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Mohabbatein CD1

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My name is Karan... Karan Choudhry.
Samir... Samir Sharma.
Hey guys! Gurukul?
This was their first meeting. Even they did not know then that this...
Iittle acquaintance at the station, would lead to a lifetime of friendship.
Quite a big room.
First come first served, guys! This bed is mine.
Oh God! Is this a bed or a rock...? Can't do anything about it, can we?
Now that we are in Gurukul, We have to study.
Even if the bed feels like a rock, We have to sleep.
Hey guys! That was a cool poem, wasn't it?
No one is listening. No reaction.
If you guys snore at night, just let me know...
so I can hustle up some cotton for my ears.
That's because I really cherish my eight hours of sleep,...
dreaming of pretty girls! So let me know, thanks....
What's that? Who's voice is that?
Who is that?
That is the principal of Gurukul. The one and only, Mr. Narayan Shankar.
Tradition, Honour and Discipline.
These are the three pillars of Gurukul,...
the values with which we shape your future.
Those who have been here...
have set very high standards for you.
Today, all of them are successful men in their own respective fields
some are great writers, great businessmen and some great politicians.
But all of them have one thing in common. All their lives...
they have followed the principles taught to them, by this Gurukul.
Today you have the opportunity to be a part of this great lineage.
You have been selected from all over the country, and brought here...
because we believe that you have what it takes to be great men.
But success does not come so easily.
Behind every great success lies a great sacrifice.
By entering this institution today,...
you have shut yourself from the outside world.
We expect that you will work with full concentration,...
and follow the rules and regulations of t his institution with strict discipline.
If any one is found guilty of misconduct,...
he will be expelled immediately. And remember one thing.
Once you are expelled from here the doors of all other...
educational institutions would also be shut for you, forever.
So if there is anyone here who is not willing to make this sacrifice,...
then he is free to walk out of that gate right now.
But if you have decided to stay here,...
then that gate and the world outside does not exist for you anymore.
Now I want all of you to close your eyes, bow your heads...
and think of every word I have said to you,...
and make your own decision.
Vicky! That's my photograph! - I can see that, my friend,...
but who is this lady in red with you? - Nobody, give it back to me.
Stop it, Vicky... what are you doing?
Oh God! It's you. You scared us.
Come here quickly. I've got something to show you.
Who is this?
This? Romeo and Juliet, Heer Ranjha,...
Samir and...Samir and...?
Sanjana! And it's nothing like what you think.
She's just a good friend of mine... actually, she was a friend.
She was a friend?
Sanju was my childhood friend. We were best friends.
We were neighbours and literally grew up together.
We had this photograph taken at a funfair. It was her birthday,...
and the next day, she was supposed to leave. Forever.
Her father had been transferred and that was the last time that I saw her.
That was six years ago. I was just fourteen years old
But do you know where she is now?
I heard a few months ago that she could be in this very town.
That's great! Which means that you know where she lives?
No, I don't. And I don't want to find out.
Why not?
Because it's been a long time and I do not know if she will recognize me...
or whether she would like to meet me or not.
So, we'll meet if we are destined to. Otherwise we won't.
Hey Samir! You really love this girl.
Oh no, nothing of the sort. she's just an old friend.
Shut up! Just an old friend!
Tell me something. How many other old friends' photographs...
have you been carrying with you for the last six years?
That's the bell for your love!
Come on, it's time to sleep.
Old friend, my foot!
I wish I had that photograph in my pocket. By now,...
I'd have been in her house, relishing the savouries she'd make for me.
And look at you! "We'll meet if we're destined to; otherwise, we won't"
Know what, Karan! There's a girls' hostel behind our college?
So what do I do? - Oh no. You don't do anything.
You just think. And I'll do it.
Oh shit! I'm late. Why do we have to begin so early?
Where is my sleeve...?
Who's that...? Stop there!
Stop it! You theif.
