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Molly Maguires The CD1

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lnterested in a run of the cards?
Nothing against it.
Penny poker, nickel on a pair.
Nothing like music to help you forget your troubles.
He's out of tune.
Poor old scut, can't tell the difference.
He's deaf as a post since a load of coal fell on him in '56.
You visiting here?
- l'm looking for a job. - Tens.
- ln the mines? - Right.
From your hands, l'd say you've never dug coal.
- Right again. - Tens bets a nickel.
- lt's mine. Won the nickel. - Beats me.
lt's your deal.
lt's terrible hard work down there.
Not the sort of work a man generally comes seeking with hands like yours.
They're the only hands l've got.
You're cheating.
You're cheating.
- You're mistaken. - l saw you, too.
Dealing from the bottom of the deck.
- l'd have dealt myself a better hand. - You cheated.
There's no need for the false accusations if it's a brawl you want.
Which one of you do l get?
Sorry l had to hit you so hard.
lt was important to make it look real. More sympathy for you.
Easier for them to accept you. Nothing personal.
Well, you've made a good start.
The fight was a clever idea.
They'll respect you now.
About all they do respect around here is a blow and a hard head.
This gang is crazy, McParlan.
They lost a strike, think they can win with gunpowder.
That's not crazy, it's only lrish.
l don't find it amusing.
Well...'re Welsh, Captain.
Now, we know there is an organisation, the Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Nothing wrong. They're legal. The lrish looking after their own.
But inside them there's another bunch, see,
using the Hibernians as cover, calling themselves the Molly Maguires
after some gang of cut-throats back in lreland.
They're all over the coalfields.
l sent in agents at other mines, had two found at the bottom of shafts
and one never found at all.
lt's your turn here.
l'll do the job for you.
The leaders, that's who l want.
l think l know who they are.
l think they're here, in this very town.
But thinking's not enough. l got to get them red-handed.
Oh, you'll have them.
You treat them lightly, you'll end up like my other men.
l didn't volunteer to fail.
l've failed enough in this country already.
The streets haven't exactly been paved with gold for me.
But l've had my fill of empty pockets, Captain.
l'm tired of being at the bottom of the barrel.
l'm tired of always looking up.
l want to look down.
l want the Molly Maguires.
Bring me the evidence, that's your job.
Get in with them and bring me enough evidence so we can hang the bastards.
They'll let you out in the morning.
My satchel.
lt was left behind when l was carried out last night.
There's a train leaving in 20 minutes.
Where do l get a room around here?
What do you want?
l'll settle for a room.
Who are you?
l'm looking for work. l need a place to stay.
They told me at the Emerald House you had a room for rent.
- You were the one fighting last night. - Not the one who started it.
What's your name?
James McKenna.
lt's $1 .50 a week, room and board.
You can smoke in here, but not downstairs. My father's ailing.
Supper's at six. lf you're late, you'll not be served.
Please do your drinking in a saloon.
Excuse me, what's your name?
Miss Mary Raines.
Well, l'll try not to be too much of a burden, Miss Mary Raines.
You'll be paying for it.
l'm looking for work.
- Any experience? - A bit.
- Where are you from? - Here, there.
Well, you look strong enough.
- Five o'clock tomorrow morning. - Five o'clock.
Make sure you report sober.
Enough now, you're leaving me nothing to wash.
- She's a good girl. - l can see that.
Only one left now. l've buried a wife and two sons. She's all that's left.
You're still left.
When did you first go down the mines?
Forty-two years ago. First lreland, and then here.
There's not many last that long.
There's always them that's worse off than you.
l went down first when l was 1 2, did you know that?
l've done what God intended for me. l'll go to Him asking no favour.
l don't believe in going before you're called.
- You're prattling too much. - l'm only being polite.
You know what the doctor said. lt brings on the coughing.
Do you play dominoes?
- Do you play dominoes? - Yes.
l'll tell you, you'd have better luck with the Queen.
- That one's got ambitions. - So have l.
There's pasties and tea for your lunch.
Thank you.
The tea'll be cold when you drink it, but there's no way to keep it hot.
You needn't have risen this early on my account.
l know, l'm paying for it.
Total wages for the week, $3.85. Next!
McKenna. James McKenna.
Aye, McKenna.
Coal mined: 1 4 cars at 66 cents a car. Total: $9.24.
two kegs of powder at $2.50 a keg, $5.
Two gallons of oil at 90 cents a gallon, $1 .80.
Repair two broken drills, 30 cents.
Pickaxe, shovel, cap and lantern, $1 .90.
Total deductions: $9.
Total wages for the week: 24 cents. Next.
