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Molly Maguires The CD2

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l will explain to you the object of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.
We are joined to promote friendship, unity and charity among our members.
You are to keep all matters secret in your heart.
No workings of the society shall be called to those not known to be members.
That's right, now. That's correct. And what's the answering sign?
The little finger!
That's the recognition sign!
Oh, then there's the password when you go from one division to another.
''Will tenant right in lreland flourish?''
''lf the people unite and the landlords subdue.''
''lf the people unite and the landlords subdue.''
And there's plenty of truth in that password. Unity, that's the answer.
Then there's the quarrelling word. When you're ready to bash a stranger
but you want to make certain he's not one of us...
- ''Your temper is high.'' - ''l've good reason.''
- ''l've good reason.'' - Then you don't have to bash him.
- Not one nip to celebrate a new convert? - He don't touch it himself.
Did the drink interfere with your thinking?
What're you thinking now, Black Jack, with that solemn look on your mug?
l'm thinking you'd better be what we think you are.
l'm what you think.
'Cause if you're not, there's no hole deep enough for you to hide this time.
l'm what you think l am.
Do you know what you're getting into? Do you know what you joined?
- A legal organisation. - On the face of it.
- Respectable, law-abiding. - You heard what the Father said.
There's no future for what you joined except hell.
l'm a miner now. l'll be travelling in that direction anyway, just out of habit.
Will you come to the city with me, just for the day?
l thought you were different from them.
Well, come with me, find out.
- l've been to the city. - Not with me, you haven't.
A lucky accident, l call it.
Only a few mashed fingers for the pleasure of a day with you.
Mrs Kehoe promised she'd look in, didn't she?
The old man won't even know you're gone.
When were you last in the city?
- A year ago. - Well, it's time again, isn't it?
For a bit of enjoyment?
Or an act of charity for a man heading for hell?
- Try this one. - l just tried two.
Try another. l intend buying you a hat. Do you want it to your taste or to mine?
l have a hat.
l'll be back in a minute. And damn the expense.
Where are you going?
To rob a pay for the hat.
- Have you got the money? - So they've accepted you.
- ln the Hibernians, not the Mollies yet. - They will. Who was at the initiation?
That's no evidence. The Order's secret, but it's legal.
Look, we'll judge what's evidence. You just give me the names.
Dougherty, McAndrew, Frazier...and Kehoe.
- The money? - What do you need it for?
l said l was pushing queer. l need the good stuff to show for it.
What is the meaning of that?
Oh, how's carelessness?
lf you please, l have a lady waiting.
Don't look so sour, Captain. lt's not coming out of your pocket.
The light won't make a difference.
l had a most enjoyable day.
You can't keep putting off what you're feeling. lt's unhealthy.
Good night.
- Tea? - No.
- Or a story? - lt's late for stories.
Do you take me so easy l can be had for a trip to the city?
You think where there's wanting, there can't be respect?
- l don't take you ''easy'' at all. - Then have done with it.
There's no future here for romance.
Will you deny that?
- lt's queer. - Aye, so it is.
Passed by a man answering your description.
- l've a common appearance. - l think it was you.
- lt's a free country for thought. - You're a bad lot.
You passed this, and you're mixed up in what happened to that train.
- You're just mixed up. - You're not telling me the truth.
l wouldn't lie to you, Captain.
- You might. - l'm on the side of law and order.
l want you in line, McKenna. Step out of line, l'll step on you.
l'll squash you like a bug.
l think we should improve that bastard's manners.
We can do without his attention.
No more of this.
- Keep that squealer quiet! - What do you think l'm trying?
- Stuff his head in a pillow. - l'll stuff your head first!
We've a friend in the Governor's chair and we mean to keep him there.
lt's up to you to get the vote.
Politicians! They'd sell their mother for a vote.
The Governor grants pardons. You may need one.
The raffle for Barney Breslin's widow.
- Got the prize? - l've got it.
Sell the tickets. They're only a penny and she'll benefit.
Any new business?
Next meeting's two weeks from tonight. ln whose house?
- All right. - That's it, then.
l declare this meeting adjourned. Good night.
- Good night, Jack. - Good night.
Stay a bit, why don't you?
Unless you're bleeding to get back to your landlady.
- How's the hand? - Better.
Don't let on too quick that it's healed. They'll send you back down.