Ishika! Miss Monica is coming! Hurry up!
Ishika! - lshk....
We're through at last! Let's return... I'm terribly hungry.
We've still got to buy mineral water. - It was there in the shop back there
You guys take the stuff to the jeep. I 'll go and get it.
You're always thinking about food. You know nothing else, do you.
How much is this for? - "dedh" rupees
How can it be "Dedh"?
The real price is "dhai" rupees.
No madam, it's for "dedh" rupees.
I know everything. The price is "dhai" rupees...
and I will pay you accordingly - not a penny more, not a penny less.
Please try to understand what I say... - I will listen to nothing!
Do you want to give it or don't you? Tell me clearly.
But ma'am... it costs "dedh" rupees, Not "dhai" rupees!
Only last week my friend bought the same thing from your shop...
at "dhai" rupees. - Maybe,...
but the price now is "dedh" rupees. - But I'll pay "dhai" Rupees.
Quickly pack it for me. - Somebody, please make her see reason
"We'll meet, if we are destined to. "
Are you giving it or not? - How can I charge...
"dhai" rupees when it costs "dedh" rupees?
I don't know! I'll pay "dhai"... here's the money, if you want it.
By the way, "dedh" is lesser than "dhai" Rupees.
Is it really...? - That's just what I was...
trying to explain. - How much is "Dedh" rupees?
Well... one and a half rupees.
Ok, so give it to me for one and a half rupees.
As you wish. Your bangles and change.
Show me these bangles, please.
For you? - Yes
What? - No, for a friend of mine...
that red one,... yes, the green one...
Samir.....Samir Sharma! - Sanju....
What are you doing here? - Me... I am a student at Gurukul.
Not bad, Mr. Sharma. - Cool huh!
Which means you've been here for so long,...
and did not even bother to call me! - I didn't have your telephone number.
Stop making excuses!
The truth is that you didn't even think of me,...
so it did not bother you whether I was in this town or not.
What is my phone number!
Excuse me ma'am. - This is mine. Thank you.
What is it?
Nothing... just the list of things I had to buy.
Have you found everything? - Yes... I've found everything.
So come with me! I'm going to set you straight!
Who do you think you are...? Just because you're a student at Gurukul...
you think you can act tough! We're going home straight away.
Papa will be so happy to see you. - Sanju, I cannot come now,...
I've got to return to Gurukul. - Then promise you'll come on Sunday.
A true promise? - True promise.
Khan Baba, when is the train from Aligarh scheduled to arrive?
The train should be here any moment. Whom have you come to recieve?
The professor of my college. - I see...
the train should be here any moment.
Khan Baba, who's that girl?
That's Kiran. She comes here quite often.
Hey! Gurukul. Are you from Gurukul? ... No, No, its OK.
Shall we leave? - Yes sir...
Ok guys, this is it! I have decided! The first thing tomorrow morning...
I'm going to cross that gate, enter that girls' hostel,...
and wherever that girl is, I am going to find her,...
and look deep into her eyes and tell her - You're beautiful.
I am going to do it!
Now you guys tell me what you'll have decided.
What say, Samir? Is she going to be just a friend all your life.
For years, I have been just a friend of hers.
But now it's time to move ahead.
Hey Karan! What have you thought?
I am going to think of her as the most beautiful dream I've ever had,...
and forget about her. - What? Don't be such a sissy!
You guys must've have forgotten, but I still remember every word...
Narayan Shankar uttered: "if you break the rules of Gurukul... "
"you will be expelled immediately. "
Oh c'mon, Karan! Don't be so scared!
People usually go overboard during a speech...
that doesn't mean that one has to take it so seriously.
Narayan Shankar means every word he says.
He has done it earlier, and he can do it again.
What has he done earlier?
It's a famous story.
There used to be this student here a few years ago,
He was brilliant. Everyone thought he would do something in life.
But he made the mistake of breaking a rule of Gurukul - he fell in love.
