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Mohabbatein CD2

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"The name that's writ on the heart is the one you will fall for"
"Oh how do I tell you, my love, how love happens?"
"Whether your eyes are open or shut... "
"you will always dream of your loved one"
"Oh how do I tell you, my love, how love happens?"
You will have to leave Mr. Aryan!
I am sorry that this had to happen, because I had started liking you.
I thought that inspite of your different ideas...
and non-traditional methods you could...
become an important part of Gurukul but I was wrong.
My first instinct about you was correct...
you are a very arrogant and indisciplined man...
and we do not need people like you here.
I want your resignation on my table first thing in the morning.
Why the sniggering Mr Aryan?
I'm sorry sir! Till today, I had a lot of respect for you
- I thought you were a very intelligent...
and sharp man - a man who would never miss...
anything but I am afraid I am dissappointed.
What are you trying to say Mr Aryan?
Do you remember sir, when I first came here for a job,
I told you my name - Raj Aryan...
today I am going to tell you my full name...
Mr. Shankar, my full name is Raj A Malhotra.
Yes, I am the same Raj Malhotra...
who had dared to fall in love with your daughter...
the same Raj Malhotra whom your daughter loved very much...
the same Raj Malhotra whom you hated so much that you threw him out of Gurukul.
without even seeing his face without even giving him a chance to meet you...
without even hearing what he had to say.
The same Raj Malhotra who could not get
...admission in any other educational institution...
who could not get a decent job anywhere but he worked on his own...
and today the country's most prestigous...
...educational institution has employed him.
Yes sir, the same man who promised...
to destroy me has welcomed me with open arms.
And as far as my resignation goes I am sorry, I cannot.
I have a contract in my hand which clearly states that...
I cannot leave or be expelled...
till the end of the term - signed Narayan Shankar.
And Mr Narayan Shankar - by the time this term is over...
I promise you that Gurukul will not be the same.
I loved only one woman all my life and I will love her forever.
She gave up her life for you, believing that it would make you kinder...
and bring love into this place and that everything would change.
You denied me of my only love and...
this is a truth that I will have to live with all my life.
But there is one more truth that I cannot live with...
and that is the fact that the girl I loved died in vain.
The fact that nothing has changed here that I cannot bear to live with.
I promise you Mr. Shankar, by the time I leave...
I will fill this place with so much love that...
it will take you ten lifetimes to remove it.
I will fill this place with so much sunshine....
that a man who has been staring at the sun for 50 years, will have to blink.
What happened to us will not happen to anyone else.
This I promise.
"Even after the lovers have died... "
"after their beloveds have perished... "
"their loves live on, forever
"Their loves live on, forever"
Todays newspaper and your tea both are kept next to your chair.
I had made the tea ten minutes back so its already cold,
just the way you like.
I am leaving early for college today but...
I have told Bahadur for your breakfast...
and I have also given your clothes for ironing - and by the way...
today is my birthday you can wish me if you want.
I forgot once again. Come here.
I must be the worlds worst father.
No, not at all you are the best father in the world.
Happy birthday my child.
I pray that you get everything you ever want,
and all your dreams come true.
Pretty, but still not as beautiful as mom.
Let me see.
Oh its you, papa when did you come I was just...
Wait a minute, lets see
I think my daughter is more beautiful than your mother. What do you think?
Do you know ever since you were a kid you have been wearing your....
mother's mangalsutra and duppatta and dressing up as a bride.
I think now the time has come to get you married.
Stop it papa! - Why?
Hello, Hi. I am busy now I 'll phone you later - ok...bye!
Who was that?
That was Priya. She keeps calling and boring me.
Now you go change your clothes and I will make you some hot coffee.
Papa, papa I have come to apologize to you.
Apologize! For what?
Papa, you always taught me never to lie but I lied to you.
That day when you were in my room and the phone rang....
I told you it was Priya but it was not Priya papa -
- it was someone else.
Who was it?
It was a boy.
A boy whom I have known for a very long time - someone who has...
become much more than a friend a boy who loves me very much...
someone who I love very much.
I know I should have told you earlier...
but I was scared that you would get angry.
You have always told me that love leads to pain
but I do not know what it was about him...
that I just could not stop myself.