All right.
We had a request from Shenandoah. Superintendent's giving trouble.
- What kind? - Firing without cause, cutting wages.
He's new and looking to make an impression.
We've been asked to make an impression on him.
l joined the Hibernians. ''All things lawful and not otherwise.''
Remember? l took an oath.
This isn't the Hibernians.
Why can't they do it themselves?
lf they're seen, they'd be recognised. Over there nobody knows us.
He'd be surrounded by peelers. New boss, throwing his weight around.
- They know he's asking for it. - They won't suspect.
- lt's a risk for a quarrel that's not ours. - They're miners like us, lrishmen.
They've the same heel on their neck. lt's all one quarrel.
They'd do the same for us.
l do my own quarrelling. l don't ask anyone else.
- You're not on your own now. - They want him killed or only bashed?
- Killed. - He sounds deserving.
l'm against it. Give him a bashing and he'll get the drift.
- He's not worth hanging for. - What good's that? He'll be back.
Bash him so he don't come back.
Then we've done it right, without the gallows.
You end up on the gallows or coughing your lungs out. What's the difference?
lt's the coarse feel of rope l don't like.
- We'll vote. - l'm for killing.
l say bash him, see what he learns from it.
They don't learn. They're all the same.
Our backs is where they make their impression.
They're past learning lessons. l say dispose of him.
l'm for that, too.
l'm for bashing him.
What happens with a tie?
We can't take the job, and they give it out elsewhere.
- There's no killing without a majority. - We're a democratic organisation.
lf this is our quarrel, like you say, we can't have them thinking we're soft.
They can think what they like. How do you vote?
Kill the son of a bitch.
Whoa, boy.
Stand where you are.
A bloody reception committee. He was supposed to be alone.
- Well, he wasn't. - Who tipped him off?
How the hell do l know? Shut your face and be glad you're alive.
lf you hadn't come back to give me a hand...
- l'm grateful for that. - lt's all for one and one for all.
You said he'd be surrounded. We should've listened.
We did what we went to do.
- Easy now. - Easy yourself.
What are you so hot about? Want me layin' there dead?
l'd do a lot less worrying if you were.
She's got hands like meat cleavers.
We'll need alibis. They'll try and trace us.
They got a look, and there's no hiding him.
You think somebody tipped him off?
lf there's informing, it's a Shenandoah man.
They were giving him protection. We expected that.
- They told us he'd be alone. - They told us wrong.
Even if it's true, it's their word against ours.
All we have to do is stick together.
They can't get us if we stick together. All for one, one for all.
You sound like a bloody parrot. Go to bed and get some rest.
l'll do that.
l'll be as right as rain in the morning.
Good night.
You're worried.
They'll be coming after us now. We must be prepared for that.
You've got to face the fact there might be a spy.
''One for all and all for one.'' ls that some sort of saying?
lt's from a book about Frenchmen, the Musketeers.
lt's a sort of rallying cry when one of them got into a scrape.
- l don't read much. - You learn a lot from books.
l'm always meaning to read a good book.
You know, you could have got your lot going back for Frazier.
l've a charmed life.
Good night.
Good night, Jack.
Him... Him, him.
Him, the fellow at the back.
The big fellow at the back.
Him and him... Come on, now.
Come on, get them in the wagon!
Close the door.
Scum. Take them off the streets, put them in uniform, still scum.
l had that superintendent protected like a baby.
They almost got me, if that's any consolation.
- lt's not. Who did it? - Kehoe, Frazier and me.
- How did we do? - He's alive, but not by much.
Kehoe's wife, two of her friends say he was with them
and the children all day, never left the house.
Frazier was brawling in the saloon and got winged.
Twelve witnesses swear to that.
Raines and his daughter say that you were with them all day.
The daughter, too?
- l wasn't quite sure she'd do that. - Don't credit your charm.
Most likely she's one of them.
lf l could charge Frazier and Kehoe, it would be your word against theirs.
Well, you'll need a little more than that.
Oh, yes. l need them caught in the act, no chance of an alibi.
Not just two of them, the organisation. l want it smashed.
Any bastard who dreams of making trouble,
l want him to wake up sweating blood at what happened to the Molly Maguires.
Not yet.
l can't send you back unmarked.
Well, it's a pleasure working with a man who likes his job.