Narayan Shankar expelled him without even seeing him or meeting him.
And, as everyone knows,...
once you're expelled from here, you cannot get admission elsewhere.
Today, no one knows where he is or what has happened to him.
As for the girl he loved, she committed suicide.
She was Narayan Shankar's one and only child!
Everyone thought that this incident would soften Narayan Shankar.
Instead, it only made him harder.
So I'm neither a sissy nor a coward...
but I am not strong enough to fight Mr. Narayan Shankar.
I am not that strong.
I guess she is destined to be just a friend of mine.
You will have to wait a little, lshk...
till someone comes and saves us from Narayan Shankar.
What do you want? You can't get inside.
Go away... Go!
I can't do this on my own. Where have you been?
I was at the market to get all the stuff,...
and you are having problems with the bulb.
Mr Seera, I had asked you for some paper work. Is it ready?
Yes, sir, it's ready. - Please leave it on my table.,
What's happening here?
Good morning sir! My name is Raj Aryan.
I have an appointment with you, sir. - Don't you know...
that there are students here who are trying to concentrate on their work?
Don't you understand that you mustn't make noise in a place like this?
I'm sorry sir. It's just that the I ittle girl saw the violin in my hand..
and insisted on hearing it. I just couldn't break her heart.
It is more important not to break rules here.
Follow me.
So you teach music. - Yes sir.
And you want to be given the opportunity t o teach music in this university.
Yes sir.
Being fully aware of the traditions of the Gurukul?
Knowing for a fact that no form of music has ever been taught here,...
nor probably will it ever be? - Yes sir
I read here that you have already been o ffered jobs in 3 other universiities..
and yet you have come here all the way to seek a job - Why?
I was told that you would not allow me to teach music here.
They said that it was impossible.
It seemed like a challenge to me and I like challenges.
And what makes you think that you can make me change my mind.
From what I have heard about you, sir...
I think even you like challenges. Right sir?
How can your music help my students?
Students remain buried in their books the whole day, sir.
Music will rejuvenate them and make their learning process less stressful.
Besides, they will end up learning music, which is a joy in itself.
Music is a wonderful thing sir! It's...
What happens if you do not find enough students, who want to learn music?
That's no problem, sir. I'll pack this small bag, and leave.
I'll be gone.
I like your self confidence Mr. Aryan. - Thank you sir.
I will give you one opportunity.
If you do find enough students wishing to learn music in their spare time,...
you've got yourself a job. Otherwise, you will leave.
Yes, set it here.... thank you.
That's quite a classroom you've made for yourself, Mr. Aryan.
I'm sorry sir! I just thought, that at the end of the day...
the students would feel much better being outside. That's all.
You already have ten more students registered since yesterday.
That's quite an achievement in one day. - Thank you sir! As I said...
music is such a wonderful thing....sir
You have the job, Mr. Aryan.
This is the contract. Please read it carefully and sign it.
Mr. Aryan, you're about to become a part of Gurukul.
I would like to explain something. - Please do.
For the last 25 years,...
I have run this place with tradition, honour, and discipline.
Nothing has changed since then.
Which is why Gurkul has retained its pristine glory.
Yesterday, you changed the order of a few chairs.
Tomorrow, you might want to change something else.
I do not like change of any kind, Mr. Aryan.
I just don't like changes.
I understand sir.
Good. Welcome to Gurukul Mr. Aryan.
Love... the greatest inspiration for music.
Love and music are very closely connected to each other.
Both originate from the heart...
and the destinies of both depend on whether the heart expresses it or not.
If you love somebody... just go and tell her.
Don't worry about whether she accepts or refuses.
Similarily, if you feel like playing the instrument in front of you,...
just pick it up and play it; do not worry about being good or bad,
Just listen to your heart and do what it says.
Now carefully look at that gate. It's the gate you look at everyday.
It's the gate you guys can never cross.
Look at that gate again and imagine.