When you meet him you will realize that how different he is,
how sweet he is, how true he is.
You had hoped that all my dreams come true...
he is my one and only dream and...
after this I do not want anything else. - Whats his name?
Raj... Raj Malhotra. - What does he do?
He is a student in Gurukul.
You are not angry no papa! Papa, please don't be angry.
I have come to tell you that...
Raj Malhotra has been expelled from Gurukul.
I did not meet him, I do not know what he looks like,
and I hope I never see him.
I have sent him somewhere far away from here,
and I would like you to forget him.
I know you must be thinking that my decision is cruel, and wrong...
but I know that this is the best thing for your future.
Your tea is kept there but the newspaper guy has still not come....
Its Sunday, so I think he is running a little late by the way...
Bahadur is unwell.
So let me know what you will have for breakfast, I will make it myself.
Are you alright?
I am absolutely fine papa I am absolutely fine.
Thats enough, its quite late...
and you have to get up early in the morning - open your mouth.
Do you know that you are the world's best daughter.
Are you happy?
Are you happy, papa? - Very much.
Then I am also very happy. Good night, papa.
I'm sorry papa I tried to forget him...
I tried very hard not to think about him...
to stop loving him but I just could not.
I love you very much, papa and
I can never hurt you, but I love him too...
and I cannot live without him.
I hope someday you realise that love is very beautiful...
even if it comes with a little pain.
Ever since the day she told me about you, I have hated you.
I hated you so much that I never wanted to see your face.
I never ever wanted to hear your voice...
and today you are standing in front of me on my doorstep.
If I want I can drag you out of that gate...
and throw you out of this place...
and no piece of paper can stop me but I am not going to do that...
because now I want you to stay.
You have given a 55 year old man a reason to fight again -
he has to prove all over again, that for 25 years whatever...
he has stood for and believed in, still holds true.
You were right about me Mr. Aryan like you even I love challenges.
So, now you do what you have to and I'll do...
what I have been doing for the last 25 years.
The foundation of this structure is so strong that no Raj Aryan,
with a violin in his hand and a smile on his face...
will ever dare to walk in here to change things around.
Never, Mr. Raj Aryan, never.
Megha, you were right. Its not easy to win from your father.
He is one tough man - but we are no less.
Vicky, Vicky, give it back. Samir I am warning you.
Do any of you know how to play the piano?
It's okay, it's okay. I needed somebody to teach...
Major Khanna's grandson, but never mind maybe someone else would know.
Vicky have'nt we heard this name before, Major Khanna
So, you would like to learn the piano, Right. - Yes sir!
Come down in ten minutes we have a lot of work to do...
and do come with some clothes on.
Now Ayush, I want you to learn to play the piano before your papa comes back.
Do not worry sir, in one month he will be playing even better than me.
Ok Karan, I am leaving you carry on! Right Ayush.
Karan, just a minute, this is our younger daughter in - law Kiran and...
this is Karan Chaudhry, Ayush's piano teacher.
Karan, if you do not mind, can you teach her too, along with Ayush.
Sister - in - law!
Hold on, she loves music infact she has learnt classical dance.
Sister - in - law!
Ok, ok, she does not do it anymore.
Thank god she does'nt, otherwise she use to disturb me every morning.
Ok ok, time out, time out! Ayush get me a glass of water.
Sister, get water.
Ayush, this is wrong, your sister is older to you, you go and get me water.
Ok! In this house I have to do all the work.
Ramu kaka water!
You never told me that you used to dance?
What is there to say in that Anyway I use to dance, now I do not.
You ask too many questions. - Thats because you never answer.
Have you come here to teach Ayush piano lessons or to chat with me?
What do you think?
Ishika my child, meet your new dance partner Vikram, not Viren! - right.
Vikram I want you know that this dance competition... a matter of prestige for our college and...
that is why on my request Mr. Raj Aryan has sent you to help us out.
Ishika, I want you'll to become friends and in one month, show me something...
really spectacular and special.
Wipe that stupid grin off your face it makes you look even more stupid.
I have been winning this dance competition for the past three years...
and I am not going to end up loosing this year because of an idiot like you
- so if you do not wish to make a fool of yourself just leave quietly.