You did a clean job. The superintendent's dead.
l used to come up here when l was little.
There's never enough green down where we are.
Even in summer, the trees are black with coal dust.
- Do you like riddles? - lf l know the answers.
All right. A bottomless barrel, it's shaped like a hive.
- Filled full of flesh, which is alive. - A thimble.
You're quick!
You've a way with chicken. Did you catch it at the cockfights?
- l got a taste of the spur. - You have not!
The round man looks through 1 ,000 eyes.
A sieve.
You're almost as good a cook as my ma.
ls that a compliment or an insult?
Oh, my ma was a grand cook.
lt wasn't easy making a tasty dish out of oats stolen from a horse.
Did l thank you for lying to the police about me?
The old man did the lying. l only did the agreeing.
l know what a lie means to a girl of your morality.
You've a bad habit of making jokes on the wrong subject.
l did what had to be done, no more and no less.
- Did you expect me to do otherwise? - l hoped part of it was personal.
- You can hope what you please. - l thank you for what you did.
Well, don't go thinking l liked doing it. Lying's a sin and killing's worse.
l can't even go to confession with it.
l envy your morality... and that's the truth.
Snug in a corner, l saw the lad lie. Fire in his heart, a cork in his eye.
A bottle of whisky.
- Out she goes with the priest's dinner. - A hen with an egg.
- There's no catching you. - Not with words.
l'm what you need.
l need a decent man.
- Stand by the pithead. You can choose. - l don't want them.
Go back into service.
Marry the postman or the policeman, with his hand out for what he can get.
- Don't mock! - You want decency.
And trust, and honour, and a bit of security,
all smiled upon by the law. Think you get those for free?
You've been out there and seen for yourself.
Decency is not for the poor. You pay for decency, you buy it.
And you buy the law too, like a loaf of bread.
There's still right and wrong.
There's what you want and what you'll pay to get it.
There's more!
'Tis round a dish was ever known,
and white as snow the look of it.
There's food and life for all mankind yet no man e'er partook of it.
- Let me go. - This time you're caught.
l'm not.
Answer me, then.
Breast milk.
There's no use talking further.
A man's been murdered. He brought it on himself.
He who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword.
But his wife's dead too, a child's been orphaned.
Violence begets violence until the innocent perish with the guilty.
ls it any use reminding you of that?
Or am l wasting my breath again?
lnnocent or guilty, these were both children of God.
They died victims of a sinful lust for killing.
At least they found their peace.
l wish l could say the same for the rest of you.
She saw them, she said. Old lady Regan.
The shots woke her. She saw them running from the house.
She's certain they were peelers?
She could see the stripes on their trousers.
You'd think they'd at least take off their uniforms.
They want us knowing who they are.
They're telling us it don't matter. The law's what they say.
There's only one way to deal with them. An eye for an eye.
- Two of them for two of us. - Don't be a fool!
You've a better idea?
- They want you to retaliate. - Happy to oblige!
You can't win that way. They know that. They did it so you'd show yourself.
- They murdered him! - The police are waiting.
- How are you so sure? - l've had experience.
- Don't play their game! - Frazier was our buddy!
You know what'll happen. Tell them. They'll destroy us all.
They're out to get us. lf we don't go to them, they'll come to us.
- Shoot us in our beds. - Then protect yourself.
They won't stop. That's the meaning of it.
- They won't stop, so we can't stop. - You don't want to stop.
They kill us in the pit. Should we quit now they're killing us in our sleep?
You don't care what happens. Even if they did stop, you'd go on.
- There's nowhere to go. - Knowing we'll be destroyed?
- There's no choice. They made sure. - You can't win!
l'm finished moving, pit after pit.
You can't win.
l won't move.
- You scared him off. - Who?
Looks like a robin.
Looks like a robin, but who's to know what he really is?
These days you can't judge from looks.
- You like birds? - l like some birds.
You've got feathers on your mouth like you just made a meal of one.
Well, we've got them now.
All this shooting and killing, the citizens won't stand for any more.
Put a man into the dock, call him a Molly.
You've not done a bad job.
The Agency's very pleased. There may be a promotion out of it.
- You talk like it's finished. - We got one, we'll get the rest.
- lt's only a matter of time. - Aye, they won't stop now.
- We'll see to that. - You won't have to.
They'll do everything themselves. Everything except tie the rope.