Frank McAndrew.
Coal mined: 30 cars at 66 cents a car: $1 9.80.
Deduct: three kegs of powder at $2.50 a keg, $7.50.
Ground rental for a home, $2.
Groceries, $2.80.
Take care of them blisters.
- Try rubbing a little grease into them. - l'll try that.
- Ulster, right? - Right.
There's a way an Ulster man has of speaking.
- Have you been long in America? - Long enough.
l've not seen much of America.
Oh, l've been to Philadelphia,
but there's more to it than that, l'm sure.
- Have you travelled around much? - A bit.
Doing what?
A little of this, a little of that.
l'm naturally nosy.
Well, you know, we don't often get strangers here.
You might try changing your reception committee.
And what else do we know about this great nation of ours,
the United States of America,
whose 1 00th birthday we're soon to celebrate?
We know it was founded by exiles,
immigrants, people like many of you here,
who came from across the ocean, seeking a better life.
And our hearts go out to those people. We identify with them.
For they too were far from the land of their birth.
They too were scorned,
and exploited,
and subject as you are subject
to the terrible temptation of violence.
lt becomes easy when we think of those people
to think only of their bloody and violent struggle to create this nation.
lt's an easy step to the belief that violence is the way
to change bad conditions into good conditions.
An easy step,
and a false one.
Last night, a colliery was attacked by a gang of men.
The watchman was beaten, the mine flooded.
The men escaped without being recognised.
But they left their calling card in the bloody nature of what they did.
They were Molly Maguires.
l've been your priest for six years now.
Do you know how many last rites l've performed
for men killed and crippled,
or sickened to death by what was done to them in the mines?
Do you think, any of you,
that l don't know the sufferings of my parish?
But l know those sufferings will not be improved by what happened last night.
And l warn you now,
God will judge last night's violence as a sin,
and the people that committed that violence will be judged as sinners,
and as certain as there's a God above, as sinners they'll be damned.
And it's my duty to warn these men further
of a message from the archbishop himself.
The Church condemns all secret societies.
All you who belong to the Molly Maguires know that what you risk
is nothing less than...excommunication.
l say now to you wives and sisters and mothers of these men,
pray for their repentance.
Pray for them.
They're cutting themselves off from the Church.
Father, l'd like you to meet Mr McKenna.
No apologies for the welcome you received when you arrived.
- You gave as good as you got. - l did my best.
You might all try turning the other cheek.
- l've known it to work wonders. - How's the old man, Mary?
Worn out.
l'll see him on Tuesday night.
l trust you'll not be taken in by the troublemakers.
l've never started no trouble, Father.
Excuse me.
Going to church here is a lively proposition.
- lt's no laughing matter. - Oh, l agree.
Talking back to the priest, that's risking your soul.
Tell me, what's his name?
Jack Kehoe.
- Well, it takes a brave man... - lt takes a fool!
What are you doing here?
- The best l can. - Who are you?
You try beating it out of me, then you send that kid,
hoping to lower my guard with his talk about Ulster.
Tell me what it takes to be left in peace.
- A little information. - Straight to the point.
- That's a blessing. - Why did you come?
l came here looking for privacy. And breaking my back, the same as you.
The rest of my life, if you don't mind, l prefer keeping to myself.
Good night.
lf you're making it a choice between getting killed and a little information,
well, l'm wanted for shoving the queer.
- What else? - That's a bellyful right there.
They put you in jail for passing home-made money.
There's better places to hide than a mine.
lt's deep.
Another week there, you'll be greeting prison like it was a hotel.
Try another tale.
l'm wanted for killing a man in Buffalo, New York.
- Why did you kill him? - Does it matter?
l didn't mean for to kill him.
We fought over a woman and l hit him too hard.
- His woman or yours? - l'm not one for possessions.
lf the police had you, why did they let you go?
Didn't know who they had. The Coal and lron Police,
they're short-sighted about somebody without powder in his pocket.
So now you see why l'm anxious for privacy.
lt's not just the jail l'm hoping to avoid, it's the hangman.
- Sorry-looking cabbage patch. - Blame the Kerrigans' goat.
- lt's the fourth time. Mend the fence. - l'll lay Kerrigan out.
- That won't stop the goat. - He should have it on a rope.
Why weren't the boys keeping watch?
l gave them leave to play.
Thick as thieves, the two of you kicking that ball.
Be careful with him, Jack.
- He's bold. - That's no reason for trust.
lt's not such a common sight, a bold man.
What else is he? Besides bold?
Well, he's got a way with him.
Don't get too fond of him, Jack.
