51:54.41 Oh no, the last time I went[br]was bad enough. 01:51:54.49,01:51:58.05 I could never bring myself[br]to face him again. 01:51:58.12,01:52:01.46 - If I went in your place?[br]- You're out of your mind! 01:52:03.36,01:52:05.06 That man hates you. 01:52:05.13,01:52:06.53 What? 01:52:06.60,01:52:08.62 Well, it's normal. 01:52:08.70,01:52:12.57 Put yourself in his place.[br]It's unimportant anyway. 01:52:12.64,01:52:14.50 He hates me,[br]your Monsieur Jardine. 01:52:14.57,01:52:16.04 I must say he's got some nerve. 01:52:16.11,01:52:18.97 I didn't look for you.[br]I didn't kill the detective. 01:52:19.04,01:52:21.81 He hates me, does he?[br]Well, that's pretty good. 01:52:24.98,01:52:27.25 Come back. Listen. 01:52:27.32,01:52:28.88 You listen.[br]We'll never make it together. 01:52:28.95,01:52:31.79 Give me the keys to the car[br]and I'll manage. 01:52:38.60,01:52:41.33 I am still your husband.[br]You won't be going anywhere. 01:52:41.40,01:52:45.20 - And who'll stop me, you?[br]- Yes. 01:53:25.98,01:53:29.31 A rat. I saw a rat over there,[br]by the door. I couldn't sleep. 01:53:29.38,01:53:32.47 I'll see about it[br]in the morning. Come to bed. 01:53:49.70,01:53:53.03 The man said to spread it[br]around every two or three days. 01:53:53.10,01:53:56.80 In three days I hope[br]we won't be here. 01:53:56.87,01:53:58.87 - The broth?[br]- Coming up. 01:54:12.36,01:54:14.42 Did you read[br]the back of the box? 01:54:14.49,01:54:16.36 You'd better wash your hands. 01:54:33.81,01:54:38.04 - What time is it?[br]- The sun's up already. 01:54:38.12,01:54:41.68 I threw up last night[br]for the first time in my life. 01:54:41.75,01:54:44.59 I've been sick as a dog. 01:54:44.66,01:54:46.78 I vomited all over. 01:54:46.86,01:54:48.52 Did it disgust you? 01:54:48.59,01:54:51.36 No, nothing disgusts me. 01:54:55.57,01:54:57.33 Don't you think it would be best[br]if a doctor came out? 01:54:57.40,01:54:59.93 Have a doctor come here?[br]It's not safe. 01:55:00.00,01:55:01.94 I'd rather go into the village.[br]It's not far. 01:55:02.01,01:55:04.60 I'll ask the pharmacist[br]what to do. 01:55:04.68,01:55:07.37 He should know. 01:55:07.44,01:55:10.21 Here, drink this before I go. 01:55:14.89,01:55:17.35 You want anything else? 01:55:17.42,01:55:19.48 Give me my book. 01:55:24.80,01:55:26.96 No, the... the second volume. 01:55:32.00,01:55:34.23 I won't be long. 01:56:27.32,01:56:32.56 "Snow White[br]and the Seven Dwarfs" 01:58:41.76,01:58:44.69 Thank you. That's him all right.[br]That's my husband. 01:58:49.83,01:58:52.32 Louis, darling,[br]what are you doing out here? 01:58:52.40,01:58:54.89 You shouldn't be out[br]in the cold. 01:58:54.97,01:58:56.13 When I didn't see you at home... 01:58:56.21,01:58:58.77 I knew you were doing[br]something foolish. 01:58:59.71,01:59:01.80 Come on. I'll take you home. 01:59:03.45,01:59:05.38 I'm the only one[br]who can take care of you. 01:59:05.45,01:59:08.32 Yes, take me back. I'm tired. 01:59:12.76,01:59:15.85 Drink that, my darling.[br]You'll feel better. 01:59:17.69,01:59:19.82 You'd better fill it[br]all the way. 01:59:19.90,01:59:22.42 I know what you're up to. 01:59:22.50,01:59:24.52 I accept it. 01:59:24.60,01:59:27.20 And I am not sorry[br]to have known you. 01:59:27.27,01:59:30.73 I am not sorry to have killed[br]a man for you. 01:59:30.81,01:59:32.90 I am not sorry I love you. 01:59:32.98,01:59:38.28 I'm not sorry for anything, except[br]there's this terrible pain. It's awful. 01:59:38.35,01:59:42.18 It's burning inside.[br]So let's get it over with. 01:59:42.25,01:59:45.59 Quickly![br]Fill it up! 01:59:45.66,01:59:49.32 You knew and you did[br]nothing about it! 01:59:49.39,01:59:52.02 I'm ashamed! I'm ashamed! 01:59:53.93,01:59:55.19 I'm ashamed! 01:59:57.17,02:00:01.16 No woman deserves to be loved[br]like this. I'm not worth it. 02:00:01.24,02:00:05.04 But it's not too late. I'll take[br]care of you. You're going to live. 02:00:05.11,02:00:07.91 We'll go far away[br]from here together. 02:00:07.98,02:00:10.54 I'm strong enough[br]for both of us. You'll live. 02:00:10.61,02:00:14.68 Do you hear me?[br]You're going to live! 02:00:14.75,02:00:17.45 Nobody can take you away[br]from me. 02:00:25.80,02:00:27.73 I love you, Louis. 02:00:27.80,02:00:29.86 I love you. 02:00:29.93,02:00:33.99 Maybe you don't believe me,[br]but lots of incredible things are true. 02:00:35.54,02:00:37.47 You must be strong, my love. 02:00:37.54,02:00:40.81 We'll go far from here,[br]and we'll be together... 02:00:40.88,02:00:42.97 if you still want me. 02:00:44.72,02:00:46.77 But you are all I want. 02:00:46.85,02:00:48.82 Only you. 02:00:48.89,02:00:52.19 Just as you are,[br]absolutely. 02:00:52.26,02:00:54.19 You mustn't cry, my dear. 02:00:55.46,02:00:57.95 It's your happiness I want,[br]not your tears. 02:01:02.73,02:01:06.33 I'm learning[br]what love is, Louis. 02:01:06.40,02:01:08.96 It's painful. 02:01:09.04,02:01:10.97 It hurts me. 02:01:12.38,02:01:15.11 Is that what love is? 02:01:15.18,02:01:18.17 Is it always so painful? 02:01:18.25,02:01:20.48 Yes, it hurts. 02:01:59.36,02:02:01.32 I think it's that way. 02:02:01.39,02:02:03.36 No, I'm sure it's that way. 02:02:08.03,02:02:10.73 It was kind of nice,[br]that little cabin. 02:02:11.80,02:02:13.93 You are beautiful. 02:02:14.00,02:02:16.94 When I look at you, it hurts. 02:02:17.01,02:02:21.10 Really? Yesterday you said[br]it was a joy. 02:02:21.18,02:02:24.55 It is a joy and yet it hurts. 02:02:24.62,02:02:26.55 I love you. 02:02:28.05,02:02:29.99 I believe you, Julie.
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