That the girl you truly love, is standing behind that gate...
waiting for you... calling out to you!
Yes, yes! She's calling out to you!
She's asking you to come and break down that gate,...
so that it never closes again.
She's not going to wait forever! Listen to your heart.!
Go on! Get up and break open that gate!
C'mon! Just listen to your heart Get up! And get going!
Go on...!
There is so much of hatred in this world.
Even then, the hearts are full of love.
Go forth and tell this universe,...
Nothing can stop these love stories.
"l stop in midwalk"
"Left to myself I am lost"
"And midway, I lose my words"
"ls this love?"
"Yes, this is love"
"Why do I die to see you?"
"l don't know"
"Why do I do what I do?"
"l don't know"
"l try sometimes, to make my way through blind alleys"
"Everything in the world seems to startle me"
"Oh, what is this doing to me?"
"ls this love?"
"Yes, this is love"
"ln the way you are... "
"there's something very naughty"
"ln the way you are... "
"there's something very naughty"
"On my lips... "
"lingers something of a grievance"
"l am kissing your eyes with mine... "
"l hold you, I go into raptures"
"Oh, what is this doing to me?"
"ls this love?"
"Yes, this is love"
Mr. Aryan do you know what you are asking for?
Have you forgotten the rules o f Gurukul?
Please sir. Think about it he has no other choice.
Mr. Aryan, you are asking me to allow a student of Gurukul...
to do a part time job.
It's impossible!
Sir, Samir's father has passed away.
His mother works day and night to support him.
Thats why, he thinks by getting a job he can share his mother's burden.
And I think...we should help him out.
You must be back before 1 0 every night.
Yes sir!
How can one live without love? How can one die unloved?
Sweeter than sugar! Love, Love.
More sour than tamarind. Love, Love.
This is love. Yes love, love.
Oh, Kakeji, what happened why did you stop?
Preeto's come.
You came close and smiled at me You filled my life with sweet dreams...
Now my heart does'nt listen to me What do I do, something happens to me,
Oh Jaggi, Preeto's coming here.
Yes.. but today she is coming...
with a smile on her face and not with her shoes in her hand.
What are you saying!
Excuse me - Kake ji - One minute. Go away.
Kakeji - Yes ma'am?
Something happens to you? - Yes ma'am.
Where? - Here.
To tell you the truth Kakeji something happens to me too.
Oh really. - Oh yes
Where? - Here
Kakeji, did you remember something? - Yes ma'am, I remembered.
So, now something happens to you? - No ma'am, nothing happens.
Jolly good! - Very good ma'am.
Eat sugar and die! Stupid...
How many times have I told you not to mess with me.
Oh, this is love, love. Love... Iove.
Ishika, lshika! Miss Monica is calling you!
Did you call me Ma' am?
Yes, lshika come in Your cousin Viren has come to see you.
I told him that I do not like visitors who do not take prior permission...
but I believe there is some sort of urgency...
so I have given him permission....
Excuse me... You!
How have you been, quickly put your arm around me otherwise..
I will tell Miss Monica about your morning visits to Gurukul.
I am seeing you after so many years
and just look at how you've really grown.
Keep smiling, keep smiling, that's lovely.
Now you must be wondering what the hell I am doing here, right....
The thing is that lshika, ever since I've seen you
I see flashes of you all the time and
you've even started coming in my dreams now...
and I am sure I must be in your dreams too Right? I knew it...
I feel we should'nt waste any time now...
There is no point just looking at each other...
and not saying anything to one another...It's so stupid?
I feel we should take our love story further.
So I will wait for you on Sunday...
at the Mall Road Coffee House at 4 p.m.
Just be there. Okay. - Never.
Excuse me My name is Karan, and yours?
Hi! I'm Karan! What did you say your name was?
How do you end up hurting yourself in the same place, all the time?
Sorry, what?
I asked how do you end up...
hurting yourself in the same place all the time?