- l tried to stop them this time. - That was clever.
No, no, l mean l really tried. l tried to talk them out of it.
- l tried my best. - You were lucky you didn't succeed.
What are you doing here anyway?
Stupid bloody bird.
l don't find birds very musical. ''Singing like a bird.''
What are they all going on about? Cricket's more musical.
Kehoe. l want him most.
You'll have him.
The priest sent for me.
- He's inside. - The old man?
There's nothing to do now but wait.
Hello, Father.
l've just come from Philadelphia, seeing the archbishop there.
Dougherty's to be tried for the killing of the superintendent.
- He'd nothing to do with it. - They're calling him an accomplice.
l thought the archbishop might use his influence to get the charge reduced.
You're the one l blame most. You're the leader.
- The men listen to you. - They listen to you, too.
- Come back to the Church, Kehoe. - l never left it.
You've put yourself outside. Come back while there's still time.
l've tried your way. lt's been no help to me.
There's grace at the end of it.
Sin at the start and grace at the end, bending your head in between.
l can't accept that, Father.
Then you'll die in sin.
What did the archbishop say about Dougherty?
He's good as hanged.
There's still the trial.
- They need evidence. - They've got it.
The archbishop told me.
You've an informer in your midst.
He didn't tell me that.
l didn't think you touched the stuff.
l take a drop now and again.
l'm impressed by your idea of a drop.
Are you mourning that deep for the old man?
lf you ask me, he was glad to go. No spirit left in him at all.
For Dougherty then?
There's time enough for that.
He isn't hanged yet.
You're a cool one.
That's the difference between us, Jack.
l have no coolness in me at all.
You're burning up inside.
l saw you for that right from the beginning.
lf l were you, l'd take it easy with that bottle.
Fuel to the fire?
Yeah, l've seen it before with people like you.
One drop and raging to tear up the world.
They lose all reason.
But you're a reasonable man.
- l try to keep my wits about me, yes. - But you won't die reasonable.
l won't die at all.
Haven't l told you that, Jack? l'm living forever.
You won't die like him.
You won't go quiet.
He never made a sound.
As near to him as l am to you and l never heard him go.
Not even a peep.
Not even the sound a bug makes when you step on it.
- Not even a rattle of his throat. - He was always soft-spoken.
But never a sound of his own.
Forty-two years in the pits,
not even an echo left hanging in the air.
Let's hear a sound out of you now.
Make your sound now, you old bastard!
You're safe among friends.
Tell us what you've been keeping to yourself.
Come on now, whisper it.
- You don't even have to sit up. - They finished him.
Silence is golden, is that it?
Seen but not heard.
They beat that lesson into you.
- You poor, miserable son of a bitch. - Respect for the dead!
He had it in his hands. He knew how to use the powder.
He showed me. l'd have blown myself up without him.
Why couldn't he use it for himself? Once, for his own benefit!
Just to show them that he was alive!
They didn't even know he was there!
An animal makes a sound. He had it to use.
Why didn't he use it?
lt was all he had, didn't he know? What more did they have to do?
They took everything else.
Look at him now! They haven't even left him a suit to be buried in!
lt's not right...
...burying a man without proper clothes.
No, it's not!
And he'll have the suit.
They owe him that much.
This'll do him.
- Jack, let's go! - Take him the suit.
We'll show them spirit, Jamey! We're not dead yet!
Thank you.
Watch here.
The Grand lnquest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
inquiring for the County of Schuylkill,
upon their respective oaths and affirmations, do present
that John Kehoe, Frank McAndrew, and Thomas Dougherty, accomplice,
with force and arms, in and upon one John W Jones,
superintendent of the Shenandoah Colliery,
did make an assault and with pistols loaded with gunpowder,
bullets and other destructive material,
then and there wilfully, feloniously, and of their malice aforethought,
did kill and murder the said John W Jones,
contrary to the form of the act of the General Assembly,
in such case made and provided,
and against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
- The Commonwealth will proceed. - Thank you, Your Honour.
Call the first witness.
Raise your right hand, please.
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
l do.
What is your full name?
James McParlan.
What is your occupation?
Bastard! Bastard!
Jury's coming in.
Your deal.
Will the defendants stand to be sentenced?
