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Mogambo CD2

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Better turn in early. We'll start at 5:00 in the morning to miss the heat.
Here. Hang on to this.
It's loaded. All you have to do is pull the trigger.
Who do I point this at?
Leopards and lions have been known to come into tents.
Thank you, Mr. Marswell.
Actually, in light of recent development...
...there'll be no danger of my hitting you, will there?
- Look, Kelly, don't. We know each other... - Never mind, Marswell.
It was just a dumb crack that doubled right back at me.
Boy, how stupid can a gal get?
Good night, Kelly.
Good night.
- Everything all right? Anything you need? - Everything's just fine, thank you.
- Good night, then. - Just a moment, will you, please?
For several days now, Miss Kelly's been making...
...well, at least, insinuations.
I wouldn't let her upset me.
She'll be leaving us at Kenya station.
What would give her the right to say things like that?
She saw us when we walked up on the porch.
You must forget that, that it ever happened.
It was just...
- Well, it was nothing. - You want me to forget it?
That's why you changed your mind about taking us on this trip.
Plus you're not in love with your husband.
- You mustn't say that! - Though you said you were.
- I know why you said it. - I said it because it's true.
I am in love with Donald.
You asked me why I never married.
Maybe you yourself are the reason, Linda.
I'll see you in the morning.
Hello, Vic. I just won 15 shillings in a poker game. Meet my expenses.
- Good. - Good night.
I'm tired.
Looks like the start of some exciting weeks, eh, darling?
- Lin? - What?
Of course, darling.
That Kelly girl is certainly a different type from any I've met.
Wonderful sense of humor. I like her.
And it's perfectly obvious, of course.
What is?
There was a thing between her and Vic before we arrived.
And now we are the villains. In some odd way we've broken it up.
Not that I blame her, of course. Vic's a devilishly attractive chap.
Don't you think so? As a woman?
I suppose so.
All I know is I'm glad you saw me first.
- Good night, darling. - Good night, Donald.
Welcome, Victor.
- How are you, Victor? - Fine, thank you.
- How do you do? - Hello, Father.
Mr. and Mrs. Nordley from England.
How do you do, Father?
Your music is wonderful, Father, although it frightened me at first.
It's hardly Catholic. But it's a song of welcome, and that's Christian.
We're just in time for lunch. Brownie, you're not still on a diet?
Never, Father.
- Miss Kelly, Father Josef. - How do you do?
How do you do?
You're just in time for lunch.
So you good people are going to the gorilla country?
Precarious animals.
A friend of mine at mission preparatory...
...had his head torn from his body by one of them beasts.
That was carelessness, you know that.
We're relying on Victor to see that we retain our heads.
I can't wait to see them in their natural habitat.
The truest exemplary link between modern man and his primitive derivation.
I think you and I could have a lusty debate on the origin of man.
I'm afraid you'd prove too rugged an opponent, Father.
I spoke to the chief...
...and you can have the canoes and the men on the usual conditions.
- Not again. - I'm afraid so, Victor.
What are the conditions? Is there any trouble?
In order to get the men and canoes to go into that strange country...
...the bwana mkubwa, the big chief, the party of the first part... which our friend Victor must undergo what's known as...
...the ceremony of courage.
The ceremony of courage?
I don't think I've heard of it. What is it, some sort of native custom?
It's sort of like a game of darts.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
That's a fine way to run a railroad, buster.
That's all right. All right, Boltchak, load the boat.
Come on, we've got the canoes. Let's go.
Father, I'd like to speak to you a moment when you have a chance.
- Certainly, my daughter. - Thank you, Father.
This is the jumping-off place. Do you want to go on or turn back?
What on earth makes you say that?
You're taking me seriously. I'd as soon turn back as...
Do you feel all right?
I'm sorry. I'm just a bit edgy.
I didn't sleep too well.
I know. It was an exciting evening.
You take a sedative tonight.
Get in the swing of things, darling.
With the world the way it is, we may never have this chance again.
Let's live every minute of it.
Good morning.
I know everybody's in a terrible rush this morning...
...but I thought perhaps we could have a few words together.
I've been the champion of female Airedales and I'd like to apologize.
What on earth for? I assure you, there's nothing...
I'm feeling a great deal better about life today.
So let's level, shall we?
I'm not blaming you by apologizing.
I'd just like to tell you that I know how it is with you and Vic.
We girls are pretty smart about those things, aren't we?
Aren't you being presumptuous in assuming any...
Please, honey, don't let me sit here with egg on my face.
I came here to be your friend.
The only way I know how is to tell you that I understand.