I do not know, may be my mind is elsewhere, these days.
Did you always want to be a doctor? - I am not a doctor.
Oh, so you are a nurse in this hospital. - I do not work here.
My father had built this hospital...
and he had left the decoration of this room to me.
Since then I just come here to spend some time with these kids.
So, what do you do? - Nothing.
Wow! I wish I could do nothing.
Excuse me? I have been wanting to ask you something....
the other night I saw you at the station you were standing all alone...
the train came, and I turned to look at you and you had walked away...
I could'nt understand anything were you waiting for someone?
If you do not want to talk about it it's ok, no problem.
You saw the girl standing at the station...
but you did not see her red bridal dress....
the henna on her hands the sindoor on her forehead...
It was Karva Chauth... I was waiting for my husband.
Hey Samir, come here. What is happening....
why are girls and boys giving.... red and yellow flowers to one another?
Kakeji, today is rose day. - Rose day? You mean, "flower" Rose day.
Yes sir.
I have heard about Republic day lndependence day, Happy Birthday...
what is this Rose day all about? - It is a very special day sir.
Today, you can give any girl a rose and tell her what you feel for her...
and she cannot refuse it. - This is a very nice day.
Definitely sir - see...
yellow rose is for friendship... and red roses for love.
Hey, keep the yellow in your pocket... I need only the red rose.
Why do you leave all the cleaning upto me...
Navneet these days you are...
Preetoji, preetoji. Never mind Kakeji, never mind.
Happy "loose" day ma'am. - What?
I mean - happy Rose day ma'am. Happy rose day!
Rose day?
Yes ma'am - today is a very special day.
Today you will have to accept Kake's rose today you cannot refuse me.
Is that so? - Yes ma'am - you can ask anyone.
Oh no, Kakeji, why ask anyone since you are saying today, is Rose day...
why don't you put it with your own hands.
What? - Yes
Preetoji? - Yes sir.
You are really looking like my Juliet.
Oh my Romeo, on this occassion I want to give you something special.
So give it ma'am. - Should l?
So take this Eat sugar and die...
to hell with your rose day do not mess with Preeto.
Forget friendship, today, just say it.
I have been waiting for you for the past half an hour.
What sorry Deepak. You just do not care for anyone else's time.
You see, I got late trying to find you these beautiful flowers.
Come on, I will introduce you to Samir. -Who's that?
Hi! Sanju, this is my girlfriend whom I wanted you to meet...
shocked you, did'nt l? - Definitely, shocked me.
Deepak, this is Samir... my oldest and dearest friend...
and Samir, this is Deepak the love of my life.
Nice to see you man. Is this cafe yours?
No, I work here.
You mean to say you're a waiter here. - Yes.
Ok c'mon, come with us we have come to take you....
we are going for a movie with some friends.
I cannot come Sanju, I have got lots of work.
C'mon Samir, you can take leave for one day.
No, I cannot - I have just joined here.
So, what are you going to do now?
Nothing - I'll just never see her again...
never go in front of her I'll just forget her.
You're on the right track.
If I'm not mistaken this is the same girl for whom...
you crossed the gate, the other night, right.
And today you want to forget her, just because she loves someone else...
very good - thats really great.
Excuse me sir, there are some people who fall in love but their love...
is not reciprocated everyone does not have your kind of luck!
I pray to God everyday Karan that no one has my kind of luck...
especially none of you.
At least Samir loves someone who he can see, whose laughter he can hear...
I can't even do that.
Why not Sir?
Because the girl I love is no more.
She's dead!
I did not fall in love with her on the condition...
that she would live longer than me...
there are no conditions in love so there should'nt be any regrets.
So what if today she is not with me I still love her the same way...
not because I can't find someone else to love, but loving her makes me happy.
Whenever I miss her, I close my eyes and she is with me.
You didn't fall in love with her on the condition that she will love you too...
so just because she loves someone else you want to forget her,
don't let go so easily.