No please, don't do that.
I have been waiting for this all my life,
all I have ever wanted is to be able to dance with you.
After this even if I die I will have no regrets. Please dance with me.
Your sense of humour is just like you sick and disgusting!
My name is lshika!
My friends feel that I was rude...
to you the other day when you had come to apologize.
And what do you feel?
I think they are right. I am sorry.
Now, can you leave me?
I do not feel like. - Do you feel like a slap you.
If the girl smiles then she's yours. - What?
Ok, leave me. - Leave you?
You did'nt join us. - I am just.
I would like to remind you that till you are a part of Gurukul....
it is your duty to follow the traditions of this place.
Next time I do not want to see you outside the temple
I'm sorry sir but I will not come into the temple.
I have an old score to settle with him...
he took the one person who believed in him the most.
Challenging us mortals was not enough for you,
that you have decided to take on God.
No sir, My God is my consience.
I do not believe in any other God.
Take this - for all your battles.
I'm sorry sir, but I cannot.
Because to take this I would have to touch your feet, like the others...
and that is something that my heart will not allow me to do.
I do not force anyone to touch my feet Mr. Aryan - they do it out of respect.
They touch your feet out of fear and you mistake their fear for respect
- but I'm...
But you are not scared of me Mr. Aryan. I know that...
the other day you had put at tika on my forehead..
...that day I had nothing to give you.
Today, accept this as a blessing...
and it would remove a burden from my head...
and make us quits and yes you do not have to touch my feet.
If this is about removing your burden then I accept.
You too sir.
Samir! What are you doing here?
Working, what else?
For 500 rupees on a Sunday and the chance to see a Singhania party...
...only a fool can refuse such an offer.
I don't believe you, anyway its great that...
...i found you, now just stay with me.
Sanjana, leave my hand it does not look good
I am supposed to be working here and besides this is...
your boyfriends party so I am sure you know everyone here.
No, I do not - these are all Deepak's friends. I do not know them that well.
I'm sorry Sanjana - but I do not want to get fired because of you - Ok.
Come let me introduce you to everyone. Where have you been, come on, come on.
What rubbish.
I was just kidding - Come on give me your hand, c'mon
Listen Sanjana I'm sorry, ok. I should not have done that - please.
Enough Deepak, enough.
All guys are alike.
You said something?
You know, you boys are so stupid.
Its so easy for any girl to draw your attention.
All she needs to do is dress suggestively like our dear friend...
Sonia and she's got you'll all wrapped around her little finger.
Thats all you boys ever think of, right.
You'll never think of what kind of person she is what is in her heart... she talks, do you'll?
You're right, we never think of such things, never!
Do you know what your problem is you are jealous of Sonia.
I am jealous of Sonia?
Yes. Because basically you want to be just like Sonia,
but you know that is impossible lets face it,... do not have what it takes and that makes you hate her even more.
I think you have a big complex and you should deal with it.
Listen Mr Vikram Oberoi, Neither am l jealous nor do I hate anyone.
I am very happy the way I am - as for your Sonia
I can be like her anytime, if I want to.
But she can never be like me, ever - understand.
Believe me lshika You can never look like Sonia
Vicky, I am not getting this dance step do help me please.
Why are you not ready yet we have to go to Mr. Sharma's house.
I do not feel like going.
Everytime the same excuse, sometimes its good to go out...
meet people, make friends.
You cannot shut yourself from the world, forever - can you?
Ok, take your time...
we will be late make sure that Ayush sleeps on time...
and no MTV or ZTV for him.
A small gift, for a girl, who is incomplete without this.
What happened? You did not like the gift.
You, what are you doing here? Have you gone mad?
If somebody sees you, do you know what will happen.
Relax, no one has seen me.
I don't know anything, just go from here.
Ok, Ok, I will go on one condition.
I want to see you dance wearing these ghungroos, just once.
I cannot do it.
Hey, you can't say no, its the first rule of friendship...
you can never say no to anything that a friend asks for.
Karan stop it - I am getting very scared.
Nandini, Nandini - hurry up, we are getting late.
Yes father, I am downstairs.
Karan, you please go from here.
First promise me.
I do not know how to dance - I used to do it before, but now I have forgotten.