It can happen. He's an attractive burglar...
Really, if you'll excuse me, I must finish my packing.
All right. I'll get out. But keep your head, will you?
You're sitting pretty. You're a lovely, attractive woman.
You're married to a wonderful man.
Is it possible that all of this advice... based on the fact that you know Mr. Marswell...
...just a little more intimately than I do?
Gosh, you are stuck, aren't you?
- Once and for all... - You're jealous.
Shouldn't you examine your own emotions in that light?
Don't worry about me. I could be pea green with jealousy...
...and not hacked up any more than I am already.
It's you we want to worry about.
This is no Sir Galahad who loves from afar.
- This is a two-legged boa constrictor. - I think you'd better leave.
All right, but remember, I came here to be your friend.
For your sake.
And I'm keeping the offer open.
It'll be rugged, but I'll keep it open.
Go in the boat with Brownie. I'll take Mrs. Nordley in the lead boat.
But wouldn't it be better if...?
- Do you mind, darling? - Not at all.
That's just in case of emergency.
Are the men of this tribe also polygamists like Muntala?
Only those who can afford more than one wife.
It seems unfair to take them away from their families.
You mean the men are taking a chance?
I'm quite sure that's what I mean.
No. The natives have all sorts of devices... prevent their women from being stolen.
In most tribes there's a pre-marriage ordeal...
...that guarantees fidelity.
Really? What's that, pray?
Let's see if I can...
Linda, look.
Isn't he beautiful?
Perfect specimen.
He's clean too. Just had his Saturday night bath.
Reminds me of somebody I know.
You were saying about this device for guaranteed fidelity...
Why wouldn't it pass in the civilized world?
Primarily because you women would probably vote it down.
But why?
Because it's a means whereby a woman is rendered incapable of being unfaithful.
- I think I understand. - Sorry to be so blunt about it.
No. It was my denseness. I should have realized.
Brother, I can take your Cook's tour around the zoo...
...but when we get on this mental striptease...
...and hide behind Louisa May Alcott...
...I want a powder.
Brownie. Watch it. Hippo.
Kenya, heart of the Samburu.
I'm terribly keen on seeing those chaps.
There doesn't appear to be a committee to welcome us.
Brownie, looks like this is where I leave you.
I'm glad somebody's glum about it.
It's Vic. Vic Marswell.
Get your party out of here fast.
- What happened? - Caught them ivory poaching.
When the corporal was taking down the colors last night...
...they came at us.
- Where are the rest of your men? - Got two of them out last night.
It'll take several days before police reserves arrive.
Get your party out quick.
These two... Good boys.
Don't bother about me.
I've had it.
There are gorillas. Three or four families in the next valley.
- How do you know they'll stay? - I don't. These people are great trackers.
We'll start out first thing in the morning.
- Good evening. - Hi, Brownie.
Sit down and join the picnic.
You know me well enough now to tell me about your scars?
Nothing new, Brownie.
Happens to lots of people.
We'd just been married three weeks when Johnny had to sail...
...and two months later I get a telegraph from the War Department...
...telling me that he and his little P-51...
You know, he had "Honey Bear" painted on the nose.
Anyway, they both blew up in a million pieces somewhere over Berlin.
You know, as short as it lasted, it was like being blessed for a lifetime.
So you hit the high spots and the gay beaches trying to forget him?
Yeah. Great strength of character.
But you'd know it if you met it again.
I say, you'd know it if you met it again.
Yes, Brownie, I'd know it.
- Look. - Flamingos.
- Gorillas. - What?
Gorilla country.
It's nice up here, isn't it? High.
Yes, it is nice, for a change.
I don't like mosquito netting.
It separates people, doesn't it?
Donald, please. I've got to fix these things.
Perhaps it's altitude, but I feel very lightheaded.
- Don't you feel the least bit lightheaded? - Don't, Donald, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, darling. It's nothing.
It's just that I'm terribly tired.
That long climb today. I don't know...
Come now, we've got a very early start in the morning.
I don't know if I'll quite feel up to it.
Donald, please turn that light off. It's shining straight in my eyes.
Right now.
Lin, darling.
You still my girl?
Don't be so childish.
That's good enough for me.
Why don't you come along? You might find gorillas interesting.
A month ago, I was buying a bra at Macy's.
Now I'm studying gorillas yet. No, thank you.
I'll stick around and help Muntala cook.
What did he say?
He says you can't even cook.
Gorilla. Lots of them.
- Is the battery ready? - Yeah.
I didn't know they could climb trees.
Only the young ones do.
Donald, camera.