Love is just like life,
its not always easy, and it does not always bring happiness...
but when we do not stop living why should we stop loving!
Sorry for the long lecture anyway if Mr. Narayan Shankar sees you'll here...
then all the love stories will come to an end today itself.
Love is just like life its not always easy...
and it does not always bring happiness.
But when we do not stop living why should we stop loving.
Made you wait for a long time?
This is for hugging me that day I know what guys like you are all about...
but this time you have messed with the wrong girl.
My name is lSHlKA DH ANRAJGlR...
and I can employ hundred boys like you as servants in my house.
So next time, before fooling around with any girl remember this slap and me.
By slapping me you have taught me a lesson.
But ma'am this really was my first time
and I was unaware of the rules of this game.
I did not know one had to exchange one's bank accounts before asking a girl out.
If I knew this, I would have introduced myself much earlier to you...
my name is Vikram Oberoi,
and my father is one of the leading industrialists of this nation...
and if he wants he can employ your father but I am so stupid...
I was not aware of the importance of all this.
I just knew that I had seen a beautiful girl...
whom I wanted to get to know, and become friends with.
I thought this was enough to ask someone out for a date. How stupid I was...
but now I have understood. Next time I won't get slapped.
You shut her up man, and I was not aware that my friend is the son of a rich man.
What do you think if I was the son of such a rich man...
would I be a waiter's friend? - What? What do you mean?
My dad works in a bank. - What?
Then - what was all this?
I had to shut the rich girl up...
so I just made myself richer than her, and she shut up.
Ok, forget this - tell me are all beautiful girls this snooty?
Well since they're beautiful they are bound to be a little proud.
Is your Sanjana also like this?
Not at all, she is very sweet. - Then she must be very ugly.
I had seen Kiran for the first time on this very platform.
She had just got married and come...
and it was also the last time I saw her happy...
because her husband had to leave that very night...
due to some tension at the border, and he was an Airforce pilot.
Since then she often comes here...
hoping to see her husband get down from the train...
but everybody knows that is impossible because two years back we got to hear..
that two planes were found missing at the border.
I feel even she knows that her husband is no more...
but she still comes here to please one man her husbands father -
Major General Khanna...
a retired army officer and one of the richest men in this town who believes...
that till he does not see the dead body of his son, he is not dead...
he insists that Kiran dutifully fulfills all the traditions of a married girl.
Kiran's sister-in-law, Nandini, is her only friend.
She is the wife of Major Khanna's elder son...
who is a computer engineer in the military and is away most of the time.
Nandini loves Kiran like a sister and wants to see her happy.
She has a naughty son named Ayush.
He is the bright light in Kiran's dark life...
they laugh, cry, play and fight together.
Kiran forgets all her pains and sorrows and she becomes a child with him.
She is after all just 1 9 years old.
This is Kiran - who had had come here to laugh and love...
hope she gets her share of happiness.
I promise you Khan Baba she will definitely get her share of happiness.
What exactly are you doing? - The same thing that you are doing sir.
I am doing Suryanamaskar.
So am l. Its just that you do it your way and I do it my way.
I wanted to ask you, why do you do it.
It makes we feel good to stare directly at the sun...
without having to blink my eyes.
I feel I am not weaker than the sun. I like it - why do you do it?
Just like that sir, unlike you,
I do not have a battle going on with the sun..
I just enjoy basking in the sunshine I call this suryanamaskar.
Excuse me sir I wanted to ask you for something.
Sir, I do not know if you are aware that today is the festival of Holi...
and I wanted the students to celebrate it.
But I have been told that Holi has never been celebrated here in Gurukul.
Holi has never been celebrated here for the simple reason that....
no one has ever wanted to at least no one has asked me before.
Sir, no one has asked you because everybody is scared of you.
And you are not scared of me Mr. Aryan?
No sir, I have never been scared of doing the right thing, so as long as...