Listen, I wanted to make my friend happy so I got her a gift.
Now if you feel like making your friend happy then come to...
...the terrace wearing those ghungroos it's as simple as that.
Why are you doing all this, Karan?
Because there is this friend of mine who is scared to be happy...
...I want to show her how easy it is, to be happy.
Why did this happen Samir how could I make such a big mistake.
Do you really want to know?
This was your mistake this is not Sanjana, this is someone else.
This is my Sanju clumsy, messy, cute.
You had forgotten yourself, when you were with Deepak...
you had become the way he wanted to see you - this was your mistake.
He should love you for what you are and not for what he wants you to be...
If someone tries to change you, then it is not love, but a compromise
And darling, one does'nt compromise in love. You forgot your own rule.
Lets go.
Samir, can you hold me in your arms please.
You won. Their love stories have begun, you won.
We won!
"Come, steal me from my self"
"Hide me somewhere in your heart"
"Don't let me get lost in loneliness"
"Don't let me lose you"
"Come to me. Take me in your arms"
"Come, steal me from my self"
"Hide me somewhere in your heart"
"Don't let me get lost in loneliness"
"Don't let me lose you"
"Come to me. Take me in your arms"
"Come, steal me from my self"
"Hide me somewhere in your heart"
"Make my heart beat faster"
"Let your hair spread out"
"Give me a shy smile"
"Let the wind catch your veil"
"l could let my hair spread, but it could turn day into night"
"l could let my veil wave with the wind but there could be a cloudburst of desire"
"Let it pour"
"We have something to talk about"
"Come to me.Take me in your arms"
"Come, steal me from my self"
"Hide me somewhere in your heart"
"Don't let me get lost in loneliness"
"Don't let me lose you"
"Come to me. Take me in your arms"
"l could die for you"
"I'm going to die"
"They all say that"
"I'll do it"
"A little vermilion... "
"fill in my hair"
"Who has seen tomorrow?"
"Do it all, today, now"
"Whether or not, everyone agrees"
"When hearts avow"
"God acquiesces"
"Come to me.Take me in your arms"
"Come, steal me from my self"
"Hide me somewhere in your heart"
"Come, steal me from my self"
"Hide me somewhere in your heart"
"Don't let me get lost in loneliness"
"Don't let me lose you"
"Come to me. Take me in your arms"
What is your name?
Sir, Vi.. Vi... Vic... Vikram, Sir.
Are you aware of the rules of Gurukul?
Yes sir!
So you know that you have broken one of the rules...
...and that you can be expelled for it.
Yes sir!
So tell me Vikram what is the reason for your carelessness?
Sir, I was, I was....
Vicky... Did you reach the station on time.
Station sir?
The parcel that I gave you did the station master accept it?
Parcel, yes sir. The station master accepted your parcel sir.
Great - its very late, you go to bed and Vicky thank you very much.
Its very late sir - you should also go to sleep,
otherwise for the first time...
the sun will rise before you do. Good night.
I have called all of you here because
I have found out that a few students are...
trying to break the discipline of Gurukul a few students have been...
...Ieaving the campus regularly and not returning on time.
I would like to remind them that breaking the rules of Gurukul...
... will not be tolerated.
I think my silence has been misunderstood to be my weakness.
So from today, the Gurukul gate will be shut at all times.
From now on no one will leave the gates of this campus, under any circumstance.
Anyone caught will be expelled immediately I repeat...
...anyone caught will be expelled immediately. You'll can go now.
Mr. Aryan I know everything that goes on in Gurukul...
...nothing escapes my eyes.
Those three boys will have to stop going out.
There will be no part time working no piano playing, and no dancing.
I would like you to be the one to break this news to them.
Yes sir.
Its nice to see you smiling Mr. Shankar.
It must be a very special morning.
Definitely Mr. Aryan.
Do you see these blowing winds these winds...
have been blowing from the east for years.
Some time back they had changed their direction to the west, but now...
they are back to normal.
Today, everything is back to normal Mr. Aryan.
It is a very special morning.
Congratulations Mr. Shankar, even the winds are scared of you...
even they know that you do not like changes.
It just shows the power of your fear.