You wouldn't trust the Pope himself, would you?
l'd trust him with souls.
lt's not your soul l'm worried about.
There's only one sure way of finding out. Turn him in.
Suppose it's the truth? Terrible thing on your conscience.
Sooner that than have a spy turning us in.
You want revenge for how he thrashed you.
He wouldn't stay down. l give him credit.
- We've no proof he's a spy. - No proof he's not.
Raines says he's asking questions.
What would you do in a strange town, besides looking for beer and a fight?
l don't care if he's a murderer. lf we turn him in, and he's a spy...
- We're through worrying. - They'll send another.
- We'll take care of him. - They'll send more.
Can't keep them out. Same in every pit.
- lf not him, another. - What are you saying?
- We just roll over? - Nobody's rolling over.
- We did that once. - That's not all.
We stayed out six months. Nobody's done that before.
- We went back. - They had troops.
And took less.
- We had to think of the kids. - We crawled.
They cracked the whip, we crawled. We tried peaceful and ended begging.
- We lost the battle. We'll win the war. - l don't know.
l'll tell you what we're gonna do.
We won't turn him in. lf he's on the square, it's a low thing to do.
lf he's a spy, we'll take care of him.
Show them we mean business?
Nothing simpler than that. Don't push him out of the way next time.
He's clever.
He won't tip his hand, he's too smart. There's one way to be sure.
- How, Jack? How? - Use him.
You wait, Taffy! They'll be back stuffing it down your man's throat!
- My name is not Taffy. - l thought you were all called Taffy!
- Let's go! - Where do you think she is going?
With the winner, like we agreed.
lt wasn't agreed by me, Paddy.
Now, Taffy, you're wounded at losing.
- While l'm overcome with sympathy... - Enough, now. l'm warning you.
''Taffy was a Welshman Taffy was a thief
''Taffy come to my house And stole a chunk of beef.''
That's the way to have it, now.
Two mines compete, he owns both. Whichever one wins, he can't lose.
Mr Gowen's a fine-looking man.
He shows no strain from carrying all that money.
l guess one never tires of it.
He's an lrishman, the same as you. What he did, you can do.
He's not the same as me. He's a Protestant.
He got where he is by using the brains God gave him.
There's no reason anyone can't do as well.
Well, now, l have every intention...
All right.
Clear the field. Everybody home. Come on, now.
Come on, now. Off with you.
Go home.
Move it out.
Let's go, let's go. Come on.
Tom? Are you shot, Tom?
- Did he wound you with the gun? - No.
That Welsh bastard. l'll take care of him.
You'll take care of nobody, drunkard!
Making trouble with the police here! They're itching for it.
You're the prize they're setting up. Think their guns are ornaments?
- He tried to plug me. - l'm only sorry he missed.
- You dented it. - Head got in the way.
And the peeler? Sorry he didn't club me to death?
- We'll handle him. - There he goes, free as air.
We don't play their game.
l'll lay him out. l'll make his head softer than his arse.
No. Not you.
Silver plate.
Not the real thing at all.
- Who did it? - Did what?
Don't play games with me.
My man's in hospital with a broken jaw. Who put him there?
l did.
Nothing personal. lmportant to make it look real.
- They were testing me. - l don't like losing good men.
You're lucky he's in hospital. l saw what he did to Dougherty.
Whatever l gave him, he had it coming.
Only rats. You get used to them down here.
Who did the shooting?
Gomer James, Tamaqua man. Welsh.
- Will Dougherty go after him now? - He wants to. His pride's hurt.
- They're holding him back. - Encourage him.
Only way we'll get them is in the act. We'll put a guard on James.
Not too much of a guard. You don't want simple assault.
You want murder.
l'll take what l get.
How would you like to spend the rest of your life down here?
l tried it when l first came over.
- How did you get out? - Made myself useful in other ways.
l'd have to get out. l'd kill somebody if l couldn't.
Don't get confused about which side you're on.
l could always tell the buttered side from the dry.
- Evening, Mary. - Hello, Jack.
- Some jam for the old man's tea. - Thanks.
You're looking good.
We could've used you on the football field.
- l'm running down like an old clock. - You'll be ticking for a long time.
How's the pit? Have you blasted through No. 5 tunnel?
No. No, they feared for the gas.
They could trap that gas if they blast right.
- There's lashes of coal. l could smell it. - They'll get plenty.
- You worry about yourself. - l've nothing to worry about.
lf you were ten years younger, l'd slap you silly for that remark.
Come in.
- Hello, boys. - Hello.
Leave us alone, would you, Mary?
l thought you'd come on a social visit.
Out you go, Dan.
Get on your knees.
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