I know that I am not asking for anything wrong, I am not scared.
Holi has never been and never will be celebrated inside Gurukul, however...
I have nothing against this festival,
if some of the students wish to celebrate....
they can go outside Gurukul and do so.
From where I come there is a tradition of starting this day...
with putting a teeka on the eldest of the family...
if you do not mind, on behalf of....
me and my students I would like to put this on you.
I'll just put a little sir,
"O' golden-eyed one... "
"whether you give me your heart, or whether you chide me"
"We're crazy about you"
"We're your playful paramours"
"You liars"
"Behind that innocent face, there's hidden a black heart"
"These Romeos are ruinous"
"They will break every heart"
"Go on lass"
"Do what you will"
"I've tainted you all over"
"Hey you... "
"l swear... "
"I'm going to have you spiked"
"I'll climb the spike for you. Just tell me, I'll die right now"
"Shock me if you can"
"And I'm all yours"
"Remember my words"
"Some day, two hearts will meet"
"We're crazy about you"
"We're playful paramours"
"These Romeos are ruinous"
"They will break every heart"
"Why are you standing off?"
"Are you on a high?"
"Why are you standing off? You're so close to my heart"
"Embrace me. Just find an excuse"
"ls it the stand-off which sends you on a high?"
"lf you're calling me, here I come"
"You should've thought before taking the leap"
"Now that you've come, don't go away"
"We're crazy about you"
"We're playful paramours"
"These Romeos are ruinous"
"They will break every heart"
"Be there sorrow, or come joy"
"The easterly still blows"
"One comes, one goes... "
"why are you holding your heart back?"
"I'm not holding my heart back; my heart holds me back"
"Will someone tell me, what's the truth, what a mirage is...?"
"Everything in the world... "
"is so lovely"
"That's the only truth"
"Aren't the colours lively?"
"We're crazy about you"
"We're playful paramours"
"These Romeos are ruinous"
"They will break every heart"
"O' golden-eyed one... "
"either give me your heart, or chide me"
"You liars"
"Behind that innocent face, there's hidden a black heart"
"We're crazy about you"
"We're playful paramours"
"These Romeos are ruinous"
"They will break every heart"
"I'm crazy about you"
"I'm your playful paramour"
"These Romeos are ruinous"
"They will break every heart"
My friends think that I was very rude to you at the cafe...
the other day and I must apologise.
Oh! And what do you think?
I think they are right. I am sorry.
My friends think that you were in the wrong too,
and you should also apologise.
Oh! And what do you think?
I think they are right.
Good. Now we are quits.
Oh no, we are not. - Why not?
Because that day you slapped me and I have still not hit you.
So, you want to slap me?
You want to hit a girl?
Well if the girl insists on quitting things, what can I do.
Alright, I want to finish this, once and for all.
Hit me. Come on hit me.
Actually, let it be, my hands will get dirty.
my friends were totally wrong about you and I was right.
You - how come you are here?
I have come to tell you something
Tell me?
Yes, but before that you will have to promise me that you won't get angry.
Ok, I won't.
I found out everything about your life about why you go to the station...
about your husband, Major Khanna, everything.
I was brought up with the belief that boys are the tough ones...
...and girls are weak, but you made me realise how untrue it is.
You are very different from other girls and it would make me proud if we...
could be friends, you promised me that you will not get angry.
I am not angry - its just that...
I am not used to hearing nice things about myself.
I am a married girl,
Iiving in a small town here a boy and a girl can never be friends...
it is considered wrong, and I do not have the strength to prove it right.
You overestimated me, I'm not that strong.
Who are you and me to decide what is wrong and right?
Thats his job, lets leave it to him.
We can only follow our hearts thats exactly what I am doing...
now its your turn - if your heart says that...
...this is right then put your hand forward...
otherwise walk away, and I promise I "ll never come in your way.
Hi! My name is Karan. And yours ma'am?