You were the one who made me aware of the power of my fear Mr. Aryan.
You were the one who told me that everyone is scared of me -
that they love you, and fear me - right.
But I want you to know something Mr. Aryan...
...that in the battle of love and fear, fear will always win.
Till now you have only seen the power of fear.
You have still not seen the power of love.
Love can crumble all the bricks of this building with just this single leaf.
I would like to see such power, Mr. Aryan.
I would really like to see that happen.
Now you'll definitely see the power of love you definitely will.
Today is 1 4th February Valentines Day,the day of love.
Today I am going to begin by telling you a love story.
A story of a boy, a girl and a leaf a story of one of you'll, a boy...
from Gurukul, but there was one difference he was in love,
and he had decided that on this day,
he would tell her everything, not worrying about the consequences.
She was standing at the bus stop with her friends...
waiting to leave for the college picnic.
The boy had sneaked out of Gurukul and had come running to see her.
He saw her getting into the bus,
he immediately took out a pen from his pocket...
and tried to find something to write on.
Then he picked up a leaf from the ground and wrote on it.
Dear Megha, I love you. He gave it to a kid on the street...
and pointed towards the girl.
The kid ran with the leaf towards the girl...
who was just about to enter the bus.
Just then there was a convoy of army trucks which blocked his view,
and he could not see the girl.
When the last truck crossed him...
he saw that all the girls had already got into the bus.
As he turned, he saw the same kid standing in front of him...
holding the leaf.
There was something written on the other side of the leaf...
I have waited so long to hear this - Megha.
But, by that time the bus had already left.
He ran behind the bus and stopped in the middle of the road.
He turned, he saw her standing in front of him.
So this was a true love story that happened on Valentines Day.
Sir, what happened next?
Then, they got married and they lived happily ever after, right sir?
Wrong! What happened next, you all know.
Because this is the story of the one...
and only student who was thrown out of Gurukul.
The one who some of you'll call the crazy lover.
Was he crazy or was he just mad, or was he a boy just like you'll...
I do not know.
But I know one thing that he listened to his heart all his life.
I know that he gave up everything for the woman he loved...
and I know that he stills loves her...
and each day the love deepens more and more.
How do you know so much about him?
How do I know so much about him how do I know so much!
My name is not Vikram Oberoi, but Vikram kapoor.
My father is not a rich industrialist but is a bank accountant.
And the friendship that I had started with a lie...
I want to end it with the truth...
and the truth is that I am madly in love with you.
I know it is not easy to love a stubborn,
and spoilt girl like you, but I know that...
behind this stubborn girl, is a cute little girl...
who reads love stories at night and dreams about love, even in the day.
Behind this spoilt girl, there is a girl with a clear consience...
who sweetly accepts her mistakes and says "sorry. "
Behind this lshika Dhanrajgir is my cute,
stupid little lshq whom I love and cannot live without.
You talk a lot.
If you quieten me like this, I will never shut up.
I want you to leave Karan - for ever.
But why, what have I done?
You've not done anything Karan infact, you have only given me happiness.
You brought back music and gave me your friendship...
for which I will always be grateful -
but you also brought back those dreams, desires, and hopes...
that I had shut out, and kept in a little corner of my heart -
those dreams that belonged to a seventeen year old Kiran...
those dreams that have no place in this Kiran's life.
I cannot be your friend anymore please forgive me and forget me.
There is a rule of friendship Kiran that once you put your hand forward...
it can never be taken back.
Please Karan, go from here.
Today I had come here to tell you something Kiran...
and I am not going back till I say it.
What did you want to tell her even I would like to hear it.
Sir, I came here to tell her that I love her...
...that I love her very much and I know that even she
I think you have got your answer now leave and never come back.
Wait, Karan!
Do you love this boy?
Tell me the truth, do you love him.
Nandini, do you realise what you are saying?
For once in your life Kiran, listen to your heart and...
tell me if you love Karan.
Nandini, you are talking to a married girl.
No, Major General Khanna
I am talking to a girl whose husband is dead
I am talking to a widow Major General Khanna
I am talking to a widow
Look at this girl closely,
and for once do not look at her as the youngest daughter-in-law...
of your family, but instead, look at her as the young girl,
whom you had brought into this...
house with promises and dreams of a happy life.