Ready to photograph a bull gorilla?
Why, yes. Wonderful.
Brownie, cover us.
Don't move back.
Don't budge an inch.
Hold still.
He's trying to bluff us.
Bring your camera up slowly.
- Brownie. - What, chief?
- Watch the young bull. - Got him.
There's the one we want to pick up tomorrow.
That's the last we'll see of them today.
The boys can keep track of them tonight, and we'll bring up the nets tomorrow.
This is the film and one of the reels.
Will you take them back and keep them somewhere cool?
- Precious stuff. - Of course.
Think you got anything with that camera?
I hope so, but I must admit I was pretty scared.
- Frightened to death. - You were scared?
I'll never forget the first one I saw.
- Linda was all right too. - You hear that, darling?
They're a strange beast, gorilla.
You can bluff them sometimes, and then sometimes...
We'll see tomorrow, when we net them.
Is it all right for me to stay up overnight and get some night sounds?
Of course. It's not going to be very comfortable for Linda, though.
I don't exactly want to get rid of you, but you don't mind, do you?
No, of course not, Donald.
You stay up here with Donald. Do you mind?
- Just as you say. - Keep whatever boys you want.
- Boltchak? - No.
I like my comforts in life too.
If you're looking for Vic...
...he's taking a walk with Mrs. Nordley.
Do you realize that just from the way I can't stop myself looking at you...
...that everybody knows? - Everybody but Donald.
- At times I feel like... - I know. I feel it myself.
But he has to be told, that's all.
I don't know how to tell him.
You stay in camp tomorrow. I'm going up the hill.
- Do you understand? - Yes.
Mind if I join the marshmallow roast?
No. Sit down.
Did you have a nice moonlight constitutional?
- Very pleasant. - "Pleasant," the man says.
At least that's gallantry.
It's none of my business...
...but old Donzy boy is not such a bad shot.
And he'd be well within his rights if he suddenly decided to take home...
...a little trophy from this paper chase.
As a matter of fact, your head would look pretty decorative over his mantelpiece.
With your big ears stuck out like an elephant about to charge.
Get off my back, Kelly. I'm in no mood for it.
You mean that?
Vic, look at me.
This is no hit-and-run this time, is it?
You're really in love.
You better go to bed.
All right. I guess that's it.
I don't know how you'll solve this or what good is going to come of it...
...but whatever you do, Vic, I wish you all the happiness in the book.
Go on to bed, kid.
Black king. What do I want with an old black king?
Okay. Let him go. He'll find out. Little boy with a Daisy air rifle.
"And, gee, Dad, it was just my size!"
Brownie. You and Boltchak check the nets on the other side.
The nets wobble.
That net's falling apart back there. You know that, don't you?
You sure you still want to go through with this?
Certainly, Vic.
It might be a little dangerous, you know.
The old ones are sure to charge the net when they...
Brownie's around and they're trying to rope a young one for you.
- Donald. - Yes, Vic?
- I want to talk to you. - Just a minute, Vic.
- Cigarette? - Yes, thanks.
We might as well make ourselves comfortable.
This may take five minutes, it may take an hour.
Depends on their disposition.
- We can sit here and talk. - Good. We haven't had much opportunity.
When I admire a fellow I always like to get to know him better... points of view and all that.
I like to have everything aboveboard too.
I'm glad to have this opportunity of saying...
...that I think that everything's been handled simply magnificently.
Things haven't gone off exactly like they might have, but...
Truly, this will be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.
It's only that...
I'm disappointed for Linda's sake, that's all.
What about Linda?
Her not coming up today, not feeling up to it and all.
I realize now that much as I enjoy this sort of thing...
...field trips, roughing it, so to speak...'s not for Linda at all.
- She wanted to come up, but I told her... - Yes, I know. She's been wonderful...
...making her pretenses in enjoying it. But that's for my sake, you know.
She's been so moody of late, almost irritable once or twice.
And believe me, Vic, that's not like Linda at all.
The night before last she even forgot it was our wedding anniversary.
That's usually the husband's blunder, you know.
No, these trips aren't for Linda.
I suppose it's home in Devonshire from now on...
...raising that family sooner than I expected.
Forgive me if I tell you how much I'm in love with her.
Do I have to forgive you for that?
Seriously. It's been great to become friends with a fellow like you.
We're so different, you see.
I imagine you've had to rub and sweat, even for every penny you've made...
...and everything you've wanted to build. Me?
I'm one of those silver-spoon chaps, I suppose.
I've been spouting a whole autobiography.
Tell me something about yourself.