Friends are not addressed as ma'am. I am Kiran.
Great, lets go. -Hey! At least do your prayers.
No need, my prayers are done. Lets leave.
I don't believe this Samir can't you find yourself a decent job?
Sanju, who is going to give a student a part time job here?
And in any case, my mother says that no work is big or small...
as long as you do it with all your heart.
Okay, okay, stop giving me a lecture. - I can't see Tom uncle, where is he?
Don't ask. - Why?
For the past three hours he has locked himself in the room...
opening all the old trunks and whenever...
I ask him for a reason, he does not answer.
Papa, what are you doing?
I can see that, but why are you wearing this pre-historic costume.
Because I am going for a date with Jenny.
Jenny aunty is going out with you.
Yes sir, after six months of wooing her she has finally agreed.
But you never wear a suit so why today?
You see, Jenny likes classy gentlemen...
thats why I thought I'll impress her with the suit.
How am I looking.
You are not looking good at all Remove this.
What are you saying?
This was your mothers favourite suit, wasn't it, tell me?
Papa, that was twenty years ago.
So what, does a suit change in twenty years. What say Samir.
I think you are looking terriffic Uncle. Smashing, superb
He does not know anything you are not looking nice...
and you are not going out like this, understood.
I am going my love - bye bye Samir
Relax uncle, Sanju just talks rubbish. Would you like some chips?
Lift your arms up.
One should love you, the way you are, Not the way she wants you to be...
If someone tries to change you then its not love but a compromise...
And darling, one doesn't compromise in love, right.
Darling, no compromises in love.
Me and you locked in a room.
Samir, have you gone mad Samir behave yourself.
And the key gets lost.
I'll be back from the conference by tomorrow morning, make sure that...
everything is alright in Gurukul. - Yes sir.
Morning Mr Aryan, what changes would you like to make in Gurukul today.
Just a small change sir I would like you to begin the day...
with some sweets - Today is my birthday.
Congraluations Mr Aryan.
I'm sorry I am not allowed to have sweets...
Actually sir, there was something I wanted to ask you for.
I knew you would ask me for something tell me what can I do for you.
Sir, I was thinking of throwing a small party for the students...
they have given me so much respect in such a small span of time.
I will be very happy to do something for them sir - only if you permit.
Alright Mr Aryan. You can have the party.
But make sure that you do not do anything...
...that will spoil the reputation of Gurukul.
One more small request sir.
Now what Mr Aryan!
Sir, most of the students are learning music... I thought it would be really nice to have a dance party.
I was wondering if I could invite our neighbours,
Miss Monica's girls to join us... that is only if you permit sir.
Till today girls have never entered Gurukul Mr. Aryan...
and I would like to maintain that tradition.
You are right sir, but we really cannot have a dance party without girls sir...
and actually sir I have sort of promised the boys.
Before making the promise you should have asked me Mr Aryan!
You know I don't like changes. Come on Ram Singh.
"There was this infatuated girl... "
"who loved a boy to death"
"Her eyes downcast... "
"she blushed... "
"as she traipsed down the alley"
"On the sly, she'd pen her love-letters"
"Was it something she wished to say? Oh, but whom was she afraid of?"
"And whenever we met, she'd ask me... "
"How does love happen?"
"How does this love happen?"
"All I could tell her was... "
"Whether your eyes are open or shut... "
"you will always dream of your loved one"
"Oh how do I tell you, my love...?"
"How love happens"
"Today, let's see what dying for someone is like"
"Let's see how love happens"
"l was lost thinking of someone when I wove my dreams"
"l was lost in someone's arms when I fell in love with him"
"When you're in love, you're never awake, nor asleep"
"Oh how do I tell you, my love, how love happens?"
"Or is this some spell that binds you?"
"A thousand hurdles the heart will overcome"
"Far up, somewhere in the Heavens, all this is decided"
"Who knows when, how, one will meet the fellow traveller"
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