Look at her as the girl, who has, for two years...
quietly played the role of a married girl just for you.
So that by seeing her, you can keep believing that your son is alive.
Look at her, and ask yourself,
what is wrong if someone falls in love with her...
what is wrong if she falls in love with someone, what is so wrong?
Your son is dead, at least let her live.
My son is not dead. My son is not dead.
Ever since we used to laugh and cry about small things, I have loved you.
Ever since we used to dance in the rains I have loved you.
When we used to sneak out to the terrace and count the stars...
I have loved you.
Now, I myself, have forgotten since when, I have loved you.
I can only say, that I have loved you and only you.
You love me so much?
Since when?
And till today, you never said a thing.
Idiot - Stupid - Now what are you standing and staring at my face.
Come on, take me in your arms.
Kakeji, you used to give me roses etc. today am I not getting a leaf?
No Preetoji, from now on Kake will never trouble you.
Seeing these kids, I have figured out what a perfect pair looks like.
You are very pretty, and smart and I'm a stupid looking and uneducated.
This pair is all wrong.
You need not worry, from today, you'll never have to take your shoes in...
your hand, from today Kake will never trouble you.
This is my final goodbye to you.
And what if after today Preeto starts troubling Kake.
Then what. Eat sugar and die. What do you think of yourself?
Since so many years, every day,
you have been giving me wierd stuff, and saying rubbish...
and now you are saying, that from today you will never trouble me.
Why will you not trouble me you'll have to trouble me.
Because Preeto, has gotten used to Kake nonsense.
And besides, Preeto likes Kake.
Likes ma'am?
Yes. And who said you are stupid looking. You are very cute.
Yes, and what do they say in english I love you.
I can hear the bricks crumbling Mr. Shankar, can you hear it?
The winds have changed their direction once again...
the power of love Mr. Shankar...
you better lock your windows and doors properly sir because love is in the...
air and no one can stop it now.
"On chained feet... "
"chiming anklets scream... "
"shut all doors... "
"but the thief will steal in"
"Break your shackles"
"Let your anklets chime"
"Open the doors of your heart"
"Let the thief in"
"Oh what do I say, what do I do? I feel so shy"
"Don't make me pine. This is killing me"
"First let me get to believe that you truly love me"
"lf there's any doubt in your heart, let's forget it"
"l won't give myself up so easily"
"I'll think it over first"
"Then I'll tell you tomorrow or the day after"
"lf you won't say yes today, someone else can marry you"
"Those who are made for each other, shall meet, come what may"
"Hearts blossom, even in autumn"
"My friends, the whole world says the heart is crazy"
"Loving hearts say that the world is crazy"
"l have come, my love, I have left the world behind"
"l have broken all ties, I come to bind myself to you"
"Let's bind ourselves to each other"
"ln bondage let us fly together, like kite and string"
"On chained feet... "
"chiming anklets scream... "
"shut all doors... "
"but the thief will steal in"
"Break your shackles"
"Let your anklets chime"
"Open the doors of your heart"
"Let the thief in"
"Shut all doors... "
"but the thief will steal in"
"The thief will steal in"
"The thief will steal in"
"For all the hatred in the world... "
"hearts are still full of love"
"Even after lovers have died... "
"after their beloveds have perished... "
"their loves live on, forever"
"Even after lovers have died... "
"after their beloveds have perished... "
"their loves live on, forever"
"Their loves live on, forever"
I know that this is not the first time that the three of...
you'll have broken the rules of Gurukul.
I also know that you'll are responsible for...
the others behaving in a similar fashion.
You'll have left me with no choice, but before I take a decision,
I would like to ask you'll one question,
and I would like you'll to think very carefully before answering it...
...because whatever you will say, will decide your fate.
Did you do this out of your own free will
or is someone else responsible for this...
someone who encouraged and forced you'll to do this,
think carefully and answer.
We take full responsibility for our actions...
nobody else is responsible for what we did.
We did what our hearts told us to do.
And we do not regret anything because...
we do not think we did anything wrong.
This is your last day in Gurukul start packing your bags.
You'll will be expelled in the morning in front of everyone.
You won, I lost!