Now having been found guilty of the charge of murder in the first degree,
this court sentences you, John Kehoe, Frank McAndrew, Thomas Dougherty,
to be confined to the county prison until the date of your execution,
when you shall be hanged by the neck until dead.
l'll take you out now. There's a carriage waiting.
l talked to the boss.
He'll tell you, but you might like to know.
We're opening a new office in Denver. He thinks you could be in charge.
- Let's go. - You're moving up the ladder.
- l know. - You'll get over this.
l know that, too. l only have to get high enough.
l would have gone with you.
Even if you had been outside the law.
l'd have risked the sin of that.
l was the one who always told you l could take you out of here.
l can do that now.
Do you know what l'm sorriest about?
l used to think there was nothing l wouldn't do to get out.
And then, when l couldn't do it alone,
l thought there was no one l wouldn't go with,
if l liked him,
and he could offer me that.
l'm sorry it isn't true.
l'm sorry l can't do it.
l really am.
l want it so!
Hello, Jack.
Come in.
l wasn't sure of the reception.
- You're a relief from cockroaches. - Got everything you need?
l could use some powder.
l've sworn off since l left the Mollies.
Have a seat.
Still think you can do it with powder?
- ls that what you're here to ask? - Just curious.
l mean, do you think you really could've won?
Well, then, why?
You know why as much as me.
You worked down there. Could you see yourself not lifting a finger?
- l wouldn't stay. l'd get out. - Where would you find it different?
There's them on top and them below. Push up or push down.
- Who's got more push is what counts. - They always had more.
We had a bit. Not enough, but a bit.
Enough to push the bastards a little.
And you helped us.
- You pushed a little yourself. - Part of the job.
Going back for Frazier.
- You did that on your own. - Don't be so sure.
- lt got me in better with you. - You liked bashing that policeman.
- Well, l must admit... - And setting fire to the store.
- You weren't working only for them. - lt made a lovely blaze.
You were a man then.
Why didn't you stop, Jack?
l tried to get you to stop.
Well, they had to nab us sooner or later.
l have one regret now:
they're shipping some coal. l had plans for that, on a bridge.
We'd have blown the train and bridge. That would've been a sight.
l'd have tipped them off.
That's true.
Well, l don't regret it so much, then.
You made your sound, Jack.
You've got no regrets there. You used your powder.
But you didn't come here to chat.
Nor to ask questions or say farewell.
We'll just leave it that l came, then.
You came for absolution.
You're not a priest, Jack.
You'd like to be set free from what you've done.
l'm not that soft.
Oh, you don't want forgiving.
You can get that from a woman.
Punishment, that's what you want.
You think punishment will set you free.
And that's why you've come, looking for punishment.
Maybe it's my Christian heart.
l never could stand to see a man carrying a cross.
Are you free now?
Have l set you free for a grand new life?
l'm obliged to you.
You'll never be free.
No punishment this side of hell can free you from what you did.
See you in hell.
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Mentale La
Mentale La (The Code)
Mephisto CD1
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Message in a Bottle
Metroland 1997
Metropolis (anime)
Miami Tail A 2003
Michael Collins CD1
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Michael Jackson Moonwalker 1988
Michael Jordan To The Max 2000
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Michelangelo Antonioni - Blow up
Mickey Blue Eyes 1999
Middle of the Moment
Midnight (1998)
Midnight Clear A
Midnight Cowboy (1969)
Midnight Express 1978
Midnight Mass 2002
Midnight Run CD1
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Mighty Wind A
Milagro De P Tinto El
Milieu du monde Le (Alain Tanner 1974)
Millers Crossing 1990
Million Dollar Baby CD1
Million Dollar Baby CD2
Million Le 1931
Mimic 2
Minimal Stories 2002
Minority Report 2002
Miracle On 34th Street
Miracle Worker The
Mirror The 1997
Mishima A Life In Four Chapters DVDRip 1985 CD1
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Mission Cleopatra
Mission Impossible (1996)
Mission Impossible 2
Mission Mumbai
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Mission en Marbella
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Mommie Dearest (1981)
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Money Money Money (Claude Lelouch 1972) CD1
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Monkeybone - Special Edition
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Monthy Python - Life Of Brian
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1982
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life
Monty Pythons and the Meaning of Life
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Moon Child 2003 CD2
Moon Spinners CD1
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Moonfleet 1955
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Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears CD1
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Most Terrible Time In My Life The (1994)
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