To begin with, if I'm not too beastly inquisitive...
...we have wondered why an attractive chap like you...
...has never got himself a wife.
I've been too busy collecting animals.
He's coming out now.
Stop talking and watch what you came for.
- You certainly saved my life... - You didn't think I planned it?
The last thing I wanted to do was knock him over.
- No, of course... - Let's stop the chatter for a while.
- Sorry. The little one got away. - Never mind.
Tell Boltchak to stay up here. Tell him I want to examine the gorilla.
Fine gorilla. Very fine specimen.
I'd say he weighed close up to 700 or 800 pounds.
I say, Boltchak.
Do you have any idea why Vic stalked off like that...
...going back to camp with hardly a word?
I'd say he had a very good reason for hurrying back to camp.
Here. Have some more.
I must have said something to upset him.
If you don't know the reason, I'd begin to find out if I were you.
What do you mean by that?
If I had a wife as pretty as yours...
...I'd find out fast enough.
We'll go back to the canoes the first thing in the morning...
...get an early start.
Everything goes.
Where is everybody?
- Still up there. - Did you get the baby gorillas?
Everything fouled up.
You don't look much like a bridegroom...
...who cometh forth from his chamber and rejoiceth at...
You don't look so hot.
I don't feel so hot.
You got left on third, huh, Marzy?
Didn't even go to bat.
You couldn't tell him?
- You went noble. - I went yellow.
You went noble.
How do you plan to break the news down the street?
I'll think of some way.
That's just the way to keep you clearheaded, of course.
Sometimes it gets you nasty enough to get a nasty job done.
Then don't be so stingy with your nastiness, partner.
Come here. Let's have a drink.
Like I've always said, Kelly, you're all right.
- Here's to your noble nastiness. - Skol, Kelly.
Drink up.
To the victor belongs the spoiled herring.
Victor, that's you. Vic. Joke. Laugh.
Yes, sir. You're all right, Kelly.
You've said that before, but I love it.
Don't worry, Vic.
I'm not trying to crawl back into green pastures.
Poor old Marzy.
Got himself all tangled up in one of his nets like a gorilla...
...and he doesn't know how to get out.
If you two will excuse me, I think I shall retire.
No, don't. There's plenty in the bottle yet...
...and more where that came from, plenty for all of us.
Come on in, Linda. Join the party.
What are you so surprised about?
You always guessed Kelly and I were old friends, didn't you?
It's all right for old friends to have a drink, isn't it?
What are you saying? You're drunk.
Certainly I'm drunk, but I certainly know what I'm saying.
Listen, Mrs. N, you're not going to tell me...
...that you've been taking all this seriously, are you?
You know how it is on safari. It's in all the books.
The woman always falls for the white hunter.
And we guys make the most of it. Do you blame us?
When you come along with that look in your eye...
...there isn't a guy in the whole world who could...
- What's been going on? - I'm glad you came in.
This big Congo Casanova has been after your wife ever since she's been here.
She's been sport enough to hold him off...
...and not tell you to not spoil your fun.
Tonight he got her here on the pretext... Well, he was pretty drunk.
So when I came tearing over here to help, he was getting pretty bad... she shot him, as any decent woman would do.
- We're going, darling. - Beat it.
Come on there. Get going.
If she hadn't I'd have done it myself.
Are you going to stand there and bleed to death?
It's just a piece of skin. Don't you go losing your head.
- You've done well up to now. - Losing my head! Fine thing.
Stop talking and put a bandage on this.
Then stop yelling at me.
Too bad you didn't teach her to shoot a little straighter.
Africa and gorillas. Lions.
The only lions I ever want to see again are the two in front of the Public Library.
- We're ready to shove off now. - Darling.
- You can get into the boat now. - Thank you, Brownie.
Are you sure you're ready to go?
Quite sure.
Now that you're leaving, how about saying goodbye?
Okay. Goodbye.
I'm going to stay up there for a while...
...try and pick up a couple of baby gorillas. Make the trip pay for itself.
- How about you sticking around? - What for?
- I thought that maybe... - No.
Nobody is gonna wring me out and hang me up to dry again.
How about it?
As soon as I'm through up there...
...we could head back and stop by Father Josef's.
Would you like that?
You mean you're gonna make an honest woman out of me?
- It suits me, Kelly. - It suits you?
Listen, you and your quick-change acts...
...aren't hanging blossoms over me...
...because you feel the cold weather coming on. No, thanks.
I'll go back where I can be honest without getting kicked around.
I'll see you.
- What? - Take good care of her!
I can't hear you.
I said, take good care of her!
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