But do not punish them for my mistakes...
do not do this to them, please.
I did not come here to make another Raj Aryan.
I came here to make sure that no one else becomes a Raj Aryan.
Forgive them, your battle is with me and I am in front of you...
Defeated and lost.
I will do whatever you want just forgive them.
You won, I lost.
I want you to come tomorrow morning...
and tell the students, that whatever you...
have taught them, and believed in, was wrong.
I want you to tell them, that you do not believe in love and...
...that you are sorry for misleading them...
...and then quietly leave Gurukul...
...and never come back.
Good, you can go now.
I had told you Mr. Aryan, in the battle of love and fear...
fear will always win.
I had told you I would win, Mr. Aryan, I had told you.
I am sorry sir, but from where I see you lost.
Because from where I see, I see a 55 year old father standing below...
a garlanded photograph of his 1 9 year old daughter.
You lost then, and you lost now.
You ever wondered Mr. Shankar that why did I ever come back to Gurukul?
For whom? The girl I loved is no more...
who are Vicky, Samir, and Karan to me.
I did not even know them, I did not know anyone here.
I came back for you, Mr. Shankar.
I came back for the father of the girl, I loved.
I came back because she always told me that you were a very loving man...
that you were just hard from the outside but very soft from the inside.
I came to break that hardness.
Do you know, Mr. Shankar, I do not have any photograph of Megha...
I never felt the need for it,
because I see Megha wherever I see love.
I thought if I could make just one love story
bloom in front of your eyes, you too would see her...
and you would see how happy she is and that will take your pain away.
I had come to share your pain Mr. Shankar
I had come to show you love.
I came here because l realised one thing...
that Megha was incomplete without you...
but you failed to realise that she was incomplete without me too...
we together made her complete.
I came to complete what we could'nt do in her lifetime.
I came to complete her I came to complete Megha.
You won every battle of life...
but you lost everything that was worth living for.
You lost a daughter then and now you have lost a son.
I am sorry sir, but from where I see you lost everything.
Because I see a stubborn man standing with his backturned...
to the two people who truly loved him.
I am sorry sir, I am sorry.
For 25 years, I have been very proud of the fact,
that I've run this institution with...
tradition, honour, and discipline,
believing that I have made my students....
stronger, fuller, and better men...
men who will always come out as winners in the battle of life.
I have been very proud of the fact that somewhere there is a...
Narayan Shankar in each and every student of Gurukul.
But, today, as I stand before you I am not feeling so proud.
Because, today, I do not like the Narayan Shankar...
who is standing in front of you.
Because today Narayan Shankar is a man who did not come out as a winner...
in the battle of life...
...he has lost.
He is a sad, stubborn, and lonely man...
who just did not understand the meaning of life.
And today, when he looks back, he cannot help but feel that somewhere...
all his students, must be sad and lonely, just like him...
because he knows, he never smiled at them when they were scared...
he never patted their backs when they did well...
he never held them in his arms, when they were sad.
Because he always believed that showing any kind of love
and affection leads to pain...
and pain leads to weakness.
And in this process he became so hard, that he forgot how to love.
And today he wants to go back to each of his students...
hold them in his arms and apologise to them.
And tell them one simple thing, that life is about giving and...
recieving love, and nothing else, nothing else
But he knows he cannot do that he cannot go back.
But there is something he can do.
Something that he has not done for 25 years...
something that he should have done a long...
time back, and that is change. He will have to change.
The old generation will have to change their old traditions, so that..
a new generation can create a new tradition.
Now its time for me to step down
and give you someone who has shown me that...
...respect is not earned by fear, but by love.
Mr. Aryan, please come up.
I request you to please take over...
and teach my students the essence of love and life.
So that from now on I can proudly say
that there is a Raj Aryan in each and every student of Gurukul.
And probably then my daughter would forgive me.
Yes, the doors to Gurukul opened forever.
And the colours of Holi changed the winds forever.
Now singing dancing, laughter, happiness...
became the new identity of Gurukul.
Everything changed,
...yes Suryanamaskar too.
Now we do not stare at the sun instead we close open your arms...
and bask in the sunshine.
Now there is everything here,
Music, friendship, love and.... Megha.
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